How To Drain A Dehumidifier To The Outside Safe And Fast

The temperature in the living environment often changes erratically, so the humidity in your living environment is affected and in turn causes your quality of life to decrease. The solution is to use a dehumidifier. However, you will run into some problems, leading you to find information on how to drain a dehumidifier to the outside.

Draining a dehumidifier to the outside will make your dehumidifier back in good shape and work better than if you didn’t solve that problem for the dehumidifier and could potentially reduce the dehumidifier. longevity. Or it will cost you to buy a new desiccant.

Do not worry as our article will help you to solve that problem in no time. Besides, you will also feel safe when using it. Please read the article carefully!

In the article there are some main contents as follows:

  • The reason why we need drain a dehumidifier to the outside
  • There are many ways to limit the water in the dehumidifier
  • Step by step to drain a dehumidifier to the outside
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion

The reason why we need drain a dehumidifier to the outside

Speaking of how to drain a dehumidifier to the outside I will share with you some information on why we need to do this. And this will cause negative problems for the vacuum cleaner product you own.

With the common errors in the above products, we need to determine the cause of the cause. From there, know how to fix and repair the most effective.

Causes of machine not working error:

When the machine does not work, there can be many different reasons such as: because the power cord of the machine is not in power, because the machine is out of power, because the control panel of the machine is damaged.

These cases are often caused by when there is no electricity. Some other reasons when the machine has power are: the humidity environment is lower than the programmed humidity on the machine, the voltage of the power outlet is not input or lower than the voltage on the dehumidifier.

Cause of the machine’s noise error:

When using a hood with loud noise, you can pay attention to one of the reasons such as: the machine is tilted, making the mechanism and parts on the machine unstable, affecting the function. function of each part or caused by filter blockage. The second reason is often caused by a long period of not being cleaned, the filter will accumulate a lot of dirt, causing noise when the machine performs the wet air exchange.

Causes of water leak error:

With this error, the cause may be caused by the user placing the machine in a tilted position, causing the water level overflowing through the water tank to be lower than the drain hole. As a result, water will spill out of the machine.

In addition, this error is caused by a damaged, punctured drain line. We need to re-check this part when there is a water leak to the outside calf during the use of a dehumidifier to know whether this is exactly caused by this cause or not. If this is the case, replace this damaged tube with a new piece of wire.

Thus, we have known common errors when using a dehumidifier. With the above errors, determining the cause of the above situation will help us know the best remedy.

There are many ways to limit the water in the dehumidifier

You always have headaches and worries about how to drain a dehumidifier to the outside so you have a lot of confusion. In this section I will show you a few ways to treat the water inside a dehumidifier to help you minimize the problem of water that is adversely affecting your dehumidifier.

We would like to offer 3 methods of treating water from the compartment of the machine as follows:

Method 1:

Fill the holder with water into a bucket.

This is an important factor because if you are dehumidifying a small room in the house then water treatment is simple and doesn’t need to be done as often. However, it will be difficult if the dehumidifying area is relatively large and the humidity is high. 

At that time you will have to reconsider this method, as you cannot run into the calf in the water tank every day. Disassembly and insertion will take time and can become troublesome if the size of the container is relatively large.

If you do it this way you should consider: how long will it take to clear the compartments and how heavy it will be when it’s full. Also, you must remember: if you do not remove the water in the compartment when it is full then the dehumidifier will stop working, until it is cleaned.

Currently on the market there are also a number of dehumidifiers with signaling functions to let you know when the water in the compartment needs to be removed.

Method 2:

Connect the water tank to a tube, for continuous drainage of water out.

The second method is a continuous drainage system, which simply drains the water through the pipeline. You can connect the hose to a sink, however if you drain the water into the sink you will have to raise the dehumidifier as usually the sinks will be 50 cm-1m above the floor on average.

Besides that the household dehumidifier with taps is better connected as it will provide better gravity for the flow for the water to come out. Some dehumidifiers will provide pipes for drainage, some will not. Some will come with specialized nozzles, but some will require specific size plastic pipes. So check what kind of dehumidifier your dehumidifier is to have a drainage plan. If necessary, you will need to purchase a suitable size tube at your local store.

This method is usually suitable for industrial dehumidifiers and dehumidifiers Edison, Harison.

Method 3:

Use a mini pump to pump water directly out

This method is recommended for machines with a high hygroscopicity, in large spaces and on higher floors of a building. Like: Ikeno dehumidifier, Aikyo, etc. You will not be able to use the method of placing a pot or pouring water into a bucket because it is too heavy and dangerous.

