Top 10 Best Office Chair Gas Cylinder Of 2024

The best office chair gas cylinder will depend upon the size of your chair. Knowing how the airlift cylinder works is critical because it helps you to wish for it properly and have a replacement when it involves replacing.  Even though with the sole care, the gas lifter will eventually wear out and wish replacing. The seat airlift cylinder has no parts you’ll return and requires complete replacement instead.

Often consider cylinder travel when selecting an airlift cylinder for your seat. This is frequently the distance that the middle will move between the absolute best point and the absolute worst point. The height at which the airlift cylinder (also known as a plunger or hydraulic shaft) will lift and lower your seat can be determined by this.

The great news is that even the sole of them are affordable and thus easily acceptable. Take a glance at our ratings below to know better.

Best Office Chair Gas Cylinder Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Best Office Chair Gas Cylinder Reviews 2024

Office Chair Cylinder Replacement

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The # 1 Office Seat Replacement Kit provides a wide range of quality and comfort as a full package with an airlift cylinder, gloves, disassembly tool, and manual. Outside and inside diameters for the well-known airlift cylinders are 2′ and 1-1/8′. It measures 385mm (15-1/8”) when completely stretched, and is accompanied by a piston stroke of 434” (128mm).

Because of the removal and assembly components used, such as gloves, an Allen key, screws, and a shaft seal, the installation is a one-of-a-kind procedure. You may also hire a guide to help you easily remove the old cylinder and replace it with a new one. Your office chair will be revitalized in just 5 simple measures.

Since it’s a type 4 seat, it’s usually one of the most robust and dependable airlift cylinders available. This type 4 air lift cylinder is capable of lifting weights of up to 1000 pounds without difficulty. The cylinder is usually protected by a six-year warranty. This cylinder will convince you that every dollar you spend is well spent.


  • Easy installation and disassembly process
  • The removal kit includes gloves
  • Type 4 cylinder lift 
  • Universal compliance and an industry-standard
  • Warranty for six years


  • Costly

Heavy Duty 8″ Stroke Replacement Drafting Stool Gas Lift Cylinder Pneumatic Shock

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If you are trying to find an air cylinder that can lift your chair above your current height or a pillar for your chair and non-office chair, this is usually the type of post that will suit you best. It also fits regular seats up to standard heights based on its universal dimensions.

One of our best cylinders is the Air Lift Cylinder that replaces the 8 ”heavy cruise. It’s the most important of the airlift cylinders on our list thanks to its massive 8-inch stroke. When fully expanded, its total length of twenty-two .25 ”(565mm) can be a plus when you have an oversized chair or need extra height.

With its large and universal size, it is commonly used on most office chairs and sofa chairs. It has a two-inch (50mm) outer diameter, standard in most seats, and adjustable stools.

The material that makes up this chair is unique quality steel, and hard plastic ensures it has a long lifespan. Compared to other air lifters, this is often the basis for giant seats or seats that need extra height as it offers 3 inches more than the 5-inch quality of the stroke.


  • Made of chromium steel and hard plastic
  • Universal fit
  • The installation procedure is quick and simple
  • Work with stools, benches, high chairs, and the most typical office chairs


  • Best suited for oversized chairs

DOZYANT 8″ Long Stroke Office Chair Gas Lift Cylinder Replacement

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The heavy lifting air cylinder holds the weight – the high middle column of the seat, up to 450 lbs. You can use it on most office chairs and computer desk chairs. Type 4 is the most advanced gas cylinder on the market.

It can rotate fully 360 degrees, moves smoothly, and is no fuss in all or any direction or any direction so you don’t have to be anxious about attracting everyone’s attention.

Its minimum length is 11.2 inches; the maximum length when fully extended is 22.5 inches; Adjustment range is quite large, 8 inches.

Its standard cylinder diameters are: outer cylinder: 2 inch, inner cylinder: 1.1 inch. You should verify the measurements prior to receiving the goods to ensure the quality of your office chair gas cylinder. It is usually easily installed without the need for additional support screws so anyone can install and use it.


  • Easy to use
  • Compact


  • A little tall

Office Chair Gas Lift Cylinder Replacement

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If you own a chair with an airlift ladder to manage its height, then you may have noticed that after a selected time, the air ladder stops working. You even face the difficulty of finding a suitable alternative to the gas scale that worries you. This is usually a significant problem in most offices around the world and is expected to be addressed. 

