Progresso White Clam Sauce Reviews Updated 2024

Seafood is an ingredient that as a general rule everyone likes, today I want to share with you a recipe that we call progresso white clam sauce. It is very simple to cook and if you like to eat spicy then a little bit of cayenne pepper is perfect.

A clam dish will be a twist on the family meal and add more appeal. Clam is processed into many delicious and useful dishes, in this article you will reveal the best cooking methods of top chefs.

This article covers:

  • Learn about clam species
  • Benefits when eating clams
  • The recipes
  • Conclusion

Learn About Clam Species

Clam or clam is the name used to refer to the bivalve molluscs (molluscs) of the family Veneridae that specialize in coastal waters with high salinity, sandy soil, and quite popular distribution in the sea. tropical or subtropical. Clam has a round body, white or light yellow color. This is a species of seafood with high economic value, easy to raise, and does not take much care. Although the maturation process of clam is very risky, but with a large number of eggs, clam species is now a relatively easy and inexpensive pet.

Clam loves to live in tidal flats on shallow seas. The bottom material where clam distributes is muddy sand (appropriate sand ratio is 60-70%) or buried in the muddy sand bottom of the tidal zone, mainly during mid- and low-tide intertidal, can be found at a depth of 4m. . In the wild, this species has not been found in the muddy bottom area, the bottom is solid.

Sea clams are usually located deep in the sand, more than finger length from the surface. The villagers catch clams with a homemade raw wooden tool. A bamboo handle has a length of about 2 meters, one end is cut in half for a log or a piece of bamboo to make rafts on both sides like a Y-shaped side on the end to install a scraping blade.

In order to scrape, the scrappers must immerse themselves underwater. When standing, the water often moves the knees, when touching clams, they have to sit down to catch, the water is waist-high, when the waves crash near the neck, the salt water splashes their eyes. Therefore, sea clam has a high value not only for its delicious taste, but also for the people’s efforts to capture clam.

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In Oriental medicine, Clam is cold, sweet, tonic, bright, phlegm, beneficial, and nourishing kidney. After eating clams we have a refreshing feeling, repelling sorrow and frustration. This dish is suitable for people with asthma, diabetes, hemorrhoids, edema, bloating, thyroid swollen people, urinary retention, atherosclerosis, women with a lot of bad gas, …

Fresh clams when soaked in light salt water will open their mouth to make mud, if they do not open their mouth, they will be dead, to be discarded, otherwise, when eating the wrong clam, it will smell bad.

Seeing a lot, the number of times to eat can not count, but are you sure you already know about sea clams? In addition to the common name clam, they are also known by other names as clam. This bivalve mollusk belongs to the family Veneridae, specializing in high-salinity coastal waters where sandy soils are abundant. They occur in tropical or subtropical waters. You can see them all over the seas in Vietnam.

Clam has a round body, white or light yellow color. This species has high economic value, is easy to raise and does not take much care. That is why you can easily find and buy them but the price is not too high.

The popular types of sea clam in Vietnam’s waters today can be mentioned as stripe clam, clam flower, white clam. Meat of all species is very delicious and contains high nutritional value.

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Clam is filter feeder, unable to actively prey and selective food, 90% of feed is organic residue humus, the rest is plankton – mainly diatoms, diatoms, blue algae , green algae and algae. Clam feed and grow strongly from the second month to the fifth month. Rain and floods reduce salinity, making clam less eaten and slow to grow. The months of rainy and flood season and after the flood season have light salinity, they must keep their shells, do not eat for a long time a day, and their satiety is low.

In the digestive tract of clam found: organic residue humus 75-90%, the rest is plankton, mainly phytoplankton: Bacillariopyceae (90-95%), thyroid algae Dinophyceae (3,3-6, 6%), blue algae, green algae, metallic algae from 0.8-1.0%.


