Best Stealth Grow Box Review 2023(Buyers Guide for New Gardeners)

Some plants are not for every eye or nose. They need stealth more than anything. Any weed grower will tell you how important it is to keep value plants from the notice of every Dick and Harry. This prevents any associated problems at bay.

The best stealth grow box helps you run your indoor garden quietly and effectively. But what are these grow boxes and which are the best? We tell you in a moment.

Reviews of the Top Best Grow Boxes

Cloudponics GroBox Fully Automated App Enabled Smart Hydroponic At-Home Grow System

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This is one of the most advanced gardening tools that incorporate apps and a crowd database of planting recipes. Naturally, the product makes gardening of such plants as marijuana a breeze. And the best of all, the grow boxes are custom-made according to plant requirements and preferences – this can only be a good thing for your plants.


  • An advanced growth box that makes gardening an easy task
  • Custom-made and so it easily incorporates growth requirements at your convenience
  • Utilizes active carbon filters ensuring your home is free of any smell
  • Healthy plant growth as it combines everything the plant needs to thrive
  • Fully automatic growth box that you only need to keep track of growth progress through an app


  • The growth cabinet is a bit expensive but worth it

SuperCloset Grow Box LED SuperLocker 3.0

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For the people that are into hydroponic gardening, this box is among the most convenient for them. But it is also easy to use and ideal for people that have only passion, to show for it – it is an automated system. The growth cabinet features 16 gauze steel material to ensure it is pretty secure and fireproof – added advantages. It is lockable to make sure there is no unwanted access.


  • An automated system, making hydroponic gardening quite a breeze
  • Constructed of 16 gauge steel ensuring fireproofing and secure locking
  • 3W diode grow lights for full spectrum growing
  • Rotational vegetative chamber for more for clones, seedlings, and other small plants
  • The product comes complete with everything you need for stealth growing – filters, fans, nutrients


  • Not a cheap growth cabinet
  • May not be proper to leave it unattended for a long time

Supercloset Superbox 200watt Fully Automated Turnkey Growbox

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Supercloset makes a return with yet another efficient and automated grow box to make your life as a grower easier – there’s nothing wrong with taking the easy way out. To ensure your plants are secure, away from everybody’s access, it is constructed of 16 gauge steel – it is also lockable.

The grow cabinet has a sleek design that makes it look like a refrigerator or a file cabinet – necessary when it comes to stealth growing.


  • An automated and easy to use, grow box
  • Made of 16 gauge steel and is lockable to ensure there’s no unauthorized access
  • A sleek design grow cabinet, adequate for stealth grow
  • Has all the necessary features such as Rockwool tubes, TDS meter, nutrients and fans


  • Does not have the best customer service
  • Probably not the best quality on the market

SZHLUX 4000W LED Grow Light 4×4ft Coverage Dual Switch Full Spectrum Grow Lamp

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This is one of the most efficient grow cabinets that yield better than comparable grow boxes. And to make it easy for you, the product comes with everything you will need to grow your marijuana plant successfully – you will only need to find the necessary seeds.

It is also fully assembled. This means that you go directly to using it – such joy for eager hobbyists. The large fans and carbon filtration ensure a good circulation of air and containment of the odor.


  • Efficient, ensuring better yields than comparable systems
  • An easy to use grow system, making your task a walk in the park
  • Has everything you need for marijuana growth
  • A fully-assembled grow box
  • Comes with some of the best nutrients


  • Not fully automated

Dealzer 9 Plant LED Grow Box – Grandma’s Secret Garden 4.0

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You can’t just help loving the convenience associated with grow boxes and nothing best highlights this fact better than Dealzer 9 Plant LED Grow Box – Grandma’s Secret Garden 4.0. This product comes with everything you need to get a fruitful yield that gladdens your heart.

There is no assembly needed, and you only need to jump right into growing your favorite plants out of sight. And to make your life even more comfortable, the product comes with easy instructions.


