Best Street Hockey Puck Review – Which One Is The Perfect Choice For You 2021?

This sport can be conducted on many different terrains such as grass courts, ice rinks. Depending on the terrain, you will have the most suitable equipment. To play hockey smoothly, first of all, you need to equip yourself with all the necessary equipment. Below we will share with you information about the Best Street Hockey Puck on the market today with a specific analysis of the features, advantages, and disadvantages so that you can easily choose the right one.

Best Street Hockey Puck Comparison 2021

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Bestseller No. 1
Mylec Roller Puck Variety 3 Pack Roller Hockey Pucks, Red/Orange/Black
  • Performs like an ice Hockey puck
  • Built with solid PVC w/7 high impact Nylon glides for increased stability
Bestseller No. 2
Franklin Sports Street Hockey Pucks - Indoor and Street Hockey Practice Puck - 3-Pucks Assorted Colors
  • Play Anywhere: Play in the driveway, on the street or anywhere else you play street hockey
  • Soft and Durable Plastic: The pucks are constructed with durable abs plastic and designed to have a little cushion
Bestseller No. 3
Mylec Official Roller Hockey Game Puck, Orange, (Pack of 3)
  • High end graphite reinforced shaft
  • Mylec patented Air Flo blade
SaleBestseller No. 4
Franklin Sports Street Hockey Balls, Low Bounce, Warm Weather , Bag of 3 Balls
  • WHEN THE ICE MELTS: Keep playing with this official size (2 5/8") & weight street hockey ball
  • PEAK PERFORMANCE: Competes best at temperatures above 32º F
SaleBestseller No. 5
Franklin Sports Street Hockey Puck - NHL - 1 Pack - Red
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Country Of Origin: Taiwan, Province Of China
SaleBestseller No. 6
Green Biscuit Bonus -Home Practice - 2 Pack, Original Green (Passing) Snipe (Shooting)
  • Stays flat on rough surface
  • Great for saucer pass, one touch pass and toe drag
Bestseller No. 7
Roller Hockey Game Puck - Inline Hockey - Street Hockey Puck - Balls for Indoor and Smooth Outdoor Ground (1 Pack)
  • 🏒【 Official Size】1 Pack: 3" Diameter, 1" Thick.
  • 🏒【 WORKS ON MULTI SURFACES 】Performs like an ice Hockey puck and ideal for indoor and smooth outdoor surfaces like sport court, ice court, cement, smooth concrete, wood, asphalt, tennis courts, and more.
Bestseller No. 8
Green Biscuit Training Puck, 1 Puck
  • For passing and stick handling practice only. Do not use for shooting practice.
  • Helps develop confidence and improve the three primary stickhandling skills: one-touch passing, toe-drags, and saucer passes.
Bestseller No. 9
Franklin Sports Street Hockey Puck - Glow in The Dark - NHL
  • Specially blended glow-in-the-dark PVC puck
  • For smooth indoor / outdoor surfaces
Bestseller No. 10
A&R Sports Floor Hockey Pucks (Pack of 4)
  • Four floor Hockey pucks lightweight and hollow
  • Great for indoor floor Hockey practice, also street Hockey

Top 10 Best Street Hockey Puck Reviews 2021

Hockey Pucks Bulk – 100 Hockey Pucks per Case

Hockey Pucks Bulk - 100 Hockey Pucks per Case - Official 6 oz. Standard Size and Weight for Game and Practice. Great for Pond or Rink. Multi-Use Durable Rubber Discs/Pads
  • 100 Pack Official Black 6 oz Hockey Pucks - With "HOWIES" and "OFFICIAL" Imprinted on the side
  • NHL OFFICIAL SIZE - NHL Regulation Size and Weight. official standard size, diameter 3", thickness 1", Weight 6oz. Suitable for America, Canada and all other international competitions. Great for use in training and practice.

NHL Length and Height Requirements official’s proximity, 3″ circumference, 1″ width, 6oz mass Appropriate for tournaments in the United States, Sweden, and other countries worldwide. Excellent for preparation and work.

