Top 13 Quietest Cat Water Fountain Reviews & Comparison

A quietest cat water fountain is a unique tool that can replace conventional filter devices. You can use it to filter hair, odors, and chlorine to remove dust from your cat’s fur, thereby also contributing to reducing the risk of developing diseases. The internal charcoal filter system also eliminates the ability to absorb odors effectively.

According to Dr. Plotnick, “Most cats are attracted to running water, so a fountain-style water bowl can encourage cats to drink more.” To open the faucet for cats to drink is a wasteful option, to save up to 95% of wasted water every day, you may be interested in a cat fountain (which many places call a fountain or a fountain automatic for cats), this water bowl and toy combo saves water, is fully automated, and uses very little electricity. 

Despite using such little electricity, some cat fountains also emit a noise that makes many people uncomfortable. And that’s when you should find yourself and your pet the quietest fountain to please your pet and yourself.

Thankfully, you won’t have to spend hours surfing the web looking for the perfect cat fountain. Our list includes only the most popular picks, with hundreds of rave reviews supporting their quality and value. We wanted to make it diverse, so we put many different styles in one list. Regardless of your budget, your cat’s size, or where it’s used, you’re sure to find the right fit below. So if you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to go to the market to buy the quietest cat water fountain, this article will summarize what you need to know about the top 13 quietest fountains for your cats. Let’s check our reviews now!

