Top 10 Ceiling Fan Vacuum Attachment In 2023: You Will Like It

Ceiling fan is basically furniture that every modern house both has. It is not only used in the summer but some kind of ceiling was created for decoration purposes. However, hanging in the top makes it difficult to clean up. A ceiling fan vacuum attachment can help you do it without any dangerous risks.

You have read a lot of product descriptions and still find it hard to choose ones. In this post, we will help you find the best for you. 

Ceiling Fan Vacuum Attachment Comparison 2023

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Top 10 Ceiling Fan Vacuum Attachment Reviews 2023

Dyson 912772-05 Kit

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This is the complete kit that I highly recommend for you. It has 4 items which make you simply clean more kinds of ceiling fan. There are many kinds of fans like Standard Ceiling Fans, Ceiling Fans With Lights, Ceiling Fans in the garden… They have different shapes and designs. So this kit can help you cover all. 

You can feel free to use it because of the high-quality materials and easy to install as well as replace directly vacuum. However, it only fits for Dyson lines vacuum so you need to check out yours then decide. 

On the other hand, after using a brush to clean the surface, it is simple to clean up. Due to its small design, you not only can put it away when finished but also not waste too much space in your house, especially a small house. 


  • complete kit can cover all kind of fans
  • easy to install and replace
  • not waste much space.


  • only use for dyson line product
  • not rotate 180 degree

Dyson Multi-Angle Brush

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 A perfect brush for various purposes. It was made of soft and flexible feathers that help you accessory clean fans blades, high surface, tall bookshelf drawer. The design makes it more special than other products. The crystal clear body helps you easily observe pipe status as well as clean it. 

It can connect directly to the dyson line product and is easy to replace, install. You will not have to use a ladder to clean up both 2 sides and the edge of fan blades. 

On the other hand, after using a brush to clean the surface, it is simple to clean up. Due to its small design, you not only can put it away when finished but also not waste too much space in your house, especially a small house. 


  • beautiful design
  • convenient for many cleaned place
  • save space in house


  • only fit for Dyson line product
  • not fit for many kinds of ceiling fan
  • only fit for Dyson line product
  • not fit for many kinds of ceiling fan


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One of the best features is it can rotate 180 degrees which helps you clean in any corner you want. Connect it with a long pipe of vacuum machine so you do not have to use a ladder to stand up.  

EZ was made by high quality plastic and long service life to not harm your health. It can clear dust in ceiling fans, some kind of chandeliers, high bookshelf corners,.. quickly and conveniently.  Plus, its structure fits for most vacuum machines so it is easy to install and replace.

In addition, you can save a lot of space in the house because of its small design. The feather bloom allows you to clean the light bulb of the ceiling fan without breaking it.  


  • rotate 180 degrees that help you clean all the corner
  • high quality plastic material
  • do not waste space


  • not fit for ceiling fan with complicated design


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One more product can rotate 180 degrees that allow you to clear any corner you want. This brush is flexible and soft so that you can easily remove dust on ceiling fans or furniture. It can fit for many vacuum machines except 1-¼  inches inner attachment.  

You can also prolong and shorten to the length that you want. It helps you clean both 2 sides and the edge of fan blades. its longest length is 3.2cm so you do not have to worry it may waste your house space.

It was made of high quality material and has a long service life. Plus, it supports you with a warranty for spoiled or unfit products.


  • rotate 180 degrees
  • prolong and shorten


  • not fit for all of machine

Brush Attachment Kit

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This is a complete kit for you with 4 shapes of brush. You can use this kit for both ceiling fans with light, standard ceiling fans or old ceiling fans. all of them can connect directly to vacuum machines without any supporting equipment. 

It was made of high quality plastic and has a long lasting life. These brushes have a flexible and soft feather that is a great ideal for cleaning fan blades, high surface, tall bookshelf drawer.

remember that keeping your ceiling fan clear and dust free is very necessary. Because dust can cause many illnesses related to breathing and lungs. Using ceiling fan vacuum attachment not only helps you do it quickly, effectively but also more safely than standing on a ladder and using cotton patches. 


  • full kit fit for many kind of ceiling fan
  • high quality material
  • fit most of vacuum machines


  • do not have rotate 180 degrees function

Multi-Angle Dust Brush

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This brush was made by a soft and flexible feather to make you easily clean on any surface in any hard reach corner.  It can prolong and shorten due to the springs on the head that help you adjust the length fit for you. 

