How To Arrange Sunflowers In A Vase- Make Your Home More Beautiful 

Today, besides the noble rose or the luxurious lily, many people love sunflowers, which have a brilliant and somewhat wild beauty. A vase of sunflowers in the house during Tet will make the New Year of you and your family so bright and full of energy. For every flower lover, it is significant to create a vase with their own hands and a job. But not everyone has the ingenuity and creativity to make a beautiful vase. In this article, we will show you how to arrange sunflowers in a vase

Interior space would be tasteless without the presence of flowers. 

Regardless of whether it is fresh flowers or fake flowers. And just as important as choosing what flowers to arrange is how to choose the right vase. Even though it’s just a decoration, it doesn’t mean that you are allowed to be careless in choosing a vase. Let’s refer to the flower arrangements in our article

Below is the list of information in this post

  • Types of flower arrangements
  • How to choose the right vase for each type of flower
  • How to arrange sunflowers in a vase
  • How to help sunflowers stay fresh longer
  • The best-selling vases on the market
  • FAQs

Types Of Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangement pyramid (cone)

This is the most common flower arrangement in the table flower arrangement. When arranging flowers in a hot pyramid, the flowers will be arranged in a pointed and very high direction, and they will be arranged in height from high to low. During the planting process, the main flowers will be evenly distributed, and the secondary flowers will be inserted lower and close to the bottom.

Pyramid flower arrangement

Dome shape

If viewed from a top-down perspective, this will be around flower arrangement, which looks quite nice. With this flower arrangement, most of the flowers are arranged in a circle, and the height of the flowers is medium. Dome flower arrangements come in many different styles and are a favorite of many.

Crescent shape

The flowers are arranged in an arc with this flower arrangement, radiating in opposite directions like a crescent moon. The flowers are arranged in harmony to create a balance for the overall flower arrangement. To make this flower arrangement more complete, the plug-in will have to use various accessories and complementary flowers.

Horizontal flower arrangement

When arranging horizontal flowers, the flowers will be arranged in a classic and symmetrical horizontal arrangement. The length of both sides is the same, usually 2 times the height. The arranger often applies this flower arrangement at the party, wedding, or family dining table

T-shaped plug

With an upside-down T-shaped flower arrangement, the flowers will be covered on 3 sides. The length of one side is slightly different from the other 2 sides. This stylish flower arrangement is often used in important holidays with bright colors such as red, yellow, orange

Flowers arranged in the shape of a LO.

As the name suggests, this type of flower arrangement is L-shaped because it is not symmetrical, so when arranging flowers, it must be cleverly arranged to create balance.

Fan-shaped flower arrangement

The fan-shaped arrangement needs to use flowers with long and strong stems such as gladiolus, orchids, roses… when plugged in, we can create creative accents in the central area or create curves for the basket flowers to still ensure the shape of the fan.


When arranging flowers in a triangle, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the flowers used to form this shape, and it is necessary to arrange the height more than the width.

 Flower arrangement in an oval shape

This is a classic flower arrangement often used for wedding flowers, but now it is no longer limited to this use. With this style, we can also be creative and cleverly arrange to decorate the living room.

Vertical flower arrangement

Vertical flower arrangements are tall and small in width. You can see this flower arrangement at weddings, or you can decorate the corner of the house with this flower arrangement.

How To Choose The Right Vase For Each Type Of Flower

Most homeowners do not have the habit of considering when choosing flower vases. This inadvertently loses the overall beauty of the interior space. But, among a series of flower vases with many innovative materials, choosing a vase for homeowners with “horizontal hands” is a headache. Many people do not know where to buy flower vases that are both beautiful and affordable.

There are many factors to consider when choosing decorative vases. The article on choosing the right flower arrangement for the interior space will help homeowners with “horizontal hands” have more suggestions to decorate the house. Your

Many people think that it is just a decoration, nothing more, no need to work hard. However, considering choosing a vase is very important because it can enhance or break the overall beauty of the house’s interior.

Vase can inherently be placed in many positions. Living room, bedroom, kitchen-dining, bathroom, office. But, that does not mean you are allowed to choose arbitrarily. The vase needs to be in harmony with the interior—both in terms of materials, designs, and colors.

The reason for this should be based on the fact that this is a decoration. The use of decorations is to highlight the main spirit of the interior. What style is applied, how skillfully expressed through each interior detail.

The vase occupies only a small area, but its role in brightening the interior space is huge. A vase with a harmonious design, material, and color will help the room become perfect without defects.

