Top 10 Whole House Power Conditioner For Generator That You Shouldn’t Miss Out

When you go to the stores looking for the best whole house power conditioner for generator, you will soon find many types of power conditioners available. Since you have so many options to choose from, the task of finding the right one becomes difficult. 

Each type will have its flaws and priorities when using it in your home. Not all electronic devices are possible with conventional generators, especially for touch devices such as laptops, notebooks, TVs, and audio equipment.

This article will help you make the most appropriate decision when choosing a power conditioner for your home.

Whole House Power Conditioner For Generator Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Whole House Power Conditioner For Generator Reviews 2024

Panamax M5400-PM

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The MAX 5400-their PM from Panamax ensures that you’re making the most of home theater devices. Voltage regulation Improves system performance and extends device life by providing consistently optimum power levels for your devices. 

Improved cleaning image and sound quality and level 4+ power filtering eliminates common symptoms of contaminated power sources (including loss of detail, pop, hissing, wheezing, and image artifacts) and allows you to be an A/V device to its full potential.

Circuit power monitoring pending patent Panamax constantly monitored voltage AC line to find the voltage conditions unsafe as sudden temporary or excessive voltage lasting and low voltage (brownouts ). These hazardous conditions are a dangerous threat to all electronic devices in the home. If the MAX 5400-PM found the situation insecure power supply, it will automatically disconnect your power supply devices to protect equipment from damage. 

Digital video recorders and satellite TV receivers require a telephone line connection for the service scheduled TV program. The M5400-PM provides surge protection for this series. 


  • Improve system performance and extend device life by providing a consistent optimum power level.
  • Reduces cross-contamination between componentsdangerousVoltage Regulation prevents equipment lock-ups due to power sags and keeps equipment from heating up.


  • Noise is distracting.

Tripp Lite LCR2400

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Tripp Lite’s LCR2400 Series Power Conditioner keeps your device running through a port connection without using auxiliary power sources such as UPS systems and generators. It automatically adjusts the voltage and over-voltage under AC power supply to safety, computer grade answer ANSI C84.1 application of digital information. 

Also, because the machine is in a high flow and tends to make the local variable, Hewlett-Packard recommends using a harmonic line with their laser printers.

Therefore, this conditioner is connected with protective instrumentation from the harmful effects of voltage fluctuations. The TRIP LITE 2400 options integral Automatic Voltage Regulation by three levels of voltage stabilization to supply a targeted response to overvoltage voltages dangerous, severe brownouts.

LCR2400 provides comprehensive protection and enhanced performance for computers, components A / V, and all the electronic equipment in rackmount 3U format. It has a voltage regulator integrated automation to protect sensitive equipment from harmful overvoltage and overvoltage. Rating Jun 1440 blocks electrical impulses to protect against damage caused by sudden severe – turn.

Hence, the LCR2400 comes with optimal life insurance of $ 25,000 – guaranteed lifetime protection for your device in the event of damage caused by mutations, including standard direct lightning strikes. And simple: Insurance optimum lifetime starts right from when you buy LCR2400, do not enter or send samples. In addition, this Tripp Lite Series Air conditioner comes with a 2-year warranty for a whole house power conditioner for generator.


  • Advanced automatic voltage regulation corrects brownouts and overvoltages.
  • Robust—the 1440-joule surge protection rating.
  • It has a 2400W power capacity and 14 AC outlets.


  • Not ideal for AV or studio uses.
  • Noisy when switching due to the low input voltage


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The APC has been associated with UPS and power solutions for a long time. The H15 does all of its work wonderfully – that’s no doubt. Personally, H15 embodies the perfect combination of form and function. It looks as good as it works. The H15 offers top-notch protection and throttle and unbeatable peace of mind for the whole house power conditioner for generator.

H15 is built like a rectangular tank, silver. With more than 16 pounds of weight, it certainly is like a piece of giant electronic equipment. The device’s front has a small LCD with two lines, a three-button, and some lights. The center button is the On / Off button (they recommend Enable anytime). After H15 is integrated into your system, I do not know why you want to turn it off. The left button to access the Settings menu, and the right button is the Select button to use when selecting different settings.

From the electrical engineering laboratory APC, Conditioner source H, a single device provides stable power, pure for high-performance AV. It is the preferred choice of power protection for high-performance home entertainment systems, and power conditioning combined H Surge Protection features noise filtering and isolation voltage regulators. 

