Quietest PC Cases Review 2023: Which One Is The Perfect Choice For You?

Many different shapes are the perfect PC examples. They hold your computer’s elements either comparatively modestly or with the excentricities of a tank layout call. Should not only you receive much more today for your dollar, like connectivity options and even constructed fan controls, but it’s also a hitch for most companies too. If everything goes into the scheme, you’ll be stuck in your own windows laptop. Below is our review of the quietest pc case.

Best Quietest PC Case Comparison 2023

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Top 10 Quietest PC Case Reviews 2023

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M E-ATX 

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The Cooler Master Cosmos C700M would not have asked for a more complete and prospective frame. The case’s energy density, optimized ARGB illumination, multi-layout architecture, and a long array of features lead directly to the demanding price, even with a pricing price above the expected cost.

Buying is forced to negotiate too much when selecting a new frame, but the Better Leader Cosmo C700M does not usually include “You can’t have it all.”

In reality, this frame really does have almost all that someone in a building framework might want. It also provides amazing services that enable the end consumer to refit the framework for a totally new look earlier on. A quality platform like this comes with a price tag, as one would imagine.

The ideas are clearly in iron, and the outside is a combination of glass, plastics, and titanium. The Cosmos C700M shows a clear connection to the Cosmos C700P, and then you will find a range of physical or sensory changes after closer examination.

Once that function is achieved, the structural parts can be reconfigured from a regular or flipped design to a fireplace impact which spins the frame 90° and slots heat the frame rather than the rear chassis. Higher in this analysis, we will discuss this in-depth.

The front plate suits the top of the plastics front board with its sleek silver burning cover. The front plate is complete with an expandable foam filter, a 5.20-inch digital drive or computer attachment mount place, and triple 140-mm motors.


  • Superior heat efficiency, support for fluid freezing, and cable control
  • Silent in full load
  • Advancement


  • A bit heavy

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Black

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With clear acrylic borders, the slightly dyed transparent plastic SATA connector offers a broad view of the machine building. For cooling units with more space for squeeze setups, flat heater braces provide a simpler cleaning, installing, and removing operation.

An alternative section with plastic rivets is also said to help unusual processors or horizontally stacked desktop computers to enable an exchange of internal cable. The specific design process supports a traditional fireplace, reverse design, or a completely individual design. For deployment outside the frame, the chipset bay may also be removed.

Larger environmental factors, neither will you be forced to room for pleasure. Moreover, RGB illumination is so simple that you will not be distracted when playing. Yes, it’s a lot that can be spent on a box. Even so, those able to do what they really ought to make an amazing PC would have a chance.

Like the initial Asus Cosmos, the C700P is a heavy animal with an equal cost label. We would contend, nevertheless, that the benefits are worth it. A lovely control, curved edges panels, and smart couleur layout are compatible with apps which even the highest quality modules help.


  • RGB led lighting incorporated
  • Mainboard configuration adjustable
  • Just three controls internally


  • The efficiency of the medium when cooling inventory

Cooler Master MasterCase H500P Mesh Computer Case

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Two huge 200 mm MF200R RGB machines pull out elevated ventilation for optimal ventilation. A DIY or situation mode dreams of a strong second exhaust board, and the two side grid could be conveniently removed with front mesh incoming board.

The quick to uninstall glow color-tinted surface window coupled with a lightweight CPU cutting out covering PSU shield and tidy route cabling provides a minimalistic framework in which the equipment is shown within E-ATX and Full-sized help daughterboards – with 2 more PCI spaces on the back to enhance core processors.

It is simpler than ever to attach devices, multistory building hard disks, or recent external devices to your PC with a USB 3.2 Gen2 compliant Headphone adapter on the front side. 

Your amazing concept is showcased by the tidy, clean look, the classic wiring control panel, and the continuous curved glass nightstand. Most cable control takes longer than assembling. We also developed a route kit for efficient and natural connectivity with the cables and belts.


  • The brightness of the interior
  • The great efficiency of cooling
  • Unassuming appearance


  • Overcast for buildings not used

Fractal Design Define 7 White 

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The Fractal Design 7 is a loaded chassis with excellent thermal and structural efficiency for fans who want an exceptionally flexible case with a double format inside.