Top Quality Product – Oxidized Material – Our chip shots are made of quality latex that will not crack. Made of steel, this sturdy puck has strong strength and toughness and will last for a long time. Both surfaces are smooth and uniform, making them easy to slide.

Howies Puck Tape specializes in raising the bar rather than just hitting it. We aim to create a top-quality basketball product and combine it with our clients’ best services. More hockey goods can be found on our website!


  • High-quality material
  • Lightweight
  • Various sizes to choose


  • Nothing

Gamecraft Junior Floor Hockey Set

Gamecraft Junior Floor Hockey Set
  • Package length: 16.51 cm
  • Package width: 16.51 cm

Consider some of the nation’s finest performers for a moment. They are always working on their speed, flexibility, and elusiveness. We’ll provide the equipment, but you really should put in the effort to develop your fitness.

To spice up your practice and encourage appropriate pace habits during distance running, quick change internal consistency reliability, you select among 7.8 and 11.5-inch obstacles.

Develop your hand speed by performing exercises on the 13.5-foot-long acceleration rope, which has four hooks to hold it firmly attached to the floor.

Speed propellers, which can be used by sportspeople in the Premier league, Lakers, and elsewhere, are an important part of preparing for acceleration and elusiveness by incorporating rolling resistance to time trials.

What was the idea of working so fast if you can’t really change instructions? You may use flexibility rods to build transfer poles and a variety of other exercises to boost the speed and strength while switching direction.


  • Quick adjustment
  • Good materials
  • Beautifully designed


  • Limited quantity

Hockey Revolution My Passer One Timer 

Hockey Revolution My Passer One Timer - Lightweight Passing Trainer - Durable Rebounder Equipment for Passing, Shooting and One Timers - Length 24 inches, Includes Mounting Screws & Velcro Stickers
  • 🏒 IMPROVE PASSING & SHOOTING - Our hockey passer rebounder is an excellent tool for developing your passing and receiving skills. It's also a great way to train your one-timers even without a buddy!
  • 🏒 EXTREMELY DURABLE - Our passing trainer is made in Europe and uses only the most durable materials available. This is one hockey rebounder that will keep you company throughout many practices.

Having to pass is a critical skill in soccer. Precise throws could contribute to key plays, which can change the outcome of a game. It is widely assumed that the group that moves the ball the most typically loses the fight.

That is why it is critical to hone your transmitting and obtaining abilities. But how would you maybe when you’re at work and don’t have a practice partner? Because unlike soccer or soccer, tossing the object off the ground would not suffice. Is that there is, therefore, an answer?

Our lateral quickness is intended to help students succeed in their stickhandling, throwing, firing, or even though they’re not using it. When the ball has been sent to the center’s tipping point, the rebounder’s unique latex produces strong returns. In a sense, this also aids in the development of your precision.

When you submit the ball to the incorrect place, the scorer will not return it to you. This provides you with constructive criticism of your results, allowing you to resume work on your transfers straight away.

Our moving learning aid could also help you gain your response time, particularly with one. You could also use our Sharp Shooter Teaching Tool to improve the effectiveness of your yet another practice.


  • Durable
  • Quite cheap
  • Easy to use


  • Quite heavy

EZGoal Hockey Backstop, Red/White ,10′ x 6′

EZGoal Hockey Backstop, Red/White ,10' x 6'
  • 10' x 6' Backstop rebounds pucks and keeps them from hitting your garage
  • Sides swing forward for corner shots or back for storage

The EZ Goal Steel, Rotating 10’x5′ contingency plan will help you improve your match. It fits all EZ Target Flipping Pro Hockey Targets and other 5′ x 4′ targets. The use of high-quality materials ensures lifespan. If left outside in the weather, high Ultraviolet 5mm decking will not worsen. The one-of-a-kind patented pull piece makes warehousing a breeze. Top experts and coaches suggest and value it as one of the leading training individual possesses.

