How To Bend Aluminum Flashing Is Safe And Effective

Your home or company needs furniture shelves. You need to learn about how to bend aluminum flashing. You want to have information about aluminum decorative devices with lights. You also want to know the pros and cons of the product. In addition, you also want to know some more information about this product. Don’t miss this article to get the answer.

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The Reason Why You Need Bend Aluminum Flashing

Before knowing the answer to the problem is how to bend aluminum flashing. I want to share with you information about why you should use led aluminum products in construction projects. It has so many benefits that many people want to know how to flash aluminum.

Known as a material with light weight, high strength, good temperature resistance, and easy to shape, aluminum sheet is used very popularly today. In particular, the product always has a variety of colors and designs for customers to choose from, in accordance with the design characteristics of works, signs, etc.

In addition, aluminum and plastic sheets are increasingly improved over time in terms of materials as well as production technology lines, so they receive more and more trust and love from users.

Applications in life

The characteristics are light, while exposed to outside air, it will oxidize and form a film. It’s so useful for your life.

Because it has such distinct characteristics. In addition, aluminum is widely used in architecture: interior and exterior for houses. Usually only using aluminum can create independent decorative arrays in architecture. 

For aluminum bars, applications in decoration. Create patches to block the sun shining outside into the house. There are even places that use it as a roof.

Aluminum is used as the skeleton system and lightweight partitions create a dynamic and atmosphere for the office.

In addition, aluminum alloy decorative braces are also widely used in solving difficulties in installation in corners, end segments, decorative accents, protection of corners, and anti-slip.

Applications of aluminum materials in interior design

In interior design, aluminum plays an increasingly important role in giving homeowners a durable and beautiful interior space. If before, aluminum cabinets usually only had a few types and colors, today aluminum is produced with the purpose of replacing the role of wood in interior construction while still having the same beauty. So today, how is aluminum used in the interior system, let’s see the section below:

Aluminum blends perfectly with glass

When combining aluminum and glass, that space will become more modern and aesthetically pleasing than ever. And this is considered the most popular choice in Vietnamese family architecture.

With a modern design style, many families choose aluminum guest walls to make a partition between the rooms, creating an airy space. Aluminum combined with glass will help the house get more natural light.

Aluminum is designed with kitchen cabinets or other furniture

In addition to choosing wooden cabinets to make furniture, many families now prefer high-grade aluminum to design kitchen cabinets. Aluminum completely replaces wood to make kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, beds. In particular, the aluminum interior system has a variety of colors, suitable for many different design styles.

Aluminum of choice in corporate offices

Currently, in modern corporate offices, people use aluminum materials to make the skeleton system as well as create light partitions to create a dynamic, new and youthful workplace.

Aluminum panels for partitions

Similar to plastic or wood, aluminum panels can also be used to make partitions for spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, offices… Using aluminum panels as partitions can ensure the division of space. space effectively, but without blocking the view or making the room feel cramped, it still feels like there is a seamless connection to create a feeling of openness for the common space.

Usually, this product will be combined with tempered glass to increase the durability and beauty of the partitions. Thus, the partition will bring benefits such as making the space more airy and bright; quite good heat or sound insulation; diverse design; high strength, does not rust or warp and withstands high impact forces.

Using aluminum panels, you do not need to worry about warranty and repair issues because it is resistant to chemical environments. In particular, it is easy to change, dismantle and install when necessary.

Flooring aluminum sheet

Aluminum sheets used for flooring are usually ribbed aluminum products, high-grade anti-slip aluminum has many different ribbed patterns on the surface for customers to choose from. When buying, you can also choose products with available thicknesses and sizes or request specific specifications suitable for your project.

Aluminum floor liner is used to line the floor of factories, warehouses, factories, production facilities or floor for elevators. In addition, in some other forms of construction, if you need a floor mat with high durability, easy to clean, effective anti-slip but also quite beautiful, aluminum sheet is also an extremely suitable choice.

If in the design there are some requirements for stamping, bending, and cornering, the aluminum floor plate can still meet well because it is light in weight and easy to shape in many different ways. Using aluminum panels also brings many other benefits to the building such as anti-corrosion, fire resistance, easy cleaning, no maintenance time, long life, but if you want to replace or relocate. it’s also very easy.

The product ensures a high factor of occupational safety, prevents accidental slips and falls, making it more convenient for people to commute to work.

The ribbed patterns on the surface of aluminum panels are also very diverse, customers can choose depending on their preferences or general design style. Although simple but not boring but bold modern, over time still not outdated or faded.

This is really an economical and extremely convenient option, bringing long-term values ​​to users and becoming an indispensable material in the decoration of buildings and works.

Aluminum application with some other materials

The combination of aluminum splints and glass in interior decoration

One can use an aluminum brace, also known as an aluminum alloy brace, to trim the edge of the glass, to stick the edge of the glass, to ensure sharpness and at the same time, thanks to the durability of aluminum to protect the glass edge.

