13 Best Voltron Toy Review 2023– Great Toy For Your Free Time

Voltron has long been a famous global children’s toy brand, with simple products that have captured many childhood generations. In modern times, when technology products are taking away the inherent things of childhood, the company has proven to the market that the best Voltron toy is still a “king” for children. 

Currently, on the market, there are many types of Voltron toys with different designs and materials. Explore with us in the post below about the top 13 best Voltron toy 2023 to pick the right one for your child

Best Voltron Toy Comparison 2023

Voltron Classic Combining Green Lion Action Figure
Best For
best Voltron toy for friendly material
Voltron Classic Combining Red Lion Action Figure
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best Voltron toy for novices

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Bestseller No. 1
BLITZWAY - Voltron, 5Pro Studio CARBOTIX Series
  • Introducing the Voltron , a new Carbotix series that Blitzway has ambitiously prepared!
  • In order to perfectly reproduce the Voltron that appears in the anime, Blitzway carefully analyzed the five lions. Free-moving joints that could reproduce their dynamic poses in the animation, while maintaining perfect proportions while in their lion states
  • Each lion’s eyes have an LED light to create an animated robot appearance, and the cover that hides unnecessary parts when the robots are combined achieves the appearance of Voltron with a higher degree of perfection
  • The included action base enables you to display each lion as if they are floating in the air using a support shaped as a trajectory of light representing each lion. This support can also be used to mount weapons when combined into the form of Voltron
SaleBestseller No. 2
Voltron Sword
  • Product includes: toy sword. Length: 27"
  • Voltron: legendary defender (DreamWorks)
  • Officially licensed product
Bestseller No. 3
Bandai Tamashii Nations Voltron GX-71 Soul of Chogokin Action Figure
  • The Lion Force combines into Voltron! Voltron, Defender of the Universe returns!
  • The Chogokin series is back with amazing possibility and, of course, the ability to break down into five lions.
  • Also includes an optional screaming face to replicate battle scenes!
  • The 10 3/5-inch tall die-cast figure comprises the Red Lion, Green Lion, Blue Lion, Yellow Lion, and Black Lion, and accessories include the large sword, smaller twin swords, a variety of other weapons, and a stand.
  • Intended for ages 15 and up.
Bestseller No. 4
Voltron Ultimate 14" Electronic Figure
  • Includes Bayard sword!
  • Includes removable helmet
  • 10+ points of articulation
  • 5.5" Scale figure
  • Playmates (Author)
Bestseller No. 5
Bandai Tamashii Nations GX-71 Voltron "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" Soul of Chogokin Action Figure
  • The 270mm tall diecast figure comprises the red lion, green lion, blue lion, yellow lion, and black lion
  • Packaging for Western markets comes with a special sleeve that features a larger voltron logo, while the package underneath features the golion logo more recognizable in asian markets
  • Product bears official Bluefin Distribution logo
Bestseller No. 6
Super7 Voltron Reaction Figure
  • 3.75 inches tall
  • Comes with sword
  • Made of plastic
  • Does not convert to individual figures
  • 5 points of articulation
SaleBestseller No. 7
Marvel Titan Hero Series Action Figure Multipack, 6 Action Figures, 12-Inch Toys, Inspired Comics, for Kids Ages 4 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)
  • INCLUDES 6 ICONIC MARVEL CHARACTERS: This 6 figure multipack features iconic Marvel characters, including Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther
  • 12-INCH SCALE ACTION FIGURES: Imagine these characters leaping into battle with12-inch-scale figures, inspired by the classic character designs from the Marvel comics
  • EACH FIGURE INCLUDES 5 TO 7 POINTS OF ARTICULATION: Each figure includes five to seven points of articulation (arms, legs, head, and sometimes hands). Have fun posing figures and imagining exciting action
  • MARVEL COMICS-INSPIRED DESIGN: Kids can imagine mighty heroes battling in a fight for the fate of the world with these figures featuring iconic comic-inspired design
  • LOOK FOR OTHER MARVEL SUPER HERO TOYS: Be on the lookout for other Marvel action figures and gear to imagine the brave heroes defending the world from evil. Additional products each sold separately. Subject to availability.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Voltron Legendary Red Lion
  • Includes the "Magma Beam" projectile launcher
  • Transforms into Voltron's right arm to combine with Legendary Lions to form 16" Voltron!
  • Includes speeder with pilot, Keith
  • Includes part of Voltron's sword!
  • 18 points of articulation
Bestseller No. 9
LEGO 21311 LEGO Ideas Voltron
  • Voltron
  • Play with the lions individually or combine them using extra-strong joints to form Voltron—the black lion forms the head and torso; the red and green lions form the arms; and the yellow and blue lions form the legs
  • Pose the head, shoulders, arms and wrists of Voltron (legs are not posable)
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 16+
  • Number of pieces: 2321
Bestseller No. 10
LEGO Ideas Voltron 21311 Building Kit (2321 Pieces) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
  • Build 5 posable Voltron lions and combine them all to create the Voltron super robot toy!
  • Display or recreate scenes from the original Japanese anime TV series, Beast King GoLion, the 1980s Japanese anime Voltron TV series, and the DreamWorks Voltron: Legendary Defender series
  • Voltron figure measures over 15” (40cm) high, 5” (14cm) long and 8” (21cm) wide
  • 2321 pieces – Voltron toy building set for boys and girls aged 16+ and for fans and big kids of all ages
  • The LEGO Ideas Voltron 21311 robot toy can be built together with all other original LEGO sets and LEGO bricks for creative building