We introduce the airlift cylinder office chair, which is conceived to replace the first cylinder. This airlift perfectly fits most chair types, making it a standout choice for your home or office. However, seat opening is required 2 inches wide for a secure fit. The gas scale is made of durable and non-susceptible materials.

Even if you have quite a few chairs, this Office Factor pillar fits a wide variety of chairs. Furthermore, this air ladder’s durable and convenient properties make it a truly comfortable seat for you.

This airlift cylinder from Office Factor has a shape that looks a bit like your original airlift and thus proves to be an excellent choice for your chair. The cylinder is also finished up to now, and the smooth texture adds to its professional look.

This airlift from Office Factor is extremely easy to fit in your chair. The only requirement is that the seat opening must be 2 inches wide so that this air ladder is usually securely mounted with your seat.

The initial length of the cylinder is 7.44 inches. However, when it is fully expanded, the distance will increase to 13.81 inches. The bottom end of this cylinder is 1.56 inches in diameter, while the best airlift is 1.04 inches in diameter.

A primary concern associated with the replacement of the airlift cylinder is its weight tolerance. The product from Office Factor eliminates this concern as it is powerful enough to quickly hold around 450 lbs of weight. This shows how powerful the cargo is, and therefore, its effectiveness justifies your chair.


  • A durable and convenient alternative
  • Easy to use 
  • Good weight carrying capacity


  • Quite huge

SGS-Office Chair Cylinder Replacement Parts

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Office chair cylinder replacement lets you revive your old chair and save money – is your favorite office chair a sinking mess? Get your chair stand replacement and get your chair back almost as good as new quickly and easily. If you are unsure about the tilt control mechanism of the office chair, buy the guaranteed SGS brand for all times.

Top-quality chair cylinder replacement fit most director chairs and get the heavy-lift hydraulic cylinder and piston replacement suitable for most gaming chairs, director chairs, computers, and chair office rotations. It is reliable and economical product quality.

It comes with a lifetime warranty for the quiet, no-powerful 4-cylinder that can withstand pressure and weight – this heavy-duty airlift cylinder resists heavyweight and will delay up to 450 lbs. Enjoy smooth and soft 360-degree rotation in your office chair for a lifetime warranty.

Take a look at the photos for clear step-by-step instructions so that even non-professionals can install them. It  usually installed easily without the need for additional screws. You have everything you want when you buy for a hassle-free replacement. It is an excellent choice if you intend to repair your office chair or renovate your gaming chair.


  • Easy to disassemble
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Holding up weight should be improved

DOZYANT 6″ Long Stroke Office Chair Gas Lift Cylinder Replacement

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The heavy-lift air column holds weight – the high center column is up to 450 lbs. And can be used on most office, chief, and computer chairs—type 4 most advanced gas cylinders on the market.

It’s quiet and quiet, fully 360-degree swivel, smooth and noiseless movement in all or any or any direction or any direction you want for the sitting experience. 

6 “stroke for seat height adjustment with minimum length: 11.2 inches; maximum length when fully expanded: 17.2 inches; the range of adjustment: 6 inches.

The standard cylinder diameter with outer cylinder: 2 inches, inner cylinder: 1.1 inches.

It is usually easy to install without additional screws so that anyone can install it independently without any expert assistance.


  • Easy to install
  • Reasonable price


  • A little high

Chrome Swivel Office Chair Gas Lift Cylinder Pneumatic

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These pillars are standard heights, and the range of adjustments is widespread for average office chairs. It is considered a great choice to replace old or old air lifters in good seats for continued use. You can always simply disassemble the lift cylinders and never worry that the heart gets heated or punctured when utilizing it.

5 “piston stroke adjustment range (up and down). It is ideal for most traditional office chairs, office chairs, director chairs, etc.

Its central column is chrome plated 2 “(50mm) wide x 9.25” (235mm) high that can fit most of the seat soles people use today.

Its total length can be up to 16.33 “(415mm) when expanded and made of quality and durable chrome material so you can rest assured.


  • Enduring
  • Easy to use
  • Safe


  • Quite tall

Oak Office Chair Gas Lift Cylinder Replacement

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The oak leaf airlift cylinder is the popular airlift cylinder you want to use. It comes with quality measurements of two inches for the outer cylinder and 1.1 inches for the inner cylinder diameter. Most of the seats will fit this excellent airlift from the Oak Leaf. It also comes at a bargain price and will last for a long time.

Oak Leaf also supports up to 450 lbs which were the higher weight most office chairs will support. With 5 inches of travel and a height of 15.5 inches when fully expanded, it offers reasonable height adjustment for office chair users of all sizes.

