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The electric iron is a household appliance. In our CHI iron review, you can understand why the iron – intellectual product of humans, brings many useful things to people. The developed country, information technology is more and more modern, the increasing human demand is the cause of the advent of electric iron in the early twentieth century, due to a process of research and research. To invent the table is a useful and convenient tool.

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Today, steam irons are growing in popularity thanks to their outstanding features compared to traditional irons, namely dry irons. CHI iron is definitely an indispensable assistant for women in busy and hustle life. Everyday clothing – time-consuming work becomes lighter and faster with modern cordless iron. 

The electric iron is a friend of man. It gives us flat, beautiful clothes that help us feel more confident in all situations. So the old proverb “a beauty for silk” remains true in modern times. And to have a beautiful outfit, it is impossible not to mention the backstage steps such as washing, drying and being the right way. Among them, the work of clothes is seemingly simple but extremely time-consuming, and needs the meticulousness and care of the sisters. But, with the help of technology, it’s getting simpler and easier than ever when you come to our CHI iron review.

However, how to choose products to suit the family is not easy. If you’ve ever questioned why you need to choose this highest-selling brand. Here is a CHI iron review for everything you have to read this piece, which gives you all the details required for this must – have item. 

Consider When To Buy This Item

Not only does it help you get a flatter outfit, but it also makes you more elegant in a brighter flat iron. Not only does it help you iron things faster, but also helps your family save energy and safety to use, even this iron can iron all kinds of fabrics and is very easy to clean and store later. when using. However, you should also know that the price of a steam iron is usually higher than a regular iron.

So of course when choosing to buy you must also pay attention to the following experience to avoid buying the wrong product that does not suit your needs.

Iron type

Generally, iron is divided into 2 categories: dry iron and steam iron. Each type of iron will have its own advantages and disadvantages that users need to consider before buying.


northmace elegance hotel safety dry iron 590 p


  • Simple, easy to use
  • Less glitches and longer use.
  • Easier to clean.
  • Low price.


  • Iron for longer, difficult to iron thick or wrinkled materials much
  • Easily burned due to the large amount of heat in direct contact with the fabric.
  • Dry iron does not malfunction less and last longer


best steam irons 1559183152


  • Fast and easy ironing
  • Iron curls or difficult places like buttons, collars, sleeves more effectively.
  • Less fabric burns.


  • Use is more complicated
  • Cleaning is more difficult.
  • Consumes more power.
  • Price is higher than dry iron.

The Weight Of The Iron

People often think that a light iron is better, but a heavy iron will help you iron more efficiently because it doesn’t take much effort to push it down. Therefore, choosing an iron with a weight of about 1.3kg – 1.8kg will significantly shorten the ironing time.

A heavy iron makes ironing more effective because it doesn’t take the effort of pushing it down. CHI iron review with 4.09 pounds will help you without wasting too much time.

Iron Face

The face of the iron is the main part and also the part that will be heated, so you need to pay attention when choosing the material of the iron. with water, so the iron surface material is very important:

Ordinary steel iron is easy to oxidize in humid conditions or will not be used for a long time.

Aluminum iron is often worn out.

The non-stick glaze surface is usually easier to clean, but easily scratched.

The stainless steel iron surface is less prone to wear, rust or scratches.

Large iron surface will iron a larger area, saving ironing time.

Mask Group 99 2x

Iron Wire Specification

Wireless and wired irons on the market today:

The cordless iron won’t get in the way when you iron it, but you’ll need to keep your iron powered through the power outlet on a regular basis.

With wired irons, check the length of the cord when buying, choose a long cord for easy portability. Heavy wires with thick protection will be safer and more durable, it is best to choose the cord Power rotation will be more flexible when moving the iron.

If you are left-handed, choose a cordless iron or iron with a rotating cord so you don’t get caught in your ironing.

Water Tank Parameters

If the steamer is your choice, pay attention to the water tank specifications. Choose a water tank with a large capacity so you don’t have to refill while ironing, the tank should be at least 200-250ml. .

Convenient To Use

In addition to the above factors and functions, you should also test and test the product and follow our chi iron review before you buy.

Try picking up the iron to see if it fits your hand. Choose one that has a handle distance and iron body that fits the palm of your hand.

Choose To Buy According To The Price

Compared with dry irons, steam irons usually cost twice or three times more, ranging from a few hundred thousand to several million dong, depending on the type, style, capacity, brand and quality of the product.

With the need to use normal clothes, without requiring many complicated features, you can choose cheap products. If you want to choose a new product with many complex features, iron high quality fabrics, difficult to iron … chi iron review is absolutely suitable for your family.