Clam grows seasonally, especially in the rainy season, organic matter from estuaries is poured out, clam grows quickly and grows quickly. Clam is a separate male and female species with no hermaphrodite phenomenon. When the gonads mature, it stretches like two bunches of grapefruit, light brown in color. The number of eggs in the female ovule is 3,168,000 – 8,650,000, an average of 5,362,000 eggs in an individual.

This species spawns all year round, but concentrates in January to February and July to August. The average male ratio is 1: 1, 5. A female clam can lay millions of eggs at a time. Lays an average of 5 million eggs / individual. The larvae of clam live floating in the water for a while, then form a shell and then sink to the bottom. The young will snuggle about 1 cm into the mud and sand.

The small “bran” clam is half a grain of rice, the shell is thin, flat, weighs 0.04-0.07 g (15,000-25,000 fish / kg) buried in the sand about 1 cm deep, feeding according to the tide and often being affected by waves. swept and tidal currents are carried relatively far away, sometimes uplifted, dried and dead. After more than 1 month, the clam bran is large into clam seed, weighing 0.16-0.20 g (5,000-6,000 heads / kg), the shell is relatively hard, can be nursed in the fields.


As the clam grows, the meat weight increases more slowly than the shell. For every 100 kg of clam in the size of 35–37 mm (45-50 heads / kg), we get 7.7-8.3 kg of meat; but with 100 kg of large clam 49–50 mm (19-21 individuals / kg), only 6.7-7.3 kg of meat can be obtained.

Life expectancy record

In the natural environment, clams can live up to 450 years, 6 times the life expectancy of humans. Scientists have based on the number of rings on the lid to determine their lifespan. [5] It has been found that a clam off the coast of Iceland has a lifespan between 405 and 410 years old but while the cells show no signs of aging. [5] It is named the Ming Clam (this name is because it was born during the Ming Dynasty in China). The researchers said that based on the number of rings on the shell, they determined the age of the clam. Previously the Guinness record for the longest living animal belonged to an Arctic Ocean clam found in 1982 and is 220 years old.


Clam meat is a highly nutritious, delicious food that many people love (accounting for 56% of protein by dry weight). Clams grow very fast, reproduce large, the annual catch is relatively high, serve domestic consumption and export, so they become economic objects of fishermen in the coastal areas of the River Delta Cuu Long makes clam farming develop, however, it is necessary to raise the issue of rational exploitation to protect this resource

Clam dishes are very beneficial for health (due to many nutrients). In 100 g of clam meat contains 10.8 g of protein, 1.6 g of fat, many trace elements such as zinc (180 mg), iron (24 mg), calcium, manganese, copper, iodine, selenium. … and vitamins B1, B6, B12, C. However, people with bad taste (often loose bowel movements, poor appetite, flat stomach, slow digestion) should not eat clams.

Clam is also rich in nutritional value, helping the body to supplement many substances and enhance its resistance to disease. Clam helps Prevent Alzheimer’s and anemia, Fight arthritis, Boost immune system, Help regulate blood sugar levels, Help healthy gums, Thyroid good, Rich in riboflavin, Enhance activity Love, Rich in potassium, Good for dieters and heart disease.

Clam is used as a raw material to process many delicious dishes such as: spicy and sour clam vermicelli, it is a clam soup cooked with some favorite dishes such as lemongrass steamed, fish sauce mixed with garlic chili or salt and lemon pepper, clams in sweet and sour sauce. . However, it is also important to pay attention to the factors of hygiene and processing because it is reported that clam and many species accumulate all three types of toxins, ASP, PSP and DSP in internal tissue.

Benefits When Eating Clams

Oriental medicine clam meat is called as far as humiliation, solderness, salty sweetness, non-toxic, with the function of detoxification, thirst quenching, phlegm, irrigation, phlegm, cough treatment of phlegm, gastric ulcer. colon, haemorrhage, burns, hemorrhoids. In addition, it can treat edema, jaundice, women suffering from ice, goiter, tuberculosis, yin damage, asthma, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, burns, injuries …

Oriental medicine calls the clam shell as van cactus, cactus or chalky seaweed, containing high calcium content in the form of carbonate, phosphate and sulfate salts. Medicinal materials have a salty taste, temperament, low temperature benefit, cool the liver, phlegm. Treatment of fever, sore throat, cough, cough, phlegm, gonorrhea, music, hemorrhoids … The book of Pharmacology indicates: Melting phlegm, curing boils, malignancies, furunculosis toxic pustules. The average dose for each drug ladder or oral powder from 12-20g per day. Usage such as cooking cooked meat to eat, and dried shell ground into powder called clam shell powder, use gradually.

