Top 10+ Best Microwave Wall Mount Bracket In 2023 You Have To Know

Microwave is an essential kitchen appliance for quickly heating your food; thus, supporting you a lot in the cooking process. Unfortunately, not all kitchens have enough space for this bulky machine. Is there any solution? Absolutely, here comes the best microwave wall mount bracket.

Don’t feel stressed due to massive products on the market as we have listed some prominent options from reliable brands in the world for you. They are high-quality and, more than that, receive thousands of positive reviews from worldwide households.

Let’s check them out!

Best Microwave Wall Mount Bracket Comparison 2023

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Top 10 Best Microwave Wall Mount Bracket Reviews 2023

OUDINUO Wall Mount Shelf – Best microwave wall mount bracket for easy installation

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This double-wall mount bracket from OUDINUO is a reasonable solution to storage arrangement. Made of space aluminum alloy with a black finish, the bracket is compatible with every kind of kitchen, making yours stand out with a modern and elegant look. That is not to mention that the material is lightweight yet durable and anti-rust for sturdy storage.

What we like most about this OUDINUO microwave wall mount bracket is the great capacity it offers. Besides the main rack for holding a microwave, the bracket comes with a small rack for keeping bottles such as vinegar, oil, or other condiments. 

The wrapper and towel rack, featuring a forward-bending design, not only allows you to access your kitchen fresh wrapper and towel easily but also gives them enough space for drying. 

There are also ten solid hooks within the package so that you can hang your kitchen utensils, such as pans, cutting boards, spatulas, and more. Don’t worry about the weight, as the screwed bracket can guarantee a maximum weight of 20 kg.

OUDINUO delivers the best microwave wall mount bracket for beginners due to its simple setup. You can either screw or glue it without the help of a handyman. That makes it suitable for wooden walls, brick walls, or drywall.


  • Great storage capacity up to 20 kg
  • Simple setup for beginners
  • Elegant black design


  • Insufficient anchors and screws

GRIDMANN NSF Kitchen Wall Mount Shelf

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Gridmann has long been well-known for high quality for every piece of equipment, and this microwave wall mount bracket is no exception. Built from 18-gauge 430 stainless steel, certified by NSF with strict standards, the bracket is safe for people’s health and can last long with extremely high volume.

Thanks to the space-saving and large design, it offers great capacity for storage as a 1-inch backsplash. The round front edge is for comfortable experience and safety, while the two support brackets give you maximum stability. It is such a perfect bracket for everyday use.

The installation might be hard for women; fortunately, Gridmann already includes all necessary tools in the package, from the wall mount shelf, brackets, anchors, and installation screws.


  • High quality of materials
  • NSF certification
  • Great capacity for storage
  • Comfort and safety for users


  • Easily cracked edges

Hally Stainless Steel Shelf – Best Microwave Wall Mount Bracket For Maximum Capacity

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Weight capacity is the biggest strength of the Hally stainless steel shelf, as it can hold heavy items, including kitchen appliances and other condiments up to 204 kg. With this wall mount bracket, you can easily use your empty wall space while saving your time searching for items.

The sturdy construction of the equipment comes from its superior material – 18-gauge durable and anti-rust stainless steel. The NSF certification and solid design with no sharp edges provide you with ample health protection, even in tough settings.

To ensure the shelf always stays in place, Hally manufactures it with durable support brackets and welder corners. In particular, thanks to the simple design, you can hassle-free clean it with only paper and rags.

Reliable customer service is also what we like about this product. The manufacturer offers a 24-hours reply and 30-day refund as a guarantee to bring the best user experience.


  • Weight capacity up to 204 kg
  • Durable construction
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Great customer service


  • N/A

For Friend of Family Industrial Retro Wall Mount – Best microwave wall mount bracket for aesthetic look

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If you are into retro style, this microwave wall mount bracket is for you. It is completely made of iron pipe and solid wood, which brings a classic and unique appearance to the product. 

