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If you’ve been escaping the sun this summer by paddle boarding, tubing, or diving, finding out where to conveniently put your phone may be difficult. If you left it in the vehicle, you risk not being able to call for help in the event of an accident, and you’ll lose out on those nice photo opportunities. You risk having it robbed on the beaches or die from water loss if you have it with you.

Best LG V40 Thinq Waterproof Case Comparison 2024

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Top 13 LG V40 Thinq Waterproof Case Reviews 2024

Phone case Metal Case Fit for LG V40

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The display and camera may be elevated from a level surface with sufficiently raised edges to shield the front and rear screens from chipping or snapping; the interior of the case is reinforced with a soft ultra – soft system to prevent the phone’s back from scratching.

The totally sealed casing protects your handset from dust by completely enclosing it. You won’t have to think about dust when living, playing on the beach, or scaling hills.

The constructed due to plastic smart battery protects against scratches, injury, and dirt while maintaining touch sensitivity; the translucent back cover emphasizes the device’s elegance.

The handset is compact and solid thanks to the fabric and hard plastic cover; the slender body does not add to the phone’s height, and the phone’s elegance is enhanced by the translucent back cover.

Provide the phone with the most robust standard of security (waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof).

When opening the touch screen, the glass touch screen will directly touch the screen to shield it from harm.

It may also be used to integrate many of the features, including the monitor, spotlight, controls, microphone, and speaker.

There is no reason to be concerned with signal failure since it may still produce natural signals.

Dear Buyers, a screen protector is provided in this case; but, please keep in mind that it is made of glass and has passed a 6-foot drop inspection (GLASS NOT INCLUDED). Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused you. If you have any issues, please contact the seller personally before leaving a comment. Don’t worry; we’ll do all we can to assist you in resolving your problems as quickly as possible.

LOVE MEI is dedicated to supplying consumers with high-quality goods and services. We are certain that with your assistance and guidance, we will become much stronger. Thank you both for your time and consideration.

The built-in 9H features a glass new screen with a superior contact response that protects the screen against drops and knocks, while the rubberized edge that extends from the sturdy metal sandwich provides exceptionally strong safety and outstanding grip in your palm.

Protect your camera with rubber to save it from slipping.

The raised edge protects the camera and monitors from scratches and breakage, whilst the rubber back prevents it from rolling around on tables and other surfaces.

The dust plug and constructed glass panel cover will easily deter dust from accessing your cell phone.


  • Multi-protection
  • Long-lasting,
  • Cost-effective


  • This case will help shield your phone from water harm, but it won’t totally protect it.
  • Do not immerse in water.

AquaVault 100% Waterproof Floating Smart Phone Case

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The AquaVault 100 percent Waterproof Floating Phone is the best waterproof phone case on the market, and it suits every phone. Your phone would not sink thanks to the proprietary floating airbag feature. The case ensures that your handset retains its complete functionality. Touch, speak, listen, and, most notably, take crystal clear aquatic photographs/videos. SHARK TANK APPEARANCES.

Underwater photography and videography in crystal clarity.

Fits Both Phones and Floats are only a few of the applications.

Keep your phone’s full functionality when it’s in the case. To Avoid Leaks, a Triple Seal Design is Used. Corners are strengthened with added drop safety. Neck Strap is included in the price.


  • Project of the highest quality and utmost simplicity
  • a reputable brand
  • Waterproof to the heart


  • There isn’t much to be concerned with.

LOVE MEI LG V40 ThinQ Phone Case

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Designed specifically for the LG V40, this case is only consistent with the LG V40. It features a classic color scheme, a responsive touch screen, and easy pressing buttons.

To secure your phone, you’ll need full-body security. Totally impervious to getting hit by a car. It is shockproof and dirtproof, making it ideal for outdoor events. It has also undergone a 6-foot drop examination and has military-grade maximum impact vibration absorption.

The jutting silicon edge provides outstanding security and grip in your palm, whilst the silicone back prevents it from rolling around on tables.

QI’s horizontal stand is compatible with it. The charger is absolutely wireless.

Wireless charging is supported by the slim and translucent safety cover, which eliminates the need to remove the case when loading and can accommodate a variety of wireless chargers. You can hear voices on the phone distinctly and without interference thanks to a strong wireless signal.

