15 Best Trail Cameras For Home Security That Will Keep Your Home In Check (Updated 2024)

Home security has always been one of the concerns for any household. The idea of being targeted by burglars or thieves is nothing pleasant, and installing cameras in various places sounds like just the best method to keep our safe haven in control. So which is the best trail cameras for home security that you are looking for?

Security cameras are usually the choice for home use, however fact has proven trail cameras can be great alternatives due to their ability to capture records only when there are movements, thus reducing the battery consumption and increasing efficiency. Most trail cameras are to be placed outdoors so they are very durable and can work under harsh weather conditions, which makes them even better choices.

So trail cameras are good for home security, but how to choose ones that suit you and your home when there are countless products out there? Worry not, we are here to answer that by giving you our top 15 best trail cameras.

Best Trail Cameras For Home Security Comparison 2024

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Top 15 Best Trail Cameras For Home Security Reviews 2024

LTE 4G Cellular Trail Cameras

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This camera from CREATIVE XP offers wide range (up to 65 feet) night vision recording of full HD photos and videos. Connect it to your home wifi and it will send anything recorded to your phone, pc or laptop. It also comes with a free Simhero card with 500 free photos and a 32 GB SD card.


  • Record up to 1080p videos and 12 MP photos, both in day and nighttime.
  • Water and snow proof, equipped with a 56 no-glow IR LED – people and animals will not notice it.
  • Send photos and videos automatically to set address, no need to check every hour.
  • Easy to install and set up.


  • Use 12 AA batteries, although it can be attached to a CREATIVE XP solar panel for constant charging.

SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO-S-LTE Solar Cellular Trail Camera

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SPYPOINT is well known for their gadgets which are integrated with solar panel technology, this camera is no exception. It comes with a LIT-10 lithium battery which can be charged directly by the panel.


  • Rechargeable battery. There is no need to worry about the battery running out.
  • Cameras are managed via SPYPOINT, an app easy to use and offers users a variety of tools to customize for the best experience.
  • Photos and videos are sent to the app, you can check what is going on where your cameras are facing without having to go outside yourself.
  • 0.07s trigger speed.
  • User-friendly.


  • The app can be buggy sometimes.
  • Image resolution is not high.
  • You need a solar panel of the same brand in order to charge the battery, so the actual cost for a full setup may be more than what you expected.

SPYPOINT FORCE-20 Trail Camera

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Another piece of work from SPYPOINT, featuring a 20 MP camera for static photos. The super-low-glow LED guarantees great quality of image even at nighttime, and the time lapse as well as multi-shot feature which allows taking up to 5 pictures ensure you will not miss anything, or anyone lurking in the dark. Its detection range of 70 feet is enough to cover not only corridors but also gardens or garages in most households. 

The video quality of 720p doesn’t stand out too much tho. It’s still a great choice in terms of balancing between budget and efficiency nonetheless.


  • Wide LED range and detection range.
  • Use both AA batteries and DC charge.
  • BUCK TRACKER A.I integrated – recognize and analyze photos by species and genders.
  • Stable working efficiency.
  • Nice photos in both day and night.
  • Cost-effective choice.


  • Just so-so video quality and no audio.
  • 0.7s trigger time is not very impressive.

Browning Defender Wireless Pro Scout Cellular Trail Camera (Verizon)

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This sturdy-looking boy offers a 18MP camera, a 120 feet flash range, 80 feet detection range, infrared illumination at night and many more solid features. The package includes a 32GB memory card and a J-TECH USB card reader. Its cost is above average but it’s Browning we are talking about. Customer service is nice and in case your product does not work like you expected, just contact them.


  • High resolution camera, wide flash and detection range.
  • 1600 x 900 HD videos with sound.
  • 0.22s trigger speed.
  • Includes a 32GB memory card and a J-TECH card reader.
  • Infrared flash ensures great photo quality at night.
  • Up to 8 multi-shot and rapid-fire photos.


