Ge Forse 6600 – Immersed Into Virtual World

If there is only the processor (CPU) and a display, it is not enough for you to see the vividness and fidelity of the frames displayed on that screen. Now we start to need the help of the graphics card. So what is a ge forse 6600?

The graphics card is a part responsible for handling graphics related tasks including images and videos on a laptop, through which everything will become more vivid and smooth.

Nvidia Geforce 6600 is a versatile utility software for gaming, it will help users update drivers and configure games faster and more.

Different from 20 years ago, current gaming PCs require a huge configuration, and one of the first things to consider most is the graphics card. A “strong” graphics card will make it possible to battle all today’s games with a great experience. In today’s large graphics and game market, we can’t mention Nvidia, the world’s largest developer and producer of graphics chips. With modern technology, it is too normal for the VGA to be attached to gaming and to support gamers, and Nvidia also has its own unique Geforce Experience software suite.

For gamers, playing games with a system that doesn’t have too much power leads to them having to calculate in-game graphics settings in order to balance performance and graphics quality. This is not easy and sometimes very time-consuming because the system optimization is confusing because modern games have so many settings that sometimes cause gamers to fall into a matrix of options without knowing they affect. How come my game experience?

With our ge forse 6600, you will enjoy smooth, vivid images while playing games or watching movies, that is the achievement that a laptop equipped with a graphics card brings. For gamers, the name GeForce is probably not too strange anymore. This is the software that optimizes the operation of GeForce graphics cards on the system, providing the most satisfying graphics quality for gamers. However, how to choose a graphic card to suit which is not easy. If you’ve ever questioned why you need to choose this highest-selling brand. Here is a ge forse 6600 review for everything you have to read this piece, which gives you all the details required for this must – have item.

Consider When To Buy This Item

In the gamer’s world, it’s possible to upgrade the graphics card regularly. With such upgrades, they will have to spend a lot of money to buy the graphics cards best suited to their computers. Therefore, in this article we would like to share our experiences in choosing to buy a graphics card so you know which cards to buy and avoid and which cards are really necessary for your computer.

Discover clearly what video card is?

Video card also known as video card, English name is Video Graphics Adapter. Equipment is responsible for processing information about images, such as resolution, contrast … by the method of connecting to the screen. Hence, users can perform editing and work on the computer.

When making a graphics card, the most important part is the GPU (graphics processor). This is the decisive part of the graphics card’s capabilities. The higher the capacity of the graphics card, the smoother the image processing speed will be, the easier it is to manipulate.

For gamers or those who do photo or video editing work, the graphics card is very important. Every task will become more vivid and smoother.

Most important point in a graphics card: Model number (card name)

The performance metrics of any graphics card are immediately displayed on the model number, the number after the card name to indicate the processor, speed and memory bandwidth available on the graphics card. . As a rule, the model number will include the brand name + the number that the manufacturer gives the graphics card, for example: PNY Verto NVIDIA ge forse 6600 AGP 8X 256 MB DDR Graphics Card (VCG66256APB)

The main problem is that a product with a more powerful processor will feel more secure to the user, but you should also consider next-generation models.

Therefore, if you are a lover of high-graphics games, you just need to try to buy yourself a graphics card that is as suitable for your computer as possible. This has its own reasons. Even if your budget is rich, you do not need to spend more than $ 325 to buy a best graphics card, but look for one that is compatible with all the hardware in the machine but still ensures the configuration. certain images.

Also, try to find the relationship between graphics card and performance so you can find a graphics card that can work smoothly on your computer. Besides, avoid a comparison between the graphics card generation of one company and another because they often have many differences.

Memory size is not as important as memory bandwidth

Choosing a graphics card for large memory is like choosing a bag full of air. And the majority of gamers put this criteria first when choosing to buy a new graphics card.

Unless you are using extremely large resolutions (three dual monitors or one 4K monitor), you don’t have to worry about how big your RAM is. If you are using 1920×1080 or higher resolutions you should be looking for a high-end graphics card as they will have pretty much default memory.

What you need is to pay attention to the bandwidth portion of the memory. Bandwidth will vary depending on the price and performance of a graphics card, and keep this in mind: GDDR5 memory provides twice the bandwidth of DDR3 memory in terms of speed.

