How To Attach 4×4 Together: Easy For Everyone

If you have experience in the wood industry, you know how important the basics of wood joints are and when to apply them to your project. There are different ways to connect two pieces of wood (piece, slab) together. Let’s go over the 9 basics that are perfect for beginners in carpentry. We rely on some bonding support such as screws, dowels or glue. Let’s learn how to attach 4×4 together.

How to join wooden pallets or close cabinets with pallets … are many of you wondering and interested. Because you only need to spend a small amount of money, you can make extremely convenient furniture to use in your home yourself. In the following article, we would like to share with you the preparation steps as well as how to make your own wooden pallet furniture very simply at a super cheap price.

In our article you’ll understand about:

  • Why do we need to connect 4×4 together ?
  • Role of 4×4 wood in building
  • How To Transplant Wood And Some Popular Types Of Mortise Today
  • How to attach 4×4 together
  • Conclusion

Why do we need to connect 4×4 together ?

Wood for construction has been used as a building material for thousands of years, second only to stone in rich diversity and historical tier in the construction world. The chemistry of wood is inherently complex, but despite these challenges, humans have successfully exploited the unique characteristics of wood to build a seemingly limitless range of structures.

Complex, sophisticated house parts are assembled with high precision without the use of nails, glue or other tools.

The artisans use the art of joining wood with a convex (mortar) and a concave (mortar) wood, the two sticks can be joined together tightly. Ancient carpenters made wooden houses with this unique technique called Miyadaiku by the Japanese.

According to the concept of the ancient Japanese, Kanawatsugi is a house-building technique with a strong yin and yang philosophy, the top of the log has yin and yang, the two ends of the wood seem to think, they hug each other tightly.

This is a complicated technique and requires a skilled craftsman to be able to correctly join the wooden slats.

Only with this technique, Japanese wooden houses can last for hundreds of years without rotting or loosening, and are resistant to magnitude 8 earthquakes.

Kanawa Tsugi technique with convex and convex wooden bars and pieces, which helps the connectors to connect together extremely firmly, requires complex and sophisticated jointing techniques with precision to mm.

The ancient Japanese technique of wood mortise was passed down from generation to generation by carpenters. Many complex wooden constructions are completely self-assembled, including the famous bridge in Japan.

Wooden pallets are closed with wooden slats, creating a strong linkage system used to fix the goods when using a forklift for transporting large goods. There are many types of Pallets (wood, plastic, ..) with many different sizes but mainly Pallets 0.95 x 1.2 m or 1 x 1 m.

When buying wooden pallets you have to choose one by one. Uncleaned and cleaned pallets have different prices. If you want to build furniture in your home, then you need to pay attention to the side of the pallet as well. Currently, there are types of wooden pallets such as:

Loose wooden pallets, small bars: can be used to hang things

Loose wooden pallets, large bars: more versatile, can make chairs, beds, shelves, …

Wooden pallets (close to each other): often used as dining tables, bedside tables or things that need a flat surface, ..

In addition to the wooden surface, we need to see what pallets are connected with. There are 2 main types: the hump (red) and the one with the connected piece of wood (blue).

Wood plays an important role and greatly affects the quality of use of tables and chairs. In order to meet the criteria such as affordable price, good quality as well as aesthetic, pallet wood is the best choice.

Although pallet wood looks a bit simple, when forming a set of tables and chairs, it produces tables and chairs with a delicate and attractive appearance. This is the trend of using furniture of young couples and the majority of young people today.

Using wooden pallets as tables and chairs also saves a lot of investment costs compared to other types of wood. Therefore, they are suitable for many different types of objects. From working people, young couples, to large households, … can easily own a beautiful wooden pallet table and chairs.

In addition, pallet wood also helps to protect the environment, limiting the cutting of precious woods for furniture, thereby protecting the plant ecosystem.

Wooden pallet tables and chairs have a solid structure, designed to suit many different environments. In particular, they also avoid the risk of termite damage that affects the use of the chair as well as the aesthetics of the product.

