Best T5 Grow Light Reviews in 2023

The grow light you choose can be the difference between a completely successful indoor garden or a drag. But how do you know which lights are best and which are worth ignoring?

Well, there are some factors that make one light better than the next. As a gardener, you should never compromise on the quality of your grow room accessories if your goal is to have a successful garden.

Best T5 Grow Light

iPower T5 4-Feet 4 Lamp 6400K Fluorescent Ho Tube Grow Light Fixture

iPower T5 Grow Light Fixture, 4ft 6400k High-Output Fluorescent Tubes for Hydroponic & Greenhouse Use, 10ft Power Cord and 2 Hanging Cable
  • 15,720 lumens grow light system: All iPower T5 florescent bulbs are high-output tubes, which produces far more lumens than standard or HE tubes (4 tubes up to 15,720 Lumens)
  • Ultra-reflective surface: Low profile, powder coated housing with high-performance reflective material shaped to maximize light intensity and distribution, delivering 95% reflectivity and wider coverage
  • Use convenient: iPower T5 florescent bulbs can be installed/hung vertically, horizontally or overhead, ideal for grow houses, grow tents or stand rack, make your plants grow better
  • Great support: All bulbs UL certified for safe operation, are rated for 8000 hours of use under ideal conditions. We offer 2-year warranty for this grow light fixture
  • All accessories included: 1*light panel, 4*6400K 4ft Lamps, 2 hanging cables, 10 FT Power cord

This is one of the most efficient grow lights that make having an excellent yield easy to accomplish – this is always the goal of every gardener. But how does this bulb help achieve this?

The 216W-rated bulbs achieve 20000 lumens and have an efficient reflector ensuring that up to 95% of the light is directed back to the plants – talk of an efficient bulb! But is that the only significant feature that the bulb has?

Well, it also comes with a daisy-chain plug for dynamic linking to other bulbs. The feature makes it easy to power up to ten fixtures using a single plug.


  • Effective that ensures improved plant yields
  • A daisy chain plug that makes it possible to use one plug to power up to ten fixtures
  • Dual switches for effective control of the fixtures


  • Some of the bulbs may be of poor quality

Grow Co. T5 Fluorescent Fixture 6500K HO Bulbs

VIVOSUN T5 Grow Light Bulbs 54W 6500K HO Fluorescent Tubes Light Bulbs, Cool White T5 Bulb for 46 Inches T5 Light Fixtures, T5 Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Pack of 5
  • Cool, Balanced Light: Premium VIVOSUN T5 lamps emit a balanced blue and violet spectrum at 6500K to promote vibrant vegetation and prevent stretching
  • Long-Lasting: The average recommended usage life is well over 20,000 hours, exceeding the lifespan of almost any HID lamp
  • Gentle on Seedlings: 54 Watt bulbs put out 5000 Lumens, nurturing seedlings and tender foliage safely even at close range and in cramped spaces ( Package Includes: 5 bulbs)
  • Econommical: VIVOSUN T5 lamps are cost effective an efficient; Also, very low heat emissions reduce or eliminate the need for expensive ventilation and air conditioning
  • Great Customer Service: VIVOSUN produces premium lamps backed by friendly and professional 24/7 after-sales support

These have some of the highest quality components for high performance and durability – probably what your grow room or tent had been missing. There are also 6500K bulbs, ideal for the vegetative stages. The bulbs, therefore, ensure all-around plant growth.

Well, another feature that many may overlook but it’s essential is the multiple hanging options of these bulbs. It means you can fix them anywhere in the grow room to ensure efficiency.


