Heat Tape For Roof – Shield For Your Home 2023

Householders are well aware of blistered paint, damage to the roof, ceilings and structural failure in the dome. When you live in a region with snow calculated in feet and just not inches, the culprit is probably ice dams behind these kinds of destruction. So the heat tape for roof plays an essential role for protecting your cozy house.

Snow days are exciting at home, but the roof with canopy will start to differ. High snowfall creates build-up and can trigger severe harm. So many homeowners are investing in roofs and gutters with heat cables.

Ice dams start to develop weeks or even months after severe snow falls during winter time. Indoor heat will start to float ascending, allowing the bottomest snow on the shingles to melt despite the isolation of our homes to maintain comfort in the cold seasons. However, outside temperatures can resound until the snow will belt and transform the melting snow into high ice. If the mechanism continues, our roofs have to carry more weight, cope with exposure to water and leakage and eventually cost us thousands or even millions of dollars for renovations.

When snow flies over your roof or ribs, ice dams are created. Heat cables steam the lakes as well as melt them for timely form, removing them from your home instead of hoping for warm weather. A minimal amount of seasonal disruption tends to prolong the life of the roof.

Don’t worry that the heat tape not only will save you a lot of money for fixing your roof but also can keep your house safe during the winter. So we have compiled a detailed range of high – quality heat tape for roof commercially available on the market. We found the most perfect heat tape for roof of 2023 after hours of testing and the use of all the versions on the market. See our list below for more!

Best Heat Tape For Roof Comparison 2023

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Top 10 Best Heat Tape For Roof Reviews 2023


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  • Can be used on a wet or dry spot, directly spiraled and overlapped.
  • Industrial quality heating and roof safety self-regulating wire.
  • Certified by UL and ETL. Heating cable of all HEATIT heating wires with the heaviest self-regulation.
  • Lasting and trustworthy.
  • Uncoil the wire, connect the cable to the heating. In only a few minutes you will usually feel a little warm mostly on the heating cord.


  • So far, do not complain

Grip Clip Heat Tape

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The heat cable Grip Clip shall be used on flat roofs, metal, asphalt and rubber. It is probably our most flexible heat cable and it works for most roofs. It’s the most versatile. Due to the commercial quality of the commodity, you should hope that it stays on the roof and would perform well.

The business gives a five year guarantee as a show of trust in its goods. You could have an American support staff ready to answer if you have a problem with the product.

This heat tape has numerous advantages and is self-regulating. Without thinking about starting fire you will overlap the wire. The cable also operates at 15 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. The cable is sufficiently responsive to say whether some parts of the roof require more or less energy. It is a safe and robust commodity that prevents ice jams highly.


  • Garantie of five years
  • Iron roof work Works


  • Costlier than most alternatives

Prime Wire & Cable

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The deicing package will protect the roof at a length of 240 feet. It arrives with a control cord of two feet and spreads 1200 watts. The roof wire, spacers, shingle clips and a manual for the owner is included with this package. It contains everything that you need to avoid ice and snow icing on the roof and damaging your house.

This tool is durable and is suitable for use on tilted roofs, roof tubes, gutters, and downspouts. It is not recommended for use on the steel roof but may be installed with a snow guard or other tool. The guidelines are straightforward and comprehensive.

This product will operate in a difficult environment with the potential to heat the ceiling in low temperatures as 0% Fahrenheit. You may use it to conserve resources for an automatic control unit. The control device is a valuable instrument manufactured by the same firm.


  • Developing at low temperatures
  • Is equipped with clips and separators


  • You have to order an additional control device

Easy Heat ADKS

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This cable operates on floors, ribs and drops. If the metal roofs do not function, they work on a lot of other styles of roofs. The commodity seems to be distributed in several lengths, allowing you to receive the correct cable number for your roof.

This kit includes six sets of clips for simple installation. There are additional clips which allow you to customize your cables as you want. The heat cable can be pushed to your shingles & hung up in no time at all. This product will melt snow and ice quickly, with a flexible design. It does not need repairs and is constructed from a substance of good quality. The substance is also protection checked.

This device uses not so much energy at 5 watts per foot. This cable is an ideal alternative for persons with shingle roofs due to its simple installation with low energy use.


  • Down to the roof comfortably
  • Works even on downsizing


  • Do not deal with low weather

Happybuy Roof Heat Cable

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This item is intended to avoid the formation of ice dams on roofs, in canopy and downstream. This heat-tray for roof and ribs would provide the way for melting ice or snow to flow from off the roof to something like the earth when built correctly and worked properly. A fantastic cold or winter weapon.

