Top 10 Best Quietest Borla Mufflers Reviews And Comparisons [Updated 2023]

Have you ever undergone the annoyance of driving without a muffler? The engine alone can produce unbearable noise and give you a splitting headache. That’s why you need to buy a muffler in order to curb the outgoing sound across chambers as well as improve the horsepower and fuel efficiency of the engine. I highly suggest you buy mufflers of the Borla. It is a big name in this field. For decades, Borla has provided many customers with innovative exhaust products that are known for their low crackling growl. Now, let’s have a look at our top 10 best quietest Borla mufflers.

Best Quietest Borla Mufflers Comparison 2023

1Borla 400844 Sbc Hot 350 383 71bIVuhf+fL. AC SX466
2Borla 40348 Pro XS Muffler51wykOD8ApL. AC SX466
3BORLA 40359 Muffler
4Borla 40944 XR-1 Stainless Steel Sportsman Racing Oval Muffler, 3″516dSKEJ38L. AC SX466
5Borla 40943 XR-1 Sportsman Racing Muffler61qrmYYgK1L. AC SX466

Top 10 Quietest Borla Mufflers Reviews 2023

Borla 400844

71bIVuhf+fL. AC SX466

Borla’s CrateMuffler is the world’s first muffler engineered to have advanced custom-built motors. 

The ATAK (acoustically tuned applied kinetics) technology prevents distortion to make clear sounds and customizes the mufflers for one specified vehicle.

The directional outlet in this Borla 400844 can adjust the sound produced in accordance with each engine family and can considerably reduce or get rid of drones on certain applications. 

Manufactured from premium aircraft-grade T-304 Stainless Steel, the resonator is able to give you optimal performance and resist corrosion. 

Another exceptional feature of the resonator is that the mounting bracket is welded to the end cap and can identify the outlet.


  • Directional outlet
  • Custom sound
  • High-brushed T-304 Stainless Steel


  • None

Borla 40348 Pro XS Muffler

51wykOD8ApL. AC SX466

The Borla 40348 Pro XS is craftily designed to unleash more horsepower and torque for your vehicles’ engines and make the best sound quality. 

Compared to the chambered mufflers popular on the market, the patented straight through design is better at evacuating each cylinder to make room for the incoming charge by reducing back pressure and increasing exhaust gas velocity.

While chambered design controls sound waves through partitions or baffles, this Pro XS muffler absorbs the sound waves without affecting the power waves.

This muffler is generally versatile. It can be used in both a system with dual inlets and a single outlet and a system that has single inlet and dual outlets. 


  • Universal mufflers
  • High-quality T-304 stainless steel 
  • 100% welded construction 
  • Reversible design 


  • None

Borla 40359 Muffler

This Borla 40359 features the ideal size of a muffler’s exhaust opening (3 inches), which means you can put on some custom pipe tips if you want. Additionally, the distinct sound is another signature, which is achieved by the center outlet configuration. 

Furthermore, with the chambered design, more air is allowed through for improved performance, which equals to increased horsepower and vehicle responsiveness. 

Besides improved performance, this muffler is also famous for its deep rumbles. The sound is so cool for performance car enthusiasts. 

The Borla 40359 is very versatile. It can be installed on either a truck bed or a performance car with the assistance of the centered inlet-outlet configuration. 

The material used is a luxury. The T-304 austenitic stainless steel consists of high chromium and nickel content, which means this muffler is robustly resistant to corrosion. 


  • 3 inch inlet / 3 inch outlet
  • T-304 Stainless steel
  • Street-commanding growl
  • Natural mill finish


  • The oval shape doesn’t support tight installation area

Borla 40944 XR-1

516dSKEJ38L. AC SX466

The lightweight muffler is manufactured from high-quality T-304 stainless steel and features a Dual inlet and dual outlet. Dual mufflers are able to save fuel and enhance the engine’s overall efficiency because they have decreased backpressure.

A dual exhaust typically utilizes a X-pipe or an H-pipe design. In this muffler, there is an internal X-Pipe, which means gases are distributed through two distinct tubes rather than just one producing added horsepower gains.

Another benefit of an X-pipe design is that when compared to an H-pipe, it wastes much less power. 

A more distinct feature of this X-pipe design is that the sound produced is more high-pitched and raspier. For those who crave aggressive sounds, this is a perfect choice. 

During its construction, the product has undergone a thorough welding process to obtain perfect stability and durability levels. 


  • Dual inlet and dual outlet
  • High-quality T-304 austenitic stainless steel
  • Reversible design


  • Loud exhaust note

Borla 40943 XR-1 Sportsman Racing Muffler

61qrmYYgK1L. AC SX466

This best Borla muffler is made of T-304 stainless steel that acts to prolong the lifespan of this product while the XR-1 Raceline Technology embedded can provide excellent internal power generation and exhaust emission. The patented technology also offers great sound and power balances. 

