How To Adjust Whirlpool Refrigerator Door In The Most Accurate Way

A refrigerator is an item that most people select to buy new once every several years. You have probably done some research on the Whirlpool refrigerator and are pretty impressed with its reputation for a budget-friendly and reliable brand and its long history. So now, after buying and using your refrigerator for some time, you might start noticing the refrigerator door are in some trouble and wondering how to adjust Whirlpool refrigerator door in the most accurate way.

Adjusting a Whirlpool refrigerator door is an essential step of setting up. Some problems that can happen to your fridge’s door are the doors can slam shut on their own or open too quickly. The main reason is your refrigerator might not be level. Depends on the style of your Whirlpool refrigerator, there will be different ways to adjust the door, and I am going to help you with this step-to-step guide for you to follow.

In this article, I mention some valuable aspects to help you know how to adjust Whirlpool refrigerator door as follows:

  • Whirlpool Refrigerator Features
  • Some Reasons To Cause You The Need To Adjust Whirlpool Refrigerator Door
  • How To Adjust Whirlpool Refrigerator Door In The Most Accurate Way
  • Some Tips On How To Use Your Whirlpool Refrigerator Longer
  • Final Thoughts

Whirlpool Refrigerator Features

Whirlpool Refrigerator Types

You can find four different styles for Whirlpool refrigerators: top-freezer, bottom-freezer, side-by-side, and French door refrigerators.

Top-freezer refrigerators

The top-freezer fridge is a refrigerator with a single-door fridge at the bottom and a freezer on the top. This type of design will prioritize the freezer, as it is the easiest for you to access. However, the freezer on the top usually has features that are both light and small.

Bottom-freezer refrigerators 

In contrast to top-freezer refrigerators, the bottom-freezer refrigerators design a deep freezer at the bottom, and on top is a single-door fridge. These bottom-freezer refrigerators types have delicate features like the top-freezer design and are best for areas with limited spaces.

Side-by-side refrigerators 

This classic side-by-side refrigerator design has a refrigerator located on the right, and on the left is a freezer. The design is elegant and is designed by Whirlpool to have so many features. 

Whirlpool’s side-by-side refrigerator design offers some advantages, including the space-saving icemaker located on the door’s freezer and the caddy as specialized storage. This type of design will be a little larger than the bottom-freezer and the top-freezer models.

French door refrigerators 

The different design of these French door refrigerators is to help you place the things you used most often at your eye level, and below is for the frozen items. This standard design offers you two doors at the top to open up to one single fridge compartment, and at the bottom is a deep freezer with a large pullout door.

You can also come across innovative models with four or even five doors when searching for a suitable Whirlpool fridge. As the French door refrigerators are used the newest and the best technologies of Whirlpool, they are generally the most expensive compared to the other door styles. You can receive some modern advantages with these French door refrigerators, including the large enough space to store wide items such as pizza boxes, taller items slide-in shelves, and many options for water dispensers. 

French door fridges are often more extensive than the size of the bottom-freezer and top-freezer designs about the size. And the creation of this style is so elegant to put into any kitchen’s style.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Features

To be famous for its long history of manufacturing refrigerators in the US, Whirlpool’s catalog offers users more than 100 models with different design colors and styles. In terms of the brand’s refrigerators, you can find the two factors that stand out: the humidity/temperature control ability and the storage options. Below, I will give you some features that make Whirlpool one of the best US brands for fridges.

Colors options

Besides the black and white color option, Whirlpool also offers the stainless steel option, and many customers prefer it because this color is effortless to clean. It also helps resist any smudges and fingerprints on the fridge’s surface. You can choose between the sleek black or the traditional grey from Whirlpool’s two color options.

LED lights

Most refrigerators models of Whirlpool are designed with the LED lights interior that really helps make the food kept inside look fresher. There is also available panoramic lighting beside the LEDs to provide even more lighting inside the refrigerator’s areas.

Shelving styles that can customize

Across the Whirlpool refrigerators’ line, the standard is the shelves that are frameless glass. These shelves are designed with no frames to trap debris or crumbs, and thanks to that, they are straightforward to clean. The shelves they made are all of the high quality that is spill-proof, which helps prevent leaked liquids below and clean up easily.

Besides some traditional deli drawers, so you can store plenty of cheeses and types of meats, Whirlpool also offers some extra shelves options such as:

  • Gallon door bins that can be adjustable: Some Whirlpool models are equipped with these features, so you can freely place them anywhere depends on your needs.
  • Can caddy: You can sometimes find in some models a can caddy that is in-door to hold bottles or cans and make the shelf more spacious.

