Top 10 Best Andis T Outliner Guards In 2023: You Do Want To Try

For many guys, having a fashionable hairstyle is very important. They can pay a lot of money for expected looks and try to go to the high-class hairdressing salon. Therefore, the hairdresser should provide them the best services: high quality andis t outliner guards, hair dye, experienced workers… A professional hairstylist can help you find the best style and make you more set off. 

However, if you are an average income who can spend too much money on it, you will want items that help you with your haircuts. In this post, we will recommend 10 most useful andis t outliner guards.

Best Andis T Outliner Guards Comparison 2023

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Top 10 Best Andis T Outliner Guards Reviews 2023

Andis 7Piece Premium

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If you are a professional hairstylist who runs a high-class hairdressing salon, This kit is perfect for you. This outliner guard is made of plastic so that you do have to worry about it may catch dioxide. With this material, the clipper can easily be cleaned out as well as children may not be injured when touching. 

It includes 7 items with 7 different shapes and sizes that make you feel free to create the style your customer wants. These include 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1” length comp from small to big which fit for any kind of trimmer you have. 

Due to the lightweight you not only can bring it to anywhere you want but also convenient for cutting. These hair clippers are easy to install and replace. In the other hand, high-quality plastic can protect your skin and hair when used in all types of skin and hair.The outliner guards keep you from unforeseen accidents like cuts into the scalp also allow you create the more fashion hairstyles. Because it has a reasonable price and high- quality, you can save a lot of expense for the store.


  • suitable for professional hairdresser
  • reasonable price
  • high-quality items
  • safe for children
  • adjustable length combs
  • easy to install and replace


  • not fit for family use

Andis 4 Snap

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This outliner guard includes 4 various comp which are pretty fit for family. You can use it not only for shaving your hair but also shave off breads. There are 4 different sizes: 1/16 inch, 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch which are used for any kind of trimmer with more style. 

With many people, who have average income, spending a lot of money on a haircut is not justifiable. So they choose to have their hair cut by themself at home. These items allow you to create a simple hairstyle easily and do not waste too much time. It is really safe for children due to the plastic material and lightweight. 

You can simply install and replace it for different hairdos for both adults or children. The outliner guards keep you from unforeseen accidents like cuts into the scalp also allow you create the more fashion hairstyles.


  • fit for family 
  • high-quality material 
  • have 4 size fit for more style


  • not suitable for professional hairstylist

Andis 040 Master

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One more choice for the family is Andis 040 master with purple color. This set includes 5 different kinds of clippers which help you create more hair style at home.

In the New Year or Christmas days, many services are crowded such as hair salons, fashion stores or supermarkets. You have to quickly shop to prepare for holidays but also want to makeover yourself.

However, you have to wait so long for your turns. So I highly recommend a trimmer with andis t outliner guards which help you save a lot of time for any rush hours. You will want to create your own hairdo like trimming, fade or hair tattoo. 

Using high-quality plastic materials, lightweight helps you easy to install and replace. You will not worry that it might be dangerous for your kids. It is absolutely a 2 in 1 product that not only helps you with a haircut but also shaves off your beard.


  • high-quality plastic material
  • easy to take away
  • use for create more fashionable hairstyle


  • not suitable for high-end hairdressers. 

Andis 4 Snap-on

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Nowadays, many hairdressers have a vintage decoration such as using orange, beige, brown and deep-blue colors in the chair, pictures on the wall, uniform or maybe using the old trimmers. This andis t outliner guards with matte black can fit with your salon concept. 

Not like with many kinds of cheap plastic andis t outliner guards, it was made of high-quality soft and long-lasting nylon. 

There are 4 sizes in this kit: 1/16 inch, 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch which helps you easily do many hairstyles your customer wants and do not waste so much time.However, these items only fit with Andis Clipper so I really regret this feature. Hopefully, one day the manufacturer will have more similar items for different kinds of trimmer.


  • beautiful matte black color
  • high-quality nylon material


  • only fit with Andis Clipper but not many kind of trimmer

Andis Master Series Premium

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A convenient andis t outliner guards set for both families has children and hair salon with morden concept or children’s hairdresser. This makes children interesting with a haircut, stay in sit and do not cause accidents. It has 7 various kinds of clippers which allow you to create any style you want. 

Instead of using cheap plastic like many kinds of andis t outliner guards, it was made of high-quality soft and long-lasting nylon. This material is safe for your skin and hair when touched in it. Moreover, you also use it to shave off your beard for more comfort and quickly. 

There are 7 sizes in this kit: 1/8″(3mm), 1/4″(6mm), 3/8″(9mm), 1/2″(12mm), 3/4″(19mm), 7/8″(22mm), 1″(25mm). Each size will play different functions in creating fashionable hairstyles. 