Choose Products With Well-known Brands

To ensure product quality, you should choose iron of brands, reputable in the market, with clear origin. This information helps you to consider whether the product you buy meets quality standards, is safe to use, is durable and has a full and thoughtful warranty.

Including the famous iron production brands with many modern features, suitable for the needs of many people and the after-sales policy is always guaranteed the best.

Choose To Buy Iron By Feature

Depending on the price, the manufacturer of the steam iron products can be equipped with many convenient and unique features. However, when investing in a new iron, you should pay attention to choosing the products with the most basic and convenient features.

Self-disconnecting function:

To ensure safety, not cause explosions and save electricity, you should pay attention to this feature. The iron will automatically turn off the power when the water in the tank is empty. Some irons have a sensor that helps the product recognize and disconnect itself when the iron is upright, not moving for 30 seconds.

Self-regulation of temperature and steam:

This function is mainly available on modernly designed Philips iron with advanced OptimalTemp technology. The iron has a sensor when ironing on different fabrics, the iron will adjust its temperature, the amount of steam suitable for each fabric, quickly straighten wrinkles on clothes, achieving great results. No temperature setting required, manual ironing as with traditional irons.

Non-stick function in the base of the iron:

In some clothes with special materials or glue … may stick to the surface of the iron when exposed to high temperatures. Should you choose an iron that has a surface that is coated with a non-stick and scratch-resistant coating. You can forget about the annoyance of sticky or sticky surfaces that ruin your clothes.

Anti-drip feature


The drip-proof feature will prevent water leaks when your iron is at a low temperature, keeping your clothes from splattering. In addition, the drip-proof iron also gives users more peace of mind when using it, avoiding the iron’s electric shock, causing fire and explosion.

Self-cleaning function, anti-scaling:

You should choose the type with anti-scale function and self-cleaning to filter the residue from water before spraying on the fabric, helping to preserve the fabric more durable.

Hanging ironing feature

product 13790 1

This feature makes it easy to iron your clothes while hanging on a hook very easily without having to put them on a flat surface, saving space, flat and time-saving clothes.

Convenient button groove

Today’s irons include steam and dry irons, both equipped with button groove. There will be a groove on the iron to weave into the button, making it easier to iron the part around the button.

Features anti-calcification

The iron’s anti-calc system is similar to self-cleaning, anti-scale, but inside the iron there is a special filter, permanently attached to the inside of the iron’s water tank. This filter softens solid objects in the water and prevents deposits in the steam vents of your iron.

Choose Your Iron According To The Capacity It Works

Working capacity affects heat, heating speed and ironing efficiency and also the amount of power consumption, depending on the needs of use, choose the type with the right power.

Low power irons usually work at 1000W, suitable when you don’t have to iron frequently or need to travel because most of them are small in size.

Medium capacity iron is usually about 1000W – 1800W, accounting for the majority of iron on the market, suitable for the needs of many people. With chi iron review, this 13106 iron has capacity 1700W

High power iron with a capacity of over 1800W, essential when you have to iron regularly, iron thick, hard and want to use it for a long time. This type of iron can iron any fabric, however it consumes a lot of power. If you want to find an iron with a more powerful capacity you can find Rowenta DW9280 instead of our CHI.


CHI Iron Review – 13106

When people use clothes not only to protect and keep the body warm, but also to beautify, the need to keep the clothes flat and beautiful is an essential need. Perhaps that is why the iron (iron) was born and gradually became a popular household appliance for all families.

The ancestors of modern irons are ironing tools, which have been found since ancient times. From the Hellenistic and Roman times slaves used iron or wood slats to make folds or flatten the attire of kings and nobles. One can mention the Chinese invention of the first heat iron. Before electric irons were heated, they heated iron by using gasoline, alcohol, gas, fish oil … Although gasoline and oil-based irons were dangerous, they were still popularly used in the United States. World War II year. On February 16, 1858, W. Vandenburg, and J. Harvey, patented iron making it easier for the trouser and collar.

As society was highly industrialized, fuel irons were gradually replaced by electric irons, which used a high resistive resistor to generate a lot of heat when an electric current was passed. The thermistor iron was invented in 1882 by an American in New York, Henry W. Seely. Today the irons have been developed with many improvements to make ironing safer and more convenient.

A high defensive line of ironing and steaming machines comes from the world-renowned company, which has been innovating the hair products industry for more than 30 years. These products were developed utilizing CHI flat iron innovation to provide the precise results that only CHI can expect. It’s now easy to do with CHI if you want a perfect look for top to toe for an event that is a landmark or you have fully pressed equipment for your working day. This iron, like our hair care equipment, is built to give you the advantages of high performance in the home.

