Your At2020 Need An Upgrade? Try To Change Your Current Shockmount To A Product In Our Selection Of The Best Shockmount For At2020

For those who do not know,  Shock Mounts are designed to accompany microphones, including AT2020. They are capable of filtering all the shock, vibration and unwanted noise, allowing the recording process to operate smoothly without interference. So, that is why you should consider a product in our Top 10 Best Shockmount for AT2020 to have a professional studio with affordable cost.

In fact, each microphone has its own compatible Shockmount comes along as a full set. However, you do not want to re-buy the whole set every time your old shockmount needs to be changed, right? Besides, there might be another Shockmount out there in the market that is even more compatible with your existing microphone than the old one when it comes to both appearance and technicality. 

That is why you should browse through our selection of the Best Shockmount for AT2020 to find out your picks. 

Best Shockmount For At2020 Comparison 2024

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Top 10 BEST SHOCKMOUNT FOR AT2020 Reviews 2024

Suuntok Microphone Shock Mount Kit

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This Shockmount from Suuntok is considered as the Best Shockmount for AT2020, no exaggeration.  You will definitely be amazed by its capabilities of filtering all the unwanted noises, vibrations from your audio, thanks to its brilliant design and proper material.

Suuntok Shockmount has such a one-of-a-kind appearance that it allows your recordings to be noise-free and it somehow can strictly follow the microphone’s compliance. The thing that also worth mentioning here is the Suuntok Shockmount’s material, which can withstand the temperature range from -30 celsius degree to 60 celsius degree. This heat durability undoubtedly overshadows that of elastic or rubber shock mounts.

Not only does this Suuntok is a perfect match for AT2020, it also works with other shock mounts size at 21-62mm. If your microphone is not AT2020 but still manages to be around this size, you can consider Suuntok without having to afford a thread adapter.  

This Suuntok kit also comes with a pop filter, that means that you get all you need to record a stainless audio. 


  • Brilliant design and material
  • High heat durability and adaptability


  • None

Blue Radius II Microphone Shock Mount

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Another Best Shockmount for AT2020 is this Blue Radius II Microphone Shockmount. In fact, this one is designed especially for the Yeti and Yeti Pro USB. However, it is also capable of fitting the AT2020. 

Just like other shock mounts, this can filter all the sound caused by fluctuations, handlings and noise from the surroundings. The special thing about this Blue Radius II Microphone Shockmount is its hinge design, allowing your heavy microphone to be held tightly upside down.  Since it is designed for heavy microphone like Blue Yeti, it is also made of heavy and high-quality material so that is why you should believe in its durability. 


  • Capable of filter noises
  • Made from good-quality material
  • Tightly hold heaviest microphone


  • Quite heavy

Audio-Technica AT8458 Microphone Shock Mount

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This audio-technica AT8458 Microphone Shock Mount is well-known for its high-quality material, which makes it light to hold, compared to Blue Radius II Microphone Shockmount. Even though it is light, it still manages to have great durability. Compared to the other three products, this one perfectly grips the AT2020 with no additional tools needed. 

I used to have a great experience with this product when I suddenly bumped the mic stand to the desk. Surprisingly, my audio still had that perfect smooth without any interference like vibrations or noises. I bet that this special material somehow functions as a great noise filter.


  • Ultimate capability of filtering noises
  • The material create boom reduction
  • Perfectly fit AT2020


  • Doesn’t come with a suitable adapter

Boseen Microphone Shock Mount Mic Holder – Anti Vibration Spider Shockmount

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Boosen Microphone Shockmount is an indispensable part of recording, podcasting or broadcasting and even more since it is able to filter all the unwanted noise from your audio. 

Anyone who has once experienced this kind of Shockmount will always treasure its flexibility. It usually comes with 4 different sizes of bottom screws, allowing the shockmount to become suitable for many kinds of microphone designs.  Moreover, thanks to the adjustable locking knob, Boosen shockmount can fit and effortlessly be attached to a plethora of boom arms or mic stands. 

Another strength of this shockmount is its material. It is made from heavy-duty solid metal, which boosts its durability. The shockmount is also equipped with an elastic band and mounting pad in order to protect your microphone from being striked, which is a true convenience.


  • Anti vibrations and unwanted noises
  • Flexibility
  • Brilliant spider design and high-quality material


  • The elastic band is not quite durable

Etour Microphone Shock Mount

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If you are an online streamer or Youtuber, you definitely can not skip Shockmount with  AT2020 Foam Windscreen from Etour. It is made from high-quality materials and is able to remove vibrations and reduce unwanted noises as well as shock, especially those harsh “p” and “t” sounds. 

Just like the Boosen Spider Shockmount, this one is also adjustable by using the knob. Thanks to this knob, you can easily install and uninstall the shockmount with your microphone. 

This Shockmount also comes with a decent pop filter, enabling you to do a close singing directly without any plosive or sibilance.  


  • Suitable for Youtubers and streamers
  • Decent pop filters
  • Adjustable 
  • Easy installation


  • The elastic pop filter is a little bit too tight

Boseen Shock Mount with Foam Windscreen

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Another microphone from Boosen and of course, it keeps all the upsides of its relative: heavy-solid material, high endurance and adjustability and flexibility. 

