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one wheel pint review

In this article I will talk about One wheel pint reviews, you will get a lot of useful information about this product. If you do not own it then consult a lot of information about the product to consider before you want to use it. In addition, I also provide you with information about the features and benefits of the product so that you understand it better when you own it.

You also do not worry when you own it but have not mastered the one wheel pint. This article is not only about one wheel pint review but also gives you more basic information and information related to it. So don’t miss my article!

Things to consider before buying one wheel pint

Before going to the one wheel pint review, I want to tell you the basics of the product so that you can have a better overview of it.

General information about One wheel pint

There are many ways to get around in the city these days, besides cars, motorbikes, and bicycles you can still use your skateboard as a daily travel tool. A super specially designed skateboard from One wheel pint will give you a new experience like never before.

one wheel pint review

For those who are not completely familiar with the One wheel pint, it will definitely find this new product interesting. The unique moving device that One wheel pint brings is called the Onewheel Pint. This is a compact and portable variant suitable for all lifestyles. It’s just 27 inches long which makes it convenient to take on the bus, place it next to you at the coffee shop or keep it under the table and in the closet.

Equipped with integrated Mag-Handle, making it easy to carry around without having to carry.

The product is an electric skateboard with an oversized wheel in the middle. They work without a remote control and rely on your movements instead as a driver. All you need to do is lean forward to move.

During use, you may experience some leg problems such as sprains, leg aches, etc. Owning an additional massage machine is also a helpful suggestion.

one wheel pint review

With a top speed of 16 mph and a range of 10-13km, One wheel pint is a fun experience for those who want to play with the wheel. The Pint is smaller, lighter and cheaper than its predecessor, and moreover equipped with some practical new features. The device has an eye-catching design from an angle that makes you feel excited and want to go right away.

Looking at Onewheel Pint’s awesome design, you’ll find some well-established tech. That includes Hypercore engine technology, which ensures a quiet, smooth ride without fuss.

Among those features is Simplestop technology, which allows new drivers to learn to drive quickly and feel confident, reminding users to gently let go after you have stopped and leaned back. Another new feature is the Maghandle, which makes it easy to grab them for shipping. Meanwhile, the Lightbar will help illuminate on dark roads and let the rider know about foot sensor activation and help you maintain battery status and ride alert.

Whether you’re a seasoned racer One wheel Pint will get you where you are going with smooth style and ingenious precision. Especially with prices starting from 950 USD will surely make you satisfied.

Besides, you can also use the Onewheel app (available for Android and iOS) to record your trips. With its special features and unique design at an affordable price, it will probably be a great product for skaters.

Safety notes and essential advice on One wheel pint

one wheel pint review

One wheel review is very important and needs to know. However, the safety precautions for its use are also extremely important to help you always be ready and master your one wheel pint.

Know where to go One wheel pint

The answer to this question will not be clear as there is no clear address. Of course, you can use it in neighborhoods near the house, maybe in parks, and in most places where you can use bicycles and use skateboards or other sports. Some cities have banned their use on the streets. However, you should check more about the road law because there are different laws in different countries or regions. You can use One wheel pint on the sidewalk if permitted by law.

However, it is best to check with your local police department before going on public streets.

Practice before going on the road

If you own it can be a good suggestion for you to change yourself, because one wheel pint is the product that expresses the personality of the user. The main skill to use for this product is the balancing skill because it helps you avoid injury when you’re not careful. It helps you to be more skillful and active. With the dominant leg used, stand in front of the non-dominant leg and use the body for adjustment. You should also back up so that you can adjust the speedy speed of the One wheel pint.

Take note of keeping your eye balance to keep you confident when using it! And you should also be careful to wear protective equipment to avoid injury. However, there is no need to worry because if you are skilled and capable after many uses then wearing safety equipment is not necessary.

Keep safe at night

One wheel pint has LED lights, but they’re not high and not too bright. Going at night, it can be hedging. Firstly, you often use it at night or at night, you should use the white one. Second, you may consider some creative shoes to add more shine to the foot section. One wheel pint comes with a small battery like the phones you have in your ipad or smartphone, etc  and is quite safe. Not only are they bright, but they continue to blink and change color and get more attention than the single bulbs on the one wheel pint.