This For Friend of Family wall mount bracket features two separate plates for better storage function with different depths and thicknesses. The upper plate is thinner than the lower one at 3 cm and 2 cm, respectively. The depth of the former is also greater, at 15.75 inches, compared to 12 inches of the latter. 

That’s why you should place heavy items like a microwave oven on the lower plate while keeping other tools or kitchenware on the other. The total weight the bracket can bear is 60 kg; however, the exact volume can vary, depending on the wall you install.

Though the specific parameters are commercially designed, you can also ask the manufacturer for a tailor-made product to fit any space size on your wall without any problem. 


  • Aesthetic design
  • Good storage capacity
  • Tailor-made product (if needed)


  • N/A

istBoom Wall Shelf – Best microwave wall mount bracket overall 

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This large-size microwave wall mount bracket from istBoom is sturdy and versatile enough to hold any type of cookware in your kitchens, such as pans, pots, and microwaves. It features a rack-like design with additional 16 hooks for storing kitchenware and drying kitchen towels. The slat style is also perfect as a lid holder or a towel hanger.

The 18/10 stainless steel makes this wall shelf scratch-proof and rust-proof for daily use in terms of durability. The upgraded hollow anchors offer the product enough sturdiness to hold the maximum weight of 55 kg. Moreover, you can easily remove the slatted shelf from the bracket and get them cleaned.

The product is extremely easy to install in just 15 minutes, even with clumsy people. You need to follow the detailed manual or refer to the instructional video for more visual understanding.


  • Large size for kitchenware storage
  • Scratch-proof and rust-proof
  • Sturdy to hold 55 kg
  • Removable shelf for cleaning


  • Drywall anchors not included

Miyili Wall Mounted Rack

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Constructed from the premium thick and high-capacity iron, the Miyili wall-mounted rack has a powder-coated finish with handmade welding, which is specially treated to ensure a rust-proof and scratch-resistant.

With two large shelves and 15 movable hooks, the bracket is not only suitable for hanging pans and pots but also has more space for other kitchen accessories. The 36-kg maximum weight is ample to store all your kitchen utensils, spice and cans, keeping them neatly organized within your reach for better convenience.

The simple and attractive design makes it fit into any setting, turning your kitchen into a stylish yet cozy place.

The only problem is the complicated installation for beginners, even though the rack already features an instructional manual and mounting hardware to support the assembling. However, in case of any installation problem, you can directly contact Miyilli for additional support.


  • Constructed from premium material
  • Rust-proof and scratch-resistant
  • Great storage capacity up to 36 kg
  • Simple black design


  • Complicated installation

Lanliebao Stainless Steel Wall Shelf

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The top-notch 18-gauge stainless steel bracket from Lanliebao is a practical solution for your kitchen. Its premium finish with a hairline brush makes it resistant to rust and corrosion even in tough environments over a long time.

With a weight capacity of about 54 kg, if distributed evenly, the bracket is perfect for storing most kitchen appliances and items so that you will not waste much time looking for them. However, as it is made of thin metal, it might not be sturdy enough to hold too heavy items simultaneously.

In particular, it is simple and universal design can perfectly fit any space to offer a modern look, no matter at your home or in a restaurant. That is why it is suitable for both residential and commercial use.

If you are a fan of do-it-yourself (DIY) items, you cannot ignore this kitchen shelf. Grab some DIY hardware, and you can easily finish the installation within a few steps. 


  • Long-lasting premium material
  • Great weight capacity
  • Universal look for both residential and commercial use
  • Easy to assemble


  • Thin metal construction

 X-cosrack Wall Mount Organizer

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This X-cosrack wall mount organizer is an ideal combination of premium wood and a sturdy metal frame, giving better loading stability to hold your things. 

The package comes with a wire basket, two hanging rails, and a wood board with hooks to maximize the saving space and holding capacity. Not only can it bear heavy items like microwaves, but you can also hang pans, pots, spice jars, and bakeware organized and systematically.

You might be amazed at the two different ways that you can install this wall mount bracket. You can refer to the visual instruction for more information on how to install it. 