The EZ Goal 10×6 foot contingency plan helps you aim hard in sections without worrying about pursuing ground balls and objects. It also blocks door locks and is a perfect tool for improving precision, aim, and reliability. Trying to shoot thousands of ground balls per day is the best way to practice. With easy wingsuit connections, it suits any 6×5 feet goal. Target more, pursue fewer, and practice more effectively with EZ Target!

The EZ Goal Guarantor Scorer is a high-quality product that matches or beats the costing and post-performance of more costly products, and it folds up for quick production and disposal. Other labels need disassembly for processing. The decking can endure wrist shots and slapping shoots at speeds of up to 75miles per hour in which other nets struggle. With just slight scratching, the lens can survive bullets up to 75mph.


  • Design of relief
  • It’s easy to move
  • Material has a long service life


  • Nothing

Hockey Revolution High Durability Floorball Dryland Flooring Tiles

Hockey Revolution High Durability Floorball Dryland Flooring Tiles - Slick Interlocking Training Surface for Stickhandling, Shooting, Passing - Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use (8 Tiles)
  • 🏒 PREMIUM FRICTIONLESS SURFACE - Our professional-grade hockey tiles simulate the smooth, slick surface required for playing hockey. Your puck will glide smoothly as if you're training on real ice.
  • 🏒 PORTABLE & EASY TO STORE - Thanks to the tiles' compact build, you can easily take them for on-the-go hockey sessions with your team. The set has 8 synthetic ice tiles measuring 13x13 inches each.

Hockey Revolution floorball ceramic tile patterns are an interconnected case formulation used both indoors and outdoors. Pro hockey athletes and managers built and implemented this product. 

Tiles are long-lasting and of excellent quality, and they are easily transportable. Each tile is 12″ x 13″ and 7/16″ wide. It takes just a few minutes to put together on any smooth, level surface. High tensile strength under all climate conditions. Produced in England and designed to last for a lifetime!

Floorball Flooring patterns are an interconnected case formulation that can be installed indoors or outdoors. High tensile strength under all climatic conditions!

Ball, floorball,  and other games can be played on it. Other Hockey Revolution preparation supports can be added for the professional standards.

The tiles are long-lasting and of great quality, measuring 12″ x 13″ and 7/15″ wide. It takes only a few minutes to put together on any tough and flat exterior.


  • Compact design
  • It’s easy to move
  • Durable material


  • Easy to separate

Wraparound Hockey Stick Blade Wrap Around Protector

Wrap Around Hockey Stick Blade Protector - Hockey Training Equipment for Off Ice Practice - Accessories, Gear (White)
  • Protect your hockey stick - build your hockey performance without damaging your expensive hockey stick blade.
  • Ideal hockey gifts for boys, girls, team members, players, family. A must for off-ice outdoor hockey stick practice, street hockey and hockey training equipment - replicates the feel of on-ice hockey stick handling on any surface.

The Hockey Wraparound design (weighs 1.38 ounces) is constructed of food-grade material and is designed to improve speed, precision, and basketball efficiency.

The Weighted Frosted glass design (weighs 2.81 ounces) is a solid wood reinforced training device designed to help you develop strength.

The longevity of your Wraparound is determined by a variety of considerations, including how frequently you are using, what you’re using, your ability level, and other aspects. It is impossible to tell how far it would last, like your metal pole.

Both Hockey Frosted glass items were created as a teaching tool or were not meant to be used on the ice or in a skate basketball game. Having said that, we have learned of many people aggressively that use the Hockey Centering pass in matches of all grades.

The Wraparound suits novice, medium, and professional stays in all current knife designs, whether republican or democrat hand.

You may notice a fair amount of alcohol on your pad edge after adding the Hockey Centering pass, but we’ve found that your brain reacts after several attempts or seconds of puck managing.

To ensure protection, it is strongly advised to use film by using the Hockey Centering pass. Personal choice governs the type and amount of film used.

Both Frosted glass versions are intended to shield the more costly fiberglass needles and not suit most timber weapons. The base of timber / stainless steel blades is so much wider, leading to a bad match.

Cover your claw hammer and improve your hockey output without causing damage to your costly cricket bat edge.