It is effortless to install during this airlift cylinder, and you get one of the smoothest operations, whether it’s the top adjustment or swivel in the seat. Materials used are high-grade steel and plastic to help increase the life of the gas lift column.


  • Suitable for people of all heights
  • Capacity weight 450 lbs
  • Works smoothly and without fuss
  • Easy installation
  • Made of high-quality material
  • 30-day refund and money-back guarantee


  • You need to measure your chair correctly before deciding to buy

MySit 5″ Office Chair Gas Lift Cylinder Replacement 

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The MySit 5’’ Office Gas Lift Cylinder may also be a gas lift cylinder for heavy-duty use with strokes of two, five, and six inches. The only size we tested that balances quality steeled is the 5” size. It’s a type 4 airlift cylinder with an 18.5-inch overall capacity. 

Since it comes with high-quality attachments, this cylinder, like the others on the list, is extremely easy to install. 

High-quality steel and plastic components mean that you can use them for a long time before returning them. This is usually backed up by a 5-year refund or a Free Replacement warranty on the cylinder.

Even without extras like gloves in the box, the standard and price of this airlift cylinder are purely among the most affordable.


  • Type 4 cylinder lift gas
  • Installation is easy and fast
  • Five years warranty
  • Universal fit


  • Some unnecessary extras are included in the box

KAPOGEE KGC-120B Highest Grade Class 4 Gas Lift Cylinder

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Having a typical chair with a damaged airlift is often annoying, but this replacement from Kapogee is the plausible solution.

With the highest quality parts and features, the Kapogee KGC-120B can also be a type 4 airlift cylinder. To ensure consistency, the body is made of stainless steel and hard plastic. It has excellent dimensions that will suit almost any kind of office chair. 

This airlift cylinder has a 5-inch travel distance. The compressed length is 10.7” (272mm), while the extended length is 15.5” (272mm) (392mm).

For uniform fit, the outer diameter is two standard inches. You can also get a pair of black nitrile disposable gloves to keep your hands safe when wearing them. 

It weighs 400 pounds and rotates 360 degrees on your chair for a smooth and quiet service.

You can relax with the steel pipe that has a welded bottom. Are you looking for a high-quality product? It also comes with a lifetime warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Lifting capacity of 400 lbs
  • Includes a pair of plastic gloves
  • Fits everyone 
  • Steel pipe with a welded bottom
  • 90-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty


  • Only suitable for certain types of airlifting 

Buying guide: What Elements Should You Look For In Your Best Office Chair Gas Cylinder?

While gas cylinders appear to be identical, they have some key differences. These distinctions decide which cylinder is best suited to your requirements. The following are some of them:

Number of strokes

The cylinder or airlift seat’s stroke refers to the most straightforward mid-point space and, as a result, the rock bottom that the seat can hit. It is primarily described and fixed to each cylinder by the gas lift cylinder. The majority of airlift cylinders would have 5-inch travel. This means the seat will rise 5 inches or more from its lowest point.

Since it decides your comfort, you must choose the correct itinerary for the seat. If you buy a too-short chair, it will not adjust to the height you want. Our recommendation is to select the cylinder that is the same height as your current airlift cylinder.

The simplest way to determine the movement of a seat or air tank is to lower it to its lowest point and then mark the best position in the back on the wall. Raise it finally, then stay in the same division in your new, better spot behind your chair. The stroke of your seat and the gas cylinder is the distance between the two marks.


Another aspect that decides whether or not an air tank is appropriate for your needs is the size or fit of your chair. This refers to the cylinder’s heigh about to the gas spring and, as a result, the column. The air springs are the most substantial part of the cylinder and the seat’s tilt system, located underneath the seat wall. The gas spring in a regular chair is 1.1 inches in diameter.

It also includes lubricating oil and pressurized nitrogen gas. It might also be a 17-4 taper for a chair’s assured-standard chair at its peak. When changing the seat height, the gas spring also has a plunger (shiny cylinder) that goes up and down. 

The air tank’s column is the circular component that goes into the seat’s bottom rock and houses the gas spring. It is usually black on some gas cylinders. Industry-standard columns are two inches in diameter.

Materials and construction

The gas lift cylinder’s consistency and durability are also determined by the material used in its manufacture. All airlift cylinders are made of a combination of metal and plastic and have a Class 4 quality rating. For improved durability, Type 4 gas lifters are made of bearing steel and rigid plastic.

