Panasonices2216pc Review 2023– A Electric Shaver That Women Must Know

There are many models of electric shavers, so it is not difficult to have a satisfied shaver today. Since there are so many well-made shavers and high-quality skin care products out there, choosing a good shaver is a daunting task. But when you have a good guide, it should be easy. The Panasonices2216pc electric shaver is definitely a good choice, especially for women. 

As an adult woman, we also have one common concern: getting rid of excess hair cells. Removing excess vegetation from the body is an equally relevant procedure for both men and women. For many, it has become a habit like brushing your teeth or taking a shower in the morning. Along with hair removal and laser removal, many women use special electric shavers for this purpose. But the choice of this device has a lot of sophistication, especially for beginners. 

Shave dry and moist skin equally well. The device does not cause irritation, so it is suitable for particularly sensitive skin. The razor provides a completely smooth surface. With the above features, we choose Panasonic ES2216PC as the best electric shaver. And through the article below, we will show you the advantages and outstanding features of this product. 

Things To Consider Buying A Panasonic Es2216PC

Why is the Panasonic ES2216PC a good choice for electric shavers

If you can not say then shaver for women ES2216PC Panasonic as its name implies – a handheld razor electric, directed to the needs of women sketchy. Although there are no formal rules that say that only shavers are suitable for women, its main feature is that it can be sold on the market. This review of the Panasonic ES2216PC Female Shaver aims to test a popular product with just the eyes of an object. 

Who are suitable for the Panasonic ES2216PC

This Panasonic ES2216PC shaver is one of the most popular shavers on the market. It comes with several key and popular features. Both male and female users can use this shaver. However, this machine still stood out with the weaker sex. 

ES2216PC is for women who want to shave different parts of the body. It’s especially useful for women who are always busy and mostly on the go. This is mainly because it is easy to move and is capable of a quick, smooth shave anytime and anywhere. This is the perfect shaver for women who want to look youthful whenever their body is exposed. 

Rules for using female electric shaver

Wash the area to be treated with warm water, wipe with a towel. For dry shave, such preparation is sufficient. If you practice wet shaving, apply a special foam or gel to your skin. Carefully and slowly guide the razor across the skin, without sudden movement and jerking. 

You need to move it along the hairline. At the end of shaving, treat the skin with a special lotion. Follow the link to find out the most effective ways to get rid of irritation after shaving. Clean the device with the special brush provided. 

The things the buyer needs to think about before buying


Shaver and razor, both safe if you use them correctly. However, the blade part of an electric shaver usually does not show much to the outside, so using this device will feel more secure than using a razor. 


 The shaver is divided into two types: cordless, it can be either battery operated or charged. Wired type, the machine needs to be plugged in to use .

To use the electric shaver as well as Panasonic ES2216PC, you need to provide an energy source for it to function.  In other words, it takes time to wait for the shaver to function like charging or replacing a new battery to use.While with a conventional razor, you will perform a hair removal.  faster way without having to wait for anything.  However, choosing to use an electric shaver can add a number of benefits (depending on the product line) such as dry shaving or high heels, ray cutting, exfoliating,.  … than a traditional razor.  


Using a shaver is equally effective as long as you choose a blade of good quality that matches the characteristics of your body hair and ensure proper shaving procedure is carried out. Also, depending on the person, the need to trim body hair will not be the same.  Specifically, when using a razor, you can trim the hair according to your own needs, meaning that the hair area will be shortened or completely removed.  

While using a razor, your hair will be quickly removed completely, leaving a smooth feeling in the hair removal area because the blade of the machine often sticks to the surface of the skin.  


Women who use a shaver or choose to use a razor are driven by cost factors.  There are two types of razors available: the replaceable type if it is chipped. The razor has a limited number of uses, forcing you to dispose of the whole razor after a period of use (like  after 10 shaves for example).  In short, if you want to experience some more benefits, remove hair completely and want to use a durable product, then choose an electric shaver. 

No matter what device  you choose, these two methods are also effective. Many models of shaving machines he reads many people use to bring convenience and efficiency.

Panasonic ES2216 Overview

The Panasonic ES2216pc factory works like a revolving shaver. These are broad borders and should comfortably cover every area of the body.