Charging the battery overnight is not a good idea

If you know that you have a flagship One wheel pint with a battery, don’t do so. Overnight charging means no supervision at all while you sleep. Most One wheel pint batteries take about approximately four hours to fully charge. If they remain plugged in, there is a risk of catching fire.

Many people plugged it in to charge the battery before it ends, even if they don’t have some hours to fully charge it. We can do the same with our ipad and smartphone, and they have the same kind of battery. The goal will be to keep the charge level so it can be used for the time you want. It is the best idea to keep track of it. you need a note while it is being charged.

How to preserve One wheel pint

How to preserve One wheel pint is also part of the One wheel pint review because it is very important. This helps you to protect the product against costly repairs or maintenance. Read on!

one wheel pint review

How to preserve

  • Charge the battery, usually the electric car can charge the battery from 2h-2h30 is full for a balanced vehicle with battery capacity of 44000mAH. Once full, the charging mode automatically disconnects, but to ensure battery life and safety, after full you should unplug the power from the battery charger.
  • With its 44000mAH capacity battery, the balanced vehicle can go from 15-18km and runs out of battery.
  • Because the balanced One wheel pint is composed of electric main layers inside the body, the car is designed not to be waterproof, so you absolutely do not go to the area with water or play a balanced electric scooter in the rain, slippery. , wet.
  • Store it in a dry place, away from overheating, or humid places.

How to protect One wheel pint from scratches or peeling paint

one wheel pint review
Use an adhesive tape

When you first buy it, you can completely wrap your electric car with one or several layers of tape to limit the scratches of your electric car, the advantage of this tape solution is that it is quite fast, easy to implement and the cost is not too high. However, when you accidentally trip or get hit, the tape can come off, get rubbish, and you will have to refresh it regularly.

Use rubber properties

Rubber tapes are mainly used for electrical and water insulation. But it also works fine when used to protect your balance electric vehicle. This rubber tape is a long layer of rubber, has 1 sticky side, you can stick it on sensitive spots, easy to touch, easily scratched. You should stick to the parts most vulnerable to impact.

  • Pros: Rubber tape is also an easy-to-find, inexpensive and extremely durable material, it can be said that it is much more durable than the protective foam tape. Help protect your car more thoroughly.
  • Cons: The rubber tape is difficult to peel off once it’s been glued. Therefore, you need to consider really seriously before you want to use this tape for the aesthetics of the One wheel pint.
Use of rubber

Rubber pads are often used for traditional moving equipment such as Bicycles, Motorcycles,etc to protect One wheel pint from even the strongest collisions. These strips usually do not have adhesive attached, requiring you to use an additional glue to be able to stick them on it.

  • Pros: If you are a beginner or someone with poor driving ability. This rubber pad is really right for you. Can protect your vehicle in strong crashes.
  • Cons: As mentioned above, this rubber piece will have to use its own glue to stick on the car, you need to consider carefully because of the car’s aesthetic problem. If you want to paste, you should stick it on where really necessary, where most at risk.
Use of a pipe sweet

Styrofoam is the material that can be said to be the easiest to find, it can be found everywhere: supermarkets, bookstores, groceries, construction materials, etc.

A sponge is a long foam tape with adhesive on one side. You can use it to stick to impact-prone, scratch-prone surfaces on your team (the edges around the car, 2 wheel rings, undercarriage and top of the car)

  • Pros: Protective foam tape is quite easy to find, easy to stick and relatively inexpensive. You can find these Ribbons at the Construction Materials store. You can replace the patch regularly.
  • Cons: Can only protect your car for the first time, then start to degrade and have to be replaced. Easy to absorb water and dust.
BRICK Vinyl Decal

Vinyl De is a type of decal but firmer and more shoe, it is made up of a thin layer of plastic. In addition to protecting your car, it can also be used to change the car’s style, by adding some new visual details to make your car cooler. It is best to buy pre-designed Decals for the Balanced Electric Vehicle.

