Relyon Humidifier – Effective Way To Protect Your Health

It is common for you and your family to suffer from dry indoor air in the winter. Dry air brings you more dangerous problems than you might think and you plan to buy a humidifier as a way to help you out. If you are looking for an affordable device that can work in a much cost-effective way.  The Relyon humidifier may be the right answer for you as it is for my family.

There is no doubt that winter is the flu season. It is easy for my kids to catch a cold and they have always complained about their noses getting so dry, itchy, and ended up with nosebleeds. My skin becomes chaps and chafes which make me look dull all the time and my 72-year-old parents suffered from arthritis. That was the time I decided to purchase a ReliOn humidifier and I have had no regret since it seems to ease all the symptoms that we experienced in the winter months.

It worked for my family but whether it is suitable for you is what you must decide for yourself. Let’s check out and see all the benefits the machine offers as bellows.

Things to consider before buying a humidifier

relyon humidifier

Your need

If you are searching for a suitable humidifier for the winter months, the first thing you should know is there is no humidifier that can meet all requirements. There are three basic types of humidifiers depending on the moisture types your need:

  1. Cool mist humidifiers: If you need a good humidifier for your baby room, this is the optimal option for you.
  2. Warm mist humidifiers: If you don’t have kids or pets, you can go for a warm mist one.
  3. Dual mist humidifiers: If you want a humidifier for both cool and warm mist, you can choose a dual one but the price will be higher compared to the two types mentioned.


This can be a major factor to look at, especially if you live in a small apartment.

You should consider your room and home size to choose the most suitable one for your family. If you want a great humidifier for the entire house or a thousand square feet area and are not short on budget, a whole-house humidifier is a great choice. However, if your house is quite small, it is better for you to go for a portable humidifier at a lower price and great enough to take care of around 300 square feet. If you don’t know how large your home is, measure it otherwise the humidifier cannot work properly and may let you down.


No matter what types you intend to but, it is vital for you to keep the device clean by refilling and cleaning the tank after running out of water every day. By doing so, you can protect your humidifier from the build-up of bacteria & mold. Especially, if you want to own an evaporative humidifier, you will need to change the filter. However, ultrasonic humidifiers allow you to do more cleaning and require less maintenance as they don’t use filters. On the other hand, the price of ultrasonic types is higher.

As maintenance is important, you should consider whether that type of humidifier is easy to clean by yourselves or are you willing to pay more for a humidifier with less maintenance.  


relyon humidifier

Another thing that you should take into consideration is the noise from the humidifier may make during operating. This is because a lot of people are sensitive to the noise or you don’t expect to wake up your small kids in the middle of the night. When it comes to evaporative cool mist humidifiers, you should know that they will be quite loud as they use fans. However, some models are quieter than others though they are at the same price. If you want a quiet humidifier, you may love the humidifiers with ultrasonic techniques.

Tank Capacity

How large the tank will decide how often you need to refill the tank. In order words, the larger space a humidifier handles, the faster it runs out of water. If you are busy refilling the tank frequently, I recommend you check the tank capacity carefully and see how long the device can run before you settle on any specific type.


Last but not least, a humidifier is a device in day-to-day life during the winter so that you should consider whether the humidifier you choose can go well with other furniture in your house. Besides, there are many humidifiers with various styles and you can choose one that meets your needs and budget.

ReliOn Humidifier

relyon humidifier

ReliOn or Reli On is a newcomer in the market of humidifiers in comparison with the bigger brand like Vicks. ReliOn specializes in producing healthcare-related items and when they introduced Relion Humidifier, it has become quite popular. ReliOn Humidifier is an affordable device that can enable you to ease asthma or seasonal allergies. 

Let’s take a look at this ReliOn humidifier to see how great it is compared to other competitors

First and foremost, the ReliOn humidifier is designed to be fairly unique. I have to say that they are not really visually appealing but look somewhat clinical. Since the design is simple, you can find that both Relion cool mist and warm mist humidifier are easy to clean, carry and fill with water. As for the Relion cool mist humidifier, there is a carry handle at the top that helps you to move the device around easily. However, the ReliOn humidifier is not as eye-catching and sleek as other modern humidifiers with higher prices. 

