Top 10 Quietest Condensate Pumps: Reviews And Buying Guides

Hot summer days are coming, the need to use air conditioners is more and more focused to ensure comfort as well as cool to avoid hot days. Whether you use a new or old air conditioner, the occurrence of condensate discharge or waste discharge in the air conditioning pipe and indoor unit often makes you uncomfortable. The necessary solution is to solve all of the above problems, and then the introduction of the quietest condensate pump helps you to completely solve the above problem.

We as people who are always eager to experiment and help you find the best quality products have found you the quietest condensate pumps. Here are the top 10 quietest condensate pumps that are popular on the market.

Best Quietest Condensate Pump Comparison 2023

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Top 10 Quietest Condensate Pump Reviews 2023

Little Giant 550521 1-ABS 205 GPH Shallow Condensate Removal Submersible Pump

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Little Giant 550521 1-ABS 205 GPH Shallow Condensate Removal Submersible Pump helps to drain condensate in air conditioners, or dehumidifiers with high efficiency. Unlike some other common pumps, this is the ideal pump with a shallow-pan condensate tank design. The condensate pump is small enough to fit in the air conditioners and the buckets of dehumidifiers.

This pump is float-activated like many other conventional condensate pumps with a self-activated form. Condensed water from the air conditioning units enters the pump’s tank and accumulates until reaching a certain high level when the float detects and turns on the switch to push the water in the tank out through a tube until the water returns to its normal low level. 

The condensate pump features a 6 ft long power cord that connects to a 115V power supply. With stable and powerful performance, the pump is capable of pushing water up to 10 ft vertically.

Little Giant 550521 1-ABS 205 GPH Shallow Condensate Removal Submersible Pump both deserves the title of the quietest condensate pump and has a lot of good functions, right!


  • It’s easy to install.
  • It’s powerful.
  • It’s very quiet.
  • The internal float works great.


  • The directions are poor and vague.
  • Sometimes, you need to clean the pump screen.

Diversitech Corporation IQP-120 Condensate Pump

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Diversitech Corporation IQP-120 Condensate Pump is a type of specialized equipment and supplies for HVAC units. This condensate pump uses a 120V AC power supply. The condensate pump can provide upward force, pushing water up to 22ft. This pump is highlighted by using electronic sensors and not having a float switch.

In addition to the attached equipment, the pump is also equipped with a blue LED indicator light, which flashes when the system is operating. Besides, it also has a transparent water tank at the bottom so you can easily check the water level inside. Last but not least, because it runs at the minimum required speed, the condensate pump is completely quiet. This not only helps to ensure the durability of this pump but also keeps noise to a minimum.

Diversitech Corporation IQP-120 Condensate Pump has many uses worth trying, don’t be afraid to buy one for yourself!


  • It’s easy to install.
  • It runs faster than other pumps.
  • It perfectly reduces the noise.
  • It has smart design features.


  • The top is very difficult to remove.
  • The structure of the transparent water tank seems to be unstable, sometimes it cracks.

Little Giant 554415 VCMA-15ULST Automatic Condensate Removal Pump

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This quietest condensate pump is similar to other pumps, it mainly receives condensate from air conditioning units and uses float switches to operate. When purchasing this tool, in addition to the ½-gallon ASB water tank, the condensate pump comes with a 6 ft long power cord and a 20 ft hose. Besides, the tank of this condensate pump has all 3 holes on the lid, you can freely use 3 holes at the same time to help speed up the pump operation.

In addition, the condensate pump also has a safety switch, which you can connect to turn off the condenser of your air conditioning units if it detects a problem or connects to other alarms for warning of potential overflow.

This is one of the quietest condensate pumps that many people love so you don’t have to worry much about its quality. Hurry up and buy one for yourself!


  • It’s really easy to install
  • It has a great price.
  • It has good performance.
  • The condensate pump is very quiet.


  • Because it runs so quietly, sometimes you don’t know if it’s working or not.

DIVERSITECH CP-22 Condensate Removal Pump

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It’s a pump that uses a float switch again, but this pump doesn’t come from Little Giant but from manufacturer Diversitech. DIVERSITECH CP-22 Condensate Removal Pump can repel water up to 22 ft which is much stronger than other condensate pumps and is also the outstanding strength of Diversitech manufacturer.

This condensate pump is also equipped with many outstanding features such as vibration reduction, 3 terminals to help users flexibly connect to air conditioning equipment or other warning devices to keep them safe if there is a problem happening.

Note that the ideal temperature of steam or air for this condensate pump is 140°F. The pump should not be exposed to steam or air with temperatures exceeding 160°F.


  • It doesn’t make noise.
  • It’s simple to use.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • It has an affordable price.


  • The pump does not have a very long life.

