Top 10 Best Micro Usb Cable For Xbox One Controller Reviews 2024

Nowadays, micro usb cable is very popular and you can buy it everywhere. It is used mostly for connecting to your smartphones, your laptops or other devices and with this device, you can transfer your data or back it up more easily. But how to buy the best micro usb cable for xbox one controller is still a tough question and users may feel a bit challenged with this problem.

It can be said that the world of micro usb cable is really large and contains a variety of cables, especially in the modern technology these days. In which there are three main kinds including micro usb cable for Android, Apples and cable for personal computers. All of them bring the most convenient usage for people. However, it can have its own pros and cons.Anyway, I think that you can choose the best one of them for you. To help you with this problem, our article below will review the top 10 thoroughly and give you some useful advice. I hope that these guidelines will help you make the right decision.

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Best  Micro Usb Cable For Xbox One Controller Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Micro Usb Cable For Xbox One Controller Reviews 2024

Official Microsoft Xbox One USB Charging Cable (Bulk Packaging)

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The first product in this list is a product from Microsoft company, Official Microsoft Xbox One USB Charging Cable (Bulk Packaging). It comes from one of the most reputable technological brands in the world so you do not need to worry whether it can work well or not. 

This cable can operate efficiently that allows users to charge more quickly and use it for a longer time. It is compatible with Xbox one controllers so you can use it for this type of device. Additionally, this Microsoft cable also comes with a light to support the user during the charging process.

Thanks to the 2.7 meter length, you can use this micro usb cable from a far distance without adding another cable to charge. With another cable that has short length, you have to use another cable if the power sockets are far from your cable. Buying this product and you must be amazing by its durability and reliability.


  • A charging light to support
  • 2.7 meter length
  • Reliable and durable
  • Charge more quickly and longer usage
  • Convenient


  • Only compatible for Xbox one controller

PS4 Controller Charger Charging Cable

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The next product in this list I want to introduce to you is PS4 Controller Charger Charging Cable. It brings users the most convenient experience when you can use and charge at the same time. 

Just imagine, while you are playing a thrilling game, your devices runout of battery and you must stop playing and charge it until it is fully charged, you can play games again.

This usb cable can charge much more quickly. It is made from 23 low-quality wires which enables you to charge 8% more quickly than the original ones. Another reason for why this cable can charge quickly is the maximum support from electric 2.0 ampe and it can transfer a large amount of data about 480 Mbits.

Moreover, it has a strong construction bulletproof aramid fiber, braided nylon exterior, and aluminum materials so you can easily see from the different outside design from others. This is the main cause made it more durable and can exist in the severe environment.

Thanks to the length and a compact connector head, you can use it more flexibly and more conveniently. This micro usb cable is also suitable for many kinds of computers and smartphones.


  • Both use and charge at the same time
  • Fast charging process
  • New outside design with more strong construction
  • Long and durable
  • Flexible with many kinds of devices


  • Not include light for extra support

Micro USB Cable Compatible Xbox One Controller, XUANMEIKE 2 Pack

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When it comes to the best micro usb cable for xbox one controller, this micro usb cable XUANMEIKE 2 Pack is also a product that you should not miss. It offers you a quick charger and the transmission speed up is up to 40 to 60 MB/S. It speeds up the charging process by the safe power 5V/3A so you can totally rely on this device.

This micro usb cable has received the safety certification that can meet all the standards about the quality. The connector head is made of aluminum and is upgraded to ensure that your metal wire is not broken while using. 

The main components of this device is three-layer nylon braid, soft fibers and strong materials that made it more durable and stronger. 

This micro usb cable can make you amazing by its length about 10FT that allows you to use it more conveniently. You can sit comfortably on the sofa and use this device while it was charging. It works well at high speed and is suitable for both PS4 and Xbox controllers as well as every device with micro usb interface.