Top 13 Best Voltron Toy Reviews 2023

Bandai Tamashii Nations GX-71 

Bandai Tamashii Nations GX-71 Voltron "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" Soul of Chogokin Action Figure
  • The 270mm tall diecast figure comprises the red lion, green lion, blue lion, yellow lion, and black lion
  • Packaging for Western markets comes with a special sleeve that features a larger voltron logo, while the package underneath features the golion logo more recognizable in asian markets
  • Product bears official Bluefin Distribution logo

Voltron, the world protector, is back! In the tale of the Voltron episode, the absolutely greatest individual gets back with incredible potential and, of necessity, the capacity to divide into 5 Lions. It contains a special shout mask for action sequences to mimic! A broad diameter of 275 mm consists of a runestone, a white Lion, a Blue Polar bear, a gray Lion, a wide blade, and a dual shorter blade plus several other arms.

A booth is included. West-market labeling features unique sleeves with a bigger Voltron emblem, although the design is more visible in the Asiatic regions with the Lions Going logo.

How wonderful Bandai’s Essence of Chogokin GX-71 Amortizing is, it’s tough to place in terms. It is a high-profile exhibition for both movement and their followers and for people who are generally robot enthusiasts. The lovely shades and glow help the item quite show when you take Polystyrene out. 

The catch is that all these animals sound much stronger than they appear with an elevated weightiness and strength. Good knees ensure a safe and enjoyable combination of the enormous amount of hip in both human animals. The change to the same was an easy but satisfactory system by layout.

Bandai demonstrated how this row would be the basis for Pro Robot’s collection, even for the Spirit of Chogokin Voltron. There seem to be several big Voltron products that are turning / merging, and I wouldn’t think like someone else holds a spotlight on how often this part is finished. 

It looks and feels amazing and has no consistency drawbacks at all. Whether you’re searching for a Voltron and you’ll have an expenditure beyond cost, that’s probably true.


  • Gorgeous design
  • High quality
  • Suitable for everybody


  • Expensive

Voltron 84 Legendary Classic Combining Lion 16″ inch 

No products found.

From times of ages afterward, from unmapped parts of the world, arrives a story. The story of Voltron, Protector of the World! A strong robot, well-loved, fearful of darkness! All of the Dragons from the iconic TV series could now be taken in command.

Every Lion arrives in a cold frame screaming VOLTRON. For all its attachments, the Lion play is noticeable in front and middle. The emblematic Voltron emblem, the image of the cartoon Lion concerned, a completely developed image of Voltron as well as a jillion calls out tells you what else this product could do. It is audacious, lively, and certain to take care of your playground.

You will instantly be amazed by gadgets’ richness after releasing every lion of its concrete cage (had very custom convenient knives, there are plastic links abundantly). Broad Lion has no equipment, but Blue, Brown, Blue, and White fall packed due to its size and the circuitry. They each have a missile-lance arm, back legs, laser arms, and a forehead knife (with actual button-fired missile systems).

To sum up, the Voltron Classic’84 Legendary Lion Range has been an outstanding engineering piece by Playmates Items. This should certainly be pleased that young people are exposed to the Voltron model for the first period. In contrast, the elderly “children” – such as myself – who have grown up with that same Voltron model will bask in the amazing nose of everything.