Finally, there is a solution to help eliminate stress on the power components and eliminate EMI RFI. Voltage fluctuations as a source degrade AV signals and protect equipment from surge, surge, fluctuate voltage, and lightning damage.


  • Automatic voltage regulation.
  • Higher rated surge rating.
  • Displays current draw.
  • Have the ability to set AVR in three different ranges.


  • Many complain that filtering doesn’t work correctly with cable and satellite connections.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t play well with subwoofer amps.

Soundavo PMX-3300

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The PMX-3300 is a power regulator and sequencer with excellent features, including multistage noise filtering to reduce RFI frequency interference & EMI. They are specifically designed and engineered to provide a stable power supply and good circuit protection for your system.

In the three groups of sockets, the delayed power supply from zone 1 to zone three is the Digital, Analog, and High Power Filtered sockets. Zones are powered off in nominal power reverse order. This is an excellent feature for audio Home, orchestra instruments, sound studio, or sound equipment / Professional DJ with the power amplifier, speakers, dynamic activity, and apps preamp/machine mix.

Rotating lighting fixtures provide discreet lighting for your equipment on stage, in studios, and other dark places. The dimmer switch allows you to adjust the light brightness to the right level.

It comes with a multilayer interference filter feature to reduce frequency interference RFI & EMI electromagnetic interference; It will provide a stable power supply protection circuit suitable for your system.


  • Great performance.
  • The three separate zones get power in a stepped way.
  • Protect your expensive equipment.


  • Some interference remains audible.
  • No USB ports.
  • The LED stays on even when the device is off.

Tripp Lite LC1200

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Tripp Lite’s LC1200 Power Conditioner keeps your device running through brown windows without using a powered source such as a system UPS and generator. It automatically adjusts the voltage and over-voltage under AC power supply to safety, computer grade answer ANSI C84.1 application of digital information. 

Providing optimal voltage conditions not only prolongs the life of your device but also keeps your device operating through prolonged overvoltage and overvoltage conditions. Network-level impulse suppression prevents even the most decisive conflicts causing data loss, loss or corruption, and audio/video performance issues on your connected device. 

Noise filter eliminates potentially disruptive line noises. You can monitor AC power, input voltage level, and AC line status using the seven diagnostic LEDs on the front panel. The compact LC1200 will fit comfortably into your PC or home theater setup!

To protect the device from the harmful effects of voltage fluctuations, LC1200 features adjustable automatic voltage (AVR) built with three levels of voltage stability to provide responses targeted for overvoltage, low voltage, and severe browning for the whole house power conditioner for generator. LC1200 fixes bugs too low voltage to 89V and up to 147V overvoltage to come nominal power 120V, safe. AVR protection prevents instrumentality harm, data loss, and power-related performance issues.


  • The SmartUSP is also compatible with a PC.
  • Have robust 1200 joule surge protection rating.
  • It has advanced automatic voltage regulation.


  • Audible humming noise. 

Furman Power Conditioner (PST-8)

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The PST-8 features Furman’s SMP circuit that combines High Current Filtering Linear Technology (LiFT) and TVZ-MOV to ensure that any electronic device (including TVs, projectors, CD-DVD players) or computers) are powered by clean, filtered AC power. This significantly reduces noise, ensuring consistently top performance from your device.

Typical AC filters have ancient nonlinear circuits. While these multistage filters or power filters make some noise reduction, they do not work evenly. They can cause additional noise to your power lines due to their filters reaching an excessive resonance maximum. With Furman’s exclusive Linear Filter Technology (LiFT), AC interference is evenly suppressed, ensuring maximum performance for your system.

Furman’s SMP circuit provides the highest level of protection available without burning itself or harming other electronic devices. Another feature unique to Furman’s SMP circuit is that it automatically switches off the maximum voltage. 

Therefore disconnecting the extreme voltage circuit automatically turns off the device when 137 volts powered or higher to protect yourself and the device is connected from the voltage too high. Only new Furman provides this level of protection! Add Telco and eliminate transient voltage cable/satellite, and you, no doubt, the most comprehensive protection available in a power-conditioned mobile AC.


  • Reduce AC line noise and pollution, resulting in improved audio/video clarity.
  • Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) for the highest level of AC surge suppression


  • The front panel lights are too dim.
  • Faulty Voltmeter display.

