Top 15 Best Sealer For Cedar Fence You Can Buy On 2023: Top Sealer Rated

Selecting the best sealer for cedar fence is a great idea to make your wood purchase allow the paint to apply easier and more stable.  And out of the wood fences that have been used today, cedar wood is the most famous one of durability and appearance which can be customized in thousands of ways.

Whether you need the sealer to preserve the quality and beauty of the paint on the fence or to seal off the cracks because of wind damage. It is necessary to be aware of how Oil-based stains can protect your cedar fence better than water-based stains, and between Solid stains and Semi-solid stains, which one can mask the grain on top the cedar wood while remaining the natural color. Being wise to decide what is the best suitable sealer to have your cedar fence prolonged its life up to 10 years.

In this post, we have listed the 15 best sealers for cedar fence raged in price from several to hundreds. To figure out which you’re looking for, we’ve done the work for you and shared some informative guides on choosing the ideal sealer, along with rating the sealers based on our experience.

Best Sealer For Cedar Fence Comparison 2023

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** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best sealer for cedar fence, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top 15 Sealer For Cedar Fence Reviews 2023

Ready Seal 112 

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For anyone who has never done any kind of exterior staining before, this product is basically goof-proof. Ready Seal 112 is the top choice when it comes to the most used sealer to apply on the wood workpieces.

This product has the formulation of oil-based sealer which is known for its deep penetration into the wood and extreme durability. It may take a little time to wait until the stain is fully dried. But this is also an advantage which allows plenty of time to remove the excess stain before the surface is completely unfixable. 

Another protection of this stuff you could want to take note of is that the Ready Seal contains paraffin oil that will kill molds, mildew and decrease the growth area of its effectively to keep your fence safe from insect damage.

You may be wondering if this sealer will change the original color of the cedar fence. On the outside, you will not realize the difference between before and after applying the stain on the outlook of the wood. With a variety of popular shades available on the market, all you need to do that is choose the best matched color for your own fence. Some colors like: natural cedar, pecan, dark walnut, redwood, golden pine, burnt hickory and etc,…


  • Kill molds and mildew.
  • It’s both a stain and sealer.
  • Enhances the natural beauty while the texture remains visible.
  • Having color variants will match your wood types.
  • Deep penetration extends your wood life.
  • Oil-based stain project against water and UV damage.


  • Take 14 days to dry completely.
  • Not available for  interior surfaces.

Ready Seal 525 Exterior Stain and Sealer

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With investing your money in this high-class product, you will receive a professional sealer and promise to get the ideal outlook by a semi-transparent. This Ready Seal is working as both sealer and stain so you will have the pigment sitting on the surface to come up the natural color you like while protecting the wood as well against the gets.

What makes this product a favorable choice is that you can apply this sealer very easily with the simple tools like a brush, roller or layer. The liquid will naturally blend on to the surface, denoting the original color of the wood without concealing it.


  • Prevents the growth of mold and algae.
  • Penetrates deeply to provide proper protection.
  • Uses as both sealer and stain.
  • It’s durable.


  • Take a long time to wait until it is fully dried.
  • Key to buy the best matched sealer for your cedar fence.

KILZ Exterior Waterproofing Wood Stain

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In the damp condition, the wood fence may be in danger if the wood gets exposed to the high amount of water and snowfall for a long time. KILZ Exterior Waterproofing Wood Stain will be the key solution for this issue. 

This is the semi-transparent acrylic wood sealer which contains the element to protect the wood fibre from damage despite being under any uncomfortable climate. And this fact has been confirmed certainly by the manufacturer. How long the coverage does last belongs to the workpiece, it can up to 5 years for the wood fences and 3 years for the wood desks.

Another favourable reason why I love this product is its durability. By penetrating deeply through the wood, it will launch a water resisting system which will provide protection against parasitic growth and inhibit the existence of mold and algae. By this, you can waste less maintenance than you’ve ever thought.


  • Works well even on the harsh weather.
  • Resists water as well as the UV sunlight.
  • Durable for a long time.


  • The sealer texture is thicker and more heavy than other products so you have to thoroughly shake before using the sealer.

DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Semi-Transparent Exterior

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If you’re looking for the product that is basically the most convenient for maintenance, this sort of sealer may be the top choice for you. Everytime you maintain the application, you don’t need to strip or remove the outer coat out of the surface, this will allow you to apply the stain easily without using any comlex methods.