LOVE MEI offers you the assurance that you will be able to buy this case without any problems. If you are dissatisfied with the offer, please contact us as soon as possible to receive a refund or a new replacement! With this being a risk-free order, required a secure phone case for your collection.


  • Multi-Protection 
  • Compatibility 
  • Wireless Charging is enabled


  • It is not fully waterproof

Simicoo Compatible with LG V40 ThinQ Aluminum

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Only the LG V40 ThinQ 2017 model is available, and it is brand new in the box. Aluminum metal case that is flood-resistant, dustproof, and shockproof.

Accidental fall, shocks, and bounces are protected by a dual surface Silicone+Metal Bumper+Gorilla Glass durable high duty safety. Drop-defense has been added to each corner, as well as an elevated edge to shield the screen. Conveniently protected keys, as well as high-quality construction and luxury materials, were included in the design.

Scratch-resistant and responsive front cover with constructed screen protector Touch Screen Protector of Perfect Visibility provides total touchscreen security from rain, dust, ice, and shock. The case is not totally locked. Please don’t bring your phone in the wash. It just protects your phone from air or rain in daily usage.

The case is suitable for men, soldiers, warriors, outdoor adventurers, riders, truck drivers, and is suitable for all outdoor sports like diving, sailing, camping, walking, climbing, and everyday usage.

Drop Tested by the United States Military. Made of a premium composite hard steel + synthetic material that has a fine feel and is military-grade shockproof. The following items are included in the package: a phone cover, replacement screws, a screwdriver, and a user manual.


  • Many layers of security
  • Easy to work with.
  • Resistant to water.


  • Quite Expensive

Waterproof Case Compatible with LG V40

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Audible with the LG V40 ThinQ is the Underwater Case Waterproof Bag IPX8 Pouch Cover Touch Screen. Case/Pouch for Phones that is both waterproof and dirtproof. a hundred yards IPX8 is the highest level of security. Waterproof certification is available. Water, mud, gravel, and snow are all fully resistant to your phone.

TPU is an extremely robust thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) product. Waterproof, snowproof, and dirtproof security is given.

If you already have a case on your phone, this may not work. It’s possible that you’ll have to use a phone that’s not connected to the internet. Before using our waterproof cover, make sure your handset is free of all safe cases.

Touchscreen capabilities are available. With crystal clear windows, you can take underwater images as you’ve never seen before. There’s no need to worry about skipping a vital phone call or post with an interchangeable neck strap, which is ideal for outdoor adventures.

All of the security you’ll need is provided by a snap or lock connectivity lock layout with larger sizes. Packaging is in the form of a polybag. Bulk packaging is available.


  • Durable & Strong
  • Simple to set up and use


  • Very expensive for this type

Universal Waterproof Case

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Waterproof Phone Pouch with a Large Size: Compliant with iPhone 12 Pro, Samsung, and other smartphones with a capacity of up to 7 inches.

Waterproof Phone Pouch in 2 Packs: 2 Packs are handy for you and your mates.

IPX8 approved waterproof phone case with a depth of 100 feet/ 30 meters.

Hiearcool Waterproof phone triple comes with such a removable lanyard that can be adjusted from 13.8 to 21 inches.

Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch: For not only your V40 phone, and for something else you want to hold dry.


  • Compatible with the LG V40 and the majority of other smartphones
  • The excellent commodity at an excellent price.
  • A low cost


  • Concerning the passage of time

JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch

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The waterproof cover bag is universal in design, fitting all devices up to 7 inches “diagonal size; Cash in the pockets from a credit or debit card Beach, fishing, and water park sports all benefit from a waterproof dry pack.

In both the front and back lines, there is a clear window that is ideal for taking photos, images, and reviewing emails.

a hundred yards Waterproof to IPX8 standards; provides waterproof, snowproof, and dirtproof security for your smartphone while also allowing maximum touch screen capability.

Compatible for computers with a screen size of up and 3.35 x 6.69 dimensions; For easy wearing, it ships with such a neck strap.

Rain, ice, dirt, dust, and dirt are easily kept out thanks to the quick snap and lock entry.


  • In the collection, the most well-known brand 
  • It comes to finding a low-cost, easy-to-use product.


  • Time is a challenge when

MoKo Waterproof Phone Pouch

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Swimming, surfing, hiking, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, and other water activities can hold your system safe and open in this MoKo waterproof dry pack. It is compatible with most smartphones up to 6.5 inches in size “There’s also plenty of space for your ID, visas, bank cards, and money to remain dry on the diagonal. Scuba diving, vacationers, and anybody else who wishes to capture any amazing underwater pictures or video would love this.