Note How to join pallet wood

Packing wooden furniture with pallets is very easy but takes a lot of time. You can do it one by one in your spare time

Paint to paint is quite expensive, you should consider paint color and cost. If you save money, you can paint it less expensive and it will be faster

When buying pallets you need to choose carefully each sheet 1. Because each sheet has different sizes. You need to clearly determine what to buy this plate for, how much size …

Before buying, you should think about the design and calculate it specifically. Buy all at once to avoid buying again and again. You can search for designs on google or Pinterest with keyword phrases like: Pallet, DYI, Furniture, etc.

After completion, you should buy more cushions (for sofas and beds), glass for table tops or hooks for hanging things.

Advantages of plywood

It is no coincidence that composite wood is popular today. Because compared to natural wood products, laminated wood has great advantages such as:

High strength, good impact resistance thanks to the use of specialized adhesives.

Plywood has a variety of designs, bringing high aesthetic beauty.

No warping, termites thanks to modern technology.

Plywood is produced from planted wood, so it ensures environmental protection and prevents the depletion of natural wood resources.

The cost of natural wood grafted bar is lower than that of solid natural wood by 20-30%.

Variety of wood colors.

Role of 4×4 wood in building

Wood is a material whose main component is cellulose. In the past, people used wood for many different purposes such as: fuel, building houses, jewelry, paper making, weapons… Before the appearance of materials such as cement, iron and steel, houses were built. made mainly of wood. With a simple structure from wooden slats that are made more beautiful than its original shape and then carved with double strokes. Until now, construction wood is still popular in the construction industry, home furniture, but carved, more diverse and sophisticated designs.

In construction, construction wood is an indispensable material. From poles, formwork at the beginning of construction to decorative beams, floors, and pool floors when the work is completed.

Making poles, floors, beams, purlins, scaffolding, making doors, windows, copa boards when building…

Because construction wood has a lighter weight than iron and steel concrete, it is easy to transport and can be changed in size depending on different construction projects. More convenient, cheaper than iron and steel cement because input materials and transportation costs of wood are also lower. Moreover, wood is very environmentally friendly, maximum use when damaged, easy to repair, can be split into pallets, regenerated to make wood packaging, make decorations, or fuel…

The types of construction wood you can choose for your project such as poplar, elm, beech, oak, cherry, maple, ash, etc. Each type of construction wood has its own advantages. and its own disadvantages, suitable for each different interior product or item in the project. Please learn carefully each type of wood to have the correct choice for the application your project needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of construction wood

Wood carries a number of benefits that make it an excellent candidate for use in a wide range of construction projects. One such benefit is thermal insulation, which gives an advantage in terms of resistance to high temperatures. Unlike steel, which can expand or even collapse at high temperatures, wood actually dries and becomes stronger as heat increases. In addition, the thermal conductivity of wood is relatively low compared to other materials such as aluminum, marble, steel or glass. This gives wood an advantage in terms of use in various applications such as matching, handle equipment, wall and ceiling coverings.

Wood also contains highly sought after acoustic properties. Wood can absorb sound and echoes, and is the preferred material of choice for building structures where proper acoustics are important, such as concert halls. Wood is resistant to electric currents, making wood the ultimate electrical insulator. Another important characteristic of wood is its tensile strength, which is the ability to bend under pressure without breaking. The wood is exceptionally light in proportion to its tensile strength, making it the preferred construction choice for constantly beating surfaces such as basketball courts and bowling alleys. Tensile strength is also one of the main reasons to choose wood as a building material; Its remarkable qualities make it the perfect choice for heavy-duty construction materials such as structural beams.


  • Wood has good thermal insulation, electrical insulation, and small thermal expansion.
  • Construction wood is a soft material, so it can be used with machines and tools to cut, drill, and chisel.
  • Wood provides an endless source of inspiration for artisans creating fine art.
  • The wood joints together are easy to stick with nails, glue, ..
  • It is a natural material that can be grown, cared for, exploited and processed by itself.


  • Many people want to use natural wood materials for a long time, so they illegally exploited excessively, damaging the ecological environment.
  • If not treated with biological products to protect, the wood is susceptible to decay and damage by termites.