The most important thing when it comes to graphics cards is: 1 GB GDDR5 would be extremely suitable over 4 GB DDR3.

Pay attention to the background

The graphics card is the most important component in a gaming computer, but the rest of the system plays an equally important role in handling tasks. It’s important to be aware of the limitations of your platform.

Are you running a dual-core CPU like Celeron, Pentium, Sempron or Athlon X2? If so, it won’t keep up with high-end graphics hardware. Hence, don’t waste your money this way. Choose to buy a mid-range graphics card for more savings, or if you want the best gaming performance, upgrade your processor to current configurations to avoid risks.

Your display is also an important factor. A 1280×1024 display or higher won’t require the most expensive graphics hardware. Conversely, if you want to use three 1920×1080 composite monitors then a mid-range graphics card won’t give you the full range of frames in modern 3D games.

Identify the types of games you plan to play and compare them with the platforms available on your computer, then decide to upgrade if absolutely necessary.

Two is not necessarily better than one

Both AMD and Nvidia offer a feature that links multiple graphics cards together to increase performance. This feature is called CrossFire on Radeon graphics cards and SLI on GeForce cards.

It sounds great, but scaling the operation with multiple GPUs doesn’t bring the smoothness of the system. In contrast, a second graphics card does not increase performance by 100%, in fact it only increases from 25-50%. And this bonus is even further reduced with the use of 3 or 4 video cards. In addition, when using multiple graphics cards, they may behave unevenly, opposite to each other and have certain processing delays. Also, using multiple graphics cards makes quite a bit of noise for your computer.

However, with triple-monitor models or a 4k monitor, using multiple graphics cards is absolutely necessary, and on a 1920 x 1080 screen it is extremely redundant. Avoid all of the above risks with a single high-end graphics card.


This can be considered the key point of choosing to buy a graphics card. Before deciding to spend on a new graphics card, be sure to go through and understand the physical size of the space available for your graphics card on your computer.

The power supply you use is also important. Consider how many sockets you normally use and which pins are for. In addition, if possible, check the voltage of the power supply to see if it is suitable for the computer to avoid providing insufficient power or overloading the machine system. You also need to refer to the above information with the graphics card you want to purchase. If your computer can’t handle it, you should look for another graphics card that uses less power, or consider upgrading the power supply.

When choosing to buy a better power supply unit, choose a reputable brand (like Corsair, Antec, and Seasonic) as this is far more important than the maximum capacity indicated on the package. The reason for this is because less reputable PC source manufacturers are known for their high score output rating lists but are not very durable in long term use. In general, if a good branded power supply unit is compatible with the PCIe connection for the graphics card you buy, it should be fine. If you want some headroom for future upgrades, look for a power supply that has twice as many PCIe power cables than your current graphics card needs.

Choosing the cooling system

High-performance graphics cards tend to use a lot of power and generate heat that heats the GPU without a cooling system. Currently, there are two types of cooling systems: the fan and the cooling fan inside the graphics card.

Fan-cooled systems are often found on low-cost graphics cards. Ventilators will be mounted in the back to release heat and prevent the graphics card from overheating. However, this cooling system makes quite a bit of noise.

For an extra cost, you’ll be able to buy graphics cards with more advanced cooling systems right from the inside. Depending on the manufacturer, we will have different graphics card cooling technology. The internal cooling system usually makes no noise and does a good job of keeping your GPU cool compared to cooling with a ventilation fan. The downside to this cooling system is that it’s difficult to recycle, and stretches the system’s operability to keep the graphics card temperature low.

In addition, if your CPU temperature rises above 55 degrees Celsius during gaming, you should choose a graphics card that can exhaust hot air to the back thanks to the ventilation fan, even if they are a bit noisy. noisy when active. If your CPU stays below 55 degrees Celsius, a quiet cooling system will suit your system better as well as prolong the life of your graphics card. If the heat level is too high, there are other cooling solutions on the graphics card like liquid cooling and often they will cost more and installation becomes more complicated.