  • The highest quality components for high performance and durability
  • There are 6500K bulbs, ideal for the vegetative stage
  • Has capability of multiple hanging options
  • An aluminum reflector for effective light distribution


  • May only be ideal for the vegetative process

DuroLux T5 Grow Light (4ft 4lamps) DL844s

Durolux T5 Ho Grow Light - 4 Foot 4 Lamps - DL844 Fluorescent Hydroponic Indoor Fixture UL Listed - Bloom Veg Daisy Chain with Bulbs
  • HIGH LIGHT OUTPUT: 20000 Lumen, Professional Grow Lighting System, 95% Reectivity German Hammer-tone Reector. 30% more light output vs comparable systems
  • ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Qty4 6500K 4ft Lamps, Hanging hooks and chains, 8 FT Power cord
  • OUTLET ON FIXTURE - Power up to 5 xtures o one wall outlet - less clutter, more convenience
  • FLEXIBLE LIGHT OUTPUT: 2 switches on body allow for step dimming - one for inner 2 bulbs, another for outer 2 bulbs
  • SAFE OPERATION: Rated for operation in Wet/Damp environments. Has Made-In- Italy AAG Stucchi lampholder with I certicate to prevent re if tubes get loosed during operation, UL/CUL safety approved. 5 year warranty

The high light output may be what your plants were missing to thrive. All parts of the plant need a decent measure of light, and an insufficient amount affects growth. But that’s not the only feature that ensures sufficient light distribution. There also the German Hammer-tone reflectors, responsible for reflecting up to 95% of light back – this is efficiency at its best.


  • High light output bulbs for efficient light dissemination – up to 20000 lumens
  • Highly efficient reflectors
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories such as the 8ft power cord and hanging chains and hooks
  • A daisy-chain plug that you can connect up five fixtures – convenient
  • Two convenient switches that allow you to vary the light


  • Not the best quality

Lightingwise 4 FT 6500K T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs

LightWise LWF54T5HO865 8pack 4 FT 6500K T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs (8, 6500k - Blue - Veg)
  • 5000 Lumen Light Output
  • Dimensions: Length 45.12-inch x Diameter 0.62-inch
  • High output for plant growth
  • Color Temperature 6500K - Cool-white light

This is among the brightest T5 grow lights – features up to 5000 lumens. It also features the bloom spectrum, ideal for the flowering stage. This means that your plants will have the lush green color that excites every gardener, in no time.

The light also demonstrates a high level of dependability by depreciating only about 8% meaning that it will serve you a long time.


  • With up to 5000 lumens, it is one of the brightest options for efficient plant growth
  • Features bloom spectrum, perfect for the vegetative stage
  • Does not depreciate that much, and is quite reliable
  • Energy sufficient and hence cost effective
  • Makes the plants healthy


  • Not the best quality you will find

VIVOSUN 4FT 54W 6500K T5 HO Fluorescent Tubes 

VIVOSUN T5 Grow Lights 4 ft., 216W(4 X 54W), T5 Light Fixture Bulbs, 6500K HO Fluorescent Tubes, High-Output T5 Bulbs for Indoor Plants, UL Listed, 4 Bulbs, 8 ft. Power Cord, 2 Hanging Cables
  • Better Brighter Lamps: Shine 5000 Lumens down onto your plants per 4 ft. tube, all VIVOSUN T5 florescent tubes are HO (High-Output) tubes, which produces far more lumens than standard or HE tubes (4 tubes up to 20,000 Lumens)
  • Dual Switches for Specialized Spectrums: VIVOSUN T5 grow light fixture comes with 2 on/off switches allowing more flexible control over your system
  • Ultra-Reflective Surface Delivers More Light for Less Energy: Low profile, powder coated housing with high-performance reflective aluminum shaped to maximize light intensity and distribution, delivering 95-97% reflectivity and wider coverage
  • Sturdy Packaging: This T5 fixture comes with 2 hanging cables connected to each corner and an 8' grounded power cord, all fixtures come fully equipped with 6500K florescent tubes of corresponding quantity and size
  • Long-Lasting Light and Great Support: All bulbs are rated for 20,000 hours of use under ideal conditions, so if bulb longevity is an issue within a year, please contact us to take advantage of our 1-year warranty; Two-year warranty for the fixture-UL certified for safe operation

Vivosun is an established brand, and you can be sure their equipment is nothing but quality. But what are the features?

The bulb boasts a balanced light spectrum to prevent stretching and ensure optimal vegetative stage. And with a lifespan of over 20000 hours, this light lasts longer than any HID grow light.