Made from the high-graded resin oil – the sort of oil will blend well with many wood’s types and film the barrier against harmful effects of the UV rays and rainfall. The result is a quality and durable seal which lasts more two six months than the other competitors.

Moreover, thanks to the Zinc Nanotechnology, this will help the wood not to be dried out quickly and faded by filtering out the UV rays. It will prevent the color lost while brightening the wood’s color.


  • Prevents the damage caused by the effect of water and sunlight.
  • There are 7 color options for you to look over.
  • With Zinc Nanotechnology, the workpiece will be protected from discoloring and fading.
  • High-graded resin oil will penetrate into the wood and create the water resist barrier.


  • This product may provide the shining outer outlook which is not comfortable for many people.

Olympic Stain Maximum Deck Stain

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Blocking the UV sunlight, protecting against the water damage are the two benefits of this product. By using Advanced SunBlock UV technology, this sealer will keep UV rays at bay reliably and create the durable coating on the top of the surface. This also has the water resistance system to ensure your wood is not affected badly due to the rainfall and snowfall.

In spite of any bad condition, with a Weather-Ready system, you can seal your fence just 8 hours after the washing, even in hot temperature, this stain will work very effectively and be applied without leaving any scratches on the surface.

The Olympic Stain Maximum Deck Stain having 7 shades of color is available on the market. The colors included are clear, cedar, Redwood Naturaltone, Navajo Red, Canyon Brown, Cedar Naturaltone and Honey Gold.


  • It can be used as stain and sealant.
  • Thanks to weather-Ready Application, the product will apply on to the surface very quickly even under any harsh conditions.


  • None

 #1 Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain

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If you live in the wet climate or want to seal your fence in humid weather, you should consider the water-based sealer, even if the wood is much wetter, the rich moisture in this formula will protect your wood more effectively than oil-based products. Also, as the water-based stain, #1 Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain will dry quickly, it just takes 1 or 2 hours for the application to be fully done.

Beside, using semi-transparent stain function will help you to look better in appearance by covering all the imperfections and wood grain that has been weathered in several years. Another benefit of this production is the ability to block UV sunlight even in the harsh weather and a high pigment loading which will allow for the stunning outlook of the cedar fence.


  • The ability to block UV sunlight.
  • Water-based oil stains allow the application to dry quickly and apply to even the wet wood more promptly than the oil-based stain.
  • It can apply on most of the wood from fir,redwood, cedar, fir, even the treated pine.
  • This item will mix oil content in wood more deeley and prevent water penetration.


  • After aging for a couple of years, the first application may be easily peel off and unable to remain the original beauty of the wood.
  • You don’t have time to fix discolorations in the wood because the stain will dry after applying the workpiece.

 Rain Guard Water Micro-Seal

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What makes Rain Guard Water Micro-Seal a favourable product is that it contains a proprietary ingredient called Micro-Lok which will protect your cedar wood from penetrating by the rain fall as a hydrophobic coating. Beside that, minimizing the efflorescence is the crucial benefit which will extend the life of wood and protect your investment up to 10 years.

Rain Guard Water Sealer is a water-based sealer which will ensure that it will not leave any film on the surface and keep the finished wood intact with the natural color. This product is also easy to clean up, just using soap and water directly to the application, you don’t have to waste your effort on that issue.


  • Easy clean up.
  • Works as a hydrophobic barrier to protect the wood against the water, UV rays and temperature.
  • Resists mildew and mold.


  • It’s just a sealer.

Thompsons Water Seal 24111

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In spite of fencing with the most tough wood, because of the natural elements like wind and sun, the fence color will get faded and stained after a long time. Thompson Water Sealer is the proper solution for this trouble. 

Combining the advanced UV protection of a stain with the enhanced waterproofing of a sealant, this product will help you restore the wood’s color and protect your wooden structures from darkening or discoloration allowing the natural texture of the wood to show through in the next five year under normal condition.

Another reason you ought to invest in this claim is that it wastes less effort to seal the large cedar fence. Even the single coat by using the brush or roller, the wood finish will come with diversity in the application and hopefully give us another 10 years or more of protection.


  • Prevents water damage.
  • Works well on the different wood’s types from masonry, brick, concrete, decks, fences, etc…
  • The ability to resist UV light as well as mildew.
  • Protects the texture wood against discoloring.


  • You have to mix it properly before applying the wood. If you don’t, the substance will be thin and runny, getting in on to the brush may be impossible.