If air Innovations’ products use ceramic filters and require no replacement. You should remember that Relion cool mist humidifiers differ from ultrasonic humidifiers. They use filters and you need to replace them quite regularly in order to ensure they are in good condition. If the maintenance of replacing filters bother you, you may want to go for another humidifier. But also be warned, a humidifier with an ultrasonic technique cost a lot more than a  Relion humidifier.

When it comes to operation, the way a Relion cool mist humidifier works is quite simple. The wick filter is responsible for absorbing the water and removes all impurities and then the fan will blow the cool water out into the room. Remember that a ReliOn cool mist humidifier with the evaporative technique will require ongoing maintenance and a long-term cost.

Moreover, I find it necessary to mention the water leakage issues as some users have dealt with such problems during using this model. However, I have to say I have never coped with any drip or water mess. I always make sure to place the water tank correctly into the machine and the problem solved.

Overall, if you just look for a humidifier with an affordable price, simple design, and proper performance, a ReliOn humidifier is what you need.

Here are the pros and cons of the ReliOn humidifier that you should know:


  • Affordable price
  • The vapor output is great
  • Easy to clean and carry 
  • Two moistures setting for diverse uses
  • Can humidify large area


  • Uninspiring design
  • Filters need replacing for proper performance

Features And Benefits

Common Features 

The ReliOn humidifier offers you two moisture types including cool and warm mist. Both types have some common features and benefits as below.

Large output

relyon humidifier

One of the first things that you should take into account to find the best humidifier is operation time. Different types of humidifiers have different operation time. 

As for the ReliOn humidifier for both warm and cool mist, they can hold about more than two gallons of water which offers you 8 to 10 hours of use at the high setting and 24 hours of operation with low setting. It sounds great, isn’t it? With long operation time, Relion humidifiers can constantly create an ideal humid environment for your home and save you from all concerns for an entire day after just one time of filling water (of course, if you run at a low setting).

Accordingly, you can set the Relion humidifier going and enjoy your sleep without worrying about keeping refilling it.

Moisture settings

The ReliOn humidifier comes in low and high settings. As mentioned, the humidifier requires more water for a high setting and can run up to 24 hours without refilling water with a low setting. However, it may disappoint those who expect a medium setting that is not involved in most affordable devices like ReliOn humidifier.

Besides, it is essential for you to know about the noise of ReliOn models at the high setting. The solution is to install the humidifier at a high setting for a while then switch it to a low setting before going to bed.  By doing so, you not only can maintain the humidity level but also handle the noise of the device. This is what I usually do to make the most of an affordable device like the Relion one. 

Different Features


There will be no worry about filters if you use a Relion warm mist model; however, a Relion cool mist humidifier relies on filters that need to be replaced once a month if you use the device daily. You can find replacement filters easily on Amazon with a variety of prices but generally cost about 4 dollars per filter. 

You may wonder why we need a humidifier with a filter if we need to replace those filters that often. This is because it allows you to filter the bacteria, germs, and viruses in the air and gives you fresh air. Therefore, Relion cool mist humidifier is suitable for any family with ill people as a way not to spread the sickness to other members of the family. 

To lengthen the lifespan of the filters, distilled water is the best option. Aside from that, no matter if you go for a Relion warm mist or cool mist humidifier, it is important for you to do the usual maintenance like draining and cleaning so that the humidifier can run in the most effective way. You can try a mixture of white water and vinegar and leave about half an hour to clean the humidifier.

Auto Shut-off

relyon humidifier

A ReliOn warm mist humidifier operates quietlier than a cool-mist model, you may sometimes forget you are using one. However, the warm mist model is designed with an auto shut-off sensor and it won’t keep working if it runs out of water. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about monitoring it constantly.

So that is an overall look at the ReliOn humidifier. As for Relion warm mist models, there seems to be no problem, and do exactly what you want. They can help you to put out lots of steam quickly and work constantly for the whole night even at the high setting if you fill it up before going to sleep. Also, the quiet operation and auto shut-up feature of ReliOn warm mist models show that they mean to support your sleep. 