  • Noisy shutter.
  • Limited options for picture interval.
  • The app used to manage the cameras may be unpleasant to operate sometimes.

GardePro A3 Trail Camera

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Apart from a 20MP camera, a motion detection range of up to 82 feet and 100 feet no glow infrared night vision which sounds common in the market by now, this camera records videos with sound in MP4 format which is compatible with any players. 

Compared with other trail cameras which use the MJPEG format, its compact size saves 80% storage, which allows for more recording. Its remote-control-style operation system with a 2.31” high res color screen is quite friendly even for first-time users. If you are new to the field of trail cameras, this one may just be what you want to grab for the sake of monitoring your residence.


  • Super low light sensitivity – it produces clear color images in low light conditions and clear night vision in total darkness.
  • Advanced H.264 1080p 30fps video with sound recording.
  • Fast motion detection – 0.1s trigger speed and 0.5s recovery time.
  • Accept memory cards of up to 128GB.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Offers a wide variety of features.


  • Motion detection doesn’t work through windows.
  • Limited video duration.
  • Memory cards are not included.

Stealth Cam G42NG No-Glow Trail Game Camera

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This one comes with a 32GB built-in SD card, and while it doesn’t excel in the quality of photos or videos – the camera is only 10MP, it provides you with stealthy as its name suggests – there is no flash, no red light nor any noise when it takes pictures. 

Considering we are talking about trail cams for security purposes which means the image quality is not very important, this just hits the spot! It is light, it is small, it is easy to install and setup, and prowlers won’t know it is recording them, what else could you ask for?


  • Retina low light sensitivity technology – provides stable image quality at nighttime.
  • 1 to 9 images per triggering in burst mode.
  • No glow black IR flash.
  • No shutter sound.
  • Comes with a built-in SD card.


  • Not high image quality.
  • Pretty restricted alternatives for memory cards – many do not work according to some users.
  • Seems to be built for in-house use but no wifi connection.

Campark Trail Camera WiFi 20MP 1296P

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Another trail camera which offers high resolution images. This one allows capturing of 20MP photos and 1296p videos with clear sound. It has a built-in wifi function that lets you connect to it with your phones to set up or check the videos and photos directly. It can be controlled with a remote although its range is limited and an app is required. 

The package includes a mounting belt, a threaded tripod and screws, and the IP66 case is snow and waterproof so you can attach it to a high corner in your porch or a tall tree and there’s no worry about anyone or anything reaching it. It features various functions and reliable services such as date and time, moonphase, temperature, timer, real-time display,… which enable ample utilizations.


  • High quality image and sound recording, both at day and night.
  • Built-in wifi and app remote control.
  • Great motion detection.
  • Various useful functions and services
  • Smart management via app.


  • Shorter trigger range than many other products.
  • Limited remote control range.
  • Battery and memory card not included.


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Like other trail cameras from SPYPOINT, this one has an integrated lithium battery but the solar panel is not included so be ready to spend some more on one. Putting that aside, SPYPOINT SOLAR-DARK boasts a 12MP camera and the Hybrid Illumination Technology (HIT) flash system, which allows you to configure flash to the setting which fits your need the most. 

It also offers the trigger speed of 0.07s – faster than any other trail camera, which means nothing will get through its range of capturing. The packet includes a strap, a mounting bracket, an SD card – although only 16GB – and a USB card reader. The durable lithium battery is what’s worth your money’s value, and despite it giving you the option of using 8 AA batteries you may want to buy the batteries just once at most for spare only.


  • Lightning-fast trigger speed.
  • Various settings for flash, from no-glow to blur reduction.
  • Strong, rechargeable lithium battery. Invest some more into a 12V backup battery and it will save you more than you could imagine for batteries.
  • Small size, suitable for setting up more than one in many locations.
  • Invisible LED, talk about stealthy!