FUJIWARA Condensate Mini Pump

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FUJIWARA Condensate Mini Pump is designed for professional wall mounting, used for HVAC units, air conditioners, etc. This mini pump uses a wide range of voltages from 100 to 220V. Since it has a capacity of 3W, the condensate pump ensures to minimize noise and is also very energy efficient.

This type of quietest condensate pump does not use a float switch as usual but uses a modern touch probe. This state-of-the-art sensor head saves you from worrying about water stagnation due to the float not working. The condensate also comes with a power cord, a hose, and a few essentials, so, you can rest assured!

This is the quietest condensate pump that is both modern and beautiful, isn’t it! Before deciding to buy it, you need to carefully read the specifications and the necessary information from the manufacturer.


  • It’s easy to install.
  • It’s super quiet.
  • It has a sleek design.
  • It does all functions as it should.


  • Sometimes, it doesn’t include a plug.

Little Giant 554542 VCMX-20ULS-C Automatic Condensate Pump

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We all know Little Giant is famous for its condensate pumps. This Little Giant 554542 VCMX-20ULS-C Automatic Condensate Pump is an ideal pump for air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and other machines that need to remove condensate. 

Like other quietest condensate pumps from Little Giant, this automatic condensate pump also has a safety switch. This safety switch can connect to air conditioners or other alarm devices in case something goes wrong like filling.

With the purchase of the condensate pump, you also get a 6 ft power cord. It has a ⅓-gallon volume tank and 3 inlet holes that make it run faster. Please note, for the machine to last for a long time, you should not expose it to water or steam with a temperature exceeding 140°F.


  • It’s nearly silent.
  • It runs really fast.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • It’s always available on the market.


  • Sometimes, the pump leaks.
  • It’s still noisy if you don’t install it properly.

FUJIWARA Condensate Pump

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FUJIWARA Condensate Pump is a compact and smart designed condensate pump. It does not use a trigger float like the others but uses a new touch probe. Since it comes from a Japanese manufacturer and in order to be widely used in the world market, it has a wide voltage of 100-220V. In addition, it is also an energy-saving, environmental protection device with a capacity of 3W.

According to the manufacturer, when you buy it, you will be equipped with plugs, plugs, hoses, and a number of things attached. When installing the plug, you need to connect with brown and blue wire, no need to connect with black wire. The compensation pump is beautifully designed, suitable for use in HVAC equipment, air conditioning equipment, refrigerators, etc.


  • It’s much quieter than other condensate pumps.
  • It pumps water out really fast.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • It works fine for a long time.
  • It has a good price.


  • It has no good instructions.
  • You need to clean it monthly if you want it to last longer.

Little Giant 554421 VCMA-20UL 115-volt Condensate Pump

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The condensate pump is characterized by a fairly high water conduction speed of 80gph, low noise, and great water push. It’s designed with a ½-gallon water tank made from ABS and a 3/8″ valve head so you’ll need to find the right-sized hoses. 

The output valve that works independently with the mode of the condensate pump also works in one direction to prevent backward flow. In addition, the quietest condensate pump is activated with a traditional float switch which is highly effective in ensuring the water in the tank does not overflow.

This vertical condensate pump can operate well with liquid temperatures up to 120°F. Little Giant 554421 VCMA-20UL 115-volt Condensate Pump can be widely used with household electrical appliances such as HVAC equipment, air conditioning equipment, dehumidifiers, and other equipment that need with condensate pumps.


  • It’s easy to install and use.
  • It’s not so loud.
  • It has good pumping power.


  • You have to clean it frequently.

Superior Pump 97202 Condensate Pump

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This is a condensate pump with a ½-gallon water tank made of ABS plastic and a 1/30 HP motor that can push up to 108 gallons of water per hour. It has a very strong push, pushing water up to 21 ft vertically. In addition to the automatic main switch, this condensate pump also has a safety switch. 

You can connect the safety switch to other devices in preventing some occasional problems. The pump’s apparatus also has a cool fan to help pump water more powerful. This quietest condensate pump is also equipped with mount tabs so you can easily hang it up.

Superior Pump 97202 Condensate Pump is used for air conditioning coils, dehumidifiers, high-efficiency oil furnaces, etc. You need this automatic condensate pump for the above devices when they are in limited space where the available condensate drain pipe does not have enough natural drainage slope. 

When the indoor condensate flows down to the pump’s tank to a certain level, the pump sensor will activate the pump to run automatically and stop the pump when the water tank is empty. It’s usually used to collect condensate from ceiling indoor units and pump water to the pipeline that can be drained naturally.


  • It’s really powerful.
  • It’s so quiet.
  • It includes plenty of tubes.
  • It’s easy to install.


  • This is not a well-known brand.

Beckett Corporation CB201UL 115V Automatic Condensate Removal Pump

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Beckett Corporation CB201UL 115V Automatic Condensate Removal Pump is fitted with a forced cooling fan ensuring support for water ejection and stable operation. It has a drain valve design and prevents backflow. Additionally, the condensate pump is actuated by a float switch, uses 115V electricity, and has a push capacity of up to 188 gallons per hour.