Especially, Whirlpool also offers customers some additional shelving options that are a little special and can price up a little bit. The first thing you can find is the platter pocket, which is best to hold pizza boxes or brownie pans, generally are flat items. When stacking, your items inside the refrigerator will now be safe and prevent tucking away thanks to this platter pocket. The next thing is a center pane that can move back forth and is adjustable, which is called the infinity slide shelf.

Water and ice maker

Whirlpool offers you many features for the water and icemaker; the latest technology is the feature called measured fill. It is an automated system that gives you the ability to choose the precise amount of water you want. When it is selected, the dispenser will do its work to fill your cup, and when it is done, it is shut off automatically.

On most refrigerator models of Whirlpool, the water and ice maker are available on the outside, which is a helpful feature to allow you to take the fresh ice and water without opening the fridge. Some modern models even feature the water dispenser inside the fridge. And it also goes with a filter inside the fridge that helps a lot in making your water and ice fresh. Please make sure to change this filter once every several months.

The ice bin is also available at the door, meaning even easier to get the fresh ice and more space in the freezer. Dual ice makers have even come with some Whirlpool fridge models that one of them is located in the freezer, while the other is inside the door. Both of these will ensure you never run out of fresh ice.

Moreover, it may be hard for you to find on some cheaper models any modern icemaker like these because it needs to add more space in the freezer and cut down the price. But you can buy a separate ice maker kit later on as they are all compatible. 

Filtration and airflow

Why is filtration necessary? When vegetables and fruits are ripe, they give off natural gas that directly affects nearby vegetables and fruits and makes them mature even faster. The filtration system now plays an essential role in removing the given-off gas from food and make the food inside the refrigerator stay fresh for longer.

Whirlpool offers customers many models that come with the sir filter called the FreshFlow that works so much better than the traditional baking soda. And do not worry that you will forget to change the filter every six months; it has the status indicator inside for you to keep track of. 

Moreover, airflow is also an important thing to notice in a good refrigerator. Good airflow will help the temperature inside your fridge become uniform when the cool air circulates.


Humidity is a necessary thing to preserve food better. And crisper drawers have become a vital feature to maintain vegetables as they need more humid air than meat. Luckily, you can find in most Whirlpool models the drawers to best store your vegetables and fruit in their most suitable environments.

It is best to choose a Whirlpool model employed with a dual system that can cool and maintain the humid air inside the refrigerator. This feature is essential to help your refrigerator become more energy-efficient and keep the vegetables and fruits stay fresh longer.


The temperature is also an important feature that Whirlpool has done a great job. As you know, the temperature inside the refrigerator should be uniform. Other brand’s refrigerators often need you to manually adjust the temperature with a dial and set a range from zero to ten instead of choosing the exact number. While Whirlpool brings you is the temperature control options in a unique way to put that drawer to the right temperature in the first attempt. These options include:

  • FreezeShield option 

FreezeShield option has been invented to decrease freezer burn. It works by reducing the fluctuations of temperature from the defrost cycle automatically.

  • Adaptive defrost option

The defrost option only turns on when necessary, and in this way, it is electric-saving and helps you save lots of money on your electric bill. It works by monitoring the freezer environment continuously, and you can find this option in some Whirlpool models.

  • Accu-chill option

This accu-chill option works by using the ice to help cool down the water and brings you cold water even on hot summer days. Inside the water reservoir, there is ice, and the water will mix with the ice when using and then it will cool down quickly.

  • TotalCoverage cooling option

Finally, this TotalCoverage cooling option will help the temperature become uniform inside your entire refrigerator. The system will produce fresh air from many vents and then get into every cranny and nook of your refrigerator. In this way, your shelves will be kept cold, and all the warm spots will also be rid of.

Frequently Asked Questions About Whirlpool Refrigerators

Where are Whirlpool fridges made?

The Whirlpool refrigerators are manufactured in the USA. They have many manufacturing factories across the country. Most of them are in Fall River, Cleveland, Oklahoma, Iowa, while others are located in Ohio.

Are Whirlpool fridges high quality?

Yes. Whirlpool is considered to be one of the most high-quality and reliable refrigerators manufacturers. They are famous for their excellent quality appliances at a very affordable price.

What is the Whirlpool refrigerators’ largest capacity?

The Whirlpool refrigerators’ largest capacity is the side-by-side style at 28 cu. WRS588FIHV. This massive refrigerator is available in a black stainless steel color.

Is Gladiator a Whirlpool product?

Yes. Gladiator is famous for refrigerators that are most used for garage. They can handle the ambient temperature fluctuation inside the garage that makes the compressors stop working.

