Dragonwood Expansion Review Will Help You Know More About Board Games

Nowaday, both kids and adults have many types of games to play to relax. From folk games, traditional games, video games, online games, etc. Board games (or you can call it card games) are a choice for you to gather a small group of friends to play offline together. If you want to try this game, we think that you ought not to ignore dragonwood expansion.

For almost all folk games, you need to have many people or many teams and play in a large space, area if you want to play most happily. That is the reason why you cannot play everytime, everywhere you want. As for the traditional games, they are not popular like in the last generation. Therefore, not everyone knows how to play so they are not able to play together.

Video games and online games may be the most popular and famous selection to relax that almost all people from younger to older choose. Even so, for some people, a gaming console, computer or phone that can play games is still a luxury. Hence, it is not impossible for all players.

In that case, a new type of offline game will be a great solution. And card games were born with many types, many brands with many forms, many ways to play. Besides, it is suitable for all people though you are kids or adults, it will have suitable choices for you.

And depending on each person’s hobby, you can choose one that you like most about design, how to play, form and a lot of other conditions. However, in our opinion, dragonwood is a selection you should try once. It has the full name Dragonwood A Game of Dice & Daring Board Game. Now, let’s go with us to know more information about this game.

Some Things You Need To Care About Before Getting This Dragonwood Expansion To Play

Design Of It

From outside to inside, the producers designed this item very naturally. It has many elements from nature such as: landscape, forest, animals, monsters and even the characters’ costumes. We can watch the style of this game set.

Form Of Play

The reason why we said this is a suitable game for you to gather a small group of friends to play is it can have from 2 to 4 players for each adventure. And it will last about 20 minutes. This time can be changed (shorter or longer) depending on the way playing and a lot of different situations.

In the simplest terms, you will collect cards of adventurers along the way to earn dice. Then use dice to choose a certain type of strength or ability to fight dangerous monsters. Each monster will have different powers and the number of points earned after defeating is also different. Try to collect many cards and kill many monsters to get more points at the end of the game and become the winner.

It will not take into account how much power you have and use. And also don’t consider what monsters you killed. In the end, as long as you survive and get the most points, you will be the winner.

The most difficult thing is the landscape of dragonwood expansion will be changing continually. It makes you need to have a perfect plan and the ability to improvise in unexpected situations highly. Actually, it is not too difficult like what you think. We will let you know soon.

Who Can And Who Cannot Play This Game

Like the form, you need to think a lot, and need to have a good plan to solve when the landscape is changed. Hence, this game was said to be only spent for childrens from 8 years old to older.

If small kids play it, they are not able to understand the rules, meaning of each card, how to use cards, etc. But children from 8, they have enough ability to understand and play. In addition, adults who play this game also have problems and difficulties.

So, only get it for you to play or for you kids if they are older than or equal to 8 years old. If not, this interesting game will become a boring game with them. And in their opinion, it only consists of many images and they only watch them without  any purposes.

In addition, when playing this game, you also need an infinite imagination. In the case you can imagitate, all things you can feel are not realistic and lively. And from that, your experience will be worse than others a lot.

Product Overview

Let’s go now, we will introduce to you all information about a set of dragonwood expansions. They will include these aspect for you:

  • Dimensions.
  • Dragonwood Expansion’s History.
  • Dragonwood Expansion’s Design And Texture.
  • Playing Form.
  • Guide How To Play Detaily.

Don’t worry a lot. We will talk about each part most clearly and detaily. Ensure that after you read this article, you will know everything about this item.

Detail Information And Features Of This Item


All parts (cards, custom dice and rules of play) were held in a paper box. Which has dimensions L 8 inches x W 7 inches x H 2 inches.

On the front of the box, the producer has designed a cover photo with a large dragon (representing monsters) and small humans fighting in the back (representing the player). All those things are occurring in a forest. That poster also let you know the main landscape that you will play in.

And on the back of the box will be a brief introduction to their game set, accompanied by a few illustrations. Here is their introduction: “Dare to enter Dragonwood! ……… to emerge victorious!”. You can read the full introductions in this picture. In it, the manufacturer has briefly introduced this game set. If you are still unsure, continue reading this article, we will slowly answer everything for you.

Dragonwood Expansion’s History

This may not be this first product of board games. However, it is also an item from a brand which is quite old – Gamewright. This brand was established in 1994. And the founders are 4 parents of children. They are not like others, they don’t prohibit their children from playing games. In opposition, they wanted to create the highest quality games which not only transcend age, salute a little of irreverence but also give their kids more laughter, fun, friendship and learning. They are progressive parents and think for their children a lot from the smallest things.

From 1994 to now, Gamewright created and grew over 150 games. And those games make countless players feel extremely happy. In addition, they also received a lot of letters to thank you because they placed hearts in the right position.

And dragonwood expansion is one of the most famous games they have grown in 2015. It is spent for kids from 8 to 15 years old. Besides, adults can play if they want too. After a period of launch and sale, in addition to attracting a large number of customers, this set game also received many good reviews from almost all players. That is the reason why, this is an offline game which ought not to be ignored or skipped.

Dragonwood Expansion’s Design And Texture


Like other board games, this product has many adventurer cards. And everything in it was designed following dragon style with forest, trees, flowers and many animals. Or you can say that it is natural style. And all those things will be shown via the image on cards.