Furman AC-215A

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The AC-215A is a Compact Power Conditioner that provides safe power to your electronic devices. Defend Multi-Phase Series (SMP) to confirm that the parts are protected while not sacrificing the harmonic supply; the front whereas disconnecting overvoltage protection against overvoltage, like in faculties open neutral. The line offers linear filtration technology, provides a healthy power supply for audio and video performance and noise reduction.

Also, this compact device can be mounted rear projector, LCD or plasma display, inside the rack, on walls or ceilings, or any other location requiring a removable power conditioner. Its compact, streamlined design integrated quickly into any system and included brackets allow you to mount it unobtrusively.

Besides, the Series Multi-Stage Protection provides just about maintenance-free surge suppression, reassuring the extent of AC protection potential the very best while not sacrificing Its sinning surge.

All in all, the design is ideal for compact spaces measuring 1.75 by five by 8.5 inches and weighing just three pounds. The product is perfect for small spaces, such as behind a television or on a media stand.


  • Noise reduction.
  • Voltage regulation.
  • Its ability to reliably absorb energy.


  • It has only two outlets.
  • Total maximum current-rating of 10-Amps

Tripp Lite 600W 120V 

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Like other TRIPP LITE products, the 600w 120V version is just as good as its predecessors. At this rate, it can be used for sensitive electronic equipment during overvoltage and overvoltage series. Prevent surges; spikes damage the electrical circuit, friendly for whole house power conditioner for generator. Filtering out line noise likely to cause disruption.

The TRIPP LITE 600w has connections for up to 6 electronics with rear NEMA 5-15R sockets. It is a popular device with the support of 5.5 inches high and the NEMA 5-15P plug. Rated at 120V / 600W / 5A. Ideal for computers, routers, modems, printers, home theater components, point-of-sale devices.

Additionally, once the LS606M is obstructed into an associate outlet and turned on, its three crystal rectifier indicators assist you ceaselessly to observe your incoming power provide standing. Inexperienced indicates that your AC line voltage is commonplace. The yellow Boost lamp means that the LS606M is increasing the low voltage to the nominal 120V, the yellow Trim implies that the high voltage is being reduced to 120V nominal.

In many cases, the power from various radios and is found in almost every household and business establishment can cause interference on the AC line interruption. Called EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference), line noise is a common cause of performance problems. The LS606M filters out line noise that can cause interference that can affect your electronic equipment and cause hardware damage or data loss.


  • Ensure electronics’ longevity.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Steady 120 VAC source.


  • Limited to network management.
  • Humming/vibrating noise.

AC Power Filter Power Conditioner

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Electricity networks in the home or workplace are affected by different noise, such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated by the devices connected to the same network (refrigerators, power-conditioning air-conditioner, computer, etc.). 

The noise is generated inside the home and can vary the time of day or week when stored traffic on the wire replacement. All these noises we call this noise can enter your AC power and interfere with your system. Electricity “dirty” can have adverse effects on the performance of the audio-video system.

W/Audio source noise filter is a great way to limit the harmful noise from your power, and your system isolated from the power supply is contaminated and features the exact source said phase. From there, the way the sound experience will be amplified, creating a lively environment and space for your home.

Thanks to W-3900, you can enjoy a better quality of sound and video equipment around.

Electrical pollution may also negatively impact the internal circuit and the power of your device. The W-3900 acts as a buffer between the wall outlet and apparatus to help increase the connected parts.

The IEC-type power cord is removable and provides the option to upgrade your system with a high-end audiophile power cord at any time.


  • Good solid performers to moderate significant changes in voltage. 
  • Noise filtering and. 
  • Inexpensive surge protection.


  • It does not condition the waveform.
  • Not for audio gear.

Pyle PS900 Audio/Video AC

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Whether you are an expert in music or just an enthusiast in music, the PS900 will do wonders if you have much AV equipment needed for sequencing source accurate time high level. 

Besides, the Pyle PS900 has a front plate a little busier than most of the competitors, mainly due to the LED-specific results on the back of the unit, as well as the switch allows you to enable or disable them easily.

Unit with the central unit displays automatically. The display shows the real-time status of AC voltage level, ambient temperature, wiring, and ground status. It also has a 7-segment collection for step timing, output-covered LEDs, main, bypass, power, voltage, and sequence.

What makes this unit stand out as a whole house power conditioner for generator is the on-off receiver – it’s essential for any comprehensive sound system, especially systems that contain high-powered components and most sets. The power conditioner does not have it. The sequencer works very reliably and produces active mechanical switching noise along with intuitive feedback from the LEDs.

