Quietest Home Oxygen Concentrator: Top-Rated 10 List Quiet Home Oxygen Reviews 2024

An oxygen concentrator is a specialized and essential medical device to perform pure oxygen therapy at a medical center, hospital, or at home. This is a relatively important device for users because it substantially impacts the patient’s recovery. This machine is suitable for patients in the recovery stage, patients with severe respiratory diseases. In recent times, the demand for pure oxygen has exploded with many high-end oxygen generators, reasonable prices, outstanding sales, and exceptionally extremely quiet. Here is the list of the most modest home oxygen concentrators to help you choose the best and quietest oxygen concentrator for your family.

Below you will find ten lists of the quietest home oxygen concentrator to help you choose the quiet home oxygen concentrator. Keep reading FNM to keep up with beauty trends for the quietest home oxygen concentrator in 2021.

Quietest Home Oxygen Concentrator Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Quietest Home Oxygen Concentrator Reviews 2024

Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen

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Invacare is a medical equipment company based in the United States. They manufacture and sell a wide variety of non-acute medical supplies including mobility scooters, wheelchairs, pressurized care devices, and medical oxygen devices. Some of their best-selling oxygen machines include the Invacare Platinum Mobile, Invacare SOLO2, and the Invacare Perfecto2 static oxygen generator.

One of the most unique things about the Invacare Platinum Mobile and what sets it apart from all other portable oxygen generators is that it is actually water-resistant. Due to built-in drainage channels in the carrying pouch, downward-facing vents and charging port, and reinforced pads on the battery door, the Invacare Platinum Mobile meets IP22 water resistance for a 10-minute exposure. You will therefore know that you have an extra layer of protection if you get caught in the rain with your POC.

If that’s not enough, you’ll be happy to know that Invacare Platinum Mobile is also very easy to use. Unlike many portable oxygen generators that require you to remove the battery from the bottom of the device instead, the battery on the Invacare Platinum Mobile is replaced through the top of the device, it makes changing batteries easier and faster than ever.


  • Good water resistance feature
  • Easy to use


  • Not at all

AirSep Freestyle 3

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AirSep’s unique technology has resulted in highly reliable oxygen concentrators with high-quality accessories designed to meet the healthcare needs of a home, hospital, or clinic use 24/7, 24 hours a day, even in the most demanding environments. 

From proven results using 2-way valves to proprietary air compressors, AirSep produces the most efficient, economic, and stand-alone oxygen concentrator series, offering low cost and high performance.

Important safety features include flowmeters for accurate viewing and proper installation, traffic locking, and complete protection. Each oxygen concentrator is fitted with an automatic shut-off circuit breaker, clock, and system alarms. 

The 30 pounds (13.6 kg) weight of the VisonAire series oxygen concentrator also makes transportation easy for patients and providers. The VisionAire series oxygenators allow patients to work and concentrate efficiently at home, free from noise distractions. The device’s dBA level is low, no need for long-term use of noise isolation pipes.


  • Low noise
  • Low price but high performance
  • Automatic shut-off circuit breaker, clock, and system alarms


  • Unstable

Oxlife Independence

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One of the large-capacity portable pure oxygen concentrators, the Oxlife Independence oxygen concentrator, is also one of the best-selling names in the market. In medical facilities and health care centers, this product is also now present in many households and helps thousands of patients improve their breathing.

Oxlife Independence is a lightweight product that is taken for travel because its height is only about 13 feet. Unlike other models that sell for around $1000, this portable oxygen concentrator can be pulled higher and has wheels and a handle for towing. The machine has a pulse dose setting ranging from one to six LPM devices, and the Oxlifw Independence has an auto setting at three LPM. Good battery life with up to 4 hours of operation.


  • Transport easily
  • Long service life


  • Large size

Respironics SimplyGo

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SimplyGo Mini is a portable oxygen generator with a compact and extremely convenient design, suitable for carrying around when traveling such as business trips or travel.

This is one of the latest additions and improvements to the oxygen concentrator lineup from Philips Respironics. SimplyGo has been recognized as a specialty portable oxygen machine approved by the FAA that can meet the needs of most patients.