Clam – Good food for gentlemen

The main components of clam meat were analyzed, mainly protein 10.8%; lipid 1.6%; carbohydrate 4.65%; calcium, iron, phosphor, vitamin A, B1, B2, PP … In 1,000 grams of dried clam meat, there are 2,400 micrograms of iodine. More specifically, clam meat is also a food with aphrodisiac effects like other bivalve mollusks such as clams, oysters, clams … because they contain compounds that have the effect of releasing. sex hormones are absorbed by the body each time they are ingested. Indeed, for centuries, it has been believed that mollusks such as clams, clams, clams … have aphrodisiac properties. According to the scientists, compounds such as D’Aspartic acid and NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate) in bivalve shellfish stimulate the release of testosterones and estrogen in humans each time they eat it.

For reference and application, here are some typical remedies for treating diseases from sea clams:

Helps enhance physiology: 50-100g clam meat, 30g delicious non-glutinous rice, onions, herbs, just enough spices. Put the rice in the clam boiled water to cook into porridge, then add the clam meat to boil for a while and then season with just enough spices, onions, herbs, spread out, eat hot at side meals of the day. Can be eaten for weeks, men and women are fine.

Grilled clam steamed with lemongrass and chilli: 0.5kg clam, 1 fruit tomato, green pepper, red pepper, garlic, dried onion, butter, cooking oil … Clam cleanup on grill until cooked, split the clam shell to get the shell with meat Placed on a plate, presented with green peppers, tomatoes, pruned red peppers, the rest finely chopped. Onions, garlic, crushed, minced, hot pan, add oil and 1 teaspoon of butter, wait until hot, let minced garlic onions into non-aromatic, then add onions and garlic that is just non-aromatic, pouring on a plate of clams sprinkled with red chili Chopped to make clams ripe, add softness and sweetness, add aroma of onion, garlic, flavor of butter is finished. Eat hot.

Cataract cure: According to Chinese documents: Take clam meat with blood cockle, glass glass (each taste is 50g), dried stars are crushed. 100g pork liver, sliced ​​thin, rice water in a large bowl, put in and cooked to taste, then brought out to eat both water and the, once a day before going to bed.

More iron than beef

Clam is a very rich source of iron, iron is much higher than iron found in a piece of beef with a T-bone or a piece of beef liver. The amount of iron in an 85g cooked clam, or about 90 small clams, is about 24mg. This amount of iron is more than the recommended daily intake for adults. Therefore, it can be said that the benefits when eating clams bring more iron to keep the body healthy.

If you are iron deficient, eating clams regularly will help maintain the iron reserves in the body. In addition, clam not only provides iron but also contains minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium which are good for health.

Fat is good for the heart

benefits when eating clams

Providing omega-3 fats is one of the benefits when eating clams gives to the human body. Each 100g of clam contains about 140mg omega-3 fatty acids. Diet with lots of omega-3, very good and ensures optimal functioning of the heart.

More nutritious than chicken

According to many reviews, 85 g Progresso White clam sauce contains about 20g protein and less than 2g fat. The amount of protein in clams is higher than oysters and scallops and approximately equal to the amount of protein and fat in chicken. However, the amount of vitamins and minerals needed can be calmer than in chicken.

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Balanced cholesterol

Clam contains a reasonable amount of cholesterol. Therefore, people with high cholesterol can still eat seafood, especially clams because they contain low levels of fat and saturated fat. Eating a diet low in saturated fat to ensure cholesterol is much more important than eating a diet low in cholesterol.

