Giant Waterproof Trunk Bag – A Powerful Assistant In Rainy Season

When your bike does have a rear stand, a trunk bag is ideal for transporting various items without having to wear them on your shoulders. Based on the manufacturer of the pack, it is simple to mount for your bicycle. There are many fantastic Giant Waterproof Trunk Bags on the marketplace, but which one is better for you depending on your needs.

Each rack bag has a unique style, storage space, and other features. In the following article, we will address certain effective advertised brands as well as reasons to remember while purchasing them.

Trunk bags are unquestionably useful for carrying books, clothing, umbrellas, snacks, computers, and a variety of other products that you can need throughout your trip. Having the right trunk bag to their requirements would help both frequent bike riders and long-distance cycling tourers.

For bike riders, you should carry anything in a single large bag and be able to cycle to work or the gym.

We‘ll start by going over all of the fastest production trunk packs, from that you can then choose whatever one best suits your needs.

You will find a full purchase guide there at the bottom of this post to learn about the various factors to remember when selecting a rack top pack.

Best Giant Waterproof Trunk Bag Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Giant Waterproof Trunk Bag Reviews 2024

Ortlieb Unisex Bicycle Rack

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The perfect rack-top pack for bike touring from the iconic German company Ortlieb.

This Rack Pack Dry Backpack is designed of 100 percent waterproof PD620, and the wrap closing seals it completely, rendering it release, thanks to the plastics stiffener and tension straps that enable the closure to be totally secure.

This is a dedicated bike touring pack, and installing it on a rack with side panniers would be difficult; in fact, the mounting buckles depend on the inclusion of panniers for support. Fortunately, Ortlieb thought of making something specifically for urban cycling, the Rack Pack Urban, which is available here.

The Ortlieb racks packs have such a single large pack and come in a variety of sizes which is only for true bike nomads.


  • Waterproof and spill at all times
  • There are several paint options available.
  • Lightweight Drawbacks


  • Without side panniers, the bike is not stable.

Topeak MTX

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This Trunk Bag is another amazing bag on our chart. It is indeed constructed of 600 Denier polypropylene and has stiff modern frames. It is rather light, weighing just 2.53 pounds. Furthermore, because of its weather-resistant construction, it is suitable for vacation trips.

The whole bike rear trunk bag has several compartments for storing your valuables. As an extra layer of storage, the front pouch is equipped with zip ties and narrow mesh pockets.

The devices are durable and padded, making them ideal for storing tech accessories. 

There is a water bottle pocket in the rear to keep you hydrated at all times. Although the many storage areas are good for light packers, they might not be suitable for medium packers.


  • Adaptable
  • light in weight
  • Exceptional protection feature
  • Durable


  • There are so many compartments

ROCKBROS Bike Rack Bag

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This lightweight carbon leather cycling trunk bag is another style from Rockbros. If you want a trendy bag being used at work, the style is a perfect option. And for its carbon fiber leather content, the trunk bag appears simple and stylish. Even so, the bag is priced higher, because it is more costly than the other bags on our chart.

It’s our only leather bag on the list. It always sticks out! You should be certain that it will last a long time and will be immune to wear and tear.

If you open the pocket, you’ll see an outstanding compartment system. It has 3 dividers with allocated room for tech gadgets, clothing, food, and so on.


  • Bike trunk case made of leather
  • Adaptable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Hand pockets that can be expanded


  • Cost-effective

Gonex Upgrade Bicycle Panniers

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Large space may be used for a variety of storage, including charts, snacks, tablets, pens, and chargers in the main compartment. A plastic bottle slot has been included in the bag.

This bike back seat bag could have been used as a standard bag, and it can be carried using the handle or the shoulder belt.

Velcro bands on the front and bottom provide stability and are simple to customize and mount.


  • Powerful and long-lasting
  • Versatility in shape


  • It is very pricey

ENGWE Bike Rack Bag

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This trunk backpack is designed of carbon fiber leather, which is sturdy, water-resistant, and long-lasting.

