Top 15 Best Mascara For Hooded Eyes In 2024: A Essential Makeup Product To Accentuate For Your Eyes

When you have hooded eyes, using mascara is like walking on weak ice. Therefore, you want to find a product that is considered the best mascara for hooded eyes to help you easily and effectively with applying mascara. Beautiful eyes will help your overall look more charming and appealing, which brings confidence for you when going out. 

Drawing the faultless eyeliner is a big happy day for those with hooded eyes. We would say you need to utilize massive brain power to concentrate on applying mascara without damaging everything. Sometimes, you may feel extreme anger with your hooded eyes that not only conceal almost all of your eyeshadows, but blotched mascara and eyeliner. Just one brink or small move to totally ruin your makeup for eyes. 

In order to avoid smudge mascara and own numerous lashes, we propose you 15 excellent mascaras for hooded eyes to help you make the right decision. Let dive in.

Best Mascara For Hooded Eyes Comparison 2024

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Top 15 Best Mascara For Hooded Eyes Reviews 2024

Lancome Hypnose Instant Mascara

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This product is one of the best mascara for hooded eyes that brings excellent volume for your lashes. It is perfect for hooded eyes that offers you a great overall look for straight lashes. Therefore, this model is really worth investing in if you cannot find any product that solves your problem. 

This Lancome mascara includes vastly drenched waxes and strong black pigments, which provides a fabulous and impressive look. You will no longer be annoyed by hooded eyes thanks to this product. The black color of this product will not only make your lashes look thicker, but also create an ideal curl. It owns a S curved shape brush that helps to create numerous lashes. 

Your perfect makeup look with attractive eyes will make you more confident and beautiful in front of others. This incredible mascara builds a striking lash in a very first coat without peeling and clumping in a long day. This mascara product has a wet method, which can be able to transmit an application of creamy type with the assistance of a bent brush.


  • A shape of S bent brush is amazing on creating volumizing perfect lashes
  • Brings thick lash appear from the first coat
  • Excellent volume for hooded eyes
  • Not to worry about clump or flake anymore
  • Strong black pigments
  • An application of creamy type


  • After a long time, the liquid may dry and cause clump
  • Fairly expensive
  • It may be too dark for those who love gentle lashes

Benefit Cosmetics Mascara

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This product will make your eyelashes lengthen, curls and thicker your short or long lashes. Thanks to that, it is considered the best mascara for hooded eyes. With this mascara, you can be confident to go out without worrying your hooded eyes will ruin it. 

The Benefit mascara contributes to separate your lashes without a glitch and brings an attractive look. Besides, it also owns every feature that you wish in a mascara product. This model will offer your straight lashes to be curl and maintain your pure look. 

Furthemore, compared to other mascara products, this one is not dry out much and clotted after a long time using it. It uses a formula of jet black which helps you have an immediate black effect, but still long-lasting wear. 

The brush of this mascara is sophistically designed and features alternated bristles, which assists to lift and split your lashes from big to even tiniest of your lashes. 


  • This mascara does not easily dry out and smudge
  • The brush is designed with bristles builds a nature of black look
  • Excellent to curl and lengthen your eyelashes without worrying of hooded eyes
  • Easy to work with straight or tiniest lashes
  • Provide enough voluminous
  • Still maintain pure look
  • Enthusiast customer service with free return


  • Quite high price
  • Firm grip, time-consuming and quite difficult to absolutely remove
  • May lead to clumping problems

Clinique Lash Power Mascara

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This is in the list of the best mascara for hooded eyes that is highly recommended from many famous beauty bloggers. It supports to lift your lashes to an ideal height for creating a gorgeous and spectacular look. 

This Clinique mascara product is specially designed with a modern thermal technology that creates it long-wearing and light for your lashes to wear in a long day. It is effortlessly removed and provides the faultless length and somehow too naturally.

The subtle brush sources up your eye makeup perfectly and splits lashes up excellently improving your daily look. The ingredients of this mascara are SLS free and sulfate-free. Furthemore, the phthalates in the components also help to avoid smear and smudge. 

It is ideal for people having hooded eyes to use as well as those with sensitive eye skins. Customers can use it without worrying about lashes shedding and be confident to get themselves a fashion and appealing look. 