Compared to the other power conditioning units I own from Panamax, Furman, and Acoustic Research, it feels like a tank. However, one thing can be clarified: voltmeters on other teams always read within one volt of each other, while Pyle is always 2-3 volts higher. I have not found any instructions for calibration, so I suspect it could be recalibrated.


  • High-Performance Micro-Controller Unit Ensures High-Level Precise Timing.
  • AC Voltage, Ambient Temperature, and Step Time Display.
  • Supplies Clean Filtered AC Power.


  • Polarity reversed-possible shock hazard
  • Voltage sometimes does not read correctly.

What Should You Consider When Buying Best Whole House Power Conditioner For Generator?

If you want to use mobile generators as backup power for your home, you need to note some things. Not all electronic devices have good cooperation with portable generators, typically open frames. The device is called the sensitive electronics such as LCD televisions, computer or audio device to power with less than 5% total harmonic distortion (THD) to run smoothly. If not, they can be damaged quickly. Unless a portable generator to your type of inverter, to connect it to your sensitive equipment can machine worn earlier or even cause permanent damage.


Current power conditioners feature automatic voltage regulation to keep the voltage supplied to your electronic equipment at a stable level. Line conditioning ensures that any voltage fluctuations or line noise will not negatively impact the performance of your equipment. 

However, they do not clean the modified sine wave generated by a typical open-frame cell generator.

Therefore, using an electric current conditioner with a generator won’t do any good to protect your sensitive electronic equipment. Your only bulletproof solution is to buy an inverter generator. I recommend the cheap inverter generators cost only 2-3 times the price of an excellent whole house power conditioner for generator.

The flow conditioning mechanism has eliminated the electrical impulses that are integrated into their design. That makes them a comprehensive solution and more powerful, explicitly designed to handle the voltage spike. Protection devises Surge Protection will usually not deal well with the surge current, especially if you want to use them with multiple devices.


A power conditioner is a buffer between the socket and your system. It controls the voltage fluctuations and any radio interference and electromagnetic waves that can disturb your plan.

Whenever the voltage hits a clamping voltage, power conditioning redirects it out of your equipment safe to ground electrical systems. Apart from the increase in power, spikes and lightning can have a severe impact on your device. A control is thereby protecting against such common issues to ensure a longer life for your music device.

Although many people confuse the source conditioning with Surge Protection Device. It is more effective than a device common Surge Protection.

The ideal energy will be provided as a sine wave with specific standard device amplitudes and frequencies according to national standards or system specifications with an impedance from 0 ohms at all frequencies.

An electrical regulator will prevent other problems with systems triggered by noise or voltage fluctuations that explain the critical need for a strong protector for your electrical gadgets. There are different types of energy conditioners used in other places, depending on their electrical system. Their size and specifications are further determined by the device or gadget being protected.


If you are thinking about buying a conditioner, you should not take quality lightly. In general, this is an expensive electronic device that can save you. When comparing two line conditioners, you don’t want price as your primary criterion. It’s better to spend $ 50 or even $ 100 more on a trusty sourced air conditioner from a trusted manufacturer rather than buying a cheaper model just to realize that it didn’t work out. Work when you need it most.

My recommendation is to look for ones that cost between $ 150 – $ 250 for a whole house power conditioner for generator. Always check customer reviews to see what the actual user experience is. Check out the terms of the warranty too. Most quality current air conditioners come with a 2-year warranty that covers any potential damage in the event of a malfunction. However, that is something you should clarify nonetheless before making a purchase.

Personal Taste

There are dozens of good-quality power conditioners on the market, and as long as you stick to those that receive mostly positive reviews, you’ll be fine.

One model I recommend is the Tripp Lite LC1800. It is a model of excellent, well-designed, quality materials. It is also relatively cheap due to its high quality. It is specially made with sensitive electronics and is a good choice if you are looking for a reliable power line conditioner for computers, home theaters, etc.

It has an automatic voltage regulator that provides integrated protection from voltage stability too low and too high as 140V.

See more about how to size the whole house power conditioner for generator:

Final Conclusion: Our Selection Of Whole House Power Conditioner For Generator

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Power line conditioning gives you a lot of surge protection for your sensitive electronic equipment. They provide comprehensive protection against all types of power changes, and each potentially disruptive line noise may result in your power supply that can lead to performance issues and possibly damage or even delete it.

These whole house power conditioners for generators not only protect your equipment but also improve its performance by providing constant, unwavering clean electrical power.

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