Reliable, high-standard portable oxygen concentrator. Products meet quality standards, rigorously researched, and tested to withstand shocks, vibrations, and temperatures to provide reliable performance. This SimplyGo mini can give you a continuous flow of up to 2 liters per minute or pulse mode up to 6 pm.

The machine has multiple modes including Pulse mode that detects when you start to take a breath and then delivers a pulse volume of oxygen determined by the set number. Sleep mode detects when you start to take a breath and then delivers a pulse volume of oxygen determined by the set number.


  • Two batteries included
  • Long service life


  • Short time battery
  • Heavy

Inogen G4

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Another popular portable oxygen concentrator is the Inogen One G4 Portable. In addition to the typical features of portable oxygen concentrators such as small, compact, with a strap, the manufacturer has focused on diversifying the power supply, helping users to comfortably use the machine in many other cases. together. 

For example, users can drive, use the machine with a wired power supply, or walk and do housework with a wireless battery pack. The machine is designed to serve the clinical needs of 85% of patients. This is also a prominent advantage, helping the Inogen One G4 Portable oxygen generator to be chosen by a large number of consumers.


  • Pretty quiet
  • Easy to use


  • Not durable

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Allergies and Pets Hair Smokers in Bedroom

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The machine is equipped with 3 filters (Fine Preliminary, True HEPA, and activated carbon filter) that remove 99.97% of dirt, pollen, smoke, unpleasant odors, mold spores, and pet hair. The machine also filters particles from 0.3 microns and PM 2.5 dust, bringing fresh air to your room, preventing respiratory pathogens. It has 3-speed settings (low, medium, and high) and is equipped with a night light function with two brightness settings.

The machine works super quietly and does not affect your sleep. Compact size and modern design fits into any interior space and do not release toxins during operation.


  • 3-speed setting included
  • Super quietly while working
  • Compact size and modern design


  • Not durable

Kloudi HEPA

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The machine is equipped with a HEPA filter on the air purifier, which is a filter that applies technology to filter polluting radioactive particles. Constructed as a mesh with many randomly arranged glass fibers, the microfiber diameter is only 0.5 – 2 micrometers, so it is easy to catch microscopic particles that conventional filters cannot see.

The HEPA filter of the air purifier has the function of removing dust particles and pollutants in the air with a size as small as 0.3 micrometers (about 0.0025 the diameter of a hair). The filtration efficiency can be up to 99.97%.

Most of the substances removed are pollen grains, bacteria, fungal spores, pet dander, smoke, and other asthma triggers, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses.

Along with the removal operation, the filter also retains these pollutants, so your room space after using the air purifier will be cleaner, fresher, and healthier. In particular, this product has an extremely low frequency, below 40 dB, so it ensures smoothness and quietness for the house.


  • Quiet,
  • Good air cleaner


  • Not at all

TaoTronics TT-AP007

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Taotronics TT-AP007 is one of the best air purifiers for small and medium rooms today. This air purifier is the perfect combination of an advanced 3-stage filtration system: Pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and HEPA filter that will remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles with a size as small as 3 microns, in order to bring fresh, clean air good for the respiratory system with the following outstanding features:

Advanced 3-stage filtration system: Taotronics TT-AP007 air purifier with a combination of pre-filter, activated carbon filter has actually effectively removed 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 3 micron

Clean Ambient Air: Allergy air purifiers remove common impurities including allergens, smoke, pollen, odors, dust, fumes, giving you a clean environment and healthy

Quiet operation: In sleep mode, the room air purifier filters the air at just 25dB, creating a relaxing and soothing environment without disturbing your study, work, or sleep

Fast Filtration: With a CADR rating of 150m³/h, the home air purifier circulates air rapidly in a room up to 161ft² (15m²) to fill your room with fresh air and clean

Night light: The air purifier has a night light, or you can choose to turn off the light completely if you need a light-free environment

4 Fan Speeds: The bedroom air purifier allows you to choose the right speed from low, medium, high, and Turbo, based on your different filtration needs for optimal performance.

Safe for Children and Pet Friendly: Air purifiers for children and pets for large spaces, protect your children from hair and pet hair, allowing all members of your family to Breathe fresh air and live happily.


