Top 13 Best Ceramic Microwaves: Housewife’s Choices In The Modern Era

Microwaves are an integral part of 21st century housewives because of their versatility and aesthetics. Usually, microwave ovens will be made of stainless steel, this is a common and easy-to-use material for every kitchen. However, there is an even smarter choice that is ceramic microwave oven, this is a type of oven that is not as popular on the market as the stainless steel one. But in this article, we will show you the reasons why they are becoming more and more popular in kitchens through this list of best ceramic microwaves.

Ceramic microwaves mean that they have a smooth, hard enamel coating on the inside of the microwave, which is the biggest difference between the two. This makes the oven more aesthetically pleasing and offers more uses.

Often microwave ovens will be used for purposes such as defrosting, heating, baking, toasting, or even frying. If you have any questions about how ceramic ovens are different from normal ovens and which option is the most suitable for you, please read this article through with us. Below I also list out the ovens that are best suited for your home and needs. Check it out!

Best Ceramic Microwaves Comparison 2024

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Top 13 Best Ceramic Microwaves Reviews 2024

Panasonic NN-GN68KS

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This is the first one on the best ceramic microwave list, and it works great when using the Flash press broiler, to get the finished product golden and crispy like when you’re grilling. If you like things that are crispy on the inside, like pasta with cheese, then you definitely need this oven. A special design from the grill rack is that it can bring food to as close to infrared as possible. causing the surface of the food to appear crispy golden brown. If you are not fond of baking or heating food, you can use the oven to defrost, cook, and make your favorite cakes for your family.

Genius sensor is a technology used to adjust the temperature and power of the food accordingly. And the oven can also keep food warm for up to 30 minutes. With an 18-function menu, timer delayed start and child lock, this is a safe oven for the whole family. The design of the oven is compact, does not take up kitchen space, but inside has a large food storage compartment. As far as I know, this oven can also be used to cook popcorn, the perfect choice for home cinema.


  • Can be used for grilling and baking
  • Can keep food warm up to 30mins
  • Compact design and the large inside cavity
  • Versatile


  • Pricey 

Sharp R-21LCFS 

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From the first time I saw it, I was extremely impressed by this oven because of its retro design and something very special. Now let’s talk about the utility. As you can see, here the oven uses a basic timer, which can count from 6s to 10p. The AUTO-CANCEL TIMER function allows the oven to stop working when someone opens the door, which helps to ensure the safety of your family members as well as save electricity and increase the life of the magnetron. 

The material of this oven is not ceramically glazed on the inside, but it is also very easy to clean and ensures long-term aesthetics. In today’s technological world, many people are also interested in this simple function oven, especially beginners and the elderly, because it does not take time to learn and use, it is also easy to use. . Another special feature is that in the door part of this oven, you don’t need to pull it out, you just need to hold the handle and press the button. The inside of the oven also has a fairly large capacity and cooks food very well.


  • Super easy to use with a simple function
  • Retro design
  • Great oven door
  • Durable over time


  • Advanced functions and buttons are not included

Panasonic Microwave Oven

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With an interior capacity of 2.2 cubic feet and a capacity of up to 1250 watts, this Panasonic NN-SN966S is capable of heating food in a very short time compared to other ovens in its class. Although there are 10 heat levels, by the 5th level, the food can be cooked evenly and deliciously. The Technology of Turbo Defrost provides even heat to both sides of food, making food evenly cooked and evenly colored but without turning over time, thanks to the seamless current. 

The oven has 14 automatic settings, suitable for different types of dishes and can cook many types of food. Advanced Inverter Turbo Defrost allows defrosting time to be faster and food to be soft in a short time. The turntable part is 16.5 inches, although slightly larger than the one above, it still does not take up too much space in your kitchen. The control panel is pretty easy to use and easy to see, but we got feedback that after a few years they had some problems with it, so this should be something to keep in mind when buying.


  • Quick defrost without cooking it
  • Large capacity and evenly cooked
  • Runs smoothly and quietly
  • Automatic sensor


  • Large designs make take much space

Toshiba ML-EC42P(SS)

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This will be the first multi-function microwave oven to appear today with many functions such as reverse cooking, fry, baking and can grill if you want. It can be said that frying food is like using an air fryer, it will not make you eat food covered in grease, because with Healthy Air Fry, you can fry without using a drop of oil.

Smart Humidity Sensor technology is a moisture-sensing technology that helps you keep the nutrients you need in fresh or frozen vegetables. With this oven, it is very easy to clean, because I know a lot of times we make food splatter in the oven but don’t worry, this problem will be completely overcome. 