This condensate pump helps to drain condensate in equipment that needs to be drained with high efficiency. It is widely used in wall-mounted household appliances, air conditioners, commercial electrical appliances, dehumidifiers, and other medium-sized refrigeration equipment. 

The condensate pump is characterized by high pressure, large flow, low noise, long water conduction; can be installed, maintained easily, and meet any working environment.


  • It’s easy to install.
  • It does all function as it should.
  • It’s durable.
  • It’s very quiet.


  • The float switch set does not work as well as expected.

FAQs About Quietest Condensate Pumps

Q: What Is The Condensate Pump?

The condensate pump is an essential part of the air conditioning system. At the same time, it is also installed in other types of air conditioners such as multi-function air conditioners, freestanding air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc.

The condensate pump is set up with a small water tank to receive water from the air conditioner’s cooling system. When the water level rises to the maximum, the switch will automatically turn on to push the water out through the pipe.

Q: Why Should We Use A Condensate Pump?

Not all spaces are created equal, there are times when your air conditioner cannot drain water from the cooling system. Especially, at locations with unstable slopes, it will lead to water leakage or water retention. Then, it is the condensate pump that will contribute to overcoming the above problems, making the drainage easier.

If your air conditioner is still draining well, the condensate pump will have the task of draining water on time and automatically. From there, it contributes to the longevity of the air conditioning system and helps the system operate smoothly.

Q: What Are The Structure And Working Principles Of The Condensate Pump?

The condensate pump consists of 2 parts: the upper part and the water tank.

First of all, the upper machine includes a cooling fan to help create pressure to push the water, automatic switches, safety switches, etc.

Secondly, the water tank is a hard plastic container containing condensate with 2 water lines in and out. The water inlet is a hole that receives wastewater from the air conditioner. The outlet water line is the outlet of the pump attached to a flexible hose to direct water to the discharge place.

When the pump’s tank is full of condensate, it will automatically pump water to the discharge pipe until all the condensate runs out.

Note When Choosing The Quietest Condensate Pumps 

All available condensate pumps in the market vary in voltage, size, reservoir capacity, etc. Therefore, you need to be consulted carefully before choosing. Besides, choosing the right condensate pump also depends on the air conditioner you are using. Here is some information you should consider to be able to choose the quietest condensate pump.

Condensate Automatic Drain Switch

Currently, there are many condensate pumps that use a traditional float switch, some other machines use a sensor switch without using any float. But regardless of the switch, the automatic drain switches all have the operating principle that when the condensate enters the tank to a certain level, the switch senses that there is too much water, then the fan will be operated to push all the water in the tank out.

Each switch has its own strengths and weaknesses, you can choose depending on your needs or preferences. First of all, about the float switch, this is a kind of traditional switch, easy to understand the operating principle and easy to use.

However, the float switch also has a disadvantage that sometimes it gets stuck or goes up and down erratically, causing the water tank to overflow or pump water out when it is not needed. On the contrary, the sensor switch without float often has a difficult principle to understand, so it is difficult to repair or use. However, the sensor switch usually does not have erratic drainage or overflow water. If it has any problems just in case it is damaged.

Safety Switch

The safety switch is a completely independent switch with an automatic condensate drain switch. Safety switches can be connected to condensate generators in the air conditioner to turn it off if the water tank overflows or can be connected to alarm devices to warn if the water tank is overfilled. However, there are condensate pumps equipped with safety switches, some do not. You need to base on your own purposes to make the right choices.


Depending on the manufacturer, each condensate pump has a different voltage. You should carefully consider your home’s power source as well as the information provided by the manufacturer to choose the most suitable condensate pump, avoiding the case of buying it and not being able to use it.

Size, Volume Of The Tank, Ability To Push Water Out

Typically quietest condensate pumps have a tank volume of 1/2 gallon. However, you can still buy devices with larger or smaller capacity depending on your preferences. Besides the volume of the tank, the ability to push water out is also extremely important, strong condensates will have greater water-repelling power, avoiding overflowing.

Specifications And Capacity Of The Air Conditioner

Each condensate pump is suitable for different air conditioner capacities. You need to carefully review the specifications and capacity of your air conditioner before choosing to buy a condensate pump. Manufacturers of condensate pumps all specify the capacity of the conditioner for which it is suitable, for example, 9,000BTU, 12,000BTU, 18,000BTU, 24,000BTU, 28,000BTU, etc.

After choosing the best condensate pump, all you need to do is install and connect the pump with your air conditioner. The below video will have some tips that guide you on how to install it.


Spending money to buy a modern household product is always a concern of many people. We hope that through the list of top 10 quietest condensate pumps and the information we provided, you will choose the most suitable condensate pump. Here are our recommendations for the 5 best condensate pumps in the top 10 quietest condensate pumps reviews.

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