  • Concerning the passage of time

LongDear Universal Floating Waterproof Case

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This protective case has an airbag inside, so it can float in the bath with your phone inside, so you won’t lose it. Just please ensure the protective pouch is securely secured before going underwater.

The thickness is just 0.3mm, and it has no effect on the touch. Sliding, viewing, listening, texting, and chatting are all possible without missing touch screen features. NOT FOR USE WITH THE TOUCH ID FINGERPRINT.

When the phone is in the waterproof case, the picture and video output would not be affected because it is made of translucent PVC plastic. It’s in the same high-definition format as before.

This additional universal waterproof phone case or dry bag suits all devices up to 7″x4″ high, like iPhones, Samsungs, and Google Pixels. Beach, fishing, diving, boating, canoeing, snorkeling, and water park events waterproof dry bag with credit card wallet and money.

By rotating the four valves on the end, you can easily open and shut the pouch. Flexible, sturdy, yet convenient lanyard with adjustable and detachable ends.


  • Big tablets, cases, and other items are all accommodated.
  • It’s ideal for a river cruise.
  • The weather is hot and dry


  • Concerning the passage of time

Universal Waterproof Case, 2-Pack Tekcoo

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It can hold your phone secure and dry of water, fog, sand, snow, muddy, and soil up to a depth of 100 feet. 

Waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, and snowproof are all terms that may be used to describe anything that is waterproof, dustproof, Swimming, sailing, powerlifting, sea kayaking, paddling, rafting, snowing, surfing, drifting, skiing, cooking, boating, walking, hiking, riding, camping, and sailing are all sports that can be enjoyed on this lake. 

It’s also suitable for postmen, delivery men, delivery boys, pizza delivery boys, athletes, and scientists who need to operate in the rain on occasion.


  • Compatible Models that are ultra-thin and clear
  • Design of a Secure Lock


  • Concerning the passage of time

How Does It Work?

The standard waterproof case is designed to suit all devices with a screen size of up to 6.8 inches. Your ID, cards, and cash will all be stored in the box. It’s ideal for water parks, boating, surfing, diving, snorkeling, and swimming. The backpack is resistant to a depth of 100 ft and often protects from debris and scratching. 

One of the most significant drawbacks of huge dry packs would be that you can’t use your phone when it’s being secured. In this phone-sized dry cover, you can scan text messages, look up directions, and take pictures of all your summer trips without worrying about your phone being wet.

When Making A Decision, Have The Following Points In Mind:

Smartphones have a nasty history of showing up in the bathroom, bathtub, sink, and even the swimming pool. People prefer to have their smartphones with them for the majority of their waking time, making it possible to neglect to place them somewhere secure while they are around water. While certain modern devices are water-resistant (meaning they can withstand some water exposure), none of the current standard phones are completely waterproof on their own. You’ll need a decent waterproof phone cover if you want your phone to survive scuba diving and long periods of time underwater.

Waterproof phone cases are, in a nutshell, watertight bags that shield the phone from the elements. There are several different kinds of waterproof keyrings upon on market, but don’t buy this one you come across. When it comes to narrowing down the choices, these are few stuff to think about.

Choosing between a case and a pouch is a difficult decision to make.

The first choice you would consider is whether you use the case or a pouch. A case resembles a regular mobile phone case in appearance. It would be the best match for the handset which would keep water away from it. A waterproof pocket is a lightweight plastic pocket that is intended to keep your phone dry while it is submerged in water. There are advantages and disadvantages to each alternative.

Your phone should still be protected with a waterproof shell. This ensures that if you’re caught in a rainstorm, you won’t have to rush to shield your phone if it was still protected by a shell. A waterproof pouch, on the other hand, isn’t the same. Since it is not a regular accessory, you would need to have it with you at all times so you can take those out if your device is in danger of being wet.

To summarize, a compact case is a safer option for people who spend a lot of time in the water, while a pocket is a better alternative for customers who really need cover while they relax by the beach or go to the beach.

IP Rating

Waterproof cases include IP ratings that determine how deep and how long the unit should be submerged. Phone cases will also be immersed for 30 minutes in water up to 3 meters deep.