  • A convenient box that comes with everything but the seeds
  • Has an excellent compact design that fits in any room
  • No assembly needed and you go right ahead to growing your plants
  • Easy to follow instructions


  • Quite noisy and may not provide the stealth you need

What are Grow Boxes and why would I Need One?

Best Stealth Grow Box

Grow cabinets are mostly rectangular boxes that help grow a few plants without the risk of getting noticed. They suppress smell, light, heat, and sound, and the chances of visitors seeing anything are minimal.

A grow cabinet has everything you need for successful gardening. They are efficient, secure and best of all, convenient. In fact, these boxes take care of the hard work for you – some of them make gardening, automated.

What does it mean to Stealth Grow?

We are aware what stealth means but how is it possible to grow plants secretly? What does stealth growing entail?

Weed growers are some of the people that will find stealth growing important. No one fancies everyone knowing about their secret stash somewhere. Well, this does not mean doing something illegal and being all hardcore – changes are happening at the moment that favor marijuana consumers – it’s about keeping it under wraps to avoid too many questions.

But grow boxes are not only about keeping whatever you are growing out of notice. It is also about making good use of space. The best grow cabinet increases the yield several folds over since they have everything plants need. They provide an ideal environment for the plants.

But how do these grow cabinets pull it off?

The first factor that is likely to be an easy giveaway is visibility. Most people know how weed looks like and you may not be able to wriggle out of the situation when they spot it in your house – you get the picture.

The LED grow lights are usually super bright and are often a challenge to contain. It can give your room a ‘super-secret science lab’ look, and it will naturally stoke the curiosity of passersby and neighbors – this is never what you want.

Grow cabinets can provide the necessary grow lights and successfully keep them out of sight. These devices demonstrate efficiency by directing this light to the plants that need it – nothing escapes.

Best Stealth Grow Box

Another element of stealth growth is masking the smell. Marijuana gives off a characteristic strong odor that is not easy to get rid of using filters and fans. A closed grow cabinet can contain this smell, ensuring nothing gets out.

Noise in grow rooms comes from the fans. A fully functioning fan running day and night non-stop may naturally arouse unnecessary suspicion. Your visitors may want to know where the noise is coming from – as a matter of fact.

Grow cabinets are compact and efficient. They don’t produce that much sound, and people may confuse it with a running freezer.

Utility bills are another sell-out you may need to deal with if you have an indoor garden. Basically, the fully running grow lights, fans, and other equipment necessary to provide an ideal indoor growing environment are sure to raise the electricity bills, and your landlord may be interested in knowing what you are up to behind closed doors.

Stealth grows cabinets are compact and energy efficient. They don’t use that much power and are easy to use.

What are Other Benefits of Grow Boxes?

Grow rooms require various equipment to function at an optimum level. However, the clamor to make savings may lead to the purchase of cheap and inefficient equipment. The problem with that is that they may also prove a risk hazard.

Grow boxes are safe to use since they incorporate all the necessary equipment that you need in a grow room such as lights, among others. There’s no fixture you will need to deal with directly, and this is a good thing when it comes to safety.

A fully equipped grow room is a significant investment. If you throw in other overheads such as power bills and maintenance of fixtures, the total spending is entirely something else. An effective grow cabinet cuts this cost significantly. They are energy efficient and easy to maintain and use. In other words, we can say they are quite cheap, in the long run.

What are some of the Shortcomings?

One of the most significant shortcomings includes limited space. You can only grow one or two plants in a grow room which may not be ideal for those hoping to plant crops for commercial use.

Grow boxes are also not very common, and you may have a hard time finding replacement parts and accessories.


The best stealth grow boxes provide the necessary tools you need to grow plants successfully in secret. They have everything that plants need, such as temperature, light, and nutrients – the above products pretty much highlight this.

Our favorite among the above is the Cloudponics GroBox System, and for a good reason. It is fully automated and can keep track of your plant’s growth through an app – gardening was never this easy! It also incorporates all the features necessary for stealth growing.

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