Top 10 RC Basher Reviews & Comparison: It’s time to play hard

Playing RC basher is one of the favorite games for many people. After studying or working hard, we can relieve stress by racing RC basher cars with friends or siblings. If you want to choose the best RC basher, you can follow our article. Don’t let weekends go by boring; you also shouldn’t lie on the bed all day; let’s own an RC basher for time to play hard.

Best RC Basher Comparison 2024

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Top 10 RC Basher Reviews 2024

ARRMA RC Truck ARA110002T1

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The first product that we suggest for you is ARRMA RC Truck ARA110002T1. This is an excellent choice for bashing and off-road racing due to the firm structure. 

Its chassis plate is made of anodized aluminum and etched laser. Chassis side pods are strong thanks to the composite material. The center bracing system has maximum durability with the triangular structure. You can adjust shocks with massive 20 millimeters bore and oil.

Alternatively, model ARA110002T1 has front and rear shock towers, which are ultra-thick composite. You can approach and remove the engine quickly because of the 3-bolt sliding mount. Motor hubs and mount are aluminum, the drivetrain is heavy-duty and has durable steel driveshafts throughout.

As you can see, the ARRMA RC Truck ARA110002T1 is really a durable and robust RC car.

Moreover, it is an optimal performance RC truck since it owns excellent details.

  • Spektrum DX3 3-channel 2.4GHz Radio with SR6100AT AVC Receiver: 
    • 3 channels (Steering, Throttle, AUX1)
    • DSMR technology (providing a superior range, the good response, anti-interference ability)
    • Easy to control with foam covered and a new ergonomic design
    • The battery level indicator
    • The servo reversing and trim dia
    • AVC technology (supporting the traction control) 
    • 3-position throttle limiter.
  • Spektrum Firma brushless motor.
  • Spektrum S905 Metal-Geared Digital Servo technology.

You also can maintain it quickly because the front-and-rear diff module design is quick to access, all-metal diff outdrives and gearbox is internal. An electronic module and motor have waterproof and dustproof features.


  • Durable, firm, and robust design, great for off-road racing.
  • Ready-to-run: use immediately after taking out of the package.  
  • Easy to maintain.
  • The waterproof and dustproof module and engine.
  • Recommend age: 14 years old and up, suitable with many objects.
  • Features anti-overheating with an integrated fan and low voltage cut-off ability.
  • The 1:5 aspect ratio and large size give a sense of realism.
  • The speed is up to 55 miles per hour, suitable for professionals and newbies.


  • Ready-to-run: you have to add batteries and a charger.
  • Spend a lot of money to buy.
  • Take up a lot of storage space.

Losi RC Truck LOS05016T1

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The excellent RC car is for the speed players – Losi RC Truck LOS05016T1. With a speed of above 50 miles per hour, you own an outstanding RC truck among many other cars on the racetrack.

Although Losi RC Truck LOS05016T1 owns the high speed, and it may not suit beginners, you can control and drive it easily due to the AVC stability feature whether you are in any level.

Furthermore, the LOS05016T1 is an RC car with optimal performance. It has Dynamite Brushless Motor (750 kilovolts), Dynamite Fuze (160 amperes), and Brushless ESC which can provide 8S power. It is suitable for the muddy and wet track due to waterproof electronics withstand.

Besides, Spektrum DX2E Active Radio System can support you to control your RC basher very well. It includes the travel adjust feature and a 3-position throttle limiting switch. You can utilize the Spektrum Dashboard app by adding the Spektrum Speedometer, a phone mount, and a Bluetooth module.

The manufacturer increase authenticity and improved performance on any terrain for it thanks to 4WD independent front suspension with solid axle 4-link rear. 

This RC car has a 4mm aluminum chassis with an injection-molded roll cage; hence, it owns a striking appearance and outstanding durability. You can drive it easier on the rugged track because of larger tires and wheels.

Thus, Losi RC Truck LOS05016T1 is durable and strong, always ready for all challenging races.


  • Durable and strong.
  • Suits flooded and muddy race tracks.
  • Ready to run: Using after unboxing.
  • The recommended age is 14 years old and up. Many people can play it.
  • Using battery: You can change the battery easily; the battery containing part can hold up to 8S packs.
  • The 1:6 aspect ratio and large size give a sense of realism.


  • Ready to run: You have to add batteries and charge.
  • The front spindle is hard plastic; it is easy to be cracking; you might have to change it after a few times use.
  • The Servo goes bell up after 10 minutes.
  • It will take up a lot of storage space.

HPI Racing HPI101850 Vorza Flux 

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HPI Racing HPI101850 Vorza Flux is a good choice if you want an assembled and pre-painted electric-powered. It is a wonderful buggy for rallycross. It owns a powerful HPI Flux Tork 2200 brushless motor, so it operates effectively. 