  • Simple to install
  • Friendly Material
  • Compact design


  • A bit expensive

Voltron Classic Combining Green Lion Action Figure

Voltron Classic Combining Green Lion Action Figure
  • Combines with the other legendary lions to form a 16" Voltron!
  • Includes missile firing projectile launcher!
  • Includes jaw blade and beam emitter!
  • Her Royal Highness, Princess Allura of planet Arus, became pilot of the Blue Lion, the right leg of Voltron!

Although the figures are a little “hole” on their hand, they’re still robust and have big reels – and they’re large! I had a whole package myself, so he’s totally amazing so that I might have nature online. Five planets 4.0 Great vintage toy edition! All technological innovation enables the Yellow Lion to build the most powerful Voltron ever seen in combination with some other Classic Legendary Animals! The Offerors Box Set from Voltron Iconic Iconic Green Lion

The Legendary Yellow Lion Offerors Box Set of Voltron CLASSIC From Teammates. It’s indeed essential to the Dragons of Voltron to protect the world against their darkness when Zarkon powers disturb harmony! 

The Voltron Mythical Eagle range consists of red, orange, purple, and black lions, each with their own arms and characteristics to fight Zarkon’s beasts! A myth emerges from bygone days, from the unknown areas of the world. Voltron’s myth, Cosmos Protector! A strong robot, good-loving, evil-fearing! You could then use the vintage TV series to seize ownership of the Environmental Lion.


  • Overall quality is excellent
  • Great application
  • Friendly material


  • It may miss some features

Voltron Classic Combining Red Lion Action Figure

Voltron Classic Combining Red Lion Action Figure
  • Includes Voltron's Blazing Sword!
  • Combines with the other legendary lions to form a 16" Voltron!
  • Includes missile firing projectile launcher!
  • Lance is the hot-headed Ace flyer of the Voltron lion force!

A story emerges from hours before, from unknown parts of the world. Voltron’s myth, Universe Protector! A powerful robot, nice liked, badly scared! From the popular television show, you could carry over the Golden Lion. All advanced medicine ensures that the red lion will build the most sophisticated Voltron ever seen in conjunction with some other iconic mythical animals.

Mates of the Play It’s too much pleasure for Voltron. The expressions, the scale, the precision at which the animation is captured. The people who say that they must always come to the shop their gray dragons, also because 60 tones cannot also be heard because the relation is not safe between the magenta lions. 

Many said that it was an issue with electronics, but it doesn’t really. The small click within the arms joint isn’t big enough to be regularly disabled by the weapons. Probably stick anything (or add it) to the key to lift it a little, and it’s fine.

Small small round arm bolt key. Please find out what is right and stick more to it. Then maybe you can appreciate this pretty fun tool and see the entire Voltron power chatting.


  • Easy to set up
  • High-quality plastic
  • Overall quality is quite good


  • The colors are not very vivid.

Voltron Black Lion Die Cast Figure

No products found.

It is prepared for your baby to protect the world and overcome evildoers. Donate your child a robotics device with your inventive child. You sure will enjoy this Experience Power Astrobot Machine Toy! This advanced tech toy is prepared to hold your nefarious child healthy and strong and contains fluorescent colors and robotic noises which you can turn on with the press. 

This compelling and interesting toy is multicolored in key colors of blue, purple, and orange and ideal for children involved in mechanism and robotics. And will certainly set off hours of invaluable fun and will quickly mix with anything and everything current items of their baby.

The white Voltron Lion, now in luxury die set! Beautifully rendered iron Lion is constructed from great designs and turns into a 7″-scale Goggles head and body when paired with several other Cats of the steel protector sequence! Shouldn’t iron blind your automatons? 

The Adventures Power Astrobot Moving Device Toy is simple to manage and requires only a Battery pack given. It is perfect for 4 and aged adults and will surely become a good playground for your kids!


  • Vivid color
  • Good quality material
  • Suitable for all


  • Not compact 

Voltron Ultimate 14″ Electronic Figure

Voltron Ultimate 14" Electronic Figure
  • Includes Bayard sword!
  • Includes removable helmet
  • 10+ points of articulation
  • 5.5" Scale figure
  • Playmates (Author)

You could fight the Galra evil powers with the supreme Voltron with an extremely detailed Voltron edition! Extreme Amortizing includes colors, vibrations, “lasers,” missiles, unbelievable details, and joints.

