Top 10 Best Banjo Brothers Waterproof Pannier Review 2024 – Be Smart Shopper!

Banjo Brothers Waterproof Panniers will help you to bring as much as you do with a purse because they carry the burden off your body. They could be used individually or in pairs, allowing you to arrive at workplace fresher or carting your camping kit with users on vacation. If you’re bearing a bunch of fat, though, it’s best to split it between twice (or even five) people for balance.

During the last 5 months, our squad of dedicated cyclists has put over 26 including its best racing panniers through their paces. We bought 10 of the top sellers for a new round of edge tests for this redesign. Our lineup includes contenders that are suitable for long-distance touring, regular cycling, or casual riding around your city or town, whether your trip takes you close or far. Take a look at top 10 best banjo brothers waterproof panniers.

Best Banjo Brothers Waterproof Pannier Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Banjo Brothers Waterproof Pannier Reviews 2024

Banjo Brothers Commuter Backpack

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Messenger packs are fine, but for long journeys or heavy loads, a pack with two belts to spread the payload is always a more convenient choice. Sadly, the choices were either student suitcases that leaked like a strainer, sat up too tight, or were prohibitively expensive.

Our backpack has a fully welded waterproof lining that can be removed and replaced if it becomes punctured. Features include an easy access side flap that suits a micro u key, an angled section for a security light that points back when cycling, wide reflective strips, and a mobile phone holder fixed on the shoulder harness.


  • Comfortable messenger bags
  • Waterproof
  • 2-layered design
  • Suitable for students


  • Medium size
  • Expensive

Banjo Brothers Waterproof Pannier 01130

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The Banjo Brothers 01130 pannier is indeed a 1100 square inch convertible pillion seat backpack made for extreme bicycle riders. In harsh commuting environments like Minneapolis or Seattle, its roll-top insulated pannier is designed to resist the weather. The tapered design operates a number of shelves with tube thicknesses up around 12 millimeters. 

You’ll stay clear and secure thanks to reflective tubing and a glamorous tab. Rack is simple and flexible. It’s all about the hardware. Two adequately shaped outer sections and a compact outer flap compartment for easy entry. The elegance of this style is that all you have to do is unscrew the pannier cover and move it with the other side of the machine to see what’s inside.


  • Waterproof white 
  • Clear insert
  • Black interior
  • Convertible


  • One carry handle
  • One tall water bottle pocket

Banjo Brothers Rack Top Pannier

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Since years of using different backpacks, shoulder bags, as well as other unsuccessful commuting options, I decided to purchase this. I’ve never had filled panniers because I’m afraid of scuffing my shoes into them while driving. The folded out saddlebags on just this package are even slightly bigger than regular panniers so we fall from the bag. And a nutshell, it’s ideal. 

There’s plenty of space for a set of clothes, a safe, a repair package, a small generator, keys, a sandwich, and a notebook or a directory of articles and books. It’s expandable, meaning you can get some shopping on my way back home. Excellent structure, excellent consistency, and extreme adaptability.


  • Very useful
  • Stylish look
  • Medal clips
  • Perfect fit with the racks


  • Not wide enough
  • Skinny

Banjo Brothers Saddlebag Panniers

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I gave these ratings of 4 because of their overall simplicity, decent construction, as well as the fact that they could carry my computer, which none of the other packs I tried do. Since the bags will slide from left to right with the supplied braces, the charging system also requires some consideration. 

The slipping was stopped when I applied a pair of Structural applications to the edge. I have bought the BV saddle bags, which are much larger, better performing, and easier to use. In terms of height, I get a 13-inch foot but have never gotten close to touching the container. I suppose it is determined by the outline of your bicycle. The Banjo Brothers Waterproof panniers are a keeper in general.


  • Nice design
  • High capacity
  • Roomy and tough
  • Reasonable price


  • Inconvenient attachment
  • Smaller than expected

Banjo Brothers Market Pannier

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A cabinet pair with polished nickel nail puller reported that negative should be included with the backpack. It’s not stuck to the package, so it’s most likely in the wrapping somewhere. 

Remove the screw from the base of your brace near the drive shaft where it connects to the rim, align the cut ties with the opening, and replace the wrench. Then, using the diamond shape on the safety harness, grab the line and lift the backpack up so that users can slide the top loops over your rack’s full structure.