But, on the contrary, if you choose the wrong vase, there is a high chance that the overall beauty will be broken. A vase of naughty flowers placed in a nostalgic space only makes guests skeptical of the owner’s own aesthetic.

That said, choosing the right vase for the interior space is very important.

You can’t let “little things” like choosing the wrong flower vase affect the overall interior of the house that you have worked so hard to take care of, right? But how to choose the right vase and harmonize it with the home space?

Choose the style and color of the vase

The interior space is always decorated in a certain spirit. The furniture, therefore, has a common point in terms of lines, designs, and colors. Therefore, when choosing decorations such as vases, homeowners should also consider the design and color for the most harmonious balance.

If the interior space is filled with simple furniture, neutral colors, the vase should also be a model with the corresponding color and style. 

On the contrary, when the interior space is fresh, colorful vases with fresh patterns are chosen. More innovative than playful vases for individual interior spaces.

Choose a vase material

In the past, homeowners had the habit of buying cheap vases. Or buy any flower vase with bright colors. Not many people care whether the vase material matches the main spirit of the interior or not.

This is what makes many living spaces completely out of phase. Decorations on one side, furniture on the other are disastrous mistakes that many modern homeowners make.

There are many materials for making flower arrangements. Glass, clay, metal, ceramic, stone, wood. Each material shows great application in one or several certain interior decorating styles.

In addition to the clay material that is so popular that it is boring, glazed high-class ceramic is the vase material favored by many homeowners today.

High quality glazed ceramic vase

Ceramic is inherently a familiar flower vase material in America. Each decorative product from ceramic always brings timeless beauty, evokes many memories for users. Especially ceramic vases are very popular with homeowners of all ages. Adding an outer layer of enamel increases the gloss and helps maintain the color fastness of the products.

Moreover, ceramic is a rare material that can match most interior decoration styles today, whether the house is designed in traditional or modern style.

It is no exaggeration to say that ceramic vases are considered one of the most sought-after decorative items by homeowners today. Not only because of the classic beauty it brings to the interior space but also the unbelievable price of the product.

And yet, the artistic brown ceramic vases are also suitable for placing in many places in the house. From sofa table, living room TV shelf to bedside cabinet, bedroom bookshelf.

High-quality porcelain vase

After glazed high-class ceramic vases are porcelain vases that are popular with homeowners. Especially in 2019, witnessing the rise of the trend of decorating living rooms with artistic vases. Therefore, homeowners who are sensitive to the new can hardly ignore these sophisticated and stylish high-class porcelain vases.

If pottery has a rustic and authentic beauty, porcelain brings a high level of art. Porcelain ornaments always make a strong visual impression.

High-class white porcelain vases with sophisticated lines in processing, the breakthrough in design are the decoration that is always popular.

With the pretentious beauty of porcelain, these vases are easy to place in classic or modern rooms. But, because these products are bold in the spirit of art, they will be most suitable for interior spaces that are sophisticated in terms of lines, elegant and elegant in main colors. But a space that is too colorful will not be suitable when placing a porcelain vase like this.

However, because it is fragile porcelain, homeowners need to put it in safe locations if impacted. Especially homes with small children should put these high-class vases in place out of reach of children.

Gold plated porcelain vase

The gold-plated porcelain vases are very hot because of the regal beauty it brings to the living space. This product is most suitable when placed in a minimalist modern style that needs to create accents.

High-class glass jar

Glass vases for home decoration never go out of style. But in the coming year, homeowners will come across glass vases with brass material. This is one of the trending flower vases that are memorable as soon as they are released.

With the specificity of the material, this high-class glass vase will be beautiful if placed in luxurious classical and neoclassical interior spaces. This vase shows the ability to make a strong visual impression wherever placed.

The only point that makes homeowners consider when choosing is that the product is quite expensive compared to ceramic or porcelain material. But, in terms of the visual effect that this vase brings to the interior space, that price is commensurate.

Suitable decoration for the interior space always brings harmony, increases the beauty, and enhances the aesthetic taste of the homeowner. A vase is also a necessary decoration item. So when buying a vase for a living space, you must carefully consider the material. All of these models are characterized by longevity and high aesthetics. Moreover, the price is not too high compared to the income of many families today.

How To Arrange Sunflowers In A Vase

The simplest and most beautiful way to arrange 10-flower sunflowers is to put the whole branch in a tall vase. This is a way of arranging sunflowers that almost anyone can do if they follow the instructions properly. Here, in this article, we will show you how to put 10 sunflowers in a glass vase for the best!