Pny Verto Nvidia Ge Forse 6600 Review

Level of fill and shade

The potential limit of each card is all very near, if not on, to multi-texturing fill rates. The fill rate of single texture cannot completely correspond to 6800’s. The explanation for this is the architecture of the 6600 GT, which has eight pipelines but only four raster operations. In plain English, this implies that not every ROPs are used to achieve maximum capability in a standard model of equivalent amount of processing pipelines and ROPs. Only 4 of the 6600 GTs have an intelligent transition to a rendering pipeline and a ROP. Without the additional costs and die space of 8 ROPs, one still can attain good multitexturing efficiency. Stay busy with them. As the graph reveals, single-texture consistency suffers, but most games do use multi-textures.

That PNY Verto NVIDIA ge forse 6600 becomes directly in the heart of the two other cards as it comes to pixel shading.

This same RADEON X700 subsurface scattering demonstrates their value in this case along with the fair core pace. The shading capabilities for each shader are different from those of the 6600 GT and 6800 set. That is why, while the 6800 card is far lower than the 6600 GT with a 500MHz rating, the shades also in 3DMark05 Complex test are higher. Testing at 1024×768 naturally would not indicate how cards do as the picture and ante size are increased. Further, the efficiency impacts of the additional 128 Mo of on-board RAM on the X 700 Pro card are not taken seriously in these theoretical experiments.

Mark053 3D

Begin with 3DMark05, trustful. The SM3.0 course and ATI with SM2.0b have been executed with GeForce cards. It’s just as anticipated, with the results falling with the resolution increases and hence the number of pixels.

In the runtime of cards with 128MB of online memory at the 1600×1200 4xAA 8xAF the 3DMark05 records an out-of-memory bug. This really is exactly the case whenever 256MB for onboard memory comes into operation, as stated also on RADEON X700 PRO. This is why 2xAA and 4xAF are the best possible settings. The Verto 6600 AGP 128Gb of ram Card from PNY is not as smooth as predicted at any resolutions with strong picture improvement.


Go to DOOM 3, which was reviewed in high-quality mode, which applies 8x morphology filtering automatically to stunning visuals. Eminently playable is 1280×1024, the resolution only for 6600 GT.

The addition of 4x AntiAliasing, centered on a rotative grid pattern for greater depth, which takes four measurements per pixel, removes the ‘jaggies’ more commonly visible in lower resolutions. The expense of the implementation is 55%, which makes the game sticky & sluggish in some ways. The result is a 55% decrease in the frame rate. DOOM 3 is mostly a fast-paced, ferocious game, and so you don’t really need to be idle anywhere to see a shortage of edge aliasing. This is where 1280×1024 is.

Far Cry

Our Far Cry norm passes the thick stage of the pier. Geometry Instancing, which is the reproduction of items built on a monochrome standard, allows to ensure an acceptable amount when in-game choices are set to optimum. The instancing process helps to maintain an appropriate frame rate when replicating blades of grass. Once more, the 1280×1024 scenes were smooth, but the most complicated. £150 purchases a huge power for your games.

You won’t be able to play the Far Cry, set to full precision, with 1600×1200 4x AA/8x AP, on a PNY Verto NVIDIA ge forse 6600, with a high level of complexity and high AntiAliasing as well as Anisotropic filtration. Such a charge makes it hard also ATI RADEON X800 XT PE.

Half-Life 2

This benchmark graph of Prison Half-Life 2 has a remarkable resemblance to 3DMark05. This is a CPU game which flourishes. Athlon 64 FX-53 is an abundance in our evaluation scheme. 1280×1024 seems to be smooth as symbolic silk for modern gamers, when you turn into max choices in the title.

Half-Life 2, much as 3DMark05, does not work on the 2 128MB NVIDIA-cards while it is set maximum 1600×1200 4x AA/8x AF. Twice AA 4x AF is the maximum configuration.  With certain people it is perfectly normal.

Quality of image

A series of Half-Life 2 screen grabs to assess fundamental image quality throughout this famous game.

The first is Half-Life 2 on the PNY Verto NVIDIA ge forse 6600 card with 1024×768 without any anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering. To enlarge, click Click.

For the Radeon, almost the same. The variations in both sets of outputs are very few and there are also no real differences with the results of the jpeg encoding in the larger picture. Actually, when you are playing this high speed game, you cannot say which GPU is on the PC.

Tests for overclocking

Overclocking experiments were performed without a single object by passing the Far Cry exam. There was no additional cooling on the card and it was stored in a standard Cooler Master WaveMaster box. Remember, 500MHz center and 900MHz memory were the default clocks.