Not only is the shockmount durable itself, the foam cover is also made of flexible memory which can remain in its natural form after squeezing hard. The best thing about this product is it comes as a set of 5 items: a shockmount, two free rubber bands, a foam screen and an adapter, which is totally a cost-saver.


  • High-quality material
  • High durability and flexibility
  • Cost-effective


  • Only fit for the ATs

Moukey Microphone Shock Mount

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The Moukey microphone Shockmount is designed to fit large diameter microphones from 49 or 66m to 54 or 70mm. The most interesting thing about this product is it has a three – layer pop filter in U shape, namely: Metal panel layer, Metal mesh layer and Foam layer. 

These U shape pop filters will limit all the unwanted noises including: plosive, pops, crackles,…and even breath, creating a smooth audio with crystal clear voice. 

This product is quite user-friendly too since it is pretty easy to install and uninstall the shockmount from your microphone. Moreover, this product is considered as an appealing combo since it includes a shockmount, a metal pop filter, two rubber bands.


  • Wide Applicability
  • Brilliant design with three layer pop filter
  • User-friendly and appealing combo


  • The butterfly knob is easily to get broken
  • The filter is quite thin and can not deters puff of air

Weymic Intergrated Shock Mount

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This Weymic Intergrated Shockmount is another product that is worth your consideration. This one is specially designed for large diameter condenser microphone, especially Audio-Technica AT2020. 

Overall, this product is capable of doing what a shockmount can do, which is reducing unwanted noises. Just like the mentioned shockmount above, this one comes with a pop filter too in order to boost its capability of filtering noise as well as many screws and knobs for replacements. 

However, since it is made from plastic, some say that it doesn’t look quite professional and high-quality even though it is considered as one of top shock mounts. 


  • Be able to filter noise
  • Comes with a pop filter, knobs and screws.


  • Plastic appearance
  • Pop filter is a little bit high for AT2020

Koolertron Universal 50MM Microphone Shock Mount 

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Koolertron shockmount is purpose-built for large condenser microphones size at 48mm-54mm. This product is able to reduce noises caused by physical movements as well as external factors from the surroundings. Unlike Weymic Intergrated Shock mount, Koolertron is made from heavy metal and flexible rope which protects the microphone from falling and being hit by other objects. 

This product is also renowned for its flexibility with the adjustment tools: ⅝”-27 thread, ⅜”-⅝” screw adapter, locking knob since these tools allow you to mount the shock mount to almost all standard mic stands. 


  • Be able to filter noise
  • High-quality material
  • High flexibility


  • The adjustment tools seem to keep loosening and is not quite durable

Mic Large Foam Cover Microphone Windscreen with Shock Mount 

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There is nothing more to say about this product’s capabilities since it performs quite good in terms of reducing unwanted noises from your audio. 

The thing that’s worth mentioning about this product is it comes with three foam covers and one universal adapter. These tools somehow boost its capabilities in preventing noises and flexibility. Moreover, this product is made from high quality metal and has its own rope so that is the reason why its durability is ensured. 


  • Comes with 3 foam cover and an adapter
  • High-quality material


  • The pop filter is placed too close to the mic
  • The elastic band is not well-built

Buying Guide: How to choose the best Shockmount for AT2020?

  1. Which qualities are used to evaluate a Shockmount?


Not only does your pick need to fit the AT2020, it is also a great idea that it is suitable for a wide range of microphones. Due to the diversity of microphone sizes and shapes, a universal shockmount will give you a plethora of choices, without having to waste your time and money every time you want to change your microphone. 

If you are not really into universal shock mounts and consistently loyal to your AT2020, you have got to be picky when it comes to choosing a shockmount. It must perfectly fit your AT2020 in order to promote its ultimate ability. 

Noise Isolation

There is no place in the world that is perfectly quiet and it is filled up by both natural and mechanical noise. That is why a shockmount with a high capability of isolating noise, including mechanical noise from the mic stand and the noise from the surroundings is what you should invest in. 


Endurance needs to be taken into account when you choose your shockmount. A high-quality shockmount is a product that can pass the test of time and last long. So that is what you should go for. You do not want to stand your shockmount get sag and wear out quickly every few months, do you?  

  1. Which factors should be considered before making a buying decision?

In order to find out the Best Shockmount for AT2020, you have to know which features create a shockmount and each one’s characteristics. By knowing this, you will know whether or not your pick is suitable for you and do they have any drawbacks.

Only one weakness of just one of the below features can totally destroy your buying experience. So make sure you check these features carefully before buying. 

Cradle Diameter

This is considered as the most critical feature to check beforehand. It is also used to evaluate whether or not your shockmount fits your current microphone. Do not let your time and effort searching for a suitable shockmount become worthless. Go and check the cradle diameter. 

In fact, most pencil microphone’s diamater’s sizes range from 19mm to 25mm. However, each microphone and shockmount have its own distinctive design. So just to be sure, check its compatibility by looking through the cradle diameter first.  