  • 10 branches of sunflowers.
  • 15 branches of primrose or baby.
  • 1 branch of orchid leaves.
  • 8 fern leaves.
  • Tall glass vase.
  • Scissors cut flower branches, adhesive tape in the small version.

Step 1

You fill the vase 2/3 full of water, then use adhesive tape to stick it on the mouth of the vase. Divide the mouth of the vase into cells so that the flower arrangement stands firm and evenly distributed. Since the sunflower stem is quite heavy, you can add pebbles to the water to make the flower pot stand.

Step 2

Before arranging flowers, you need to cut off all the leaves on the flower stem and cut the branches so that the height is just right compared to the vase. When cutting the flower base, you should cut the beveled shape so that the flower root absorbs water better, helping the flower stay fresh longer!

Step 3

Choose the largest and most beautiful sunflower and place it in the middle as the vase center. Then arrange another flower around so that the flowers spread evenly on all 4 sides. You need to plug each sunflower branch according to the rule of crisscrossing, and one flower will not be obscured by the other.

Step 4

Plug more cycads, a few small fern branches into other empty areas to cover the space and make the vase more attractive and eye-catching.

How To Help Sunflowers Stay Fresh Longer

For a long time, flowers have been considered a symbol of beauty used to express feelings or express hearts on important occasions. Each flower has its own beauty and its own meaning. As for sunflowers, this flower has a bright yellow color symbolizing youthfulness and energy, along with a long and thin stem that makes sunflowers strangely beautiful and popular with many people. Let’s learn how to keep sunflowers fresh for a long time.

Choosing sunflowers is considered the most important factor in how to keep sunflowers fresh for a long time. When you intend to buy sunflowers, you should choose really fresh flowers, without wilted leaves, flowers that are not too big, and petals that are not crushed. Just a crushed flower or withered leaves will be easy. Your whole vase will wilt faster!

To understand and implement well the ways to keep sunflowers fresh longer, customers can pay extra attention to the flower arrangement process as follows:

  • Cut the flower stem in the water so that the water is absorbed by the petals, keeping the flower fresh for a long time.
  • Obliterate the leaves from the part of the flower that is placed in the water.
  • Soak flowers in water for 5-10 minutes before planting

The first thing is to keep sunflowers fresh for a long time, and you need to use clean water to arrange flowers. And the simplest secret in how to keep sunflowers fresh for a long time used by many flower shops is that you should add one of the following solutions to the flower arrangement:

Lemon juice 

Use 2 tablespoons of lemon juice for 1 quart of juice. Mix the core water directly into the perfume. Adding the core water will increase the acidity in the flowers, thereby keeping the flowers fresh for longer. It is not recommended to use more than the amount of water for one volume of water because too high a concentration of acid will cause the reaction to form flowers easily.


Use 2 to 4 aspirin tablets in a vase. Aspirin is crushed before being placed in a flower arrangement. Like adding lemon juice, aspirin will increase the acidity in the water and follow the water to soak up the flowers, helping the flowers stay fresh longer.


Put 1 – 2 coins in the vase. Put the coin directly into the jar. The presence of metal acts as a natural antibacterial agent. Keep flower stalks longer to rot. Use new coins, not rusty.

Listerine mouthwash

Listerine mouthwash is mixed into a flower arrangement in the ratio of 1 liter of water – 12 grams of Listerine. Mix Listerine in water before arranging flowers. The presence of Listerine mouthwash helps to remove plaque and kill bacteria in flower arrangements. Do not mix too much Listerine mouthwash in water. A concentrated concentration can have the opposite effect.


Add 1-2 tablespoons of bleach to the flower arrangement. Add bleach to the plug. Stir well. Adding bleach helps prevent mold in the plug. Because bleach has a basic environment, do not add too much, it will cause flowers to wilt faster.

White Vinegar 

Add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to the water before plugging. Add vinegar directly to the water. Wait for 1-2 minutes before arranging flowers. Vinegar is considered a catalyst to limit the wilting process of flowers after 3 days.


Add 1-2 teaspoons of sugar to the flower arrangement. Stir well, dissolve the sugar completely before adding it to the flower arrangement. Sugar will increase photosynthesis to help flowers last longer.

Things we need to avoid

In addition to adding some of the above substances to the flower arrangement solution, one way to keep sunflowers fresh for a long time is not to keep the vase near hot places, refrigerators where there is direct sunlight.