  • Good capacity
  • Easy to open and close
  • Convenient pockets
  • Perfect price


  • Loose bungy
  • Re-tie knots
  • Hard to avoid gaps

Banjo Brothers Waterproof Pannier

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The Banjo Brothers Pannier is indeed a straightforwardly built pannier which is both sturdy and cheap. Although its simplistic mounting thing collapses short of many other higher-end solutions which are more flexible and versatile, this package is easy to install and uninstall from your shelf, as well as disassemble, thanks to its comfortable roll-top closing.

Its waterproof lining makes it an ideal choice for storing iced beverages on board, its form and measurements make it suitable for going shopping or packing shopping, and its sturdy structure allows it to be used on a regular basis.


  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting
  • Basic build
  • Affordable price


  • Limited storage capacity
  • Non-adjustable mounting mechanism

Banjo Brothers Canvas Utility Pannier

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This Banjo product is a utilitarian bag that doesn’t look like one. With 750 square centimeters of volume or 12 gallons of water of space, this pillion seat is indeed a classic kit that has plenty of space. You can avoid the “plastic bags?” question entirely by carrying this into the shop and even taking a couple of them on an overnight trip. 

This pannier measures 11 cm thick, 13.5 inches broad, and 5.5 ft thick at its widest point, with a broad and convenient carry out over a standard or laptop bag. Steel hooks suit most racks, and a quick-to-attach elastic bottom hook is easy to switch. It’s also possible to replace the higher hook assembly, which is flexible. This pannier has inner pockets for your wallet and buttons, as well as a detachable shoulder strap.


  • Steel hooks
  • Large interior pockets
  • Wide and comfortable
  • Adjustable 
  • Classic look


  • Low center of gravity
  • Somewhat heavy
  • Only one inner pocket

Banjo Brothers Grocery Bag Pannier

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People seemed perplexed as to how to tie this backpack to specific shelves, therefore I included illustrations. Two hooks are included with the pack. The hooks may be attached to the rack’s upper mounting point, next to the posterior dropouts. Simply unscrew the lock, position the hooks in the proper orientation, and force the clutch lever in. 

That hook is correctly mounted in the bottom video, and the circle from the pocket is fastened to the loop in the third picture. Instructions should have been included in the pocket.


  • Suitable for high-wear areas
  • Quick attachment
  • Rigid frame
  • Shoulder straps included


  • Quite big
  • Poor design

Banjo Brothers Waterproof Saddle Trunk

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If users need a lot of carrying space but wouldn’t want to fit a frame to your wheel, the Banjo Members 01033 Waterproof Seat Trunk is ideal. The capability of our Durable Saddle Trunk rivals that of many brace trunks, and it can be used on almost any vehicle. It weighs 12.5 cm thick, 7 inches thick, and 6.5 ft thick and also has a population size of 400 cubic centimeters.

An interchangeable welded lining and an exterior pocket for quick access to funds or buttons are included in the durable top pocket. The bottom webbing control and dominance attaching a rain coat or other stuff is easy. An internal aluminum hinge, a rigid HDPE base, or four-point bolting power loads throughout this waterproof leather trunk.


  • Webbing loop
  • Replaceable liner
  • High capacity 
  • Good price
  • Many racks
  • Outside pockets


  • Quite thick and heavy
  • Take lots of space

Banjo Brothers Rack Top Bag

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I wanted a new pocket for your rear shelf, and this one matched well and didn’t get in the way of my other items. My Electrical conductivity panniers mount to the frame at two stages, and the ukulele brothers should be mounted so there can be no dispute. 

I’ve attached a photo to demonstrate this. It’s also no problem clipping that Arkel into it with its BB bag connected. Your results can differ, please take a close look at the setup before making a purchase.

I have included a photo demonstrating the amount of capacity available – it’s very impressive. There’s just one large pouch and tiny wallet-sized pockets on the other. My breakfast, a couple of sandals, as well as some tools fit comfortably in the top pocket. Again, fine for my wants, but if you’re using it for anything else, go ahead.