Protection from the Fall

Waterproof cases provide security from falls and drops by forming a strong seal together all way all-around the handset. Some situations can shield a phone from a fall of up to 2 meters. This is due to the shock-absorbing technology that is incorporated into the majority of scenarios.

As you’ve seen, using shower tiles for your phone would provide you with peace of mind in ensuring that your mobile is well secured.

You’ll still like to look only at the locking mechanism’s durability since you don’t want it to malfunction while your handset is submerged. Another factor to consider is the substance used to make your waterproof pouch, with TPU being favored over other synthetic products because of its capacitive compatibility.

Mpow’s waterproof shell, which is both scratch- and water-resistant, provides the most comprehensive security of any product on this list. The double swivel lock is a one-of-a-kind feature that can build a safe seal. It does so, though, at a cost, since it can only be immersed in water that is twice as deep (50 feet) as other choices we looked at in this guide.

The Usage

The ease with which you can use the waterproof package and the phone whenever it’s inside it is referred to as usage. For eg, you’ll just want case locking locks and locks to be simple to use without injuring your fingers. Regrettably, the tight seal needed by these cases makes opening and closing them more difficult.

Since many waterproof cases have low contact awareness while immersed, you’ll need a glass made of TPU or some plastic material if you want to snap photographs and videos underwater. Remember that TPU doesn’t compensate for air pockets here between glass and the handset, which can render a touch screen unstable.

The transparency of the back windshield is also something to consider if you intend on filming when underwater. While the content can help to improve the clarity of your images and videos, you’ll still need to adjust for the distance between the lenses and the back glass.


Waterproof cases are divided into two types: those made for individual product categories or those that are “standard” and can accommodate a variety of models. Design cases are clearly easy to assess usability with, so while purchasing a universal case, make sure it not only suits your handset in terms of scale, but also that it goes through all of the requisite controls, ports, and other features that you may like to use since it is in the case.


If you’re going on holiday or even just spending a day at the pool, it’s a good idea to have a waterproof case that can also double as a wallet by storing a couple of other valuable things like your hotel room card key or some emergency cash.

Buoyancy quality 

If you’re into things like sailing, canoeing, or kayaking, you’ll really like to search for a large floating case to secure your phone from deep water. These usually have decent depth cover as well, although you’re unlikely to need it since your phone would just fall back to the top, from which you can quickly pick it up and continue.

Frequently Asked Questions About LG V40 Thinq Waterproof Case

When my phone is still water-resistant, why Would I need a hand strap?

The majority of phones are liquid, though not waterproof. This assumes they will usually tolerate being dipped in water for a short period of time, but all options are off even if they fall over the edge of your port. Furthermore, notwithstanding the fact that their phones claim to be flood-resistant, Apple and Samsung would not protect them under warranties if any water harm is discovered. Not only can a waterproof case have much greater water protection—often up to ten times more depth—but it can also shield your phone from drops, scuffs, and bruises.

Is it possible to go scuba diving whilst wearing a waterproof case?

The short response is yes, as long as you have a padded sleeve that is authorized for the depth and length of time you expect to be underwater. Many of the better waterproof cases can withstand submergence in 100 m of water, although you can scan the fine print and seeing how long they should stay submerged. Since certain cases are mainly meant to shield your handset from being dropped in water, they aren’t often intended for long-term underwater usage, so if you want to carry your down the phone with you, wanted to find a waterproof case that’s made for it.

What are the implications of these IP ratings?

IP codes, which stand for “Ingress Protection,” describe how tightly an area is sealed against airborne substances and moisture. They’re denoted by the letters “IP” accompanied by two numbers, for example, “IP68.” The first number indicates how well a case protects against solid objects such as dust and gravel, while the second number indicates how well it protects against water and certain other liquids. 

The higher the figure, the stronger the protection; nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the scale usually tops out at IP68, which ensures a case is completely dust-tight and can withstand immersion in 1 m of water for up to 30 mins. As a result, the amount of security provided by IP68 cases and cages will differ significantly, but always verify the exact protection levels provided by each event.

Final Statement- Our Top 5 Picks Of Best Lg V40 Thinq Waterproof Case

Finding the right protective case for LG V40 Thinq, or smartphones from some other vendor may be difficult, as you would imagine. You won’t know what is coming from the design you’re purchasing until you try it out for yourself, so we hope our feedback and the features ranking chart below have been of assistance.

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