Orange Pekoe Tea Brands- Great Drink For Concentration

It is not just that coffee is a unique drink or is often mentioned favorably when necessary to “pull back” a period of alertness and concentration. Sober without coffee? Entirely possible. It could even be said to be healthy alertness. Orange pekoe tea brands are a perfect choice for you.

In people increasingly looking for natural foods that do not contain any harmful stimulants, herbal tea is a solution that many people choose. Many herbal tea flavors have been introduced to consumers. Besides, orange pekoe tea brands with nutritional advantages for health and their usual refreshing mood are good choices.

 We can call orange pekoe tea brands a subtle embellishment for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. More than a spirit of elation, users are also enhanced by the aromatic lemon flavor’s antioxidant effects.

This article will introduce you to the hottest orange pekoe tea on the market today – Teavana Mandarin Mimosa and other alternatives.

Somethings You Should Consider Before Buying This Product

Whatever tea should be braided in moderation should not be too thick (there are tea manufacturers that specify how to brew on the packaging, you should make as instructed).

Tea is a natural herb that has many benefits for humans. According to scientists, tea contains antioxidants that help reduce aging, fight atherosclerosis, prevent cancer, detoxifying effects … However, drinking tea can cause insomnia. . At the same time, combining the tea with the wrong things also reduces the benefits of the tea.

Each type of tea depends on the way of processing and naming of the manufacturer, and its effects are different, so there is a tea that is recommended to drink in the morning. Still, there is also a recommended drink in the evening, depending on its stimulant effect. Refreshing spirit or sedative induce sleep or detoxify slimming. However, no matter what tea, it should be braked to a moderate extent, not too thick (with the manufacturer’s tea specifying how to brew it on the packaging, you should make it as directed).

The ingredient is a tea mixture: The main ingredient is a mixture of herbal tea (green tea and orange pekoe tea). Because it contains herbs, orange pekoe tea affects consuming excess fat in the body, controlling weight. The effect of stimulating reserve tissues to release energy instantly (within 10 – 15 minutes after drinking) gives us the action, so orange pekoe tea suppresses hunger. Appetite and destruction of body reserve tissues (burning excess fat).

Do not drink tea at arbitrary times.

Time to drink tea should be considered to bring health benefits, avoid side effects when you use tea. Accordingly, you should use tea in the morning after a meal from 30 minutes – 1 hour. It works to help your mind become alert and provide energy for the body, and helps you absorb nutrients. Nutrition from food is better.

The ideal time to drink tea is in the morning, at least 30 minutes after eating.

Absolutely do not drink tea as soon as you wake up or when your stomach is empty, have not eaten breakfast because the substances in the tea will make your gastric juice dilute. If you maintain this drink for a long time, it is very likely that stomach ulcers.

For the tea drink during the day, you should also drink alternately between meals from 30 minutes – 1 hour, do not drink while eating because the tannin in the tea will make the body’s iron absorption—difficult, causing long-term iron deficiency.

Do not drink tea that is too thick.

Drinking too thick tea makes caffeine in the body absorb much, easily causing restlessness, heart fatigue, and drunk tea. It should be used with a reasonable dose of mixed water.

Because the thicker the tea, the more caffeine it contains when used in large doses, will cause restlessness, heart palpitations, not good for health. Besides, not everyone can absorb the caffeine. Some people with allergies may suffer from tea intoxication: dizziness, headache, shaking hands and feet … Therefore, drink tea with the correct dosage. Mix according to the instructions for a mild, moderate taste. Concentrated tea also contains high amounts of tannin, and long-term use makes the body lack vitamin B.

For people with insomnia or a history of illness, caffeine sensitivity should not drink tea late at night. If using, need to drink 2-3 hours before bedtime with a dose diluted than usual.

Do not drink tea while taking medication.

People who are on medication should stop drinking tea.

If you are taking any medicine to treat your illness, do not drink tea during this time. Inside tea contains compounds that can interact with the drug’s ingredients, inadvertently reducing the drug’s effect on the body. It is best to stop drinking tea if you are taking medicine completely. Use filtered water to take medicine.

