Butchers Aprons Waterproof Review 2024: Which One Is Right For You?

When it comes to aprons, there are tons of options for all purposes you can find on the market: for butchers, waiters, cleaners, artisans, or cooks. It is also a reason that makes it hard to decide the best butchers aprons waterproof for you.  Therefore, we have narrowed it down for you to the top 13 butchers aprons waterproof.

In this article, we have superb choices for you to consider, whether you are searching for a waterproof apron for women, men at any age. Now, let’s begin!

Best Butchers Aprons Waterproof Comparison 2024

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Top 13 Butchers Aprons Waterproof Reviews 2024

The list of top 13 butchers aprons below is our own experiences of years wearing aprons and our hours researching the advice from the expert and customer reviews in reality.

Under NY Sky Cargo Black Apron

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The Under NY Sky Cargo black apron captured our experts’ attention with a dry-waxed canvas and ready to use. With the impressive cotton canvas material that is 16-ounce dry-waxed, it is grease and water-resistant. It is also a perfect option for butchers who are dealing with everyday work.

The company Under NY Sky has made a promise to customers with the remaining dry of the waxed canvas that brings the entire experience to users. Additionally, it still gets you a professional look with a complete design that can be adjustable with full-grain leather material. There are many pockets, and the size is 33 inches long, and the width is 27 inches.

You can easily fasten your tools with the loops and leather straps that this Under NY Sky Cargo black apron offers you. One last thing, in case you do not satisfy with this apron, the brand also gives you a policy of giving back money, which is an excellent guarantee.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • There are many pockets
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • Repeated use will cause it prone to damage

Hudson Durable Goods Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron

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The name of the company has said it all: Hudson Durable Goods. It indeed produces aprons that last long. 

This apron is handcrafted with the rugged and water-resistant 16 oz waxed canvas. It is also given structure and strength with the gun-metal heavy-weight rivets and grommets features. You can wear it confidently and comfortably with the way its cross-back strap design helps avoid any pulling on the neck. We also love the versatile pockets feature, which makes it very helpful to use in your daily work.


  • Water resistance
  • Durability
  • High-quality material


  • Require frequent cleaning with the pockets
  • Need to purchase wax for re-waxing the apron
  • Slightly high cost

Gmark Disposable Poly Aprons

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Next, in our list, we want to recommend the disposable aprons choice for a clean environment. These Gmark disposable poly aprons will be an excellent alternative for you if you want to try some disposable and high-quality aprons.

This pack of aprons includes 100 bibs that can certainly catch up with your expectations of waterproof, durable, and sanitary from your neck to your knee. They will give you perfect protection for your clothes underneath.


  • A pack includes 40 to 100 bibs
  • Versatile purposes
  • Perfect protection from your neck to your knee
  • Spill Proof and waterproof


  • They will rip if not used properly.
  • A bit too thin
  • If not used correctly, they easily rip.

Aulett Home Store Waterproof Rubber Vinyl Apron

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This Aulett Home Store is an option that is practical to use for butchers as it is waterproof. While you are doing your hard work, it can protect your clothes and you from water and keeping you dry. It is very versatile!

Moreover, the apron can prevent any staining on your clothes with its repelling-grease-and-oil texture. And do not worry about the comfy when wearing for long working hours; it is still very comfortable and soft to wear, even though it has a sturdy and durable design. 

Wearing this apron is also an easy task even when you have wet your hands as you do not have to untie any complex strings, thanks to the snap buckle. All you have to do is unclick or click, which is super easy for you to wear and take off.


  • Offers multiple uses
  • It keeps you and your clothes dry
  • Flexible with the 40 inches long ties
  • For extra comfort, there is an added neck pad


  • Some tears appear at the pockets and seams over time.
  • The sides and tops’ coverage could be better

Viedouce 2-Pack Durable Restaurant Aprons

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This Viedouce 2-Pack Durable Restaurant Aprons comes next in our picks for 2021 and is the most friendly price among the rest. It has a bundle of two packs of the same color. 

Therefore, you will need to order another one for a different color two packs, which is, to be honest, a little pricey. However, you can choose from the eight color options, and the aprons come with three layers: the outer layer is soft, while the middle layer is waterproof. And, again, you need to order the same for the two packs.   