Moreover, with the energy-saving features using Energy Saving Features: LED, the oven helps to reduce electricity consumption and save you a small amount of money. Like many other ovens, this oven can handle everything as simple as a timer, child safety lock, and delayed start. This oven is not too compact, but the 13.6-inch turntable is a pretty reasonable number.


  • Versatile with a wide range of function
  • Great frying without much oil
  • Energy saving


  • An inside cavity may not have much space

Breville BMO650SIL1BUC1

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With the best ceramic microwave above, you may not be satisfied because it is too big, then you can try this The Breville Compact with its compact and very fashionable design. With only a capacity of 25L, the oven can meet all needs from defrosting to reheating food. Especially with ready-to-eat dishes such as pizza, fries or frozen food, this oven is extremely suitable. SOFT CLOSE DOOR technology allows the door to close very skillfully and flexibly, quietly and without affecting anyone’s sleep, up to 80% quieter.

 If you often have a case of over-defrosting and making your meat always cooked, DEFROST & REHEAT FUNCTIONS will help you, it defrosts perfectly without drying or overcooking the food. The reheat function is the same, it heats just right and does not make the food dry like a normal oven. The child lock also allows you to secure your child with the push of a button.


  • 80% quieter than other microwave
  • Compact design with only 25L capacity
  • Great defrost and reheat


  • Sometimes it does not heat evenly

Samsung MS14K6000AS

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This Samsung best ceramic microwave is really good and worth the money. At first glance, you can see that it is extremely luxurious and eye-catching, this oven that you put on your kitchen counter, you are free to take a selfie. For the best ceramic microwave, the symmetrical design in the oven is a very smart choice. Sensor Cook technology helps the oven to automatically adjust and sense the humidity to provide the right heat. 

The Triple Distribution System helps food to cook evenly thanks to even heat distribution technology, you will not experience a situation where the outside is burnt but the inside is not cooked. This technology eliminates the cold spots of the food, making the cooked food very golden and delicious on all four sides. 

Another special feature is the memory function that allows you to remember the temperature levels of your favorite dishes. As for the point that I like the most about this oven, it is probably the aesthetic part, the oven is very scratch resistant thanks to its smooth and smooth surface, which does not interfere with cleaning work and makes the oven always shiny. Even though it’s been used for a few years.


  • Super easy to clean
  • Luxurious look and aesthetic
  • Even cooked with triple distribution system
  • Attractive memory function


  • It’s hard to see food through the door

Samsung Electronics MG11H2020CT

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If you like an oven that can grill food,  this microwave will be the one for you with GRILLING ELEMENT, a function that evenly distributes heat to your oven and leaves food attractively golden. This best ceramic microwave will give you 37 different cooking presets, from defrosting, reheating, baking to a few more. The ceramic interior is extremely easy to clean as well as clean inside and outside the oven. 

The POWERFUL COOKING offers 10 different functions and up to 1000 watts, enough to boil water and cook food. The compartments inside the oven are very large, up to 11ft, allowing you to fit an entire chicken in and cook large dishes for a large family. With these uses, the oven is also warranted for up to 10 years with some parts and easy-to-call support if there is a problem.

Maybe you won’t notice, but the design of this oven is very classy in black, moreover, it will limit the color of ketchup, cookie chips, and coffee that clean people don’t like. Customers reflect that the porcelain inside the oven interior is a smart design that helps them save a lot of cleaning time.


  • Ceramic interior save cleaning time
  • Large capacity and easy food cooking
  • Classy design
  • Great warranty policy


  • Product may make noise while working

Toshiba EC042A5C-BS Countertop

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The Toshiba EC042A5C is an oven using convection technology, with a capacity of up to 1000 watts and good basic functions. And this convection function is especially suitable for grilling, as it will cook your chicken evenly on all sides with even heat delivery. With popular foods like pizza and frozen vegetables, this oven is specially made for that.

The space inside the oven is 1.5 cubic feet, enough for a pizza or a small chicken or a batch of breakfast cakes. If you like food that’s crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, this oven has a built-in grill that will help you accomplish just that. It can be said that this is a rather large and heavy oven, but with its uses, customers have left a lot of good reviews.

This oven also has a Sound on/off option, which allows you to turn off the oven’s whistle if you want, by pressing the “8” button on the control panel and remembering to hold it for 3-5 seconds. The oven will also have a power-saving feature and a child lock.