Voltron – the known universe protector! The universe was first created ten thousand years ago to defend it from the darkness. A powerful warrior, more than 200 meters above sea level, mounted by Five Robotic Dragons. Now, the ability to overthrow Voltron’s dictatorship and minimum purchase the harmony must be mastered by six women warriors of the planet.

It does have a lot of info, many keys to push, and many more little items to keep a baby entertained. This amortizing is an adorable face.

It has a lot of info, buttons to push, and much more little stuff to keep a baby entertained. This Voltron is a very fantastic figure. It even has a small spray but is tired out. An individual can miss any, and he has flexible joints and many expressions and sounds. You can still use the off button to shut it off whenever you wouldn’t want to hall noises and lighting. The expressions are not precise to the display, but that is a very nice play apart.


  • Cheap price
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to set up


  • A bit heavy

SNAEN Multifunctional Remote Robot Dinosaur

Multi-Functional Remote Dragon Toy with Mist Spray, Soft Bullets Shooting, Interactive Electric Fire Breathing Dragon with Programming, Intelligent Walking T-rex Dinosaur Robot Toy Gift for Kids
  • 【Warm Tips: Songs were updated, suitable for kids.】Spray Ice and Fire: Dinosaur will spray mist and the RGB light in the mouth turn RED after you pressed the button “Spray fire”, which looks like fire erupted from mouth. When you press “Spray ice”, the RGB light turn BLUE and spraying lasts 5 seconds. Please fill clean water into the built-in water case in head before you play. 2 small plastic bottles are included.
  • Soft Bullet Missile Launch: This super mechanical dragon not only has big wings but equipped with a powerful ejector which can launch 3 missiles in a time. Install the launcher on its back, then load the soft bullets and press the button “Shooting” to fire! The shooting range can reach about 17ft, DO NOT AIM AT EYES OR FACE! 6 bullets are included.
  • Programming for Your Electronic Pet: How to tame this fierce monster? Programming can help! It will run any commands you gave if you use the programming function. There is a prompt tone when you press the Program key, then press the other function buttons one by one (less than 20 commands), and finally press the Program key and your cool dino pet will begin to demonstrate.
  • Ideal Educational Gift for Young Kids: This Rotbosaur is not only a multi-functional remote control toy for children, but also a good learning partner for them. Your little can acquire some basic knowledge like popular science, stories, poetries, tongue twisters. Besides, touch interaction can stimulate the child's curiosity, it will give some feedback like simulation roaring when you touch its head. More interesting features await you to explore.
  • Super Large Size with Endless Fun: Unlike other small robotic dinosaur, this one is extra large size (27.5*17*12.6”) after assembled. Ejector, wings and tail are dismountable, which can save the space if you finish playing. And, it comes with 2 sets of rechargeable battery for dinosaur body, that will provide kids big happiness. It was packed into a colorful box with handle, kid will very exciting while he/she receive such a big present in their birthday, Christmas, New Years and other festival.

After you have pushed the key ‘Flame fire’ that appears like the flames from the face, the Dinosaur can squirt the brush, and the Hue lighting in the tongue switches RED. The Hue lights change Black, and sprays take 4 minutes when you push on “Aerosol ice.” Weigh the constructed water box before playing with clean drinking water. There are two smaller containers of plastic.

Not only really has large wings, but this huge electronic dinosaur also has a strong evaporator, which would take up to two rockets at dinner. Set the trigger on the side, then mount the weak ammunition and click the “Getting shot” key to fire!

How will this beast be tamed? Coding can help!  If you’re using the program feature, it will execute any orders you provided. If you push the Program key, click other feature buttons once with one (or less Twenty instructions), then the Software best approach is pressed, and your nice hippo pet starts to display.

This Robosaur is not just a multipurpose toy for kids, and it can also be a great country for students’ education. Your little one will gain basic knowledge such as science journalism, history, poetry, tongue tweeting. Moreover, touch contact will trigger the kid’s curiosity and provide input, such as visualization, when you contact his or her face. It would help if you looked forward to more fun functions.


  • Enhance brain’s development
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to install


  • Not vivid

TOBOT Athlon, Youngtoys Car Transforming

Tobot could change to vehicle mode and away from cruise mode! Ability to turn quickly and easily for all generations! A piece of specific information came for each Robot. Search the approved video of the Tobot!