 Some dehumidifiers will come with a small pump device to simplify the entire water treatment process. If a pump is not included, you will need to place the continuous drain hose into the reservoir of the external condenser pump.

Step by step to drain a dehumidifier to the outside

After you have some information in the sections above, this is the most important part to help you know how to drain a dehumidifier to the outside safely and quickly. You will be assured to use it without worrying about many negative problems because below are the steps that have been taken by many experts and have been successful. You need to pay attention to each step to do it properly and correctly!

Step 1: Location of the dehumidifier

You need to install the dehumidifier on the wall or you have to place the product on a table or floor permanently. Meanwhile, the dehumidifier will work most effectively and avoid the harmful effects of other factors. For example, you can avoid colliding with the dehumidifier while walking around the room or while carrying things without seeing it.

This is extremely important because it gives you peace of mind when walking and also reassures you when the dehumidifier is not intimidated by the elements in the house.

Step 2: Drain position of the dehumidifier

You need to make sure that the drain position of the dehumidifier is set lower than the dehumidifier. This is extremely important because the way a dehumidifier works is to absorb water from below. If you leave the water tank higher, it will affect the water absorption and water intake of the machine. This will adversely affect the working process of the dehumidifier. You need to pay attention.

Step 3: Drain unit

One more thing to note is to connect the hose to the drain port and lead the other end of the pipe to the desired outlet point. This helps the dehumidifier operation to be done smoothly. Your dehumidifier is long lasting and no problem or cause of clogging will be.

Step 4: Next work

After you have arranged and installed the rules in the above steps, you need to turn on the dehumidifier for the next run for the machine to operate and perform the functions for which it was set up. You need to take care to turn on the switch for the machine to operate because if you forget the machine will not do the job you want.


1. Why do climates in many places need to use dehumidifiers?

The weather is too high, the air humidity is uncomfortable and causes mold and damage to electronic devices. Therefore, the dehumidifier is used as a “lifesaver” for electronics, coping with the rainy and moldy season.

The household dehumidifier can be used for a variety of spaces such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. The main effect of this device is to balance the humidity of the air in the room. Thanks to the principle of operating by the mechanism of sucking air into the machine, condensing moisture into drops of water and bringing dry air to the outside, the dehumidifier gives the user the air with standard humidity. , to avoid the mold and the growth of microorganisms caused by the mold.

Preserve objects in life

When the weather is humid, electronic devices in your family will be affected first. Because moisture penetrates components and microchips, TVs, computers, cameras, audio equipment, all of them can become damp, short circuits, causing problems in operation.

Not only electronics, buying wooden objects when the humidity is high can also cause mold, discoloration and damage. Wooden floors when wet during the season will cause slippery, wooden cabinets can be termite. Books, articles and documents are easily moldy and completely damaged. The home dehumidifier is the most convenient solution for all of the above problems. Some of the most popular household dehumidifiers today are Sharp dehumidifiers, Mitsubishi dehumidifiers, etc.

In addition to household dehumidifiers, Vietnamese also use industrial dehumidifiers (which are dehumidifiers with large sizes and capacity) in traditional handicraft industries such as bamboo toothpick production, incense burning, drying food, preserving dried food. The use of dehumidifiers plays an important role in the craft industry.

2. So how to use a dehumidifier effectively when it is going to be?

Like other electronic devices, dehumidifiers need to have a prescribed working mode and some principles in order to operate at high efficiency. Some notes when using a dehumidifier to bring high efficiency are:

 + The dehumidifier is always in standby mode: the power plug is in standby mode with electronic devices such as: TV, computer, disc player, etc. During rough weather it is essential that the device does not get moldy. In addition, should regularly (at least 1 time / day) turn on the television, computer or other electronic devices in the house to prevent moisture.

In case the electronic device gets wet, it is recommended to use the dryer inside, to avoid the device leaking electricity, causing danger to use.

 + The dehumidifier should not be placed close to the wall (should be kept about 30cm away): to avoid electric leakage, people avoid directly placing TV, phone, computer, printer on the floor or close to the wall. Electronic devices should be placed about 1m above the ground and 10 – 15cm away from the wall.

 + When using a dehumidifier, do not turn on the fan, open the door: when it is open because the more the door opens, the more humid the air comes in. The use of a fan to dry will also make the steam more condensate and more moldy. It is important to limit the penetration of moisture into the house by closing the door.