Do not drink tea that is too hot.

Tea that is too hot can increase your risk of esophageal cancer.

When the weather turns cold, many families have a habit of drinking tea while still very hot, not knowing that drinking like this can lead to esophageal cancer. Mix it with the right temperature for each tea, and drink it while it’s warm (about 80 degrees C). You should also not drink tea that has been left overnight or lead to a cold stomach.

Don’t drink tea with sugar or milk too often.

You can add milk or sugar from time to time to add flavor to your tea, but not too often.

Tea with added sugar or milk is a beautiful drink, but it also increases the amount of fat absorbed into the body, affecting blood sugar levels. You can drink it from time to time, but using it regularly and continuously is not recommended. For green tea, when adding milk, experts also believe that it will reduce the effect of preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Do not drink tea when you are sick

Make sure you do not suffer from diseases related to heart disease, stomach, kidney stones, constipation … when using tea.

In some cases, it is strictly advised not to use tea by doctors. For people with diseases related to stomach, heart, anemia, kidney stone diseases, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, constipation … tea is not a suitable supplement. For people with high blood pressure, drinking tea makes the heart beat faster, blood pressure increases, not good for health.

Pregnant women should be cautious when using tea.

If they want to use tea, women in the period of pregnancy need to consult a doctor before.

Because if you drink a lot of tea during pregnancy, it will make mothers deficient in folic acid (also known as vitamin B9), affecting the fetus’s development. Because this is one of the essential micronutrients in the fetus’s comprehensive development in the womb, especially to the nervous system, extremely important in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Lack of folic acid easily leads to open vertebra, cleft palate, heart defects …

Drinking a lot of tea during pregnancy can also lead to anemia, limiting the amount of oxygen and nutrients supplied to the fetus through the placenta.

Besides, during pregnancy, metabolism also occurs faster than normal. If you use a lot of tea, this exchange rate can be pushed up, even more, affecting the mother’s health and physiology. Therefore, please consult carefully with your doctor’s opinion to drink most scientifically if you want to use it.

For people with kidney stones, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, constipation … tea is not a suitable choice. Like patients with high blood pressure, the caffeine in tea stimulates the heart to beat faster and increases blood pressure.

What Are The Orange Pekoe Tea Brands?

Most of us need alertness and focus for our work and daily activities. This is really not easy, because more or less everyone has to live with fatigue, stress from pressure in work and life. Coffee – which is inherently concentrated in caffeine – was the first drink thought of to kill feelings of sleep or lose alertness quickly.

 However, coffee can have many negative effects on excesses, such as increased cholesterol storage, leading to cardiovascular disease and overweight. This drink also makes teeth dull or makes many ladies sad with acne spots when they often use it. Therefore, many women have searched for new solutions to keep the spirit fresh, focused, and preserve the body’s beauty. Orange Pekoe Tea is a great choice to help you maintain a healthy alertness

Orange Pekoe Tea Brands (Black Tea Premium OP) is a black tea with a strong, bitter taste suitable for milk tea shops. Premium OP black tea has a strong flavor that makes a cup of milk tea more attractive. The slightly acrid finish is considered the last highlight of the taste while drinking.

The name OP (Orange Pekoe) is derived from China. In Europe, this term is also used in the Western tea trade to classify the orange Pekoe. Although derived from China, this taxonomic term is commonly used for teas from India, Sri Lanka, or countries other than China. This classification is based on the size of dried black tea leaves and processed black tea.

 Interestingly, the “orange” in Pekoe orange is often mistaken for tea that has been marinated with oranges, orange oil, or related to oranges. Besides, Orange Pekoe in the tea industry is often used to describe basic black teas with tea leaves of specific size. Black teas are generic and often do not have a specific name.

Premium OP Black Tea is a quality tea made from the 2nd young tea leaves of the tea plants. Unlike green teas or oolong teas, premium OP black tea is processed with full fermentation. This method of full fermentation reduces the amount of caffeine in the tea and helps the tea have a unique aroma, giving users comfort and not losing sleep if they consume too much premium black tea.