  • You can be able to wear it for 24 hours thanks to the thermal upgraded technology
  • Easily to get rid of when using a cleansing water
  • Popular product used by beauty bloggers
  • Provides users with naturally look
  • 100% free from fragrance
  • Gluten-free and not contain mineral oil
  • Suitable to use for every circumstance and sensitive eyes, from light makeup to dark eye makeup
  • It is waterproof so be confident to apply even it is rain or humid day, you can go swimming with this mascara on as well


  • Quite expensive 
  • Sometimes clump may happen
  • Be sure you not allergic with any ingredient in this product

Eyeko Beach Waterproof Mascara

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You are going on a holiday trip to the beach after a hard work, but you still cannot find any mascara that is super waterproof to wear when swimming? This Eyeko model is definitely the best mascara not only for those who love swimming, but also improve much for hooded eyes. 

This product will help your lashes maintain a perfect shape even when you are swimming on the beach. The brush is specially shaped similar to a wave for greater approach to shortest lashes in the corner for a faultless lift. It guarantees to bring you thicker and curlier eyelashes than ever with a few coats. 

Its waterproof quality is extremely remarkable. It comes in a dark coloring, but still provides protection to your lashes with coconut elements and additional fruits. This mascara product is absolutely free from crucial effects and vegan-friendly. Another plus point for this mascara for hooded eyes is that its packaging is produced of zero-waste stuff. 


  • Super waterproof, suitable for all kinds of activities that have to expose to water such as swimming, going out on a heavy rainy day
  • Precise brush
  • Offers excellent lengthen and curl for lashes
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients used to produce
  • Free from crucial components and vegan
  • No lead to smudging
  • Long-lasting to wear for a day
  • Packaging is made of zero-waste stuff


  • Slight high price
  • May cause clumpy eyelashes, that affect for overall look
  • Make sure to check the ingredient list

Maybelline New York Mascara Makeup

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Another best mascara for hooded eyes from a well-known brand, which is Maybelline. This product is popularly used for its small brush size. We would say people may doubt that a small brush will be time-consuming to makeup and cover all their lashes, but it is not true for this model. 

This Maybelline mascara will easily access every lash of your hooded eyes even one in the corners. The formula is not that thick so if you are planning for a makeup look of light effect, this one will definitely suit your purposes. 

It will never be clumpy and somehow help to lengthen your eyelashes to provide a perfect result. This product is suitable to use for sensitive eyes as well, so do not hesitate and buy one now. It is also harmless with contact lenses and tested by ophthalmologist.


  • Excellent wand gives you convenient and effective applying mascara
  • Natural and impressive finish
  • No cause any clumps
  • Contributes to lengthen and curl your lashes
  • Friendly with sensitive eyes
  • Can reach every lash even in the corners of eyes
  • Tested by ophthalmologist
  • Easily to remove


  • If you love a thick eyelashes shape, this is not ideal, as it is not enough voluminous
  • It is quite smelly and easy to dry out
  • Waterproof ability is poor

TheBalm Mad Lash Mascara

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This mascara product from TheBalm is not only excellent in adding voluminous to your lashes, but also finishing perfectly with an intense black. It is the best mascara for hooded eyes thanks to its great quality. 

This eye makeup product is effortless to use with the developed technologies that assists those who have hooded eyes to achieve amazing lashes satisfied with the results. It is formulated similar to other mascaras, which is built with deep jet black immediately raises up your lashes and creates your eyes look fuller and more vivid. 

Even if your eyes are hooded and have few lashes, this product will help you to own a high level of length and thickness. If you are wanting to reach your wished look, we highly suggest you move the mascara brush from side to side in smoothly and slowly. 

This mascara is also tested to examine its non-irritating use, so you can use it even if your eye skins are sensitive. The unique Injection shape with short bristles enhances the long-wearing and extra sweetness. It will not easily cause flakes and dry out. 


  • Easy to clean with cleansing water
  • Waterproof ability
  • Avoid from smudge
  • Free from crucial elements and paraben
  • Assists to lengthen and curl lashes, both short and long lashes
  • Durable and long-wearing effect
  • Not easily to flakes or dry out quickly
  • Non-irritating tested
  • Suitable for hooded eyes


  • Not as black pigments as it should be
  • Although it is checked of non-irritating, it still causes itching and stinging for some users

 St. Mege 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara

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The formula of this product is hypoallergenic, which can boost your lashes lengthen in no time with perfect volume in just a few coats. Its intense pigments are an impressive feature and build a jet black effect for the finishing color. This model contributes to amplifying your beauty, so you do not have to be timid about your hooded eyes. It can easily deal with that. 