Quietest Cat Water Fountain Comparison 2021

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Bestseller No. 1
Comsmart Cat Water Fountain, 81 Ounce/2.4 Liters LED Pet Fountain Stainless Steel Automatic Drinking Water Dispenser for Cats, Dogs, Other Pets
  • 【Water Level Window with Blue Light】: Our upgrade cat water fountain with LED light can clearly monitor water level at a glance. When it's time to refill water, makes it easy for pets to drink water in the dark. And blue led light adds a lovely glow in your home.
  • 【The Upgraded Pump】: This latest generation pump is designed with unique motor technology, Ultra Quiet ( below 40dB ), 1.5 W low power consumption, normally lasting between 2.5-4 years(In the case of cleaning once every two weeks), which is much more lasting and durable than others.
Bestseller No. 2
Veken Pet Fountain, 84oz/2.5L Automatic Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser with 3 Replacement Filters & 1 Silicone Mat for Cats, Dogs, Multiple Pets, Blue
  • Ultra-quiet & low consumption pump – The Veken pump is ultra-quiet (measured below 40dB) and low consumption which means that it normally lasts between 2.5 - 4 years!
  • 2.5L large capacity –  It has a water capacity of 2.5 liters (84 ounces), which means that it is great for small to medium sized pets. The circulation system helps provide healthy and hygienic water for beloved pets all day.
Bestseller No. 3
NPET Cat Water Fountain WF050TP 1.5L Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain with Replacement Faucet Kit(Without a Wall Plug)
  • 【Encourage Drinking 】This cat water fountain is equipped with a faucet and spring surge modes which match the drinking habits of cats, dogs, and other pets. Faucet model: attract your pets to drink more water. There are three parts to the faucet. You could adjust the faucet height by taking out or set up the middle part.
  • 【Notice】Round shape design, which your cats will not be hurt. Visible fully transparency water tank, it is easy to know when to clean and change water. So that your pet can always drink clean and healthy water. Component structure ,easy to install, easy to clean. The silicone tube of the pump is necessary, please don't take it off. Doesn't come with a wall plug. It is recommended to use a 5V, 1A adapter or power bank to operate it.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel,2L/67oz Multi-Pet Fountain with Ultra-Quiet Pump&Dishwasher Safe Design,360°Dog Water Fountain,Cat Automatic Water dispenser with 3 Replacement Filters for Cats Dogs
  • 😽[All Stainless Stainless Material] Compared to plastic pet drinking fountains, our pet fountain is made of imported total 304 stainless materials that are easier to clean and safer,more durable and no cat acne worries.BPA-free and dishwasher safe, easy to take apart design for through cleaning.No hard-to-reach crevices
  • 😽[360°Open Bowl-design Perfect for Multi-pet Families] Open bowl-design holds water even if your power goes out and it’s easier to see the water level to add water in time.360°drinking area is specially designed for multiple pets to drink at the same time, perfect for multi-pet families.2L/67oz water capacity,enough for a cat dinking 2 weeks even when the owner is out of travel.
Bestseller No. 5
Cat Water Fountains, 3L/101oz Pet Water Fountain, Whisper Quiet Cat Drinking Fountain, Kitty Water Fountains Water Bowl for Cats, Dogs, Birds, Cat Water Dispenser with LED Light,1 Cat Waterer Filter
  • 【Whisper Quiet Water Fountain】Our pet water fountain is proud of its ultra quiet pump. It makes barely any noise. Compared to other pet water fountain, our cat water fountain is a great choice for a light sleeper. You can even put the water dispenser in the bedroom. Note: Please clean the water pump every 2 weeks in case that dog hair/debris might block the pump and cause malfunction. If the cat waterer stop working after a few months, please check the Toubleshooting & Maintenance Video.
  • 【Cat Fountain with Dual Filtration System】To ensure that your cats and dogs always have clean drinking water, we selected a food-grade filter, consisting of a PP cotton layer and coconut shell activated carbon, which can get rid of 99% impurities. This cat water fountain is also BPA free, durable, and easy to operate and clean. Rinse the cat fountain filter before use and replace them every 3-4 weeks.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Giomoc Cat Water Fountain, 2L Automatic Dog Water Dispenser Electric Water Drinking Fountain with 2 Replacement Filters & 3 Sponge Foams for Cats Dogs Multiple Pets
  • 【Three Water flow setting】:This pet water has 3 different water flow settings: gentle fountain; medium-speed and high-speed fountains, which can attract small animals to enter the water. You can adjust by turning on the pump. Each mode meets the needs of different pets.
  • 【High-quality Material】:Our drinking water fountain is made of ABS environmentally friendly and BPA free material, which will provide long-lasting strength as well as a better drinking experience.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel, 81oz/2.4L Cat Fountain with Smart Pump and LED Indicator for Water Shortage Alert, Cat and Dog Fountain with 3 Filters, 1 Mat and 2 Cleaning Brushes
  • High-grade stainless-steel top is durable, hygienic and dishwasher-safe. All in one package includes 3 carbon filters, 1 Foam Filter, 2 cleaning brushes and 1 Mat. Food grade material and BPA free cat fountain is safe for your pets.
  • Intelligent pump with Indicator light: The pump is quiet (below 40 dB). Low-voltage pump usually lasts 3-4 years. Observe water level through the window. Auto power-off pump for dry running protection.
Bestseller No. 8
AONBOY Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel, 84oz/2.5L Cat Fountain with Improved Quiet Water Pump,Pet Water Fountain with Nightlight and 2 Filters
  • 【304 Stainless steel】: AONBOY Cat fountain is made of 304 stainless steel. It is more durable and easier to clean than ordinary plastic.
  • 【Upgraded water pump】: AONBOY Water pump adopts new motor technology, ultra-quiet (≤30dB), low power consumption (1.5W), and can work for 3-5 years.
Bestseller No. 9
URPOWER Pet Fountain, Upgraded Automatic Cat Fountain Dog Water Fountain Cat Water Dispenser, Adjustable Water Flow Setting Drinking Fountain Cat Bowl for Cats, Dogs, Pets
  • Stylish Appearance Design: New look for URPOWER pet fountain for more choices and looks great in the home.
  • Free-falling Streams: The free-falling stream attract pets to drink more water. Water capacity- 51oz, the capacity is perfect for cats and small dogs.
Bestseller No. 10
Cat Water Fountain 2.6L Automatic Kitty Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser Cat Drinking Water Bowl for Cats Dogs
  • 2.6 Liter large capacity: 2.6L / 88oz water capacity is great for 5-50lbs pets,This water fountain is enough for your cats, dogs, birds and other animal to drink for several days. Note: Most fountains are 1.6, 2, 2.4 liters on Amazon.
  • Ultra Quiet & Low Consumption Pump: With the super silent pump (measured below 40dB), you can hardly hear the sound of water. Please clean the pump regularly.

