Top 10 Motherboard 1366 Reviews: For Your Computer’s Top Performance (Updated 2023)

The motherboard is the utmost essential item of every computer structure ever that you need to know if you are planning to upgrade, expand or build your own PC. We know the amount of technical information related to that can be exhausting, so we are not letting you do the research alone! Our team of tech lovers worked hard to discover the best motherboard 1366 for your incredible PC experience in 2023.

We will provide you with all the information and tips you need on determining which motherboard is most suitable for you, so just sit back, relax and enjoy our detailed reviews of the 10 best motherboard 1366 right now below! 

Top 10 Motherboard 1366 Comparison 2023

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Top 10 Motherboard 1366 Reviews 2023

Asus Rampage III Extreme Socket 1366/ Intel X58

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This motherboard 1366 is our team’s favorite model of all time and we think overclockers are going to love it just as much as we do. It has 10 SATA ports in total, Bluetooth ports, supporting the triple channel and has a max capacity of 24GB. Overclocking is terrifically easy, fast and superb with this design, thanks to the vast number of optional overclocking settings and the great features of the board.

The motherboard provides monitoring software to watch after your computer’s voltages and temperatures. In addition to that, the fans work just as great. The BIOS is simple to use and just when we thought we couldn’t ask for more, we were surprised at how the PCIe slots are spaced so well.

Usually, graphic cards are the hottest elements in your system and most motherboards build their slots right next to each other, which isn’t our favorite idea as two hot components placed side by side will only make your system hotter. In this board’s case, the PCIe slots allow more spaces in between. This dramatically lowers the fan noises and system temperature, which only makes this motherboard 1366 more spectacular.


  • Best for overclocking
  • Detailed instruction manual, easy to set up
  • Well-designed PCIe layout
  • Accompanied with plenty of useful accessories


  • High price
  • Doesn’t support SATA3
  • Only has 1 internal USB connector

ASUS LGA 1366 Intel X58 Republic of Gamers ATX Motherboard Rampage III Formula

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The ASUS Rampage III Formula has a total of 6 available memory slots and can support up to 24GB. This is the beast among the motherboard 1366 world. Aside from having logical and fantastic placement of board components, connections and such, its system works crazily fast. For that reason, the software and applications’ performance of this product is marvelous. If you are a gamer, you may find this board model a wonderful choice.

This board has a fantastic set of features that we are intrigued by; it allows you to make adjustments and tweak as much as you want. If you want to tweak this specific motherboard 1366 design though, you would need to have at least some sort of experience and thorough knowledge about motherboard tweaking. Therefore, if you’re an avid motherboard tweaker, we highly recommend this as a match made in heaven for you.

Likewise, you can also find the overclocking process with this motherboard an enjoyable experience. Its capabilities are remarkable, so the ASUS Rampage III Formula is also a great buy for the fellow overclockers. Overall, we think this is a versatile board that you might fall in love with.


  • Best for builders and tweakers
  • Versatility
  • Excellent component design and placement


  • Huge size motherboard, can only fit in a large case
  • Some parts of the manual might be unclear

ASUS Rampage III Gene LGA 1366 Intel X58 Micro ATX Motherboard

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This product has a total of 8 SATA ports in general, supporting 6 memory slots and up to 24GB. Micro ATX motherboards typically lack factors compared to the standard ATX versions, yet this model has a lot of excellent features that you would definitely find helpful. We rarely find such components in those form factors, but the ASUS Rampage III Micro ATX has them, so this motherboard 1366 is starting to win the game.

The other thing that caught our interest is the AI Suit—also known as the Asus software. It allows you to manage the fan speed settings in order to reduce the noises coming from the fan. Moreover, you easily overclock this board through the straightforward, easy-to-understand adjustments accompanied with the software.

If you’re someone who’s interested in Micro ATX boards, we highly recommend this motherboard 1366 as we believe it would provide you the best experience a Micro ATX could ever give.


