Does Microwave Popcorn Go Bad? – The Ultimate Guide To Amazing Popcorn

It is a Christmas party at your residence, and you’re in desperate need of the quintessential take appetizer: microwave popcorn. When you look into the cupboard, you see it has passed its expiration date, stated on the package. Is it expired, and is it good to eat? Going to figure out how long does microwave popcorn go bad.

Microwave popcorn could store for 3 to 4 months after the expiration date. With some exceptions, you can consume your snacks as far as it is inside this window. If the snack has an unpleasant odor or just 1⁄2 of the seeds have exploded, the liquid has likely gone corrupt, and the shells have dried up. If one of these scenarios applies, it is best to throw it away.

Now since you consider how good microwave popcorn can last outside its marked expiration, we will address some questions that you may concern about microwave popcorn:

  • What Is Microwave Popcorn?
  • Does Microwave Popcorn Go Bad?
  • How Long Can Popcorn Be Kept?
  • Tips Of Telling If Your Popcorn Has Gone Worse
  • Ways To Keep Popcorn Fresher For A Lengthy period
  • The Dangers Of Eating Old Popcorn
  • Q&A

What Is Microwave Popcorn?

In the market in recent times, consumers can choose various popcorn to enjoy. The famous popcorn is unpopped, popped popcorn, gourmet popcorn. Microwave popcorn is also included in this list. Microwavable popcorn seeds are las cruces popcorn chunks packaged in microwaveable plastic. It has a shorter shelf life than regular popcorn kernels. In what way? They are popcorns, which are already filled with ingredients that will help pop popping within the microwave. The oils are responsible for the kernels’ limited shelf life.

Does Microwave Popcorn Go Bad?

Popcorn pops because each kernel includes a small quantity of water. In reality, 20 percent of the grain contains water; the liquid turns into popcorn when heated.

That is, you can snap them as soon as the grain does not completely dry out. That procedure is not necessarily time-dependent. Archaeologists discovered particularly poorly 3,000-year-old kernels in Texas. Those grains, whether anything or not, cracked and were tasty.

As you’ve seen, the popcorn will not spoil over time. Yet, if the popcorns are not stored properly, they will lack the intended taste and quality. Furthermore, many kernels will not pop if stored for an extended period.

How Long Can Microwave Popcorn Be Kept?

No problem which box you choose; the popcorn material requirements are pretty consistent. To preserve their value until eating, keep them inside a dry, calm, and dark area. Your closet or cupboard may be an excellent location for this.

Store popcorn near containers containing cornflakes, wheat, and other foodstuffs. It is unsafe to carry it in the freezer since it rapidly loses its flavor at low pressures.

How Long Can Microwave Popcorn Be Kept?
Type of popcornPantry
Unused microwave2.5 months
Microwave popped1.5 weeks
Unopened popped1.5 months
Opened popped1.5 weeks

Dry kernels may be protected from light free from humidity for years. Until it comes to microwave packages and post popcorn, periods on the packaging are a decent indication. However, they can be used for another about one week after that.

You should utilize the popcorn within less than two weeks of opening the package. It is also valid with handmade popcorn. Because once kernels have been popped, they can be stored for two to three weeks before turning stale.

Tips Of Telling If Your Popcorn Has Gone Worse

Essentially, the popcorn cannot spoil, but it might lose its qualities to the degree that it is no more edible. Nevertheless, there’s no measure to decide if the stove or professionally popped popcorn has deteriorated until the opened package. However, several indicators may suggest that it is necessary to get rid of them:


Smell popcorn or dried kernels to determine their status. If you’re using the microwave package, you must first cook the popcorn. In any case, throw them away if you detect mold odors or the stench of sour oil.


After you’ve popped the popcorn, rub it between your fingertips. You should discard them if they felt different, more challenging, or stringy, or whether the sauces and flavors from the packing are widely dispersed. Those powdered donuts are indeed safe to consume, but they have no taste.


The fragrance is the most reliable indicator of whether or not this meal has gone rotten. Try two or three once you’ve prepared it. It is acceptable if you like the average buttery flavor. The shift in saltwater and dryness, on the other hand, suggests that you should not consume the remainder of it.


If users don’t shut the bottle properly, pocket moths can be attracted from grain and other goods and go into a bucket with raw grains. When you see any symptoms of contamination, including airborne material and larvae, put them down.


Don’t break kernels that have been contaminated with shades of grey mold. Sorting the fat cells is futile since the mold has grown throughout the container, even though you can’t observe it. As a result, instead of putting your health in danger, go out and purchase some fresh popcorn.

Ways To Keep Microwave Popcorn Fresher For A Lengthy Period

Don’t throw away any leftover delicious popcorn. You will enjoy this wonderful delicacy once again if you store it properly. Here are some other suggestions for snack storage:

Way 1: Store away from direct sunlight

Keep your delicious popcorn away from direct sunlight. As popcorn is made from maize, it organically responds to environmental factors such as solar radiation and moisture. Even sealed containers might become too hot inside if kept out in the sunshine, and this heat may conflict with your grain storage.

Furthermore, many sophisticated toppings, such as chocolate and marshmallow snows, can melt fast in the heat, causing your popper to clump together within the container.