Top 13 Quietest Cat Water Fountain Reviews 2021

Veken Pet Fountain

Veken Pet Fountain, 84oz/2.5L Automatic Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser with 3 Replacement Filters & 1 Silicone Mat for Cats, Dogs, Multiple Pets, Blue
  • Ultra-quiet & low consumption pump – The Veken pump is ultra-quiet (measured below 40dB) and low consumption which means that it normally lasts between 2.5 - 4 years!
  • 2.5L large capacity –  It has a water capacity of 2.5 liters (84 ounces), which means that it is great for small to medium sized pets. The circulation system helps provide healthy and hygienic water for beloved pets all day.

The Veken Water Fountain has a water level indicator for you to manage easily, efficiently and monitor. It is made of good material, BPA-free, durable, easy to operate, and clean. Each fountain comes with a very convenient silicone pad to catch water. Water capacity is 5L / 84OZ, suitable for small and medium-sized pets.

This first product of the list can assume that is the quietest cat water fountain you can find on the market.

Veken Pet Fountain has three modes, meeting the needs of each pet species. There is an additional LED light on the front of the pump for easy viewing of the water level. In addition, the fountain is also equipped with three replacement filters, and each filter includes one layer of cotton, coconut shell activated carbon, and ion exchange resin. The front filter sponge around the pump helps filter out impurities and prolongs pump life.

Thanks to the drinking regimens and vibrant colors, your cat will always come close to the fountain for a sip, so they stay hydrated and healthy. The water will naturally foam gently to mimic the soft drinks that cats love.

The product is equipped with a triple filtration system, which will remove all impurities, unpleasant tastes, and odors to keep the water clean and delicious. You should clean your fountain regularly as bacteria and mold tend to overgrow if you don’t.


  • Affordable fountains
  • Three different water modes
  • Triple filter system
  • It makes no noise, one of the quietest cat water fountain


  • Mold will overgrow if the product is not cleaned continuously

Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain

Catit Senses 2.0 Cat Flower Fountain 3L, Cat Water Fountain
  • Cat fountain features 3 different water flow settings for picky drinkers and offers maximum oxygenation for fresher, better tasting cat water; the unique design filters water so that it always stays fresh
  • Can hold up to 3L in the cat water bowl and takes up little floor space; dimensions are 9.0 x 8.3 x 7.7 inches

The Catit Cat Flower Fountain is a tool with three different water flow settings for easy selection. The 3L recirculation system takes up little floor space with a radio dimension of 9.02 x 8.54 x 7.8 inches.

When using without ornaments – the Flower, the fountain will create a gentle flow of water. When installing flower accessories will make long pours of water like running faucets. Floral accessories are easy to attach to and remove from the fountain. 

Using a floral accessory will reduce the bubbling above, so try this if your pets prefer playing with water rather than drinking it. 

The Catit filter removes calcium, magnesium from tap water. These substances can build up in a cat’s urinary tract and lead to some serious urinary problems. Activated charcoal will remove smells and impurities.

This fountain design also includes a double-acting water filter and a small energy-saving pump. The fountain is made of safe, BPA-free materials, ergonomically designed to fit the Catit universal feeder.

This means it allows three types of water flow settings so that the cat can enjoy his water drinking. This also provides maximum oxygen to the water, making it sweeter, tastier, and clearer.

Catit fountains are a space-efficient option as the product takes up little floor space. The product has an attractive design to attract cats to drink more. The product also contains a dual-action water softener filter and a small energy-saving pump. And the most important thing, this product reduces noises very well, which is one of the quietest cat water fountains on the market right now.


  • Help cats drink more water thanks to the sound of water that attracts cats, preventing the formation of kidney stones.
  • 3-liter capacity tank. Always have an abundant source of water available for your cat when he has to be away frequently.
  • The product using BPA-free materials.
  • Always provide clean water thanks to the Catit Triple Action Filter
  • The pump uses less electricity and makes very little noise
  • Easy to clean, a filter can be changed every six to two months.


  • The filter needs to replace per month

iPettie Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

iPettie Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain丨Ultra Quiet, Way Better Than Plastic丨Water Fountains for Cats and Dogs 2.1 Liters Pet Water Dispenser with Replacement Filters and Foam, White
  • Healthy Material and Easy to Clean - Tritone Cat Water Fountain is made of high-quality natural ceramic, eco-friendly, easy to clean and way better than plastic fountain.
  • Dual Filtration System: Mechanical filtration with a foam filter surrounding the pump prevents pets’ hair and other debris from the pump and the tank. Chemical filtration with carbon and charcoal helps to remove bad odors and tastes.