  • Remove impurities
  • Effective disinfection
  • Create oxygen to bring fresh air


  • Difficult to clean the machine due to many complicated details of the machine

OION Apw-4000

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OION has produced a wide range of ozone generators and air purifiers, which is evident in its name: O-ion. APW-4000 is the first air purifier to use HEPA filter and I must say that choosing this device is really necessary to clean the air and make it safe.

The machine uses a True HEPA filter along with a UV-C filter to remove pollutant waste. The machine is also equipped with a timer set at an extremely low price on the official website of OION Technologies.

It has a neat and tidy design. If you feel light when picking it up, that’s because the body is made of very plastic with dimensions of 7.5 inches high and 9.9 inches wide.

Air purifiers run a simple and popular bottom-up airflow system concept. The machine is like a Levoit Vital mini in terms of placement on the dashboard and the unit can be placed horizontally for the concept of reverse airflow system and fresh air direction.

OION is not a brand you should use if you require high performance for your machine. I did a simple test for all OION air purifiers including OION APW-4000 in a 100 square meter room and you can check its performance below. It can only trap 80% of any particles less than 0.3 microns in size, which is pretty bad for an air purifier in such a small space.

Thanks to the very low fan power, the OION APW-4000 operates quite quietly. Its average noise level is only 30 decibels (dB) and it sounds like a whisper. You can use an air purifier while you sleep, but remember to turn off the UV bulb so it doesn’t emit ozone.


  • Can trap almost all kinds of objects about 0.3 micron in size such as mold spores, pollen, dust, pet hair.
  • Absorbs cooking odors and unpleasant odors in the house, returning freshness
  • Built-in UV-C machines eliminate germs and excess germs.


  • Not durable
  • Very low fan power

Coway AP-1512HH

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Another extremely effective home oxygen concentrator is the Mighty AP-1512HH Air Purifier. In addition to removing pollutants from the air, this machine has a number of additional features that make it a worthwhile purchase.

Using a four-stage filtration system, this Coway purifier removes 99.9% of airborne contaminants, as well as many odors. It can be used in rooms up to 110 square meters and features a pollution sensor that provides real-time updates on your air quality. In addition, this air purifier comes with an eco-friendly mode where it turns off automatically after no pollution is detected.

Reviewers say that the Coway Mighty Air Purifier is durable and effective, doing an exceptionally great job of removing odors from the air.


  • High-quality performance
  • Creative design
  • Amazing eco mode and smart features


  • The application has many bugs

Quietest Home Oxygen Concentrator Buyers Guide

An oxygen concentrator is a type of medical device necessary for respiratory patients that are prescribed by a doctor using an oxygen source provided by an oxygen generator or a medical oxygen tank and you can easily find it at medical equipment import and supply companies and medical equipment stores. When buying an oxygen generator, you should choose the type of machine depending on the disease.

Currently, on the market, there are a number of oxygen generators on the market that still claim to provide enough oxygen flow for 3L or 5L machines. However, in fact, the amount of oxygen provided is not enough as the product information makes the patient’s condition worsens due to the lack of sufficient oxygen flow needed.

As a specialized medical device, it directly affects the health of the user, so when you go to buy an oxygen generator, you need to pay attention to some points below.

Compare pure oxygen generator and traditional oxygen tank

Traditional compressed oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators are both important medical devices that are required when performing oxygen therapy. Each device has its own features, suitable for use in different situations and conditions.

Compressed oxygen cylinders are known as equipment that provides high-flow oxygen, pure concentration and is widely used in medical centers and large hospitals today. However, this product also has many potential fire safety hazards as well as is quite heavy, bulky, not suitable for use in small spaces.

With an oxygen generator for rapid disease, the efficiency of providing pure oxygen is almost equivalent to that of a compressed oxygen tank, the advantages of compact design, lightweight, integrated trolley wheel to increase convenience when used at home. Separate or bring when you need to move.

Criteria when buying an oxygen generator


Oxygen Devilbiss 500

Good oxygen generators are machines that ensure a regular amount of oxygen, ensuring enough oxygen supply to the patient. The machine works for a long time without affecting the operation of machine.

