How to use crepe maker in the right way

If you want to know how to use crepe maker, you can read our post to find the best way. Crepe cake, also known as pancake. This is a very thin, flat cake, usually made from flour (or barley flour), eggs, flour and milk. Crepe cake originated from the Bretagne region in northwestern France, then spread throughout France, becoming a traditional dish and popular in other countries. It is usually served with a number of drinks such as coffee, tea or milk and most commonly cider.

The American version of the crepe is round and small in diameter. A crepe in America can be used as an after-meal dessert or if a crepe can also be served with crispy bacon for breakfast. If you are planning on making a crepe, start with a crepe filled with jam and other fruits like raspberry and blueberries according to the American version.

Tiramisu devotees do not miss this creamy cocoa-coated thousand crepe. The steps to baking are very simple, without the need of an oven can still be done. Finished products out of the oven, everyone looks and likes, everyone who eats is addicted. You make food or entertain at parties is also very suitable. Let us guide you how to use a crepe maker to make the best crepe for your family. 

Before making a crepe, prepare some materials you will need to do that:

  • Eggs
  • Sugar
  • Crepe maker
  • Flour

In the topic today, we will let you know how to use crepe maker

  • Things you will need when using the crepe maker
  • Some tips before using the crepe maker
  • Steps to use the crepe maker for making a crepe
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion

Things you will need when using the crepe maker

Remembering France, people often think of lovely pastries, sweet Bordeaux wines, famous goose dishes. But perhaps it is flawed without mentioning the soft, sweet Crepe of the Northwest of France.

Crepe cake originated from Brittany region, then spread to all over France and became a traditional dish of several European countries: France, Belgium, Switzerland and America: Canada and Brazil. This cake is served with a number of drinks such as coffee, tea, milk, especially cidre – an apple wine, delicious, sweet. 

The name Crepe cake comes from the Latin word “crispa”, meaning to curl. This type of cake does not need an oven, made from strong rice or wheat mixed with eggs, butter or milk and then coated thinly and fried on both sides. With ingredients that are easy to find and simple to make, this cake can be made in any kitchen, from high-end restaurants to family kitchens.

Salty Crepe cake also known as galette, is a cake made from rye flour, filled with jambong, mushrooms, cheese and meats such as chicken, duck, pork … covered with a thin layer of cheese, Fat helps the cake not to be hard when eaten. 

As for the sweet Crepe made from flour, it will be bright yellow when baked, the filling can be: chocolate, caramel, whipped cream or fruits. The traditional Brittany Crepe is a chocolate filled with chestnut filled with sugar and lime juice.

The simple cake inside that can combine all kinds of sweet and savory filling and including fruit can be considered the symbol of French cuisine. People often use this dish for breakfast, dessert, and can be sipped with a little wine.

The ingredients for making crepe are very simple, including flour or barley flour, eggs, butter, and milk. This ingredient is very similar to the ingredients for making pancakes, but the crepe flour is often mixed very liquid, when fried, the cake also reaches a thin, tough, soft, ensuring that when folded, it does not tear or break. According to the experience of professional bakers, let the cake be thin, chewy and delicious when coated, and need to rest for at least an hour.

That is just the general crust. The crepe is rich because the filling is extremely diverse. If you have the opportunity to witness the talented chef making crepe and serving while the cake is still hot, you will feel extremely enthralled.

The cake after frying is fragrant yellow, can look a bit sautéed with some darker parts. From this crust, people add the filling as they like. If it is sweet, it is often indispensable for chocolate, honey, malt, sugar-coated fruits, some nuts and cream.

Meanwhile, the simplest and most classic of Brittany are sugar and lemon juice. People often use cakes for breakfast quickly but also full of nutrients, sip with tea, milk or can drink with wine (if used as dessert).

If you do not like the sweet filling, you can combine the cake with the savory filling. Traditional French savory fillings are usually eggs, ham, mushrooms, cheese and meats, just like on a sandwich. One can also add some salad vegetables to balance. Enjoy the true salty crepe, which is indispensable for the sweet and fragrant cider.

Nowadays, crepes are not only limited to French territory but are also known all over the world. Even the Japanese also have crepe. Or as Indian style Roti Prata bread is also a form of crepe although this cake is used with many dishes, not the inner roll.

And usually, people call dough coated cakes rolled inside the same crepe or same family with crepe. In the world, similar styles with crepes are not uncommon. But only when you enjoy the true French crepe that you can understand what a delicious crepe is.

Some tips before using the crepe maker

Did you know we can have a crepe for breakfast, snacks, and even a main meal? Let’s see how to make a crepe with instructions for you to make this cake the most suitable for each meal! 