  • A balanced light spectrum to the benefit of the plants
  • Has a long lifespan of more 20000hrs
  • The light is safe for your plants – it nurtures them ensuring efficient growth
  • They are economical with a low heat emission


  • The shipping may cause breakage

So, what are T5 Grow Lights?

Best T5 Grow Light

Grow rooms and grow tents are some of the terms gradually increasing in popularity in contemporary gardening literature. Indoor gardening is the new way of growing crops successfully using a controlled environment. But where do the T5 lights come in?

The T5s are fluorescent lights, and the term ‘T5’ denotes the size. Typically, the letter ‘T’ means tubular while the ‘5’ is the diameter in inches. Clearer now?

Unlike their width, the T5’s length varies and can either be 2 of 5ft. Depending on the fixtures, their weight can be between 10 and 30lbs. In the majority cases, the ballast is usually a part of the T5 fixtures, and so you may not need to worry about where you are going to place the light.

It may sound as if the T5s are similar to fluorescent bulbs. Are there any similarities? Are they the same thing?

Basically, the standard CFLs are made explicitly for human lighting and so come without the necessary features to function efficiently as grow lights. You would need to fix the light too close to the plants for any effect on the plants. However, they quickly run hot, and it is not strange if you woke up one day to find burned leaves.

On the other hand, the T5 lights are made for the sole purpose of use in the grow rooms.

So Why Would I Need the T5 Lights?

Best T5 Grow Light

Well, we may not talk about energy efficiency as there are LEDs for that. But we can talk about cost. T5s are way cheaper than the LEDs, which is music to the ears of those starting out in indoor gardening.

But just because they cannot match their counterparts, the LEDs doesn’t mean that they are electricity spendthrifts. As a matter fact, T5s don’t use that much electricity to eat on your bottom line.

They are also quite cool, and chances of having scorched plants are minimal. You only need to suspend them a few inches closer to the plants – this may also mean efficient use of light based on the proximity of the light.

The T5s are also ideal for raising the plants through the vegetative stage. And unlike the high-pressure sodium lights, the T5s will not scorch the plants – pretty cool, literally! It also means that you are free to use a shorter tent – and you know what that means?

Yes, minimal expense on fixtures and reduced growing spacing. If you live in a warm climate, then there’s no argument about their suitability as they run cooler than other lights.

But do the T5s have a proven record of efficiency given all the fuss about LEDs? The simple answer is that T5s have been part of successful weed growing establishments for a long time. It is therefore not unusual to come across staked shelves of seedling thriving under these fluorescents.

Are there any Shortcomings Associated with the T5 Lights?

Best T5 Grow Light

On their own, the T5 lights are not sufficient during the flowering stage. If anything, you will require the help of red spectrum lights to ensure a good harvest.

They also don’t last that long in comparison to the LEDs – their lifespan is about half that of LEDs. Another downside is on the requirement of ballast for them to function well.

What is this ballast? Well, this is a necessary fixture where T5s are concerned. The ballast help keep the fluorescent bulb from burning out as a result of drawing too much power. This fixture stabilizes the lights and prevents the flickers that would be harmful to the plants.

Things to Consider before you Purchase a T5 Grow Light

  • Accessories: before you settle on a choice, determine if it comes with all the necessary accessories to suit your needs. For example, is the cable length sufficient for your needs? Are the replacement bulbs easy to find?
  • Installation: it is wise to think about how you are going to install the lights. Is specialized help necessary? How much does it weigh?
  • Budget: for the gardeners more conscious about their bottom line, such issues as the cost of electricity are vital. You may need to compare how much you are going to save with T5s and with the LEDs, over time. The cost of the light and its fixtures are worth a deep thought.
  • Other Equipment: we mentioned that T5s are not adequate on their own. It is a good idea to think about the red spectrum lights in addition to purchasing the T5s for an all-around benefit to your plants.


T5 grow lights will nurture your plants to health through the growth stages. Any of the above products are good quality and will do their job sufficiently. However, you will agree with us that the biPower T5 4-Foot 4 Lamp is a product on a different level. But what makes it the best?

Well, it has a dual switch for proper control of the fixtures, daisy-chain link for connecting different fixtures and has a highly efficient reflector. This is one light that your plants will love.

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