Top Best Instant Tteokbokki: Best For Taste! 2023

From the nature of the actual noodles to the kinds of the stock, Korean moment noodles are essentially probably the most fulfilling speedy suppers you can at any point have. Today I’m offering to you a portion of my top choices, all of which have a level of hotness to them that I think my kindred devotees of Samyang Spicy Noodles will appreciate. Beneath I’ve positioned this best instant tteokbokki from least to generally zesty. We should get to it!

Best Instant Tteokbokki Comparison 2023

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Top 10 Best Instant Tteokbokki Reviews 2023


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‘Gukmul Tteokbokki’ is a soupy variety of exemplary Korean tteokbokki (zesty sautéed rice cake). Gukmul tteokbokki has more ‘gukmul’ (sauce) and it takes motivation from solace snacks found on-road trucks and fast walkway cafés of Seoul. 

Alongside kimbap and noodle soup, tteokbokki makes an extraordinary mainstay of Korea’s bunk culture. Bunk implies nibble however it holds more prominent importance in Korean culture. Easygoing yet encouraging, it tends to be an exceptionally personal dinner imparted to companions. Typically served at Mojang macha.


  • Light and sweet-fiery base with Korean rice cake
  • Simple tteokbokki for novices
  • Prepared quickly 
  • Microwaveable bowl


  • Many people don’t like the taste very much


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Six distinct kinds of miso (Japanese soybean glue) are mixed alongside a combination of vegetables to make the rich and vigorous customary Japanese flavor. Sprinkle the included seven-zest bean stew preparing bundle to add zestiness that will integrate every one of the flavors. 

(Shio importance salt in Japanese) is utilized as an unpretentious flavor enhancer to draw out the common pleasantness and kind of vegetables painstakingly mixed to make a tasty yet reviving clear soup. The included flavoring parcel of sesame seeds adds a nutty and profound wealth to the brilliant dish. 

Just the best Tonkotsu-style ramen. Wavy noodles in a light yet rich stock with the quintessence of vegetables and flavors, incorporate a sesame bundle to add nuttiness to the season. Yakisoba is a well-known pan-seared noodle in Japan. 

The sweet and pungent refined taste is made by an ideal mix of Worcestershire sauce, pureed tomatoes, soy sauce, and a mix of flavors. The rich and delightful sauce mixes with the noodles further upgrading its taste. The included flavoring bundle of dried ocean growth adds flavor and shading to the dish.


  • The rich and vigorous customary Japanese flavor


  • Nothing


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The noodles have consistently and will consistently be stunning, I think I even got safe to the warmth dependent on the number of I’ve eaten them yet now I scarcely respond, the chopsticks were a pleasant expansion and I’m appreciative because I at long last got the hang of them and I ate the noodles and the kimchi with them, the solitary thing that truly lost me was the flavor of the kimchi, I have had kimchi previously and possibly this is because the kimchi was canned yet it had this sort of metal mechanical taste from the kimchi squeeze however other than that the kimchi tasted great (the actual vegetable).


  • Quickly in preparing


  • High price


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Our rice pasta is more modest than common rice pasta to give a decent surface and more limited cooking time with better flavoring. The wonderful zesty or flavorful feast is fast and simple to make. Simply heat all fixings in water for an awesome snack. Just bubble fixings in water for 3 minutes!


  • More modest than normal rice pasta 
  • Put away at room temperature permits simple stockpiling and an absolute necessity to have things for trips.


  • A little high price


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Have you seen Korean fiery ramen noodles and tteokbokki making via web-based media? Presently you can at long last make some Korean motivated dishes comfortable! Simply throw them with your sauce or pan-fried food with any meat, rice cake, fish cake, or vegetable for a speedy and delectable supper. Simple to cook. A satisfying yet basic feast that is not difficult to make and prepared to eat in minutes! Incredible for a speedy dinner. 

Quite possibly the most special moment noodle dishes. Sautéed noodle has a zesty soy-based sauce with our remarkable flavors and enhanced sauce. We present to you the most remarkable taste and whenever you have attempted our noodles, you won’t ever fail to remember its pleasantness and heat noodle soup you can at any point appreciate! 

The wizardry formula that anybody can undoubtedly cook. The fiery flavor can be cooked with your vegetables, rice cake, fish cake, frankfurters, hot chicken, and fish it was enlivened by the world’s best peppers. Our forte is an all-around spiced soup that will make them taste and appreciating the pleasantness and pungency of the feast down to the absolute last drop!


  • Easy to cook


  • Nothing


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We have caught the scrumptious taste of different Korean dishes with the goal that they can be set up in minutes yet open anyplace on the planet. This specific dish has a delicate surface blended in with a hot and sweet sauce! 