This TOBOT is not only a multifunctional toy for children and can be a proud empire for learning. Your child can acquire the basics of popular science, literature, literature, blogging. 

Besides, the interaction can stimulate the child’s imagination and provide information when interacting with his or her head, like visualization. If you were interested in more features, this would aid.


  • Easy to play
  • Safety material
  • Best gift for your kids


  • Not withstand transformations

SNAEN 5-in-1 Construction Vehicles Transform

SNAEN Toys for 3 4 5 6 7 Year Old Boys - Construction Vehicles Transform Robot Kids Toys, STEM Building Toddler Toys for Kids Ages 4-8 w/ Pull-Back Toys, 5-in-1 Trucks Gifts for Boys Girls
  • ROBOT ACTION FIGURE: 5 toy trucks building robots cars toys for boys 3-5 years oldthat transform into giant Pull back truck, and when put together they create one ROBOT!! Playing with these kinds of toys will provide your child with hours of imaginative play. It helps promote hand-eye coordination, cognitive ability and motor skills.
  • MORE PULL-BACK TRUCK COMBINATION: This toy has more than 12 small parts, giving it a variety of potential combinations. For example, they can build longer cranes, or form multi-purpose trucks with both crane and excavator functions. Each truck can move independently, they just pull them back and release to see them sliding on the floor.
  • MAGNETIC ASSEMBLY: Construction toy truck can be assembled and disassembled because they are made of magnetic splicing which this assembly method is simpler and more convenient. Each small part has a magnetic force, assembling into a big robot through the magnetic spots. You dont need to worry about magnetism, because the strength of the magnet is designed to protect the safety of children.
  • EDUCATIONAL BENIFITS: Only need some sand, you can create your own construction base that simulate the transport of construction sites carrying sand and other materials. The realistic moving parts such as toy excavator can move 36 degrees add to its detailing and keep your child involved in playing with the truck for hours. Great kids toys for boys age 4-7.

5 toy rockets which become giants Take the vehicle out, and build one ROBOT once put around! You’ve got hours of creative games with any of these different toys. It supports synchronization of the hand-eyes, reasoning skills, and impulse control.

Each baby and child can easily accelerate with very few textural attributes to each car’s revamp function. Just push it away and free it up to see something move from across the ground.

A container for dumping, a concrete truck, a sledgehammer, or a crane? This five-in-a-kit vehicle is a big contribution to your children’s toy truck range. Building toy vehicles can indeed be mounted and dismantled as mechanical spliced.

You would only need soil to build your own foundation, and you could model the transportation of salt and other resources from building sites.

The practical electronic components like a paddling toy could be shifted to 360 ° and attach to its information and spend time with your kids.


  • Easy to use
  • Installation Pneumatic
  • Benefits of Training


  • They did not remain very well together

Voltron Classic Black Lion Action Figure

Voltron Classic Black Lion Action Figure
  • Combines with the other legendary lions to form a 16" Voltron!
  • Over 60 phrases and sound effects!
  • Voltron's chest lights up!
  • Keith is the lead of the Voltron lion force and pilot of the black lion!

The overall product is great, and the cash is worthwhile. The formulation of pressure is not flawless, but it is fully satisfactory, and the final paint and look of the model are immediately visible. Although the figures are a little “hole” on their hand, they’re still robust and have big reels – and they’re large! 

A myth emerges from bygone days, from the unknown areas of the world. Voltron’s myth, Cosmos Protector! A strong robot, good-loved, evil-fearing! You could now call black Lion’s possession of the iconic Television show. 

The white lions are filled with lights, noises, and expressions from the actual series with every modern innovation! So that you can make the most sophisticated Voltron together with all the other iconic Animals and release far more vibrations!

It has amazing information and is 27″ high, and dominates its contemporaries’ quality and size. 