 Seal-Once Marine Penetrating Wood Sealer & Stain

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By description, Seal-Once Marine is the water-based stain with high moisture in the formula. When it is applied to the surface, the seal is very flexible and breathable and also creates the solid barrier that stabilizes the wood effectively.

Moreover, this product can work on the wet wood even if the workpiece gets exposed to the salty water damage. The sealer will penetrate into the wood deeply and use the lasted Superior Nanotechnology to coat the wood fiber at the cellular level. Aside the water, this technology also prevents the UV sunlight from drying out the cedar wood.


  • Not contain harmful chemicals like oil-based stain.
  • Safe levels of VOC limit the risk of health problems.
  • Using Nanotechnology helps your fence not to get exposed by weathering, sea water and UV rays.
  • It’s both sealer and stain.


  • Be able to get a film look if you don’t let it dry fully in the hot climate.

Cabot Australian Timber Oil

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Combining linseed oil, also known as Flaxseed oil, tung oil, and long-oil alkyds, Cabot Australian Timber Oil is the best sealer for less maintenance and long-lasting protection. 

Thanks to high-graded linseed oil, this sort of oil will extend the life of the wood and penetrate deep into the grain of the wood to provide a protection as a coating against the UV effect. And also, long-oil alkyds will be responsible to boost the durability lasting up to 5 years until you refinish the application.

As a semi-transparent stain, this product will retain the natural beauty of its wood while giving the “transparent” look to the surface. There are 10 shades of color allowing you to have your fence stained the favourite color. Some of these are honey teak, jarrah brown, mahogany, and more.


  • Resists the UV rays, water damage.
  • Has 10 color options to match your taste.
  • Restores the original color of the wood’s type.


  • None

 ECO-Safe Wood Treatment

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The eco-friendly option is not the bad idea. If you want the stain not containing any toxic chemical for sure, this product will be the best sealer for your taste. And also, VOC free is the greatest feature that will reduce the risk of health problems caused by these elements.

Just sealing a thin application, the sealer will blend well with any wood’s types and penetrate deeply to block tightly moisture at a molecular level. This will minimize the possibility that the natural color of wood will be grayed after several years.

ECO-Safe Wood Treatment can be used on indoor or outdoor projects. It is a good option to apply a stain on the furniture in the house.


  • Safe to use around the child.
  • Having one application can work very well.
  • Blends well with almost all the wood’s types.


  • You have to mix the powder with water properly before using it. If you don’t, the texture will be milky.

Wood Defender Transparent Fence Stain

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If you want to restore the primary color of your own fence, you should consider Wood Defender Transparent Fence Stain. Compared to the other competitors, it has a higher trans-oxygen which is very suitable for a new fence. 

This chemical will function and give your wood a stunning look while preserving it. Aside from that, this will also protect wood from discoloring and graying caused by UV sunlight and the wind due to the ability of transparent stain.

This product is a great choice when it comes to maintenance, by hiding all the imperfection on the surface, it will change the ugly layer into a more uniform look.


  • It works well even in the harsh hot weather.
  • Compatible with the aged wood fence.
  • This the best sealer to retain the natural color of the wood.


  • It doesn’t work better than semi-transparent stain when applying to the new wood.

Seal It Green Xtreme BAMBOO Plant-Based Sealer

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Seal it green is environmentally friendly, plant-based, and safe to be used around kids and pets. Using this product into your gardens or plants is also acceptable without harming you and vegetables with any toxic chemicals.

The product is working as the sealer, meaning that will create a transparent barrier on to the wood to protect the damage caused by sunlight and keep the natural color as the way it is without concealing texture. After the seal is drying up, you can use oil-base paint to cover the surface and your ideal appearance.


  • Not concluding the harmful chemical, eco-friendly.
  • Easy to apply by using any tools you want.
  • Prevents the water damage.
  • Penetrates deeply into the wood to give fence protection.


  • Like the other sealant, it will take time to see the final result.

Flood Series FLD520-01

No products found.

This may be the best sealer for the cedar fence you have never heard. Flood Series is the great function to maintain the initial beauty of the cedar wood, with the ability of UV and water protection, the oil base will penetrate more effectively and use the trans-oxygen to create the coat on to your wood while keeping the appearance brightly thanks to the pigment.

Another favourable benefit of this kind of sealer is that it maximizes the penetration with high Penetrol to strengthen further more the protection at cellular level from beneath the wood.


  • Resists UV rays as well as mildew.
  • It is more suitable for the fence using the cedar wood.


