Top 10 Best Knee Pain Relief Products (That Really Work)

Whether you live with chronic knee pain or are currently suffering from acute pain, it can be difficult to know which pain relief products out there actually work. Most doctor-prescribed pain relievers can be expensive and addictive. Luckily, there are some products on the market that are not only budget-friendly and work for a wide array of problems, but really do work.

Keep reading for the top ten knee pain relief products with the top rated reviews, and see which ones will work for you.

knee pain relief products
Top 10 Best Knee Pain Relief Products (That Really Work) 13

Penetrex Pain Relief Cream

Penetrex Joint & Muscle Therapy – 2oz Cream – Intensive Concentrate for Joint and Muscle Recovery, Premium Formula with Arnica, Vitamin B6 and MSM Provides Relief for Back, Neck, Hands, Feet
  • A different kind of joint & muscle relief: Penetrex is the whole-body therapy cream you’ve been waiting for. Trusted by over 2 million loyal users, Penetrex offers remarkably effective relief.
  • Revolutionary Delivery System: Our proprietary blend of natural ingredients leverages a uniquely powerful synergy of arnica, vitamin B6 and MSM to penetrate deeply, diminishing joint and muscle discomfort at its source.
  • The premium experience in muscle recovery: This ultra-soothing remedy is a non-greasy, non-sticky, non-staining—and cruelty-free—vegan solution to joint and muscle pain without the burn, freeze or strong odor of most relief products.
  • Discover why so many people trust and rely on Penetrex: This alternative pain relief cream enables you to get back to the activities you love, without the limitations of joint and muscle discomfort.
  • Directions: Apply to back, neck, knee, hand, foot, and other pain points. Can be used as a potent solo treatment or partnered with heating pads, ice packs, muscle massagers and supplements. Apply 3-4 times per day for 7-10 days, then as needed.

Penetrex works best for those who suffer from inflammation-caused pain. It’s billed as a pain relief cream for many different ailments, including arthritis and fibromyalgia, but works more as an anti-inflammatory.

  • Great formula, not greasy or sticky when applied to skin
  • Main ingredients are all-natural, very low risk of adverse reaction
  • Can be used wherever inflammation causes joint pain


  • Not instant, takes several days for full effects to appear
  • Not a true pain reliever, though pain does subside due to anti-inflammation

Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel

Biofreeze Menthol Pain Relieving Gel Colorless Gel 4 FL OZ Tube For Pain Relief Associated With Sore Muscles, Arthritis, Simple Backaches, And Joint Pain (Packaging May Vary)
  • #1 Clinically Recommended Menthol Topical Pain Relief Brand (*IPSOS Clinician Survey, July 2022)
  • Biofreeze Menthol Pain Relieving Gel applies easily and penetrates for pain relief
  • Fast acting and long lasting, cooling menthol formula delivers penetrating pain relief for sore muscles, simple backaches, joint pain, bruises, and arthritis
  • Colorless 4 fl oz gel tube is one of the most popular formats, well-suited for application on small and large muscle areas
  • Biofreeze is a clinically recommended brand; trusted by pharmacists, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, podiatrists, and athletic trainers

Biofreeze has been around for decades, recommended by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists alike. It’s applied directly onto the skin and when massaged in, gives almost instant relief for chronic pain. Like other pain relief gels, it’s very versatile and can be used on more than just knees.


  • Easy to apply, with a pleasant menthol smell
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Lasts for hours


  • Comes in different styles, some may be more effective than others
  • If not worked in quickly enough, gel can clump

InstaNatural Pain Relief Cream

InstaNatural combines all natural ingredients into a cream that claims to last all day. It’s simple, you apply it to your pained areas in the morning and go about your day, sans pain. In reality, you may need to apply more than once depending on the severity of pain, but it does actually work!