In addition, you can limit the humidity by increasing the room temperature by air conditioning or using a dedicated dehumidifier to maximize humidity. Clean wet floors often with a dry cloth. To avoid mold when it is in the air, immediately wipe off any condensation.

Put a few moisture-proof pills in the closet. Store clothes and towels in a clean, dry place, move the closet away from where mold appears, use a dry rag or sponge to wipe the wall in the bathroom, kitchen, shower, etc.

This will keep the dehumidifier working well and help it preserve your clothes, dresses, and fabric related items.

3. Should care be taken when using a dehumidifier?

Dehumidifier works to reduce humidity in the air, but if used regularly, for a long time, it will have negative effects on human health such as dry skin, fatigue, dizziness, difficulty breathing, especially with young children. 

The dehumidifier does not have the effect of air conditioning, cleaning the air, so during use, families should open the ventilation doors to circulate the air and adjust the humidity of the machine in a reasonable way, to avoid setting too low. In addition, to ensure the durability of the machine, the user needs to perform well maintenance such as: Changing the air filter periodically, draining the water in the dehumidifier when not in use.

4. What is the dehumidifier used for?

During the rainy season, the humidity in the air increases, making houses and utensils damp, creating favorable conditions for viruses, bacteria and fungi to grow, to prevent the penetration of humidity in many homes. have bought a dehumidifier. So what is the dehumidifier used for?

Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, floors, walls and any other materials in the room including your personal belongings by using a fan to suck air into the dehumidifier and do cool it to condense the moisture into steam, so that the moisture turns into droplets that run down the flask or through the drain pipe to the outside.

5. Can two-way air conditioners replace the dehumidifier?

Many people say:

Dehumidifier cost is also quite high, an average of more than 1 million but can only be used in one season.

Two-way air conditioner, the price is also very high, but it can be used both in the summer and in the spring season, most amphibious?

Two-way air conditioner:

  • Using the dry mode of the air conditioner will cause the room temperature to decrease and be colder.
  • Causes a dry feeling to the skin.
  • Only tied in a fixed room.
  • If the air conditioner you set is in hot temperature mode, the humidity will increase.
  • Two-way air conditioner has no hygrometer, so when the room reaches the set temperature, it will switch off automatically.

Pros: The outstanding advantage of this device is that it can be used in both summer and winter.


  • Use a cold compression mechanism to make the room always dry and warm. This type of operation will be continuous throughout the operation of the machine.
  • Can be moved to anywhere you want.
  • There are many capacities suitable for room area and usage needs.
  • Save costs, save electricity.
  • Timer, set the desired humidity.

Using a dehumidifier is extremely suitable for a humid and humid climate, it not only helps your family protect furniture and household items from moisture, damage, it also helps the air. The house is dry, prevents the smell of musty, and protects the health of family members, especially those susceptible to respiratory diseases such as the elderly and children.

6. Structure and operating principle of the dehumidifier?

Dehumidifier by rotor wheel dehumidifier

A series of machines made up of an extremely large circular desiccant rotor wheel, in which the desiccant rotor is made up of alternating layers and pleated flat sheets. What is the effect of a rotor wheel dehumidifier?

The working mechanism of the dehumidifier with a dehumidifier is relatively simple, when the amount of moisture in the air outside the environment is absorbed by the surface of the rotor, it will be retained by the Silica Gel desiccant and brought to the set. The dehumidifier, then the water is retained in the container while the dry steam is released out to cool the air.

This machine is equipped with a relatively small operating capacity of less than 50 liters / day, but thanks to the advantages of sleek, compact and convenient design, high accuracy and most importantly, relative price. It is cheap so it is often used a lot in the laboratory.

Condenser dehumidifier

Also known as a household dehumidifier or an industrial dehumidifier. This type has a rather complicated structure including condenser system, engine, fan, air compressor, air inlet, waste water pipe and has the same working principle as air conditioner.

The mechanism of action of the condensed dehumidifier is that after the wet outside air is sucked into the machine, it will be processed and condensed into water by the cooling system, at which time all the water will be retained and the The air is returned to the environment after the moisture has been filtered out. 

At this time, the air in the room will gradually return to equilibrium and be controlled according to the needs of the user – one of the effects of the dehumidifier on life!

7. Using a dehumidifier consumes electricity?

In fact, many families report that the dehumidifier consumes not too much electricity. The power consumption of the dehumidifier is lower than that of other electrical products.

