Top 13 Best Knee Massager For Arthritis Reviews 2021

Do you or your beloved suffer from arthritis everyday? Your pain gets worse but you don’t have much time to go to therapy? That is a really irritating condition in which not only you have to feel the terrible pain but also makes your moving become more challenging. So finding a best knee massager for arthritis is a perfect solution for you.

We understand that there are so many kinds of knee massager for arthritis in the market that you can feel confused when trying to select a suitable one. Also, the high price of these products is another problem that you find hard to make a decision. Hence, a list with 13 best knee massages for arthritis below will be informative and helpful. Let’s check it out!

Best Knee Massager For Arthritis Comparison 2021

​HEZHENG Cordless Compression Knee Massager

​LANDWIND Electric Knee Massager

Carepeutic KH317 Knee and Joint Physiotherapy Massager

​Heated Vibration Knee Massager, Knee Brace Wrap Physiotherapy Massager

​Beurer EM34 2-in-1 Knee & Elbow TENS Unit, Electric Massager


Best Overall Knee Massager For Arthritis

Best Knee Massager For Specialized Treatment

Best Knee Massager For Technology Applied

Best Knee Massager For Heat Function

Best Knee Massager For Vibration Level

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Top 13 Best Knee Massager For Arthritis Reviews 2021

HEZHENG Cordless Compression Knee Massager

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One of the best knee massager for arthritis as well as other chronic pain conditions is HEZHENG massager. What can be noticeable here is its unique construction. That is because this device is not for standard treatment but for those who need specialized treatment.

The best thing about HEZHENG massager is that it’s versatile. There are five different functions including a special method from Japan – Shiatsu, which makes you feel like there are fingers pressing on your body. Besides, users can set a timer applied in the product to greatly enjoy the wide range of options with 10 level intensity and 8 modes the company provides.

This is a single device using on one knee at a time only with a rechargeable battery and you can find it easy to use the control panel. HEZHENG provides a 90-day warranty if you find any problem with this product.


  • Wide range of options that suitable for many types of pain conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Can charge the battery quickly


  • Only use on one knee at a time 
  • Uncomfortable design

LANDWIND Electric Knee Massager

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One of the best knee massager for arthritis we are going to recommend for you right now is LANDWIND Electric Knee Massager. The product consists of 3 levels of heating as well as 3 vibration levels that are perfect for knee joints.

On top of that, red light therapy and far-infrared heat are fabulous settings to ease your pain. Besides, these settings are also good for your blood circulation and flow around your knee. One of the reasons you should buy this product is that it is portable due to the rechargeable 2200mah battery provided, along with a 15-minute timer that there is no need worrying about overheating.

LANDWIND Electric Knee Massager fits a joint that has a girth of 16 inches. Red light therapy and far-infrared heat are completely safe because the product is drug free and non-invasive as well as has no side-effect, along with heat protection.


  • Effective heat setting
  • Specialized treatment for arthritis and others pain conditions
  • Control panel is easy to use


  • Thicker knees may not fit this product
  • Vibration can be intense for several users

VANI Knee Massager with Heat and Vibration

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The next product we will mention in this Best Knee Massager For Arthritis Reviews 2021 list is VANI Knee Massager. The amazing design makes this product versatile, which means that you can use it on not only your knee but also your arms. You can enjoy The airbag compression massage and heating setting with a wide range of temperature at the same time or separately.

The product has various buttons with different functions to meet users’ needs. Lithium batteries that are rechargeable provide powerful vibration to relieve stiffness and pain conditions. It also enhances sleeping quality and blood flow as well. The massager will automatically turn-off due to the 15-minute timers, so it is reliable and safe to use.


  • Various benefits
  • Versatile
  • Safe and effective heating settings


  • Bulky design

Carepeutic KH317 Knee and Joint Physiotherapy Massager

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One of the best knee massager for arthritis you should consider is Carepeutic KH317. This is a Superconducting Acupressure massager that can be used on knees, shoulder and elbow. The benefits of this unit is to ease the pain and joint swelling, enhance muscle tissue stiffness, relieve muscle tension as well as improve blood flow thanks to the built-in magnets.

The product fits knees with circumference up to 20’’ and has adjustable straps to modify. There is also a strap for shoulders. The technology applied here includes infrared heat therapy and thermal energy that can penetrate deeply into your body. Vibration mechanism offers a comfortable massage for muscle tension and joints as well. There is a 30-minute timer which automatically turns off to ensure the effectiveness of the product. 