In case you’re now a Tteokbokki fan, you’ll appreciate these. The cheddar sauce is rich and yummy, with a slight kick of warmth. The rice cake has the perfect measure of chewy without being extreme. I was shocked at the newness, I expected the rice cakes to taste flat or intense, however they didn’t!


  • Good taste
  • Spices come with cream cheese


  • Cost


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This is a rice cake. Customary Korean food. Cooking technique. Fill the skillet with rice cake, sauce, and 160ml water. When bubbling, turn down the warmth and keep on cooking until the sauce becomes as thick! Meat, vegetables, fish, liquor, veggie-lover, hala are excluded. If it’s not too much trouble, keep the item at room temperature. It is somewhat hot. So it isn’t suggested for kids who can not eat zesty food by any means. 

We have caught the delightful taste of different Korean dishes with the goal that they can be set up in minutes however open anyplace on the planet. This specific dish has a delicate surface blended in with a hot and sweet sauce!


  • Delicious taste
  • Quick preparation time


  • Not found yet


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We have caught the tasty taste of different Korean dishes with the goal that they can be set up in minutes yet open anyplace on the planet. This specific dish has a delicate surface blended in with a zesty and sweet sauce!


  • Affordable
  • Good at taste


  • Nothing with this price


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Tteok-bokki is notable as a fiery sautéed food rice cake. This dish is a famous road food dish that can be discovered wherever in Korea. 

This well-knownHala Korean food accompanies fiery and delightful sauce. Alongside fish cakes, the combination of each of the four of these components makes it delectable and difficult to avoid. The delicate and chewy rice cakes bring an extraordinary surface for each biting sensation. 

Each bundle accompanies two servings. It very well may be effectively-prepared and prepared in 5-6 minutes. Try not to be hesitant to place in extra trimmings to accommodate your taste buds! Like scallions, more fishcake, hot gochujang sauce,effectively prepared peppers so on


  • Simple to cook
  • The delicate and chewy rice cakes


  • Not found yet


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There’s nothing better than appreciating a bowl of ramyun at home! We offer a quick and simple approach to appreciate a feast! It’s so straightforward and simple significantly loaded with flavor. Simply cook the ramyun as per bundle guidance. Serve promptly, embellished with newly cleaved red ppers, green onions, and sesame seeds, whenever wanted. Appreciate! 

Bloom Jjajangmen Noodles has conventional dark bean sauce cooked in open fire blended in with huge lumps of meat and vegetables. New fixings give a rich flavor. Thick and chewy noodle, covered in dark bean sauce. Made with a novel mix of flavors, got dried out carrots and onions and ground bean grains. 

Easts meet west with spaghetti-style noodles in a mystery jjajang sauce. Continuously new and incredible tasting! This item contains premium fluid sweet dark bean sauce in the counter pocket which makes it simple to cook, fast and simple to get ready. We present to you the most interesting taste and whenever you have attempted our noodles, you won’t ever neglect its pleasantness and savory noodle soup you can at any point appreciate! 

On the off chance that you love exquisite ramyun, you need to attempt this simple and fast fish shrimp noodle, that is insanely  tasty! It’s really simple to set up; it’s a madly tasty and amazingly great decision. Indeed, to turn into a hit with your loved ones! 

This is a Korean Classic. Non-zesty yet striking and solid flavors, notwithstanding on the off chance that you so decide to add zest to your plans it can help open significantly more flavors. We love adding cleaved red peppers to our IP Jjajangmen for additional flavor and the ideal measure of warmth to kick our feast up an indent. 

Our ramyun is fast, simple, and it’s not difficult to change the warmth level and fixings. IP Jjajangmen catches the ideal equilibrium of Korean preferences and surfaces that can be delighted in no time!


  • Speedy and simple to cook


  • Not found yet

Some Notes With The Best Instant Tteokbokki

Tteokbokki is a famous Korean spicy dish that has conquered many international diners. Tteokbokki is a traditional Korean rice cake dish. Today it has become a fast food that is sold in street stalls in this country. Let’s read for the best instant tteokbokki!

This spicy stir-fried glutinous rice cake comes from tteok jjim. This is a royal dish made from thickly sliced ​​cakes, meat, eggs, and spices and then baked. Tteokbokki is currently made from a rice cake called garaetteok sautéed with many other ingredients such as beef, bean sprouts, onions, mushrooms, carrots, onions, fish cakes … and spicy chili sauce (called gochujang). So rice cakes are usually very spicy and taste better when eaten hot.

Tteokbokki is present in every corner of Korea from the busy capital to the most remote countryside. And that is also the reason why visitors cannot ignore this dish when visiting Korea.

Tteokbokki is attractive for its bright red color and pungent taste. Across the streets of Korea, Tteokbokki is always a dish chosen by many people. In addition, Tteokbokki also appears in many movies, as a form of advertising about Korean culinary culture with world friends.