The tea color of premium OP black tea is classy with a very eye-catching light orange-black color. Every time you make a tea essence, looking at the color of the tea will stimulate your taste buds to make immediately and always a cup of milk tea. This natural color is neither too black nor too orange, making a cup of milk tea more beautiful. It can be said, with good OP black tea, you can give 10 points for both color and taste.

Overall, premium OP black tea has a strong, slightly bitter taste. The bold taste makes a cup of milk tea more attractive. That is, when drinking, the taste of tea will be completely superior to other flavors, whether sweet or not. 

The mild bitterness of premium OP black tea is considered the last highlight of the taste while drinking. Note that it is only mild. Therefore, premium OP black tea also creates its own personality in a cup of milk tea. This taste is very suitable for customers who like novelty, strong personality.

In countries that use OP tea as a savor, the ingredients for processing are the buds and the youngest leaves on each tea bud. When harvested, only use fingertips to cut, not to use nails or scissors. Therefore, the taste is softer than OP used to make milk tea. High-quality OP black tea for milk tea is the leaves that “live with heaven and earth longer.” Because basically, black tea used to make milk tea always has to be strong and strong to stand out. This point is to avoid comparison with other types of OP enjoy.

Orange Pekoe Tea is a premium tea, has a mild acrid taste to help your mind awake and spiritually clear. These are also herbs with strong antioxidant properties, thanks to several ingredients such as catechins, and theaflavin, powerful in reversing the aging process and keeping the healthy youthfulness of the user. 

Thanks to these ingredients, the product can assist in neutralizing free radicals, which are the cause of cell aging leading to health problems such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes … With a calculated amount of caffeine just enough, Orange Pekoe Tea also helps maintain the intelligence and excitement for the user.

Whether working, driving, traveling, or simply relaxing at home and feeling refreshed enough with a cup of Orange Pekoe Tea is a happiness, a style. A way to enjoy life in the rush and noise of modern life. If you use ½ teaspoon for 180ml – 240ml of hot or cold water at home or office, while traveling can be mixed in a bottle of mineral water, shake well, easily adjust the amount of light. 

A little of the mild aroma of the tea and the mild sourness of lemon mixed in the bitter but refreshing taste will help you refresh enough to enjoy every moment of life. It is also how Orange Pekoe Tea’s internationally acclaimed products help you raise your quality of life.

Teavana Mandarin Mimosa, Herbal Tea & Outstanding Of This Product


  • Excellent traditional milk tea brewing tea
  • Strengthens the body’s immune system
  • Prevent cancer thanks to many antioxidants..


  • Nothing

Teavana Mandarin Mimosa is made from Orange Pekoe tea leaves, selected fresh and top quality tea buds. According to the Orthodox method, the product is processed, retains the tea leaf shape, and preserves the natural flavor. The tea has a bright reddish-brown color, rich flavor, and blends perfectly with milk tea preparation ingredients.

Teavana Mandarin Mimosa is always at the TOP of the best-selling teas in the US market.

To create delicious, flavorful, and beautiful teacups is an art, the ingenuity from preparing ingredients to scratching hands, flavoring…. Everything must be really smooth and meticulous. From there, it will bring delicious teacups with all the elements such as “color, flavor, god, taste.”

Teavana Mandarin Mimosa is not too expensive as some other premium teas but is still loved by many people because of its characteristic aroma.

The process of harvesting carefully

Teavana mandarin mimosa has a distinctive, small, needle-like green color with a neatly curled pattern, completely different from normally dried tea buds. The unique feature to collect enough tea as raw material for 1kg of tea requires at least 15-17 skilled workers to pick during a day on an area of ​​3 ha (nearly 1,100m2). Besides, the harvest time must be at the right time without strong sunlight or rain

After picking, they will put them in a hard bamboo basket and bring them home; Next is pouring gently to avoid stamping and only for about 1 to 2 hours to put in the star immediately. Reproduction techniques are also meticulous in every detail that is rarely possible anywhere else. 