  • It is only used on the exterior wood.

Storm Protector Penetrating Stain & Sealer

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This product is one of the best sealer that is suitable for most of the wood’s types or even the pressure treated pine. With semi-transparent, the sealer will create the pigmented film providing protection to our cedar wood. 

As a matter of fact, semi-transparent is also responsible to allow the original color of the wood to go out naturally and cover up any imperfections by the trans-oxygen element on the surface without concluding the harmful chemical.

This is designed to endure any factor elements. Storm Protector Penetrating Stain is a typical oil-base stain that will go deeply into your wood to protect the wood fibre inside, but the pigment will be left on top of the surface to highlight the natural beauty of it.

For reapplication, brush, sprayer, or roller, you can use any methods of these to ensure the seal sticks to the surface perfectly. The liquid is very easy to apply in spite of the tools you choose.


  • Suitable for plenty of woods.
  • You can apply on Decks, Fences and Siding
  • Protects your finish wood against the endless rainfall, ultraviolet rays and also blocks the UV rays.
  • Semi-transparent with high pigment.
  • It can be easi to apply.


  • Can’t be used in the wet weather.

Key to buy the best sealer for cedar fence

After reading all the brands and products of the sealers in our post, now you may know which one is the most favourable choice and some features to distinguish between them. But the new issue is coming up, we’ve looked through the post but we still don’t know the best sealer for cedar fence. How do I choose the color? How much should we purchase the sealer?

Choosing the best sealer for cedar fence is not easy. To ensure you make the right decision and reach the initial purpose of applying the sealer, we have made a list of some factors you should consider before going to the shop to get your own product.

Water-based / oil-based

This is the major factor you have to look through before making the decision. It looks  the same at first, but they’re all having both the negative and positive side used on the different wood’s type under significant condition.

Oil-based sealer


Firstly, we will discuss the optimistic benefit of using oil-based stain and sealer. There are two points we should consider, flammability and the deep penetration creating the smooth finish while preserving the wood to prolong the life of woodworking projects. 

When you apply the oil-based stain in a well-ventilated area, this will act like a barrier and have a great ability to prevent acuteness of fire or the effect of water. Compared to water-based stain, the oil-based stealer takes more time to be fully dried, but after that, you will have an actual application lasting for a long period, meaning that it offers almost zero effort to reapply the finish for maintenance.


For clear, because of the prolonged drying time making the durable coating, it consumes lots of time to remove the aged application. It will be harder than cleaning water-based seals, you have to prepare the dishwater or detergent, a brush, roller, etc to completely peel off the oil-based sealer.

This is not an environmentally friendly product. Oil-based contains a high level of VOCs – the sorts of toxic chemicals have been considered to cause heart disease and allergy. If you have children and pets, this is a serious concern you have to look up before shopping.

Water-based sealer


Unlike the oil-based stain, when you apply the water-based sealer on the surface, it gets dry quickly within 6-8 hours. The finish may be not smooth as the oil-based stain. But the cleaning process is much more simple just using water and soap so that you don’t need to waste a lot of effort to remove the water-based stain to refinish the wood fence.

Another reason why we should use the water-based more often is that they don’t contain the harmful pigments so these products can be used for household furniture in a closed area. They also have the ability to highlight the grain of the wood and resist the yellowing very effectively.


Durability is a problem when we consider the water-based stain. Compared to the oil-based stain, it hardly lasts for more 1-2 years and the application may be peeled off easily after a prolonged period.

The water-based stains’s flammability is also a concern. They can provide some protections against the UV sunlight and the high temperature for the wood fibre, but oil based stains are still considered to have more abilities of preventing water and UV damage.

Semi transparent / Transparent

While semi-transparent and transparent have some similar aspects, there are also some identified features that show how and when we use these products in effective ways. In this post, we will give you a detailed review of both semi-transparent and transparent sealers to know which one is the best sealer for you.

Semi-transparent sealer


With the ability to block up UV rays, semi-transparent can work better in a hot climate and high temperature caused by acuteness of fire. They will blend well with many sorts of woods, even on a damp surface and penetrate deeply to protect the wood at cellular level. These products also have high pigments that will raise natural variations of the wood while adding color to the fence.

They have been more wisely used and favored by the consumers because of its multiple uses. Even aged or new wood, the semi-transparent sealer can work very well.


Because of the high level of pigments, semi-transparent is not the top choice for environmentally friendly products. And the wood’s color may be changed in appearance if we don’t select the wood’s types carefully.