  • Uses all natural ingredients to soothe inflammation and pain
  • Good for osteoarthritis, chronic pain and inflammation
  • Excellent price


  • Very strong smell
  • Will need to be reapplied for very strong pain

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Pillow

Cushy Form Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers - Standard Orthopedic Wedge Leg Pillow for Sleeping and Hip & Lower Back Pain - Contour Memory Foam Cushion for Pregnancy, Washable Cover & Travel Bag, White
  • SUPERIOR - Our contour knee wedge is made with premium memory foam for a comfortable night's sleep by elevating your upper knee. These therapeutic leg pillows for side sleeping also encourage better posture.
  • RELIEF - This wedge pillow for sleeping eases back, leg, knee, ankle, and hip pain, as well as discomfort associated with sciatic nerve pain, by reducing pressure put on the on joints while sleeping.
  • COMFORT - Use this bolster pillow to promote improved circulation, which provides numerous benefits to overall health. Use this knee pillow for side sleepers, for lower back pain while pregnant, or for post surgery recovery. It includes a washable cover and storage bag for travel!
  • SUPPORT - Constructed for all shapes & sizes, our lightweight leg pillow for lower back pain is extra-wide to cradle both legs and each foot comfortably.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Our hip pillows are crafted with 100% visco-elastic memory foam that will bounce back from any indentation. Perfect knee pillows for side sleepers.

Taking pain relief supplements or applying creams or gels will give you the near-instant relief you seek, but what about lessening your pain in the long run? This pain relief pillow claims to do just that. If your knee problems stem from sciatic nerve damage, this pillow will straighten out your spine while you sleep, lessening the impact and ensuring you wake up in less pain the next morning.


  • No medications or creams to buy regularly
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Very comfortable and long lasting


  • If you don’t sleep on your side, it won’t help much
  • Only provides pain relief for those who suffer from alignment issues

Boiron Arnicare Cream for Soothing Relief for Joint Pain

Boiron Arnicare Cream for Soothing Relief for Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Muscle Soreness, and Swelling from Bruises or Injury - Fast Absorbing and Fragrance-Free - 4.2 oz
  • ARNICA FOR PAIN: This homeopathic medicine helps temporarily relieve muscle pain & stiffness due to minor injuries, overexertion & falls. Also great for pain, swelling, & discoloration from bruises.
  • TOPICAL PAIN RELIEF: Our non-greasy, light & soothing cream is unscented & paraben-free. This moisturizing formula is great for relief following an injury, intense workout, or general overexertion. Note: Won’t mask symptoms of a more serious condition
  • PLANT-BASED ACTIVE INGREDIENT: The Arnica montana plant is a natural pain reliever. This popular homeopathic medicine temporarily relieves muscle pain & stiffness without unwanted drowsiness.
  • HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE uses highly diluted biological, botanical, or mineral substances to relieve symptoms. Our tablets, pellets, & topical treatments work with your body without the risk of contraindications, or known drug interactions.
  • THE BOIRON PROMISE: We believe there’s more than one way to feel better. Since 1932, we have been committed to providing quality medicines. As a world leader in homeopathy, our passion is your health. Our promise is your satisfaction.

Boiron Arnicare is not a miracle cure, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, because it does. Instead of making your pain go away immediately, it’s a dietary supplement that gives your body extra enzymes that it needs to resist pain and heal more quickly. It might take a few days to a few weeks to see real results, but you will notice that the onset of pain is more gradual and your resistance to it is greater.


  • Works on overall health, helping your body resist and tolerate pain better


  • Takes a while to see results

Omron ElectroTHERAPY Pain Relief

Omron Pain Relief TENS Unit (PM3030)
  • Drug free solution for acute and some chronic pain relief
  • FDA cleared for over the counter use
  • Relieve your pain in as little as 15 minutes
  • Used to treat lower back; Arm; Shoulder; Leg; Foot; Thigh; Knee and elbow joint pain

If you’re looking for a drug-free answer to knee pain, this may be your dream come true. The Omron uses small electronic pulses to ease your muscles and relieve your pain. No pills, no creams, just two pads and a battery-operated remote. It’s easy to use, too. Just apply the pads and turn on the remote. It’s like a concentrated deep-tissue massage for your most painful areas.