The problem is that the use actually doesn’t exactly meet the warranties of the configuration here.Those cut edges are really good and sharp and the top is guaranteed to bump that comes out properly after shaping.

What’s more, reasonably it is too much for an electric shaver to shave almost like a razor by hand. Along with this product, using genuine, people with coarse hair will be satisfied in a reasonable manner. 

The trade-off from using electricity at absolute minimum, however, includes more comfort than it does with hands. This power gets the mid-range stamp on the score. It’s not uncomfortable and people with sensitive skin can use this without expecting persistent abuse or a real rash. It is simply that the model is not beautiful. It’s just fine. 

Although the base price is quite competitive and the additional cost is reasonable, buyers still need to be cautious before making an investment of that caliber.

Similar electric shavers are priced roughly the same across the board, with some more expensive and less expensive models. This makes the Panasonic ES2216PC fall in the mid-range as a mid-priced device. In the short term, more suitable for those with a lot of budget constraints. You can check its price here:

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Here are some outstanding advantages and disadvantages for you to easily evaluate and have an objective view of the product. 


  • Shaving is possible in both wet and dry environments.
  • Four blades for smooth and clean shaving on all parts of the body.
  • Can meet the needs of almost any skin type – regardless of the most sensitive skin types.
  • Shave effortlessly thanks to the gentle blades.
  • Easily dried and cleaned.
  • Turn your head to skim all body contours, while shaving smoothly.
  • Use with any gel, foam or just with soap and water.
  • Shave omnipresently


  • Battery life is decreasing.
  • May cause localization on sensitive skin.
  • Finding the right accessory is often difficult.
  • Over time, it becomes more difficult to clean as residue accumulates on the blade 

Panasonic ES2216PC Standout Features

The Panasonic brand is a renowned manufacturer for authentic products, so this review begins with a look at the manufacturer’s reputation for outstanding features of the Panasonic ES2216PC. 

Dry or wet model

You can clean and not be afraid to harm the razor. That opens up a gel-based alternative to minimize any potential drag or scramble. For those who love dry shave, there are still alternatives: electric shaver layout or just a little more consideration.

All things considered, hair will gather on the head faster when it is wet than it is dry, so you may have to wash it off in between. With dry shaving, it’s best to use the razor frequently or only for those times before touching night out. Dry shaving is definitely an alternative to this range of machines.

4 Blades System

Panasonic makes various models for men, but the ES2216PC female shaver does not satisfy gentlemen. Four-sided aggregation is a notable reason.Organizations get high stamps here to deliver nickel free, hypoallergenic razor sharp edges, super sharp. That can provide a smooth shave without jerking, razor burn, or disturbance.

 As a rule, expensive double end contours add quality. It can be considered that simulating all kinds of changes in legs, armpits, swimwear areas makes shaving women a special test. 

Setting multiple cutting lengths also makes this product the winner. This feature allows Employers cut cleanly without being yanked, and 4 blades are ground by a laser underneath the first hypoallergenic help promote a while rapid hair follicles than the dimples on the skin . It looks gentle but commanding, Panasonic ES2216PC obviously was created to operate.

The trimmer pops up automatically 

Panasonic has added a pop-up trimmer built into the Panasonic ES2216PC electric shaver, which is useful for trimming long hairs and cutting inappropriate hairs. There are a variety of height settings intended to suit the bikini, legs and armpits areas. The trimmer shaver Panasonic may immediately remove the stubborn hairs and at any location on the body. 

Slim and suitable for women

The Panasonic ES2216PC shaver is designed for wireless use so it is very thin and light. Because it is thin and light, after using it for a long time there will be no pain in the hand and naturally fits in both hands. For a sleek and ergonomic look, the handle can handle shaving and trimming even underwater. 

Charging Battery

The charging bracket and battery are also a combination gift on the Panasonic ES2216PC. First and foremost is the positive angle, the battery will continue to function for a long time. It’s rated in about 20 minutes of scraping and another model will finish that or even better.

In a manner similar to most rechargeable machines, you will get a little less time but the long usage time proves it works well. 

On the perfect side of the profile, the charging framework is a bit tricky. The battery is usable in both consumer and large hardware, and especially men’s shavers, proving that charging times are faster than can be imagined.