Another highlight is that most parts of the bracket are adjustable. You can adjust the pipe height in 3 holes so that you can flexibly hang your kitchen utensils. Meanwhile, the additional ten hooks are sturdy and removable for convenient hanging and cleaning.

The manufacturer also offers their customers friendly service to support them 24 hours a day. The unconditional return and refund also guarantee your satisfactory experience with the purchase.

Though the installation is quite simple, the screws provided might not be strong enough to withstand a harder surface than drywall. However, you can improve the situation with your screws.


  • Optimum storage
  • Two installation ways
  • Adjustable height and hooks
  • Great customer service with return and refund policy


  • Not sturdy screws

OROPY 23 Inch Wall Mounted Storage Shelf

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Oropy wall mount bracket is a great solution for a small kitchen, thanks to the 23-inch dimension, 12 S-shaped hanging hooks, and 2-tier crossbar, which offers you generous space to organize pans, pots, jars, or other types of kitchenware. That is not to mention its elegant and stylish look to blend in any kitchen decoration harmoniously. 

In addition, the product features a strong construction of Oropy with high-quality thick iron, handmade welding, and powder-coated outer finish. It allows the rust-proof rack to bear a maximum of 100 pounds in total for daily use.

Like the previous product, this rack from Oropy also has two different installation ways, putting the triangular rack either over or under the flat tier. Despite sounding complicated, it only requires some simple steps to assemble with the help of the provided mounting hardware and instruction manual.

Nevertheless, the anchors and screws are sometimes not the same sizes, so you have to use your items or contact Oropy for further support.


  • Great for small kitchens
  • Durable material for 100-pound capacity
  • Two installation ways


  • Anchors and screws might not fit

Sorbus Pots and Pan Rack — Decorative Wall Mounted Storage Hanging Rack

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If you have searched for the best microwave wall mount bracket, we are pretty sure that you have come across Sorbus – a familiar and reliable name in kitchen utensils. And this Sorbus hanging rack is not an exception. 

Every wall mount is well-known as an ideal solution for compact spaces, but this one is one-in-a-kind with a space-saving frame. It offers a spacious upper shelf for microwaves and ten separate hooks to hang commonly used kitchen tools like pots, pans, and so much more in easy reach.

What is more, you can reposition the hooks depending on your needs. Using this wall mount bracket will avoid your kitchen appliance from scratches and bring a stylish appearance to your kitchen with fashionable black color.

It is also very versatile, which means it is suitable for microwaves or kitchen appliances and even for other rooms such as living rooms, study rooms, offices, etc. 

Another plus point is that it chases for minimalism design, which almost requires no effort to set up. You can install the support brackets from below or above.

Made of high-quality stainless steel with a black-coated finish, you can expect that this wall mount can stay behind you for a long time without rust or getting damaged.

Although it receives much appreciation from users, some still express that it is not big enough for the large-sized microwave. 


  • Effective space saver
  • Versatile and multifunctional shelf
  • Minimalism style for easy setup
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel for extra durability


  • Not suitable for big-sized microwave

How To Choose The Most Suitable Microwave Wall Mount Bracket?

A suitable microwave wall mount bracket is vital, yet not all customers are wise enough to pick up ones. Accomplishing all aspects cannot happen overnight, but there are some basic ones that you should bear in mind before making the final decision.

microwave wall mount bracket

The bracket’s material

It comes with no surprise that material is the most important factor that impacts the strength and durability of the bracket. It also decides how heavy it can bear. If the bracket is not strong enough, all your utensils on it tend to drop down just over a few nights. You will not want to lose your expensive microwave just because of it, do you?

Some famous materials for brackets are stainless steel and wood. The more quality the material is, the more money you are likely to pay. However, do not ever bet your microwave’s lifetime with a flimsy, thin metal wall mount bracket.

Your wall’s types

Almost every microwave wall mount comes with all the necessary hardware that you need to install, such as drywall anchors and bolts; thus, it is compatible with drywall. However, if you intend to install your wall mount on a masonry or plaster surface, we are afraid you need some tougher hardware.