This is the best mascara for hooded eyes that does not cause smudge and feature waterproof ability. It is made to handle the stage’s spotlights and every weather condition. With this natural product, you do not require to reapply and can be confident to use it in your daily routine.

This mascara is produced from natural elements, it will not lead to irritation for users. Friendly for people wearing lenses and sensitive eyes. It is a multi-functional product, which gives you 2-in-1 usage. From sophistication to charm, this mascara brings an excellent magical effect for you no matter what.

It is suitable for daily routine, weddings, travelling, nightclubs and so on. This is also great in long-lasting ability that offers you durable and smooth eyelashes all day. 


  • Suitable for use in daily life or special occasions
  • The intense pigments and natural elements are harmless for sensitive and hooded eyes
  • Lengthens and thickens your smallest lashes
  • Avoid smudge and features water-proof ability
  • Use for all day without requirements of reapplying
  • Affordable price
  • 2-in-1 multifunctional


  • May easily cause flaking
  • Take time for removing

Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

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This mascara is one of the best products for hooded eyes from this brand. Its brush has a well-known shape of hourglass will offer your lashes excellent curl and provide greatest volume from the very first coat. Yes, it can absolutely do anything you require from a mascara for hooded eyes.

This product is quickly lengthened and separates each of your lashes even in the corners. It also can make your lashes look more curl and sweet. With such an amazing product, you can achieve the best intense black, enormous and multidimensional lashes. 

Besides, the extended wearing method comes with a film polymer that assists nourish, curl and lengthen for impressive volume and attractive looking lashes in the most intense and deepest black. 

The package includes 2 sets which are regular type and waterproof version as well. We would say everyone may think mascara features water-resistant will make it dry out quickly. But don’t you worry, this product will not easily dry and completely will not smudge surrounding your hooded eyes. 


  • Excellent brush shape brings perfect curl and greatest volume for your lashes
  • Lengthening short lashes effectively
  • Satisfied results
  • Long-lasting for all day long
  • Safe ingredients and free from crucial elements that cause harm for eyes
  • Affordable price
  • Package includes 2 sets which are regular type and waterproof version to suit you for different occasions
  • Super water-resistant
  • Will not easily dry out


  • Quite tricky to completely remove
  • May cause flakes

Natural 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara

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This product is the best mascara for hooded eyes which will amplify your lashes and makes your eyes bigger and attractive with voluminous lashes. This 4D Silk Fiber Mascara is intensely pigmented and immediately brings beautifully expressive and bold lashes with an application of the first coat.

You can get your greatest beauty from your hooded eyes and your total look without worrying of clumping or flaking. It not only contributes to lengthen, but also make perfect curl for your eyelashes. 

This mascara features waterproof and long-wearing ability to guarantee that your eyelashes maintain excellent long, thick and enormous all day regardless rain, tears or sweat. It is easy to remove with your beloved makeup remover.

4D silk fiber is used to produce this mascara, which includes gentle elements that are harmless and suitable for sensitive eye skins and contact lenses as well.  


  • Creating excellent length and volume with precise separation
  • Features rich, cream and splendid steadiness to offer a bold and perfect look
  • Provides long-lasting result without peeling, clumping or smudging, extra contributes attraction to your lashes
  • Gentle with contact lenses and sensitive eyes, especially hooded eyes
  • Super waterproof and non-irritation
  • Intense pigments
  • 4D silk fiber used to produce
  • Reasonable price


  • Might be too thick for those who like light makeup style
  • The brush is quite big

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Waterproof Mascara

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This is the best mascara for hooded eyes that is usually used by Beyonce’s stylish, so you can trust this one. It helps to volumize and lengthening effectively your lashes and brings a perfect lash fringe that is soft without flaking or smudging and of course clumping. You will just get voluptuous volume and amazing length.

L’Oreal products come with a diversity of brushes, so you can pick a model that suits your needs. Be free to create your ideal eye makeup with this mascara and achieve subtle lines with smudge-free eyeliner. 

This mascara is extremely suitable for use if you are going out for a luxurious party or an important event. It will make your eyes more attractive to look with intense black, thick and curl lashes. Just one swipe, you can get a curl and thicken eyelashes that can stay up for a long day. 

We guarantee it will not pull your lids down over time, and you will feel comfortable all day without annoying about clumping and flaking.