  • Pros: Can change the car’s style, making the car more prominent and beautiful, but still providing protection and scratch resistance for the car.
  • Cons: Decal is only made of a thin layer, so it cannot protect the car from falls and strong hits, so it only avoids scratches.

In the process of using it is inevitable that your car is scratched, we must learn the ways to limit and recover these damages. Above are ways for you to refer and apply to the protection and maintenance of your electric vehicle balance.

One Wheel Pint Reviews

one wheel pint review

In the One wheel pint reviews section, you will learn more details about it in particular.

One wheel pint is the best self-balancing single wheel electric board-sport because it has all the features of a self-balancing single wheel skateboard. One wheel pint possesses many things to help you show the talent and courage of its users.

The One wheel pint has a good frictional surface that prevents you from getting slippery when using it. This will help you avoid injury problems if you use it not carefully.

One wheel pint shafts and rods are designed with extremely sturdy materials. This helps you to be confident when using this product.


  • The product is durable, good.
  • Beautiful design and personality.
  • Shows the right personality of the user.
  • There are handles for convenience of movement.


  • Products need technical people to use.

One wheel pint users say them in particular are quite active people and often want to express themselves. If you are one of them, you can also express yourself through tattoos to show your personality.

The balance vehicle is a very interesting mobility tool, giving you the feeling of “walking the clouds” wandering, and it can be suitable for many ages, the feeling of standing on a balance vehicle is similar to the feeling. you surf the partin, however this electric car is easier to use and control a lot. You can use this car as a means of transportation in big cities, shopping centers, entertainment and shopping areas, etc.

Currently, in the market, there are many balanced models of vehicles with many different styles and sizes, but it is possible to classify 3 models on the size of the groove such as 6.5 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch. Depending on your age, the level of demand for you to choose for yourself a balanced vehicle that is most suitable. You should buy products at reputable places to buy genuine products with good quality, durability and safest.

Features and Benefits

One wheel pint review is one of the essential items you need for more information about this product. You need to read more in this section to see the strengths that the night product offers.

one wheel pint review

One wheel pint is a compact electric device (battery) capable of self-balancing, helping the user when standing up it can control the movement at will. The reason it has this special ability is because it is equipped with an IMU swivel gyroscope sensor to control the wheel.

When you want to move forward or backward, just lean slightly towards you want to move, you focus on left or right to turn. How fast or slow you move depends on your tilt, weight, and travel arc.

The benefits of a smartly balanced electric vehicle

Bring new experiences

One wheel pint offers more safety and more practical practice than three-wheeled bicycles and auxiliary wheels. 3-wheelers are quite slow, making children feel completely awkward, not maneuverable, and easy to fall over on uneven or angular surfaces.

On the One wheel pint, children can completely focus on one thing that is balance, no need to pedal. As a result, they will have more preparedness for unforeseen imbalances and less likely to fall. Once they have mastered the balance, children can completely skip the step of using a bicycle with auxiliary wheels and use a regular bicycle right away. In doing so, the countless injuries from falls in learning to ride a bike will be minimized.

Children were able to ride bikes earlier

It is perfectly okay for children to ride a regular bicycle earlier than other children of the same age. In fact, there are still many children up to the age of 5-6 years old who are still unable to ride a bicycle properly. In addition, the transition from a balance car to a regular bike as part of a wheel. We simply need to give them a car to ride. No need to chase beside them, no need to hold rear seats, no pain from a fall, simply give them a bike and we will be completely amazed at what they show.

Compact, environmentally friendly vehicle

Using a self-balancing electric scooter will save you money on gas if you ride a motorbike, or do you have to waste time walking. In addition, using self-balancing electric vehicles also contributes to environmental protection, preventing traffic jams. A balance bike can replace a tricycle or a bike with auxiliary wheels, in fact, most opt ​​for a 12-inch wheeled bike, since it is the smallest pedal car a parent has. This type of bike is basically required to have an auxiliary wheel, which, if removed, is completely unusable or difficult for the child to use as a normal bicycle.

The intelligent balance electric vehicle also has many different effects depending on your needs and purposes.