Additionally, the HPI Flux blur speedometer with a fan can help you follow the speed easily. The HPI Flux HP tech can deliver an awe-inspiring speed, up to 73 miles per hour. As you can see, it suits experienced racers.

Vorza Flux uses 2 batteries; you can fit up to 6S of the Lipo power. Also, don’t worry about carry it to rugged tracks because Vorza Flux has LiPo ready adjustable battery tray. This battery tray includes secure hook-and-loop straps, so it keeps the battery firm and does not fall.

You can comfortably drive Vorza Flux due to the 2.4 GHz radio system; it is crystal-free.


  • Quite light.
  • Save storage space.
  • Suitable for children from 10 to 15 years old and up. You and your kid can play together.
  • The motor is durable and strong.
  • Easy to control.


  • Not recommended for newbies.
  • Not quite firm.
  • The plastic front and rear hug are fragile
  • The front design is not good.

ARRMA RC Truck Mojave ARA7604V2T1

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ARRMA RC Truck Mojave ARA7604V2T1 is ideal for newbies because its speed is up to 60 miles per hour due to a 6S LiPo battery and the optional pinion gear, so it is easy to control. 

Mojave also owns a SPEKTRUM SLT3 Radio control. It includes a throttle limited switch with 2 levels (50 and 75 percentages), perfect for beginners. It can help you trim adjustments, throttle, and steer rate with the throttle. You also are able to reverse steering at will.


  • Ready-to-run: install batteries and operate (use a charged Lipo battery, 4 – 6 cells).
  • Compatible with Tactic Receivers, so convenient to use.
  • FIRMA 150A SMART Brushless ESC resists water, dust, reduces heat with an integrated fan. It can work effectively during extreme competition. 
  • FIRMA 4074 Brushless Motor is for smooth operation and heat dissipation.
  • Quite light.


  • Wheels and tires are not firm.
  • It suits many ages (at least 14 years old and up), but you have to follow your child while playing.

Traxxas Revo 3.3 53097-3 GRN

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If you don’t like driving an RC basher with too high speed, you can pick Traxxas Revo 3.3 53097-3 GRN. Its engine can provide massive torque and strength at the speed of up to 45 miles per hour to help your RC car pass all terrains.

You can carry Revo around due to the rechargeable receiver battery. Besides, you will know when you stop charging thanks to a 2-amp DC peak detecting charger and the EZ-StartBattery.

The control is relatively simple with the TQi 2.4GHz Transmitter; it also comes with Traxxas Link wireless module to drive through smart equipment, Traxxas Stability Management technology, and telemetry sensors.

If you play with Revo, you will get a safe engagement because of the exclusive OptiDrive Electronic Shift Module. Alternatively, the heavy-duty reversing transmission can help you back up with just flicking a switch.


  • It is perfect for off-road racing with a taller and wider design, new Geode wheels, Maxx-sized tires (6.3 inches), and the dual digital ball-bearing servos (it has waterproof ability).
  • Suits many objects (14 years old and up).
  • Relatively small and light.
  • Control all movement and increase speed exactly with Traxxas Stability Management tech, 4WD traction, and the rocker-actuated suspension.


  • Nitro engine: inconvenient to use.
  • You might buy an adapter to charge.
  • The motor can stop when having a risk. This endangers the steering servos.


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ARRMA KRATON RC Truck ARA8608V5T1 is an RC basher with many advantages of the ARRMA brand’s RC cars at affordable price. If you want to start to collect RC bashers, it will be a good choice. It might suit extreme tracks, but you can practice racing on the flat surface such as yards, grass, etc.


  • Ready-to-run design.
  • The chassis design is upgraded.
  • The large volume waterproof receiver box protects your RC truck.
  • Rear suspension geometry is updated with rear suspension arm geometry to create a more beautiful back end.
  • The rear shock tower is more compact, rarely bends after upside down.


  • The details have low quality; you have to replace them many times.
  • The radio system’s signal is not stable.

ARRMA Notorious RC Truck ARA8611V5T1

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If you are looking for an RC asher from the ARRMA brand at a reasonable price, but it owns most strengths of that manufacturer, you can pick ARRMA Notorious RC Truck ARA8611V5T1.

The ARRMA Notorious is suitable for magic back-flipping stunts and amazing wheelie-popping thanks to the strict design, a Spektrum SLT3 radio, Smart ESC, and dual-protocol receiver. You become not only a real racer but also a performing artist on the track. You can create many stunts and make your buddy surprise.

Besides, the Notorious’s exterior looks very good; it’s so cool with a matte black or matte blue of the 1950s style. It owns the exclusive ARRMA “Real Steel” effect so that you will be amazed because of its authenticity and eye-catching. After big collisions, your ARRMA Notorious RC Truck might have scratches, but it is very fantastic and realistic due to this effect.