SPYPOINT Link Micro VZN Version

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One of the cheap Japanese-brand ballpoint pens has received a lot of attention. Ballpoint pens usually have an ink line of only 0.38mm. The design of the ballpoint pen has a button at the top that makes it easier to use. Ballpoint pen tip is highly appreciated because it brings a smooth feeling when writing, does not numb the hand when writing for a long time.

This is a high-class ballpoint pen that is loved by many teachers and students because it has many different ink colors for you to choose from. In particular, the high-grade alloy ball head helps to ink evenly and continuously, giving you a smoother writing feeling. This is also a suitable pen for you to write straight, squeeze your hand.


  • Lightweight 
  • Not scratchy
  • Value for money


  • It isn’t great for handwriting or filling out forms

Spartan HD GoCam – New Verizon 4G/LTE

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This one may look a bit bulky for a trail camera and its price coupled with the fact that it uses 12 AA batteries resulted in a not-quite-affordable product. But even an amateur can tell just from its look that this gadget is extremely durable, and it truly is. It utilizes 4G for network and charges a small amount of just 5 dollars per month. 

The quality of image stays up there with most modern products. The bundle contains 6 UTowels edgeless microfiber towels and 1 Dog’s heart Large bone shaped drying towel, together with the necessary attachments. If you want a trail camera that works for years without breaking down and are not hesitant to spend on it, this big boy is for you!


  • Bulky build, made of microfiber, extremely durable.
  • Wide network coverage, low data rate.
  • Fast image transmission, accessed via app and web portal.
  • Decent image quality, outstanding battery life.
  • 2 years warranty.


  • The bulky size and look may make it hard to put this camera in-door, it also is quite noticeable. 
  • The app is not very modern and may be confusing.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD

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This camera boasts high definition videos recording and photos capturing with a 16MP resolution for static images and 720p resolution for videos. There is another version which features a 20MP camera but for the purpose of monitoring households, this 16MP version is much cheaper and is more than capable enough. 

It accepts up to 32GB memory cards and operates on 8 AA batteries, which, sadly, are sold separately. Its trigger speed is quite high – 0.3s, although the recovery time of 1s is slow in comparison with other modern trail cameras. Battery consumption is impressive: up to one full year at the rate of 35 daytime and 35 nighttime photos per day. This is totally one of the choices for budget.


  • Durable battery life.
  • Decent trigger speed.
  • High quality capturing for a reasonable price.
  • It looks cool!


  • Long recovery time.
  • Limited capability at night.

Meidase S3 Trail Game Cameras

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Another recording gadget which features the most high-end parts and technologies at a very reasonable cost. The camera itself is 20MP which produces very detailed pictures and 1080p – 30fps MP4 videos. Its impressive trigger speed of 0.1s – just slightly slower than the fastest speed in the market of 0.07s – comes together with the pre-activated technology and a decent recovery time of just half a second; the motion detection distance is 82 feet and there are 3 adjustable sensitivity levels. 

No one, be them humans or animals, will escape once they make a move in front of this camera in its detection range. It is equipped with 940nm No-glow IR LEDs to ensure stealthy capturing at night. Other things to mention about it is low power consumption, high durability and video length.


  • Great motion capturing.
  • Low battery consumption.
  • Records up to 5 minutes videos in MP4 format which is compatible with any players.
  • Affordable price.
  • Sensitivity levels can be adjusted.
  • Great night vision and image quality.
  • Works normally under rain, snow or harsh weather conditions.


  • Noise-sensitive.
  • Quite a large difference between view angle and detection angle.

TIDEWE Trail Camera

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This product from TIDEWE offers one of the highest resolution cameras in this list: 32MP. This allows for crystal clear still images and up to 4k videos. Being equipped with three passive infrared sensors renders the gadget a trigger speed of 0.2s, while the 45 mini infrared LEDs which emit no light at night ensure extraordinary night vision even in the darkest moonless night without disturbing animals.