Aside from the material, the structure’s consistency would significantly impact the airlift cylinder’s lifetime. To allow the seat to be raised and lowered, the cylinders use pressurized nitrogen gas. The cylinder will not work correctly if nitrogen gas is released due to poor texture content.


When replacing the air cylinder in your chair, one of the most challenging procedures is removing the old cylinder and replacing it with a new one. As mentioned above, the procedures for the airlifts are pretty straightforward and can be completed in minutes with the right equipment. If you don’t have the requisite equipment on hand, cylinders come with them.  In general, the higher the process, the higher the air cylinder will lift.

Length of the cylindrical part

Aside from the air-lift cylinder’s stroke, another factor to consider is its overall length. That is the distance between the gas spring’s perfect end and the column’s bottom. When the cylinder is placed into the seat, this defines the proportion of the cylinder that will protrude below the rock bottom.

If there are too many cylinders underneath the rock, your cylinder is simply too long. Other roles of the chair, such as rotation and movement, can be hampered as a result. If there isn’t enough, the seat will be unstable, which indicates that the airlift cylinder is simply too thin. 

Before choosing a uniform dimension, it is better to calculate the entire length of the airlift column on the bench. Compare the measurements of your current cylinder to the heights of the device you plan to replace it with when it’s lightweight and fully inflated. These factors will determine the type of airlift cylinder you need for your chair. 

Remember that you don’t need a second airlift cylinder on your desk. As long as it follows the measurements and is of good quality, it will serve you well.

Assembly Asked Questions About The Best Office Chair Gas Cylinder

Is it true that all gas office chair cylinders are precisely the same?

No, they are not. Different types of office chairs come with various airlift measures despite the exact mechanism of action. However, most elevators pull office chairs as a general rule. 

They measure 1.1 inches on the inside and several inches on the outside, respectively. Other measurements, such as height, will vary, but the size will be acceptable in most cases.

How can I use the gas cylinder with my office chair in the right way?

First, lower your office chair entirely and move it next to the wall or door. Use the upper arm or back as a template to mark the wall or door. Then, lift your office chair as high as possible and keep the second one from the same position as the main point. Measure the distance between 2 places.

When choosing gas for an office chair, a second note is to look at the bottom of the chair and measure to what proportion that column protrudes on the rock bottom.

Once you’ve taken these measurements, you’ll easily find the right air tank for your office chair.

You’ll need some tools, starting with a hammer, flat-head screwdriver, WD-40, or removable wrench.

Rotate the office chair so that the rear best and the front part of the chair are below. Placing the office chair in this way will make it easier to promote air intake.

Hold one of the shafts with one hand and apply upward pressure as if you were lifting an office chair. Use a hammer to hit the lowest point of the air column of an office chair that sometimes protrudes from the underside of the rock bottom of the office chair. Do not hit the center of the column where the clamp is found. Click on the rim area and rotate where you stand out. Continue beating this way until the legs of the office chair are pulled out.

There are cases when this method doesn’t work. In this case, use a flat screwdriver and remove the flat clamp and washers from the lowest part of the air cylinder column. Lift the office chair base, and thus the air column comes out.

Turn the stone bottom of the office chair with the attached air cylinder and hit the air-cylinder rim area until it pops out, releasing the stand.

Remove the seat cushion from the chair. Place it flat on the bottom. Spray some WD-40 around the space where the air bottle enters the hole. Use a hammer to gently strike the wall of the air tank to help WD-40 through. Raise the padded air tank a few inches with one hand and knock the seat as close as possible to the old tank with your hand, horizontally around where you are hitting.

Installing and replacing the gas cylinder for a replacement office chair is more accessible than disassembling the old gas cylinder. If the office chair remains in the upside-down position described above, insert the spring end of the new air tank into the corresponding hole. Press lightly to place firmly inside the mechanism. Place the rock bottom in the best column of the fresh air tank. Cylinder and press hard. Rotate the standing office chair and complete the assembly. Before sitting on the chair, press the front seat with your hands so that the parts are tighter together. Now you can sit and lift and lower your office chair.

Moreover, we think you should watch this video for more details about installing your chair gas cylinder in the best way:


You should carefully examine the attitude for office chair gas lift cylinder replacement heavy-duty to ensure you get one that meets your requirements. We’ve compiled a quick top 5 list of the best office chair gas lift cylinder replacement heavy-duty for you to take a look at.

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Please comment in the section belopinionsout hesitation if you guys have any questions or opinion about these Top Office Chair Gas Cylinders.

Thank you, and have a great day!

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