How long is the Whirlpool refrigerators’ warranty?

You will receive a one-year warranty for the labor and the parts from Whirlpool.

Some Reasons To Cause You The Need To Adjust Whirlpool Refrigerator Door

When using the new refrigerator, most people will often experience the problems that the doors do not close properly, or they are dropped and not even. These problems are typical, and the causes behind these may still be a mystery to many of us.  

I will break down some main reasons that cause you the need to adjust the Whirlpool refrigerator door. Keep reading!

Doors Not Closing Properly

If your Whirlpool fridge door is having some problems with closing, you need to check if the door is closed in the right way. You can take a look at a checklist I listed out below:

  • Is your ice bin not in the proper position?
  • Are your door gaskets damaged, sticky, or dirty?
  • Is your fridge level?
  • Are your bins or shelves in the correct position?
  • Are there any packages inside the fridge that prevent or block your door from closing?
  • Does the vertical-hinged seal fold inward?
  • Have you recently installed your refrigerator?

Is your fridge level?

Your refrigerator will probably be tilted forward if you find its doors do not close by themselves. The doors can close with less force and more efficiently with the help of you to adjust the front of your fridge higher than its back slightly.

Also, note that the doors of your refrigerator might also not level in the right way if the beneath floor of your fridge is not level. Therefore, you need to ensure the refrigerator’s placing floor is level.

Does the vertical-hinged seal fold inward?

Specifically, on French door Whirlpool refrigerator models, you can find the hinged seal on the left of the door. This vertical-hinged seal is designed to be automatically folded inward to clear the way when you open the left door. And this vertical-hinged seal will automatically form a seal between both doors when these two doors are all closed. 

It needs to fold inward so that the door can be closed in the right way. Therefore, if you see the vertical-hinged seal folds outward when you open the fridge door, you need to use your hand to fold it inward before closing the door.

Have you recently installed your refrigerator?

Why can recent installation make the refrigerator door not close properly? Because during shipping, the manufacturer usually adds some packaging to avoid damage, which is why it can make your fridge door not closing. So, you need to double-check if you have removed all the packaging and make sure if you installed it precisely, as the doors not installed correctly can also lead to not sealing or closing correctly.

Doors Drop 

After installing a Whirlpool fridge and you suddenly realize the doors seem a slight drop as you loaded groceries in it. Well, do not worry. Whirlpool fridge door issues often occur with the latest models when adding food into the new door shelves and compartments. It is pretty normal to most small cases like these. You can try to change the height of the fridge.

If your issues with the fridge door close too fast, it does not close at a reasonable speed, or does not close by itself, you can try to change the height of the fridge a little. A minor adjustment on the doors will not affect too much to the Whirlpool refrigerator’s compressor operation. 

It would help if you tried to raise the front fridge height to a small amount and try one more time in the doors not closing fast enough. Suppose the front is raised a little to the back; you can try to increase the same amount of height of both sides to make them level. And in case the door has closed too fast, you can slightly lower the front fridge using some door alignment tools Whirlpool. 

One thing to remember that if your door height is uneven, it is probably because of the slightly off installation. Therefore, make sure your refrigerator is level when setting it up. And when you find your fridge door is acting quite strangely or uneven, you can check if your fridge is level.

You can check out this video for a clearer view of how to level your refrigerator and doors:

How To Adjust Whirlpool Refrigerator Door In The Most Accurate Way

After you make sure that your refrigerator is level, you can now begin taking a look at how to adjust Whirlpool refrigerator door that I am going to share with you in this part. Let me explain to you that this process is pretty simple, which is to remove the hinged caps and adjust the hinge pins. It is a necessary step to access the hinge at the bottom door. Therefore, you need to make space for the underneath area of the doors by pulling out all the drawers. 

Inside the hinge pin at the bottom, it should have an alignment screw. A wrench can turn some alignment screws here, while others might need the hex key to turn it, which has come with the fridge from the installation. Then, if you want to lower the door, you need to turn this alignment screw clockwise and turn it counterclockwise to raise it. Keep adjusting this step for each side until all the doors’ tops are aligned and are centered within the fridge. 

When you have finished adjusting, if needed, you can now reattach the panel at the bottom and start reloading your groceries back into the doors and the inside of your fridge. Also, you need to check one more time to ensure that the doors are aligned to each other and close at a suitable speed and the refrigerator is level. 

Moreover, to prevent any door problems that might happen to your refrigerator later on, if you plan to add more heavy groceries into it, you need to check the doors more often if they are still aligned to each other.