It is designed with a 120° Wide angle range, so the shooting view is large and any movements within this range will be captured. Its tree-like color helps a lot with concealment too. It has a low battery consumption, and a 32GB SD card is included in the bundle, making it even more of a budget-effective choice.


  • Top-notch visual quality.
  • Long video length.
  • Extremely sensitive motion sensors.
  • Wide capture angle.
  • Color and design suitable for security purposes.
  • Bundle consists of an SD card.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Photos and videos can be reviewed from the screen inside.


  • Videos come in AVI format which take up a lot of storage space.
  • No cellular or wifi available.

Alpha Cam Premium Hunting 

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0.2s trigger speed – not bad, 1s recovery speed – meh, 30MP camera, able to record 1080p/ 30 fps videos – now that rocks! The visual quality is great both at day and night. It uses 8 AA batteries but any external solar charger or 12V battery should work fine. 

Power consumption is surprisingly low, as it takes one whole year at the rate of 70 pictures per day to drain a set of batteries. Overall there is not much to talk about an Alpha Cam Hunting, as it just seems to gather all the pros of other trail cameras.


  • Extreme photo and video clarity.
  • Extreme detection sensitivity and discrimination.
  • Reliable and stable performance.
  • Single-latch closure, easy to set up.
  • Compact file size, more space for more videos and photos.
  • Various alternatives for batteries.
  • Ultra strong waterproof case.


  • No SD card nor battery are included in the package.
  • Cannot use rechargeable batteries.

My Animal Command Powered Solar

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The last trail camera in our list is from My Animal Command. It features a 12MP camera and can capture videos of 1080p quality. It has a wide detection range of 90 degrees and 3 photos is taken any time the sensor is triggered. 24 PCs Infrared LEDs are equipped for night shots. 

All of these doesn’t sound bad, but what is really worth your money’s value is that a solar panel A.K.A solar battery pack is included in this bundle, along with all the required cables. That being said, if you are generous enough to invest just a little more in an SD card, then you are all set for installing this trail camera and waiting for the first shots of what happens at night around your house and field.


  • Decent quality photos and videos taken.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Wide detection range.
  • Bundle includes a solar battery pack.
  • Light and small, but durable.
  • Can operate in standby mode for approximately 6 months when fully charged.


  • No SD card included.
  • Trigger and recovery speed should be faster.

So Which Best Trail Cameras For Home Security Is Most Suitable For You?

We mentioned above the best trail cameras which can be used instead of security cameras in your house. Problem is, 15 is still a great number to pick from, and you likely will choose just one of these to equip your house with even though you will need more than one, due to it being easy to control and manage all the cameras using just one platform. So what choice will benefit you the most?

There are several factors you would want to consider, we have listed it for you:

Pixel Count

The first thing to consider when purchasing a camera is its pixel count. The higher the pixel count, the higher quality the pictures taken will be. A trail camera’s pixel count often ranges from 2MP to 20MP. The higher the better, of course, but remember that you will be using them for security purposes. For that matter, a 8MP or 10MP camera may just be enough if other features meet your requirements.

Trigger Speed

Trigger speed , simply put, is the time between when the motion is detected and when it is captured on photos. For a trail camera, especially for security purposes, this stats is one of the most crucial, as it relates directly to how likely a motion will be caught or missed. Naturally, you won’t want your trail camera to miss capturing a rat, a squirrel, or even a thief wandering near your fence just because they move faster than its trigger speed. As a matter of fact, a trigger speed of 0.5s or lower is what you should be looking for.

Recovery Time

Recovery time is the shortest time between two consecutive captures. If trigger speed indicates how fast your camera will ‘react’ to a motion, then recovery time describes how fast the action will be taken. A shorter recovery time means less empty frame and more meaningful pictures. Recovery time includes trigger time, so it may not need to be so low as trigger speed. However, many animals and humans are able to get out of the visual range of the camera in just 1 second, so you probably would want to get your hands on a trail camera with a recovery time of 0.5s, or 0.7s at most.