From the stage of fire adjustment; Scent feel or heat test are all handcrafted in a methodical way. Then the tea leaves are curly and not crushed. The finished product is each curled tea leaf, small as a nail and evenly equal. When enjoying quality, it is difficult to express the soil’s full feeling; Heaven and people have converged in each tea wing.

Excellent traditional milk tea brewing tea

Teavana Mandarin Mimosa – an indispensable tea in a milk tea shop. A delicious traditional milk tea flavor created from natural, quality black tea with no flavor. Many types of black tea cook delicious milk tea on the market. Choosing fresh, quality, naturally fragrant black tea will create delicious milk teacups, attracting customers.

Strengthens the body’s immune system

Teavana Mandarin Mimosa has good health benefits, typically strengthening and supporting the body’s immune system. Thanks to the tannins in tea, the body will fight off cold viruses, flu viruses, hepatitis viruses, etc…

 Prevent cancer thanks to many antioxidants.

Teavana Mandarin Mimosa helps prevent cancer thanks to antioxidants or polyphenols. In Teavana Mandarin Mimosa, there is also a compound called TF-2 which also helps prevent cancer.

Support to improve cardiovascular disease

Support for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases thanks to flavonoid antioxidant compounds. Besides, they also help strengthen the function of blood vessels in the body. Polysaccharide compounds in black tea will help reduce the amount of glucose in the body, contributing to the prevention of diabetes.

In addition to its health benefits, black tea also has benefits for skin beautifying, making hair softer, acne, and dark

Diuretic and high blood pressure reduction

 when drinking Teavana Mandarin Mimosa, the body will reduce fig, diuretic and inhibit the absorption of the ureter. Besides, it activates the operating center of the blood vessel; Increasing the filtration speed of the kidneys, thereby having the effect of diuretic benefits.

Helps dissolve fat and effective weight loss 

In Teavana Mandarin Mimosa contains caffeine. This nutrient affects the secretion of gastric juice, helping with fast digestion, enhancing energy analysis.

Rolling cardiovascular disease

 Teavana Mandarin Mimosa effectively prevents heart disease because compounds in tea are effective in enhancing muscle elasticity. Licensed and cholesterol is in the level of; vitamins C and P also work to increase the amount of cholesterol secreted.


 Has anti-aging properties to help users rejuvenate the skin. Many consultations prove that tea has anti-aging effects due to its possession of various vitamins and amino acids. Drinking tea regularly can completely prevent vitamin A, C, and B deficiency.

When brewing tea for the first time should only be mixed with water at a temperature of about 60-70 degrees C; Let the tea infuse for about 2 minutes before pouring the tea. It is advisable to pour boiling water into another flask to reduce the water temperature;

 Do not let the water too hot will evaporate the tea’s nutrients. Must be when the water is at a temperature of 60-70 to be poured into the teapot. The first tea is always the most intense, and the taste goes deep into the savoring heart.

When making the second tea, it is necessary to mix with hot water at 80 degrees C to soak the tea for about 30-40 seconds. Next, it is necessary to gently shake the kettle and slowly pour out the teacups to enjoy. Although not as dense as the first time, the second Teavana Mandarin Mimosa water still contains a premium sweet taste. If making tea for the third time, it is necessary to use water with a temperature of 90 degrees C and soak the tea for 30-40 seconds.

Our Recommend For Other Alternative Products

King Cole Orange Pekoe Tea Bags

King Cole Tea is made from the tea tree (tea tree) with the scientific name Camellia Sinensis, belonging to the tea family (Theaceae). Camellia Sinensis is native to Southeast Asia, but today it is commonly grown in many parts of the world, in tropical and subtropical regions.

To produce King Cole tea, one must carefully select from quality green tea buds. Tea must be picked by hand, ensuring that each branch has one bud and two young leaves on the bud. After that, the young tea leaves will be wilted and wilted continuously with thermal processing to create the characteristic of oolong tea. 