Some items you will need to prepare beforehand:

  • Hex key
  • Level
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver (if required)

And below, I will show you the detailed guide for every different style of your Whirlpool refrigerator door.

Whirlpool Side-By-Side Door Refrigerator 

This adjustment guide is applied for all the 2001 models and newer models of Whirlpool side-by-side door refrigerators. One thing to remember that Whirlpool has guaranteed the doors are level when shipping. Therefore, this adjustment will not be included in the warranty.

To adjust an uneven side-by-side fridge, you can make them align by following the below steps using the bottom hinges:

  • Step 1: You need to locate the precise location of the adjusting screws at the fridge door’s bottom corner, at the underside. You can also read the Manual Instructions for more information about the place.
  • Step 2: A wrench that is 7/16″ or 5/16″ needs to be used here. If you want to lower the door, turn the adjusting screw to the left or the right if you are going to raise it.
  • Step 3: After turning the wrench about one or two times, you need to open and close the fridge door to check if the doors’ tops have been aligned.
  • Step 4: If the doors are still not aligned, keep repeating the three steps above.

For Other Types Of Whirlpool Refrigerator 

This step-to-step guide can be applied to all other types of whirlpool refrigerators labeled “assembled in America” on the rating plate. The instructions are followed as below:

  • Step 1: Read the Owner’s Installation/Manual Instructions to know the location for all adjusting screws correctly. Then, you look at your refrigerator’s fresh food doors, at the underside, to find these adjusting screws.
  • Step 2: You will find in the pin’s threads that an embedded nylon plug helps the pin avoid turning. You need to use a wrench with a size of 4mm or 1/4″ to turn the adjusting screws on the door to the left side if you want to lower the door and to the right side to raise the door. 
  • Step 3: After turning the wrench about one or two times, you need to open and close the fridge door to check if the doors’ tops have been aligned.
  • Step 4: If the doors are still not aligned, keep repeating the three steps above.

To sum up, you can take a look at the video as below:

Some Tips On How To Use Your Whirlpool Refrigerator Longer

Always Be Prepared For Special Cases

Special cases I want to mention here are on the power-off days. If the power suddenly goes out, remember to keep the fridge doors stay closed. By doing this way, you can keep your food safe inside the refrigerator for about four hours. The temperature inside the freezer can also be maintained for about a day if half-full, and two days if full.

Always Fill Up Even If You Only Eat Out And Never Cook 

Refrigerators need to have stuff inside to be able to keep the low temperatures. Because cool drinks and foods help a lot with absorbing the streaming-in warm air every time you open the door. So, if your refrigerator is a little too big for you or if you never cook and only eat out, just put in some bottles of water in there.

Adjust The Right Temperature

It is best to keep the temperature at 0 degrees for the freezer and between around 37 to 39 degrees Fahrenheit to use your refrigerator longer. 

Keep The Coils Always Clean

Do you know that your refrigerator can not work efficiently when the coils are not clean? Therefore, at least once every six months, snap the grille off if the condenser coils are located on the front at the bottom, or if they are in the back, pull your refrigerator from the wall. Then, you need to unplug your fridge, and attach the brush to your vacuum, and start cleaning the coils.

Check The Door Seals

It is easy to know that a loose door seal will make your refrigerator have to work harder than normal, waste your energy, and let the cold air seep out easily. You need to clean the door seals at least once every six months to ensure they are not covered in food residue. You can use water and baking soda with a toothbrush to clean them.

To check the door seals if they are loose, you can also use the dollar bill test, which is pretty simple. Prepare a piece of paper, or even a dollar bill, and place it between your fridge and the seal. Then, you close the door. If the paper or the dollar bill slips out, it means the door seal is loose, and you might need to call the maintenance team for a check.

Final Thoughts

So that is all the thing you need to consider when talking about how to adjust Whirlpool refrigerator door. Well, I do hope that you have learned so many things in this article, as I have entirely broken down for you multiple ways to help you adjust the doors the right way and some tips for using your refrigerators longer. 

It is sad to admit that your refrigerator doors can have so many problems that require adjusting and installation. And it is one part of the learning to have more knowledge on some reasons that make your fridge doors need to be adjusted. Do not lose patience, as everything all require you to invest your time in it. In conclusion, you might also want to check out the alternatives besides the famous Whirlpool brand and choose the best refrigerator brands for your business if you are looking for the perfect one.

That is the end of today’s article. You can leave your questions or comments below if you have anything needs to ask me. I enjoy receiving your feedback and am always excited to answer any questions from you. Hopefully, my above article has helped you a lot by giving you some helpful information on how to adjust Whirlpool refrigerator door.

I will see you again very soon!

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