Lyre Material

What lyre is made of really has such a profound impact on your shockmount. In the old days, shock mounts were commonly made of rubber bands and plastic. Since these are prone to alteration and breaking, the shock mounts shelf life usually did not last long. 

Due to technological development, the brand Rycote broke into the market by using Hytrel as a lyre material. This somehow had set a new trend for lyre hytrel. Hytrel is a thermoplastic elastomer that is able to get both rubber and thermoplastics strong suits: elasticity and high endurance. This material also provides fabulous sound dampening capabilities with tremendously low reverberating frequencies of 14.5 Hz and 19 Hz. 

This is the reason why Hytrel is considered as a ground-breaking advancement since Hytrel’s vibration is low-frequency that it can not be heard by human ears while rubber shock mounts frequency are 32 Hz and 64 Hz – both are still audible. 

So all in all, you should go for Hytrel as your lyte material since it is a great material for shock mounts. Not only does it have such fabulous sound dampening, it also has great indestructibility that is capable of lasting for many years.  

Cable Management

Something that you should not forget is cable management. In fact, this is not compulsory however, it is better to have this with your shockmount. This item is used to give your microphone a neat set-up and also capable of preventing extra cable from scrub against the wind protection or hitting against a boom pole. 

Threaded Connector

The final factor that needs to be checked is the measurement of the threaded connector.. Connectors are commonly 3/8” or 5/8” thread.

If you happen to have a threaded connector that does not fit your shockmount, go and find an affordable adapter since they are made to deal with this situation and in fact, each shockmount usually comes with this as a set.  

By knowing these factors well, you will be able to find out your Best Shockmount for AT2020 effortlessly.


  1. Do I really need a Shockmount?

The answer is yes, you do. A Shockmount is capable of filtering all the unnecessary noise due to carriage, vibrations, external movement as well as mechanical noise. If you just own a microphone with a mic stand then that will be not enough because your recording process will be adversely affected and getting messy.

The upside that is worth mentioning here is its capability of collaborating with a boom pole. No human being can grasp the boom pole without causing any motion and excess noise. With that being said, if you do not get yourself a suitable shockmount, your recording process can never be conducted smoothly. 

Moreover, not only does the carriage cause unwanted noise, the soundwave from the microphone can hit the standmount, the mic stand, or the wall in your studio,…and create vibrations, which then disturb your record. 

These vibrations, including sounwave, movement, talking, vehicle traffic will still easily be caught by the microphone even though you have already used a shockmount. However, these noises can be turned down to the point that they will be inaudible to human ears by using shockmount. 

I have an experience when I have already used a tripod for my microphone but my record can not perfectly smooth due to excess noise since my tripod feet have contact with water. I bet that the soundwave was transferred to the water through the tripod and created noise. After that, I try to afford myself a suitable shockmount and this stumbling block has totally gone. 

  1. How to install a Shockmount? 
  • Connect the shock mount to the mic stand/tripod/stand mount/boom pole or whatever you use to place your microphone stand still.

A shock mount is usually designed to have a threaded insert. Commonly, these shock mounts come with a suitable adapter as a set. So after placing the adapter to your mic stand/tripod/stand mount/boom pole, just screw the shockmount to the adapter and twist it with each other until you feel that they are totally secured.  

  • Squeeze the cradle and put the microphone in

Put the microphone above one lyre and squeeze it tightly. It will start to bloom and leave enough space for the microphone to creep into. After that, stop squeezing when you feel that the microphone is tightly connected to the cradle. Keep doing the same process for the other lyres.

  • Connect the microphone with the energy source and audio cable

Most microphones resort to electricity to operate. If your microphone needs electricity too, connect it to the source of energy through a suitable cable.

  • Secure cable

If you are a well-organized and neat person, after having completed the installation, you can secure your cable by wire management. This will help you wire protected and secured.

If you are still confused about how to install a shockmount, take a look at this video for better information:

Our Picks: Best Shockmount For At2020 Comparison

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After using countless hours of searching, reading and comparisioning, we have finally jumped to this conclusion. We are pretty sure that you can totally believe in the quality of these 10 products that we have listed in our selection of the Best Shockmount for AT2020. 

Overshadowing many opponents, Shockmount which is designed by Suuntok have won the first place in our list due to many strong points. First, you will be amazed because of its capabilities of filtering unwanted noise. It will give you a clear and smooth audio with no interference from the wind, the breath or any factors around you. 

Not only does it have an amazing ability, it also has an unique appearance which boosts its capability in reducing unwanted noise. Moreover, because it is made from reputable material, you can put your trust in this product’s durability. It is capable of withstanding the temperature range from -30 celsius degree to 60 celsius degree. There is no other shockmount that is able to do this. 

Last but not least, this one is a perfect-match for AT2020, however, it can also be used for many kinds of other microphones out there in the market if you would like to diversify your choices.

So if you have come to this far, we really appreciate your time. Do not be shy to share our selection to your peers to get them updated with the Best Shockmount for AT2020. And if you have other ultimate products that can fit AT2020, just comment and let us all know about it. 

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