10 Best Mascara In A Gold Tube Review 2021- A Must-have Item For Your Make-Up

Mascara is a tool used to beautify eyelids in the beauty makeup field. Applying this mascara will make the lashes thicker, darker, longer, and curvy. Even using mascara helps you easily shape the right eyelash shape for your face. As a result, you will have deep, attractive, and soulful eyes. Check out our mascara in a gold tube review in this post to pick the right one for your make-up

There are many different types of mascara on the market today. And each eyelash style, each style of lashes will have a different way of grooming. So let us explore the tips to help you have an attractive eye in the article below.

Best Mascara In A Gold Tube Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Mascara In A Gold Tube Reviews 2024

Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara

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If you love the pure Korean makeup style with long, gently curved, feminine lashes, this will be the right choice. The comb section with dozens of triangular comb teeth with only 2.5mm comb size helps brush the eyelashes from the base to the tip.

In particular, with its super small size and water resistance, you can also easily brush the lower lashes without fear of smudging like other regular mascara.

This product has up to 2 polishing ends. One end is a normal mascara, while the other end is a special primer to both bases and nourish. The product is suitable for those who regularly use mascara but still want to keep their lashes healthy.

The nourishment in the serum at the rest of the brush will help protect and keep the eyelashes curl for longer without breaking or falling; Simultaneously, acting as a primer to help mascara make mascara look more beautiful, thicker and keep the mascara layer long-lasting.

The beauty of that product is that the collagen in mascara makes eyelashes smoother and darker, thicker, thick, and beautiful lashes while keeping lashes healthy, difficult to break, and fall off.

With just one brush, you will feel your lashes look thicker. The water resistance, anti-smudge is quite good and will help you feel more comfortable in outdoor activities. The product has been tested ophthalmologically and is safe to use with contact lenses.


  • Luxury design
  • High quality
  • Beautiful filter


  • Costly

3D Fiber Lash Mascara with 100% USDA Certified Organic Castor Oil

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3D Fiber Lash Mascara brings length and thickness to the lashes with an impressive crown-shaped hard silicone bristle brush that makes it easier to brush lashes from base to tip.

The wax component will cover each eyelash to make the eyelashes longer, fix the curl all day without causing heavy lashes, and effectively resists smudging and drifting. The product has also passed the eye test and is safe for the user.

Those who have used eyeliner 3D Fiber Lash will surely be impressed with the liner’s durability with water and oil, and this mascara too. Even if rubbed with water, the mascara will not peel off or smear on the lower eyelids.

Many users often say that using this mascara is okay to cry. This is thanks to the product’s ability not to float when meeting warm water, giving users the confidence to use it in all circumstances.

The lash balm in mascara also helps to condition your lashes during makeup. However, because the durability is too good, when removing makeup, use professional makeup remover.

3D Fiber Lash Mascara helps curl and lengthen eyelashes impressively with fiber, making eyelashes look as beautiful as they are wearing fake eyelashes. Especially, the wavy brush is easy to brush and effectively lifts the eyelashes, not clumping.

The product will also be suitable even for first-time makeup users because the brush head is easy to groom, the cream is easy to apply, dries quickly, and is anti-smudge.


  • Effects on natural lashes
  • Safe for sensitive eyes
  • No smudging


  • Expensive

Vegan Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

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Gaya formulations were established in 2011 to supply vegetarian, moral, and cruelty-free products of the highest quality for all skin types. all Gaya beauty manufacturer items with limited manufacturing processes are produced in Italy. 

The sophisticated mascara for dry, damaged eyelids, gel fluid lip gloss, pencil powder, and bronzer foundation are included with gentle sufficient even for the most skincare, Gaya beauty natural skincare products.

Our flexible and manageable items provide you with a healthy appearance for an exciting day there. The strength is in your eyes with Gaya beauty to completely regulate your appearance.