Surprisingly nice were the final, overclocked levels. The center was almost 580MHz error-free and 1060MHz was achieved by RAM. The default core speed is up 16% and the memory capacity is about 18% higher. A good increase in framework speeds but the DOOM 3 is fine also for the 6800’s 256-bit memory bus.

ATI comparable hardware runs Half-Life 2 higher. There are also dividends paid for with a 256MB framebuffer.


Ge forse 6600 – the only connector connecting more than two phases of personal machines that can interact with dynamic games. Remove from the business transition model card – the outdated machines from time to time. If prospective customers will purchase the geforce 6600 or update the whole machine, then the last thought is important since there is no existence in our universe. Old technology would sooner or later be permanently lost to mankind. However, if Nvidia is to boost the scheme by choosing between the graphics cards themselves, simple requirements for consumer price consistency are not worthwhile.

Features & Benefits Of Ge Forse 6600 

This essay focuses on one of the strongest cards that have not declined in popularity for several years: GeForce 6600. Only a few years ago, several people do not recall equipment in the schools in the world of gaming technology. However, there are certain people who want to start using machines without showing progress. The objective of this report is to reach the target audience.

Visual card users who know about industry representatives, who build on ge forse 6600, can figure out what is really popular and get comprehensive details on performance checking. That video card acceleration productivity and info.

Informational History 

This is the graphics card Nvidia GeForce 6600 produced during the change through one technology to another from the PC component manufacturer. Consequently, the maker managed to sit on two seats, which were made eligible for public production at the time of making the quickest appliances for obsolete systems and AGP, with little knowledge of emerging industry tendencies. Latest PCI bus equipment technology. It is thought to become a GeForce 6600 genre video card, beginning with a GPU & memory bus overclocking.

We can’t assume the graphics card still occupies the top position a couple of years back, instead, the output for modern games is minimal. But still the geforce 6600 seems to be the perfect solution for old machine users. But it is fair to tell.


The chipset is NV43 and is available in many models. The platform has the first division: PCI and AGP. A second specific area of requirements. The manufacturers have thus produced a GeForce, an inexpensive solution that offers it poor results. It made the GT the top-end line, guaranteeing its large potential, to allow a set of basic improvements to incorporate the marking without letters. In addition, by the memory and GPU frequency, this same strength is feasible – natural acceleration, handmade by the company only.

In the newspapers, several IT experts claim that the division of the video adapter into the output adjustment is a popular denial. If the chipset can work stably in hard mode, the geforce 6600 GT is marked. If the chip is defective, that LE can also be cheaply modified and the acceleration should be a powerful heat.


The chip production method for 256-bit NV43 comprises 143 million capacitors and is 0,11 mm. Chip Processing technology. The maker based on the Nvidia GeForce 6600 is modifying the GDDR and GDDR3 memory bus. This disparity is obviously mirrored in the implementation of the graphics cards. The computer has a 256 MB video storage space but often there are cases and 128 MB built-in pack.

The real adjustment frequency boosts 500 MHz, but the cap is limited to 350 MHz for low-cost processors. DirectX 9.0c, 10-bit per source image and a built-in TV-encoder with the GPU capacity to operate is supported by both users. Remember that the epic review began on Friday with the launch of unique features in its hardware solutions: Adaptive, true tri-linear filtering, UltraShadow & similar supplements.

Direct competition chipset

Since the competition in Nvidia has one rival – ATI, all consumers can purchase electronic components at an inexpensive price. This comment and the review video card – GeForce 6600.  Competitors had a low frequency (425 MHz) and low memory frequency (800 MHz) display adapters, which did not preclude them from displaying high efficiency.

The issue is that the ATI adapter is supported by the technology. Herstellers started to establish their own production programs, which demonstrate their remarkable potential at work, long given up the fight to raise frequencies. Media proprietors state that the customer technological assistance in the GeForce is low in terms of drivers. Windows 7 displays a discrete graphics card from ATI Radeon X700 Pro, assigning a built-in controller driver.

Leader of the market graphics card

Leadtek products are known to be the most powerful video card built by the Nvidia geforce 6600. It is a high frequency graphics center (550 MHz) & memory bus connected with large capacities (1120 MHz). The answer time seems to be 1.6 nanoseconds to transfer high speed video data for your memory.