Transparent sealer


The benefit of using transparent sealer is that they don’t have a load of pigments like the semi-transparent so after applying on the top of the surface, the color will blend naturally and provide you basically the original color of the wood. Moreover, they can offer a glossy outlook that will allow the wood grain to show through visibly.

Staining or sealing your fence with these products will prevent the wood from getting discolored or faded thanks to the moisture-resistant system which will block the moisture from mixing with natural oil. Keep in mind that every transparent sealer has the ability to defend your wood fence from sun and humid changes effectively.


However, the transparent sealer also has some issues. Firstly, their colors available are very limited, compared to the semi-transparent ones, they just have 60 shades of color which is very poor and hard to get the matched taste.

And they can’t hide the imperfections and discolorations better than the semi-transparent. That’s why people use transparent for the new wood and semi-transparent for the aged one.

Semi solid / Solid

Beside these most well-known options among the sealers, let take a look at two exterior stain types. It may be not popular like these previous sealer products, but it is also important for you to note a typical thing about solid and semi-solid sealer

Semi-solid sealer


Just applying a single coat is enough to cover all the large fences. And the maintenance is very simple, you can use a brush or sprayer to do the job. This is the best sealer when it comes to better coverage.

They also offer greater protection than the other competitive products. The stain will not be easily peeled off and prevent the wood from getting exposed to UV rays.

Furthermore, semi-solid stain allows the hint of the grain of wood visible for the human eye. And it has a plenty of color options to choose from, meaning that you can give your fence a more outstanding outlook.


Like the transparent stain, the semi-solid stain can look glossy and there are many people who don’t like this kind of application. Although there are some cracks on the surface, it’s hard to fill this with semi-solid stains as you expect.

Solid sealer


As the name said, solid sealer will offer a solid application which stands for any harmful effect of natural elements. You also can cover small imperfections and blemishes on the fence because of its thickness. It will be very useful when you have changed the wood’s types recently and have caused some cracks or grooves on the top of the surface.


Some solid products may hide the grain of the wood. When you apply the stain, the natural grain will be covered completely making the wood characteristic invisible.

If your fence is in wet condition, I prefer you to not use the solid sealer because it will peel, blister and need to be reapplied. This is a significant disadvantage of this kind of product, even if you’re using a high-graded solid sealer, it will finally crack.


Cedar wood is classified as a softwood and commonly used for fencing as well as creating modern-day furniture. To maintain the natural beauty of this wool, sealant is necessary to keep the cedar wood from getting damaged by water or UV rays. Among the sealers on the market, you can choose the product based on your living climate and initial purpose.

If you live in a wet climate, you should consider water-based, transparent seler.

If you live in harsh hot weather, semi-transparent and oil-based sealer will be your favourite choice. With some information, I hope you will have a chance to choose the best sealer for cedar fence that is most suitable.

By any chances, you still don’t have a clue what it will look like when you apply the sealer on the surface. Let’s look at this video, it will show you the difference between before and after staining the fence.


These days, the sealers have varied a lot of shades of color. Choosing the matched color is also being a factor to decide which sealer is suitable for your needs. The choice belongs to your personal favorite and emotion, I won’t recommend it for this issue.

But if you have a favourite color, you should check that brands of product having the color option available or not.


To maintain the quality of cedar fence, I prefer you to invest in the most worth sealer which one will fit perfectly with your budget and your own wood fence’s types. Keep in mind that the highest seller is not always the best. The best sealer for cedar fence should be the thing that you decide is deserved to afford or not.It’s the best for some aspects but not for your fence.

However, if you know what kind of sealer is a matched product, It will be great to look over the best in your affordable price range. The quality won’t let you disappoint.

Conclusion: our top 5 picks of the best sealer for cedar fence

Having your fence dealing with the sealant product is adding protection for your wood. It will prolong the life of cedar wood and choosing the right sealer can also reduce the maintenance cost to zero. The gorgeous wood’s outlook will allow you to feel satisfied and interested.

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Some of you may prefer the eco-friendly products containing less toxic chemicals, while others will like to have the fence popped up with the color. As returning the product may be a complicated process, don’t forget to check the sealer’s features to suit your cedar fence perfectly.

Fece sealing can be easy but it can be more complex and time consuming. If you want your fence to look great under any conditions, our top rated list based on research is here to guide you how to choose the best sealer for cedar fence. 

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