Water for flower arrangements should be changed every day, and in the evening, the flowers should be “dried with dew.”

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How to choose the right flower arrangement?

A flower pot near the TV can make your home more luxurious. Currently, there are many types of beautiful flower arrangements, diverse designs, and extremely eye-catching for women to choose from on the market. However, no matter which vase you choose, you should pay attention to choose a vase that matches the color and size of each type of flower you want to put in to get the most beautiful artistic masterpiece. It would help if you did not use vases with colors that stand out more than flowers or are too flashy.

 If you want to put a few flower stems, use a slim, small-mouthed vase in terms of style. If you intend to arrange a large bouquet, you should choose a wide vase with a flared mouth. The ratio of the height of the vase to the flower depends on the type of flower you want to plug, but with common flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, etc., the normal height is half the stem.

There are many types of beautiful flower vases, and you can refer to a few types of flower vases below:

Flower vase with round shape

With around flower vase, you should choose flowers with large flowers that will be very suitable. When plugged, the flowers will turn in different directions, creating an even and symmetrical radiating space that looks very beautiful and fancy. Types of flowers suitable for round vases are sunflowers, carnations, and gerberas.

With these types of flowers, you can stick your hands tightly or loosely as you like, but pay attention to spread the flowers in many directions evenly. And you should not arrange flowers too short compared to the size of the vase.

Cylindrical vase type

This is the most classic flower arrangement. Therefore, you should choose flowers with tall and long stems, including gladiolus, lilies, lilies, roses, or chrysanthemums. You can use cylindrical transparent glass vases that will highlight the whole flower stem. 

With this flower arrangement, guests coming to the house feel like you brought the whole flower plant into the house. If it is a cylindrical and transparent vase, you need to pay attention to pruning flowers, leaves, branches so that it is neat and the water in the vase needs to be changed daily.

Type of vase

This vase has a pretty and eye-catching shape with a narrow neck, wide bottom, flared mouth. When arranging flowers, the flowers also follow that spread out in many directions. The most suitable flowers for the type of vase are violets, wild chrysanthemums, and hard and tall branches. With a vase-shaped vase, you should pay attention to plugging high branches in the center, low branches around to increase the depth of your home space.

Trumpet trumpet-shaped flowerpot – orchids

With soft flowers, which tend to hang down the mouth of the vase-like orchids, a trumpet-style vase is a reasonable choice. You should note that Trumpet-shaped vases do not like dense plugs. The vase should be loosely placed and airy.

Vases from cups, large cups – roses, peonies

Do you have a large collection of mugs at home? You only use them once in a while. You can use these cups as a vase that only your home has.

This type of flowerpot is very suitable for arranging peonies or roses. Large, wide petals will cover the mouth of the vase, creating a sense of fullness for space. This flower arrangement requires a relatively large number of flowers, from dozens of flowers or more. Of course, you should estimate so that the amount of flowers is commensurate with the mouth of the vase.

It would help if you placed the vase in spaces with little space, such as a small bedside table or in the bathroom.

A flowerpot is a container for water – tulips.

Suppose you have in hand a bouquet of soft tulips. Could you place them in a vase of water? Maybe you will wonder about this flower arrangement. But the pitcher is a handy tool for arranging flowers that people often overlook.

The stems of the tulips are very soft. Therefore, when placing this flower in a vase with a high mouth as above, the flower branches will droop, creating a soft feeling. To decorate the vase, there is a trick to put a few coins in the vase. The light from the coin will reflect, and the vase will become strangely sparkling.

What does sunflower mean?

Sunflowers are native to North America, and in the 16th century, the seeds were brought to European countries and then spread around the world. Not only is the flower treasured for providing a valuable food source of seeds and oil, but since time immemorial, sunflowers have been revered by indigenous people for their splendid and powerful beauty. And to this day, the sunflower is also chosen as a symbol for a health campaign of great significance to the community.

What are the benefits of sunflowers?

According to traditional medicine, sunflower is sweet, warm, non-toxic, eliminating leprosy, Minh Mu (brightening the eyes), often used to treat diseases such as dizziness, dizziness, facial edema face, toothache… Sunflower seeds have the effect of treating dysentery, boils.

Watching this video for more detail


Sunflowers are gorgeous and can decorate your home. Flower arrangements can also help you relax after stressful times. Isn’t it wonderful when you sip a cup of tea while looking at the flower vase you put in? I hope our article can help you know how to arrange sunflowers in a vase.

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