Today, I would like to share with you how to make the most basic crepe crust, true French standard. Regarding the filling, I would like to choose the easiest whipped cream recipe for anyone to do. At the end of the article, I will tell you how to add some sweet and savory kernels you can make.

Prepare enough ingredients before baking

This is actually the Feast of Candlemas or the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, held on the 2nd of February every year. But the French always eat crepe at dinner this day and treat it like the day of these cakes.

The cake is made mainly from very simple ingredients such as flour, butter, sugar, eggs, and milk. The crepe is delicious and easy to make. The soft crust has a buttery aroma and can be combined with a variety of kernels ranging from salty to sweet.

Just read all the instructions and extensive suggestions for the filling, I guarantee you will always have delicious crepe plates and can eat all three meals a day without getting bored! Let’s start with this delicious cake together.

Use the freshest and best possible ingredients. Do not use ingredients that are very low or out of date. The baking powder and yeast, if left for a long time, may also be less effective. For cakes that use a lot of butter such as pound cake, butter cake, … using delicious butter will make the cake more delicious. 

With eggs, try to use the freshest eggs possible (especially when making cakes using whipped egg whites such as sponge cake, chiffon, … less fresh eggs, less cotton will beat, affecting hatchability. & quality of the cake).

Weighing all kinds of materials accurately. Use a standard scale and measuring spoon set (tablespoon, teaspoon ..). Do not use a teaspoon or spoon, and do not measure in moderation. Ingredients temperature: Most ingredients (eggs, milk, butter) should be kept at room temperature for the best quality (i.e. if stored in the refrigerator, before baking. should be left out to cool off). 

The exception is whipped whipped cream, when cold or very cold whipped cream will fluff faster than cold cream. There are also 2 more notes are Eggs if you need to separate the yolks and white, so it will be easier to separate them while they’re cold. Butter to help cool quickly can be cut into small pieces or rolled. Always sift flour, baking powder and sugar to avoid clumping.

Location of putting the crepe maker

The crepe maker should be positioned at eye-level, preferably spacious on the counter, so that you can easily handle it when using, without having to bend over or reach high when you need to see food in the oven or need to take out the food.

In addition, you also need to choose the location of the oven so that it is not close to other household electrical appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines … to avoid adversely affecting these appliances. The space around the oven should also be airy, you should place the oven so that the sides of the oven and the rear wall are at least 10 cm away from the wall. The oven ceiling must also be airy.

Making the flour

Follow the correct mixing process – do not mix around.  With the creaming method (for pound cake, butter cake …), beat butter and sugar until the butter and butter turn ivory white. How long it takes to beat is difficult to determine because it depends on the capacity of the machine and the amount of butter.

But I think the avocado color is a very good basis for determining whether the beaten butter is successful or not, if beaten correctly the butter will turn almost white. For cakes that use baking soda, it should be noted that after mixing baking soda with liquid, try to mix as little as possible. 

For example, with the muffin method to make a muffin, pancake, waffle, .. most of the documents instruct that only mix very quickly and just enough so that there is no dry powder left in the bowl. 

Absolutely do not mix until the mixture is smooth as this will cause the cake to harden, expand poorly and have many empty tubes inside.  If using dried fruits, wash off the outer layer of sugar and shake well with a layer of dry powder, then mix into the final flour mixture. Wrapping the dried fruit will prevent the fruits and seeds from sinking to the bottom when baking.

There are different types of flour with different nutritional ingredients and each of these will be suitable for making certain types of bread. Therefore, you need to know the nutritional composition of each type of flour to choose the right flour for the bread you want to make. 

For example, with biscuits, you will need a high-protein flour to increase the crispness of the cake, so multi-purpose flour is a good choice. As for cakes like cakes, you should choose flour that does not contain a lot of protein to make the cake softer and softer.

During the mixing process, they should be regularly dredged into a bowl so that the dough is well mixed. After pouring the dough into the mold, use a spatula or a wooden spoon to evenly spread the face. With “heavy” cakes like pound cake, you can knock the mold down on the table a few times so that the big air bubbles break down, making the cake smoother.

For cakes that use whipped egg whites or whipped cream, mix the dough with the correct folding technique to keep the spongy ingredients.The flour is mixed, so it should be baked immediately, so it can easily affect the swelling of the cake for a long time.

Bake the cake properly

Understand your oven. Home ovens sometimes have temperature problems, such as higher or lower than the outside temperature setting (preferably an oven thermometer). Or the upper fire is hotter than the lower fire. Knowing the “disease” of the oven, then baking is less difficult.

Turn on the oven & set the necessary temperature before baking for about 10-15 minutes. Prevent mold sticking carefully (except for cakes that require non-stick molds like chiffon). On this side, I use anti-stick spray, just spray evenly into the mold, it’s very convenient. Another way is to use butter or cooking oil to spread it evenly over the heart and mold. Next, cover the dough evenly and turn the mold upside down to let the excess powder fall out.