  • Brings a soft, smooth and feathery feeling
  • Intense black 
  • Helps to achieve voluptuous results
  • Long-lasting for all day long
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cheap price
  • Reliable brand to use
  • Lengthen, thicken and curl your eyelashes
  • Stay up for a long day
  • Always comfortable to wear


  • Brush is quite huge, so it may hard to reach the tiniest lashes
  • Difficult to remove with water remover

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Telescopic Mascara

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Another best mascara for hooded eyes from L’Oreal brand. It supports to lengthen your lashes with ideal length and exceptional lash by excellent separate ability. The wand is smaller and slimmer compared to others, it is good for approaching shorter lashes in the corners. 

It is examined for the safety of sensitive eyes by ophthalmologists. To bring the best makeup look, you can combine with other products from L’Oreal such as eyeliner, foundations and so on. 

Besides the ability to offer ideal length, the formula is high quality which is reliable and admirable. It is free from cruelty elements and sweatproof, so you can always bring it in your bag wherever you go, just take a little time to reapply your mascara for a brighter look. 


  • Great in lengthen your eyelashes
  • Smaller wand to be able to reach shorter lashes effectively
  • Safety use for sensitive eyes
  • High quality formula which is reliable and admirable to use
  • Free from cruelty elements
  • Sweatproof and long-wearing for a day long
  • Convenient to bring everywhere
  • Beautiful price


  • May cause a slight clumpy
  • Quite difficult and take time to remove

HEROINE Mascara Super Waterproof

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This Japanese mascara is well-known as the best mascara for hooded eyes that offers you a perfect length for your lashes and easy to use. It brings an extremely light feeling and excellent separation of your lashes. This product will not cause a clump for your hooded eyes.

The fibrous structure of this model will attach even the tiniest lashes to bring a complete makeup look. You can wear curl lashes all day without reapplying. It meets ideally the promise of “curls and thick” as it cares for every of your lashes. This mascara won fantastic ward so it is really reliable to use to lift your lashes for hooded eyes.

It is also water-resistant so let be confident to wear on any weather condition. This product contains Chamomilla Recutita extract and some other great elements that helps to nourish and smooth your lashes. 


  • Light feeling for lashes and excellent separation
  • Super water-resistant
  • Long-wearing for a long day
  • Creates with polymer fibers
  • Nourishes and smooths your lashes
  • Provides ideal length and curl
  • Affordable price


  • Time-consuming to remove


No products found.

This mascara gives users a natural look with enough volume and curls for lashes. It owns a transparent flatting gel that maintains long-lasting curly lashes. It is perfect for hooded eyes with friendly ingredients that bring healthier and shinier eyes. 

It also supports a greater makeup look free from clumping and flaking. You can wear it a long day without reapplying. 


  • Water-resistant
  • Long-wearing product
  • Avoid smudge and clump
  • Helps your lashes healthier and stronger
  • Effective and beautiful curls
  • Enough voluminous lashes
  • Reasonable cost


  • Take time and quite tricky to remove by water remover
  • May cause sticky

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

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This is designed to bring a thick or slim effect for your eyelashes. Purchasing for it, you will no longer need fake lashes pairs anymore.  This Maybelline model offers you an excellent definition as well as a greatest and attractive look for your hooded eyes. 

The product will give you an amazing volume to your lashes like a model. The brush has thick bristles allowing you to easily apply and instantly a shining look. It will not cause smudge, flakes or clump easily, therefore, you will own the best protection together with an appealing makeup look. 

Furthemore, this mascara is gentle with contact lens wearers. This is designed to provide thick and full for every lash of your hooded eyes without struggling.


  • Examined by ophthalmologist that safety for contact lens users
  • Creates enough voluminous for lashes
  • Do not easily smudge or clump
  • Effortless to remove
  • Gives users pure and natural look
  • Can last for 8 hours


  • If using many coats, it may clump
  • The brush may be tricky to use for beginners

Essence I Love Extreme Mascara

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This is a perfect product for hooded eyes thanks to its excellent coverage ability, which offers attractive volume that can summon all the lights on you. It can keep a bold and intense look that makes your eyelashes look thicker and gorgeous. 

The thick brush makes it easy for you to coat and apply mascara on your hooded eyes. It results in great-defined eyelashes separation. Removing tasks are easy with this mascara. It will not easily flake or fade over time. Although it brings extreme voluminous for lashes, your eye still maintains a natural and beautiful look.