When you need more space, a high-capacity bicycle bag’s back rack can be opened with shoulder straps to a bike pannier.

Delicate cycle bags have two shoulder belts and can be used as backpack straps. The portable nature makes your travel life easier.

Padded inside to absorb shock when cycling. Partition is detachable for greater usage versatility.

It is difficult to deflect when using. Protect your clothing, accessories, phone, cameras, kettle, and other belongings in the bike trunk bag of confidence.


  • Water Resistant 
  • Large Capacity 
  • Multifunctional Purpose


  • It is not the cheapest

Topeak MTX

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This was one of the strongest bike rack bags from the world-renowned company Topeak, which has ruled the trunk bag industry for years. To effectively secure the material, it is constructed of 600 denier polypropylene and molded EVA foam.

The Topeak MTX bag has an incredible 17L size, with enough room for a lunchbox, a phone, a set of clothes, a towel… you name it.

There are several containers and loops to keep things apart and prevent objects from colliding and being damaged; there is also a designated plastic bottle holder for e-bike owners who do not have regular bottle cages.

Reflective straps improve visibility and enable you to travel at night. It’s simple to tighten the braces on the back rack, and it comes with a shoulder harness for easier transport. The mount is very stable and does not cause any movement.

A rain cover is required to shield the commodity from water, rain, and soil, although it is not included.


  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Incredibly wide
  • There are several compartments


  • The rain cover is not used.
  • Cost-effective

Ibera Bike Trunk Bag

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Our favorite is the Ibera Bike Trunk Bag. It is elegant and durable, and it fits with a clever clip system that allows it to be conveniently installed on your bike. Furthermore, you can release your trunk bag from the bike by pressing an included orange ring. Ibera is dedicated to developing cutting-edge technology for leisure, commuter, and touring bicycles.

This best bike trunk bag has a wide middle pocket where you can store your belongings freely. It has a large storage space and can store large objects such as computers, clothing, and shoes. The internal zip pocket is also ideal for holding valuables.

There are some slots on the trunk bag’s exterior as well. It has side pockets, a pocketbook pocketbook, and a top pouch with additional bungee cords for easy access to your things. Since the structural construction is solid, the packed objects can not shift. This, though, implies that it has a certain rigidity that prohibits it from being scalable.


  • There are several compartments.
  • Elegant and durable
  • Mounting is easy.
  • Ride safely at night.
  • A pocket foundation that is immune to water


  • It is not expandable


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This trendy Rockbros Bike Trunk Pack often functions as a commuter bag. It has a sturdy build with a thickened foam pad on both the foundation and the edges. This padding framework adds a level of protection and flexibility. And without your things inside, it would not crumble quickly. The bag’s overall construction is impressively solid.

You will remove it from the bike by using a special carry strap. You should carry it with you and appear fashionable when strolling down the lane. It controls the water bottle holder to keep you cool on long rides. Its bright strap will keep you visible at night for your protection.

This bag’s compartment scheme is well-thought-out. Big products can fit into the main compartment, which has a 13-liter capacity and is supported by a rotating board. The main compartment, on the other hand, is not customizable for extra storage space. It has internal pockets for excellent organization.


  • Stable building
  • Distinctive compartments
  • fashionable
  • Excellent bike mounting straps


  • The main compartment is not expandable

Roswheel Essential Series

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Among the most robust trunk bags on our list is this Bike Trunk Case. It’s crafted of 300D polypropylene and PU leather, which all provide toughness and structure. This is not unexpected given the brand’s long history of producing high-quality cycling equipment.

With it’s high-quality materials, this trunk bag can survive strenuous outdoor workouts such as vigorous biking. It is really compact because it can be converted into a chic commuting bag by adjusting the shoulder harness. Finally, you should use this bag on a regular basis and it goes for every activity.

It is designed to fit your bike rack and is conveniently assembled using four Velcro belts. The straps enable you to easily attach the bag to the back of your bike. And if you’re riding on rugged and bumpy highways, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe. It also has a fast-release mechanism for easy bag detachment. Include the side view mirror hanger for extra security on night journeys.