  • Available in 2 design
  • Upgraded layout
  • Easy to play


  • Not really durable

Franklin Sports Automatic Mini Hockey Ball Passer

Franklin Sports Automatic Mini Hockey Ball Passer - Knee Hockey Ball Passer- Includes Six Mini Hockey Balls - NHL Licensed
  • AUTOMATIC FEEDER: Just load the feeder, set and shoot! The Mini Hockey passer will set you up with perfect pass to shoot and score!
  • FIRES 2" FOAM MINI HOCKEY BALLS: This feeder is designed to be compatible with any 2" foam mini hockey balls and can hold up to 10 balls at once!

The most interesting characteristic of using such a package is that it includes all of your game regimens’ necessary materials. The detachable net with cover, two beer pong pads, a fabric capacity utilization, and balls are all included. The suppliers did an excellent job of making the whole range easy to find and established. Furthermore, the entire kit is sturdy and comes in attractive shades to fit your playing theme.

Another advantage of using such a best field hockey package is that it includes a detachable and extendable net post layout. The addition of two beer pong oars and play balls supports this function. The balls are long-lasting and have adjustable propellers for increased durability during intense gaming. Seekers can also enjoy the silicone padded sleeve, which makes it possible to carry your regimen.


  • It is also adaptable, with flexible clamps.
  • This system is easy to assemble and flexible.
  • It also arrives with a 6-foot-long retractable net.


  • Setting up the whole collection requires a while.
  • There are really only two propellers available.

Franklin Sports Youth Street Hockey Set

Franklin Sports Youth Street Hockey Set - Includes 2 Street Hockey Sticks and 1 Street Hockey Ball - Official NHL Licensed Product - Perfect Hockey Starter Set for Kids
  • Includes: (2) 37” junior hockey sticks and (1) 65 millimeter low density street hockey ball
  • Left or right handed shot: Straight blade design so all right handed and left handed players can practice and get introduced to the game of street hockey

Franklin Athletic, Inc., a parent company since 1945, is a leading international bass pro company with a rich name and reputation in our sector. Franklin Athletic has built strong partnerships with elite athletes and teams, including the Nfl Ncaa, NFL, and Epl, over the decades, bringing focus, vitality, and authenticity to our goods. We produce products for all rates of physical activity, from novice to professional.

The Franklin Sports Youth Floor Hockey Starting Set comes with two 2-37″ college hockey poles with gruesome detail and one 1-65cm diameter dense urban roller hockey puck. The rod and edge are made of bendable Plastic resin. Age Six and up are recommended. Excellent gift concept.

Single-piece design allows both top and bottom-sided participants to train and learn how to play inline hockey.

Wonderful textures: These one-of-a-kind floor hockey sticks have a long sleeves vinyl logo wrap between each blade, adding a splash of color and enthusiasm to your game.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Durable
  • Compact design


  • Nothing

Franklin Sports Mini Hockey Flex Stick and Ball Set

Franklin Sports Mini Hockey Flex Stick and Ball Set - Play Knee Hockey Anytime, Anywhere - Kids Hockey Set - NHL - Includes 2 Mini Sticks and 2 Foam Balls
  • MINI HOCKEY WITH A TWIST!: This knee hockey set is designed with FLEX curves which allows players shape the blade to their desired curve!
  • MINI-SIZED: This stick and ball set comes with (1) Right Shot & (1) Left Shot player stick & (2) balls they are perfect for knee and mini hockey

You’ll be addicted until you’ve seen the exciting fun of knee basketball! Clark Sports is pleased to provide the most detailed indoor basketball line available anywhere. Manufactures that are both robust and lengthy, making them ideal for children. 

This kit adds a fun twist to traditional mini metal poles by allowing the edges to be molded to the team’s preferred deformation! This style provides players with a more natural feel for the ball! This kit contains two (2) flexible player handles (1RS, 1LS) and two (2) 2″ light plastic miniature hockey spheres that will keep you entertained for hours!