The Fractal Design Sequence is a choice for the enthusiastic group for its high-quality architecture and category results. We get the Fractal Layout Describe 7 full back ATX instance, a white quartz edition, today on the desktop machine to find out what it has.

The Definition 7 Fractal is remarkably similar to the Definition R6, R5, and Definition S. The issues appear so similar that at first sight, you might be pardoned for misunderstanding them. The business tends to go along with the concept of design and fashion “If that’s not broken, don’t repair it.”

The Fractal Model Defining 7 is based on two separate interior designs, “accessible” and “space.” The open design looks like many new ATX playmaker places probably on the industry. Underneath the PSU-Tunnel mounted a pair of 3.5-inch storage devices and a few SSDs mounted nicely hidden behind the table. The large hall is accessible.

Assembling the frame in hibernate mode, it can hold up to 14 memory sticks by shifting a section of the computer bay to the other side of the frame and placing the remaining hard disk drive tubs in the adapter box.

The preview pane of the defining 7 is strong out the case, but for those who like the introduction of air to the quiet offered by the strong sheet and its heavy black noise dampers surface, it is given with an optional airflow device. There is a big plastic screen ventilator filter under the top plate, and, below it, three 125mm or two 145mm machines are installed.


  • Device of filtration
  • High heat efficiency
  • Small sound


  • No RGB illumination

be quiet! Dark Base 700

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Be quiet! Dark Base 700 belongs to its own group. At first glimpse, this might seem like just yet another example, but you will quickly understand how often time and resources have been spent in designing this frame when further inspecting. You can consider a more flexible, elevated box with difficulty.

Be quiet!, primarily remembered as the powerful, punctuation marks power supply and low disturbance PC maker, is a very enthusiastic follower. We now have the newest installation in the consistent greatest frame range of Dark Base.

The frame is plain but stylish on the outside. Since the handles, ventilation lugs, and fenders are missing, the design of this frame can be described as roman. The preview pane for airflow is blank, apart from a few rear openings. 

A scrubbed plastic board is used toward the front of the connective tissue. On both sides of the front plate, horizontal electric fan intakes are available to draw clean air into the frame. You will be saddled to learn that there have been no 5.20″ move bay gaps in the Dim Base700 for those of you who still use digital disks or 5.20.”

The Dark Core 700 has a 4mm thick characterized side door fitted with rope locks and thumbwheels. The complete sideboard is colored subtly and dimensions 515mm x 470mm. You can transfer the transparent plastic cover to the wrong end of the frame, but we’ll go through it in depth later.

That’s obviously silent! Put more thought into the construction of the water filter of this frame. Each fan fixing place in the Dark Base 700 has a waterproof plastic fan cover. To reach sensors, the front board must be removed.


  • Excellent temperature efficiency
  • Great frame appearance
  • Lights embedded


  • Only 2 fans of 145mm

Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL 

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The Meshify 2 is a Recursive Layout system from the outside of the frame. It makes the design simple, providing a very straightforward approach, with the plunges in the wire is now the most excentric detail.

It is simpler than in other cases to remove the boards from the Meshify 2. On the reverse, you just take the button out, which draws the pins out of their fasteners at the edge of the opposite sides. Then the boards are rotated, and the frame could be raised. To bring the rest of the board further in, quickly press the edge to open it. 

Fractal Design has successfully achieved the game release of its latest Meshify 2, prepared for elevated conduct made in 2021 with high DPR and radiant requests from several latest and emerging top processors and best CPUs.

The first year or so appears to be a time slot for sieve instances since they enable the device for loads of ventilation, which leads to positive energy density. We’ve been able to get a device filled with whatever pieces we could get on and depend on it to tamp down the sound of the individual parts. Rather, considering its high heat levels, we now spend even more time searching for silent products at first.

Simple to access the front grid sensor using the Fractal icon as a stick. The important considerations are also tightened correctly, exposing the underlying dust trap. We absolutely enjoy how simple it is to detach the boards, and it’s a snap to pull the cases to their mere bones to get easily to all the places you need in installation.


  • The brightness of the interior
  • The great efficiency of cooling
  • Unassuming appearance


  • Overcast for buildings not used

Phanteks (PH-ES620PTG-DBK01) Enthoo Pro 2 Full Tower

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I figured Phanteks had done it to create large instances after P500A. Still, then the postman appeared in his face at my entrance to the Enthoo Pro II: a major scenario? Yes, Phanteks includes a new Enthoo Pro, perhaps delayed because of the greater part of the 6 years the initial Enthoo Plus was on the markets.