Places, including the whole roof edge, particular areas such as under skylight, valleys or sleeping areas, close-by rivers, downs and valleys, may have an ice dam heat wire. ice dam heat cables. Pre-assembled, ready to use, plug-in style. There is simple manual guidance, plenty of clips and spacers.


  • Secure Heat Cable
  • Installing Professional Ways
  • Socket & Thermostat
  • Various roofs fit
  • Enough Spacer and Clips
  • Choose Cable Length


  • So far, do not complain

Frost King RC160

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I prefer the Frost King heat tape for roof when it comes to convenience. This set has dimensions from 200 ft to 30 ft, and then you can pick your roof length accordingly. It’s pre-assembled, but think twice if you think it’s difficult! I prefer to get a friend holding up the ladder or using a ladder stabilizer. The worst thing is going up if it’s icy.

Like a regular socket at 120v, plug in the Frost King. As compared with other snow melting cables, the price is very fair. I would tell this is a good thing and you can save lots of money after testing.
The key justification for Frost King installation is to prevent harm to your roof and potential leakage of water.


  • Ready to install – Pre-assembled
  • Within directives are easy to obey
  • Maintain the gout and downsides
  • Prevent harm to the roof and leakage


  • The clips were possible, but not the highest quality


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There is XLPE inside these cables. The exterior is coated with weatherproof PVC, so that this device will work at low temperatures. The aluminum foil as well as a dyed copper wool are located within the wire. The product has been engineered to ensure protection. This heat tape for roof is assured to last with a three-year guarantee. The approval of CSA and ETL is vital to your wellbeing.

This product has been assembled in advance. If the cable has been mounted, only clips and separators have to be installed on the cable. It is quick to grasp the directions and would not make you doubtful. It may be used on plastic or metal canisters and droppers. It operates for sloping roofs and all fuel-free shingles.

This one will overlap without overheating, as opposed to other cables. It has a capacity of approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid the formation of ice dams.


  • Approved by CSA and ETL
  • Material of high quality


  • Not for some sort of roof


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TOPDURE TDSF seems to be a renowned enterprise which has served its consumers for 20 years and has listed your best heat tape for roof in this product. For gutters as well as your roof, where water creates and forms ice jams, this commodity is a perfect pick.

The self-control makes it very convenient to use these cables as the temperature falls down and the cables cool it down as the temperature rises.


  • Self-regulating cable for heavy-duty. Prevent freezing in tubing.
  • Quite long-lasting.
  • Can be fitted with spiral, crossing, right and so on. There is no chance of overheating.
  • Pre Assembled and installed in thermostat with control indicator light


  • The wiring requires a lot of time to heat.


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The 9mile heat tape for roof uses the shingle clips to easily and efficiently set cables.
This device heats up at various temperatures with thermostat technology. When at 6±3 °C and at 13±3 °C (13±3 °F). This avoids overheating unnecessary.

It arrives with clips for hooks on the gutters and shingles. This pack will easily be installed. Only hit the clips as well as cable and connect the cord to your roof. Before installing ice barriers, snow and ice can melt.


  • The snow de-icing cable avoids damage to the winter roof, ribs and drops
  • Provides continuous route to melt water from the roof
  • Provided in several lengths for most roof as well as gutter setups.
  • No maintenance necessary; easy to install


  • I didn’t require a single cable tat

Frost King RC60

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Frost King’s heating cables render the installation breeze with directions that are simple to understand. They are pre-assembled, and you just have to hook the cable with shingles. Cable spacers are also provided with the package and you would have no trouble if you obey the directions.

This Commodity offers plenty of cables to cover a wide roof, in lengths around 30 feet as well as 200 feet. While this device has no integrated thermostat, it has a timer. The product is made of good quality components and operates at very low temperatures. It actually works that cold at -40 degrees F. In reality.

You would be glad to hear that the product emits 5 watts per foot when you’re dealing about energy use. The cost of maintaining your roof and rinks protected from water damaging this winter is an inexpensive and easy-to-use way.


  • Well suited for low temperatures
  • Is available with spacers & clips


  • Not for roofs with metal

Deep Info & Buying Guide

Discover informations

Prevent Ice dam

Our advanced thermal tape systems are intended to minimize the potential of ice dam training at rooftop edge and shield wells and downs from freezing, which will enable you to enjoy peace of mind in seasons of heavy snowfall during winter.

What is an ice dam? Where is it?

An Ice Dams seems to be an ice barrier formed as warm heat leaves the hall and heats the roof surfaces. This warming heats the sky and the water starts to descend as desired. However, the molten water starts to flow and ice soon after reaching the unheated edges of the roof as temperatures are under 32 degrees outside (freezing).