  • High-quality technology applied
  • Adjustable design
  • Powerful vibration mechanism


  • Vibration can be intensive for some users

FIT KING Heated Knee Massager with Air Compression Massage

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What a FIT KING massager can do is not only relieve your knee but also massage your calf and thigh to reduce stiffness as well as enhance blood circulation. Like VANI massager, you can use air compression with 2+2 compression airbags and heating functions together or separately based on your need. There are two heating levels and 3 massage modes available for you to choose.

The best thing about this product is it is adjustable and large enough to fit with most types of customers thanks to Velcros. Moreover, you can have a power adapter, two knee massagers, a user manual, and a storage bag in your purchase.


  • Various benefits
  • Suitable for most customers
  • Have useful accessories in your purchase


  • Limited massage modes

Beurer EM34 2-in-1 Knee & Elbow TENS Unit, Electric Massager

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Beurer Massager will be one of the products in our knee massager for arthritis recommendation because of its marvelous technology applied in this product. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) electronic helps pulses to be delivered to your nerves that get rid of pain and relax muscles.

This product has up to 25 intensity levels and the control panel is easy to observe and control. Though it seems to be bulky but in fact the machine is lightweight so that it is comfortable to use.

It can be used on knees or elbows also. Adjustable hook-and-loop design assists users to loose or fasten based on their knee or elbow size. The package includes a belt clip as well as batteries.


  • Wide range of intensity levels
  • High quality technology applied
  • Lightweight


  • Non-rechargeable batteries

Heated Vibration Knee Massager, Knee Brace Wrap Physiotherapy Massager

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The next one is Heated Vibration Knee Massager, which has 3 modes in different range of temperature: high-frequency vibration, (131-140℉), constant vibration (122-131℉) low-frequency vibration (113-122℉). The control panel allows users to modify the temperature and vibration based on their needs.

The knee braces have adjustable velcro that can apply for those who have the knee girth about 13.5-19 inches. It also fits shoulder and elbows joint thanks to Ergonomic design.

The product is suitable for older people and knee injury people. Its functions will help to ease the pain of knee joint swelling, rheumatism, numbness, arthritis as well as enhance blood circulation. The company provides the package with an adapter, power bank and one-year guarantee as well.


  • Suitable for arms and shoulders
  • Effective heat function
  • Flexible design for knee


  • Multi-strap design is needed for elderly people

HailiCare Heated Knee Massager, Heat & Vibration

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HailiCare massager provides heat therapy and vibration mode together in one knee wrap. You can use these 2 modes at the same time or separately. Both heat setting and vibration mode have 3 different levels with 3 different color indicators that users can easily control.

They will help you relax your muscles, reduce swelling and stiffness. A rechargeable battery in this unit will keep heat setting stable, fast and supply power for a long time. HailiCare massager can resolve a lot of problems such as arthritis, meniscus and ease joint pains associated with sprains, overexertion, etc. 


  • Resolve most joint pains
  • Powerful battery
  • Effective heat therapy


  • It is not adjustable

Yosoo Health Gear Heated Massage

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The massager provides ultra-comfy hot therapy for injury recovery and pain relief. Plus, you can use it on thighs, calves, arms to relieve muscle soreness as well as cramps due to 2 massage motors. This product is also good for joint pain, stiffness and swelling. Other benefits of this massager consist of improving blood circulation, metabolism and immune system.

It is adjustable and stays in place during use thanks to bifurcate straps and hook-and-loop closure. The pad is always looked at the positions of the leg or arm, so that there is no need to hold the unit by hand. There are 3 temperature ranges to choose, but remember not using the highest range for too long, which may have a counter effect to your knee. 


  • Have a lot of benefits
  • Adjustable construction
  • Safety material


  • It may not work with high volts

HailiCare Wireless Heated Knee Massager With Vibration

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You can use it wherever you want because this product is wireless with 2 power banks for each brace that can run up to 3 hours for each use. The rubber grips on the skin side will help the braces remain firmly during use.

This product consists of 3 levels of vibration and 3 heat settings. The gentle vibration and soothing heat is good for sore joints as well as arthritis and other pain conditions such as bone stinging, swelling.