For example, the 12000BTU air conditioner with the average operating capacity is about 1.1 – 1.3kW, while the highest capacity of the air dehumidifier is about 400 – 600W. Common types of dehumidifiers are only about 210 – 250W, the operating power is only electric fan.

According to experts, when choosing to buy a genuine dehumidifier, suitable for the purpose, as well as the needs of use, during use, you will realize the amount of power consumed by the device within 1 month is negligible. Furthermore, the cost of living has not increased much. Compared to the benefits that the product offers, you still save more money.

If you want to dry the space in the room or workshop, you can choose to open doors, turn on fans, use air conditioners, heaters … For these forms of humidity balance, you can use, but to To get the best performance, use multiple devices at the same time, that will consume a lot of power. The electric meter displayed was much higher than using a dehumidifier at the same time.

8. Tips for saving electricity for a dehumidifier?

Here are some tips to use a dehumidifier to both improve the dehumidifying efficiency, purify the air, and do not worry about wasting electricity that you can refer to when needed:

– Should choose to buy dehumidifiers with a capacity suitable for the area of ​​the room you use. If the room has a small area, you should not choose a dehumidifier with too large capacity. In contrast, the room has a large area, you should not choose to buy a dehumidifier with a small capacity.

– When you first use a dehumidifier, you should set the machine to operate with the lowest% humidity on the machine. Then, you slowly increase the humidity setting up, suitable for the area and function of the room. This not only saves energy but also ensures that it does not cause over drying in the room.

– Should use a dehumidifier in a closed room, with insulation, the better. Closed rooms and insulation will support the dehumidifier more efficiently and quickly, thereby helping to save energy usage compared to open rooms, without insulation.

– Should clean the dehumidifier regularly to both ensure cleaning the machine, while helping the machine to operate better and more efficiently, while helping to save electricity because one of the reasons that the dehumidifier consumes electricity is because There is a lot of dirt, not clean.

9. What else do air purifiers and dehumidifiers have?

Dehumidify, dry clothes

Compared to conventional products, this series has more parts for refrigeration compressors, indoor units as well as water tanks. They will cause the heat to absorb the moisture in the air. First of all, absorbing moisture will make the air less obnoxious, creating a pleasant and balanced living environment. Second, this function also has a very interesting application, that is to dehumidify clothes, make new clothes dry faster. Do not forget to experience this feature when it’s wet, wet or cold.

Effective deodorizing

Most air purifiers on the market are advertised as capable of deodorizing the air. However, the new air purifier and dehumidifier are the top effective deodorizers available today. The machine can quickly destroy a variety of odors: the smell of cigarette smoke, the smell of cooking, the smell of food, the smell of mold, the smell of body, … The humid air is the ideal environment for unpleasant odors. It is the most effective direct solution, so it is the most effective direct solution.

10. Do the dehumidifiers cool your home?

How to use dehumidifier + air conditioner to lower room temperature

1. Turn on the air conditioner

First, turn on the air conditioning and adjust it to best suit the size of the room. If possible, use a timer system so that the room temperature won’t differ too much from the outside when you step inside.

2. Turn on the dehumidifier and place it in the middle of the room

Next, turn on the hut am, put it in the middle of the room as possible. Should turn on the dehumidifier while no one is in the room. Now you can open the doors of the connecting rooms to absorb the entire space.

3. Turn off the dehumidifier

After the humidity on the moisture meter has reached a healthy level, turn off the dehumidifier. Do not turn on the dehumidifier while you are sleeping, so do these steps before going to bed. If you want, you can use a device like an air conditioner or a dehumidifier to save energy.

4. Keep both coolers working (if necessary)

If the space is too hot and the humidity is high, you should keep both cooling equipment active. Change the filter or clean the filter regularly for efficient operation and fill the compartment with water if the dehumidifier is full.


I have researched and selected important and detailed information so that you can easily grasp the fastest, safest and most effective way to drain a dehumidifier to the outside. This will give you peace of mind when using it.

In addition I have provided a few more questions that you may be wondering. This will help you to solve the problem immediately without worrying or wondering. It’s quick.

Using a safe dehumidifier also makes it possible for you to exercise and improve your health in your lovely home.

Don’t forget to click on the link for the products for which we have linked Amazon. I believe there will be the right product for you for you to use it to help you right in your home. Thank you for choosing to read our article.

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