Loads of optics ride compartments and plastic glass panels are obsolete, like it or not. And Phanteks made major changes to the launch pad, and the man did it. A-frame monster with no space for one but two devices, the largest capacitor, and far too many disk media is the Phanteks Enthoo Pro II.

Naturally, we’re not going to test the frame completely. It would be a series, but from the beginning, it’s reasonable to assume this is the situation for generations to follow, potentially far more than you’ll ever like.

Phanteks boasts its mesh home, and the Enthoo Pro II arrives with a completely new fabric it is not what we have seen earlier. It’s a mesh of cloth instead of plastic or plastic and looks wonderful. It creates massive gaps, but there is a fine plastic net behind it to filter tiny objects and dirt.

The data connector with polycarbonate is huge and has plastics skin for defense on both hands. It rests on coils and is fastened by thumbs tires on the front, and you’ll get a smooth look on your hand.

There seems to be a space at the bottom of a front that looks like an optical hard drive, but it’s not. Instead, it is a gate that includes the full entire IO side. Four USB 3.5 ports, a USB Type-C jack, a head/microphone combination jack, RGB impact control keys, and replenishing are listed below.


  • Superior heat ability.
  • Great control of cables
  • Indoor flexibility


  • There are no fans

Lain Li LAN2MPX LANCOOL II MESH Performance 

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Lian Li was recognized as one designer who made only all-aluminum boxes, which felt pretty good but impacted heavily on our purses. Then, sometime after, the business began using colored metal to lower waste and cater to a general audience, from whom Lancool II was originally born.

The Lancool II Network, from which we can achieve efficiency, is now being launched by Lian Li. This model is indeed a new model of the initial 5-star Lancool II, and it was a little weak in the quality section. Quality is an issue of serious concern with a created additional side.

The templed glass windows on both sections of the frame are a common contentious option. We aren’t often lovers of polycarbonate on a connectors’ cable sides when the handicraft (or absence of it) is revealed, but Lian Li has put over all the wires to mask the whole chaos.

Both of the sliding doors swing like suicidal windows to the side, but you’ll have to unlock the PSU covering exits to switch them first. All four panels are through all with magnetic, so it is possible to access your device. If opened, the window frames can be easily lifted from the hinges to facilitate installation or repair.

Manager to ensure, the Lancool II Mesh impressed us with very proper management, allowing all kinds of hardware configurations to be easily adapted. There is no disappointment in the central chipset bay, and two 2.5-inch disks can be mounted behind the chipset bay together with two 3.5-inch disks on the HDD valet underneath the PSU cable.

An Adapter can hot-swap the HDD sleds to prevent you from opening the other hand to insert cords. We will not purchase it if you exchange drives nearly every day, although it’s possible to access the other hand to attach or remove loads.


  • Good thermal ability.
  • Pensive interior
  • Clever control of the cable


  • The outside architecture is very boring

Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB Mid

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With all the things you want for the overwhelming bulk of ATX builds, Corsair’s Ingots 4000 Package provides a nice and streamlined layout at a good price. Perhaps you’d like to line up since Corsair will make a lot.

The surprisingly positive thing is that the latest Corsair Oak planks 4000 instances appear like 355D and 450D children from 6-7 years of age. Often I like to move into the future, which at the period were quite common. For the excellent purpose, I know plenty of people who already had them. Naturally, they are already obsolete by the norms (but by the beginning of their days), so it is good to have seen a sequence of replacements dropped by Corsair.

The 4000X RGB consists of three motors behind a stained glass window at the very front of the frame. The 5000D would focus on two non-RGB blades, with the forward being sealed with a hard plastic panel or a bonded front plate on the 3000D Circulation. 

Both situations are the same as each other, apart from these distinctions. We will concentrate on the 4000X for this analysis – but do not forget, and we will also include the 4000D ventilation performance data.


  • Clean cosmetic elegance and sophisticated interior
  • High heat sufficient
  • Quiet comparatively


  • Fans don’t rotate quickly enough to demand extreme results

Cooler Master Silencio S400

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In PC cases, the latest pattern is divided between inexpensive versions with no fancy stuff and stained window panes and RGB lighting in all places. But for the fan, peace is golden, placing greater focus on calculation than blinking lights. 