  • Reasonable price
  • Suitable for novice
  • More than 65 phrases and vibrations


  • Not lightweight

SNAEN 10 in 1 Digit Robot Action Figure Toy

SNAEN 10 in 1 Digit Robot Action Figure Toy Numbers can be Converted into a Fighter, Vehicles Included Assault Vehicles,5 Can Combine into 1 Big Fighting Robot with Weapons
  • 【0-4 Math Sign Super cool Robots Toys】Encourages logical thinking and problem solving, encourages your child’s imagination to endless possibilities.Combining education with games,the child's brain gets exercised and becomes smarter!And the BPA free,safe for toddler playing.
  • 【Combined Deformation Robot】- Each number can be deformed individually or in combination, and multiple combinations allow the child to complete a huge robot.
  • 【Strong car body】Made of high-quality ABS plastics which is durable, light and non-toxic with strong crash resistance. Its new materials & strong shockproof body can help to reduce the damage of falling.
  • 【Intellectual Development】These numbers to robots twist and turn allowing thought provoking mental and hand activity to switch them back and forth from numbers to robots and back again.
  • 【Best gifts for kids】Suitable for parent-child activities and social activities, is a choice for children's holiday gifts; This compact and colorful machine toy will make a great gift for children !

Fosters rational thought and lateral thinking foster the creativity of your child for limitless potential. The child’s brain wanders stimulated and cleverer by mixing learning with sports! And the Arsenic is ready to download safely for kids. Each amount can be independently disfigured or combined, and a series of variations can indeed complete a large device.

Composed of strong, rugged, lightweight, and semi ABS materials with good crash strength. Its advanced inventions and powerful structure can contribute to reducing downtime harm. 

These figures bend and transform to robotics, enabling thinking and cognitive hand movement to move them from figures to robotic arms. Appropriate for mother or father activity and group events, this lightweight, fun kid’s festive toy makes a perfect gift!


  • Strong structure
  • Enhance logical thinking
  • Best present for children


  • Quite heavy

 MIEBELY Toddler Robot Construction Vehicles Set

MIEBELY Toddler Robot Construction Vehicles Set – 5Pcs Transforming Robots for Kids - Magnetic Toys with Durable Connectors – Easy DIY Assembly Function – 5-in-1 Educational STEM Toys
  • A Must For Any Toddler: Is your little one’s birthday just around the corner and you want to surprise them with a unique present? Would you like to get your toddler away from the TV and console and into a fun, educational indoors activity? The Miebly toy trucks set is the perfect choice!
  • Safety Comes First: This robot toy set is made with premium quality, highly durable ABS, a heavy-duty plastic which is 100% safe, non-toxic and guaranteed to withstand kids’ daily energetic handling.
  • What’s Included: These awesome cars toys include 5 individual toys which can be easily transformed into dinosaurs or construction vehicles. Put them together and create a mega robot that will instantly become your toddler’s favorite!
  • Educational and Fun: Naturally stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity, spark their interest for educational subjects such as engineering, develop their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities with this amazing 4 year old boy toys set, the perfect indoor or travel activity that will keep them busy for hours at a time!
  • The Perfect Present: Order the Miebly toddler boy toys as an amazing present for their birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, holidays or other special occasions and you can be sure they will absolutely love it! Our magnet construction kit is perfect for boys and girls over 3 years old.

There is really no place for negotiation in terms of your child’s health and well-being. That is why Miebely only uses the best features, beautiful design, and tested manufacturers to meet our good expectations. If you’re not totally happy with your order, our customer support team!

This incredible 5-piece robotic play kit is perfect for children involved in dinosaurs, automobiles, and machines, the perfect time to start playing! 

Designed for males and females from 4 to 7 years, this model vehicle system offers sturdy, healthy, and planning means and supports communication skills, the importance of teamwork, and motor ability, everything organically and interestingly! This model vehicle kit offers you innovation and innovation!

This changing play collection is made of good, extremely durable Ribs, a 100percent safe environment sturdy, durable material that can endure people’s healthy energy treatment. The certification is full to prevent infant goods from being contacted.

These great car sets contain 5 toys that would easily be turned into robots or building cars. Combine them and build an immediately dream gigantic robot for your brother!


  • Educational advantages
  • 100% safety with the environment
  • Great gift


  • A bit heavy

Youngtoys Tobot Mini C, Car Transforming Robot

Youngtoys Tobot Mini C, Car Transforming Robot Car to Robot Animation Character …
  • Figure converts from robot mode to car mode and back
  • Miniature model of Evolution Y / Figure size: 4"
  • Quick & Easy transforming steps
  • For all ages and genders
  • Check out the other Mini TOBOT from Young Toys! Collect them all!

Because of your kid’s well enough and welfare, there is just no room for negotiations. For this reason, the Young robot uses only the key qualities, stunning architecture, and verified producers to fulfill our good standards. Our customer care department unless you’re not completely satisfied with your request!