Thanks to this unique semi-fermentation method, oolong tea, even without using flavors or any additives in processing, still produce its very own pure taste and bring many healthy nutrients

King Cole Tea is popular for its outstanding impact on wellbeing. The tractor-trailer strategy facilitates King Cole tea to preserve its phenolic content. This protein SOD (glutathione reductase) increases its effects that help avoid oxidative stress and prevent chronic diseases. In addition, King Cole teas are organic substances that can prevent the achievement of aging and preventing the toxicity of scratches and bruises.

Researchers have long found that King Cole tea activates essential enzymes. Basic aerobic organisms generate the sufficient power required to perform essential functions. Polyphenolic compounds are responsible for reducing the unhealthy oxygen emitted by superoxide anion. A body with good metabolism and minimal effective fuel can avoid heart disease disorders, obesity, crowdsourcing.

Note: King Cole tea, as well as other teas, contain caffeine. The caffeine in tea is a mild diuretic but is only harmful if taken in excess (about 300mg of caffeine is equivalent to 6 cups of tea). It can cause sleep disruption and fatigue. The caffeine content of tea works well for some but affects many others. Drinking too much tea can lead to restlessness, anxiety, increased heart rate, and trouble sleeping.

Tetley Tea

Tetley Tea has a mild aroma, yellow water with honey color.

A tea tree is an old tree, grows up to several meters. When picking tea, you must climb the tree. There are tea stubs a few people can’t help. Located in an area with an altitude of more than 1200 meters, cloud cover all year round, the difference in temperature between day and night is large, and the climatic conditions give Tetley Tea good quality. 

Traditional Tetley Tea is cultivated completely naturally without using chemicals or fertilizers, so it is ranked as the top organic, clean tea on the list.

Referring to Tetley Tea, we cannot forget the pure taste, rich in the mountains, but cannot be mixed with tea. The special topography, geology, and climate give Tetley Tea a delicious taste. Still, it is also the feat that the way tea is the most important factor determining the quality and value of the tea.

Handmade star tea is such a feat!

The first step of tea starting is to wilt, then let the tea scoop out incense. The stages of tea stars are all important, but according to many people’s experience, the stage of withering is the most important. Each batch of tea is only about 2 kg, and it can be turned. The longer it takes to dry the tea, the better it is. Usually, the total time is about 1 hour per batch. Meanwhile, star tea with a capacity of 5-6 times more, time is also faster.

Tea is copied by hand, often by machine. It is fragrant with a lighter color. Of course, the selling price is much higher, and it can be mixed up to the 4-5th water with the same color and flavor as the first water; fragrant like adding a little honey, faintly smoke of wood, at first drinking the acrid taste of the mouth, then the sweetness spreads, difficult to mix with other teas.

Pure Organic Orange Pekoe Black Ceylon Tea

Pure Organic is a completely different art of making tea. It was also made as green tea, but before the tea dries, it is pressed into cubes of different shapes for storage before use. Pure Organic is a fermented tea (a slightly different process from oxidation). Depending on the type of Pure Organic (ripened or raw), this “aging” process takes place in months or years (even decades).

It is believed that Pure Organic Tea is more delicious for a long time. During storage, Pure Organic tea is still “alive,” just like Western wines. Pure Organic Tea is appreciated for its reddish water, earthy aroma, wood scent, rotten smell, and smooth taste.

A combination of tea and herbs, tea (caffeine, acrid, aroma), and strong flavors from aromatic herbs: lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon. This is a growing trend in the world, especially when used in pyramid packaging bags.

Although Pure Organic Tea drying can take a few days, since the leaves’ cells do not break down, oxidation is only very slow. White tea, when brewed, usually have very light green or yellow water and the “subtle” flavor and flavor, the lightest of all teas.

Watching this video for more detail:


Currently, there are hundreds of different teas in the world, but orange pekoe tea brands are the most popular tea brands in the world today, thanks to their taste and effect on human health.

As we all know, each tea has its own characteristics that suit each person’s preferences and financial conditions. Besides its health benefits, this tea also has a very special flavor. With articles about Orange pekoe tea brands- Great Drink For Concentration

We hope to help you choose the most suitable tea product for you.

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