  • Plenty of features that Micro ATX models normally wouldn’t have
  • Easy to make adjustments
  • Runs fast


  • Might need more stability improvement

ASUS P6X58D Premium – LGA 1366 – X58

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This is hands-down the best motherboard 1366 equipped with a guaranteedly effective fanless design, which is great for heat-pipe solution. The product is literally made for dissipating heat so if you’re looking for the motherboard that keeps your device cool, we highly recommend this model.

Additionally, the board has the highest-quality components for the best performance. The components have easy-to-spot locations, so we find the installation process very simple. The USB 3.0, SATA 6 GB/s and the triple channel DDR3 features are made for this little motherboard to handle various things at once without conflict.

Without a doubt, the ASUS P6X58D Premium is the best motherboard 1366 combination of reliability and features. If you’re looking to upgrade your power user, we think this product is of top pick.


  • High durability
  • Fast system performance
  • Well-written instruction manual
  • Good amount of extra connectors and cables


  • Padded input/output bezel is a little bit thick for some

Supermicro Intel X58 DDR3 800 LGA 1366 Motherboards X8DTE-F-O

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The Supermicro Intel X58 is one of the motherboard 1366 types that we would really love to introduce to you as a great suggestion, especially if you are looking for the one that is able to support a whole lot of memory. To be more specific, it can support up to a total amount of 96 GB of REG memory and maximally 24GB of unbuffered memory, which is our favorite part of the motherboard.

The board is equipped with eight USB 2.0 ports: four rear and four by headers, with the addition of six SATA2 ports as well as four slots in total. In all honesty, its design is made for supporting an abundance of memory.


  • Flexible functions and design
  • Most of the attachments and accessories are supported
  • Excellent support of memory


  • None

ASUS Socket 1366/Intel X58

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Aside from being future proof (USB 3.0, SATA 6GB/s) and equipped with a total of spacious 24GB RAM, this board also comes with an 8-channel high definition audio as well as triple channels. Due to these functions, we strongly nominate this to be the best motherboard 1366 for gaming purposes. What makes the board even better is the fact that it has an amazingly fast processor, which is perfect for multitasking.

On top of that, this board dominates the digital imaging and graphic resolution. If you want your computer to display the best graphic information while still being able to maintain an impressive speed, this product is definitely a great fit. A match made in heaven.

One more thing we love about this board is how it manages to stay cool under a specific amount of load. With all of its convenient and well-designed features, this motherboard 1366 might just be a great buy for you.


  • Best for intensive graphic displays
  • Equipped with outstanding soundboard
  • Fully customizable BIOS


  • Might not be able to last for all processors
  • Overclocking the board can be complicated for beginners

Asus ATX DDR3 Intel x58 Socket 1366 SATA (6Gb/s) USB 3.0 Motherboard (P6X58D-E)

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Another promising candidate for graphics technology. The Asus P6X58D-E is also fully functional with a USB 3.0 and SATA 6GB/s with a bonus of 8 total SATA ports, making it the beast of hard drive farm that can support 1366 very well. Thanks to this, the board’s performance has no problem with running smoothly and fast. Furthermore, it supports up to three video cards if you’re interested.

However, what we love most about the model is its onboard power switch and various other features that you may only find available on higher end boards. Such a sweet deal! In addition, it comes with triple channel DDR3 build, and the cooling function of this motherboard 1366 model is incredibly noteworthy.

Overall, this is the best motherboard 1366 for its price range. If you’re looking for a product that has all the essential and additional features of a decent motherboard at a reasonable price, this is your go-to model.


  • Best price at good quality
  • Fast performance
  • Simple cable management


  • Not many legacy components for flexibility
  • The board’s build is a bit flimsy

Asus P6T7 WS SuperComputer LGA1366/ Intel X58/ DDR3/ CrossFireX & 3-Way SLI/A&2GL/ CEB ATX Motherboards

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We love how this Asus P6T7 WS SuperComputer model just has the right performance of stability, has to be one of the most outstandingly stable designs in this list of reviews. The board has the number of six USB 2 Ports in total and six memory slots available. If you want a motherboard 1366 product that would guarantee the effect of fantastic stability, we suggest this as a great buy.