There is a storage box included so you do not have to waste much time to find the clipper you need. Plus, remember to check your trimmer size before deciding to buy


  • beautiful convenient set
  • 7 various kinds of clippers
  • made of high-quality soft and long-lasting nylon
  • included storage box


  • only fit for andis clippers

Andis Master Dual

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I highly recommend this for beginner barbers due to its convenient functions. Because the number of sizes are printed on the comb so that It will help you do basic hairstyles and cause any unforeseen problems for your customer. 

Quality product is the best criteria many barbers want. No more cheap and low-quality plastics, this item is made of soft and strong nylon materials which not disappointed you. Due to the soft design it can easily install and replace. It comes with a comb stray so that you do not have to worry where you can find the one you want. 

There are 4 or 5 guide combs with various lengths that help you create many fashionable hairstyles. 

One more item needs to be checked the trimmer size before buying. It fits for most wahl clippers and some can be used in 38-39mm length.


  • colorful outliner guards 
  • 4 or 5 various comb size
  • fit for beginner


  • not fit for all trimmer

Andis UltraEdge

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One of the special products in this list, Andis UltraEdge is a perfect choice for your pets’ haircutting. Due to the CoronaVirus, many pet shops have to close but your dog needs hairdo UltraEdge will help you to cut out dog’s hair without hurting them. 

The lightweight, small design and anti toxic chemistry allow you feel free to bring anywhere you want or touch skin, hair. 

It was made of prime carbon-edged blades which are ideal use for dogs and other small animals. Due to the CoronaVirus, many pet shops have to close but your dog needs hairdo UltraEdge will help you to cut out dog’s hair without hurting them. It has a reasonable price that saves you a lot of money for a pet to go salon regularly. On the other hand, some pets are too sensitive that they do not touch them. You will find this Andis T Outliner Guards very useful. However, this guard may rust in time.


  • friendly materials
  • save a lot of money
  • easy to install 


  • not fit for big animals like sheep or cow
  • rust in time

Andis Magnetic Comb

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One more efficient set for the barber. These are made of high-quality plastic which is not harmful to your skin and hair when touched. You can easily create a more trendy hairstyle without wasting much time on your customers. The number of sizes printed in the comb so that you will not catch an unforeseen accident. 

This andis t outliner guards help you cut any shape you want for many types of hairstyle like hair tattoo undercut, fading or crew cut. Andis magnetic attachment guard quickly to install, change and keep it on trimmer tightly. 

Not only shape your hair perfectly it also brings you a great experience in shaving off breads. 


  • perfect set for both families and barbers
  • can use for hairdo and shave beards


  • only fit for andis trimmer.

 Andis 01380

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A qualified set that both family and hairdresser can use. There are 7 items with matte black in these kits which help you easily to do a haircut and create your own hairstyle. Due to its excellent polymer materials you can feel free when children touch it. Plus, it will not include any toxic chemistry that is harmful for your skin and hair when touched.

Andis 01380 was made by the US with various sizes (1/16″), (1/8″), (1/4″), (3/8″), (1/2″), (3/4″), (1″). You can decide the length and depth of the cutting line you want by choosing the right clipper guard. 

The lightweight make you not only can bring it to anywhere you want but also convenient for cutting. Each comb allows you to do any trendy style you want like fading, undercut or crewcut. 

However, there is no storage box in the set below so you need to prepare a box in order not to lose any items.


  • not include toxic chemistry
  • various sizes for hairstyle


  • not have a storage box
  • usually fit only andis trimmer 

Andis 01420 Master Clipper

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Have you ever gone on a business trip and it lasted more time than you expected? You need a hairdo but do not have too much time to wait until your turns in the hair salon? A trimmer with andis t outliner guards is the best item you need. It has a clipper fit for various trimmer, lightweight which allow you to bring anywhere you want. 

Plus, this is a perfect Hair Clipper Guards set for families that you will not want to miss. Many people enjoy hairdos for their children because they are afraid the barber may hurt them. There are 2 sizes, 1.5mm and 3mm, that fit for both children or adults. 

Some people who have bad experiences in hair salons think that is the great ideal when cutting hair at home. A set with 2 items is an economical solution.


  • fit for family or people have to go on business usually
  • safe with children
  • reasonable price


  • not include a storage box. 

Things You Needs To Know About The Andis T Outliner Guards

You are an average income person and you do not waste too much money on a high-class hairdressing salon, a grumpy person who does not want anyone to touch your hair and just wants to do hairdo by yourself? 

Some people said they find it difficult to find their familiar hairdress. The beginner barber can not do undercut line customers want but the experience barber requires a high price. So they want to do it by themself.