  • Can be used for grilling
  • Inside cavity enough for a chicken
  • Power saving


  • Bulky design
  • Heating may take time

Toshiba EM131A5C-BS

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Next on this list of best ceramic microwaves will be an affordable microwave that you can rest assured of with basic tools. The oven has a pre-programmed menu with things like pizza, popcorn, and fries. Equipped with power-saving Eco mode, sound on / off allows you to save energy when using and can turn on and off the microwave’s horn if desired. Child lock is a function that almost no manufacturer ignores and this oven so.

This is just a simple oven at an affordable price so you won’t be able to find advanced functions like sensors and voice control here, but I think it meets all your requirements of a basic oven. As I said above, the oven is somewhat muted so you can fully experience the night meal without worrying about waking anyone up. The rotating base in the oven is 10.6 inches wide, not too big compared to other ovens, but it is compact and suitable for a small family.


  • Affordable
  • Even cooking
  • Can turn off the sound while cooking
  • Medium inside cavity


  • Lacking of advanced functions


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If your kitchen doesn’t have too much room to cram bulky appliances into, then The GE JES1072SHSS will be a smart choice. Especially for households who want to put the oven in the cabinet and don’t want to choose a too large oven, we believe you will need this one. However, since it is small, you need to accept one thing. that its power is also only 700 watts and the cooking time will also be longer than usual. And if the dishes need to be too hot, you should also be careful because the food may not be as cooked as you want.

Small size doesn’t mean lacking in functions, it still has preset like baking pizza, making popcorn, reheating food, and defrosting vegetables. The turntable is about 10.5 inches, enough for you to make one large plate of meat for the whole family to have dinner. The inner oven design is very clean and easy to clean. And the door closes smoothly too, doesn’t squeak too loudly and wakes your baby.


  • Compact design
  • Meet the basic requirements
  • Large cavity inside


  • Quite long cooking times
  • Not include advanced functions


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The GE JES1097SMSS is an oven with pretty impressive technology, you can use google home to control it. This probably will not be a strange brand because it is a famous name in the US, trusted by many customers. With an average power of 900 watts, neither too little nor too much, it will help you with a lot of things such as baking, defrosting, and reheating. 

This microwave can also be used in conjunction with the GE Appliances Kitchen app, but if you find it difficult to use, simply scan the QR code, and select the appropriate setting for the oven. This oven is beautifully designed, and of all the ovens on today’s best ceramic microwave list, I like the look of this one the best. I rate this as a high-tech oven, with a lot of functions and buttons on the control panel, so if your home likes to bake or make many different foods, you should try this oven.

Although using high technology, you will be surprised at the price of this oven, because this is an extremely affordable oven and can be suitable for many budgets. And this oven is considered by customers to be quite durable because it does not have pressing buttons, those buttons are easily damaged over time, you know.


  • Allow voice control with Alexa
  • Durable over time
  • Affordable and high-technology


  • App setting up may need instructions

Sharp Microwaves ZSMC0912BS

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Finally coming to the last oven on this list today, this is expected to be an oven that makes those who are still afraid of the price will be satisfied. This oven allows you to cook a variety of delicious and satisfying dishes, it has automatic cooking and defrosting modes that suit each food without losing its moisture, which I have repeated many times. above already. It has a “+30 seconds” button on the control panel so you can customize the increase in cooking time without having to restart it. 

This oven has a small capacity and operates smoothly without making a lot of noise. You can monitor the food through the oven door. And although it is a small oven, the inside of the oven is considered to be quite large so it can cook a meal for the whole family. I am also very happy and surprised that this affordable oven has received so many good reviews, proving it is a furnace worth the investment.


  • Super affordable
  • Include “+30 secs” button
  • Runs quietly and smoothly


  • A bit heavy

Toshiba EM925A5A

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This oven looks similar to the Toshiba EM13 above but doesn’t confuse them, the capacity of this oven is a bit smaller than the one above, but I highly recommend this oven and still put it on the list today. now on. This oven has a capacity of 900W, a standard capacity for all types of ovens, but it still meets the functional requirements of the oven such as baking pizza, roasting chicken, reheating food, defrosting meat and vegetables. while retaining the moisture of the food.

The brand also says that it applies energy-saving technology to the oven, but you have to verify this for yourself. If you wonder about the child lock, of course, the previous one is also available. This oven has the usual digital display with function buttons displayed right on the control panel. And the oven has a 10.6-inch vortex base, which is not too big, but if it’s a family of 4, I think it’s suitable. Like the version above, the oven also allows you to turn on and off the oven’s whistle just by holding down the “8” button.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Easy to clean
  • Energy saving
  • Even cook


  • Automatic heating not included

Things You Often Ask When Choosing Best Ceramic Microwaves

Why should I choose a ceramic microwave oven?