The mascaras are ideal for those who care for the environment, but they have moral, vegetarian, and crude additives free of damage. All Gaya items have a beneficial impact on consistency on our body without compromises. Ideal for compassionate ears and/or eyeglasses. 

The eye making of Gaya Beauty is specially designed to improve even for the poorest eyesight. Gaya Cosmetics EyeShadow Items are a soft, unpleasant remedy for a higher look once you have scratchy, hot, usually long eyelashes while using contacts.

Tell under-eye swarms goodbye! The only product that brings you light as possible, a regular smile to use, is Gaya beauty. no splatters, stains, and skin annoyed. with your blemish evidence, feel more confident. for the whole day, stain evidence

Eye Makeups of Gaya Beauty are 100 percent vegetarian, barbaric, and animal-free. These things are suitable for your body and include no animal external surface. We have dedicated ourselves to a pet patient confidentiality strategy. Simple Holding – The items of gay makeup are fast to use and take away at night. Not Necessary Harsh Cleaning! Our beauty lasts the whole day, but our comfort and elegance do not render you irritated by the skin.


  • Long-lasting all-day
  • Safety for extremely sensitive eyes
  • 100% vegan


  • Quite costly

4D Silk Fiber Mascara Black

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4D Silk Fiber Mascara Black is a product of ROSEN cosmetics. This is one of the best mascara products with the ability to stretch lashes and is used by many girls, especially for women with short or thin eyelashes.

4D Silk Fiber Mascara Black has a super-small brush, which can lengthen or curl extremely effectively. The color of 4D Silk Fiber Mascara Black creates an irresistible charm, benign natural ingredients, many nutrients, can anti-drift, waterproof …

With the effect of anti-drift and waterproof, your makeup remover will become a little more difficult. Moreover, this is a product with the outstanding effect of lengthening lashes so women who have long eyelashes. Then, I don’t need this product too much.

This product can create depth to the eyes with 4D technology, attracting the opposite person at first sight. The brush tip is slender, easily threaded to each eyelash, with super light, soft silk, you will be extremely confident with long thick natural lashes, not “old” at all.

With its anti-smudge formula, the mascara color stays strong even after a long time of use. Besides, the product contains a nourishing essence that will not weaken or lose your eyelashes, even if you use them regularly.

The product’s design is quite sturdy, holding a hand dress, a specially designed brush tip helps to separate the eyelashes easily, so the brushing is quite convenient, the eyelashes are fresh and natural, not thick, causing discomfort. 


  • Complete the task of super long and excellent eyelash curl
  • Effective anti-drift, water-resistant, can keep all day without discoloring
  • It does not cause heavy eyes feeling
  • Color up standard, beautiful, even


  • The gel is quite thick so that it can be used only once a little

4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara

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4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara is designed for girls with short, thin, and easy-to-fall lashes. The unique bristle brush design increases the contact area of ​​the mascara cream with the lashes, making the eyelashes thick, thick from base to tip in the first brush.

The cream is added with collagen to help nourish your lashes, stimulate your eyelashes to grow longer, and thicken even during the product’s use.

The product has good color adhesion, and the waterproof formula makes mascara last long, even when meeting water or sweat.

Unlike the Mascara Volum ‘Express Hyper Curl, which curls your eyelashes, it helps to lengthen and thicken your lashes. In particular, this baby is also waterproof, super anti-drift. In fact, users experience that mascara can last up to 12 hours without getting much smudged.

4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara will bring natural beautiful thick lashes without heavy or clumping. Special comb design has up to 10 combs with different lengths, spread out to help wool between each eyelash. Thanks to that, each eyelash is smoothed and smooth, not sticking together.

In particular, the price is mid-range, contained in a luxurious rose-gold tube, in addition to adding to your collection is also suitable as gifts for friends and relatives too!


  • Can make eyelashes longer 2 – 3mm
  • It does not cause much clumping
  • It is not easy to float unless you are swimming or swimming.