Oxygen generator efficiency

Flow, also known as efficiency, includes machines from 0-1 liter, 1-3 liter, 1-5 liter. Many buyers often wonder what 0-1 liter is, what is 1-3 liter: then that is the level of oxygen flow out in 1 minute, 0-1 liter means that the maximum efficiency of the machine is only up to 1 liter/minute.

Pure oxygen concentration

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an oxygen generator is “Pure oxygen concentration”. Some Chinese machines are cheaper than other brands, but the concentration of pure oxygen is only in the range of 90-92%, which is not guaranteed for medical use, especially when used by patients. Compare with carriers like; Philip, iMediCare pure oxygen concentration reaches Max. 97%. Although there is a slight difference in price, our forefathers still have a balance of “Whatever money you have” which is not wrong at all.


Design, the noise level of home oxygen concentrator

Any mechanical device – engine operating, the noise is completely natural and unavoidable. You should choose oxygen machines with low noise when operating to ensure that they do not affect the user too much.

When buying a machine, you should not choose oxygen generators that make a lot of noise because they consume a lot of energy but also affect the health of the patient. To be able to choose wisely, you should check the machine’s specifications, test the machine before buying.

What is the user demand?

You should choose the oxygen generators according to the needs of users and the instructions of the doctor. When buying an oxygen concentrator at home, consult your doctor as well as those who know about the machine.


Buying an oxygen machine, you must be very careful about the origin of the product. Find out information from medical equipment sales staff to know which brand and origin is the best, to avoid unfortunate things happening.

In order to buy a quality, reputable, and clear-origin oxygen generator (many quality machines come from the US and Japan), a reasonable price should consult a doctor to choose a suitable machine. and help patients get better

Product price

Machines with larger capacity and durable operation are more expensive. So in order to save costs, you should not rush to learn about the needs of users to choose the right type of oxygen generator.

Tips to buy a quality home oxygen concentrator

Currently, the home oxygen concentrator market is very diverse, which brings many choices to consumers, but it also makes it difficult for people to classify and choose. To ensure quality, avoid the situation of “losing money”, please refer to some suggestions below

Male Oxygen Home 732x549 thumbnail
  • Consult your doctor or other professionals to choose the right type for your needs
  • Filter selection and refer to many sources of information before ordering products
  • The noise generated by the machine when used must be less than 40dBA. Pay attention to carefully check the specifications before making a decision
  • The purity level of the oxygen generator should usually reach 93-95% according to the standard.
  • For the machines with larger capacity and durable operation, good quality, the price will be higher. So to save money, you should research before buying.
  • The efficiency of the 3-liter oxygen generator series machine for respiratory support, especially for patients with acute severe disease, uses a higher capacity.
  • Do not choose machines that do not have a clear origin, do not have a brand name to prevent and prevent unfortunate things from happening.

Note when using the home oxygen concentrator

The oxygen concentrator is a bulky and intricately designed medical device. Because this is an important device in helping patients recover, you need to pay attention to a few points in how to store and use the product below to help prevent the product from being damaged quickly, avoiding negative effects on the disease.

oxygenhome 1024x571
  • Keep the oxygen concentrator in a dry place, away from humid places.
  • Place at least 20 – 30 cm away from the wall
  • Absolutely do not use flammable objects, do not smoke and electrical equipment must have a ground wire to avoid sparks in the area where the oxygen generator is being used.
  • Place the oxygen concentrator in a suitable position, not too far or too close to the patient.
  • A special note is not to let the patient use it continuously because it is easy to become addicted to oxygen, making it impossible for the lungs to function normally again.
  • Check if the patient’s blood oxygen level is enough or not when there are symptoms of shortness of breath, shortness of breath, pale skin, fainting .. with a Spo2 blood oxygen meter.
  • The patient should be trained to breathe oxygen from the natural environment to help the patient recover quickly.

Conclusion: My Pick For Quietest Home Oxygen Concentrator

Buying the quietest home oxygen concentrator that meets your needs is not too difficult. There are many things about the quietest home oxygen concentrator for you to learn; however, they will be a little tricky and become a bit of a challenge for you the first time around.

If you want to know a little more information about the different choices, you can consult the five quietest home oxygen concentrator, in my opinion. You can go back to our list of the quietest home oxygen concentrator and discover the one that suits your favorites.

And one last thing before I finish:

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