There are many reasons that housewives choose ceramic ovens. In fact, ceramic ovens are not much different from conventional ovens in terms of use, but there are the following factors that you may be interested in when placing your trust in a ceramic oven.


If you often observe the dishes, you will see that enameled bowls are difficult to see scratches, they are almost new after a long time of use. That’s because porcelain is very good at concealing objects. So when you choose this oven, you will be assured that it will limit the lifespan and aesthetics of the oven from degrading over time.

Easy to clean

The property of enameled objects is that they have a very smooth surface and are very easy to clean. You just need to use a warm towel or special pot spray to gently wipe them off. And what’s more, they don’t even leave a bad odor clinging to the oven.

There are many cases where food after being used in the microwave will be splashed and difficult to clean, but you can rest assured that this oven will help you fix that.

High aesthetics

Thanks to that scratch resistance and ease of cleaning, the oven will have a very long life and make it look good for longer. The smooth, glossy surface is also one of the reasons why the oven looks so luxurious and beautifully framed.

If you not only love to cook but also love the beauty and enjoyment while cooking, you may have a crush on this oven.

What is the difference between a regular microwave and a ceramic microwave?

The very first to understand, what is the role of a cavity in a microwave?

Heat in the microwave is understood to be generated by electromagnetic waves, so it is very important to ensure that this wave does not leak or escape, it will affect the health and quality of the oven. And moreover, they will waste your electricity. Keeping waves from leaking out is one of the duties of the microwave cavity. Often people think that the oven is only for storing food, but no one has understood this role of the oven cavity.

So from there, the manufacturer divide into 2 materials for the cavity

  • Stainless steel
  • Ceramic enamel

These will be the materials that are put on the scale to see which makes the electromagnetic wave part from leaking out and which provides better heat for the food.

For stainless steel cavity type:


  • Since steel is a very good conductor of heat (which is why kitchen utensils are used with this material), it will provide better heat to food and the food will cook more evenly.
  • Stainless steel also does the job of preventing microwave leaks very well


  • Steel materials will not have an advantage in terms of aesthetics because they are not very scratch resistant and scratches are also quite obvious on the surface.
  • The price of stainless steel furnaces is quite high because now there are many types of stainless steel that are very luxurious and expensive

For ceramic enamel type :


  • The smooth and smooth surface of the porcelain cavity will be a great help in cleaning, it is very easy to remove stains without rubbing too hard.
  • Highly aesthetic. As I said above, this material enhances the beauty of your oven and kitchen
  • Some ovens are advertised as having an anti-bacterial layer, which makes the oven more hygienic and eliminates bacteria after use.


  • Ceramic ovens still do a good job for dishes, but they will have a slightly less heat transfer ability than stainless ovens

Are ceramic microwave ovens safe for family health?

It can be said yes. Ceramic cookware is believed to be heated from clay, and it is advertised as a healthier and safer choice than other types of metal utensils. Because it is made entirely from natural materials such as clay. There are also some studies that suggest that a stainless steel furnace will in the long run produce some unhealthy substances, since it is made of metal anyway, and it is difficult to check the quality of the oven.

What should not be put in the ceramic microwave oven?

Remember what I said, not only should these not be put in a ceramic oven, but you should avoid putting them in any kind of oven.

Plastic containers

Knowing that many types of plastic can be microwaved, but they can only withstand a certain maximum temperature, it is best to avoid completely and use types like porcelain and glass to be safe. .


Don’t think it’s okay to put it in the oven for 1-2 minutes, styrofoam is also plastic, and it won’t be microwaveable either, so it’s best to remove the plate and then put it in the oven.

Metal items

If your fast food contains metal handles, never put it in the microwave, otherwise, it will melt, and when you don’t know it, it will be difficult to predict the consequences.

Dip sauce

The biggest reason why the ovens are dirty and difficult to clean is because of these dipping sauces, to keep the oven’s longest life, you should avoid it, if not, cover them before putting them in the oven.

In the end, it’s hard to say which is the best microwave on the market. I have always insisted that the best microwave oven for you is the one that works best for your family. But it can be said that, with the current green living trend, there are many cooking tools born with the slogan to ensure safety for the health of your family, and the best ceramic microwaves are no exception. They are believed not only to make your kitchen more beautiful but also to be a safe and long-lasting choice for your family. If your family values ​​this need instead of needing a fast, fast oven, or you have babies and babies in need of maximum safety, then I think you should try it. If you need more information about ceramic ovens, we have a video for your reference:


In addition, we will help you shorten your selections with the following final selection table.

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