  • Quick charging
  • High quality and safe usage
  • Aluminum connector heads are upgraded
  • Stronger and more durable
  • Perfect 10 FT length
  • Widely used with many devices


  • A bit more expensive

Nyko Charge Link – Micro-USB Controller Charge and Sync Cable for Xbox One

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Nyko Charge Link – Micro-USB Controller Charge and Sync Cable for Xbox One is a flexible cable and value for money. You can use your device and charge it simultaneously. This product is especially appropriate for Microsoft’s wireless controller for Xbox one and very easy to charge it.

This micro usb cable also comes with an ideal length about 9 feet so you can sit down comfortably at a far distance without influencing the quality of the charger. You can connect to your smartphones to play games, listen to music or use it to update your data to your computer. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the interruption when you are playing or working thanks to its length and flexibility.

The Nyko Charge Link micro usb cable is designed with a LED light to indicate whether it is fully charged and automatically turned off the electric when it is full. This feature is good for your device and can avoid being out of order when you do not unplug the charger, especially in the situation you fall asleep overnight. It also receives the certificate about safety so you can believe in its operation.


  • Long charging cable
  • Easy to charge Xbox One controller
  • Suitable for Microsoft’s wireless controller
  • Safety certificate
  • LED light charge indicator


  • Not as long as the other 

2 Pack Micro USB Cable 10 FT, AkoDa Micro USB Android Charging Cable

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This AkoDa 2 pack micro USB android charging cable is a multifunctional product that will provide you a variety of options. You can use it as a power cord and data line which help to charge electrical devices and transfer your datas. It offers a fast transmission of 480 Mps and safe high speed charging of 5A/2.4A so you can play games and charge it simultaneously.

Made from an ultra durable nylon braided jacket outside, seamless molding interface weatherproof and strong protection, this micro usb cable is more reliable and stronger than other kinds. It can be used for a long time and suffers from over 10000 blending times. This is probably the reason why it became one of the best micro usb cable for xbox one controller.

This micro usb cable also comes with an extra length of 10 FT and a stable connection. It is designed to be perfect with PS4 controllers and Xbox One controllers, providing more space to charge with 10 FT length. You can sit comfortably on the sofa or bed without worrying about hard to reach USB ports or wall charger because it is long enough to do this.

Moreover, it has a direct connection that avoids loosen and disconnect situations. It can be used for PS4, Samsung, Nokia, LG etc or appropriate for wireless keyboards, MP3 players, notebooks computers and other devices. This product provides a 18-month warranty so you can totally believe in its quality.


  • Fast transmission and safe high speed charging
  • High quality of material
  • Durable and stronger
  • Extra long cable 
  • Reliable and stable connection
  • Widely used for many devices


  • Not lightning include

Micro USB Cable Android Charger – Syncwire [2-Pack 3.3ft] Super-Durable Nylon Braided Fast Sync Charging Cord

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Syncwire micro USB cable android charger is another product that is mostly used by consumers and receives many positive feedbacks. It is the combination of fast charging and synchronization data. 

Thanks to 23 AWG high gauge low impedance wires, it can work 7% more quickly than the original ones. The electricity of 2.4 ampe allows users to transfer a large amount of data about 480 Mbits.

This micro usb cable is much stronger than other products thanks to special components. From the outside, it is covered by a braided nylon coat outside, combined with fiber wire and aluminum materials which help it prevent some situations like splitting or breaking. Nylon jackets make this usb cable more sturdy and can suffer from at least 10000 blending circles so it is perfect for daily use.

It also has a wide compatibility including USB cable for some kinds of smartphones, tablets and other equipment with Micro USB cable such as Samsung, Nexus, Sony, Huawei, etc. The compact connector heads are also an advantage that make it perfect for many devices. When you buy this micro usb cable, you will be provided with a warranty in about 3 years and 24-hour customer service if there are any problems.


  • Fast charging and synchronization data
  • Material built to last and stronger
  • Perfect compatibility with other devices
  • Special components including triple-braided nylon outside to protect this product
  • Warranty of 36 months
  • Compact connector head


  • Expensive

Charger Charging Cable for Xbox One S X Controller, Micro USB 2.0 Play Data Sync Charge Cord (9FT)

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This product is an exclusive dedicated cable for Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One Elite and Xbox One controllers. This micro usb cable allows you to play games and charge at the same time. It will recharge while you are playing or after that and it will change to standby mode. 