Made of easy to clean and healthy material – The fountain is made from premium ceramic, which is eco-friendly and works better than plastic fountains.

The product features a dual filtration: a mechanical filter goes with a foam surrounding the pump to prevent pet hair and dirt from leaving the pump. In addition, the fountain has a carbon, charcoal chemical filter that eliminates odors.

Ultra-quiet operation: Using CE certified IP68 pump running with 2W consumption. The sound you can hear is just the water flowing through the colander to the bowl. So this is probably the quietest cat water fountain you can find on the market. You should keep the water level in the fountain above the ‘MIN’ line above the cone to prevent the pump from drying out and burning out.

With a capacity of 71oz, this fountain can give enough water for pets to drink for two weeks or more, great for those who love short trips, as you won’t have to refill water regularly and don’t have to bother about your cats’ water shortage!


  • A dual filtration system prevents hair and other particles from entering the water stream while eliminating odors and unpleasant odors. 
  • Low energy consumption and quiet operation so it won’t distract your cat or members other indoor
  • Large capacity fountains that can hold enough water for at least two weeks; ideal if you are going away


  • Heavy and easy to break because it is made of porcelain
  • More giant Cats are not suitable 

PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless 360 Multi-Pet Fountain

The PetSafe DrinkWell 360 Stainless Steel Fountain is ideal if you have a lot of pets.

The filter product is about 128 oz Water at the same time. Water filtered by PetSafe tastes better than regular water. This is because the product is carefully screen before. The product comes with a replaceable carbon water filter to keep it clean.

The PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Cat Fountain is all you need. PetSafe fountain is a low-maintenance automatic water purifier.

The product provides a constantly circulating supply of clean water, mimic the flows they find in nature.

You can tailor water flow to each type of pet with an adjustable flow cap to customize the water flow. This product is made BPA-free, which is easy to clean.

The pump is entirely hidden, and the water ramp makes the water flow as quiet as possible, but the unit still makes relatively quiet noises, so some cats may need a little adjustment to accommodate their new fountain.

Drinkwell Platinum doesn’t require connection to any plumbing, so this fountain is the perfect fit for any room – kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. The low energy system and slopes prevent splashing that, three efficiently that quickly and the noisy sound water can cause. 

The product parts are made from BPA-free plastic, removable and dishwasher-friendly. Because the fountain has a sturdy base, your cat won’t be able to knock furniture on the floor.


  • Big size with 128 oz. water, suitable for all pets
  • Quiet operation
  • BPA-free
  • Safe for dishwasher


  • Cleaning is not so easy because of the folds of each part of the product.

Mospro Fountain Cat Water 

Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser - Healthy and Hygienic Drinking Fountain Super Quiet Flower Automatic Electric Water Bowl with 2 Replacement Filters for Dogs, Cats, Birds and Small Animals Blue
  • 【FUN & 2L LARGE CAPACITY】 No need to replenish water frequently and it can not only meet the drinking needs of cats, dogs, birds and other pets of various sizes, but also a natural bird bath and a funny pet toy. The stored water can be used for one month.
  • 【ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY MATERIAL】 Obtains food-grade certification. Simple quick-release structure is designed for easy removal and cleaning.

You won’t need to replenish water often, and it can not only meet the drinking needs of cats and other pets of different sizes, but it’s also a natural bath for birds and a treat—pet toys. The stored water can be used for a month.

The MOSPRO water purifier has a 2-liter water tank that can store water for up to a month. The water bottle is made from BPA-free, non-toxic, odorless, and food-grade certified PP plastic, so you can rest assured it’s safe for your cat. 

The Mospro Fountain is sure to attract your pet cat to drink more and more often because of its attractive design.

The fountain has three flow settings to make it more appealing and appealing to your pet. You can choose between gentle fountain mode, flower bubble, and waterfall design.

It is equipped with two replaceable flower-shaped filters, which can be used repeatedly after sun exposure.

The product has a highly professional customer service center with 24/7 support, 30-day full refund, 12-month warranty, and 24/7/365 technical support.


  • Water can be safely stored in a storage tank for a month
  • Made from non-toxic and BPA-free materials
  • The activated carbon filter can be safely washed and reused.