The structure of One wheel pint creates good features

one wheel pint review

The electric balance vehicle is a modern vehicle that combines many advanced technologies to provide an enjoyable user experience. So what’s inside a smart 1-wheeler? Let’s explore together!

The structure of the electric scooter is essentially two “planks” connected together by a central axis and two boards can rotate relative to each other at a small angle, in fact the manufacturer has locked this rotation angle of the car. For the purpose of preventing twisting of the wire inside the motor.

The self-balancing single-wheel electric scooter is controlled against two rubber pads, where the user can stand up, underneath this rubber lining is a three-state control switch that is spread evenly over three foot, soles and heel positions. Therefore, users can control the car by swinging their feet forward to move forward or lean back to back.

In addition, the metal shell of the self-balancing single-wheel electric vehicle also acts as a shield that protects the entire interior of the car when the vehicle must operate under unfavorable conditions. The hard plastic outer shell is quite thick and durable, although it can continuously collide with the road surface, but the shell is only scratched without being broken.

The circuit inside the car mainly has only 1 gyro sensor to determine the balance position of the vehicle when in use and a large battery pack. The wheel actually includes the internal coils that act as the base of the basic electric motor. That is why the wheel gets warm when it works.


After reading and knowing the information through the One wheel pint review section, you may like or dislike certain parts or points of the product. In this section, I would like to give you a few more similar products to choose from while consulting some information about such products.

  1. Segway Ninebot Drift W1

No products found.

Segway Ninebot Drift W1 is one of the self-balancing 1-wheeled vehicles, also known as well-balanced single-wheeled skis and is rated by consumers as the most popular product. It has many of the same features as a product of One wheel pint. More than that, it is sanitized on a cutting edge technology line. Its annwg features give it a unique yet elegant personality, giving it a luxurious feel to it.

Design and color style add elegant personality. The rubber cushion feels smooth and comfortable for the user.


  • The product is good and durable.
  • Segway Ninebot Drift W1 it has a strange design
  • Full range of features of the self-balancing single-wheel electric scooter.


  • There is no handle so the need to move, carry, etc.
  1. Electric One Wheel Skateboard

No products found.

Electric One Wheel Skateboard for Onewheel is one of the top self-balancing unicycles. Wire is a product that has a high appreciation for its quality and durability. It is uniquely designed with a thorny style. Create a prominent even for the person who has a thorny personality color.

You can see this is a very worthy product to own through the design of the lamp and the stand, very smart and has a good ebenf level. The durable product gives you no additional costs for repair or maintenance after a long period of use.


  • Good product.
  • High strength.
  • Carbon Fiber Side Rail Wraps Stickers Decals for Onewheel have lights to keep you from using it at night or at night.


  • The product is quite heavy and has no grip.
  1. VIRO Rides Free-Style Hoverboard

No products found.

One of the 1-wheel electric vehicles with self-balancing ability, I cannot help but mention the VIRO Rides Free-Style Hoverboard. This product is priced by the user as a worthy one because it has many outstanding features such as stainless steel which can be water-resistant, production structure has scratch-resistant material, etc. From there, shows that the VIRO Rides Free-Style Hoverboard is durable. This saves you money.

VIRO Rides Free-Style Hoverboard is also praised by users for its strong design with extremely strong colors, creating a unique and elegant personality. What’s more, the stand makes it a non-slip, anti-slip material, so you can use it with confidence.


  • The product is durable thanks to the materials manufactured.
  • The product has anti-scratch and smooth function.
  • Nice design.


  • The product is heavy and requires a strong person to move.


Through the article about One wheel pint review, you can learn more about the product from general information to detailed information about the structure, features and benefits of the product such as comfort and strength. strong and active, etc.

You should also use good shoe products with anti-friction materials and construction to help the use of One wheel pint not be affected but bring positive benefits.

Through the above information, if you are interested and curious about the product information, you can click on the link to receive information about what you are interested in.

Below, I share with you an overview video on how to use one of the One wheel pint products, you can click to see the details.Thank you for choosing my unique article.

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