Thanks to 23 wires with low quality, this cable can fasten the charging speed up to 10% to 50% than the regular usb cable. Therefore, you can charge your devices very quickly and with the support of maximum 2.0A, you can transfer up to 480 megabits of data transmission.

The extra long cable of 9 FT enables users to charge it from a far distance, even when you sit on the bed, sofa or living room. It can charge more quickly without losing power in spite of extra long length and plus data transfer. 

This product has a high quality as some product of Microsoft and has overcome more than 1000 high bending endurance tests, so you do not have to worry about its quality. 

When you buy this micron usb cable, you will have a 1 year warranty. If you are not satisfied with this cable, the company will replace the cable for you or give you a full refund.


  • Play games and charge at the same time
  • Fasten the charging speed and data transmission
  • Extra long length and plus data transfer
  • High quality
  • 1 year warranty
  • LED indicator light


  • Only one year warranty

6ft Android Charger Cable, CyvenSmart 5-Pack 6 foot Micro USB Cable Cord Fast Charging

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CyvenSmart 5-Pack 6 foot Micro USB Cable is another best micro usb cable for xbox one controller I want to recommend for you. It combines quick charging and data synchronization. 

With the maximum 2.4 amp current, it can provide power for your smartphones faster than other ordinary usb cables which brings you the most wonderful experience.

This micro usb cable comes with modern USB cable, which means you can transfer a large amount of data about 500Mbps. You should try this new cable to enjoy the advanced improvement of technology, that is different from an ordinary cable many years ago. 

In addition, it is durable and flexible thanks to smooth double – braided nylon outside and more than 10000 blend tests. Our USB charger ports are always strong and will be protected from resists kinks and breakage. The micro usb cable is also ordered so you do not need to worry about messing up while using it. 

Buying this CyvenSmart cable, you can totally believe in its reliable connection. It can operate well with most smartphones like Samsung, PS4 Controller, LG, Windows Phones, Camera, E-readers. With all outstanding features above, I hope that you will be satisfied with this cable.


  • Quick charging and data synchronization
  • USB 2.0 technology to transfer a large amount of data
  • Durable and flexible
  • Avoid breakage and resists kinks
  • Not be messes up during usage
  • Reliable connection
  • Work with android and windows phones and more with USB port


  • Only 6 FT length

Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller and PS4 Wireless Controller

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This IENZA Micro USB Cable Wire is an ideal product that you should buy for its fabulous features. It can be used for both Xbox one and PS4 controllers. This cable also allows you to use it while you are using it to charge. 

However, if you decide to buy this product, you should see the port image carefully because this micro usb cable is not suitable for the newest controllers.

With the extra long length of 10 FT, you can charge your device from far distance. You can lay on the bed or the sofa to play games without caring whether it can reach the USB port or wall charger. 

It eliminates tangles and keeps clean for your family. It is long enough so you do not need to buy an extra one to charge from far distance. This product will provide you convenience when you are in an electronic digital life.

This product is known as one of the best micro usb cables with a USB port to access to other devices. It also comes with an attractive outside design with white color and length of 10 feet. Therefore, you can consider this product before you decide to buy anything.


  • Both Xbox one and PS4 controllers
  • Use and charge at the same time
  • Extra long length of 10 FT
  • Attractive outside design


  • Not compatible with the latest controllers
  • Not durable and low quality

Agoz PS4 Micro USB Charger Cable, Braided Heavy Duty Micro USB Fast Charger Cable Charging Cord

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The last product ranked on the list about the best micro usb cable for xbox one controller is Agoz PS4 Micro USB Charger Cable. It helps to provide wonderful connectivity for your control system. This cable offers users a fast charging and synchronization with high efficiency to support your charging process so your devices will be fully charged in a short time.

Made from a braided coat outside and other robust materials, this cable is not tangle and more durable. The evidence is that it can withstand more than 4000 bend circles without breakage or any other problems. 