  • Thick padding
  • Web looping
  • Well-made
  • Perfect size
  • Ideal rear rack


  • Limited space
  • Quite small
  • No carrying straps

Buying guides from expert users for a perfect banjo brothers waterproof pannier

Bike panniers arrive in a number of different forms, are made of a variety of fabrics, have a variety of mounting mechanisms, and also have a variety of unique features. Most have shoulder belts, others have chest straps, and still some don’t have any. Some versions may appear to be somewhat similar, but they may have minor differences which have a significant effect on the user-friendliness. Fortunately, we placed the best features on the marketplace to the check, comparing and contrasting them, and evaluating their growth and success. We’ll assist you in sorting through all of this data so you understand just what to search for to fulfill the requirements.

Bike Panniers: Why Would You Need Them?

Bicyclists have devised a slew of ingenious opportunities to manipulate their bikes into more cargo-carrying conveyances over the years. Bins, shelves, trucks, and even expanded frames have increased the versatility of bicycles, allowing them to transport far more than the riders. Panniers are a creative and versatile storage device that blends valuable holding space on the bicycle with the ability to quickly uninstall them for off-bike transport.

Bike panniers enable cyclists of all ages, sizes, and abilities to easily transport their belongings when riding. They’re even more convenient for riders than backpacks as they allow you to cycle without a pestering weight pushing at your arms and back, allowing you to travel in a far more relaxed and mechanically stable body posture. With a waist belt or perhaps even filled backpack shoulder belts, a well-designed pillion seat will be simple to detach from the bicycle and will help you to easily turn into pedestrian style. If you want to use your bicycle to drive, ride, or buy groceries across town, a pillion seat would make getting to your destinations with equipment in tow even easier.

Bikepacking and Bike-Touring: What are the differences between them?

Bikepacking is indeed a comparatively modern subset of road riding in which you load the whole of your belongings into specially built bags that clip directly to the handlebars of bicycle frames without the use of any extra hardware such as a bike stand. The aim is to reduce weight while still streamlining your riding style for further aerodynamic flight. Bicycles for the front and dual forks are common among bikepackers because they enable them to move off-road and through more rough and difficult terrain.

Bike-touring seems to be the predecessor to bike commuting, and it is described as using a bike to ride from one location to another, usually on road areas. Many of the equipment is usually carried in bicycle panniers connected to additional parking garages across the front and rear wheels during this exercise. Cycle traveling gear focuses on equally balancing mass on a bike for safe and effective riding, and also simple pannier mounting or removing. To be sure, the emphasis of this analysis was on bike tour saddle bags rather than bikepacking packs. Many of the bike saddlebags in this analysis need you to install an extra luggage rack to the vehicle.

Bike Panniers Come in a Variety of Styles – Multiple kinds of banjo brothers waterproof panniers

Since all of the saddlebags in this article can be installed on a bike stand and quickly removed for off-bike travel, this is where the comparison ends. For improved organisation, some panniers get a single large storage compartment, and some have many smaller pockets including sleeves. For optimum insulation from the weather, some have high waterproof fabrics and fully-sealing seals, while some have basic zippered or duct tape closures for easy entry. Many have highly flexible mounting systems that allow for a better tight fit, some have a basic fixed loop system that allows for faster mounting and extraction. It may be difficult to sort through all of the various pack functionalities and features, when we’ve seen some clear patterns in terms of which characteristics are present on items that are better fit for certain traveling styles. We’ve divided the pannier industry into a few broad categories, with goods that share common characteristics based on their intended use.

Panniers for Touring – Common type

Touring panniers are actually what most folks assume about when they hear of a bicycle pannier, and they’re among the most popular types of items we’ve seen in our study. Such models are normally sold in pairs and are engineered to be completely waterproof and at the very least rain-resistant to tolerate long journeys in inclement weather while preserving their contents. They’re made of tough components that can withstand repeated use on a number of co trips where severe wear is unavoidable. The better touring panniers would have sturdy straps for a comfortable fit, as well as lightweight components that need less brake power over long distances. Such panniers usually feature a single central protective cover with something like a roll-top closing that provides enough space while holding all of the belongings safe and stable in a separate weatherproof chamber. Because they are designed for functionality and reliability, these versions usually have less functionality such as extra pockets, belts, or handles.