Moreover, the design of the humidifiers is easy to carry, clean, and look great on any table. On the downside, the warm mist models consume more energy and are quite dangerous if you have kids and animals around because of their heating element. 

With regard to the ReliOn cool mist models, it is obvious that they can avoid some disadvantages of evaporative humidifiers. They require ongoing maintenance including frequent cleaning and filter replacement to avoid accumulating bacteria growth. However, since these models have no burn hazard, they are safe for your babies and young children. 

Furthermore, if you look for a humidifier for year-round use, Relion cool mist device is a perfect option as you definitely don’t expect more warm mist in the already-humid summer months. If the noise of the device bothers you, just leave it at the high setting when you are not around, then turn it to a low setting and enjoy the ideal environment.

Finally, the ReliOn humidifier is cost-effective but still lacks some features. However, if you want an affordable device, I highly recommend you consider the Relion humidifier.


Sharp KC-850U Plasma cluster Air Purifier with Humidifying

Sharp Triple Action Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function (254 sq. ft.), KC-850U , White
  • NATURALLY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY FOR TRULY CLEAN AIR, BUILT-INTO OVER 80 MILLION PRODUCTS SINCE 2001: Sharp’s exclusive patented Plasma cluster ion technology eliminates microscopic pollutants that traditional filters cannot trap, by replicating nature’s own cleaning process of producing positive and negative ions from water vapor in the air
  • VERIFIED AROUND THE WORLD: Plasma cluster Ion Technology has proven effective in reducing certain viruses including MS2 (Viral Stimulant); certain bacteria including E-Coli, Staphylococcus, epidermidis, and Serratia marcescens; certain common molds and fungus, including Penicilillum and Aspergillus Niger; and most odors that conventional filters don’t reach. And has been tested and confirmed in 17 tests by laboratories in the USA as well as in the U. K. , Germany, Japan, South Korea, China and Vietnam

Have you ever found it difficult to choose between “Clean air” and “Humidity”? If you have, here is the right answer for you. 

The Sharp KC-850U Plasma cluster Air Purifier with Humidifying allows you to purify and humidity a large area up to 254 sq. feet. A really strong machine I have to say. In order words, this model not only protects your family from common diseases in the winter like cold, flu, or allergies but also enhances air quality all the time thanks to the true HEPA filtration system. 

Besides, this device is a great option for those who can’t stand the smell of cigarettes or cigars left behind if any member of your family or friend enjoys smoking inside the house. Cigarette or cigar smoke not only makes you feel uncomfortable but also has adverse impacts on your health, especially if you have kids. 

Moreover, it is vital to know that the dry air inside the house is a great environment for allergens to thrive in the winter months, which leads to fatal conditions such as cough, asthma, croup, etc. Thus, installing a combo of air purifier and humidifier can help you to improve the humidity and protect you from harmful chemicals, pollutants, and allergens because of tobacco smoking. 

Actually, with a 2-in-1 device like the Sharp KC-850U Plasma cluster Air Purifier with Humidifying, you cannot expect it performs excellently like a solo air purifier. It does not remove completely the smoke but it only eliminates the smoke particles left behind. However, it is great enough to remove the odor, musty smell, and improve air quality. Will your home smell better? Yes, it is. It gives you back the freshness but does not make your room aromatic.

Another factor that may make you want to own this device is the adjustable ultra-quiet fan, which is an ideal feature for those who are sensitive to the noise and wish to have a quiet humidifier for their sleep.

Overall, if you look for a good 2-in-1 machine that maintains the air for breathing healthy, improves the humidity, and saves considerable space without spending lots of money, there is no better option than an air purifier and humidifier combo like Sharp KC 850U. 

TTLIFE 6L Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers

TTLIFE 6L Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers for Large Room Baby Bedroom, Humidifiers with Remote, Essential Oil, Customized Humidity, LED Touch Display, for Your Family
  • ★【DESIGNED FOR LARGE ROOM】: Our humidifier is equipped with a 6L large water tank and 360 ° adjustable double nozzles, which can evenly humidify your space, up to 750 square feet! No need to add water frequently, and each refilling can last up to 40 hours of continuous work.
  • ★【WARM & COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER】: Whether it’s sweltering hot or chilly in your house, stay comfortable all year round with both cool and warm mist settings. In the winter, unclog sinuses and soothe scratchy throats, and in the summer, keep your body cool and your skin moisturized. Three cool and warm mist levels for you to choose an ideal humidity level for comfort and health.