Immerse yourself in this set of games, you will feel like you have a wonderful, special and a little dangerous adventure. To put it differently, you can think that you get lost in a forest which has many dangers from dangerous animals and monsters. And to overcome all those challenges, you will be able to use some special magic.


Everything such as: background, animals, monsters, magic, etc. will be shown through the card images in the clearest and easiest way without being too intimidating. Each set consists of 108 cards and 6 dice.

Each one will have a main illustration which has the task of showing the player what it is, its function, action, etc. how. For aforementioned enhancement cards (like: Fire Ants, Crazy Bats, Spooky Spiders) above that illustration will have the name of that card. And below it, having some other information of that card and that were shown via: a sword for strike, a boot for stomp and a little face for scream.

Of course, different monsters will have varying point values. The best ones are 2 dragons: Orange Dragon and Blue Dragon. In addition, adventurer cards (or you can call it enhancement cards) consist of 60 cards in five suits. And they were numbered from 1 to 12. Besides, you also have a special type of card, it is Lucky Ladybug.

And its landscape will be shown in a row. In addition to having cards, the dragonwood game has 6 custom dice. And each dice only has 4 numbers: 1 number 1, 2 number 2, 2 number 3 and 1 number 4. We will talk about the function of each part (each type of card, dice and landscape) in the next part.

Playing Form

You need about 2 to 4 players to play this game. And each time playing, the game will last about 20 minutes. It can end earlier if players know how to play well and capture monsters quickly. But 20 minutes is a standard time period.

This game is an imaginative game. You will imagine that you will be settled in a fantasy forest. And there are many monsters around that area. Your goal is to capture as many monsters as possible to get the points they have. And the things that will help you capture are enhancement cards.

The game finishes when players have run through the player’s draw deck twice. In another case, the game also finishes when both 2 dragons are captured. And then, you will check the point each player got. The highest one will become the winner.

Guide How To Play Detaily

Now, ready to know how to use cards and dice to play this game. First, when starting, each player will have 5 adventurer cards. These cards have a task that is helping you capture monsters along the way. And players still can get more enhancement cards which make them capture monsters more easily. But players cannot use enhancement cards to capture other enhancement cards like capture monsters. Or if you are lucky getting a Lucky Ladybug, it allows them to draw an extra card at once.

In addition, you need to know that you are only allowed to have maximum 9 enhancement cards on your hand if you don’t use them. Each card has 3 values to capture monsters: strike, stomp and scream. Different monsters will be captured easily by different cards depending on the number of 3 those values.

And when players want to capture a monster, you have to decide to use strike, stomp or scream values on the cards. Then, you need to roll a number of dice. That number must be equal to the number of the enhancement cards about strike, stomp or scream that was chosen. After that, you can capture the monster in a straight way thanks to striking, stomping and screaming.

Another thing players need to remember that you have to discard the used cards after each monster has been caught. Therefore, using fewer cards is better. You ought not to use all cards before finishing the game because you are not of course sure that you can get more enhancement cards along the way.

Besides, it also has some other special enhancements that are kept up which will help you play better such as: reroll a die, +1 to all capture attempts, reload and so on. You can see them more on the rules of play coming with the set game.

But everything is not easy like what you think. Your adventure will be more difficult because the landscape will change continually. Thus, you need to be careful, have a perfect plan and good improvisation ability to overcome all challenges.

Repeating going, shaking the dice and catching monster player after player until having a player run across the deck to draw twice or both dragons are caught then stop. After that, watch and count the points each one has. The player who has the highest one will be the winner. And now, the game is finished.

Give You Some Alternative Selections

If you want to get more board games with many types, styles and forms of playing, here, we will have some other selections that you can consider.

Gamewright Dragonrealm – A Strategy Card and Dice Game of Goblins & Gold

Gamewright Loot Deluxe Tin – The Plundering Pirate Card Game Multi-colored

Another board game of Gamewright, this time, the style of it is pirates. Texture and form of playing is also different a lot. You will have an exciting adventure on a ship. And you will have to get many valuable treasures to win. Of course, still having many storms, opponents, etc. obstruct you. However, it will be a great game you should try.

CATAN Board Game (Base Game) | Family Board Game | Board Game for Adults and Family | Adventure Board Game | Ages 10+ | For 3 to 4 players | Average Playtime 60 minutes


Dragonwood expansion is not a normal game. Players don’t play so easily and only need good skill. To play it well, you need to have a combination of skill and strategy. From that, both kids and adults can develop and improve a lot about how to make a good plan and strategy to develop much. Some things you need to know to play this game from beginner to advanced:

  • Types of tags and their functions:
    • Enhancement cards: helping players capture monsters.
    • Special enhancement cards.
    • Monster cards: having points which decides the winner of the game.
  • How to roll the dice and use and coordinate the cards properly to catch monsters.
  • How to collect more cards.

Try it now to have a happy and relaxing moment with your friends and family.

And in the case you are the people who like playing games on computer, playing online games, you may need a best gaming PC. If you want, you can watch this article to find out one for yourselves. Or you prefer using a laptop to a PC, you can check this article too. They may help you a lot.

Thanks for reading to the end of this article.

Hope this article is helpful for you and you will like it.

If you have some feedback, please let them in the comments, we will try to improve. And don’t forget to like and share this article to many people.

See you later on the next time.

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