Moreover, the motherboard has a third USB internal connector so its feature set looks promising. Overclocking this model piece is pretty simple and effortless so we think if you are new to overclocking motherboards, purchasing the P6T7 would do the job just right.


  • Excellent stability
  • Full cover heatsink
  • Easy to overclock


  • BIOS may needs an upgrade

ASUS P6T – LGA 1366 – X58 – DDR3 – ATX Motherboard

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If you’re an overclocker looking for the best motherboard 1366 at an affordable price, this is it. First thing first, you can effortlessly navigate and manipulate the board through the BIOS. Secondly, it has tons of diagnostics and a large feature set. Last but not least, the board is equipped with parameter adjustment capability, all of these just for optimizing the best overclocking opportunity.

On top of that, the ASUS P6T is accompanied with plenty of connection options for an impressively long list of purposes. It supports 24GB RAM in triple channel configuration. We also find other built-in softwares this amazing motherboard 1366 model possessed that would be helpful for adjustment according to your preferences.

The design of this board is well-known for having stable functions and build. Due to its versatility, The Asus P6T is also another top pick we would love to recommend for gamers and motherboard tweakers out there.


  • Allows a wide range of adjustment preferences
  • Has a convenient extension block


  • Doesn’t have USB 3.0
  • Might be difficult to get some SATA connectors

Asus Z8NA-D6C Intel Tylesburg 24D LGA1366 ATX 48GB DDR3 Motherboard

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The Asus Z8NA has a total of 6 SATA ports, four USB 2 ports and supporting DDR3 RAM Memory Technology. The setup step is very simple and fast. It has all of the basic features a typical motherboard 1366 model should have. Overall, the performance of this board is decent.

The product comes at a surprisingly affordable price, so if you are currently low on budget or just want to buy the least expensive motherboard 1366 design in the market, we would love to recommend this product to you.


  • Affordable price
  • Effortless setup


  • Not equipped with fans

How To Choose The Right Motherboard 1366 For Your Computer: A Buying Guide

The motherboard (also known as the printed circuit board, PCB) is the one absolutely mandatory item playing the role of the main foundation in every computer structure. It’s the bridge that connects communication between other components of the system built, like that one friend who’s the glue of the group that holds everyone together. For that reason, it’s important to take into consideration what notes you may want to keep in mind when purchasing your own motherboard.

Each motherboard 1366 model has their own special features and traits, some have a bundle of extremely handy and up-to-date features but nevertheless, you have to look into the one that would serve your purpose the best. More importantly, it has to go well with your computer model and structure.

If all of this information is beginning to sound suffocating, don’t start feeling blue yet because we have prepared you some very useful notes below that would definitely help you choose the right motherboard 1366 model for you!

Features and Functions

First, you need to examine what kind of features, functions and specifications your intended motherboard has and will they match well with your original PC’s structure. It’s crucial that you don’t pick the wrong motherboard designed with features being totally out of place with your computer’s set up. It would cause a lot of nuisance and a waste of money.

Additionally, we highly suggest you check whether your motherboard 1366 design can connect to your CPU or not. Let’s not underestimate this check-up since the motherboard-CPU connection is the fuel of your engine—meaning that it’s the fundamental factor every system needs in order to be fully functional.

Then we have graphic cards, another top important element also known as GPU. Graphic cards decide how digital images, videos and details appear on your computer screen. You would also need to make sure your motherboard supports it.


You might’ve probably heard about storage before, it’s a rather common and popular word in the language of computers. Basically, a storage is where all of your data, applications, operating systems and other things are saved plus stored when you turn off your PC. You have two choices to pick from: hard disk drive (HHD) and solid state drive (SSD). Some quick tips to differentiate them is that HHDs are often cheaper for more storage space. Meanwhile, SSDs work faster and better for operating systems and application.

Then we have the storage connectors. In order to add storage to your computer, you need to know how many connections you would need on your motherboard. Nowadays, people usually choose between storage connection serial ATA or SATA. SATA is usually more common on motherboard 1366 models, especially SATA 3.0 and you can get both HHD and SSD to support it. We propose that you check for how many SATA ports your motherboard have as they would be related to the SATA connections.