  • The pump is not so quiet

PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat and Dog Drinking Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat and Dog Drinking Fountain, 100 Ounce Capacity Automatic Water Dispenser for Pets, Fresh Free-Flowing Stream, Easy to Clean Hygienic Durable Material, Filters Included
  • 100-OZ CAPACITY: Perfect size for cats, dogs and multiple pet households
  • GREAT FOR SENIOR PETS: The multi-tiered design of the fountain is great for senior or arthritic pets who can’t bend down to drink

Are you looking for an ideal fountain for multiple pets of different sizes? PetSafe Drinkwell Dog and Cat Fountain are just what you’ve been looking for.

The fountain includes a carbon-based water filter to remove odors, keeping the water fresh and attractive. The low-voltage pump is extremely quiet, so it won’t disturb your feline friend while they’re drinking. Additionally, the fountain is made from BPA-free materials and is dishwasher safe.

This pet fountain has two levels for pets to drink. Design for easy connection to water for elderly and arthritic pets. 

There’s also an extension cord that helps reduce the sound caused by the waterfall movement – useful if you don’t love the noise of water flow. You can not miss this – one of the quietest cat water fountains for your cats.


  • Don’t need to change the water regularly.
  • The filters are conveniently convertible.
  • The plastic is completely BPA-free and dishwasher safe.
  • 2-layer design suitable for all pets with small to medium size
  • The fountain can carry up to 100 oz of water


  • Not ideal for big pets

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

Cat Mate Pet Fountain - 70 Fluid Oz.
  • Multi-Height drinking stations
  • Ramp reduces water splashing

Cat Mate Fountain is one of the quietest cat water fountains, making it a great choice among plastic fountains on the market.

The product has a unique pump design called the Isolated Pump System that aims to keep the pump as quiet as possible, not to frighten your cat or keep you awake at night.

The second design feature is the product’s focus on providing cats with multiple options for drinking water. The product ensures that even if your cats have different preferences, they will have options available.

However, there are a few items to keep in mind. While this fountain is appreciated by the factors mentioned above, the product is definitely a fragile fountain. This is true for most plastic fountains, but it’s worth noting if you have small cats or children that could spill the fountain.

The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is easily removable for cleaning and is dishwasher safe.

The device works with a replaceable polymer-carbon cartridge to ensure purity for your cat. This water purifier is suitable for both cats and small dogs. The machine has a water capacity of 70 f Oz (2 Liters).


  • Adjustable water flow mechanism
  • Comes with polymer carbon filter Fully replaceable filter
  • It comes with three years warranty
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean


  • Mold is easy to build up if you don’t clean it carefully
  • The plug of the fountain is too big

isYoung Cat Fountain

isYoung Cat Fountain 1.6L Automatic Pet Water Fountain Pet Water Dispenser, Dog/Cat Health Caring Fountain and Hygienic Dog Fountain
  • is Young cat fountain is a creative pet fountain with fresh Filter water for your cat(please rinse Filter with water thoroughly before use. )
  • Finely polished PP resin (without BPA) for your pet’s health and hygiene

IsYoung Water Fountain is an innovative pioneer pet fountain with filtered water that will be safe, not decontaminated.

The fountain is made of exquisitely polished PP plastic material (BPA-free), absolutely safe and hygienic for pet cats. 

The 56-ounce water capacity encourages cats to drink more water each day. The fountain parts are simple to disassemble, so it is very easy to clean and clean.

If you are looking for a new fountain to replace the classic water bowls for your cat because you want to encourage your pet to drink more water, the isYoung Pet Fountain is a model worth you. Consider. This device has a cute design that makes it a great addition to any room. In addition, the product provides fresher, tastier water for cats to encourage them to drink water throughout the day.

Furthermore, the device is large enough (56 ounces) and can be easily disassembled for you to clean.

The manufacturer recommends that it is best to clean the product twice a month or once a week.


  • You will know if your pet has drunk water because the fountain will make a sound when it fills with water.
  • Compact and can hold a large amount of water.
  • Not leak on the floor.