  • Not waterproof well

Vivienne Sabó Paris – Classic French Mascara Cabaret Premiere

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We offer every one of our goods the attraction of Paris to Sophie Ahmadi. Our iconic mascara and eyeshadow range allows elegant appearances to be easily created for any lethal woman. For optimum long-term efficiency, we only ever use the best quality products. And often our goods are cruel!

With our enhanced smudge-resistant and easy-to-make, Cabaret Première cosmetics turns your normal into ah la. Only one coat describes and volumes the normal clogging for a dark, dark, spread appearance that is not fading or transferring.

Cabaret Première makeup is made for your perfect cloves to become responsive. Without harming, it is simple to extend and extract. And the thin layers make it appropriate for the look—without globs or dust, every painted surface is wonderful.

Make your eyebrow chalk a confident or realistic appearance with your brow. Our slim 1.4 mm reaching maturity brow smart board is accurate and saves you valuable time on your making schedule, even instead of using the eyebrow paintbrush. Combine your eyelashes in a cool, attractive, and related to the number with the comment comb. For a lengthy impact, mix your preferred brow polish. The touch screen is available in four different colors to supplement your red, tan, beech, and gray hair.


  • Easy to use
  • Safety to use
  • Long-lasting


  • Quite expensive

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara

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This mascara has an innovative gelatin format and million combs for enhanced strength and meaning. Mascara does have a comprehensive billion eyes. No Clump Formula’s comfortable, built-in formulation increases every clot. Mascara drifts effortlessly and continues all day long, as each lash moisten and detaches for a stain appearance. 

The Millionizer Tool is built for amplifying and scraping the cursors in incredible size from one edge to the next. The constructed Clean Sweep Cleaning Device brushes your brush without globs, allowing you a flawless massage to appear smooth and ultra voluminous.

Mascara seems to have a groundbreaking method of gelatin infusion and Millionizer Brush for enhanced size and description; Voluminous eye eyebrows; Free of perfume; Checked otolaryngologist and screen for allergic reaction; Appropriate for people who wear with problem skin and eyeglasses. 

It produces a flawless look with our mascara range, completes broad shoulders with a blemish lip gloss, and defines your eyelashes. eyeshades with colors created of every color of the skin are also discovered

With our complete end up making range including shades, eyeshadows, make-up highlights, eyeshades, lip glosses, and more, L’Oréal Paris allows you to build the beauty you desire. L’Oréal Paris Tousled Lash Seed; This compact eyewear starter creates drastic size and duration on every curl to improve your appearance under Voluminous blush immediately.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting


  • Nothing

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Telescopic Original Lengthening Mascara

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L’Oral Paris introduces the initial Telescopic Mascara to maximize the strength of your laughs with single eye isolation. The bottom part of the proprietary accuracy comb extends cloves to 60 percent, while the whisk half of the tool divides cloths specifically for a tangle performance.  Perfume-free.

 Checked by the orthopedist and provided services. For problem skin and wearing people eyeglasses. Extreme duration- Long mascara 60 to 70 percent section Describes the comb at the bottom of the pins, sweep softly to the top.

Arrange this item for your private use to protect L’Oreal integrity. Provide the hygiene treatment for your face to the adhesive. Do not use this material in a speeding vehicle. Do not air, blood, and any other material sweeten lipstick. After each use, firmly cover. If there is a shift in smell or presence, stop using. If your face is damaged, sore, or tainted, you would not use this and any other eye cosmetics. Check with a doctor immediately.


  • Compact
  • No perfume
  • Suitable for the sensitive eye


  • It may cause clumping

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara, Extreme Black

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The Mascara Rimmel Lashes Generator seems to have an innovative, ultra-long recipe for flawless, incredibly long nails. Match for best performance with Rimmel’s Lash Booster Formula. The Lash Booster Makeup in Rimmel England is developed to stretch and enhance the clothes using the proprietary Grow-Lash System, Procapil. The innovative ultra-long formulation helps nails to appear close to 117percent shorter within 1 month!