In these sequences of different on a typical knee hockey match, encourage friends or relatives let’s see who can earn the most points! Parents, you’ll be pleased to know that the kit includes foam puck sticks! 

The sticks are tough enough to withstand everyday use than even the most increasingly fierce gaming. With this Percent Of the philippine NHL Player Sticks and Ball kit, you’ll be ready for an exciting miniature hockey war! From gunfights to full-fledged sports, you can entertain friends and relatives for hours! It is ideal for any basketball player who needs to engage their passion for the sport outside of the rink!


  • Free FDA
  • Safety material
  • Durable


  • A bit heavy

 Liberty Imports Face Off Dual Hockey Sticks

Liberty Imports Face Off Dual Hockey Sticks Youth Sports Set for Kids Puck and Ball (1 Pack)
  • The Perfect Starter set for your junior hockey All-Star (recommended ages 3-7)
  • Set includes 2 quality plastic hockey sticks, 1 puck, 1 ball. Puck and ball are hollow.

This is the ideal starter kit for your college hockey Champion. Working with this basketball collection would allow your children to learn kinesthetic awareness, pacing, and physical activity. It includes two hockey sticks as well as a too much goalie and bat. Sided tape is 27″ tall, with a 3.4″ circumference goalie and ball.

Lightweight and long-lasting plastic is used in its construction. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor games. Floor sports, street basketball, and water polo are all possibilities: Hockey Games and Training Facilities Made of Plastic Excellent for the primary school.

There is little need for clarification for the children, but for the family, it is constructed of dense, non-flimsy bits, rendering it a valuable product that would last a long time. To ensure your kid’s wellbeing, this was made from High Robust Considered to be non and BPA-free. The products are also dense, which prevents jagged corners.

Each toy is designed with safety in mind, from the original concept to the finished product for legal purchase. What can be more essential than protection when it refers to the products in our kids’ hands? Only the greatest will do for your kids!

We are fully committed to supplying you with the most exciting and creative toys available. Our goal is to support clinicians in having fun and creating memorable moments through games. We are dedicated to making and exporting elevated products to provide our customers with the best possible experience.


  • Compact design
  • Vivid color
  • Safety material


  • Not really durable

Somethings You Should Consider Before Buying Best Street Hockey Puck

best street hockey puck

Hockey kits:

Hockey sticks

To play hockey, you would need a certain ball. There are two sides to these rods. The “Game hand” is named on the one hand (usually the left-hand side), and on the bottom half, it is smooth. The opposite side is referred to as the non-playing team. Under the standard hockey standard, the stick weighs only less than 735 grams and is less than 25 ounces.


A hockey puck typically colors green and constructed of clear plastic is required. The weight shall be about 5 1/5 oz., 5 3/5 oz., the circuit between 8 13/15 and 9 1/5 inch. Two crates, and one at the side of the ground, are needed. The measurements have a width of 10 feet, 8 feet, and 4 inches underground.

Protective shoes 

best street hockey puck

In any comfy equipment, you can practice field hockey, but you will need trial sports to get a good understanding of the ground. Shin guards must also be carried to shield your foot from touch. Skaters also wear spectacles, goggles, and stooges.

Goalkeeper equipment

To cover his head, the hockey goalie requires a cask with a cover. Goalies require additional coating, too. A footrest should not exceed 10 centimeters, and an arm patch never exceeds 15 centimeters or more than 8 centimeters.

Types of hockey

Ice Hockey

best street hockey puck

The English ice hockey game is a laptop conducted on the ice rink and played according to the same rules. Participants have not only excellent competitive skills but also have proficient ice skating skills. Each competitor must know how to combine these skills to achieve the highest victory.

Field hockey

Field hockey is like football. The only difference is that if the players use their feet to pass, hold, or kick the ball to score, hockey players will use a stick to do it on grass. Also, during the game, it was quite similar to football.

Not only that, but hockey also has mini hockey, bandy hockey, water hockey, and running man hockey.