The secret of Tteokbokki is also chili. Our experience tour to Korea took us to Sunchang, a district in North Jeolla Province, where the highest quality chili is grown in the land of the bright red spice. It was here that we were introduced by Mr. Choi Hyungmin, the person in charge of education and media about how to make chili sauce in the village of Go Chu Jang Ik Nun Ma-ul – famous for making Sunchang chili sauce. system.

To get a batch of delicious chili sauce, farmers in the Sunchang area are very careful in the implementation. Clean tools, standard ingredients include fine ground dried chili, fermented bean powder, sea salt, and fermented rice water.

Sunchang mothers, mothers, and farmers always make chili sauce by hand. All the ingredients will be stirred in a large jar until the salt melts, the chili is mixed with rice yeast and bean flour. After that, chili sauce will be put in ceramic jars to incubate for 6 months to use.

Chili is present in many typical Korean dishes. And one of them is spicy rice flour cake or Tteokbokki. This dish is prepared quite simply. On cold days, this dish is delicious and warm.

Types Of Tteokbokki

In addition to the traditional hot and spicy rice cake (also known as gochujang tteokbokki) there is another type of rice cake called ganjang tteokbokki, a rice cake that is not spicy and less colorful, looks very “clean”. This type of rice cake is also known as Royal Stir-fried sticky rice cake.

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Ganjang tteokbokki has the same origin as its “royal” name. It dates back to the Chosun period (1382 ~ 1910). In those times, people stir-fried rice cakes with meat, some green vegetables, and soybean oil. In a Korean opera titled “Dae Janggum”, Janggum cooks a rice cake and presents it to the king, which is almost a simulation of the appearance of tteokbokki.

New variations of rice cakes

Today, gochujang tteokbokki has become more popular and popular. Gochujang rice cakes appeared in the 1950s, by a street vendor. She changed the traditional rice cake by adding the gochujang chili sauce to the stir-fry with this cake. This contributes to making a bowl of rice cake look more than the previous one.

Not only in terms of taste but also because of economic factors that make gochujang tteokbokki more popular and gradually become popular.

Since then, the rice cake has been changed more. It processes many different ingredients instead of just vegetables. Besides vegetables and gochujang chili sauce, tteokbokki is also fried with seafood, cold meat, tuna, fried noodles … depending on the user’s preference. Even the types of rice cakes used to stir-fry are also more diverse in shape and color, making the rice cakes richer and richer.

Rice cakes are attractive not only for Koreans but also for all the customers from far away who once visited this beautiful country.

How To Eat Well With The Best Instant Tteokbokki

How to make a simple tteokbokki at home

Tokbokki is one of the traditional foods of the land of kimchi – Korea. It has been introduced into Vietnamese cuisine in a not long time, but the love of many young people for it is not low. And you can also make this dish by yourself to treat the whole family with a very simple tokbokki.

Tokbokki is also known as traditional Korean rice cake. This is just an ordinary fast food sold at roadside stalls (pojangmacha). The main ingredient of this dish is rice flour, water, plus some special spices to make the typical spicy sauce of the dish. Korean rice cakes. A standard tokbokki dish must have a rich flavor, long strands of rice cakes must be crispy, lumpy and beautiful, making diners think of the special feature of Korean cuisine.

Tokbokki is currently made from rice cakes called garaetteok stir-fried with many other ingredients such as beef, bean sprouts, onions, mushrooms, carrots, onions, fish cakes … and spicy chili sauce (called gochujang). So tokbokki is usually very spicy and delicious when eaten hot, very suitable for Korean cold weather.

Today tokbokki has become a fast-food sold in Korean street stalls and has been imported to Vietnam. Walking around some Korean restaurants in major cities in Vietnam today, tokbokki spicy rice cake is the most popular because of its novelty and appeal. This famously “very spicy” dish consists of long sliced ​​rice cakes with fish balls and sweet and sour sauce, kimchi.

Would you like to try learning how to make tokbokki at home? Then make delicious tokbokki like a real Korean housewife or not? Please refer to the formula in the article below!

How to make a tokbokki hotpot at home

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Buying ingredients to prepare a tokbokki hotpot will take you a lot of time to find out if this is your first time trying to make this dish. This is a hot pot dish that is loved by young people on the occasion of winter. However, if you are planning to make a home-made tobokki hotpot, it is quite simple. Just prepare the ingredients and refer to the following instructions on how to make tokbokki hot pot.

Put the spicy sauce in a saucepan, bring to a boil, then let the shrimp, octopus, and fish balls stir-fry for the ingredients. Then boil and stir the rice cake and onions. Boil again and then turn off the heat.