The total value industry leader and has some defects. First, the refrigeration machine. The chips are just cold air graphics, however the memory modules as well as other essential computer components are not noticed. Secondly, as is done with all tournaments, there is really no video input. However, the video supports HDTV. It is not, in truth, obvious that it is indeed – benefit or inconvenience. By the way, several prospective customers are pursuing Leadtek for their video card, since its device consists of three approved gameplay: Splinter Cell, Princes Of Persia, plus Pandora Tomorrow.

Series yellow

Many owners automatically think of the geforce 6600 GT Gainward video adjuster whenever it comes to systems made forever. The video card becomes part of a vast variety of gold and hence guarantees the ability to function in addition to greater efficiency. Having put the central frequency center of the graphic BIO Setup Core (500 MHz) as well as memory bus (1000MHz) into place, the vendor provided the device with a lifetime warranty. The consumer would not dissolve it just under that condition. However, the Video Driver speeds its own graphics center up to 540 MHz and up to 1150 MHz while running patented disk software.

The graphics card output is very good in comparison with its rivals. The hardware supported with such an HDTV is really the best complement to an excellent purchase of video input & video output. The potential owners and machine cooling chipsets would be happy to cool off all the modules on the aircraft.

Non noise & dust

The consumer is not likely to be surprised by fans of dynamic games by the  GeForce 6600  graphics card with passive cooling, but that is exactly the error, as Gigabyte would never make it. It was deemed a low-end commodity everywhere over it. Co-heatsinks are a double sided video card, all of them fixed on the chip close. There is a sufficient copper tube to standardize the temperature among two radiators.

It’s heated, though. But it is not powerful enough to hit security and reset to the computer device. Experts advise prospective owners to consider the availability of a spacious and well-ventilated lock. High efficiency converter offers improved bandwidth of storage – 1120 MHz or Samsung 1.6 ns. In view of the high efficiency, smooth activity and games – the Gigabyte NV43 chip rivalry and never expected – many users prefer this device.

Metallic services

Legendary AGP MSI Graphics Processor Nvidia GeForce 6600 recalls all consumers of its ads, and thanks to it all dynamic gaming enthusiasts have been informed of the awesome Riddick Shooter “Chronicles.” The movie’s very character was seen on the packaging. The toys went with the graphics card in sets freely. On the frequency of the storage instrument for diamond labeling. Video card AGP – 400 MHz center with 800 MHz memory for tires with large capacities. It is sad that only the MSI developers did not take another move forward and that they have at least certain options to improve quality frequency of the cores and pneumatic graphics. This bit is scarcely overlooked during testing.

Specifications of GeForce 6600

Producer and cooling service: cool blowing graphics controller with radiator chip memory. Because of the hot energy dissipation of this very section of the board the citizens are puzzled about the lack of copper into the background of the video card. The graphics cards, designed of heart and over the last century, are really popular for processing activities. Generally, a constructive approach towards the product is beautiful.

Last but not least

At the beginning of computer age a brand formed the course of the accessory industry is considered the Albatron product business named the ge forse 6600 as a standard for multi-graphic cards. If a video card, a motherboard or a tuner, the presence of an Albatron computer is often different from the competition.

Coherence and conservatism are emphasized in competition.

In the battle for high-performance champions of the industry, the packing and the tech that arrives with the tag have chosen not to engage themselves. It is a shame that several vendors are still paying no attention to the video card software because a brand connection exists in these devices.

Screen card check

It is impossible to start a much more high-end toy test for PCI GeForce 6600 devices running for DirectX 9.0 technology, so that the applications are used to evaluate card images. Of course, the regular 1024×768 dpi and 32-bit color cannot be taken into account by either of this FullHD parameter.

As one would assume, computers with the maximum frequencies of GPUs & memory buses are occupied at the top positions: Leadtek, Gainward & Gigabyte. That graphics card, which also has full acceleration, follows to allow a single right conclusion in the win. Appearance, beauty and accessory – only to distribute good quality camera adapters to prospective clients.