The Cooler Master Factor that defines might be just what you are searching for – if you’re not using or require a complete chipset – if you’re already right with the heats of the greater device and a shortage of a USB C connection.

The bulk of the sidebar is fitted to two 120/140mm machines by installing places. Cooler Masters have a noise vibration wind cover to allow air to circulate when machines or all-in-one cooling systems are mounted easily, replacing it with the fan filter.

Two USB 3.0 outlets, a multiple combination jack, a control, and re-set key, and a Memory card writer slot are on the correct front side.

The front of Silencio S400 is equipped with a wide and removable stainless door which is bordered inside by a dense vibration sheet. Having a single 5,25inch driving room for an external drive or an open-air unit, you’ll notice behind the doors most cases builders don’t often produce in those days. For two additional 125mm and 145mm fans, a large disposable acrylic screen filter is used.

Each is of the Silencio’s stainless, filled with the same dense sounder damping product behind the front board. The S400 is offered in a specific edition with a left-hand, stainless-steel, transparent plastic panel.


  • Silent Whispering Service
  • Attractive designs
  • Strong build quality


  • Help for the front heater will involve removing the hard-drive bracket

Something You Should Consider Before Buying The Quietest Pc Case

Dimensions of the computer case

Not choosing expensive cases, big cases are not necessarily suitable for your components.

The first thing to choose a computer case is that the storage of components must fit the case.

You need to pay attention to the VGA size in addition to the size of the mainboard.

There have been many cases where buyers could not fit the case’s cover because the VGA was too large, resulting in insufficient room for other components.

Current VGA has a variety of sizes, depending on its circuit board and heatsink. Make sure you choose the right-sized VGAs. And should seek the support of the manufacturer.

There must be enough holes to connect ports 

Choosing to buy a computer case with enough jacks to connect ports is quite important.

Currently, the new mainboard lines also support a lot of connection ports with many functions. To take advantage of these utilities, you need a computer case with the corresponding “sockets.”

In addition to the USB 2.0 ports and audio I / O on the front, the connection ports are on the back as:

Parallel Port, audio connection port, VGA port… also play a significant role.

Suitable for heat dissipation measures

If you want your computer to be durable and stable, you should install a computer cooling system.

There are many types of heat sinks for computers, so you must have a way to choose your own computer case.

Good cases will be designed so that hot air flows are not blocked inside the movement. You should choose cases that can install at least 1-3 fans on the top and the bottom and back.


What types of PC cases are there?

Usually, people divide PC cases into three sizes: Full Tower PC case, a large and heavy PC case that must be placed on the floor. The second is a mid-tower PC case with a smaller size placed on a table or the ground. Finally, there is a desktop PC case (Desktop), a type of PC case designed in a horizontal form, taking up a lot of room on the table, so it is less and less used.

How can I choose a good PC case?

First, you must pay attention to whether the PC case you will buy is compatible with the other accessories you have, especially the motherboard and power supply, two accessories that need to be attached directly to the PC case.

How do I not get an electric shock every time I touch the PC case?

There are several causes of cooling on a PC case, resulting in a slight electric shock when you accidentally touch the PC case. When buying a PC case, you have to choose one where the components and especially the power supply are not in direct contact with the PC case. At the same time, the anti-shock powder coating on the outside of the case must also be thick enough so that you will not be shocked when you accidentally touch it. 

PC case also needs to be designed to be sealed to limit the penetration of insects and dust to touch or break the internal circuit boards.

Do I need to install an extra fan for the PC case?

If your computer often fails due to heat, one of the effective and cheap solutions is to add a fan to the case. But note that the additional fans must create the best airflow to cool the case. Some PC case types support the addition of a side fan or a rear fan to increase heat dissipation. You should choose a type attached to a large fan (120mm) which will be more effective than attaching many small fans. Normally, the front and side fans will draw air from the outside and then blow into the case, while the rear fan or roof fan will suck hot air from inside the case and blow it out.

Watching this video to pick the quietest pc case

Conclusion – Our Answer For The Quietest Pc Case

Above is useful information about the quietest pc case and the top 10 best computer cases today.

I hope you will find the right case for your home computer. You can refer to the top 5 quietest pc cases below if you are busy.

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