  • Lightweight, portable and discreet
  • Almost instant relief for knee pain
  • Adjustable levels of electronic pulses
  • Device shuts off automatically after 15 minutes


  • Higher levels can be painful
  • Some people do not respond well to the electronic pulses, so doctor consultation is recommended

Herbal Heat Therapy Organic Pain Relief Cream

Kerah Lane Herbal Pain Relief Therapy Heat Cream (8 oz) Quick Absorbing Formula with Arnica Blend - Helps Alleviates Arthritis, Muscle and Joint Pain
  • ✅ FAST RELIEF in minutes: Carefully formulated by a unique blend of ingredients that are prized for their ability to help alleviate arthritis pain and stiffness; help decrease joint pain or joint degeneration; Anti-Inflammatory Effects; Helps speeds recovery after exercise by reducing muscle damage and stress.
  • ✅ LONG LASTING RUB ON RELIEF: Apply this relieving cream as needed, anytime, and anywhere you experience discomfort, numbing pain in the knees, back, hands, hips, neck shoulder, leg or foot.
  • ✅ PENETRATES DEEPLY: Our natural formula acts fast without feeling greasy and is absorbed into the skin quickly. Unlike other products and treatments, our ointment gel is animal cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and features a subtle and invigorating smell.
  • ✅ THERAPEUTIC INGREDIENTS: Our proprietary premium blend of Passiflora Incarnata, Arnica Montana, MSM, and Essential Oils provides a quick and long-lasting relief. It is an excellent natural formula with no GMOs, parabens, SLS or artificial colors
  • ✅ MADE IN USA: This relief oil is Animal Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly so you know they're premium quality. However, if you aren't satisfied, simply return our Cream within 30 days for a full refund.

Herbal Heat Therapy is well known for their all-natural, vegan formulas. This is no exception. Because it’s all natural, it also smells a lot better than many chemical-laden topical pain relievers. The active ingredients, arnica and Msm, are proven to help with inflammation and start to relieve knee pain in just minutes.


  • Great price compared to similar products
  • Works within minutes
  • Inoffensive smell
  • Can be used in conjunction with braces and patches


  • Must be massaged in really well for best results
  • Some users report it doesn’t heat up enough

Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve

UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support for Women and Men - Knee Brace for Pain Relief, Fitness, Weightlifting, Hiking, Sports - Red, Small
  • Knee Support: With a 4-way stretch capability, our elastic knee compression sleeves offer the best knee support for women & men at every level of sports
  • Pain Relief & Prevention: Our knee sleeves for knee pain offer support and help protect joints from future injuries. Our compression sleeve helps reduce inflammation and swelling, promoting blood flow in the body to aid muscle recovery
  • Stay Active: Our knee wraps are perfect for all activities that put stress on the joint, letting you participate in your favorite sports without restricting performance or endurance. Great for running, biking, hiking, tennis, golf, volleyball, weightlifting, squats, and skiing
  • Comfort and Stability: The double silicone anti-slip design will ensure that the knee support brace stays in place all day long, while the breathable nylon-mesh/spandex material offers a smooth and comfortable fit
  • The Perfect Fit: Consult the size chart and choose the knee support sleeve that is right for you. If you prefer a tighter fit, we recommend that you buy a knee compression sleeve that is one size smaller

When you think pain relief, compression sleeves may not immediately jump to mind. However, don’t discount them entirely. The Ultra Flex is great because it gives you incredible support, is flexible and is made of a special type of material designed to keep heat in. You will experience relief when using just the sleeve but it can also be used with topical creams or ointments for even better results throughout your day.


