Top 10 Surgical Tubing For Slingshots: Reviews And Buying Guides

You have a passion for slingshots. You’ve got good slingshots in your hand and you just don’t have the perfect surgical tubing for the slingshots. Also, you still have to find it because there are so many surgical tubing for slingshots in different sizes on the market.

However, you do not need to worry anymore because we helped you find, experience and synthesize the list of top 10 surgical tubing for slingshots below. What you need to do now is just find the tube that makes you the most satisfied in the list and consider our guidelines to not waste a lot not of money for the useless one.

Surgical Tubing For Slingshots Comparison 2023

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Top 10 Surgical Tubing For Slingshots Reviews 2023

SUCOHANS Latex Tubing

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SUCOHANS Latex Tubing is a product from the manufacturer SUCOHANS. Users won’t need to be disappointed as these tubes are more than capable of delivering a high-speed shot.

The manufacturer is committed to providing products with the most excellent quality. The surgical tubing for slingshots is made from high-quality latex rubber, using the dip manufacture method. The product has an outer diameter of 3/8 “, the inner diameter is 1/4”, and the wall thickness is 1/16, so it has very good elasticity and elasticity. The product is a continuous piece so when you buy it you can completely cut it into small pieces as you like.

Designed for high speed, these tubes always provide the ideal distance and speed for your slingshot. But normally, the elasticity is easily influenced by environmental factors, and for this reason, it is difficult to predict the life of these tubes.


  • Good value
  • Long lasting
  • Flexible


  • It’s a bit thin.

3/8in OD 1/8in ID Speargun Band/Sling Rubber Tubing

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This is a remarkable product from Spearite, which is made in the United States by Kent Elastomer. Products are the best products that people can completely rest assured and use.

This surgical tubing is made of natural rubber latex, so it has absolutely superior elasticity compared to surgical tubings made of neoprene. However, the product still has one drawback because it is made entirely of natural rubber, so it deteriorates more quickly than other bands. 

Therefore, you should take care of the preservation of this surgical tubing for slingshots and its shelf life. However, because of its good elasticity, it is still appreciated and used by many people.

When buying this product, you are completely free to choose the length you want. When transect, one can see that the product has an outer diameter of 3/8 “, an inner diameter of 1/8”, a wall thickness of 1/8 “, and a tolerance of +/- 0.02”. The product is very suitable for use in all kinds of slingshots because of its stretchy properties. In addition, it is also suitable for use in exercise equipment and model glider catapults.


  • Perfect elasticity
  • Nice material
  • Affordable price


  • Quickly drying

Slingshot Replacement Band Sets

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Slingshot Replacement Band Sets are manufactured by Shappy manufacturer. This is a high-quality product that many people choose to use so you can rest assured. A pack includes 8 bands that are cut with the appropriate length so this product has very high convenience.

The bands are made of high-quality natural rubber so they have good stretch, toughness, and elasticity. In addition, with special technology in the manufacturing process, rubber bands also have high abrasion resistance, are not easily deformed, broken, and have a longer life than rubber bands made of high common natural rubber.

This elastic band has a total length of 21.3 inches / 54 cm including a black middle connector measuring about 8 x 2.4 cm / 3.15 x 0.95 inches allowing consumers ready to replace a new one when the old one is broken or damaged. 

Users do not need to measure and cut the bands before use. The slingshot replacement band is very stretchy, and can be extended to more than 133 cm / 52 inches. When cut across, the rubber tube has an inner diameter of 4 mm and an outer diameter of 8 mm.

The thick rubber tubing is suitable for all types of slingshots, so don’t hesitate to buy a pack for yourself.


  • Perfectly fitting with many kinds of slingshots
  • Nice strong rubber
  • Ideal thickness


  • Because it’s already been cut, its usability is limited.

Graham-Field Latex Surgical Tubing

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Graham-Field Latex Surgical Tubing is a surgical tubing for slingshots produced by GF Health Products, Inc. Tubes manufactured by natural rubber (latex), polyisoprene rubber provide much more strength, durability, and flexibility than many conventional slingshot surgical tubings. Besides, its price is very affordable, so it is favored by many people.

A tube will be 600 inches long so when you buy it you can freely cut it to the length you want. Besides, when you buy, you are also free to choose the right tube sizes for you.