When preparing to eat, pour the fried tokbokki hot pot into a larger pot. Heat it and add cheese, kimchi mushrooms and cabbage. Wait for the cheese to melt and the ingredients are fully cooked, you can add sliced ​​boiled eggs and noodles and enjoy.

Koreans often cook seafood Tokbokki hot pot to enjoy on cold days. The spicy dish stimulates the taste buds of people. Along with the fatty taste of cheese and the natural sweetness of all kinds of seafood, the hotpot dish left a strong impression on the appreciators’ hearts.

How to make cheese tokbokki

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Cheese Tokbokki is one of the most famous snacks when people talk about tokbokki delicacies. How to make cheese tokbokki is quite simple, please save them right away to show your friends and family enjoy this delicious dish every cold weekend!

Prepare a medium hot pot, pour in the newly prepared tokbokki, and turn on the stove. Add the shiitake mushrooms, bean sprouts and cheese to the pot and stir.

Wait for the cheese to melt, the sisters cheese tokbokki hotpot is finished. Tasting more spices to your mouth is ready to enjoy.

How to make spicy tokbokki

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Spicy tokbokki is also one of the topics that many women are interested in in the ways to make delicious tokbokki. Let’s learn the steps to make a pot of tokbokki spicy that is both simple and easy to do as follows:

Chicken rinsed, rub salt a few times to deodorize, then rinse again with clean water. Put in boiled thoroughly. After the chicken is cooked, just take the broth to make a spicy tokbokki. As for the chicken, sisters can be used to create other dishes.

Rice cake: If the rice cake you bought has not been sliced, then you should cut it into pieces to fit your mouth. The length of each piece of rice cake is from 5 to 7 cm.

Onions: Peel, cut root, wash and chop.

Carrots peeled, washed, and then scraped into small strands.

Garlic and shallots are peeled, washed, then crushed and chopped

North pan on the stove with 2 tablespoons of cooking oil. When the cooking oil is old, add the chopped garlic and shallots to the fry.

Put the chicken broth in the pan. Add spices like seasoning powder, sugar, and pepper to the pan to taste. Bring to a boil and add onions and carrots.

Reduce the heat and add about 5 tablespoons full of Korean chili sauce to the pan. Stir well and continue to cook for a while to create a thick, thick, thick sauce prepared for the spicy tokbokki. Seasoning and seasoning to taste.

Place another pan on the stove with 2 tablespoons of oil and 1 teaspoon of sesame oil. Heat old, then drop rice cakes in and stir-fry. Continuously stir to let the rice cakes brown on both sides.

Milk rice cake

Launched at the beginning of the year, the milk tokbokki dish impresses with its exotic flavor and unique sweet and savory combination that has never been seen before. Unlike traditional spicy rice cakes, milk tokbokki with a sauce made from cheese and fresh milk, with carrots and cabbage served. For gourmets and teams that can’t eat spicy, milk tokbokki is a fascinating and exotic variation.

Milk sauce has a sweet, fatty taste similar to cheese pasta, but many diners believe that this makes the dish relatively greasy and dull. The rice cake has a harmonious softness and is sprinkled with sesame, so it is both fragrant and stimulating the taste buds.

Rice cake shake with cheese

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The rice cakes do not come with the usual sauce, but are fried and then shaken with cheese powder to create a very interesting dish. The crust is crispy, but when bitten, touching the inside of the cake still retains the attractive soft chewy. Adding the flavor is a bit fat, salty melted cheese makes everyone ecstatic.

This snack is popular with young people because of its deliciousness, convenience and ease of enjoyment. If you just need to feel sad, you can sip some delicious and supple rice cakes, then there is nothing happier. In addition to the cheese shake, many places also combine with the plum as well.

Chicken Tokbokki with honey sauce

Not only comes with fish balls, but tokbokki can also combine with chicken balls to create a play dish that attracts many young people in Saigon. The chicken is rolled in flour and fried and then “shake hands” with the rice cake, evenly blended in the honey sauce, looking at it and want to eat it right away. The dish is the perfect harmony of sticky rice cakes, crispy chicken imbued with a delicate sweetness.

Tokbokki hotpot

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The characteristic sour and sour taste of kimchi and the pungent taste from chili sauce blends with the sweetness of rice cakes to create an extremely delicious and attractive hot pot. Tokbokki hotpot attracts customers by the variety of dishes such as fish balls, seafood, quail eggs … all blended to enrich the flavor of the dish.

The hot pot water is rich, the spicy taste spreads at the tip of the tongue, even if you have to inhale the sweat, no one wants to stop. Dip into a packet of noodles, filled with sauce, and the whole group sagged, just imagining it too happy, right?


Let’s choose the best instant tteokbokki on this table for the best taste!

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