In addition, aluminum has an aesthetic which can affect the house, while combined with the light and floor vents to create an airy interior.

The perfect combination of aluminum and wood braces

Combining wood with aluminum film helps to increase the durability of the product, without the outer aluminum layer, the life of the wood product will be shorter. Because of the design of the aluminum alloy brace, it can help protect the wood edge, handle the gap to facilitate the natural expansion of the wood, etc.

A special thing is that especially with wood, whether on the wall, on the floor or on processed furniture, wood can be combined with aluminum alloy braces, both to quickly handle defects and increase durability. for materials.

In addition, aluminum alloy brace products are also widely applied in solving difficulties when installing in corners with V-shaped aluminum braces, sections ending with L-shaped aluminum braces, F-shaped braces, and decorative accents. with T-shaped aluminum splints, U-shaped aluminum braces, anti-slip braces, … help save labor in construction and protect the environment in interior decoration for your home.

Step By Step To Bend Aluminum Flashing

This is the important part to help you learn how to bend aluminum flashing through the step by step below.

Step 1: Prepare

You should remember that bending aluminum cannot only be done with bare hands, but it is necessary to use other supporting tools such as hammers, wood, protective equipment such as glasses, gloves, etc.

Step 2: Check the temperature

The technique most used in the past, but also today by many DIY enthusiasts, is the use of heat. In fact, high temperatures change the chemical structure of aluminum making it more malleable for a certain period of time. Therefore, before you can fold the aluminum, you will have to expose it for 15 minutes to a heat source of about 400°C. It is important not to exceed this temperature as otherwise the sheet may melt.

When exposing the plate to heat, make sure that it is aimed not only at one point on the plate but over a fairly large area. After 15 minutes, place the plate in a bucket of water and wait a few minutes before starting to work on it. Always remember to use heat gloves.

Step 3: Prepare a suitable wooden board

A very important tool for bending aluminum is wood. Prepare a wooden board showing the curvature of the angle you want to recreate on the slab. At this time, on the workbench, fix the plate with clamps and mold it with the wooden board. It is important to avoid using bends that are too narrow, as too small an angle can disrupt the path. Model sheet metal with patience, avoid tying it too much. Gradually it will take the desired shape.

Step 4: Use hammer for sickle

A sickle hammer can also be used to shape an aluminum sheet. Take a sickle hammer that weighs at least 500 grams. Now, lay the plate on a flat surface or on a curved base according to your needs. The job you will have to do is to impress the shape of the base used on the plate with a hammer for a sickle. You can also use the hollow mold to create the desired curvature, moving slowly with the die to create different angles.


Remember never to force the sheet too hard or it may break.


  1. Can aluminum panels be applied to wall cladding?

Aluminum wall panels are usually a mixture of aluminum produced domestically or imported from a number of countries such as Japan, Korea, Germany, China… Aluminum panels have a stable structure, durable, many patterns, Light weight, heat insulation, good sound insulation. With the core layer made from fireproof materials, the product is non-flammable, resistant to high temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius, not easy to wear, but can be shaped by bending corners, bending …

In order to bring more diverse choices to users, manufacturers have launched aluminum wall panels with colorful painted surfaces, imitating wood patterns with a variety of different grain patterns and textures. Unique, sharp imitation stone pattern.

The construction process is usually to close the iron frame first and then attach the aluminum panels to ensure stability. This aluminum wall cladding is not only beautiful but also easy to clean and maintain, suitable for many different apartment design styles, which will surely bring satisfaction to all users. However, to ensure technical factors, you should ask a team of professional workers to perform the construction.

The price of the products will be more or less different due to the design, style, quality of the coating used or the thickness and thinness of the aluminum sheet. However, you can be completely assured because this material has a low cost, which is quite reasonable for even apartments that only invest in decoration costs at an affordable level.

  1. What are the points to know about Alu sheet?

To make the Alu sheet construction process go smoothly, without damaging the material. It is very important to know about Alu, especially the structure of this material.

Accordingly, Alu has a size of 1m2 x 2m4 and is made up of 2 layers: aluminum and an adhesive plastic core. In particular, the core is made of recycled plastic, so it has very good fire resistance.

It is also thanks to the structure of this aluminum and plastic compound that Alu is easy to construct and bend to maintain the necessary rigidity.

Detailed structure of Alu sheet

  • Surface protection film: Effective to avoid scratching the surface of the aluminum layer during construction and transportation. Limit the impact from the outside environment.
  • Outer aluminum layer: This aluminum layer will be coated with PE or PVDF paint on the surface. At the same time, the outer aluminum layer will be bonded to the plastic core by a polymeric adhesive layer.
  • Plastic core: Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic.
  • Base aluminum layer: The base aluminum layer is also coated with paint to protect the material from the inside. At the same time, it is also bonded to the plastic core with a polymeric glue.