Even worse, according to the analyst, you need to frankly connect the shaver to an outlet. There is no chain. That may, in the first place, appear to be like a hobby. One thing less to store, interface and can imagine to have trouble detecting your request. 

Flexible rotating head

Panasonic has designed the Panasonic ES2216PC female shaver with a versatile swivel head. The flexible swivel head gently glides over the skin and can easily follow the skin contours such as legs, bikini area, armpits, arms. Hence, it can tackle any type of body hair to ensure a super smooth shave. 

Alternative Electric Shaver

Brori Electric Razor for Women 

Brori Electric Razor for Women is a great electric shaver with special features. The machine features a 3-in-1 high-speed shaving head that includes a straight blade for the legs as well as forearms, a floating leaf for safe shaving of residual hair and a curved blade for bikini, armpits and difficult-to-access areas. other close.

The hypoallergenic stainless steel blades ensure gentle gliding along the contours of the body without creating any localization. It is IPX7 water resistant and suitable for both wet and dry use. Reviewers liked the built-in flashlight for low-light situations and the easy way to disassemble for cleaning. It has most of the 5 star reviews and a reasonable price. 


  • 3 in 1 shaving head.
  • LED lights are useful in low-light environments.
  • Lightweight and rechargeable after 60 minutes of continuous runtime.
  • Waterproof and can be used underwater. 

Meeteasy Electric Leg Shaver for Women

Shaving can make you look beautiful or ugly. It can take some of your time, especially if your shaver is not close and unreliable. The electric shaver Meeteasy tackles every woman’s problem when it comes to shaving.

Users are completely painless, easy and comfortable using Meeteasy electric shavers. It keeps feet soft and smooth and without any discomfort or localization at all. 

The electric shaver looks luxurious, the color is gorgeous. Compact, rechargeable cordless razor, perfect for travel.

This electric shaver is lightweight, handy, noise-free and provides a close shave effect. No other shaver can shave so closely.

 The perfect palm design plus built-in LED lights allow you to keep track of your every curve and ensure you won’t miss any hairs. It is proven to be safe for all women with hypoallergenic skin. You can finally get rid of the bumps by shaving and pulling feathers regularly. Free from cuts and no more localized, it helps to remove unwanted hair easily, painlessly. 

Tencoz Hair Removal

The electric shaver has 2 heads that you can replace as you want, a large body shaver and a small shaving head. This shaver can help shave your face, arms, armpits as well as your bikini area, etc. in minutes without leaving any cuts.

The high quality electric hair removal machine features a hypoallergenic stainless steel blade. You will not feel stinging when using this electric hair removal machine, even if you are someone with sensitive skin can use it with peace of mind. 

The shaver is waterproof, safe to use in water. Users find it easy to disassemble and clean. The woman shaver is 100% washable under the tap. After removing body hair, your skin will be thinner and smoother.

Female shaver has a super long life, no need to charge often. 1.5 hour quick charge allows 60 minutes of shaving time. The small size and handle of this women’s epilator are ideal for travel and picnics.

Stylish design with a spacious and sleek box, will also be a perfect present. Tencoz provides refunds within 60 days, 180 days service products and friendly customer service for life. 

In Conclusion: Panasonic ES2216PC is a good value for money Electric Shaver

There are many benefits that come with using Panasonic ES2216PC. For example, it can shave smooth and clean in a short amount of time. Based on the technology based on the four-blade spindle, it can cut hair in different directions regardless of the contour of the skin. The product is also included with a very durable battery capable of operating for 1 hour continuously. It is also included with a kickstand and adapter that can be used during charging. Panasonic ES2216PC shaver shaves all parts of the body.

Panasonic ES2216PC is one of the must-have machines in women’s lockers to create aesthetics. In addition, to control and beautify, the sisters will need other items such as: ifit Scales, Butt pads, etc.

Based on our experience using panasonic ES2216PC, I would safely say that it is worth using. There are many features of this product that make it worth using. it is quite light and therefore easy to move. Furthermore, the four blades rely on a two-head shaving system that makes it capable of delivering results beyond expectations. 

When you have already put the Panasonic ES2216PC  in your cart, this video will help you out a lot:

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