The TTLIFE Portable Humidifier has received lots of positive comments from users for all the right reasons.

First and foremost, it has a good capacity of the 5.5-liter tank (1.45 gal) that allows it to work constantly for up to 40 hours in the cold low mist. Therefore, you and your family can enjoy ideal humidity for the whole day without worry about refilling the device often.

It offers three modes including an auto mode, constant humidify mode, and sleep one. As for auto mode, the machine will diffuse mist until the air gets a suitable level of humidity (it’s a great function if you are busy with your housework and have no time to adjust the device). 

The second mode is constant humidity mode and you can adjust the humidity level via the LED display screen where it shows the accurate real humidity. 40 to 50 percent is the optimal range of humidity that you should adjust around.

The last mode is the sleep one which will be activated if you press the time button for over three seconds. As the name implies, this mode is for sleeping and the led light will turn off not to bother your sleep. 

Besides, you can set the timer depending on your needs and the humidifier will automatically shut off when the time is over. Plus, the essential oil tray also allows you to add your favorite essential oil and the humidifier will play the role of a diffuser. Doesn’t it sound great to make your room scented with a humidifier?

Last but not least, if you have grow room, the TTLIFE humidifier is what you should go for. It is hard for a lot of plants to deal with the cool of the winter just like animals. Most humidifiers are only designed for cool or warm mist but TTLIFE Humidifier can give you both. 

You can use the cool mist function for yourself and the warm mist feature to give your plants more moisture to grow well in the dry condition of winter. The rotatable 369 valve is also really convenient as it assists you to direct the mist in case you don’t want to damage any wood furniture placed around.

In short, the TTLIFE humidifier is a great device for diverse use, it performs well and the decent design will get on well with any decor of your house.

Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier

Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom (6L) - Filterless, Quiet, Ultrasonic - Large Room Home Air Vaporizer with Diffuser and Essential Oil Tray (White)
  • 💨Long Lasting Coverage for Your Home, Office, Nursery, or Dorm: Our ultrasonic humidifier has a 6 liter (1.6 gallon) tank that works in rooms up to 500 sq feet and lasts for up to 50 hours
  • 🌺Not Your Average Air Humidifier: We included an essential oil tray that circulates fragrant oils into the cool mist, giving you a pure and fresh smelling aroma throughout your home

If you find it lazy to change the filters of humidifiers and want to stay away from ongoing replacement costs, Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier with ultrasonic technology will help you out. You may wonder that there are numerous ultrasonic humidifiers in the market, that’s true but we consider this device to be outstanding as it is not only affordable but also performs well. 

First, what makes us impressed the most is its huge water capacity of 6L which allows it to consistently humidify up to 50 hours in between refills. The essential tray also satisfies those who want to make their home smell better. Besides, it features auto shut off which protects your device when it runs out of water.

In addition, we noticed that most families have pets and you should know that our furry pets also cope with respiratory issues like wheezing, feline asthma, or dry itchy skin due to poor quality of air in the winter. Therefore, a cool-mist humidifier like Everlasting Comfort Humidifier which doesn’t boil water for humidifying is totally safe for pets. 

You can also use the essential oils for your pets as a way to enhance their moods but be careful to use suitable essential oils otherwise they will be toxic to your pets.

Finally, the everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier with ultrasonic technology will keep you away from the loud fan which is ideal if you use it for your baby room. 

Air Innovations MH-701BA 

Air Innovations MH-701BA Ultrasonic Quiet 1.70 Gallon Cool Mist Aromatherapy Digital Humidifier with 5 Settings for Large Rooms up to 600 Sq Feet (Red)
  • Features: 1.7-gallon tank that runs for a full 96 hours on low (12 nights of sleep) and is completely silent when running, permanent ceramic filter you never need to replace, 5 mist settings, adjustable humidistat, 24-hour timer, remote control
  • Versatility: The Air Innovations model 701BA ultrasonic, cool mist, smart humidifier is one of the top rated, longest running, and most versatile humidifiers available for its size.