The amazing five-piece robot game set is ideal for stopping building for kids engaged in robots, cars, and robots.

Made up of robust, robust, flexible, and sub-impact products. Its innovative technologies and existing employees can reduce slowdown damage. These models turn and turn into robots and allow thought and arm movements from images to mechanical systems. This compact pleasant child’s pleasant holiday toy is suitable for mom and dad’s activities and community activities!


  • Really cheap
  • Compact design


  • Not good material

Something You Should Consider Before Buying Best Voltron Toy

How to distinguish between real and fake Voltron toys

Based on the logo and the picture on the box

Genuine products are often printed with the product’s pictures on the box with information such as Name, Product code, suitable age, number of pieces … The picture on the box is usually very sharp.

Counterfeit products often do not use the company’s logo but leave other logos.

Based on the letters printed on the tiles

Normally, genuine products are noticed by the manufacturer, and at Voltron, you will often see them print the word Lego on beautiful pieces of bricks regardless of whether the brick is big or small.

Based on the quality of the bricks

Made of ABS plastic, the bricks of Lego toys are excellent and durable. Each Lego piece usually fits very well, whether it’s an old toy or a new one. And one more thing is that the genuine bricks withstand extremely great weight without breaking or deforming.

 Based on the selling price

With this genuine, extremely quality Lego toy, the price is not low. That is why parents should not be cheap because it is easy to buy counterfeit goods.

How do you choose toys for babies to suit age?

Children under 2 years old 

At this age, babies are inquisitive and often hold things around to explore, so the items to buy here must be safe, not sharp, non-toxic. Xanh Lo would like to introduce to you to buy assembled products about objects, toys, animals around the house such as dogs, cats, birds, trees …

Children from 2 – 4 years old

 At this age, the baby has a more developed brain and can perceive the world around them better. Hence, parents need to buy Lego toys that have a more serious difficulty increasing the baby’s thinking ability and brain development.

Ideally, you should let your baby play simple block games. Children can play jigsaw puzzle blocks together in a simple way but very suitable for their capacity. Only then will the baby feel interested and begin to get used to the play of these smart enhanced children’s toys. After the baby gets used to it, new parents should invest in some new toys, increasing the dish’s difficulty following the baby’s development.

Children over 4 years old

 At this age, the baby begins to develop the most comprehensive physical and brain. At this time, the Voltron toy models help babies think and think very well.

Your baby’s logical thinking activities are more developed at this stage because they already have the basic knowledge bases. Therefore, parents should choose for their children to play with evocative, non-fixed solutions for their children to construct ideas and goals and achieve good results. These toys will certainly be more complex and plentiful than the stage under 3 years old to meet the needs of your baby’s discovery and development.


Can Voltron possess LGBT characteristics?

In particular, this had two gay characters, Sephiroth and Dag, who ran up, and Richard died a couple of months later, but Amon met Craig, a minor person added in Stage 9, at the end of the seventh and last stages. The show was full of disapproval of the treatment of its Lgbt community.

Is Voltron’s romantic relationship?

Most of Voltron’s internet services focus on different “boats” inside the central Voltron chart on which protagonists fit. That being said, only Hottie and the Balmeran Kelli were among the principal figures of Voltron Iconic Protector in some emotional realization.

Is the child-pleasant to Voltron?

They’re quite nervous. They’re very stressful. The aggression involved makes it difficult to claim this was a perfect choice for children, but it would be much like it when these valiant warriors behave themselves if they could deal with such tense material.

Is it worth observing Voltron?

Although it is certainly not a perfect title, Voltron is a series that I suggest following from start to finish. I feel Voltron: The iconic protector is certainly worthy of your time unless you’re a follower of scientific science, action stories, or the actual movie.

Which is Voltron’s age range?

Voltron: Theoretically, the intended audience of Iconic Protector is about 4-9 years old, but it ought not to be. She ought to be older, or something about the age of 11-16.

Watching this video to get more detail to pick the best voltron toy :

Conclude: Our Answer For The Best Voltron Toy 

There is a wide range of different Voltron toys on the market today. Do you know how to choose the best Voltron toy for you yet? If not, then I hope this post will help you

Below is our top 5 best voltron toy:

Voltron Classic Combining Green Lion Action Figure
Best For
best Voltron toy for friendly material
Voltron Classic Combining Red Lion Action Figure
Best For
best Voltron toy for novices
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