In addition, longer spikes harnessed enable the muffler to perform strong power and airflow transmission thus making your driving more economical and efficient. 

With the lightweight and compact design, it can be easily installed especially on limited space.


  • Top-notch XR-1 Raceline Technology
  • Compact design
  • T-304 stainless steel
  • Easy installation


  • None

Borla 40358 Pro XS Muffler Center


The Borla 40358 ProXS muffler shares most of the astounding features of the brand’s performance line.

This resonator comes with a design of 2.5 inch inlet, 2.5 inch outlet and is made of high-quality 300 series stainless steel. The case size is 14 x 4 x 9.5 inch, which is suitable for import and domestic cars and trucks.

The muffler has an aesthetic value with its smooth stainless steel finish while the performance is not sacrificed. It delivers extraordinary stability based on the spot-welded bushings. 

The exhaust sound is quite deep and gentle but it is still noticeable. In addition, the price is very affordable for most people. 


  • Affordable
  • Unnotched T-304 Stainless Steel
  • Center/offset configuration


  • Less aggressive sound

Borla 40842S S-Type Muffler


The muffler features a multi-core technology that can significantly increase throttle response and provide optimal airflow. The T-304  stainless steel material allows for more durability and corrosion resistance.

The muffler’s tube is wrapped with a layer of ceramic sound absorbing and multiple covers of stainless steel sound absorbing material, which are held together in a perfectly welded stainless steel shell.

The patented straight-through design curbs restriction and enhances exhaust gas velocity as well as combustion making it ideal for vehicles with a big V8 engine especially pickup trucks.

The straight pipe design also supports easy installation, which only include exhaust tips and quick welding.

If you are concerned about  throaty notes for your performance cars, then this product is a perfect choice. As it has a smaller diameter than other factory models and smaller space between the core and muffler wall, it holds less composite filament thus producing louder sound during acceleration.


  • Multi-core technology
  • Easy installation
  • T-304 stainless steel
  • Straight-through design


  • Loud sounds 

 Flowmaster 953047

61iRyAs3urL. AC SX300 SY300 QL70 FMwebp

The muffler is built by 16 gauge aluminized steel and features a strongly MIG welded structure to achieve an exceptional level of stability and durability.

The sound produced by this muffler is greatly appraised. Customers appreciate its deep and powerful sound with low resonance.

Additionally, the performance it gives is extraordinary, especially on high horsepower vehicles. With the race-proven patented delta flow technology, the muffler can dramatically save energy and contains interior packing to cause blowouts. 


  • Patented delta flow technology
  • Road safety standards
  • Moderate exhaust note


  • Susceptible to dirt and scratches

Walker 18558 SoundFX Muffler

41fTfG3BmrL. AC SY679

Using tubes and partitions in its design, the Walker 18558 is a remarkable bargain in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. This muffler boasts mechanical internal joints that are engineered for maximum durability.

Stability and support are provided thanks to the spot welded bushings not to mention that the universal sound system is available in direct fit. 

The muffler also features a unique aluminized steel cover that is highly resistant to corrosion. Moreover, the application of spun lock heads has proven its effectiveness at upgrading the rupture resistance capacities.

Besides performance, the unique design gives your vehicle an aesthetic appeal. 


  • Corrosion resistant and durable
  • Feature spot welded bushings
  • Attractive design and finish


  • Small diameter

Thrush Welded 17637 Exhaust Muffler

6131sWT+NiL. AC SX300 SY300

This well-rounded muffler satisfies you in three terms: sound, strength, and aesthetics. 

The aluminized cover gives the muffler a shiny and sleek appearance. With this universal color, it can be applied on a wide range of vehicles. 

Its exhaust tone is quiet and soothing while the cost is not too high. During acceleration and deceleration, you will hear a very smooth and impressive sound.

The chambered design is directional and non-reversible. In addition, airflow is funneled based on the flow director technology.


  • Superior sound quality
  • Aluminized and 100% welded steel construction
  • High temperature metallic finish
  • Affordable


  • Poorly built diameter 
  • Heats up during long distance

Buying Guide: Tips To Choose The Best Quietest Borla Mufflers

Types Of Mufflers

Understand the specifications of each type of muffler to narrow down your choices. 

Multiple Baffle Silencers

This type of muffler has a limitation that it is specialized in making sounds quiet rather than improving airflow. That’s why these mufflers are less popular. 

Turbo Silencers


Perforated pipes in one turbo muffler often let the exhaust air through the muffler in an S-shaped pattern. The S-design helps the gasses go through more tubes for better noise curbing. 

Some turbo mufflers also use a sound reducing material, which covers the tubes for enhanced muffling.