Rimmel intends to discover himself in the dark. Build the much more trendy appearances with Rimmel’s should, therefore items that evocate today’s London mindset. Use personality and personality to make your appearance more attractive. 

In 1 month, up to 117percent more! Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara has a state-of-the-art ultra-long recipe for stunning, incredibly long cuts. The lashes would appear no more, however mellower and more abundant with continuous application.

Making your pencil eyebrows with your forehead reliable or practical. Our slender 1,7 mm maturity-free, precise, and time-saving intelligent panel, also in the place where the brow rubber eraser is being used. Integrate your winks with the comments brush in a smart, pleasant, and numeric way. Mix your favorite brown paint for a long effect. The contact screen can be supplemented by red, white, elm, and facial hair in 4 colors.


  • Cheap price
  • Simple to use
  • Compact design


  • Not long-lasting

Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Colossal Waterproof

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Maybelline has a wide variety of product lines with various uses, such as thickening, preventing falling, lengthening, loosening, curling, and lifting. 

Regardless of the product line, the mascara material is always made from collagen following its use; combined with the perfection of the brush tip and the gel, the product will help your eyelashes thicker 3 times, Beautiful as you want, and lasting up to 18 hours without water, smudging, non-drifting, and non-drying.

Colossal allows you to search up to 16 hours in a moment, tangle, audacious wide face. Using one coating to size resurfacing and 2 skins to scale up to 15x. Super Sweep 2X That Gelatin: 2x the collagen-set shape for a confident whole day appearance, with little globs, pairs our super comb.

Colossal Big Shot unleashes the girl leader. Eight out of ten saw a larger amount of paler. The gelatin equation gives the large-scale cultural phenomena waves that clutch the cloves and a strong amount. Checked by the orthopedist. Appropriate for people who wear a pair of glasses. The wide brush with its special Wavy Fibres cradles the cups for a fierce feel. The roots for the top size immediately

Colossal Need Proof Is makeup safe the true agreement? The company received the 2020 Best of Makeup Prize for its fake results, which became evident since the beginning. Numerous edits from Allure have been delighted by their skill to bless elevated cloves that never flow with their revolutionary tube formula wrapping each person’s cloth. And the added tea tree and beaver essential oil keep lashes safe throughout wearing and conditioning.


  • Waterproof
  • Cheap
  • Easy to use


  • Easy to clump

Somethings You Should Consider Before Buying Mascara In A Gold Tube

Eyes are the highlight on a woman’s face. A pair of sparkling eyes will attract the eye and easily make a strong impression. Therefore, women always try to make up for their most beautiful eyes. Besides eyeshadow, mascara is an indispensable companion for the makeup process. Just a little bit of mascara makes your eyes look different. Let’s check out our guide below to know how to pick the best mascara in a gold tube for you.

How to choose mascara to match your eyelash shape


Short, thin lids:

To make your lashes appear longer and thicker than it really is, choose a mascara with a mineral formula that contains cellulose fibers, which nourishes your lashes and helps them grow faster.

Short, thick lids:

For short but thick lashes, what you need is to lengthen the eyelash and curl it. No one can do a better job than Volume mascaras containing lithium cellulose fibers, which will lengthen your lashes and be thicker depending on the amount of mascara you use.

Long, thin lids:

Probably the most common type of lashes. Because we encounter the condition that the lashes are still long, but they are slim and slim. Now you need Volume & Curling Mascara’s help. With a mineral composition that is thick and dark in color, brushing will make your lashes appear many times thicker without having to brush over and over again.


Long, thick lids:

You are a lucky girl with both long and thick eyelashes. This will not bother you when choosing the best mascara for you. Just one eyelash clip with Curling Mascara, the small but curvy brush shape will give your lashes a remarkable curvature without having to brush many times.