These aprons are ideal for many uses, for both men and women. The waist straps are designed to wrap around that is ample to fit a wide outfit, and we also love the pockets to hold so many things inside for your work.


  • Professional style
  • Brilliant fit 
  • Affordable
  • Great quality


  • The size is relatively small

DII Cotton Adjustable Apron

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This DII Cotton adjustable apron will bring you the best quality feeling with 100% comfort and cotton material. This apron offers you up to 18 colors for you to choose based on your interests, and they are all effortless for you to clean. You can put them in the washing machine, and the color still does not fade away even after many washes.

This apron is also designed to have a big pocket to put all your necessary gadgets or accessories when you are working. You can also customize this plain color apron to your liking with embroidery or handwork.


  • 100% cotton
  • Great flexibility
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Highly durable
  • Can customizable
  • Trendy looking


  • Not very waterproof

Ruvanti Professional Grade XXL Size Black Aprons

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This Ruvanti professional-grade XXL size apron helps a lot to provide you excellent protection and coverage. During the activity of butchers, the durable, enriched thick fabric will protect you enough from spills or blood. Furthermore, it is made of water and drop-resistant material, which is even more ideal for extreme complex works. 

This apron does not come with many pockets like the other ones on our list. But, the only pocket that is well-designed superior has compensated for the lack it has to fit all the basic utensils you will need for your work. We find its functionality and simplicity are very great to have.


  • Guarantee 100% satisfaction 
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Easy to wear
  • Functional and simple design
  • Multipurpose
  • Water-resistant


  • Not very durable

Aunt Martha’s Cotton Kitchen Apron

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If you are searching for a heavy-duty but simple apron, this Aunt Martha’s cotton kitchen apron will probably be the most suitable one for you. With the blank white color, you can make your custom apron with embroidery or some handwork in any way you want. The fabric is made of 100% cotton; it gives you a completely comfortable feeling wearing it. 

This apron is a heavy-duty one designed professionally for many purposes, from home purposes to butchers. It is durable and will probably last for a long time. 


  • Heavy-duty apron
  • Standard shape and size
  • Comfortable when wearing
  • Can customizable
  • Simple looking


  • Not quite good water resistance

Syntus Bib Apron

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We have listed on our list some budget-friendly recommendations. Here is another fantastic alternative for you to consider.

This Syntus apron is water-repellent, which is excellent for places where blood or water usually splashes up. Even though it is not entirely waterproof, it is still water-resistant, bringing more protection to you than standard cotton ones. This apron also brings breathability and comfort allows you to comfortably wear it for long hours of working in a butcher shop.

It is designed with two huge pockets so you can store your helpful items when you need them. It is an excellent option to be used by all genders as its design is neutral and basic. You do not like the black color? Don’t worry, as it offers many options in eight different colors.


  • A high bib design brings comprehensive coverage
  • Safe to use in the washing machine
  • Soft polyester material


  • It might be a little big for some customers
  • Thin fabric

KNG Heavy Duty Vinyl Waterproof Apron

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This KNG heavy-duty vinyl waterproof is one of the best butchers aprons waterproof available on the market that you should invest in for yourself. It is designed to be suitable for heavy-duty purposes and can be worn while washing dishes. And it is best to use to avoid color or bloodstains, especially for painters or butchers.

This apron’s material is very flexible synthetic. You can adjust freely to your needs the strap located in the back and the neck. Once you choose to purchase this apron, you can rest assured it can be used for a long time, thanks to its vinyl assured durability.


  • Heavy-duty vinyl design
  • Highly durable
  • Waterproof
  • Trendy looking


  • The neck strap is not very comfortable to wear

VWELL Waxed & Waterproof Canvas Cooking Apron

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The VWELL waxed and waterproof canvas apron is designed for the pro with an adjustable neck strap. The cross back is also a feature that we like as it does not pull on the neck or shoulders. 

The large pockets make us wonder a little since the stuff we put in there seems to be wholly disappeared inside, and we often forget about their existence. But we like the zipped-up pocket near the chest that we can keep the purse, wallet, or mobile close by.