That Retractable Cord Iron becomes designed to support scratches, heat up rapidly and delivers a smooth glide, using a titanium-infused ceramic platform, that is similar to our famous CHI iron review flat irons. Ironing with a temp dial with a fabric guide, flexible Steam Control and even an easy to grasp, convenient handle is easier than ever before. You will quickly smooth out the hardest wrinkles.

Modern style is the first thing you can learn about this steam iron. Compared to some others it’s far more sophisticated. You can also find from the structure itself that high-quality products are used to produce it. It is also very robust. That’s one of the better steam iron to use, there really are few other other features.

Designed to be ultra strong and scratch resistant for titanium-infused ceramic plates. Cold and sleek Design Chrome Accents bring this IRON a sophisticated look.

This IRON provides amazing steam which makes the steaming process easy and quick including over 400 steam holes. The Steam Lever from No Steam and Full Power Just a fast slide is a special adjustable. And Sleek Handle Gives you full control and comfort with a Textured Grip.

CHI 13106 compared to previous versions like CHI 13101 has had a dramatic change in surface size and weight of iron. If your aim is to iron clothes quickly with a large surface then the CHI 13106 is the perfect fit, but for customers who want a more compact iron, it can be easily traveled. If not too heavy, you can choose CHI 13101 instead but only with 300+ steam holes.

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  • It has a sliding cord.
  • It’s got 400 holes of steam.
  • In order to build it, superior quality materials are used.
  • It allows the temperature to be selected according to the ironing cloth.
  • For heavy-duty industrial use this is nice enough.
  • The ceramic plates are extremely durable. Titanium infused.
  • It allows you to accurately monitor the emitted steam.


  • While filled to the edge, the tank will cause water to spill.
  • The company has limited customer service.

Features & Benefits

Temperature Control 4.5/5

Use easily 4.5/5

Material quality 4.3/5

Currency value 4.3/5

Durability 4.2/5

Lightweight 4.0/5

Steam Iron Characteristics CHI 13106

Retractable Cord

Ceramic soleplate infused with titanium

400 holes of steam

Good enough for business use

Temperature selection according to textile

Processor of Steam

Premium products of consistency used

String removable

Steam Iron cable-min CHI 13106

The greatest benefits of that retractable cord was that you can store it very quickly if you don’t need the steam iron. So the room it takes to store is on the bottom. As a consequence, you can place the steam iron much better. In addition, you can do this without any problems in the event you want to bring it around.

Ceramic soleplate infused with titanium

You can see that it is far better in comparison with many of the steam iron when you glance at the consistency of the platter. Ceramic and titanium are the materials used. Titanium infused ceramic sunscreen ensures that the sunscreen is worn for a much longer period by minimal wear. If you compare this to other steam iron, you must keep this aspect in mind.

400 holes of steam

The more steam troughs you have, the more easily you get steam. With the aid of this iron not only can you get more steam, but can stretch it over an area larger. If you have more steam, you can make sure the wrinkles are removed very easily. In addition, wrinkles are also quickly removed. As a consequence, you can rest assured that you can iron a huge proportion of clothes using this steam iron in a shorter time. Vertical pose-min CHI 13106 Steam Iron

Good enough for business use

It is possible to use this for business purposes because it contains 400 holes and even titanium-infused ceramic soleplate. They will work heavily for the company. The least wear and tear guarantees the iron lasts without any problem for a lengthy span of time.

Temperature selection according to textile

Although you can set any of the steam irons, you can choose the material, and it reaches the appropriate temperature automatically. You just need to switch that dial to the kind of fabric you iron. Once you can, it will set an appropriate temperature automatically. This makes sure the temperature of all fabrics is not remembered. This provides the flexibility for you to iron various fabrics.

Steam controller

You can select which amount of steam that is released with the aid of an appropriate lever. As such, you can regulate the vapor emitted according to the fabric you iron.

Premium products of consistency used

You will note that high-quality materials are used in the production of the steam iron. As a result, using iron for such a longer time becomes simpler. The cleaning of it’s iron or other repair work you do not have to think about.

So, you will realize when you look at just the steam iron that we are talking about, that it not only works long but also has all the required characteristics.

Alternative Products Suitable For You

If you are still wondering by some of chi iron review weaknesses and looking for an even more perfect and less heavy. Here are a few alternatives we recommend for you:

  1. Reliable Velocity 230IR
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The iron is fun to use (and easy!) with an iron sensor in the handle of the Reliable Velocity 230IR. The touch sensor technology is used to emit steam as soon as the handle is grabbed. 