  • The water sound can disturb in some cases

PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Cat and Dog Drinking Fountain

PetSafe Cat and Dog Water Fountain - Automatic Water Dispenser - Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Fountain for Pets - Filter Included - 70 oz
  • Water Capacity: 70 Oz. Water Capacity Is Great For Cats And Small To Medium Sized Dogs
  • Encourages Drinking: Dual Free Falling Streams Add Oxygen For Freshness And Encourage Pets To Drink More Water

The Petsafe Pagoda fountain is one of the quietest cat fountains on the market and a powerful solution for pets with plastic allergies.

It holds up to 70 oz of clean water and a special convertible charcoal filter to remove odors.

The Petsafe Pagoda fountain is easy to clean, and its model looks excellent for your house.

This fountain features top and bottom plates to serve your cat with two areas where they could choose to drink, and a stream of non-falling water that helps aerate the water for fresh and cool, encourage cats to drink.

Forget plastic and stainless steel products and go for ceramic products instead, as these can provide you with a more hygienic solution to your kitten’s hydration problems. That’s what the Drinkwell Pagoda cat water purifier offers.

It features some of the more common technologies found in PetSafe’s Drinkwell lines, including a fully replaceable carbon filter and an ultra-quiet motor.


  • All-ceramic construction is anti-bacterial and easy to clean and maintain
  • The pagoda shape design looks beautiful and different from the existing designs on the market
  • The motor is not too loud
  • Easy to clean


  • Fragile because it is made of ceramic

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain

Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain Raindrop Design
  • Circulating drinking water is naturally appealing to your pet.
  • Replaceable charcoal filter for clean and pure, healthy water

Pioneer Pet fountain with 60 Oz/ 1.77 L water movement provides two areas to drink for cats to drink, from the top to bottom of the fountain.

Pioneer’s pet fountain’s elegant and unique design features a flow that helps prevent splashes and provides a moving water area for pets to drink. Some pets also enjoy drinking and licking the slide portion of the fountain. Increasing water intake helps cats stay healthy and hydrated.

The quiet pump assures a constant supply of circulating water and oxygen for the cat to drink. Besides, the fountain uses a charcoal filter to keep the water always fresh and pure free of dirt and hair. Pioneer’s stainless steel fountains are dishwasher safe.


  • Encourage the habit of drinking water for cats
  • Made of stainless steel, making it easy to clean and maintain
  • The unique shape and fashion design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Free leak
  • Easy assembly
  • Many size options


  • No extra storage.

PetSafe Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain, 50 oz Capacity Fresh Filtered Water Dispenser for Cats and Medium Sized Dogs, Easy to Clean Design with Adjustable Flow, Filters Included
  • Water capacity: 50 ounce. water capacity is great for cats and small dogs
  • Encourages drinking: Free-falling stream entices pets to drink more water

The Drinkwell Original Fountain approves cats to enjoy a moving water source that causes your cat to consume more water, which is necessary to keeping cats healthful.

This Drinkwell Original Fountain is a good key for cats to drink water. This fountain is much better than a normal bowl of water because your pet doesn’t have to drink idle water anymore.

The Drinkwell Original Fountain features a 5-inch free-falling flood of water that gives cats the opportunity to drink from everywhere of the bowls. It works with a charcoal filter to filter water from unpleasant odors and tastes.

Submersible pump for quieter system. The angle on the bowl helps prevent water from falling to the ground.


  • Easy to refill
  • Easy to setup
  • Filters keep water fresh and clean.
  • BPA-free plastic.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Not suitable for big pets

PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Multi-Pet Drinking Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Multi Pet Drinking Fountain - Customizable Automatic Water Dispenser for Cats and Dogs - 128 oz Fresh, Filtered Water Capacity for Healthy Pets - Filter Included
  • LARGE WATER CAPACITY: 128 oz. water capacity is great for pets of all sizes and multiple pets
  • ENCOURAGES DRINKING: Provides 1-5 free-falling streams that encourage your pets to drink more water. Rubber feet prevent sliding. Submersible pump for nearly silent operation

Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Fountain has a capacity of 128 Oz (1 gal) of clean, filtered water and provides oxygen for pets to drink.

The fountain uses a pre-filter to protect the pump and a charcoal filter from removing odors and odors. The fountain consists of a charcoal filter and a foam filter.

Drinkwell 360 stainless steel runs on a 12V low voltage system with an inline disconnect for easy unplugging.