With the above structure, Alu sheet will have the following outstanding advantages:

  • High durability, over 20 years due to not being oxidized by external factors;
  • Easy construction such as bending, shaping, cornering;
  • Rich and varied colors;
  • Has good sound and heat insulation;
  • Light weight makes it easier to transport or install;
  • Smooth surface is easy to clean.

Application of Alu sheet

So what is Alu sheet used for? Here are some common uses of this building material.

  • Making billboards, panels;
  • Interior and exterior decoration in construction works;
  • Facade cladding of buildings;
  • Alu company facade cladding;
  • Making interior partitions;
  • Construction of ceilings, domes, elevators;
  • Interior and exterior decoration for bodywork, hull, etc.

Construction method of aluminum sheet 

There are many different ways and techniques to construct Alu panels. Many people want to know how to bend, many people need instructions on gluing and cladding Aluminum panels. In addition, some construction methods such as direct screw slotting, box folding, etc.

And here are detailed instructions for each construction method for you.

How to cover aluminum sheet by folding box method

Aluminum paneling by box folding method is the most commonly used method today. However, this method of construction requires a high level of skill and experience. Only in this way can we deliver high-quality, durable products.


  • Apply to outdoor construction works;
  • Alu sheet with aluminum thickness of 0.21mm or more;
  • Construction workers require high skills;
  • Helps increase the hardness and stability of the work surface;
  • After construction does not affect the surface of the work;
  • Has high durability.


  • Durable;
  • Easy to edit;
  • High deformation resistance, good insulation;
  • Beautiful aesthetics.
Construction of alu panels by direct screw grooving method

Direct screw grooving is the second alu construction method we want to talk about.


  • Indoor construction works will be applied to this method.
  • Using Alu sheet from 2mm – 3mm, Alu sheet with aluminum thickness < 0.21mm.
  • After finishing, the aluminum surface is not completely flat.
  • Aluminum surfaces are prone to peeling and warping.
  • Simple technique;
  • Save materials and accessories.


  • Simple construction;
  • Use less aluminum cladding;
  • Low cost.


  • The bearing capacity is poor because the glue that binds the Alu sheets is a heating glue.
  • Under the influence of the environment will damage the bond between the layers in the plate.
  • The glue line creates a thin roan so it is easy to peel off. Therefore, the wind easily flows between the two aluminum plates and reduces the bearing capacity.
The method of tight fitting alu clad

The third method used for Alu construction is tight fitting. With this method, the Alu plastic sheet will be fitted to the skeleton.

In particular, titebond specialized glue, double-sided adhesive tape are two materials used to bond Alu sheet and skeleton.


  • Components after construction are homogeneous blocks, so the service life is long;
  • There is no separation between the plates.


  • Requires meticulousness and high accuracy;
  • Construction workers are highly skilled and experienced.
  • Aluminum sheet construction process
The Alu construction method

The implementation process will be different. However, the general rule goes through the following steps.

Prepare materials and tools.

  • First, you need to prepare some supplies and tools, including:
  • Alu milling machine;
  • Welder;
  • Table cutters;
  • Hand cutters;
  • Hand grinder;
  • Drill;
  • Pliers, hammer;
  • Glue Guns;
  • Iron, screw, aluminum alu;
  • Specialized glue.

Executing the construction of advertising alu aluminum panels façade signs

The construction process of Alu aluminum sheet will take place as follows:

  • Weld the skeleton according to the pre-existing drawings.
  • Check and measure the skeleton to make sure it’s the right size.
  • Milling Alu to size.
  • Pump specialized glue on the surface of the iron frame. Then, insert the milled Alu sheet onto the specified position.
  • Match the Alu panels according to the drawing, use the rive to connect the alu sheet to the iron frame.
  • Use paper glue to fix the milling line between 2 Alu sheets.
  • Inject silicone glue to create thread.
  • Use a small card to smooth the line to keep the surface flat.
  • Wait for the glue to dry, then peel off the Alu surface film. Then add decorative layers as required.

After the construction is completed, it is necessary to check the construction process. Accordingly, it is required that the milling cutters must be angled accurately. Sharp Alu sheet edges, flat paneling, tight seams.


In summary, the article has given you specific information about step by step how to bend aluminum flashing. Moreover, you also know some more information about the product in general and also detailed information on how to use the product in the real world. In addition, you can also solve your own questions about this through the FAQ section that we provide.

We believe you can follow the steps we provide to be able to do what you want. Moreover, we believe you are the one who likes to refer to home-related items to decorate and beautify it.

Thank you for choosing to read our article. Wish you success in doing it. Don’t forget to click on the product link on Amazon to own them as soon as possible! Here is a video I want to share more with you.

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