Top 13 Quietest 6 Inch Inline Fan: High-quality Inline Fans That You Should Not Miss

Looking for the quietest 6 inch inline fan that can give you the best performance? This 2021 review is totally for you as right now we will offer you the list of top 13 quietest 6 inch inline fans with excellent functions that can give you an amazing experience.

6 inch inline fans are the kind of fan that is loved by many customers at the present time due to their proper size and great features. To many customers, however, they cannot hold the fan noise, therefore they start to look for the quietest fans. Knowing the recent needs, we have found the 13 quietest 6 inch inline fan that can meet all of your requirements.

If you are looking for the quietest 6 inch inline fan, do not miss this review as well as all the products below. We believe that their quality and functions will not let you down.

Quietest 6 Inch Inline Fan Comparison 2023

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Top Quietest 6 Inch Inline Fan Reviews 2023

Can Fan GL56736746 736746 Fan, 6″

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The higher CFM means that ventilation is never a concern in the tent. You have all the flow of air you need to sustain a good performance with a stunning 420 CFM.

The bad guy is also extremely durable and has strengthened fiberglass compounds for more sturdy housing.

It is not as loud as you can imagine, which is rare for a fan with a high CFM, thanks to the innovative layout. Certainly it’s not the most silent on the market, but the noise shouldn’t bother you on the lower speed settings.


  • Durable
  • Advanced design


  • None

Tjernlund M-6 Inline Duct Booster Fan 

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After this option, there is a little jump in price, so remember to make an ultimate decision. Some people are probably okay with paying more for a fan who works very quietly and has some incredible power simultaneously.

This fan’s blade design really distinguishes things. It can last for a long time without slowing down. The output of power comes to CFM 460 and no real noise jumps occur at any time.

If an individual wants to manage the speed a little, the speed can be adjusted. It can be done by using the fan controls or by using a device sold online.

Another reason the money is valued is because it is very easy to mount the fan. It has all the necessary brackets and the most meaningful hardware. Nobody should play the device and try to build something, which too often is the case with more budget-friendly choices.

It’s not much more an investment, and if they want, most people would be ready to take this risk. They offer a cash-back guarantee, so we can try something else on your list later if it does not meet expectations.


  • Efficient airflow
  • Cash-back guarantee
  • No real noise jumps


  • None

Hydrofarm ACDF6 Active Air 6″ Inline, 400 CFM Duct Fan, 6″

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This brand produces some of the best hydroponics equipment on the market, and its inline Active Air fan series is nowhere nearby. Our top all-round fan diameter is this 6″ fan as the diameter of 6″ for most of us in our ventilation systems. It’s hard to beat Hydrofarm for the price and characteristic combination.

Brushless thermo-protected AC motor with sealed bearings for life Active Air inline duct fans Brushless (will not require any lubrication). A complete range of supporters to satisfy your needs. All Active Air suppliers have durable ceramic-coated metal boxes, UL-recognized parts, high quality molded impellers, low noise, and include brackets and 8 pieces of 120V pre-wired cord.


  • Brushless thermo-protected AC motor
  • High quality molded impellers
  • Brackets and 8 pieces of 120V pre-wired cord


  • None

TerraBloom ECMF-150, Quiet 6″ Inline Duct Fan with 0-100% Variable Speed Controllable EC Motor

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This fan is a relatively greater option for any budget. It sounds like something that would cost a little more money, and it surprises people, that for a small machine it’s as powerful as possible.

Small machines make a significant difference only if at least they offer power and they don’t always sound very loud. Nobody wants to invest in an inline small fan that produces a ton of noise. For bigger fans who have no other choice, this should be set aside.

With operating sound below 40 dB, this is almost as calm as a growing fan can assume. Some use it as an intake choice, and some use it as an engine. Flow of air, up to around CFM 188, is very cost efficient.

To complete it all, what is cheap with a two-year warranty is a huge point of sale. People can buy with confidence, knowing that if something goes wrong, people are right to help. This is definitely a valuable fan for small spaces.