The PetSafe Drinkwell 360 stainless steel dog and cat fountain is ideal for households with a pet who enjoys drinking together. The circular space and five spouts mean multiple pets can drink at the same time. The water lines can be customized to meet your pet’s needs, while the replaceable carbon filter removes unpleasant odors and tastes that can make your pets undrinkable.

Stainless steel construction is highly hygienic and easy to clean; It can even be used in the dishwasher.


  • The round shape and multiple drinking spouts make the fountain ideal for multi-pet households
  • A dual filtration system makes the water more fresh and attractive
  • Stainless steel construction is hygienic and easy to clean


  • It could be too big for your home

Comsmart Cat Water Fountain

Comsmart Cat Water Fountain, 81 Ounce/2.4 Liters LED Pet Fountain Stainless Steel Automatic Drinking Water Dispenser for Cats, Dogs, Other Pets
  • 【Water Level Window with Blue Light】: Our upgrade cat water fountain with LED light can clearly monitor water level at a glance. When it's time to refill water, makes it easy for pets to drink water in the dark. And blue led light adds a lovely glow in your home.
  • 【The Upgraded Pump】: This latest generation pump is designed with unique motor technology, Ultra Quiet ( below 40dB ), 1.5 W low power consumption, normally lasting between 2.5-4 years(In the case of cleaning once every two weeks), which is much more lasting and durable than others.

If you are looking for a cheap fountain made of stainless steel, take a look at the Comsmart Fountain. This fountain has three flow settings, so you can choose what works best for your pets. The design has a free-falling water flow that helps encourage pets to drink more, and the softer option is suitable for shy cats.

It holds up to 81 oz of water, enough to drink for several days, and it’s super easy to keep track of. There is a small window on the fountain so you can observe the amount of water inside, and it helps you even check the water degree thanks to the blue LED light.

The pump is a good value for budget. It is extremely have no noisy when working and has a low-power consumption of 1.5W, which reduces energy bills. Besides, the fountain also has a pre-filter surrounding the pump, which helps to trap almost large dirts and helps the pump to run longer.

The primary filter is made of three layers. First of them, the former helps to retain larger grains in the water. The second eliminates chloride and metal ions. The third improves the smell and taste of the water, a significant benefit when you want to encourage your cats to drink.


  • Good price
  • Three styles of water flow
  • The water level can be easily monitored with LED light in blue color
  • Flower model to captivate attention
  • Extremely quiet running


  • The tray is totally the only part which from stainless steel

How to Choose The Quietest Cat Water Fountain

The quietest cat water fountain we have provided above will add more playtime for your pet, cat fountains will also help to self-hydrate when drinking. Running out of water and keeping your cat hydrated is easy with these options. The fountain will not distract, and your cat will always enjoy it.

Since cats prefer flowing water to still water, a cat fountain may be the solution to your concerns. However, that only happens if you can find one that suits your cat’s needs, and choosing the right fountain for your cat and making you happy can’t be easy. Some of the main criteria you need to consider when choosing between the multitude of fountains available are:

Quietest Cat Water Fountain


If you place your fountain where you can easily hear it, the sound will be a significant factor in your concern. Some people like the sound of running water, but those with sensitive ears may not want the fountain to sound like that. In addition to the sound of the water, also pay attention to the sound of the fountain’s engine — some types can be noisy.


And one of the more essential things you need to pay attention to when buying a fountain is choosing the correct size. The amount of water a cat requires will depend on their size and the type of food they consume, so if you have a large cat or a multi-cat household, make sure to get a water fountain that can hold water. Keep the right amount of water, so you don’t have to ‘not have to refill it multiple times a day.

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Cat fountains are made of various materials, including glass, plastic, stainless steel, and ceramic. If you decide to go with plastic, make sure it’s durable and free of toxins that could be dangerous to your pet’s health. And if you choose porcelain, be careful when using it because it can be fragile.


Stainless steel is an excellent material to keep in mind for fountains because it’s easier to clean than plastic. However, you can still choose to buy other models, but the design should be easy to clean and not have many hard-to-reach corners.

Conclusion: Our Top 13 Quietest Cat Water Fountain

Most cat owners know that a cat’s unique characteristic is that it likes to drink when the water moves. If you are looking for quick answers to your questions because you are short on time, here is a table of the best and quietest cat water fountains for each category.

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