The surgical tubing for slingshots has good elasticity, making it perfect for slingshot. The pipe has the ideal thickness so the service life is very high. This elastic tube is one of the best slingshot replacement bands for money.


  • Good thickness
  • Durable
  • Great flexibility


  • The roll has many pieces of tubes.

TheraBand Resistance Tubes, Professional Latex Elastic Tubing

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The manufacturer TheraBand has a very good reputation for producing fine and high-quality rubber tubes. If you are looking for a rubber tube with good elasticity and long service life then this rubber tube is made for you.

The surgical tubing for slingshots is made of high-quality latex, so it has very good elasticity. In addition, the round tube elastic band also contains antifreeze, making sure to use it over time without being cracked or frozen. This is also the reason why TheraBand’s products are more appreciated than other products.

Although this is a rubber band used exclusively in fitness exercises, I still recommend it for you because it not only has very good elasticity and toughness but also is more durable than other tubes. They can withstand the strength, weight, and pull of a physical therapy exercise so you can use them in your slingshots with complete peace of mind.


  • Excellent elasticity
  • Easy to cut into desired lengths
  • Durable


  • A bit thick

CAM Tubing – Latex Tubing

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Made of high-quality natural rubber tube with tube dip manufacturer method. Usually dip manufactured rubber tubes have better elastic qualities than extruded tubing. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see this surgical tubing for slingshots is highly appreciated and chosen by a lot of consumers.

Another thing that makes people love this tube is that when you buy it, you can completely choose the size of the tube you like. You can freely choose the tubes with the appropriate inner radius, outer radius, and length. However, all CAM Tubing tubes are consistently designed for lightweight, robustness, and flexibility.

This rubber tube is suitable for use with slingshots. Besides, it is also suitable for use in sports exercises and physiotherapy. However, because the surgical tubing for slingshots is made of natural rubber, you must pay attention to the preservation and expiry date of the tube.


  • Robust tubing
  • Good quality
  • Good price


  • You have to be sure of your measurements.

GM&BW 33FT/16FT Slingshot Bands

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GM&BW 33FT / 16FT Slingshot Bands is produced by GM & BW manufacturer who is extremely reputable in producing replacement bands. The surgical tubing for slingshots is manufactured with high-quality rubber. The manufacturing process does not contain colorants or harmful chemicals, but the color of the tube is completely natural. This process prevents the color of the tube from changing too much as the tube expands and contracts.

The cross-sectional dimensions of these surgical tubes are approximately 0.067″ inside diameter, approximately 0.18″ outside diameter. This is a continuous piece so you can absolutely rest assured to buy and cut out depending on the purpose of use.

The tubes are also packed in ziplock wrap, which is one way the manufacturer has done a great job in isolating the hose from the air. In addition, with good elasticity and toughness of the product, you can completely rest assured to use it in slingshots. But before you buy, you need to carefully review the parameters to avoid buying but not using the product.


  • Good sealed bag to keep rubber fresh
  • Small internal diameter
  • Excellent tubes for small slingshots


  • Not really durable

TOBWOLF 10M/32.8FT Latex Rubber Band

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TOBWOLF 10M / 32.8FT Latex Rubber Band is an ideal tube if you are looking for the perfect tube for your slingshot.

The tube is made of high-quality natural rubber so it has good elasticity against abrasion, is very durable and strong. Besides, the surgical tubing for slingshots does not contain harmful substances, so it is very safe for the health of users. Tube outer diameter is 4.5mm / 0.177 inch, inner diameter is 1.7mm / 0.067 inch. The total length of this rubber tube is 10m / 32.8ft, so when you buy it you can completely cut it into use depending on your purpose.

The tube is designed to give the shooter the best speed and results. Furthermore, in addition to their Slingshot Catapult use, they are also used in tourniquets, engine stethoscopes, etc. However, even though the replacement bands are made of high-quality rubber, all slingshot enthusiasts know that the tube is inherently prone to cracking over time.


  • They don’t break under high load.
  • They are very durable.
  • They are made of good material.


  • You have to measure exactly the size before buying.