You’ll like a touring backpack that is both sturdy and portable if you’re looking for one. Roll-top covers have proven to become the most effective at holding the weather out while keeping the products safe and clean. We suggest a mechanical structure with adjustable locking hooks as well as an interchangeable lower support loop for a comfortable connection to your frame, as these have the best protection until they are calibrated to suit your bike.

Panniers for commuting – Popular type

Commuting saddlebags are made especially for people who ride their bikes to work, education, or other nearby locations on a regular basis. They aren’t designed for long-distance journeys, but they have been designed to provide more convenience and ease of being used. Commuting panniers aren’t necessarily completely waterproof since they’re made for shorter rides, but they’re either moisture safe or come with a waterproof casing. Commuting panniers typically have very simple and flexible mounting mechanisms, since they are fixed and extracted from the frame more often than touring saddle bags. They should be able to easily hold the bag when off the bicycle, ideally with an elastic, removable shoulder harness. Many commuting pedals have many intrinsic or extrinsic pockets to organise items such as books, tablets, and buttons, and they are often among the most trendy bags available!

When shopping for a commuter pannier, think about how lengthy your ride is, what kind of climate you usually see, as well as how much processing power you’ll require. The protective backpack is obviously appropriate if you already have longer journeys in adverse conditions on such a daily basis, however if you’ve had a shorter trip with only intermittent rain or splash, you will potentially save money by opting for a pack which is only liquid. If you can only bring a few textbooks, stationery, or breakfast to function or college, you’ll would like a bag with more space and compartments, but if you just bring a set of clothes to sports practice or even the workout, you’ll have to search for one with more ports and compartments.

Panniers for the City – Convenient type

Urban panniers were more complicated than traveling and commuting saddle bags so you will probably use both traveling and commuting saddle bags to complete the duties of a residential pannier. Urban type panniers, but at the other hand, stand out among the other 2 kinds since they are typically built to accommodate larger and bulkier pieces. Urban panniers are used for food shopping or chores the majority of the time, so they should be wide enough to accommodate a normal plastic container and also have square proportions to make storing packaged items easier.

If you’re looking for a backpack for general community and local use, think about how much data storage you’ll require, a certain kind of carrying device you prefer, and how simple or complicated it would be to install or detach a full size bag off the bicycle. The largest destination panniers would have a wide storage space, sturdy grips and/or sling belts for quick holding, and a durable yet convenient locking device for repeated installation and removal.

Panniers with Backpacks – Sporty type

Although backpack type panniers could easily be classified as urban or commuter packs, there will already be enough unique features for convertible pouch panniers to be recognized through their own! Rucksack panniers are unique in that they’ve both bike mounting and padding, enabling you to move from rider to pedestrian with ease. These panniers have comparable carrying space and general functionality to commuting bags, with the added benefit of being able to hold them across the back while not riding.Some portable panniers have stowable padded, while others need you to attach the padded whenever you choose to use the backpack as a purse. Because you spend more time wearing your pack on your side and also on your ride, these styles of panniers come in handy.

If you’re buying a portable pannier, the most important factors to weigh are the length of your drive and how often you’ll be carrying a pack while you’re not riding. A folding backpack pannier stands to reason if you’ve had a long ride that will make commuting with a backpack inconvenient, plus you’ll be carrying the packs for the majority of each day. If you’ve had a shorter trip, though, purchasing a standard backpack or saddle bag to carry while commuting is probably more cost-effective than purchasing a more costly pannier. If you’ve had a bigger vehicle that requires a pannier, however you spend much of your time in one place (such as at a conference room), you will likely reach a great backpack at a lower cost if you forego the backpack belts

If you are wondering how many types of tools you can put into your banjo brothers waterproof pannier, watch this video!


It can be hard to select a bike pannier, particularly when you’ve never seen one before. You’ll also have particular needs and preferences from a back pack depending on the main cycling style. If you’re using it for commuting, shopping, or getting out from the woods, you’ll undoubtedly want to pick a design with plenty of storage and organisation, solid design, and useful functionality. We trust that our in-depth research helps you choose the right pannier before your next double ride. And take a review of top 5 products we have picked for you:

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