Form factors

The motherboard 1366 also comes in three sizes: Mini-ITX , MicroATX and ATX with Mini-ITX being the smallest while ATX is the biggest model.

The larger the motherboard is, the richer its components are. However, bigger size doesn’t always mean that its quality is far better than the smaller ones as once again, you have to consider what’s the best board design for your computer.

If your environment has plenty of room for more computer-supporting items, specifically a tower case in full size, then purchasing large motherboard 1366 models would be ideal as the tower case would likely be the most suitable place to locate your board.

On the other hand, if your space is limited, let’s say that your desk is already full and the space beneath is also not huge enough for big-sized cases, it would be a safer choice to choose a smaller form. This means your motherboard will have fewer functions now; which is why you should look through all the listed features the motherboard has that would be essential for your computer built before making your purchase.

Motherboard connections

Not all motherboards have the same connection positions. It’s helpful to know where the connections are on your motherboard because their locations determine the functions of many things, from external USB ports to fans and the list goes on.

There are board designs where you can find the connections lying directly on the motherboard’s surface, then there are times when you find them on the rear panels or internal to the case. The positions vary depending on the functions the board supports, and these closely link to the ports occupying your case. In other words, we highly suggest you pay attention to your case’s ports first thing first. Afterwards, you have to check for the necessary connections on the motherboard that will evidently support your ports.

These might seem like two simple steps but making sure that your chosen motherboard 1366 model has all of the required internal connections is the key value. Make sure the board has every connection that you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important to know about the Sockets and Chipsets?

It’s not at all absolutely essential for you to understand everything about them but in most cases, we would still recommend that you get a gist of what they are and their basic functions. Let us break it down for you in simple words: sockets is the mechanism that attaches CPU to the motherboard, and chipset is the motherboard hardware as well as software that combine together to help many components communicate with each other.

Therefore, when selecting the right motherboard 1366 model, you would also need to look for the right socket and chipset combination coming along with it.

What happens if my motherboard overheats?

When a motherboard’s temperature gets too high, the board and its components would expand as a study from Caltech university showed that all materials expand when they come in contact with high heat. Hence, putting your board at high temperature from time to time will damage the structure as the expanded motherboard shape would have cracks and fractures.

But you don’t have to worry much as the motherboard 1366 models, just like many other types of motherboards, are built to prevent overheating issues. If you’re concerned about the topic, you can look more into the cooling system and fans accompanied with the motherboard to see if they can satisfy your needs.

Can motherboards be repaired?

Yes, they can be repaired under many situations but you should hire a professional since motherboard errors tend to be quite complicated. Plus, detecting the cause takes a lot of time if you don’t know the boards well.

Here is a helpful video for more information on How to choose the right motherboard for your computer:

Our Top 5 Picks Of The Best Motherboard 1366

Without a doubt, the motherboard is the core of every computer structure out there. Without its presence, none of the other parts could connect to each other nor function at all. With that being said, it’s now a clear fact that you must know what tools, features and functions the motherboard has that will support your PC set up as well as your own intentions.

We know it sounds exhausting as there are many factors to consider, so after reading through our reviews of the best motherboard 1366 models we tested, our team hopes that you will find all of the information above helpful and find the perfect product for you.

And now, here are our final picks of the top 5 motherboard 1366 as suggestion for you:

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In conclusion, we think that Asus Rampage III Extreme Socket 1366 is undoubtedly the best motherboard 1366 model in 2023.

First thing first, the board has a flawless feature set with an on-top performance as it’s made for users who want to experience hardcore performance from the motherboard’s abilities. What’s more interesting is the fact that besides the benefit mentioned above, the board is also one of the best models in the market for overclocking right now.

Although it sounds like a complicated structure due to all the introductions of the board being made for hardcore performers, we are more than happy to inform you that it’s rather easy and simple to set up the motherboard. Even for overclockers, it’s easier to breath when you work with the Asus Rampage III Extreme Socket.

With all of its fantastic features and capabilities, we are proud to nominate it as the best motherboard 1366 that we think you would seriously enjoy.

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