Future owners inflation

Manufacturers often conceal from prying eyes the weaknesses in their goods. It was the case with NV43 chips which succeeded in distinguishing themselves from the contest and displaying their incredibly high power crystals. The manufacturer did not reflect on safety, which had been breached by careless graphics, to increase the output characteristics of GeForce with 143 million transistors each chip.

The truth is, the processors are loosely positioned to cool off without breaks for the graphing chip and with the video card surface mounted along top of the heatsink. Therefore break down the crystal graphics center if you press one side of the heatsink. There is still a lottery: only one section of the chip will vanish or the whole GPU will be divided into two. In the first example, a high-proliferation video converter will operate, while in the second case a new purchase must be made in the shop.

A Powerful efficiency

Curious consumers are certain that the video output can be improved with acceleration and in addition, the hands have enough correct software as well as the graphics card has excellent refrigeration. The GeForce 6600 has spent a lot of time in the newspapers, judged by the ratings for several years. On the time indexes, the user managed to reach a record: a speed of 615 MHz graphics and a pull of 1340MGt.

The first job is to supply the graphics card with a proper cooling. Many alternatives are accessible. Every knowledgeable solution through Shuttle or Zalman can be replaced by a stock cooler. The value of the cooling machine, though, is doubtful. Only switch the processor motherboard, instead of giving a whole sum for a technical solution. The second package – stock kit adds cooler 90-140 CFM fans of 12 mm. For overclocking the usage of the official Nvidia driver program is suggested.


  • Makes film realism the new century.
  • Maximum Micro DirectX 9.0 Shader Version 3.0 support provides cleaner and quicker gaming with incredible special effects.
  • Improves the output of blood-edge games with numerous light sources and artifacts in dynamic scenes.
  • Second-generation technology provides over the previous generation more than 4 times the shadow processing capacity.
  • Provides highly detailed graphics at lightning rapid rates without jagged edges.
  • It enables users to digitally change the color controls to correct for their office lighting conditions to obtain precise, vibrant colors in any and all conditions.
  • The standard of video playback, like full screen HDTV resolutions, can be improved by high-quality filtration and scaling technologies.
  • High-definition video processing provides unparalleled image clearness, smooth video, detailed color and accuracy of image scaling for any content of video.
  • Ensure top-quality consistency and output for all software and game titles using the Shader Model 3.0 Microsoft DirectX 9.0.
  • Ensures high-level consistency and availability with all OpenGL applications.


  • Quite costly

Alternative Products Suitable For You

If you are still wondering by some of yurbuds replacement cover review weaknesses and looking for an even more perfect and less costly 3x3x5 grow tent. Here are a few alternatives we recommend for you:

  1. Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050
Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti OC Low Profile 4GB GDDR5 128 Bit PCI-E Graphic Card (GV-N105TOC-4GL)
  • Core clock (MHz): 1442/1328 (boost/base) in OC mode and 1417/1303 (boost/base) in gaming mode
  • Low profile design with 167 millimeter card length

The 167mm long low profile design saves more room and suits slim and lighter systems. Low profile design. Simply click on the XTREME engine utility to quickly change a card to suit the different game needs without overclocking information while manually adjusting is saved. Equips up to 4 HDMI ports and provides each Dual-Link DVI-D, 1 DP, as well as two HDMI ports.

This intuitive gui allows you to monitor and tune your clock speeds, voltage, fans output, and power destination in real time. Lower RDS(on) MOSFETs have been specifically engineered to achieve lower switching sensitivity for quicker charge and discharge of electric current at extremely low temperatures.

Metal Choke holds energy at a high frequency for further than common iron-core chokes, thereby reducing core energy depletion and EMI intrusion. Lower ESR solid transistors have improved electrical conductivity and long service life for excellent device efficiency.


  • XTREME Engine Intuitive Utility
  • Style with low profile
  • Longer Living
  • Ultra refreshment
  • Connectivity flexible
  • Low loss of power


  • Expensive
  1. ASUS GeForce GTX 1050
ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Phoenix Fan Edition DVI-D HDMI DP 1.4 Gaming Graphics Card (PH-GTX1050TI-4G) Graphic Cards
  • New nvidia pascal architecture delivers improved performance and power efficiency
  • Classic and modern games at 1080p @ 60 fps

ASUS GTX 1050 seems to be a high-performance graphics card designed for stability and non-stop gaming action. We maximize testing of the card with the new games and perform rigorous trustworthiness testing about 15X longer than average industry.