AIRSOFTPEAK 3/33FT Natural Latex Rubber Tubing

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Choosing the best replacement strap for your hunting slingshot can be a daunting process as quality and performance are crucial, but durability is also a major factor. However, you do not have to look further because AIRSOFTPEAK 3 / 33FT Natural Latex Rubber Tubing is available. AIRSOFTPEAK houses a reliable manufacturer in the production of rubber surgical tubings.

AIRSOFTPEAK’s replacement bands are engineered for heavy traction and you will be amazed at the weight of its traction. It’s great to be able to find a product that delivers exactly according to the information it grants – especially when it comes to slingshot replacement bands.

Rubber tubes are made from natural rubber imported from Malaysia. In addition, when buying the product you can also choose the size and length according to your preference.


  • Very elastic 
  • Very strong
  • Good equality


  • It’s a little bit thin.

Yosoo Slingshot Latex Band

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Yosoo Slingshot Latex Band is completely manufactured from natural rubber, free from harmful substances, ensuring high elasticity. This high-quality rubber is handled by meticulous handcraft but also lacks high technology.

Pipe outside diameter is 0.2 “, inner diameter is 0.12”, wall thickness is 0.08 “, diameter tolerance is +/- 0.01”. The surgical tubing for slingshots is a continuous piece you can completely buy and cut according to your needs.

With its elastic properties, the tube is perfectly suited for use in activities such as medical supplies, shooting tools, chemical experiments, and sports equipment.


  • Very snappy 
  • Not too hard to pull
  • Good wear resistance


  • It’s a little bit thin.

How To Choose The Best Surgical Tubing For Slingshots?

At this point, it seems that many people still do not know how to choose the best surgical tubing for slingshots. Through our experiences and research, we have drawn the following points to note. You can use what we have covered below to find the surgical tubing for slingshots that is most suitable for you.

Purposes Of Use

You need to be clear about what you buy the surgical tubings for, what kind of slingshot you should use the surgical tubing with, or what kind of activities you will have. For each type of activity, different types of tubes are required. By the type of activity, you will determine how long your rubber bands will be used, and how intense the shot is. 

What type of ammunition are you using and what kind of surgical tubing for slingshots do you need for that type of ammunition? Also, what are the characteristics of the environment where you use the rubber tube, and how does that environmental condition affect the tube? If you use a slingshot to exercise with high intensity, over a long period of time, your rubber bands must be more durable, dry and damaged longer.


Surgical tubings come in a variety of sizes for different uses. You should check the size of your slingshot before buying to avoid mistakes and buy the wrong rubber tubing.

The key parameters when choosing a tube are the inner diameter and the length that is appropriate for the manufacturing application. Choosing the wrong tube diameter will make you more frustrated because you bought it and it cannot be used. The outside diameter is just so you can know more about the thickness of the pipe so you can choose the tube you need.

Rubber Components

Rubber materials are divided into two main groups: natural rubber and recycled rubber. Basically, natural rubber is the type with a high proportion of rubber, fewer impurities. Regenerated rubber is the opposite. These two rubbers can be easily distinguished based on the hardness of the tube. If the surgical tubing for slingshots is flexible, supple, has good elasticity, it shows that the tube is made of natural rubber. The harder the surgical tubing for slingshots, the higher the ratio of stone powder and impurities to be mixed into, the harder the tube is, the less elastic, the poorly resistant, and easily broken during use.

Choose A Reputable Tube Brand

For distributors or users who need to find and buy high-quality rubber tubes, avoid buying the wrong address with no name. Nowadays, there are quite a few companies that only use nice words to cover up, but it does not work as well as the promotional words so you should pay attention. You should also pay attention to choosing tubes that receive a lot of positive feedback from the user because from the feedback you can find the tubes that are right for you and learn more from using tubes.

Below is a video showing how to install surgical tubing for slingshots and the experience of using tubes in different sizes. You can watch and learn from experience to be able to choose the type of tube that is best for you.


Each of us owns different slingshots or bought surgical tubing for use with different purposes, so you need to pay attention to thoroughly research before buying tubes to avoid being mistakenly purchased. We will be happy if the information we provide will help you and in the list of top 10 surgical tubing for slingshots you can find the product you like. And here are 5 products that make us the most satisfied out of top 10 surgical tubing for slingshots. We have also outlined the feature that makes it the best so you can consult to get the right choice.

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