The ice barrier has been built and the continuously melting snow liquid is allowed to resurface on your roof when it freezes and enlarges. Your roof shingles have never been built to contain water in the reverse direction and water will reach from underneath the shingles into your house.
This may not only seriously degrade the structure but also leads to the possibility of respiratory problems if the infected areas are not properly dried. The mold and mildew can develop.

Heat tape for roof Benefits

In addition to keeping ice dams on your home roof, de-icing cables tend to prevent the ice forming in your ribs and drains. This is incredibly difficult with a steamer as well as aluminum scraper when they don’t match in the downspring and take it forever to heat up to a high temperature sufficient to melt the ice.

In comparison, it’s convenient to set up de-icing cables on your own, meaning you don’t have to pay a lot of money to find a pro to cut them for you. However, most comments about de-icing cables are from owners who either wrongly mount the cables or buy too small cables.

Systems heat tape

The application of thermal tape before a snow incident is the safest external prevention for your roof. Once properly built, this remedy can lead to snow melting on your roof edges, avoid freezing of gutters and down springs, and enable water to flow through your roof’s canals and valleys.

An ice protection controller from River Roofing Bend enables the heat zones taped on your roof, heated ribs and lower flowers to automatically operate. The remote temperature sensor wired to the controller is used with all the controllers that we sell. The sensor is in a shaded region outside the building. The device uses the sensor measurement to activate/disable your new machine.

In order to achieve the coverage required to secure your home or company we may choose a 2, 4 or 8 zone controller that runs two, four or eight different circuits. Our controls have a 38 degree device going. There is also a 9 degree Low Temperature Cut (LTC). That LTC mode saves automatically switching off the thermal taped areas when temperatures are further than the thresholds at which snow or excess snow is accumulated by sun gain and heat loss. The two temperature sets can be conveniently adjusted to meet individual site requirements, if required.

How do ice dams prevent heat cables?

Heat cables are insulated wires that can be connected to the roof, often known as thermal banding, heat wires or roof ice cables. If you have issues with ice building on the floor of the home and the formation of ice jams, heating cables may be a perfect remedy for melting the ice in trouble areas.

Heat tape for roof melt channels through existing ice dams in order to reduce ice accumulation. They will ideally enable you to have a way for snow melting to drain your roof behind the Dam instead of pooling.

This will help keep water from entering your roof and house. They normally are placed in models around the eaves, on the roof of valleys, in chimneys, skylights, in canopies or in downsides. They may be a useful method for combating roof leakage when employed as a portion of a robust snow and ice reduction programme. They are particularly helpful for dealing with the root effect of ice dams forming in very small trouble areas. However, you have problems with your ice attic insulation, airflow or roof if you really have widespread ice jams in your house.

The house’s most important places for ice dams are:

  • In towering valleys
  • On roofs with a low angle
  • Around fireplaces and skylights
  • On the house eaves

Consider When Purchase Heat Tape For Roof

We called the specifics while looking at heat cables. After a winter you need a premium commodity that you would not wear. We have examined the consistency of the goods, as well as the product guarantee. We know how harsh the winter will be on the roof and we needed winter-resistant items.

We also searched for heat tape for roof that worked well throughout the past. Thousands and thousands of heat cables are open, but only some are effective. We have chosen a heat tape that fits best at all temperatures because a roof is in jeopardy.


Cables deicing will be up to 20 feet and up to 240 feet in length. Many people who lament about the failure to thaw snow and ice, as we discussed earlier, normally pick up a string too limited or not warm enough.
The first aspect you have to do is calculate the duration of your gutter, the roof side and the length of the lowering.

There are free Online computers that can assist you in measuring the edge of a roof, the number of roofing valleys accessible, the roof surface, the number of downs, and the distance from the closest power outlet to de-icing cables.


One thing you ought to understand about unglazing cables is they will absorb a great deal of electricity. This ensures that you will need to get the power supply kid to guarantee that the wires don’t go on if you don’t need them if you want to use de-icing cables. However, by using a device that seems to have a lower wattage value, you can in some way reduce the overall power usage of your deicing cable.

You will find de-icing cable models which are using 10 watts of power for each foot of the cord duration. Even if more watts provide more heat and more powerful ice dam removal, they are not the most cost-effective. Many versions use half the power and do admirably well throughout the winter.
Sensor of temperature and humidity

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Heat Tape For Roof - Shield For Your Home [year] 6

You should also invest in the sensor of temperature and moisture, in addition to testing the wattage of a de-icing cord. This inventive small box is positioned outside your roof, ideally next to the spot where the de-icing cable is mounted. Two measurements are used to decide whether or not the cables provide electricity – temperature and humidity.