Therefore, it is a perfect micro usb cable for everyone to use in daily life. Besides, it also provides the maximum 2.4 A and can transfer up to 480 Mbps of data. 

This cable is appropriate with Sony, PS4, 4 controller and Xbox one controller. Thanks to a micro USB connector, it can be plugged a wall power adapter to fasten the charging speed.


  • Robust materials to use for a long time
  • Fast charging and high efficiency of sync
  • Anti-tangle
  • Transfer more data
  • Widely compatible


  • Only 4 feet long 

Some Key Factors: How To Choose The Best Micro Usb Cable For Xbox One Controller

There are many kinds of micro usb cable for xbox one controllers on the market nowadays. Therefore, you need to consider carefully about them before making a decision to buy anything. Some people find that it is very confusing when they have to choose one among many products. Now, I will give you some useful tips that I think you may need to select the right cable.

Here are some key factors:

Light Indicator

Some people think that a light indicator is not necessary and it can make the cable more expensive. However, in my opinion, a LED light indicator plays an important role in a micro usb charger. Thanks to this feature, users can know about the situation of your devices whether it is fully charged or not. If it is full, the light will turn off and the electric will also cut so you can use it overnight.

Charging Speed

Most micro usb cable nowadays come with a fast charging speed and it is also an essential feature that most customers need. You should look for a cable that is convenient, fast and can be used and charged at the same time. That is the best micro usb cable for xbox one controller.

Construction And Material

Construction and material are the two main factors which influence the durability of your cable. The micro usb cable made from some robust materials and is covered by braided nylon outside is the best. With these components, the cable can suffer from many blend circles and has longer lifespan.


The extra long length provides users the convenience during the usage process. The right length allows you to work without worrying about hard to reach USB ports and invisible wall chargers. It also helps to keep clean and is suitable for a family size. It will bring more convenience to your electronic digital life.

I think the ideal length is about 9 to 10 feet. With this length, you can sit comfortably on the chair, sofa, bed without influencing the micro usb cables.


I think this is the most important factor that you need to notice while choosing the micro usb cable for your family. There are many situations where people use cable to charge and they have to suffer from electric shock or even many more severe consequences due to the low quality cable. 

And the note is that you should not charge your device overnight because when your electric devices are fully charged, it needs to be unplugged immediately to not harm your device. Or else, they might cause an explosion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is an Xbox One Controller?

Xbox one controller is an equipment to play video games with many different operating systems such as Android, IOS, MacOS and Linux. This will make your games much more attractive and interesting with a diversal design. 

It also allows you to capture and share everything with jisu pressing the share button. This Xbox one controller is equipped with a connector jacks to plug headphone or USB cable to connect with other devices.

How Can I Connect Micro USB Controllers To Xbox One?

This totally depends on the type of the Xbox one controllers. If it is a wireless controller, you just need to plug into the Xbox console to connect to the micro usb cable. If your controller is wired, you can use the connector head at the back of the controller to plug the micro usb or USB-C cable. 

How Long Can Batteries Last In Xbox One Controllers?

According to the reliable information, batteries for xbox one controllers can last approximately 40 hours. It is the average lifespan of most rechargeable batteries. This lifespan can decrease for a long time.

What Should I Do To Make The Battery Last Longer?

There are many ways to make the battery last longer but I think the most efficient and the easiest way is turning it off when you are not using it. To do this, you just need to press and hold the button in xbox one controllers then select the mode “Turn Off”

However, you can also use the xbox controller without battery. Watch this video to get more information:

Final Conclusion: Top 5 Best Micro Usb Cable For Xbox One Controller

In the society of digital technology nowadays, buying a micro usb cable is really necessary for everyone. This development also leads to the appearance of many kinds of cables on the market. Customers have more and more options so choosing the best and the most suitable that can meet all their demand can be a hard challenge. 

Looking for the best micro usb cable for xbox one controller will become easier if you go through the whole of this article. You need to research carefully about some products you intend to buy. Before that, you need to consider your purpose, your budget, your space, your devices to find the most compatible.

Here are the top 5 we choose for you:

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