Considering the fact that summer is about to come and your family may struggle with the severe problem of pollen and mold, a cool-mist humidifier like Air Innovations MH-701BA  is necessary. It helps you to keep the humidity at a suitable level and keep your home cool in hot weather. 

How long the tank lasts is important since a lot of people don’t want to be bothered with monitoring the humidifier constantly. The good news is MH-701BA is designed for running for up to 96 hours on the lowest setting with a large tank of 1.7-gallon, which is suitable for family to use it in daily life. When the tank runs out of water, “waterless” will be shown on the display.

As for design, this device is sturdy, elegant with an extendable nozzle but bigger than the average ones in size. Thus, you need to give this model more space if you want to place it on the table. Even when you place it on the floor, you can enjoy humid air with an extendable nozzle. Besides, MH-701BA offers you a variety of colors and you can choose your favorite color to match your room. 

Aside from that, if you have young kids, this machine is the best choice. With ultrasonic technology, it is absolutely quiet and the remote control makes it even more convenient for parents to control. Additionally, the humidifier does not warm the mist so they save considerable energy and save for young kids. 

Furthermore, the humidifier features a ceramic filter that is durable, does not require replacement, and helps you to filter out dust, dirt, and other particles. However, you should know that it can prevent white dust.

After all, Air Innovations MH-701BA are made from Florida where is famous for its humid climate. It seems to be designed to solve all trouble you may have in the boiling summer. 

To sum up, MH-701BA is one of the most silent and kid-friendly humidifiers with advanced technology. The large tank for long operation time and ceramic filter for durability also outweigh the disadvantage of cleaning problem.  Again, there is no humidifier that fits all need, and MH-701BA is considered to be the cost-effective device if cleaning problem does not bother so much.


Since the weather is getting hotter in the summer and colder in the winter, controlling the humidity level indoors is more necessary than ever, especially in the winter. The humidity level around 40 to 60 percent is healthy and comfortable no matter how old you are. Besides, our pets, plants, and wood furniture also benefit from it. If you still wonder about how important a humidifier to your life, let’s take a look at the following video:

You can see that we strongly recommend the ReliOn humidifier among numerous humidifiers in the market. This is because we’ve done lots of research and tests and found out that the ReliOn humidifier is outstanding when it comes to designs, features in the affordable range of budget.

With a ReliOn humidifier, you can go for a warm or cool mist model depending on your needs. The ReliOn humidifier also offers you a wide water tank for a long run time up to 24 hours with a low setting, which helps to protect your family for the whole day.

Although the ReliOn humidifier lacks a medium setting, they involve a low and high setting which is great enough to adjust the humidity. The simple design of Relion models also makes it easy to use, clean, and move any place you want. Overall, if you want to purchase a humidifier to perform well with basic functions at an affordable price, a ReliOn humidifier is the optimal choice.

However, we know that many people are willing to spend more money on a humidifier with a lot more functions. Therefore, we have introduced you to 4 alternatives with a wide range of budgets and their own benefits as well as disadvantages. 

If you look for the best device for your young kids, Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier is an ideal device. If you want a humidifier for both winter and summer, TTLIFE Portable Humidifier is the optimal option. If the most silent humidifier with an impressive look is what you’ve been searching for, Air Innovations MH-701BA won’t let you down. And if you want an air purifier with humidifying, Sharp KC-850U Plasma cluster device is designed for you.

Besides, if you decide to go for a humidifier without purifying function and still want a purifier, the top best quietest air purifiers may give you the right answer. Additionally, it is true that humidifiers can help your parents deal with arthritis pain in the winter; however, if the symptom is too serious, we recommend you check out this article to give your parents a big surprise. 

Finally, if you find this article useful, I would really appreciate it if you could share your thoughts and recommend it to your friends. I hope you can choose the humidifier that meets all your requirements for you and your family to stay healthy in the more and more severe weather.

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