The hockey squad and equipment need to prepare

best street hockey puck

Hockey, how many people in a team? A field hockey squad consists of 6 players in each team. The two teams will participate in the competition within 60 minutes. In addition to the 6 members playing on the field, teams will have to prepare their substitute members to prepare for a substitution. The right of substitution will not be limited, and during the match, teams can completely substitute following the coach’s tactics.

When participating in hockey, you will be provided with fancy outfits with a full range of items such as gloves, helmets, hand protection equipment, sticks … And then you can officially join into a real match. Players are assembled into two teams, competing against each other by controlling a ball against the other team’s net or goal with a stick.

Each round lasts about 15 minutes, with the referee and coach to guide the game’s rules. Hockey tools are indispensable for every player on the pitch. So if you want to try this game, prepare all these essential tools.


What is grass hockey?

Grass hockey is a professional team game. The activity has its oldest beginnings in Glasgow, the Nordic countries, and Ireland since the last Ages. The sports may be performed on a naturally occurring enclosed field. Each team is playing with ten, the goaltender included. To strike the ground, hard polyurethane balls, teams use tin poles constructed from wood or plexiglass. The team’s duration relies on each team’s level.

There is no right-hand team in hockey, and only one part of the team is permitted. It is a main pastime of Pakistan and often the team league of Sri Lanka, although Sri Lanka currently has no favorite symbol. Grass basketball is mostly used in Ontario, the US, Southeast Asia, and other places worldwide, where this sport  is more popular.

What is a field hockey field?

best street hockey puck

Initially, the game takes place on natural grass. In the early 1970s, “artificial turf” rinks began being used for hockey, with the first Olympics to use artificial pitches in the 1976 Montreal Congress. Nowadays, all international leagues and most national leagues require the use of artificial pitches. Even so, several local and low-level national tournaments are still organized on the traditional grass field. There are three main types of artificial pitches;

  • Water-based yards – dense fibers of artificial grass to increase stability require regular irrigation to prevent yard wear.
  • Sand-dressed – artificial grass fibers are less dense, and sand provides some support in the grass’s depth.
  • Sand-filled yard – artificial grass fibers are longer, bundles less dense and support sand 100% in depth.

What to prepare when playing field hockey?


Each player carries a “stick” with a normal length of 80–95 cm (31–38 “). In the past, sticks were often made of wood, but today are often made of composite materials. Fiberglass, kevlar, or carbon fiber Metal is prohibited from use for clubs because sharp edges can cause injury when the club is broken. on the left (when one looks at the club from above with the hook facing up.) All clubs are right-handed.


best street hockey puck

Standard grass hockey balls are hard spherical, made of flexible material (sometimes with cork bark), always white, although other colors can be used to contrast them with the color of the football field. The ball has a circumference of about 224–235 mm (8.8–9.3 in) and a mass of 156–163 g (5.5–5.7 oz). The ball’s surface often has indentations to minimize slipperiness (which can cause unstable ball speed on wet surfaces).

Goalkeeper equipment:

A well-equipped goalkeeper must include a helmet, sheath, and kicker boots. Usually, goalkeepers have to wear protective gear such as chest shields, padded pants, padded gloves, groin covers, neck covers, and arm covers, and like the players on the field, they must wear sticks. The goalkeeper is not allowed to cross the 23 m line, and the only exception is when the goalkeeper takes a penalty stroke at the other end of the field when the clock has stopped. 

best street hockey puck

The goalkeeper can also remove the helmet in this situation. However, if the goalkeeper decides only to wear the helmet (and wear a different color), they can cross the 23m line if they take the helmet off their head (and place it securely in a position off the pitch. ). If the ball returns to the goalkeeping goal, but the goalkeeper has not yet re-worn his helmet, he is still considered to have a “goalkeeper right.” 

That means they are not prohibited from using clubs to play ball, while the goalkeeper must wear a helmet when facing a corner kick or penalty kick. Although the goalkeepers are allowed to use their feet and hands to clear the ball, they can only use one side of the club. They are also allowed to tuck the ball to clear the ball from the goal and not target the opponent.

Watching this video to pick the  Best Street Hockey Puck:

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Below is our top 5 Best Street Hockey Puck

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