  • Long-lasting
  • Adaptable
  • a large compartment
  • It is safe to bring at night


  •  Is that it is costly.

Bushwhacker Mesa

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As an additional storage option, this Mesa trunk bag has three easy-access exterior pockets. These zippered and rectangular pockets enable users to conveniently arrange their belongings inside.

The bag’s main compartment is large and sealed, providing more cover for your valuables. Another feature that I like about this trunk bag is that it has a detachable shoulder strap that allows you to hold it when not riding your bike.

The bike mounting features include a 4-point mounting device and half-inch rigid foam insulation that provides balance while sitting flat on the bike rack. When you’re driving, the foam will protect your things from shifting. Furthermore, the dual Velcro straps make it simple to attach your pack.

Even at night, the Bushwhacker pack is easy to use. Its reflective strap improves the vision in low-light situations. As a result, you can use it effectively in nighttime modes as well. It also ensures long-term usage. Although a harness for the bike’s tail light is included, it is not as strong as other trunk bags.


  • Reasonably priced
  • well-organized
  • There are enough storage resources.
  • Simple to set up
  • There is a guarantee included.


  • The tail light attachment harness is average

When Purchasing a Trunk Bag, What Do You Look For?

Why do you need it?

Trunk bags are intended to carry strong and bulky products. They are designed especially for serious packers. It is not designed for light users who only bear small to medium-sized objects. Giant Waterproof Trunk Bags are being used for long journeys and recreational adventures when you need to transport large amounts of clothing.

Trunk bags aren’t like the bags you want to carry on a daily basis. Giant Waterproof Trunk Bags can be used for week-long trips to carry your possessions for the duration of the journey. As a result, it is better to select a bike trunk that can handle all of your travel products. We do, however, suggest selecting bags that are larger than your desired model. It is preferable to have a stipend for emergency transport.


We just want to purchase products that will last a long time. Pick a trunk bag that is both small and wide enough to protect your valuables. When cycling, the rack trunk can safely carry your belongings. It is capable of keeping your things from relocating and while riding on rocky paths.


When you live an exercise regime and spend most of your time outside, a water-resistant bicycle trunk is perfect. This should keep your things dry and through heavy rains. When you’re outside for a bike ride, the waterproof function is often important.


Buying a Giant Waterproof Trunk Bag is considered an expense. As a result, it is preferable to select one that is multipurpose, providing versatility in fulfilling its intent.

There really are bicycle trunks that have a multitude of purposes. There are others that can be detached from the primary bike and used as a walking backpack. There are indeed trunk bags of shoulder belts and Velcro straps for increased flexibility. You will save money by having more versatility.

Storage compartment

If you have a ton of valuables to store, a trunk bag with a large pocket is perfect. You would have had plenty of space for your belongings without needing to think about running out.

Assigned compartments for unique objects such as drinks and tech gear aid in organization. Pick Giant Waterproof Trunk Bags with many chambers to keep your things organized.


Design is another consideration to remember while purchasing a trunk pack. For others, purchasing a bike trunk package or a bicycle pannier bag is a big concern. Those two bags are fantastic. They do, though, vary in several ways. As opposed to Giant Waterproof Trunk Bags, pannier bags are heavier. They will carry larger objects and have a higher storage power. They are, though, thicker and less convenient than trunk bags.

Icycle trunk packs, on the other hand, are of medium capacity. They are not as big as panniers nor as lightweight as messenger bags. They will store enough things for a brief holiday or ride. Trunk packs, unlike pannier bags, do not slow you down while placed on your vehicle.


Materials are also another classification you can think of. Valuables in your pocket can always be kept secure and dry. The bag’s content has a direct effect on preserving the things undamaged and intact. Choose a pack with a lining system that will fully secure your belongings particularly though you are cycling on long and rugged paths.

What exactly is a Giant Waterproof Trunk Bag?