You can easily wash the product either by hand or machine after taking off the power banks. The best thing is the company will provide lifetime replacements that simply refund your money with no other requirement if you feel unhappy about your purchase. 


  • Portable device that you can use it anytime, anywhere you want
  • Quite motor
  • Various settings
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Intensive vibration in some certain conditions.

ComfIer Heated Knee Brace Wrap

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Comfler Heated Knee Brace Wrap is constructed with 2 wraparound braces and adjustable Velcro scraps, which keep your knees always fitting with the product. The soft and velvety material is safe and comfortable for your skin.

This product contains 5 different modes to meet your demands including wave, pulse, quick pulse, continuous and a combination mode. 4 motors and a heating function are applied for each brace to optimize your massage experience.

You can use it to massage your arms, though it may not really fit them. Moreover, the straps are 24.8 inches wide for each, which can fit to most types of body. 


  • Versatile and comfortable unit
  • Effective heat treatments
  • Shut-off automatically


  • Intense vibration
  • A little bit bulky
  • Unable to wash

Wireless Heating Knee Pads Knee Massager

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Compared to other heating massagers, the heating setting of this product is very gentle, which is comfortable for your skin, thanks to neoprene braces. The hook-and-loop closure construction ensures the product remains in place while you’re using it. You can use this massager for your elbow and shoulder.

There are 3 setting buttons including heat, massage mode and timer based on users’ preference. Also, this is a wireless device that has a 2-hour battery. Hence, using it while working is completely possible. 


  • Portable
  • Suitable with various types of body
  • Low price


  • The motor can be noisy

MS.DEAR Knee Heating Wrap Knee Support for Arthritis

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This knee wrap can work perfectly with the ultra comfy hot and cold therapy to recover your knee and ease the pain effectively. There are 3 levels of temperature that you can modify based on your preference. You can use calves, thighs for relieving soreness and cramps.

The design allows the wrap to be tight and in place while you are using thanks to bifurcate straps, along with hook-and-loop closure. You can jog when using it due to the strong Velcro of this unit. 


  • Fitting size
  • Affordable price
  • Support cold therapy


  • It may not fit for all users

What Should You Notice When Selecting A Massager?


The material can impact on your experience. You feel comfortable or not based on the material used to make the skin side. You should also take extra insulation into consideration if this device has heat setting. Besides, a massager with removable covers that are able to wash by both hand and machine is a good option for you.

best knee massager for arthritis

Heat setting

best knee massager for arthritis

Heat setting can be good for ease the pain and improve blood circulation as well, so that enhances the benefits of massager functions. Moreover, some massagers have a heat setting combined with extra mode in order to improve your experience. If you are seeking a knee massager for arthritis, selecting the one applied heat setting is a good option.

Turn-off mode

What if you are asleep while using a massager? Actually it just lessens its benefits as well as the massager itself a little bit. Sounds not really bad, right? But it is quite different if this unit has a heating function. It can lead to overheating and indeed it will harm your knee a lot, especially old people. Also, operating for a long time, of course, makes your massager get hot, which reduces its lifetime strongly. Hence, a unit with automatic turn-off function is a perfect solution for this issue. 

best knee massager for arthritis


Beside turn-off mode, timer is also another element that you should look for when purchasing a knee massager for arthritis. It not only prevents the overuse of massager when you forget to turn off but also has a wide range of time settings to adapt to your situation, boosting its benefits itself. Most units nowadays set the timer for 15 minutes, which is enough to optimize the advantages provided.


best knee massager for arthritis

Most massagers will offer the information about the maximum knee girth that it can adapt. It can’t work effectively when it doesn’t fit your knee, particularly if you are thin or have a thick knee. You can find some adjustable ones but some high-quality products with unique style, they have only one size or limited in adjustable structure. So keep in mind this information.


It is not a big problem but just take it into account to improve your experience. There is a small difference between electric products and infrared ones. Thinking carefully about your pain condition to choose the right one. Normally, infrared massager is more effective.

Wireless or not

The corded unit which has an electrical outlet, along with brace-style that are usually connected together, can restrict your movement so much. Although it will be expensive to purchase a wireless device, it is flexible and helps you to move around, then you can use the product anytime and anywhere you want. If you are a busy person, finding a unit that you can massage and work simultaneously, so that it will save your time a lot. 

best knee massager for arthritis

Some Common Questions About Massager

Are knee massagers nowadays safe or not?

best knee massager for arthritis

We would say it is completely safe. The technology nowadays will provide more and more high-quality products for you and optimize your massage experience. But of course, reading carefully and following the instructions provided is necessary if you don’t want unexpected incidents. For example, check the time which is recommended in the guideline or the suitable heat level based on your pain conditions. 