  • Keeps dry effectively
  • Sturdy fastenings
  • Multi-use
  • Heavy-duty


  • Pricey

Novo Leather Waterproof Apron

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We like this Novo Extended PVC leather apron because it has neck straps that can adjust to fit any height. With a classic black color design, this apron gives a very professional look. 

This apron has been made with synthetic plastic called polyvinyl chloride and leather, which helps it keep the structure. It also means that this apron will not become hard in winter like some other ones made with leather do.

This Novo Extended PVC leather apron is designed to be waterproof, and therefore it increases durability. These features are the necessary qualities to make the aprons last long. Some prolonged exposures to alkali and acid materials will easily cause damage to this apron as it is weakly resistant to such materials. Therefore, consider buying it if you plan to use it with these materials.

Stretchable is an essential quality that you can find on this apron. You can cover your lower part of the body if you want and protect your clothes underneath very well, thanks to this stretchable shape. This apron also uses very lightweight materials to ensure maneuverability in your daily work. 

It is one of the most affordable butchers aprons waterproof on our list. But, it does come with lower quality when you can find it is speedy to wear out, especially when doing heavy00duty tasks.


  • Multipurpose
  • Stretchable
  • Waterproof 
  • Affordable


  • Easy to wear out

Handymen Waxed Canvas Heavy Duty Tool Apron

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This Handymen Waxed Canvas Apron has one of the lowest prices on our list, with the main reason for laying in the effective minimalistic design. It has a medium weight of 1 lb with straps that are cross-back over your shoulders. Thanks to this design, it is easy to wear this apron for a long time by distributing its weight.

About the material, both the canvas and the straps are in cotton. You will need to re-wax the waxed canvas when you find its first coating is worn away to make the apron works more effectively and increases the lifespan. The wax also helps maintain the water-resistance of this durable apron.

To keep in line with the minimalistic approach of the Handymen company, it has only one color and one universal size that can fit anyone. It indeed works as adjusting the other parts will be the straps’ tasks.


  • Attractive minimalistic design
  • For many purposes
  • Cheap


  • Cost money to re-wax
  • Must re-wax regularly
  • Cotton material not very suitable for heavy-duty works
  • Only has one size and one color

Things You Should Know To Choose The Best Butchers Aprons Waterproof

Types Of Aprons

When searching online, you might notice there are lots of variations of aprons . It has many varied types, including dishwasher, tuxedo, waist, and more. We will help you break it down.

Disposable Apron

Disposable aprons are the best items for single-use and then disposal. You can use them to deal with raw meat in the butcher shops, or you can mostly find them in hospitals. To minimize the germs’ spread, people usually wear disposable aprons and then dispose of them when they work directly with parents or simply visit them. And because disposable aprons are single-use, they are not friendly to the environment.


  • Useful on different occasions
  • Provide great protection 
  • Affordable
  • Single-use and, therefore, can minimize the germs’ spread


  • Easily rip 
  • Not eco-friendly

Dishwasher Apron

Dishwasher aprons are the types that are waterproof and sturdy, which are most suitable for dishwashing at cafes or restaurants. They are also ideal for using at home or in butcher shops to protect clothes from any liquids effectively.


  • Adequately protects clothing
  • Many purposes
  • Durable
  • Waterproof


  • Not washable in washing machines
  • Not very comfortable to wear

Cobbler Apron

These cobbler aprons are mostly used in hospitality sectors like schools, hospitals, art centers, and other places. They provide front and back coverage and tie on both sides, making them very practical and protective.


  • Has front and back coverage
  • Practical and comfortable to wear
  • Can buy in bulk
  • Available in many colors


  • Not very stylish
  • Not popular to wear at home

Tuxedo Apron

Tuxedo aprons are popular among servers and are mostly found at luxury or formal events. You will have a super classy and professional look with this V-neck black color design wearing over your black trousers and white shirt. 


  • Perfect for luxury or formal events
  • V-neck design
  • Very stylish and classy


  • Not available many options 
  • Not for domestic use

Bib Apron

Bib aprons are the classic option and are mostly what comes to the mind when hearing the word apron. They are called like this because the top cover acts like bibs. Some aprons are designed to have pockets allowing you to store your tools, and you can wipe your wet hands on them and protect your clothes.