When do we shouldn’t use clams ?

Clam is a popular seafood that is easy to find, but improper use will also have dangers to human health. Therefore, to eat clam properly and for the body to maximize absorption that benefits when eating clam, we will give some notes when clam:

When processing dishes from clam, it is necessary to boil and cook thoroughly because clam can hide parasites in clam.

Clam is very good for the human body, however children under 1 year old should not eat clams. Because, at this stage, the baby’s chewing skills are very poor, it will affect the digestive process in the stomach.

Absolutely should not eat fruit right after eating dishes made from clam because it will chill, diarrhea. In addition, when eating like this, it also affects the ability to absorb calcium, protein in clams or form insoluble substances, causing digestive disorders, nausea.

benefits when eating clams

Do not eat clams and drink beer at the same time, because it will accelerate the formation of excess uric acid accumulating in the joints or soft tissues … leading to gout, arthritis and soft tissue, very harmful to health.

Clam is especially incompatible with foods rich in Vitamin C, because this combination can easily cause poisoning. Therefore, when cooking, you should have a careful combination to avoid harming your health and your loved ones.

When choosing clams for processing, do not eat dead, crushed or cracked clams for cooking, especially for babies. Dead clams will often contain many harmful bacteria that affect health.


Clam soup with sour

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Clam soup with pineapple is very suitable for processing on hot summer days because it has a cool, sour taste that is easy to eat and also nutritious for health. In particular, the way to make sour clam soup is quite simple, quick and doesn’t cost too much.

In the hot summer, the family meal menu often appears as cool soup to make it easier to eat and not get bored. In particular, the special sour-cooked clam soup is most favored by housewives because of its mild sour taste, delicious taste and health nutrition. Not to mention, this clam soup is also very easy to process, fast and economical.

Normally, the sour-cooked clam soup is often combined with pineapple to create a gentle sweet and sour taste and characteristic aroma. A few more young crocodiles are in season, this clam soup will be extremely attractive.

Clam is purchased to wash through to remove the dirt, dirt on the outside and then soak in a basin of water or can use the water to wash the rice. Note to clam submerged in water. And for the clam to quickly release all the mud, you can cut a few slices of chili into the water soaked in clam. The hot peppers will make you clumsy and open your mouth, releasing the mud and soil in your body.

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Clam soak for at least 20-30 minutes, then take out and rinse.

Pineapple peeled, removed eyes, cut in half and only took half to cook soup. You can also buy pre-peeled pineapples to save processing time. The pineapple takes off the core and is cut into triangle pieces, marinated with a little bit of broth and sugar to ease the sour taste of the pineapple.

Wash tomatoes, add areca zone shape.

Crocodile washed, then peeled, soaked in water to not be bruised.

Dried onion, peeled, crushed and minced. Peeled ginger, sliced.

Lettuce, dill, scallions picked up and washed, drained, chopped. Sliced ​​fresh chili.

Boil about 1L of water, drop a few slices of ginger to cook together. Because clams live in the mud, they are cold, so ginger will eliminate the welding properties of clams, helping people to eat a warmer stomach. When the water is boiling, release the clams, let the heat become high and stir. Boil the clams for 2-3 minutes, when the clams are open, remove the clams. Do not boil the clam for too long, the meat will be tough.

After taking out the clams, the boiled water is put in a separate bowl, pay attention to take the clear water, not take the residue from the bottom.

Separate the clam meat from the shell, to eat more delicious and hygienic, you are hard to squeeze away the black residue on the belly of the clam.

Then rinse, put the clam meat in a bowl. Many people have to add more flavor to the clam meat, but because clams are already salty, you don’t need to marinate them.

Heat the pot, add 2 tablespoons of oil and non-aromatic with dried onions, then add 2/3 of the tomatoes and stir fry with 1/2 teaspoon of flour to make the tomatoes soft and rich. Next, add the clams to fry and add a little fish sauce.