We have checked his younger sibling, the 200IR, essentially the same as that model and find it very comfortable to maintain and produce steam. The automatic off function can also be overwritten, so that lengthy tasks can be steamed away if you need to do so without ever having to switch or re-adjust the iron to reset it. Simple aluminum glides over fabrics (think cookware). It’s also simple to wipe clean. Smoothly over fabrics.


  • Tap the handle and steam
  • Has an internal steam generator to generate more steam


  • Pricey
  1. Rowenta DW5080

This is the Taupe-made German iron. It is one of Rowenta’s most famous $100 brands and amongst the top rated steam iron brands. The iron incorporates ergonomic, easy to read and flexible controls. It is planned to provide the optimum accuracy and power. It has excellent capacity to generate steam that brands with a little less than 400 micro-holes cannot access. Please read the Rowenta DW5080 summary in full.


  • It works very well. It produces a lot of steam due to its 400 micro holes. It also features a strong 100g/min steam explosion to eliminate severe wrinkles.
  • Power of 1700 watts. It can be heated very easily and faster with this high strength.
  • Single tip for accuracy in difficult fields.
  • A reinforced water-proof anti-drip system.
  • Self-clean and anti-calc feature for self-removal and lifespan improvement.
  • Strong on its heel. 
  • The power of vertical steam to straighten clothing.
  • An auto steam function which can adapt that steam output to the soleplate temperature.
  • Action auto-off.


  • Given the huge quantities of steam it generates, it exhausts that tank rapidly during ironing
  1. Rowenta DW8080
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This is a German quality technical iron with a convenience grip and an extra wide tank for water. This also has the most strong steam shortages on the market, melting holes in any fabric without effort. It is much like the DW5080, but is cheaper than the DW5080. See our complete Rowenta DW8080 analysis for more details.


  • Excellent generation of steam containing 400 micro holes and 1700 watts of power, making it very effective.
  • Powerful vertical vapor and a steam explosion of 200g/min.
  • One of the biggest 12.7-unce water tanks and does not easily deplete.
  • Self-clean and ant calc, which blasts accumulated deposits, prevents them from furring
  • 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Auto-off 3-way security control.
  • The precision tip in stainless steel makes smooth gliding and difficult areas during ironing.
  • A variable steam characteristic that enables the steam output control according to fabric.


  • The water tank has poorly marked and it cannot visibly show the water level.
  1. Rowenta DW9280
akaxgOZGTZKhmrDe2gI21VtmT4VaqfCGU9Q GhTLamBUor9 gtJHMu4lJRiOfdXQLZ4sFFQ c80lRzNxd2iZKUF2DwsAuv5wJaSI50 OGuMqM5zkpVBaX2

This is among the most attractive Rowenta models that combines high strength, state-of-the-art technology and brilliant results. While costs of nearly $150 provide skilled outcomes, the German makes them significantly quickly. It integrates LED indicators with a performance steam motion sensor. It also includes an easy-to-use single-touch control and digital LED display. For more details, see our complete analysis of Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force.


  • The 1800 watts high power iron allows very fast heating and reduces the ironing time required.
  • Steam force technology produces high quality results and provides plenty of steam via the 400 micro-steam holes.
  • An electronic steam pump with an integrated powerful steam explosion at 210g/min. This blast, 30 percent higher than the irons produced without an electronic pump, straightens even the hardest plumps on any material.
  • Efficiency and energy-conservation intelligent steam movement sensor.
  • Stainless steel plating for non-strap and superior glitterability with ultra-thin silicate coating.
  • An easy-to-read optical LED display.
  • Shut off auto fuel


  • It is fairly costly

Closing Thought

After all, our CHI iron review has many benefits. First of all, they have a variety of designs, eye-catching colors, so they attract buyers. In addition, they can be used mostly with fabrics, including “fastidious” fabrics such as silk, linen, velvet, felt, wool … without causing damage. Steam irons flatten clothes under the pressure of the hot steam so they don’t worry about burning or deforming fabric, and they iron faster than normal.

The electric iron requires the user to use it properly otherwise the iron will quickly fail, so it should be used in accordance with the rated voltage of the iron. When energizing, do not leave the table soleplate directly on the table or for long on clothes, to adjust the temperature to suit each silk fabric, keep the soleplate of the table clean and smooth, each of us must ensure the safety of heat and electricity, so that the new iron can be used for a long time and really useful for people.

Therefore, that’s a much better idea to first look at our CHI iron review instead of starting your quest also for the best ironing board. If you have reviewed the study, you can understand why steam iron CHI 13106 is better than other steam iron. You will easily select this iron over all others if you take the specifications of the iron into consideration. If you’re searching for such an iron that does so much more than one item, that CHI 13106 is an excellent tool for business people. If you still have some queries about that please see this review to find your best iron.

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