  • Cheap in price
  • Improving lashes with just a coat
  • No smell
  • Free from paraben and cruelty
  • Excellent coverage and keeps a gorgeous look
  • Thick brush builds a great-defined look


  • Using many coats may cause clump
  • Poor waterproof ability
  • May cause sticky

Completely Buying Guide: Things To Consider When Picking The Best Mascara For Hooded Eyes

Choosing the best mascara for hooded eyes might take time as you need to consider variety factors before deciding to purchase. If you have hooded eyes and are a newbie on buying mascara, the following content would be really helpful for you.

There are many options on your way to buy the right mascara product for your hooded eyes. Well, don’t worry, we are here to help. These below factors are important for consideration before you buy mascara. Let’s roll down.

Brush Sizes

If you are a newbie on using mascara, you should choose a medium size mascara brush in a medium size. Because if the brush is too dense, it turns to be difficult to manage the application and it will affect your eyelids and ruin your whole makeup. On the other hand, mascaras with too thin brushes may cause your eyelashes to be too thin.

When the eyelashes are too much separated, it is really tricky to place them back together as the space you want. Thin lashes may look fragile and not have enough volume. Just be sure your mascara has an average size brush. It would be much better.


This is one of the most important factors to pay attention to when choosing the best mascara. When your mascara is too fluid, it leads to end up above your eyelids. It really takes time to dry and when you fully open your eyes, your lashes tip will contact the lids. You do not have to use a strong water-resistant mascara. However, you should ensure that your product has a great texture and dries fastly. 

Besides, owning a mascara with weak texture also cannot be able to firmly stick to eyelashes and maintain a long time. You will need some other applications for creating the lashes look thicker. And with many other products, you will just make your makeup like a mess. 


This factor will be the primary thing that can transform the total eye makeup with mascara. It will rely on the type of mascara you are applying, whether it will extend your eyelashes or will offer the ideal volume, you have diverse choices available in the market to pick. Therefore, based on which consistency level you wish, lengthening or volumizing, this would be your own choice and demand. 

Waterproof Ability

The best mascara for hooded eyes should contain this feature. If you are exposing much in a water environment or are easily too extreme sweating, then you should pick a mascara with waterproof features. On the other hand, if you need a soft and not weighty mascara that you can effortlessly clean, then a mascara that is washable is ideal for your needs. 

We hope this video will help you choose your best mascara for hooded eyes soon:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How To Use Mascara On Hooded Eyes?

The best mascara for hooded eyes ought to be water-resistant. Here are the step by step to guide on how to put mascara on hooded eyes:

  • Firstly, you apply eye primer, which helps to maintain your makeup always ready for water-resistant mascara. 
  • Second, let’s use a curler. Basically, hooded eyes may lead your lashes to flake and thin so prepare the curler and thoroughly curl your lashes for the greatest effect
  • Next, start placing your mascara from the source and gradually raise the lashes up as you wish. Do additional work on your corner lashes. Shake the want to make it spread out smoothly and look thicker. 
  • Then, let them be for drying. Some mascara products dry speedly, however, this may cause smudge and ruin the total eye makeup. Wait a little bit for the mascara completely dry. 
  1. What Color Mascara Should I Pick?

When you are a beginner, you should pick a black mascara. The brown mascara is no longer popular nowadays, even young girls choosing for the darkest colors. When it comes to choosing other colors, think of them an excited embellishment when you just need to use them for fun. However, we highly suggest you should not use colored mascaras if your purpose is to improve the eye color. 

  1. How Long Do I Need To Replace My Mascara?

Mascara is a product that can easily maintain bacteria, therefore, it has the shortest span life compared to other makeup things. It is vital to replace your mascara each 3 to 6 months. Nonetheless, if you feel any irritation or get kinds of eye infection, consider it as a hint to leave your mascara. 

Besides, you ought to pay attention to the expiry dates of makeup products. Utilizing expired mascara may cause dangerous eye infections that can have a long-term influence on your vision.

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best Mascara For Hooded Eyes

Because hooded eyes are quite tricky to use mascara, so you should extremely focus to find a product that suits you. As we recommend, the best mascara for hooded eyes should be waterproof. Starting to choose from this feature will significantly help you ease your search.

We exceedingly recommend our top 5 picks of the best mascara for hooded eyes rely on our experiences for you:

Table could not be displayed.

This is all about our reviews of top-rated mascara for hooded eyes. Although makeup for hooded eyes is quite tricky, these products will partly ease your problem. Hope you find the one that best suits your needs soon.

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