  • Nice design
  • Great airflow


  • Jumps up in sound

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan with Speed Controller

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This fan works at one of the quietest sound levels, and if necessary it can become a strong machine Even so high as the setting, people are shocked that they don’t hear almost as much sound as competitors would ordinarily. All of this leads to an extremely valuable online fan in whom people invest more than ever.

Power for the AC Infinity is available with 351 CFM. Nobody wants to sacrifice too much power simply because they want a peaceful experience.

With a controller that can be used to modify the temp, moisture, speed control, and more, it’s all manageable and simple. It also helps with an alarm and timer so everything can be properly set up.

The extra spending is due mainly to how easy it is with this inline fan to control humidity. If moisture is not taken care of, any plants that use it as a plant fan can be severely damaged. The exchange of quality air is more important than most believe.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Solid technology


  • Not very durable

Can RS6HO High Output Centrifugal Inline Fan, 381 Cubic Feet Per Minute

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It is quite spectacular to manufacture this machine, because it took the time to make everything work as expected..

A high-quality fan means that a person is less concerned about whether or not to hold on and more time will take advantage of all the advantages. It is long-lasting, and once it has been installed, most people just let it go and do it well. The bracket is very robust, so there is no additional noise to hear.

The 440 CFM fan is extremely quiet and spins at various speeds as smoothly as possible. Some are going to crank it to the top and never look back. Others would like to be more controlled

The fan is very quiet and spins at different speeds as smoothly as possible. Some people will pick it up and never look behind. Others want a more controlled experience, which also contributes to efficiency.


  • High quality
  • Robust bracket


  • Little expensive

Yield Lab 6 Inch 440 CFM Duct Inline Fan with Variable Speed Controller

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It is built from solid metal and the box is covered with a powder, which makes it quite invincible especially in comparison with other fans.

Even on the best standard, it is a quiet fan, but after continued use, the noise increases. If you want to purchase this special fan, this is worth considering.

The power rating of your growing room means that it is protected against stale air or pungent odours. The fan also has a balanced engine and grained ball rollers that make it more durable and easy to work.

The built-in motor fan control system is a feature of this choice that can save you time and hassle in the long run. This means that there is no extra equipment that you need to purchase and you can just plug in the fan and speed yourself at your leisure.

Since this fan is so heavy-duty, one thing to take into account is that it is heavier than many 6,” which may be a problem when transporting it or mounting it in an area that is difficult to access.


  • Long lasting
  • Heavy-duty
  • Balanced engine and grained ball rollers
  • Durable


  • Heavy

Vortex 347 CFM S Line S-600 Fan, 6″

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The quiet noise levels of the fan can also be ascribed to its energy-saving design because the inside dual isolated walls reduce noise to keep them quiet and prevent condensation.

The fan comes also with a useful speed controller, and it should be pointed out that even at high speeds, the fan maintains its quiet noise level. This fan’s compact design enhances its appeal, as well as a fast clip bracket for easy wall installation.

This feature can be particularly helpful to account for any inch of your growing area depending on the size of your growing area.

It can be influenced by the speed controller, although it is a quiet, energy-efficient fan. Some customers say controls are of low quality and can cause a unique barging sound on the motors.


  • Energy-saving design
  • Mount easily


  • Poor quality speed controller

TerraBloom 6″ Silent Inline Duct Fan, 26W, 188 CFM

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This fan is designed with a sleek and modern design to exhaust and take the air using a 6′.’..

This fan has a sound pressure level of 39dBA at its highest speed, which probably makes it one of the quieter on our list.

It can be used as both a feed and exhaust fan, which can bring fresh air into big rooms and exhaust air into smaller areas with LEDs. This means an efficient airflow with an output of 188 CFM.

Although some customers claim to be just as louder than they expected to be in regular tonal talks. Maybe you and your needs are subjective to this, but find it out.

This may be subjective to you and your needs, but if you feel it’s more loud than ideal, this fan is guaranteed for 2 years.