A trunk bag makes riding easier and more comfortable for bikers. It has large storage space for valuables and bike gear. Bicycle trunk bags, unlike most other types of bags, can be mounted on the rear of a bike. You should ride your bike without a bag tied to your body. Many trunk bags on the market are strong and waterproof, keeping your belongings secure at the rear of your bike.

How does it function?

Trunk bags work similarly to normal bags. They have a wide shoulder strap for large objects as well as smaller pockets. They were usually enlarged in height and sturdy in construction in order to be comfortably installed. The bag’s back is smooth, allowing it to rest easily on the bike rack.

What are the various kinds of Giant Waterproof Trunk Bags?

A trunk bag is a container that can be attached to the back of a bike. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes based on the bike you’re riding. Trunk bags may also be classified according to their intended use. They are appropriate for light traveling, long excursions, and brief travel.

There is a trunk bag in the form of a commuter that is suitable for quick trips. They are easy, elegant, and user-friendly. It has a holding handle or a back harness for when you’re not riding your bike. Using Velcro belts, you can tie a transit trunk bag to your bike rack.

Rack sets, on the other side, are standard type trunk bags that are commonly used for traveling. These can be used in conjunction with panniers, particularly for long-distance travel. Side belts are used to secure rear rack packs to the bike. It is normally waterproof and can accommodate heavy objects.

Saddlebags are often known as trunk bags. It can carry tiny objects and double as a daily pack. It can just bear the basic necessities, making it ideal for light commuting. You may reach the bag under your seat, which is placed on the bike’s rails.

What is the purpose of a bicycle trunk bag?

Giant Waterproof Trunk Bags are by far the most versatile to use, particularly if you ride frequently. When you have a trunk pack, you won’t have to wear a bag while biking. Nothing is bound to your leg, so you can ride your bike safely. It will store all of your valuable items in one spot.

Questions and Answers

What are some reputable Giant Waterproof Trunk Bag manufacturers?

Trunk bags are widely available in stores and online. They have features and models that the majority of customers will purchase. However, if you’d like to maximize the wealth of a Giant Waterproof Trunk Bag wallet, you must first understand the labels.

What is the difference between a Giant Waterproof Trunk Bag and a bike pannier bag?

When you buy a big bike pack, you have two main choices. It’s either a trunk case or a pannier bag for your bike. Bike trunks are used for short-distance travel where you’ll have to bear enough load for one journey. It does not weigh as much as pannier pockets. Cycle trunks are just 2 kilos in weight which would not weigh you down while biking. When you have to use biker trunks, you can keep your normal biking rhythm.

Pannier pockets, on the other side, are bulkier. A pannier bag is sometimes used for lengthy journeys that can last weeks or months. It has large luggage space, allowing you to store all of your necessities for a prolonged period of time. It can transport up to 65 liters of weight. It is also suitable for backpacking. Panniers can be conveniently attached to the rear of the bike. It is made of steel and aluminum and is designed for a fast and safe connection to your cycle.

How do I clean and care for my trunk bags?

The majority of Giant Waterproof Trunk Bags are constructed of water-resistant fabrics. They are simple to clean but need regular maintenance. We suggest washing your bag down with a wet cloth and gentle detergent on a daily basis. There would be no mud residue on your bag this route. Make sure your bag is fully dry before storing it. When washing zippers and straps, use a brush when appropriate.

Where do I buy it?

Online, you can find high-quality bike bag shelves. For the most recent versions and styles, please visit the websites of the brands listed above. E-commerce platforms are also ideal for finding the best package of your choosing. Simply go online to look for the best bike pack for you.

If you still wonder to attack them on your bicycle rack check this video now

Final Verdict – Our Top 5 Picks Of Giant Waterproof Trunk Bags 

Giant Waterproof Trunk Bags are among the most useful travel accessories you may have. The best bike trunk packs we mentioned above are outstanding options if you are all on the road and want hassle-free bike commuting. The excellent options we have presented will allow you the freedom to choose the best Giant Waterproof Trunk Bag for your transportation needs. The Giant Waterproof Trunk Bag review would undoubtedly assist you in making a buying choice.

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