  • New pascal Nvidia design has better consistency and performance
  • Fast and smooth gaming experiences that are powerful; Clock of memory: 7008 mhz
  • No power connectors for fast graphics upgrades are required in plug and play architecture.
  • Auto extreme technology has superior efficiency and durability for the quicker and longer running than reference in super alloy energy ii components of aerospace class.


  • Had problems without even a powerful fan curve
  1. Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030 
Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030 GV-N1030D5-2GL Low Profile 2G Computer Graphics Card
  • Core clock (MHertz): 1506 in OC mode and 1468 in gaming mode
  • Low profile design with 150 millimeter card length; Power requirement: 300 watts

GIGABYTE was founded in 1986. Solutions which make life more easy for you are dedicated. GIGABYTE provides creative options for all, whether the commodity is a computer or a game console.

From the start of the product concept to something like the end of the supply chain we are geared towards consumers. The emphasis on user requirements has turned the dedicated to customer service into concrete, accepted customer support. Hinter what we do lies a strong emphasis on the importance of our clients.

Equipped with the latest architecture, prepare yourself to play in high quality those graphic intensive sports. Get ready to immerse yourself any time you want in your favorite sports. A custom fan cooler is available in this GV-N1030D5-2GL card. The ventilator is built to maintain low speed and noise.

The airflow through the blades is optimized for full airflow efficiency. This helps to dissipate heat effectively with the GPU, allowing you to continue playing.


  • Low design with a card length of 150 mm;
  • Required power: 300 watts
  • 2GB GDDR5 64bit integrated memory
  • AORUS Graphics Engine Overclocking
  • Recent heat dissipation fan cooler


  • The VGA port is not included in this card, so be mindful that
  1. EVGA 512-P3-1300-LR GeForce 8400 
EVGA 512-P3-1300-LR GeForce 8400 GS 512 MB DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 DVI/HDMI/VGA Graphics Card
  • EVGA 8400 GS has awesome features at an incredible value - Essential for watching HD DVD and Blu-ray movies on a PC.
  • EVGA's 24/7 Technical Support

GigaThread is a modern technology which allows thousands of separate threads to run simultaneously inside the core of the graphs.

In advanced shader programs of the next generation this provides extreme processing performance. Enables you to enjoy the movies, life, world and an incredible view in graphics.

Acceles GPU computing capacity for CUDA-based systems, enabling quicker applications like video transcoding. Smooth recording, specific colors, correct image scaling, acceleration of video decoding and post processing, supported mostly by graphics card to offer you the best possible HD experience. This function is often discharged from the CPU to limit electricity usage.


  • Architecture of the Unified Shader
  • The single framework offers a powerful, shader-like vertex, geometry shader and pixel shader.
  • This improves image clarity and efficiency.
  • Complete Shader Models 4.0 support Microsoft DirectX 10
  • For a more conducted experimental, enjoy more sensory immersion into life as physics.
  • Support of OpenGL 3.2
  • Makes all OpenGL applications highly compatible and high-performance.


  • Not durable

Closing Thought

We haven’t even had the pleasure to play a role dependent on the latest technologies. up until now. Currently, those that expected decent results at cheaper rates also lost their prices of old cards. This is all well, however when purchasing high-end cards from an earlier generation over midrange cards designed with existing technologies, customers miss all of the fresh and updated capabilities of the latest architectures.

NVIDIA is now producing the first native PCIe GPU series with the latest geforce 6600 card range. The more easily they can be re-connected to AGP, the better faster we see that the AGP version. While the market share of the PCI Express network was stronger right now, it was a niche that might attract anyone using a device that was filled in the 6600 line of cards. The 6600 series offers all facets of a card of incredible value.We always note that maintaining details about the grow tent up to date is a high priority so we update our websites continuously. Learn more from on-line sources regarding us. Please let us know promptly when you think that something we have about graphic cards here is obsolete or inaccurate. We’ve seen the best ge forse 6600 for you to find at the moment now. You should check our purchasing advice before you make the decision if you’d like to understand more about this option for your gaming PC’s. We’ve always been here with you. Please contact us here. Or to see our view, you will learn everything about us.

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