This tranquility is good if you invest in an inline fan, even if this is budget-friendly.


  • Efficient airflow
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Budget-friendly


  • None

VIVOSUN 6 inch Inline Duct Fan 240 CFM, HVAC Exhaust Intake Fan

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It’s a fan with a 5.5′ grounded power cord for exhaust intake. This energy-efficient and quiet product has been designed to boost and reduce noise. A permanently lubricated bearing is used for the special engine. In addition, without maintenance it operates in peace. It’s an uncomfortable choice. Without burdening your pocket, the system sortes out the problems of air delivery.

The ventilator is fluted to receive ducting on both ends. For efficient air and drainage air, the metal blades are balanced. You can put it on any spot, including bathrooms, barns, tents, greenhouses, etc.

There’s another feature to your surprise that nominated it as the Quietest Duct Fan. It comes in a handy price line of approximately $17.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install


  • None

VIVOSUN 6 Inch 390 CFM Inline Duct Fan with Variable Speed Controller HVAC Blower for Ventilation

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This brand is famous for its excellent products, which offer excellent cash value. It is mostly well designed, although some have had problems with the weak blades. The motors can ventilate your growing space quickly and quickly.

The 390 CFM allows a range of large tent sizes to be adapted as well. Blades are the only drawbacks, but malfunctioning devices appear to be in a minority.


  • Well-designed
  • 390 CFM


  • Blades

VIVOSUN 6 Inch 440 CFM Inline Duct Fan Vent Blower Ventilation Fan for Grow Tent ETL Certified

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You may be right up your road if you just start out and need a cheap fan of the inline conduit.

It certainly has a very nice low price point and is very powerful. Naturally, this isn’t the quietest model in the market with all the air it blows around.

This is often achieved with an increased CFM, although a lot of models are manufactured. Nevertheless, if the sound of the model disturbs you, you can buy a different noise stabilizer.

Downsides include the scratching noises mentioned in our other review and a somewhat vague setup procedure However, it is one of the best economic models, though you get what you pay for.


  • Increased CFM
  • Powerful
  • Budget-friendly


  • Scratching noises

iPower 6 Inch 442 CFM Inline Fan Carbon Filter 25 Feet Ducting Combo

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The sales outlets for the model are easy to install, the included speed controller and the carbon filter with odor reduction.

However, some complained that the fan could get warm and mixed reports were published on how calm and rushing it is. The model is also pretty expensive.

However, the internal and external mesh increases the airflow of the model. It is extremely durable. It should also last for a long time, but fan heat and noise on the models may be worth looking for before making your purchase.


  • Durable
  • Easy to install


  • None

Basic Factor You Need To Consider Before Buying Quietest 6 Inch Inline Fan

Before buying the quietest 6 inch inline fan, you need to know some crucial factors. The significant information below will help you a lot in choosing the quietest 6 inch inline for your home. Read it carefully and take all of these features into consideration before deciding to buy the quietest 6 inline fan.


As always, the size matters, but only in the sense that the air in the growing area is necessary. A 10’x10′ widening tent will require a much larger inline fan than a 2’x2′ shutter. So you must measure your space first.

It is important to see where everything is when your room is up and running with plants after the measurement of your room.

Any centimeter of the room must be taken into account because a teasy inline fan that doesn’t fit is a disappointment.

You can decide if the fan is hanging outside the room, inside the room and on the floor, in the room and attached to the ceiling by visualizing your growing area. These are generally your only three choices.

Inline fans are available in a wide range of sizes, from 4″ to 18.” There are many options for growers in such a wide range of sizes.

Some people may decide to size up to make the transition to a bigger room smoother or size down because there is no longer a bigger room.

Therefore, it is important to measure and visualize the room so that you can buy an inline fan.

Power Rating

Inline Fan And Ventilation

Another important aspect to take into account is the power rating of the inline fan for your growing area. This is usually shown in CFM (cubic feet per minute).

The measurement of the height, width and length of the growing area is a simple way to determine how much power is necessary.