In a turbo silencer, air is funneled through in one direct path. Therefore, the gas flow system is poor. However, its noise reduction capacity is indisputable. This is an acceptable muffler for those who only need a decent upgrade for their factory exhaust system. 

This type of muffler is often used for street applications.

Straight-through silencers

The straight-through style mufflers boast a perforated tube wrapped around by sound deadening materials.

Also known as the glass pack muffler or the “cherry bomb” in the aftermarket, the straight-through silencer has been around since the 70s.

Exhaust gasses flow through the tube very smoothly. However, one drawback of this type is that its sound reduction is poorer than chambered mufflers’. 

These silencers are affordable and produce a unique car sound. They are ideal for racing.

Performance silencers

img 0934 jpg

Performance silencers, besides enhancing the overall performance of your vehicle, are able to emit an exceptionally aggressive exhaust tone based on the resonating chamber in the muffler.

If you are into performance cars and want to have an impressive drive, opt for a performance silencer. 

Silencer Inlets

This muffler is suitable for those who pay attention to speed. In this “coffee can” exhaust pipe, air is pushed directly through the tube, not through intermediary chambers as in other mufflers thus increasing the horsepower rating and making unique sounds. 

Chambered Mufflers

Chambered mufflers feature various chambers, which can reflect sound waves against each other to give an amazingly throaty sound. 

The number of chambers determines the level of noise reduction as well as the tone of the sound. 

outside shots dent 010 jpg

Tubing Size

There are a variety of mufflers of different sizes available on the market. As far as I know, a 3-inch pipe is ideal but depending on your own vehicle’s characteristics, you can choose your mufflers accordingly like mufflers with a 2.25-inch inlet/outlet. 

Reading the manufacturer’s manual can help you to figure out which mufflers will work best for your vehicles. If you are still confused, you can have a car mechanic look at your car’s specifications and he will give you useful recommendations. 

How Far Back Should A Muffler Be?

Bear in mind that the exhaust tubing should be at least more than an inch from the suspension and braking parts and the distance from the muffler to the gas tank should be more than two inches. 

Sound Variation

flowmaster jpg

Besides curbing unwanted noises, mufflers are harnessed to produce different sounds to your own tastes. 

There are mufflers designed to give classic and soft sounds while for those who love rough and loud sounds, there will be ones. For instance, glass pack mufflers offer a loud and crackling growl while a chambered one is made to give quiet rumbling. 

Consider the sound variation you would need and opt for a suitable one. 

Fuel Consumption Efficiency

A muffler enhances the airflow of your car engine through its chambers so the amount of fuel consumed in the engine is significantly reduced. 

If you do care for this feature, choose a muffler that gives you optimum energy saving. It cannot be a multiple baffle muffler of course. 


There are three main price ranges of mufflers, each of which goes with the muffler’s own features. 

newtruck3 jpg

Under $60: 

Mufflers within this range like  the glass pack type and the ordinary performance silencers only offer you an average upgrade over the factory models. They focus on improving sounds, not performance of your vehicles. 


If you want a more exceptional performance and fine-tuned sound of your vehicle, choose a muffler of this range. These silencers are compatible with performance cars of big brands. 


These high-end mufflers can considerably improve your vehicles’ performance and horsepower. Moreover, they are designed to withstand wear and tear and can be very durable over a long period of time. 

DW 1603 DGEXH 02A


With a lot of invisible and visible particles in the environment, damage to a muffler is unavoidable. However, mufflers built with high-quality materials can be more resistant to physical forces. Mufflers must be built robustly to cope with road debris and corrosion. 

There are two main materials on the market: aluminum and stainless steel.

Aluminized steel is generally much cheaper than stainless steel but have higher corrosion resistance capacities, and durability than the aluminized ones.

As a rule of thumb, the choice about the materials of your mufflers highly depend on your driving location.

Don’t opt for an aluminized muffler if you live in an area of saline soil as aluminium is vulnerable to corrosion and rusting. 

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Exhaust Configuration

There are two main exhaust configurations: a dual and a single one. You should know the design of your car before purchasing the muffler. Some vehicles are originally designed with a dual exhaust system, thus it’s necessary for you to buy two mufflers. 

Gas mileage or performance?

The higher the speed of your vehicle, the more fuel it takes to operate per mile. In addition, mufflers improving vehicle performance may sacrifice their noise reduction. Therefore, you should consider which factor matters more to you. 

Get some interesting information about mufflers here:

Final Thoughts:

1Borla 400844 Sbc Hot 350 383 71bIVuhf+fL. AC SX466
2Borla 40348 Pro XS Muffler51wykOD8ApL. AC SX466
3BORLA 40359 Muffler
4Borla 40944 XR-1 Stainless Steel Sportsman Racing Oval Muffler, 3″516dSKEJ38L. AC SX466
5Borla 40943 XR-1 Sportsman Racing Muffler61qrmYYgK1L. AC SX466
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