Trail cameras or not, once used to monitor households, should operate more at nighttime than at daytime. Therefore, flash comes in as the next important factor.

Normal cameras use bright, white-lighted flash, this is not good for a security camera, as it will reveal the location of the camera itself and the intruders will either be scared away, or notice the camera and do something about it. Trail cameras are small, easy-to-carry devices which may be costly, so thieves will probably not ignore them. That being said, a low-glow or no-glow flash which retains quality and still remains discrete is definitely much better. Another option is infrared flash, which acts like a no-glow in humans’ eyes 


A memory sufficient enough to hold more pictures and videos is the next essential factor after speed. More memory means you will be able to sleep tight or do what you want without having to check on the images regularly. 

Many trail cameras in the market nowaday come with built-in SD cards which should be enough to hold pictures in months until it becomes full. If the trail camera you like does not include it, feel free to buy a suitable one, as an SD card’s price is insufficient in comparison with what it may offer you.


Like memory, battery life of a trail camera determines how long it can work without disruption. Most modern trail cameras operate on 8 or 12 AA batteries, some even offer the rechargeable or solar powered battery, and they mostly can stay in standby mode for months before you need to replace or charge the batteries.

One thing to consider here is that the more high-end feature a camera boasts, the more power it consumes. You may want to overlook the fancy but unnecessary functions and pay a bit more attention to the camera’s battery and battery life. In the long run, durable batteries can save you more time and money than you could expect.

Detection Range

As the name suggests, detection range is the range, or distance from how far away from the trail camera it can detect motions and proceed to take a picture. Most modern trail cameras offer the detection range of 65 feet or above, which should be more than enough to cover your hallway, porch or corridor. For monitoring of your front yard or garden however, you may want a wider detection range. This is all up to where you want to place your trail camera.

Security Case

As we mentioned above, the safety of your trail camera itself is a significant factor to contemplate. Many trail cameras come with a security case. In case yours do not, consider buying a good one, since it may save you from the risk of losing your surveillance devices.

Wireless Capability

The capability to connect to wifi or cellular network is not new and absolutely convenient for a trail camera, since it allows transferring the photos and videos taken straight to your phones or pc, which make the checking process a lot less of a burden. Surely having a good 20MP trail camera with 100ft detection range and 120ft flash range looking down onto your backyard is great, but being able to surf through what it has captured for you with your phone every few minutes is just so much cooler.


This may be the most important thing to think about. Some trail cameras are a lot more expensive than others and sometimes you need not only one or two but dozens of them to monitor all your land. The price must be considered thoroughly with the combination of all the above points and in regard to your own wallet. You like a 20MP camera with 3 motion sensors and 45 infrared LEDs but it costs too much? Just choose another 12MP one with 24 infrared LEDs instead. Remember we need the camera to work for the sake of our own safety, not for facebook feed, smooth videos and crystal clear photos are not needed.


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The best quality falls into the hands of TIDEWE with the highest resolution camera, it also records 4K AVI videos, no other product in this list even comes close in this aspect.

The choice for budget is Meidase S3, as its cost is the most humble, despite this, its features rivals many of higher cost in terms of quality.

The My Animal Command’s solar panel-included bundle won them the Friendly category. You basically just need to order the bundle, receive it then setup the trail camera following the manual that comes together.

LTG from CREATIVE XP is the only gadget which features the use of both wifi and cellular networks. Naturally they won this category.

Bushnell Trophy Cam seems to be the most balanced product, as it provides great functions with the cheapest cost possible in this list.

And that concluded our review of the 15 best Trail cameras for home security. Hopefully this will help you choose what is really suitable for your household. 

This list is not absolute, you may make your own list of the best trail cameras and what suits you the most after you have a look here.

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