I think it fits the standard ceiling fan the most because you can clean both 2 sides of the blades as well as the edge connected directly with a long pipe of vacuum machine. It can reach a high surface like the top of the bookshelf or foot of the wall. no more using a ladder and mop so it protects you from many dangerous situations. 

However, it is not suitable for some kind of vacuum. So check it out on your machine then decide to buy it.


  • soft and flexible feather
  • fit for standard fan


  • not fit for all of machine
  • not rotate 180 degrees

Broan-NuTone CT143B

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This is a special brush that best fits the ceiling fan with light. Due to the soft and gentle nylons material, you will feel free when cleaning the glass surface. It is also easy to install and replace so you will save a lot of cleaning time. The compact design can fold or put away when finished and do not waste much space in your house.

It can be used alone as a feather bloom but does not have to connect with a vacuum machine. You can clean lamps, ceiling fans or some furniture that has small details because it will reach in many corners that patch can do. Plus, it has a reasonable price corresponding with its features.


  • fit for ceiling fan with light
  • reasonable price
  • work with many kind of surface


  • do not rotate 180 degrees
  • only fit for CT143B line products

G-Soft Dusting Tool

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G-soft dust only fits for Dyson V10 V7 V8 V11 vacuum line products so remember check it out your machine before deciding to buy it.  It was made by soft feather so you do not have to worry it might harm your light or glass surface.

In addition, it does not require additional equipment but can connect directly with a vacuum machine. The quick release button in the body helps you to keep it still on the machine. 

There are 4 features of ceiling fans that you usually use: MDF ( medium density fiberboard), plastic, wool and metal. This brush can clean all of them gently and not take you a lot of time. 

Plus, it also supports customers for warranty policy if there is any problem with your items. 


  • gently for glass and light surface
  • use for both popular kind of ceiling fan
  • support customer of refund and replacement


  • only fit for Dyson vacuum machines
  • can not rotate 180 degrees

Horse Hair Vacuum

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This brush attachment  was made of high quality plastic and soft horse hair that provides you a stable feeling when used. its standard size 1.26 inches allow you to connect with most vacuum machines. Soft horse hair gently removes dust but does not break the glass and light surface. 

Not only clean ceiling fan but also use for keyboard, hard reach corner, desk or top of bookshelf. It is small enough you can put it away when you finish cleaning and do not waste much space in your house.

Remember to measure the diameter of your vacuum machine before deciding to buy it. 


  • high quality plastic and soft horse hair clean more corner
  • do not waste much space in house
  • fit for more surface


  • only fit for some kind of vacuum machine


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One more option for your ceiling fan. It is a standard attachment with 1.26 inches, high quality plastic and horse hair. The horse feather allows you to reach any small corner, glass and light surface without breaking it. With that diameter, you can directly connect many kinds of vacuum machines.

This brush is also used for wet and dry surfaces so it makes you feel free when combined with dusty spray. No matter how high your ceiling fan is, this product can remove dirt easily and do not waste much time. 

However, it can rotate 180 degrees so it only fits for the traditional ceiling but not the modern. putting it on the long pipe of the vacuum machine makes it more safe than using a ladder. 

Remember to clean your ceiling fans whenever the season changes because it will help you prevent many illnesses related to breath and lungs.


  • high quality plastic and soft horse hair clean more corner
  • use for wet àn dry surface
  • quickly clean for traditional of ceiling fan


  • not rotate 180 degrees so that can not clear for morden ceiling fan 
  • only fit for some of vacuum

How To Clean With Ceiling Fan Vacuum Attachment And Some Tips 

Eating dirt is the main reason which causes many illnesses such as coughing, sneezing, and irritation of the eyes… that’s so awful! So it is very important to keep your ceiling fan from getting dusty. cleaning fans not only support a long life but also make your house’s atmosphere always fresh and healthy.

there are many ways to clean your items like: using cotton cloth and standing on the ladder, using a long mop to reach the fan or a ceiling fan vacuum attachment. depending on what kind of your ceiling fan, you can choose the way that fits you most. For example, cleaning Standard Ceiling Fans just only needs a vacuum but ceiling fans with lights should use a special shape mop vacuum in order not make light broken. 

For various purposes, a ceiling fan vacuum attachment can reach the ceiling fan as well as other high surfaces. 

three years ago, one of my cousins passed away because of ceiling fan cleaning. He stood on a ladder, used a patch and tried to reach the fan. Suddenly, a cat jumped up, he lost balance and fell. He got a stroke and after 3 days of emergency, he died. That was a pity.

So the first thing you need to know about cleaning fans is safety. I do not highly recommend you use patach and stand in the ladder alone because it is very dangerous. If you do have a kind of mop for the ceiling or vacuum you need to tell somebody to help you keep the ladder standing steady.