Preheat the oven before baking to make sure it is evenly cooked

To be able to make delicious and beautiful cakes you need to maintain a stable temperature in the oven, especially for some types of cakes such as Pizza, biscuits, rolls … Experiments show that you should ensure the correct placement of the cake tray because each cake is different, the position of the tray must also be different.

Butter temperature also plays a big role in making a successful batch. Specifically, if you make cookies or cakes, the butter must be kept at room temperature for the cake to have the desired hatching, while for the crust cakes like bread, the butter must be cold for the crust to reach crunch. 

Adhering to the recipe to make the correct batch is essential, but sometimes it is important to be a little flexible when there is a lack or absence of a certain type of ingredient. For example, without or without butter you can substitute with olive oil; replace multi-purpose flour in combination with baking powder, cornstarch for dedicated flour if not available or missing.

Pay special attention to the temperature

Temperature is also considered one of the prerequisites for your success in that fermentation and baking are two important processes that require extreme temperature regulation. 

The temperature of each oven is not the same, and changes over time. So for the cake to meet the requirements when baking, you need to determine the exact temperature of the oven you are using and buy a thermometer to accurately measure the oven temperature is necessary if you do not have enough self. believe.

The fermentation process when baking requires warm water, if the temperature is too hot, it can cause the mem to die or if the water is too cold, the fermentation will take a long time to melt, making it difficult to ferment and making the cake take a long time. The baking process should also pay attention to adjusting the temperature, each cake requires a different temperature to cook, completely coloring the cake.

The formula measurement unit must be standard

Some cakes have almost absolute baking recipes according to the international standard formula, converting the units of measurement when learning to cook can lead to recipe errors and spoilage. Flour used in small quantities such as vanilla powder, baking powder .. need to use a standard weighing equipment to ensure delicious cakes.

Use the best baking ingredients

To make these delicious cakes, please refer to the notes shared by the baking experts below to learn how to make cakes! A talented baker does not have the good ingredients, the cakes will not be perfect. Using good baking ingredients makes your cake fresh and delicious.

Anti-stick for baking molds – core principle

Before the non-stick mold was available, the baker used cold butter, cooking oil, dry flour or wax paper to prevent stickiness and make it easier to remove the cake. The cakes need to be non-stick to ensure they keep the shape, not stick to the mold and change the shape of the cake.

Use the right equipment

For a professional baker it is very important to estimate the ingredients to be used for the correct cake mold. It affects the quality as well as the shape of the cake. So the number 6 baking trick you need to remember is choosing the right mold to match the amount of your ingredient.

Prepare enough ingredients, follow the correct recipe

Before you start making a cake, you need to make sure you have prepared all the ingredients according to the correct recipe and followed the correct steps to achieve a delicious and beautiful cake. 

Cooking learning is based on a chain of chemical reactions, so care should be taken when replacing ingredients.In the process of baking, if there is a shortage of ingredients, care should be taken when changing ingredients because a recipe is a combination of many chemicals that lead to chain chemical reactions. When you need ingredients, review the entire baking process to make sure it doesn’t cause side effects and doesn’t damage the cake.

Time accuracy

Each type of cake has a different processing time, so you need to calculate exactly how long it takes to make each type to be able to combine it together, save time and combine. a variety of cakes.

For baking, timing applies not only to whisking, steaming or baking, but also the sequence of giving and mixing ingredients together. For example, to save time, you add all the baking ingredients at the same time and mix them up without strictly following the order and timing of the ingredients according to the recipe. request, it is a mistake that makes the cake do not have the desired taste and satisfaction. So respect the concept of time while baking!

Rely on your cake to make adjustments

Sometimes it’s not about memorizing the recipe, it’s about understanding it, knowing how to transform it into your own products. After a period of learning to make cakes, you will understand the rules of familiar items. The same is a toaster, but each has its own character. Once you are familiar with the items in the kitchen, you absolutely can rely on your experience and skills and baking tips to make great cakes.

Steps to use the crepe maker for making a crepe

Step 1: Making cake dough

First, if you use butter, put the butter in the microwave for 20-30 seconds, or heat it in a water bath to melt it into a liquid. If using oil, skip this step. 

Next, you put the eggs in the fresh milk in the bowl and beat them well with a whisk. If not, use a fork to beat the eggs well before adding the milk to mix well. Then pour in the melted butter or oil and mix well to blend with the custard mixture. You pay attention to beat eggs with milk gently, without foaming. 

Continue to sift the flour into a large bowl or bowl. You should use flour for making cakes (cake flour) which is low protein flour, only 8-9%. If you only have all-purpose flour on hand, mix 100 grams of flour with 10 grams of cornstarch instead. Then, add the sugar and salt and mix well.