Notes when using mascara

  • You should use some colorless lash brush to create a foundation that protects the lashes and helps the mascara last longer.
  • Girls with blinking and tearing eyes should use waterproof mascara to not turn into a panda.
  • Use a separate eye makeup remover and use a cotton swab to get into your lashes to remove all the mascara. Because if you do not remove makeup carefully, you will experience ink lumping on your eyelashes, causing your eyes to become smudged.
  • There are many mascara products on the market with a variety of items that have many different uses. However, it is easy for consumers to mistakenly buy quality products that damage the eyelashes, which can affect the eyes’ safety.

Choose an Easy Brush Shape Mascara

Thick and straight brushes will help increase the eyelashes’ thickness, making them stick with more mascara. Meanwhile, if you want to increase the length, you should choose a thin and curved brush. Using a comb can easily loosen your lashes, and you don’t need a brush, giving you a natural, delicate look.

The brush shape is also the deciding factor for whether mascara is easy to stick or not. Depending on each person, there is a brush that is easy to brush and a brush that is difficult to brush; if you use a brush that is difficult to groom, you may accidentally make mascara stick to your eyelids.

So before you buy, you should thoroughly research the brush tip design to see if this is the head shape that matches the function and requirements you are looking for.

Choose Mascara With A Professional Makeup Remover

Because these mascaras are strongly water-resistant and difficult to remove, some mascaras without using a specialized makeup remover will be very difficult to remove. In order not to put too much pressure on your eyelids, choose an easy-to-remove mascara.

Our suggestion is to choose a mascara that can be removed with warm water or buy a makeup remover from the same brand as mascara if the same brand sells makeup remover products. The manufacturer will know the product’s formula to produce the most suitable makeup remover products to remove their mascara.


The thicker the Mascara solution, the harder it becomes for the Mascara to float.

Usually, waterproof mascara is difficult to float, but after testing at my best, I found that the thicker the mascara solution and the former the texture, the harder it is to smudge the product. Since your lashes are well covered, your lashes will become less washed out after being groomed.

Products that tend to smudge easily are those with a watery liquid mascara solution. The adhesion is weak, and if it contains fiber that lengthens the eyelashes, the fiber will easily come off. Therefore, if using liquid mascara should limit use when swimming or going to the beach, activities exposed to water.


What is Mascara?

Mascara is used to shape lashes, make lashes become curvy and long, increase their thickness to make eyes bigger and more attractive.

Mascara can be used to brush foundation lashes, lower eyelashes, make eyebrows shine, or even replace eyeliner.

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How to prevent mascara from clumping?

There are many ways for you to store your mascara for a long time without clumping. You can soak mascara in warm water for 5 – 10 minutes to soften the cream. Add a few drops of olive oil and gently shake to make sure the mascara works best. 

Alternatively, you can put about 7 drops of tears into the mascara bottle, gently shake. Thanks to the composition of the eye drops, the clumped cream will quickly dissolve. However, you should not use this method for mascara waterproof because it will make this product lumpier and not melt.

Does the mascara look as glamorous as advertised?

If you use mascara according to the instructions for use and choose good products, deep, sexy eyes are no longer difficult for you to own.

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Why mascara Maybelline New York but says “Made in China”?

Because Maybelline has many factories located in many different countries worldwide, most of the products in Vietnam are made in China. But please rest assured because the product quality is still guaranteed.

In addition to the top 10 mascara products above you can refer to, there are also mascara products originating from Thailand with extremely reasonable prices or mascara from coconut oil that is very benign for eyelashes.

Watching this video to pick the best mascara in a gold tube for you:

Conclude: Our Answer For The Best Mascara In A Gold Tube

I hope the above article helped you to have more information about mascara in a gold tube. If you want to choose 1 mascara in a gold tube, you can refer to the top 5 best mascara in a gold tube in the table below.

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