How To Transplant Wood And Some Popular Types Of Mortise Today

Wooden furniture is increasingly popular, occupying an important position in the market as well as in every home. It not only brings classy luxury designs but also is very close to nature, good for health. It would be a mistake to use nails or screws at the joints, losing the aesthetics. Therefore, in professional facilities, wood tenon transplant is considered the best solution.

What is a wooden mortise? How to graft wood tenon?

How is a wooden dream understood? This is a type of coupling to transfer force directly from one rod to another, without passing through intermediate objects. This tenon is often used to connect horizontal bars and oblique bars. The shape and size of the tenon depends on the calculation and the specific structure of the structure. At pillow nodes, two types of tenon are commonly used: 1-teeth mortise and 2-teeth mortise.

“Dream” and “mortise” are the main structures for making furniture of ancient people and have become the quintessence of traditional culture. Thanks to the mortise, current furniture products such as beds, wardrobes, living room tables and chairs, etc. do not need to be nailed, but the product still has a solid connection, long-term use and high aesthetic . On the other hand, based on the characteristics of wood, not all types of wood can withstand the impact of nails and screws, causing cracking, seriously affecting the design.

To be able to join the mortise requires complex and sophisticated jointing techniques with high precision to every small detail. Therefore, using this technique when designing interiors is very good, but at the same time it is also very draining of the worker’s energy. The benefit of mortising is that it allows the connectors to securely bond with each other, and when wood materials are not the same structure, this can also be done.

Some common types of mortise

Wooden mortise at right angle

Cloud-shaped wooden mortise transplant

Circle mortise connecting the slits

Combination of slotting and punching

Mortise in the form of a cabinet base

Wooden mortise style chair legs

How To Attach 4×4 Together

Laminated wood (also known as bar-joint wood) is produced from the main raw material of planted forest wood. The small wooden slats are all subjected to a process of steaming and drying on a modern and quite strict industrial chain to remove elements harmful to wood such as termites and mold. After that, the wood is sawed, planed, milled, grafted, scrubbed, pressed, painted to create the finished product, which is a whole slab of wood.

As introduced above, laminated wood takes the main raw material from small natural wood slats that are put together to create a finished product, which is industrial laminated wood (laminated wood).

The types of wood that can be used to make plywood are usually non-standard types of wood such as corn husks from workshops, salvaged wood or small diameter wood, not used for single furniture.

Small wooden slats such as rubber wood, oval wood, acacia wood, cinnamon wood, pine wood, Melaleuca wood, Trau wood are often put together into panels. Usually the laminate has a thickness of 12mm or 18mm. In addition, to increase the adhesion of wood, people often add Urea Formaldehyde (UF), Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) or Polyvinyl Acetate (PVAC) glue.

Wood glue is an indispensable additive in the furniture industry. It has the effect of sticking the discrete wood panels together according to the shape you want. Helps bring many conveniences to the wood manufacturing industry. There are many different types of wood glue on the market, each with its own characteristics and applications.

Wood glue

Currently on the market there are many types of wood glue that are manufactured to suit certain needs, some are water resistant, heat resistant, durable, etc. indoors, but there are also types suitable for outdoors. Here are some common properties of wood glues today:

Quick-drying glue

With its quick-drying properties, it is suitable for products that need timely repair, saves time, quickly responds to needs when an unexpected problem occurs, and milk glue is a glue product that takes a long time. very fast drying time.

Heat-resistant glue

With heat resistant properties, these adhesives will help the glued products be able to withstand high temperature environments and withstand erratic changes in the external environment.

Super strong glue

This type of glue is usually a two-component glue, with super strong and super sticky properties, this type is suitable for use in applications that need to withstand strong impacts.

Powder grafting glue

Powdered wood glue products are often cheaper than milk glue, which is quite friendly to the environment.

Non-toxic grafting glue

Wood grafting glue is an environmentally friendly product, with wood-gluing properties, so they need to be durable, they contain polyvinyl acetate – PVA resin. This type of material has low hydrochemical temperature, no crystallization, high volatility, so it has fast drying and adhesion.