Next, you add ½ of the liquid to the bowl, then use a whisk to mix the ingredients. You should be careful to mix gently and quickly, only for a short time of a few seconds. This is done to avoid the formation of gluten in the dough, making the cake chewy.

Add the rest of the liquid and mix well. You will get the mixture smooth and liquid. The fact that we put the liquid into the dough twice makes it easier for the dough to blend into the liquid, avoiding too much stirring. To ensure a smoother, ripple-free mixture, filter the dough mixture through a sieve.

Then cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let the dough rest in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes. The rest is to let the gluten fibers formed while you mix the dough will be stretched to make our cake soft without being chewy.

If possible, let the dough rest overnight. This comes in handy if you want to make crepe for breakfast. Just mix the flour and make the filling if you like since the night before. By morning, just a few more minutes to pour cakes to have a delicious breakfast.

In addition, I have a little tip for you to make the dough even simpler. That is, you put all the ingredients in the blender and press the button for a few seconds for it all to blend together. Remember when you add the ingredients, add the dough at the end. Then you also filter through the sieve and let the dough rest as above. This way is very convenient, and you can avoid the case where we over-mix the flour.

Step 2: How To Make Crepe – Pour cake

After preparing the dough, place the non-stick pan on the stove and heat the pan and lower it to medium low heat. Next, you add some butter or oil to the pan to create a thin, non-stick layer. At this step, if you don’t have an oil sweeper, a little trick is that you can use oil blotting paper to thin the pan.

You lift the pan off the stove and pour the right amount of flour into the pan. You tilt the pan in a circle so that you can coat the crepe crust really thin and evenly like you pouring the crepe crust. 

After the dough has smoothed the surface of the pan, then put the pan back on the stove. With this recipe, we use a 25 cm pan, we will make 10 cakes with a diameter of 25-26 cm. For each cake, you will use about 60 ml of flour. If your pan is smaller, use less flour for each cake. For example a 20 cm pan will use about 45 ml of flour.

Try the first cake and make adjustments. Usually the first cake when you are new to it will be difficult to smooth and even, but don’t worry, you will get used to it quickly. The baking time on the pan is also very important and determines the texture and appearance of the cake.

If you want the cake to be super soft and light yellow in color, cook the first side for about 20-30 seconds until the surface turns. Then, you gently turn the cake and leave for another 3-5 seconds and then the plate. You can also shoot immediately without turning it over.

If you want it to have a bit of crunch on the edges and a bit of color, cook the first side for 40-50 seconds. You should see a slight brown turn of the cake. Then, gently flip the cake and bake for another 10-15 seconds.

Just do one by one sweeping butter / oil – pouring the flour evenly over the pan – baking – pouring over the plate until the dough is gone. You just let the pieces of cake grow on each other, not afraid of sticking together and torn.

Step 3: Making whipped cream filling

How to make whipped cream for crepe is very simple and probably too familiar for you to regularly make homemade cakes at home. Just put whipping cream and sugar into a bowl, then use a whisk or wisk. If you use a spatula it will be quite tiring! Whether hitting with a machine or by hand, stop hitting until you see a tip on the stick. 

Remember to put whipped cream sticks, bowls and whipped cream in the freezer for about 20 minutes before beating to make whipping easier. If you are new to baking, please see the Whipping cream whipping tutorial in what is whipping cream.

To make the cream more aromatic, add a few drops of vanilla, or grind a little lemon peel to mix into the whipped cream. Just adding a little bit makes the cream filling more delicious.

Step 4: Done

The simplest thing is that you put the crust on a flat plate, then put the cream filling in the middle and then roll it up to be able to enjoy the divine creamy crepe. You follow the amount just enough to eat.


How to decorate a crepe?

In addition, to add more vibrancy and flavor to your crepe, you can add fruits such as strawberries, bananas, mangoes. Or you can add chocolate, which is also a great way to add flavor to your cake. One more ice cream is no different from a restaurant!

How to preserve crepe?

Unused crust and cream can be wrapped and refrigerated for 1 day. If you want to eat a slightly warm crust, put the crust on a plate, put another plate upside down and microwave it for 20-30 seconds and then use it.


Finding how to use the crepe maker is not hard. Banana crepes, fresh strawberry crepes served with ice cream are a popular way to decorate and enjoy the crepe. Squirt over-the-counter whipped cream or whip whipped cream from the whipping cream into the center of the crepe and curl up. Don’t forget to add a few slices of fresh seasonal fruit if it’s a sweet crepe. Or add chicken fillings… if you like to eat savory crepe. Let’s try to make the crepe with a crepe maker based on our receipts. 

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