Should we use massager regularly? 

Maybe you’re worried that it is not good to use massager regularly. But based on our experience, once a day will give the best results for your knees, especially in the evening when you are about to go to sleep. It can improve your sleeping quality and the effectiveness of its benefits. 

best knee massager for arthritis

Does vibration ease knee pain?

Yes, indeed. The vibration can reduce inflammation, which is the main reason causing the knee pain. The vibration will ease the pain and improve the function of your joints overall. 

Is massager safe for everyone?

We would say yes, in most cases, yet there are some cases that you should have advice from doctors including: those who had knee surgery or injury, who are pregnant, who are using other medical devices that may cause electrical interference.

Watch video below to understand more about the massager we highly recommend to purchase: 

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Knee Massager For Arthritis

There are a lot of elements that you have to consider carefully before purchasing a messager because the pain conditions of everyone are different to each other. One unit can be good for some but not good for others. The diversity of products in the market nowadays can give you plenty of options but also make you confused and waste a lot of time to choose a suitable one. You can look for all of the elements such as material, heat setting, size, and more that we mentioned above to select the best one for you. Based on these categories, we created our Top 5 Best Knee Massager For Arthritis Reviews 2021 List can help you select a knee massager for arthritis on your own. 


BEST Overall Knee Massager For Arthritis

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BEST Knee Massager For Specialized Treatment

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BEST Knee Massager For Technology Applied

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BEST Knee Massager For Heat Function

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BEST Knee Massager For Vibration Level

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HEZHENG massager will be the best knee massager for arthritis in our list. You hardly find a unit that has specialized treatment from Japan like this one. This traditional treatment can resolve your pain conditions very well, and make you feel relaxed after using. The versatility is also the thing that you should consider to purchase it. With 10 level intensity and 8 massage modes, which have different functions to deal with different types of pain conditions, you have many ways to enjoy your massage experience. This cordless device has a rechargeable battery so you can freely move around when it is operating. It can only use one knee at a time but its benefits are worth buying.

Light therapy and far-infrared heat are the marvelous settings of LANDWIND Electric Knee Massager that can treat your arthritis well. These 2 settings can help you to deal with other types of pain conditions and boost blood circulation around the knee area as well. it is portable due to the rechargeable 2200mah battery and this battery can provide a powerful supply to the unit. If you are in doubt about the far-infrared heat, don’t worry because it is non-invasive and has no-side effects. We believe this unit will heal your arthritis better than any others.

What a knee massager for arthritis can have to become outstanding from other products is the technology it has. Superconducting Acupressure of Carepeutic KH317 is the thing that makes it special. On top of that, the combination of infrared heat therapy and thermal energy help the therapy more than perfect. If you think 2 massagers above are quite pricey, but you still want a high-quality product, this massager will be the best for you.

Heated Vibration Knee Massager, with 3 different temperature modes, will give you the experience that you never have before. The range of temperature is calculated thoroughly to boost the effectiveness of easing pain conditions. Plus, along with arthritis, it can assist you to deal with a lot of types of pain conditions such as rheumatism, numbness. The benefits are valuable and the price is affordable, there is no reason to not buy this one for you and your beloved.

The last one in our Top 5 Best Knee Massager For Arthritis Reviews 2021 List is Beurer EM34. How can you find the device that has up to 25 intensity levels like Beurer EM34? If you are worried about the vibrations in massagers these days, Beurer EM34 will provide a super wide range of intensity levels that can help you select your ideal level that is perfectly suitable to your situation. On the other hand, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) electronic applied in the product will enhance the value of the unit.

No one wants to suffer the pain for a long time since it is really annoying and hinders your daily activities a lot. So that looking for a knee massager for arthritis is necessary to improve your life and support your movement. However, it can be challenging for you to absorb too much information on the internet and decide which massager is good as well as safe for your body.

Hence, we are here to give you useful information to help your deal with your pain as soon as possible. We hope that our article and Top 5 Best Knee Massager For Arthritis Reviews 2021 List can help you make a better decision to choose a massager adapting to your preference. If you make up your mind, get your ideal product now!

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