  • Recommend newbies because you can drive and handle it easily and precisely with a speed of up to 60 miles per hour, the optional speed pinion gear, and the front pivot ball suspension.
  • Ready-to-run: install the battery and run.
  • Maintain quickly with the 5-bolt center diff removal to access easily.
  • Lightweight (7.2 ounces).
  • The large volume waterproof receiver box can help your RC Truck more durable.


  • The Smart ESC might burn, and you have to contact customer support service.
  • The wheelie bar is not firm.

ARRMA RC Car Typhon ARA8606V5

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ARRMA RC Car Typhon ARA8606V5 is an excellent RC car under 500 dollars price. You will own an RC basher from ARRMA with many outstanding advantages and do not spend much money.

This RC car can deliver better bashing thrills due to a 1:8 ratio and design for durability and solid.

Moreover, you can set it up to act quicker on any terrain or condition. You will entirely master all races with a speed of up to 70 miles per hour.


  • Ready-to-run.
  • Suits the middle segment.
  • Install punch, brake, reverse speed, BEC, or motor timing settings simply.
  • Recommend for experienced players.


  • Not for the kid.
  • The tire is not durable; you might change it after about 5 times to drive.

ARRMA 4WD Extreme Bash Roller ARA106053

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One more wonderful RC car is under 500 dollars from ARRMA – 4WD Extreme Bash Roller ARA106053. It has a durable design with heavy-duty components (drivetrain, front-and-upper steel hinge pins, steel turnbuckles, front and rear arms with aluminum strengthening cap, and Multi-terrain DBoots Copperhead 2 tires, etc.)

With and 1/8 scale chassis and its toughness, the ARA106053 can conquer all brutal terrains. It also has features to reduce shocks (including 7075 T6 Anodized aluminum front and rear shock towers and the oil-filled adjustable shocks). 

Besides, your RC car will be safe with plated limited-slip differentials and Safe-D input gears. Hence, you will have more peace of mind because your beloved RC will not lose control when racing.


  • Durables structure.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Lightweight and compact.


  • Needed to Complete: it does not suit newbies.

Traxxas E-Revo Racing Monster Truck 86086-4

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One more choice is for professional players – Traxxas E-Revo Racing Monster Truck 86086-4. It can reach a speed above 70 miles per hour, so you are entirely confident whether your E-Revo car has to compete on any race track.

You can bring E-Revo to wet tracks due to the waterproof 25-volt power output. It is an effective RC car thanks to the brushless engine (2200 kilovolts) and the Velineon VXL-6s ESC. 

Because of the Traxxas Stability Management feature, we will be able to exploit the power at the maximum level and get endless happiness while racing. You can control it, get back to 4 wheels quickly due to Self Righting ability and make the matches more interesting.

E-Revo is really intense because of the solid 4WD Maxx-Duty drivetrain. This system includes some details.

  • A huge steel driveshaft’s
  • 8mm-axles
  • The Torque-Biasing Center Drive
  • The slipper-less Cush Drive
  • Mod-1 gears
  • Massive body reinforcements

Another great feature is the advanced suspension design. It can give an incredible journey and beautiful movements to you. Besides, this system also keeps the aluminum GTR shocks at the low and center position so that the weight distribution will be better.

Moreover, you can control this RC car simply due to the TQi 2.4GHz Radio System with the Wireless Module so that you can get voltage, temperature, and real-time speed telemetry from the ESC.


  • Super fast and stable.
  • Strong and firm.
  • You can handle the transmitter’s issue when starting with the Traxxas website’s troubleshooting resources.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry.
  • Does not take up a lot of locker space.
  • Suits many ages (14 years old and up).


  • No stability feature while driving, so it does not suit beginners.
  • You have to add batteries and charges after buying.
  • The rear bearings are not good.

What Can We Look For An RC Basher?

Durability and reliability

Durability and reliability are the most important things which you should look for in an RC basher car. You will play with it not only in your flat yard but also in where the terrain is rugged, so you should buy a durable vehicle, and it has good impact resistance. 

Besides, your RC basher has to own details to protect in the front of it and on the sides because, anyway, it is not a huge tank with an impregnable iron crust. It also has to own a durable design with extreme bash components to get maximum protection.

Height chassis

If you use your RC bashers on flat surfaces such as floor, asphalt road, the height chassis may not need to be not too high. However, you are adventurous and want to bring beloved mini cars to rugged terrain such as grass, sand beach, let’s check this parameter. The higher chassis will help it move more smoothly; your racing will also be more enjoyable without interruption because RC bashers cannot cross obstacles on the way.