Stir fry clams and tomatoes for 2 more minutes and then take them separately into a bowl.

Pour water to boil clams into the pot, make sure to take the clear water, remove the bottom of the residue, and cook a little more water, about 1L of water is estimated to cook.

Boil water, drop the crocodile and pineapple, continue to cook for 2-3 minutes, then remove the crocodile and beam. Remove the crocodile seeds, put about 1/2 part of the crocodile meat in the pot first, taste if the acidity has just eaten to adjust the dose accordingly.

Seasoning includes 1 teaspoon fish sauce, 2 tablespoons flour and 1/2 teaspoon of MSG. Stir well to dissolve the spices. Continue to add the rest of the tomatoes with bean sprouts, followed by the fried tomatoes clam. Taste the seasonings and add scallions, cumin and a few slices of chili. Cook for 1 more minute, then turn off the heat, pour the soup into a bowl, and eat hot with rice.

How to cook clam porridge for children and for adults

Share how to cook simple but delicious clam porridge. How to prepare baby food (see How to do it) and for adults is slightly different and varies a little. After this article you can completely process it to suit your needs.

How to cook with Progresso White clam sauce: 

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Clam bought and washed 1.2 times and then soaked in water to wash rice.

Remember to cut a few slices of fresh chili so that the clam is spicy will release the mud better. If there is no water to wash the rice, you can use plain water.

After soaking for 30 minutes, rinse them several times with clean water, then put in a pot, pour more water and boil the clams over high heat.

Boil for about 2 minutes, then turn off the heat and scoop the clams into the basket to allow them to cool down.

Part of the water you can boil clams to fix the dirt to settle. The next step will take the water in the porridge.

When the clam cools down, you pick up the clam meat and then use your hand to squeeze out the black intestine inside. Then bring it to wash under running water for the clam meat to be completely clean.

Glutinous rice and non-glutinous rice were washed away and then cooked in a rice cooker, poured clam broth in the previous step into the pot to cook porridge. You can add filtered water so that the water is equal to 4 parts of rice, plug in electricity to cook white porridge.

Depending on whether you want to eat solid or thin foods, you can adjust the amount of water.


Likewise, if you want to eat more or less pliable, you want to adjust the proportion of sticky rice and non-glutinous rice.

The ratio of sticky rice and non-glutinous rice that I use is 1 part sticky rice, 6 parts non-glutinous

North the pot on the stove, heat 1 teaspoon of cooking oil and then chopped dried onions into non-aromatic. When the onions are fragrant, add the clam meat and fry it over low heat.

Seasoning with soup powder and fish sauce to make clam meat infused with spices, when eaten, it will be rich.

Fry the clams briefly for about 1-2 minutes, then turn off the heat

When white porridge has been simmered for 30 to 45 minutes. At this time the porridge is ripe. You put the fried clam meat in the above step and stir well then scoop the clam porridge into the bowl.

Sprinkle with chopped chopped vegetables and pepper, stir well and serve with stirring while still hot.

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Clam porridge in particular and porridge in general should be eaten when it is still hot, let the porridge cool, easy to fishy, ​​eaten with crumbles is the best.

This dish is suitable as a breakfast or dinner dish to change taste.

How to prepare clam with rice water and fresh chili is the way that I always use when preparing dishes from clam. This method also works with shellfish such as mussels and mussels.

The cooking time for clams should not be too long, making the meat tough. The purpose of boiling clam is to separate the meat while the purpose of the clam stir-frying is to absorb the spice, when eaten.

Clam porridge must have laksa leaves to taste.

The process of preliminarily processing clams and squeezing out the black intestine in each clam is a bit time-consuming, but is a mandatory step in processing this dish because the clam intestines contain a lot of dirt. If not pre-processed and washed, the pig will get lumpy when eaten.


The article ends here and we hope you have a good grasp of clam, a simple but very attractive ingredient in Asian cuisine, choose Progresso white clam sauce and choose for yourself a dish. According to your creativity. The following products can help you with the cooking process.

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