A microwave is never a light kitchen utensil, requiring a robust wall to mount it. Besides, it is wise to ask other people for a favor, as many hands will make the work much easier after all.

microwave wall mount bracket

Your microwave’s weight and size

When searching for a wall mount, checking out your microwave size and weight is a must. It is a pity that your microwave wall mount ends up not being strong enough to support your appliance. 

Different brands offer variable sizes and weights. Even the same sizes can vary in weight, let alone the different sizes, right? That is why you had better check out the maximum size and weight that the wall mount can handle in the product description. Of course, you can find this information in the wall mount box as well. 

Many users pay too much attention to the width and height of the wall mount bracket without bothering about the depth, which is such a big mistake. The depth gives your rack more stability to hold your microwaves. Moreover, some great microwaves with huge volumes are normally bigger in-depth.

Your kitchen design

Always remember that a microwave wall mount bracket is a part of your kitchen. It will be a disaster if your black bracket stands out in your all-white kitchen. Similarly, it would be an eyesore to place a modern rack in a retro environment. Luckily, most wall mount brackets are available in so many different styles and colors that you can freely decide as long as it is harmonious with your space.

microwave wall mount bracket

Your budget

There is a world of microwave wall mounts with diverse price ranges on the market. There must be some types that suit your budget, right? Of course, more robust and fashionable styles often cost you more money compared to other models. But if you do not need that, consider the ones with more affordable prices as a wise investment.

Besides, when it comes to cost-efficiency, we recommend you to make an online deal. Online shopping platforms occasionally offer discounts or vouchers, which could save you some pennies to make a purchase.


Fixing a wall mount bracket requires working with screws and drills, which is troublesome for clumsy hands. We advise you to shop for a complete kit of both the bracket and cabinet installation hardware if it sounds like you.

Generally, you cannot mount the standard microwaves above your kitchen island. The proper mounting includes a wall and cabinet installation to withstand the full weight of the appliances. 

The whole installation process consists of so many detailed steps that the included manual might not be helpful at all. In this case, referring to an online instructional video is also a good option to help you deal with this difficult task.

microwave wall mount bracket

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are wall mount brackets the same for all microwaves?

No. The mounting brackets are different, depending on the manufacturers’ design for each model. They vary in size and configuration to provide proper stability for you to hang your microwaves securely. They differ in where to connect the appliances and how many bolts and screws are needed for the installation.

Are all microwaves mountable to the wall?

Absolutely. Though there are two standard types of microwaves on the market: countertop or mountable models. However, turning a countertop into a mountable one with a microwave wall mount bracket is super easy. The bracket features a plate at the bottom, allowing you to put your appliance on the counter.

Can I use the old bracket for my new microwave?

Well, it depends. If your new microwave has similar dimensions to the old one, you can use your existing bracket to store it. However, do not forget to check the weight of your new appliance. Even if it fits into your old rack, it would be a big problem if its weight exceeds the maximum capacity of the bracket.

Conclusion: Our Top Picks For The Best Microwave Wall Mount Bracket

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Well, our article about the microwave wall mount is about to come to an end. We have searched, experienced, and summarized some of the best options. All of them exceed our expectations and deserve to be the ideal solution for a limited kitchen. 

But of course, istBoom Wall Shelf is particularly the winner. Its large storage capacity, stability to hold heavy items, and removability for cleaning and maintenance are what every user looks for.

Besides, Hally Stainless Steel Shelf is also appreciated for the maximum weight it can hold. Its superior 18-gauge stainless steel allows it to hold up to 204 kg, an amazing number for residential and commercial use. Imagine how much countertop space you can clear with only a Hally wall mount bracket.

In terms of appearance, none can beat The Friend of Family Industrial Retro Wall Mount. The classic look with wood and pipe and appeals to any retro lover at first sight. Meanwhile, OUDINUO Wall Mount Shelf is convenient for installation, as it can be screwed or glued easily on all surfaces.

Hopefully, you can learn something after this article and find the most suitable one for your kitchen.

Thank you for reading.

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