Project ARRMA Kraton 6S Off Road RC Basher Stunt Truck

Suitable with budget

How much do you spend on buying an RC basher? This product type has a variety of prices. You can see RC bashers from a few hundred to several tens of dollars and feel dizzy. Therefore, you should determine your financial situation correctly and your demand to find the right RC basher.

Don’t try to buy an RC basher that its price is beyond your ability to spend. If you do this, you will both play and worry about how to offset the paid amount, so that is terrible.

If you are a beginner, you should buy an RC basher at an affordable price. Alternatively, they are often roughed up, so we can find many cheap spare parts easily. In case your RC bashers are frequently damaged, it is so excellent.


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Speed is a factor that attracts newbies. You may encounter advertisements with attractive introductions such as “faster RC basher ever” or “You can’t look for an RC basher with excellent speed like this.” However, you shouldn’t allow them to make you confused.

You should check the speed for each product before buying. Typically, a newbie or an amateur needs an RC basher with a speed of 35 – 50 miles per hour. The speed of up to 50 – 80 miles per hour suits the professionals, so you don’t try to play at this horrible speed.

Order online

Order online is a convenient solution for trade activity. Looking for an RC basher is on the e-commerce websites easily. However, if you are a beginner, there will be a few risks because you have little experience choosing an RC basher.

When you go shopping for RC bashers, you can find more information about them quickly at local stores than search on the Internet. The seller also advises and reviews products for you to find the best RC basher and answer all questions.

Additionally, you can receive customer support service and guarantee policy easily in real-time if your RC bashers are a glitch. 

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You can play RC basher anywhere, but you must follow the rules for this toy. Some cities issued laws related to driving RC basher cars to ensure safety for everyone, including you. Hence, don’t try to break the law.

You have to make sure your RC cars firm and not ruined before departure. Your RC cars definitely meet strong impacts or sudden shocks, jerks, or vibrations during the previous time, so their details maybe not in the first position. Thus, you should check some details, such as bolts, engine, tire, etc., and fix them immediately if they are loose or malfunction. 

During driving RC bashers, you should run your equipment based on the instruction. If you are new to driving an RC car, you can practice controlling in your house. When you master it, you can take it out for off-road racing.

Alternatively, although RC bashers are small and light (about 12 pounds), you are not subjective that they can’t cause injury. However, a 12 pound RC car at 35 miles per hour hits someone, which will be a severe accident. Therefore, you have to control your equipment completely every time to prevent everyone from hurt.


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You can choose one of two common engine types: electric and nitro .

A nitro engine is more complex than an electric one because you just need to charge the battery for the electric motor, and you can be ready for driving. 

Besides, an electric engine is much quieter, so you can control an RC basher in a crowded street without making noise. Otherwise, you will bother your neighbors with an RC car with a nitro engine.

If you use an electric engine, you will have to bring 4 or 5 battery packs. Thus, your off-road race match will happen conveniently. When you carry a nitro engine with carb and fuel, you have to adjust the carb, and the fuel may be leak and become messy. It would be best if you considered these factors before buying.

Playing an RC basher is a long way, so you need to pick carefully because the battery packs are relatively cheap. Meanwhile, the fuel of nitro motors is expensive, and you have to pay frequently.

Experienced RC car enthusiasts usually pick nitro engines because they understand mechanical in great detail and set them up simply. If you can’t do like that, you should buy an RC basher with an electric motor.

Assembly of car

Assembly is an indispensable part of the RC basher world. You have two options: Ready to run and DIY kits (require assembly by yourself). Depending on each manufacturer, you will have both choices or one of two.

Ready to run

Beginners often choose a ready-to-run RC car because an assembly one may be quite hard, and you have to take time to get the correct result. Hence, a ready-to-run RC basher pack allows you to drive after unboxing immediately, which is convenient.

However, you have to buy some attachments, such as charges and battery, if you play RTR cars.

Another disadvantage of a ready-to-run RC car might have a few low-quality parts. Some companies want to reduce the price to increase competitiveness, so this is not strange. Even so, you can replace and upgrade unexpected details based on exact specifications without waste money.

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DIY kits – Require assembly by yourself

For DIY kits, there are 2 types: assembled and need assembly. If you use an assembled kit, you have to add some parts to the RC basher (engine, other electronic components, etc.). When you pick an assembly required RC car, you will build it from the beginning. You will own details such as the frame, transmitter, receiver, electronic controller, engine, etc. 

You will consume time and spend a lot of effort to assemble. However, clearly, you are going to be satisfied with your finished product.

DIY kits are the best choice for craft enthusiasts; especially you have a child. You and your kid can work together to create a wonderful RC basher. This activity helps you train your child’s patience, being meticulous, and stimulate your child’s creativity. Don’t be afraid to spend more time with your child by playing with exciting toys such as RC basher.

Conclusion: Our answer for best RC basher

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