Way 2: Allow the popcorn to come to room temperature

The optimum water activity for a grain of peanuts is around 14%, which would be the quantity required for a seed to pop effectively. Allowing a fresh can of heated flavored popcorn to get to ambient temperature before putting it in a box is always a good idea. Otherwise, the bottle’s heat will capture the heated peanuts, and the additional moisture would trigger it to lack freshness and turn stale quickly.

If you would like your fresh artisanal popcorn to drop faster before storing it, put it out on a baking tray with an even thickness and keep it in a cold, dark area until it’s prepared. Just make sure to stay away from the refrigerator.

Way 3: Make use of a dry place

The greater the receptacle, the more hermetic it is. Popcorn will lack its moisture balance and become dry and sour if kept uncovered. You should remove the surface of your box with a layer of clingfilm before you slip it on the cap into an even more robust seal. Keep your parcel in your cabinet or pantry once you’ve secured the lid when you’re available to begin munching.

Way 4: Microwave packages

Some refrigerator popcorn products are an exception rather than the rule that popcorn should only be stored in the refrigerator. It is especially true with organic peanuts. If such a product label specifies that it should be stored in the fridge, you should heed the instructions. Place the peanuts in their original box at the foot of the shelf, as far as possible.

Therefore, remember to remove the popcorn from the refrigerator nearly an hour earlier cooking to allow it to get to ambient temperature. Most nuts will not pop if this is not done. You may also buy hot gas popper equipment as an option. This way, you can enjoy the popcorn taste while still eating a nutritious snack.

Way 5: Popcorn that has been commercially popped

After the expiry date, customers can store professionally popped peanuts in their original, unopened container. However, after you remove the packaging, the manufacturer’s quality will progressively deteriorate.

Preserve the remainder in much the same manner you would dry peanuts in a closet or kitchen counter. Again, use hermetic boxes since peanuts will turn rubbery, complex, and stale if not.

The Dangers Of Eating Old Microwave Popcorn

Improper caramel preservation can result in moisture or insect infestation, jeopardizing the product’s quality. Poisoning can occur due to eating popcorn, causing you to become feverish, nauseous, and in agony in your abdomen.

Microwave popcorn, on the other hand, might be dangerous. Some container additives may potentially cause allergic reactions in some people. Diacetyl adds a buttery taste to snacks, yet it is linked to depression and popcorn pneumonia, a disease that has affected certain popcorn factory employees.

Some manufacturers coat their peanut butter with PFOA. This drug is classified as a “permanent chemical,” which means that your body may not be sufficient to delete it once you consume it.


Can I Freeze Popcorn?

In theory, you can refrigerate popcorn, and maybe some users do. However, you will get nothing from it. When the liquid in the seeds freezes, it damages and dries them out. As a result, all you’ll get is a pot filled with old hens and nuts that don’t explode.

Freezing professionally popped peanuts is also essential. They are challenging to freeze due to the saltwater, hydrocarbons, and other ingredients they include. Because peanuts is a kitchen counter and inexpensive food, you may get it anytime you want. As a result, freezing this meal is unnecessary. Furthermore, the texture of the nuts will alter at cold pressures, and their flavor would not be the same while thawed.

Your peanuts will be edible once you remove them from the freezer. However, they will not satisfy you much more than a newly opened pack. Please remember that putting a microwave wrapper in the fridge can damage it and make it hazardous to use on a stove.

What Is the Safest Microwave Popcorn?

The best popcorn must be devoid of particular ingredients. If a popped bag states it includes partly refined sugars, this might be harmful to your health because they comprise trans fats. Furthermore, the fat mass and trans fat levels should always be checked on the Eatwell Guide. 

If a snack has fewer high calories and fat content, the individual should eat it. If the peanuts have excessive artificial chemicals and flavors, it might be hazardous to one’s health.

Is it possible to cook microwave popcorn in the oven?

If someone just has a tiny toaster oven, they will not be making popcorn kernels. They may, however, just cook microwave peanuts on the burner. To create stove peanuts, follow the procedures below:

• Have a large container with a cover 

• Pour at approximately one tablespoon of oils just on sides of the pan 

• Add peanuts to the pan and evenly spread the kernels

• Increase the power to medium

• Place the cover on top of the tank and relax

• When the bursting is finished, agitate the pan to ensure that the peanuts on the floor do not burn


If air-popped, peanuts may be a little increased snack. You lower the healthy profit by improving cholesterol and sodium levels. Microwave popcorn may be a helpful treat provided it is properly kept and cooked. ​In most situations, popcorn does not go bad or deteriorate. However, it does not endure indefinitely. Popped kernels get stale, inadequate diet kernels dry up, and refrigerate popcorn’s fat becomes rancid. New, fully prepared popcorn has a shelf life of 3.5 months or three days or more after unwrapping or designing your popcorn. ​

Additionally, if you’ve any questions or concerns, please just leave a remark below. Besides, you can refer to some articles like Best Copper Chef Microwave and Best Ceramic Microwaves to get more methods and tips for dishes prepared in your family. Lastly, if you have any concerns about avoiding microwave popcorn, go concerning the steps described above. This video will help you understand them better:

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