This two variable measurement sensor basically examines whether outdoors (e.g. freezing) have achieved a certain temperature and snow and ice moisture. The sensor prevents energy from passing through the wires, for example when it has achieved the target temperature but no frost, ice or water. This little tool would save you much hassle because a) you don’t have to baby cable, and b) it will turn on and off automatically, saving you a lot of money over the long term.


Because deicing cables would be subjected to precipitation from snow and ice, the cords must be completely waterproof , able to survive freezing temperatures. We also see inexpensive knock-offs on the shelves not without melting snow, but essentially disintegrating for the first several months due to cold cracks. You should even kiss cables and warranty goodbye if anything occurs and melting ice and snow get their way through the delicate interior components of the wire.

Downspouts and Gutters

You have to know what products have been used to create the gutters and drops in your house. Basically, only two alternatives are available: PVC and aluminum piping. Both are used to tolerate very high temperatures, non-corrosiveness and light weight, because of their inherent ability. Though not all deicing cables are made both for plastic and metal applications. Just make sure you interpret the mark well so that you have the correct cable to work.

Automatic sensors

Choose those with automatic sensors for the most reliable, low-maintenance heat cables. The sensors read that temperature and humidity levels with these cables and switch off automatically when heating is needed.

You need to connect and unplug cables when you need them in cables without automated sensors. It may be boring and tedious, but the cables with automated sensors are far cheaper.

Material safety

Not all the heat tape for roof is equal, and definitely not all roof gutters and decommissioning materials are compatible. Confirm the materials to guarantee the heat cables are not harmful or a threat to life.

Know if the cables remain waterproof or they are not suitable to use. Choose a different collection if it is not indicated specifically on the wire packaging.

Low-temperature protected cables have the highest performance and are not cracked in cold weather. their protection coat. This is particularly critical if you live in an environment that is notorious for its dropping temperatures and record lows.


Basic cables cost $2 per foot from 50 cents. You cost between $1.50 as well as $4 per foot for luxury cables with additional protection features. The more you purchase (particularly more than 50 feet), the lower the price per foot.


When the snow warms up from the increasing temperatures inside the home and fuses on parts of the roof right above your living space, the melt goes down the sloping roof. However, in the gutter or even on the eave, hardened snow and ice cannot obtain heat transmitted from the living room.

It could be thicker than sunshine areas on the roof if a portion of the roof is in continuous shade. From the gutter, the dense ice prevents snowmelt.

The water is refreezing and expanding nowhere to go. You may penetrate or flash the spreading ice. When it melts later again, it can destroy your house, sometimes leading to a leak.

Besides using a heat wire, a few other solutions to avoid ice-backup problems on the roof or even in your gutters are provided:

Take off the gutter leaves. Even if nobody likes to sweep the gutters before the winter season, and remove falling leaves. The liquid cannot drain properly, it will create huge pieces of hardened ice in the gutter and obstruct more snow melt as the rinks are blocked with leaves.

Keep the escape area running downstairs openly. When the water leaves the river, it can run away from the building. You don’t want to obstruct the escape area – it will freeze water at the right end of the downstream and prevent another water from leaving.

Before winter, fix some missing shingles. Ice dams can manipulate those areas if you really have roof damage including loose shingles. Before the cold weather season starts, attempt to repair roof problems. Check the blinker too, because ice dams will drive you back, make places to penetrate the water then leak into your house.

Closing Thought – Top 5 Best Of Heat Tape For Roof

One of the most important methods to eliminate the accumulation of snow from heat tape for roof is to avoid the development of ice dams. Any homeowner knows how the ice dams – the build-up of the melting snow and ice which will refrigerate to build a solitary fortress on your roof – will cause hundreds or more of dollars in renovations and wreak havoc on the attic walls.

Naturally, many techniques may be used by homeowners to avoid the formation of ice jams, but defrost cable roofing has proved to become one of the better ways to do this.
Looking at possible heat tape for your house, it is critical for you not only to select the correct model for your roof, but also your budget for energy costs.

Remember, by utilizing heat cables throughout your roof, security is of great importance if you’re at threat of a fire incorrectly used. To help install you as well as your family as secure as possible, I suggest to a specialist.

The most efficient and expensive problem about ice dams is that the water leaks inside your home are the perfect roof heating cables made to protect your roof. Year after year these damages are added and the issue has to be resolved. You & your bank account will have to relax with heat tape to avoid house harm. Create today your roof cables for a winter jump!

We always note that maintaining details about heat tape up to date is a high priority so we update our websites continuously. Learn more from on-line sources regarding us. Please let us know promptly when you think that something we have about heat tape here is obsolete or inaccurate. We’ve seen the best heat tape for roof for you to find at the moment now. You should check our purchasing advice before you make the decision if you’d like to understand more about this option. We’ve always been here with you. Please contact us here. Or to see our view, you will learn everything about us.

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