There are many hairstyles you can do at home like fade, undercut, crew cut, crop, trim… And you need a trimmer with a full set of Andis T Outliner Guards, handheld mirror, comp and pair of scissors. Today, we will guide you how to make a new hairstyle and the outliner guard fit for them.

  1. Items match with your hairstyle

Each set has a various size of comb that fits for a different hairstyle. It often includes 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 5/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1”. 

1/16 is also called number 0 which helps you to do bald cuts, fading skin and cutting buzz shorty.  

Number 1 and 1.5 outliner guards look longer than the 0 one which offers you absolutely buzz cutting. 

If you are looking for a comb that helps you cut the hair short without touching the head skin, the number 3 as known as 1/ 4 inches is always the perfect choice. This comb can create many kinds of hairstyle fit for different occasions.

The number 3 has 3.8 longs to help you do a fading and buzz cut efficiently.

Number 4 which is long 1/ 2 inches fit for people with thin and thick hair that is great for crew up and brush hair. 

The guard allows you to create a taper style is number 5. the 5/ 8 inches can be used for layering. 

Number 8 has 1 inches length that helps you do medium long hair that you can put gel on and make your own style. 

There are many kinds of outliner guards so you should read carefully the guidance before using it. Trust me, you will not make your hair like a mess just because of seeing the wrong number of comb. 

  1. How to create a undercut hairstyle with andis t outliner guards 

Undercut hairstyle is a popular man hairstyle that fits for many occasions like going down the street, going to work, wedding or important events. This hairstyle brings to people around you an elegant, manly feeling. 

Undercut starts short from the bottom near the ears and gets gradually lengthened to the vertex. There are many kinds of undercut you can choose such as disconnected undercut, temple undercut, short undercut… 

Firstly, you need to choose the trimmer and Andis T Outliner Guards that fit for the hairstyle you want. 

If you want to make a trendy hairstyle like a hair salon, you will want a professional trimmer and a set with 10 Andis T Outliner Guards. Because each guard helps you to do different hairstyles and the trimmer motor needs a strong motor, long-lasting battery, sharp clipper to make sure that the cut is perfect. 

However, if you are a minimalist who just wants a simple hairstyle, a set 4 of Andis T Outliner Guards and a normal clipper with medium price is suitable for you.

There are 7 steps for beginners in undercut.

  • Choose the position you want to undercut first line

You need to know what kind of undercut style fits your face. Looking in the mirror checks what part you want to do first and it may help you easily to do the left parts. The length and depth should be considered carefully. 

If you choose the disconnected style, you will have to start at the bottom of the nape and go up to about 13-16mm.

  • select the style of undercut you like and set up the Andis T Outliner Guards sizes.

choosing the right guard will decide your long or short of the undercut lines. You should use number 3 or 4 for the best expected long for gentle looking.

  • Move the trimmer up and down, be sure to start the line near your ears and cut the short little one gradually.

You will easily control the length and depth you want by cutting gradually. do not move it panic, do it layer by layer thin to not make your hair like a mess. 

This is the most important step because if you do carelessly, your hair is a terrible work and you will not want to go out anymore. 

  • Replace the ontliner guard to cut it piecemeal clearly. The cut line should go from thin to thick to make a natural feeling.

After replacing the other comb, do it up and down again to make sure the layers are natural. Should start at the last position where the first guard stops.

  • keep cutting up to the top but stop at the place you have highlighted.
  • You can use a comb when cutting. It helps you to have the right long hair you expected. When you cut close to the top, using a comb is a special technique which helps you control the length and waves you want. 
  • Lastly, wash your hair and clean up the tool. Use the clipper to trim the neckline to finish the hairdo. Then wash your hair and review in the mirror.

If you want to have a hairdo at home, you should find some model you want to. I think cutting by yourself at home the first time might be difficult. so you can find someone to help you. Practicing more will help you improve it and you can do more trendy hairstyles. 

Whether you have more freetime, you can try to join a haircut cause that not only helps you do it at home but also is one of the soft skills. 

Undercut style not only fits for men but also for personalities. We will bring to you a video guide to do undercut for women. 

My Top 5 Pick Of Best Andis T Outliner Guards

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A complete set of Andis T Outliner Guards is very useful in your daily life. With the barber, it helps them easily to create many fashionable hairstyles without wasting too much time. With many families, they need it not only to do the hairdo but also shave off beards. Some kind of hairstyles use trimmer are undercut, fading, buzz hair, crew cut… A clipper guards simple to install and replace, lightweight, convenient and adjustable. We hope after reading our reviews, you can find the Andis T Outliner Guards fit you most. 

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