We will start with clean fan blades. In this step, you can use both a long arm mop or ceiling fan vacuum attachment. clean the blades and then move to the edge but you should clean it softly and carefully. Remember to always shut the electricity supply so as not cause any pity problems. 

However, using vacuum cleaners for ceiling fans with light waste you a lot of time and sometimes it does not work because you can see the top of the blades unless you stand on the ladder. Plus, with a lightbulb surface, a patch helps you better.

Using Dusty Sprays to the fan surface, wait 1-3 minutes and wipe off with a cotton patch.

However, it is not used for large areas of the ceiling fan sprays that create a messy remnant of dust. This kind of spray just fit for the motor or the fan in order to blow out the dust.

Contingent on the ceiling fan light design, you can find it easy or difficult to use and to choose the best way to do it. Most of the light was covered by glass globes which easily caught dirty. The dirt light can affect to shine.

 Removing dirt from it can really help your fan look sparkling. You should use a humid cotton patch for not breaking glass and clean more hard-touch corners.

Warning before clean

Turn off the electric source before cleaning. Open out a big piece of cloth or sheet of fan in order to stop dust falling on the floor

If you use a ladder, you will need a helper standing under for unforeseen accidents. You have to choose the best ladder fit for your situation too. Be sure always keep your body balance on the ladder when cleaning. 2-side of ladder can help you not only put the foot on each side, but also maintain your stability.

When the weather changes, you should clean your ceiling fan. Many kinds of fans have switches on the motor or remote that allow you to modify the direction of the fan from the right way to left. This direction brings warmer air flow for your winter as well as cooler air for your summer. So if you do not clean up, when turn up the ceiling fan there are more dust in the air

In addition, if you have a wood floor house that makes a lot of dust and remains can cause a thick dust layer on the blades. Remember to clean your ceiling fans before your guests come.

one more thing, you can call a professional cleaner if your fan is so hard for your cleaning. They usually have the tools and skills to help you clean it quickly and dustless.

There are so many options and advanced to choose the best ceiling fan for your house. Decide what kind of ceiling fan you want to install in your room that can impress you at the first sight. Some factors you need to consider are the concept of your room, size of the fan, shape of the blades, many lights, the fan’s material…

Before deciding the ceiling fan size, you need to measure the area where the fan is. The more length of room, the bigger fan is because if a small fan hangs in a big room your space isn’t proportionate. 

For example: fan size 29’’ or less fit for lobby, washing room, walkin closet, size 42’’ can be used for bedroom, kitchen or workplace, size 52’’ for main bedroom, dining room and courtyard. In the larger room, you can choose 2 small fans depending on the shape of accommodations.

Most fans will take light kits in it. They will produce circling and need supporting devices. If you do not like this kind of fan, you can order without light.

You can also use the fan outdoors as long as it’s not a wet place. Ceiling fans should be installed under the eaves in order not to acquire direct to the elements. Plus, you should choose a motor, blades and light that has waterproof features in order not to cause any safety risk problems.

There are 3 ways to run a fan:

Pull cable: It is usually placed on the fan which allows you to change the speed, turn on or off easily.

Remote: This way is used for most ceiling fans and you do not have to stand at the fan but everywhere in the house. Really convenient!

Wall button: It’s very suitable for some ceiling fan that has lights come with. You can control the level of light: illuminate or dim, ceiling fan mode. It was a recommended place next to the door for you to easily turn on or off when going out.

Some ceiling fans have both pull cable and remote for your best experience.

I have some tips for you when choosing ceiling fan blades. Nowaday, many people do not consider much about fan function but it’s design with decoration features and its advantages on technology. 

Due to the CFM measurement, you will have to worry that 5-6 blades are more efficient than 3-4 blades. You should pick the one that fits your space like 5 blades can provide expediential purpose; balance feeling, 2-3 blades fan bringing a modern and glossy appearance.

My Top 5 Pick Of Ceiling Fan Vacuum Attachment

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There are many ways to clean up your fans like: using a cotton patch with ladder, washing mop or ceiling fan vacuum attachment. However, when using a ladder you need a helper in order not to cause any unfortunate accident. I highly recommend you to use ceiling fan vacuum attachment not only due to it convenient, quickly and effectively but it is more safe. A vacuum machine can be used for many kinds of ceiling fans as well as high surfaces like bookshelf drawers, fan blades or foot of the wall… Let’s check out our suggestions and tell us what your experiment is. 

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