  • Very good price for a sturdy product
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Provides enough support to relieve pain all day


  • Will not treat pain
  • Best used in conjunction with other pain relievers

Dr. JOEL’S Neuropathy Cream

Dr. JOEL'S Neuropathy Cream - Maximum Strength Nerve Relief Cream for Feet, Hands, Legs- 4 OZ Large - Made in USA
  • FORMULATED FOR NEUROPATHY - If you are looking for neuropathy pain relief, be advised you are at the right place. We have formulated the first ever neuropathy nerve pain cream with all natural ingredients. Dr JOEL’S cream relieves your hand, feet, joint & muscles from pain, inflammation and fibromyalgia.
  • FAST & LASTING RELIEF - We know you need immediate and lasting relief & as always we care your needs most. The organic ingredients activate a special sensory pathway right under your skin to provide you quick relief. Maximum absorption ensures your desired lasting relief.
  • ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - We believe in using natural solutions to heal our body. Herbal oil, emu oil, arnica montana gives you another level experience of natural solution. Aloe vera with vitamin B6 & E provide soothing & rejuvenated skin.
  • 4 OZ, 120ml VALUE PACK – We care your hard earned money. That’s why our cream comes in a large 4oz jar while our other competitors are offering 2oz and 3oz jars. Thanks to it’s maximum potency, our jar lasts much longer than others.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - With confidence and pride we stand behind our product. Our own laboratory is GMP and ISO certified, which will give you idea about our strict quality control. Still if we fall short of your expectations, feel free to contact us. You will get solution.

Like many other products on this list, Dr. JOEL’S works quickly because it’s applied directly to your problem areas. It’s also made with natural products and works on a wide array of painful symptoms. Use it at night, when you wake up and before engaging in physical activity for best results.


  • Has a cooling sensation that isn’t overpowering
  • Works really well for arthritis and osteoarthritis as well as overworked muscles
  • Helps regain range of motion


  • Very strong menthol scent

Thermipaq Hot/Cold Pain Relief Wrap

ThermiPaq Reusable Hot Cold Pack Ice Pack For Injuries - Shoulder, Elbow, Ankles, Back and Knee Ice Pack, Medium, 12 inches x 6 inches, Shoulder Ice Pack, Reusable Heat Pack
  • MICROWAVE HEATING PAD. ThermiPAQ Hot Cold Pain Relief Wrap, Medium features clay based hot and cold therapy for deep penetrating relief. The pad is reusable and the soft fleece sleeve with velcro strap is machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • HOT COLD PACK. With a soft fleece cover & adjustable velcro strap the ThermiPAQ hot cold pack wrap can be secured to neck, shoulders, ankles, knees or elbows molding to your body for targeted pain relief & injury recovery.
  • ThermiPAQ is a leader in hot and cold packs for therapy. The heat pack uses a thermal ceramic compound from all-natural clay-based materials utilizing radiant energy to create a deep penetrating therapeutic system for hot & cold therapy.
  • REUSABLE HEAT PACK & COLD PACK. The clay based pad is reusable. It can be heated in the microwave and cooled in the freezer. The wrap releases its heat or cold slowly for a deeper penetration of therapeutic relief. For bruising, sprains, or swelling.
  • MULTI-USE PACK. A leader in ice packs for injuries and pain. A great ice pack for knee and a great surgery recovery gifts after ankle, shoulder, or knee surgery, also great for back pain. Also doubles as a neck wrap for neck pain. Great for headaches too

Reusable pain relief wraps are great because they are reusable. The Thermipaq is on this list because it’s durable, holds both hot and cold temperatures very well and can be applied to problem areas with minimal slipping. For a primary pain reliever, it isn’t the most effective, but it’s always a good idea to have a set around the house. Whether you need a little something extra or for those days when you haven’t been able to stock up on creams or supplements, Thermipaq is there for you, offering you relief.


  • Incredible price
  • Hold their temperature for long periods of time
  • Very versatile
  • Durable and will last a very long time


  • Not as effective as topical creams or compression wraps
  • Need to be prepared in advance before using as a cold pack
  • Shouldn’t be used with topical creams or ointments


Knee pain can be one of the most debilitating, difficult things to live with, especially when caused by chronic disorders or diseases. There is no real miracle cure that you can buy over the counter, but there are a lot of products out there that really do ease your pain.

All of these products will work on their own, but many sufferers of arthritis or athletic injuries find that a topical treatment, when combined with a good knee brace or compression sleeve, is the best way to go. Try a few out, see what works for you, and remember to always consult your doctor before investing in any of the above-listed chronic pain relievers.

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