Advantages of glue

High adhesion with bonding force and pulling force over 20,000 psi because the raw material contains epoxy, hydroxyl, amine and other polar groups.

Great adhesion, can stick on many different materials, not only wood but also plastic, metal, paper, …

When closed in solid form there are no condensing byproducts, no water release.

Wood grafting glue can be used at contact pressure or without high pressure, and can be effective even in harsh environments such as below ✓ water.

Low shrinkage when curing, only 3-5%.

Low creep, good shape retention under tensile stress.

Outstanding resistance to moisture or solvents.

Modification: The properties of wood glue are easily changed when the resin and curing agent is selected.

How To Attach 4×4 Together

Prepare the plywood

The grafted wood must have a moisture content of 8-10% and the minimum time when the wood is dried until the date of grafting is 7 days. At the same time, the wood panel after being planned on 4 sides must be grafted on the same day, limited to overnight to avoid affecting the adhesive ability of the product.

In addition, the surface to be grafted must be very flat, perpendicular, not blackened, not dusty.

AB wood glue consists of 2 components A and B, so when joining wood you must mix these 2 components together. You should mix according to the instructions on the package, or you can increase or decrease the amount of glue A or B if you want fast or slow drying time, but you should not change too much to avoid reducing the quality of the glue.

Next, you stir the mixture well before using. Note, the maximum time to use the glue mixture after mixing is 45 minutes. Therefore, you need to consider mixing the right amount of glue to avoid waste.

Wood grafting technique with 2-component AB glue

When gluing, pay attention to the two outermost handrails that must be close to the top of the plywood, the distance between the handles is even and not greater than 30cm. At the same time, you need to gently and evenly press all the levers, then use a rubber hammer to adjust the plane of the plywood, then squeeze the rake arms with a pressure of 10-15kg/cm2. Note, you should not press too tightly, then release and adjust the board and then press again will not achieve good adhesion quality.

At the same time, when removing the panels, the glue is still not completely dry, you have to carry the boards and stand them up gently, limiting the impact on the board. If you stack boards on top of each other, there must be a brace between the boards.

The fastest way to remove wood glue on the surface

When the products after using wood glue will leave traces that are difficult to clean, or in the process of use they will be smeared in other places causing unsightly, so when using wood glue you should Learn the following tips:

Use cooking oil

To clean the wood glue stains, you can use cooking oil, apply cooking oil to the glued area, let it sit for a while and then use a towel soaked in cooking oil to wipe it off, you should wipe it a little hard. to ensure that the adhesive is removed as quickly as possible. You should continue to absorb more cooking oil to quickly achieve the effect.

Use alcohol

Similar to cooking oil, but the difference is that the alcohol will evaporate very quickly, so the cleaning will be carried out immediately when the alcohol has just penetrated the glue stain.

Use gasoline (type used to mix paint)

Apply gasoline to a towel and rub it vigorously and continuously for a while after the glue stain will be removed easily and quickly.

Using Acetone Chemical

Because acetone is also very quickly evaporating like when using alcohol, so you must quickly clean the glue stain after wetting the towel for better effect.

Furniture Products Made From Laminated Wood

Although the laminated wood has the disadvantage of uneven color and the wood grain is not continuous, the laminated wood is still applied to many interior models of the living room, kitchen, bedroom to help bring the most rustic and natural beauty from random combinations of wood grain.

Luxury, rustic kitchen interior with natural oak wood material

Wooden coffee table set with iron frame, luxurious glossy surface

Shoe cabinet made of industrial plywood

Beautiful natural laminate flooring pattern


So we have just brought you some useful information about laminated wood (laminated wood). Hopefully with some of the outstanding features and advantages that we have outlined, it will help you make a sure choice of materials to decorate your future home! Hope through the information. The above will help readers better understand the line of pine plywood. This is a line of industrial wood with many outstanding advantages and high applications. Therefore, you can use it to decorate your home.

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