Next, multiply the three numbers to determine the room’s total cubic feet. The growers have usually established that the maximum time it takes to exhaust all the air in the room is 3 minutes, which is required for your inline fan.

Thus the total cubic feet are divided by 3. This should give you a fundamental estimate of your needs for CFM.

As you add extra products to your fans, like ducting, carbon filters, and heat from growing lights, your CFM needs will increase. Again, before you begin your growth operation, it is crucial to understand CFM specifications because if you know that your  fan is too weak for heated air to exhaust efficiently it will be a disaster.


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Usually this is the most important factor to take into account when buying a fan. You will want the quietest inline fan unless you are lucky enough to live in your own home with nobody to complain about noise.

You don’t think it’s important, but once you stand beside a 12″ inline fan, you’ll think about it all.

While in many countries cannabis is legal, most growers do not want to advertise their companies.

There are many reasons for keeping farmers discreet: professional ambitions, family issues, courtesy to others or simply privacy. There are also many reasons.

Fortunately, most inline fans are incredibly quiet compared to market enthusiasts.

Fortunately, the vast majority of online fans are extremely silent compared to those on the market five years ago. However, shopping for the quietest inline fan on the market is important.

Some online fan companies go so far that their fans are enclosed in special housing to lower their decibel output. Your overall environment will determine how far your inline fan must be kept silent.

Lighting heat

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High lights are required for growing rooms. This light is expensive: heat. The thousands of watts you spill over on your cannabis plants will eventually increase your space by dramatically increasing the temperature.

A hot room means that your cannabis crop will die slowly.

By exhausting this hot air from the growing place the best Inline-fans act as regulators. The heat is offset by the cooler air brought from a different source.

This is why it is essential that your power requirements be determined in advance, so that your inline fan can exhaust space quickly before any heat affects your plants adversely.

High intensity (HID) illumination is usually used by growers. The lighting includes both HPS (high sodium pressure) and MH (metal halide) and ranges from 300 to 1,000 watts each.

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The electricity requirements for the inline fan directly affect your choice of lighting. Inline fans can cool down spaces not only by pulling cooler air from another source, but also by releasing heat from the lights.

HID amps are usually placed inside the hopper to enhance reflector light output. The hoods are usually half screened and have a glass panel just underneath the lamp. Built-in sides flanges make an airtight connection to the ducting possible.

The pipeline is routed to or outside a different room. Whether your inline fan pushes or removes the hot air, it keeps the temperature at a reasonable level effectively.


Each growers’ worst nightmare are mold and fungi. Mold is too difficult to detect until it is too late, and within weeks, mold can kill the whole stable.

Humidity is the main cause of outbreaks of mold and fungus, and the best inline fans are the first line of defense in a damp room.

Best Inline Fans for Cannabis Grow Rooms

First, you must figure out the season in which you are going to grow. Second, if the region you live in is prone to high moisture you will have to understand.

These two factors provide you with a great insight into which inline fan is right for you.

The air becomes stagnant and humid if growing spaces are not ventilated properly. The possibility of problems like powdery mildew increases with time.

The constant fresh air bursting in the growing space reduces the overall moisture content, reducing your chances of developing a devastating plant disease.

Carbon Filters


There is a variable aroma of cannabis, which is obvious to all. You will be hard to persuade anybody in your home who has skunk, so you need a smell-scrubbing method.

Carbon filters do this and they are measured in a wide range depending on how many crops you grow.

These fans work with carbon filters because they are installed on them usually. When you see photos of growing areas, you always see carbon filters attached to the inline fan.

It is because this kind of fan needs a carbon filter to pull the air into the carbon particles.

It is also crucial to know the way to install an inline fan after you buy it, let’s watch the following video to know the proper way to install an inline fan:

Conclude: Our Top Pick For The Quietest 6 Inch Inline Fan

We have picked the quietest 6 inch inline fan with the best functions in order to help you choose the best one. You can check our top pick below to choose one that has the function you need.

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