  • Easy to wash
  • Available many material options
  • Vary many price ranges


  • They do not have the back coverage
  • Some made with cheap materials

Waist Apron

Waist aprons will cover the area from your waist to the middle down the thigh. They are more into storing, so they do not bring full coverage like other types of aprons we mention above. Waiters at restaurants will typically wear these waist aprons to put their accessories, clothes, pens, or notepad. Their jobs are not related to preparing food, so the top cover is not a must here.


  • It offers many lengths and styles options
  • Affordable
  • Bring extra storage


  • Some made with cheap materials
  • There is no top coverage

Some Criteria To Choose The Best Butchers Aprons Waterproof

With so many purposes and different options for aprons, you might wonder how you can choose the most suitable one for you? We have narrowed down some top criteria you need to take a look at.


First up, you need to take a look at your budget. It will not cost you a lot of money to buy an apron. However, aprons’ price ranges are wide. Therefore, until you have found a product that works best for your budget, do not lose patience and keep searching. 


And of course, on this list of the butchers aprons waterproof reviews, we will take this criterion as one of the top priorities to ensure it protects your clothes. 

For other cases like home uses, people do not choose a waterproof apron as the linen or cotton is already enough. However, no matter what, after every use, you should let the apron dry.


Durability is essential when choosing the best butchers aprons waterproof because who does not want their aprons can last for a long time? Some materials are highly durable compared to the others, especially some washable materials in washing machines such as cotton or polyester.

Overall fit

The overall fit criteria are you need to think before buying the apron of what it covers and how well it fits. 

Answer some questions: Do you want the one with a back crossover? Does it have side ties or waists ties? How much coverage will it provide? Is it too tight or too big? The answers will be critical to help you find the most practical and comfortable level you want and put that standard to choosing the perfect apron.

Size range

You can often find the words “one size for all” on the aprons’ advertising from brands. They typically have waist ties that can be adjustable to your size. But, “one size for all” does not fit for all.

Therefore, if your size is unusual, like larger than XL size or smaller than the average size, you need to research more widely. Make sure always to check the size of the aprons that you are sure to fit.


Style might be the essential thing to you when deciding to buy an apron. You will probably come across many styles on the market, such as patterned aprons or plain ones. You can also choose something more unusual materials like denim, leather, or anything else.


There are tons of fabric types when it comes to aprons. They can be polyester, linen, neoprene, leather, denim, and most popular – cotton.

To help you choose the best fabric type for your aprons, we have broken down the pros and cons for some popular types below. Let’s quickly check them out.



  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Very protective


  • Not good looking
  • Not available widely


  • A great choice for men
  • Many options for styles and colors
  • Super trendy look


  • Requires regular cleaning and conditioning
  • Expensive
  • Not waterproof


  • Many price ranges
  • Durable
  • Stylish


  • In the wash, other items can be rubbed off or faded by the dye
  • Some can be expensive


  • Comfortable
  • Many colors options
  • Easily remove stains and clean
  • Machine washable


  • Easily wrinkle
  • In hot water, it can shrink or fade


Last but not least, you should consider beforehand the purpose you will use the apron for, and then look for the perfect one in that category. For example, a disposable apron will be suitable to use for hospitals, bib aprons are fantastic choices to use at home, a tuxedo one is for formal events, and for butchers, the waterproof ones will be the most suitable.

You can choose specific aprons for certain activities, including dishwashing, cooking, crafts, dog washing, or car washing.

The Bottom Line: Our Top Picks Of Butchers Aprons Waterproof

Aprons play a significant role in protecting your clothes while doing any activities. Of course, you will still want to keep the apron clean, but imagine cleaning the stains left on your clothes without the apron; you will start to feel thankful for the existence of aprons. 

With the list of the top 13 best butchers aprons waterproof on the market above, we believe that you have found the one that is practical, suitable, and comfortable for you. And also, do not forget our top picks of criteria, including the size, waterproof or not, fabric, the purpose of the apron, and lastly, the aprons’ types. 

Thanks for reading. See you again!

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