Best DSL Filter That You Need To Know In 2023

For your information, the DSL filter, also known as a DSL internet splitter or microfilter, is an analog internet filter that will transmit the frequencies below a specific value mounted between devices like telephones or modems a POTS line. Therefore, that’s the time you think you need to find the best DSL filter. 

The most noticeable advantage of the DSL filter is that it avoids disruption between electronics and DSL services, also known as digital subscriber line (DSL) service attached to the same channel. 

Even when you are a professional or a beginner, choosing a DSL filter for yourself is challenging. Knowing your concern, we have included the top 10 best DSL filter and a buying guide. 

Let’s see which products we have for you in the reviews section.

Best DSL Filter Comparison 2023

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Top 10 Best DSL Filter Reviews 2023

Actiontec Universally Compatible Inline DSL Phone Filters

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In case you want to find a DSL filter that works on any phone socket and DSL service type, this could be the one for you!

Actiontec distributes these filters, which have been thoroughly reviewed for compliance with Actiontec goods. 

With this product, an interruption between a landline and a DSL modem is eliminated. All you have to do is simply plug your telephone into the port. And you are done!

The globally adaptable DSL phone filters from Actiontec can be used with any phone socket and any form of DSL service. These arrange-in-a-straight-line phone filters should be installed in your house on all non-modem phone sockets to eliminate any vibration or interruption from your DSL modem.


  • Reasonable price
  • Works perfectly with no interference with the phone
  • Simple installation
  • Great storage
  • It can quiet the noise that is caused by DSL lines.
  • It looks light and thin


  • Some customers complain that the manufacturers only send one filter instead of four as advertised. 

2 Wire, 1 Line DSL Filter

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In case you want to find a DSL filter that offers a wide range of colors and styles, this could be the one for you!

These double-purpose DSL phone filters prevent high-speed DSL signals, removing unnecessary DSL interruption while maintaining a clear telephone communication channel without ambient noise or system disruption.

This filter is ideal for regular telephone lines, fax machines, answering machines, and other devices in an office, residence, or house.

This DSL ADSL filter is available in a range of designs and shades, including cream, ivory, and gray, and is available precisely from the manufacturer.

Moreover, we have a simple YID maintenance and splice package to modify your DSL line filter by removing and reformatting the finishes.


  • Simple to install
  • User-friendly
  • It works great to reduce phone line distortion and allows two items to connect to the phone line.
  • Reasonable price
  • Great-quality product


  • You will have to purchase a splitter to go to the outlet first. 

iMBAPrice In-Line DSL Filter

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If you want to buy a convenient and straightforward DSL filter, this could be the one for you!

Splitting the telephone line after it reaches the house and operating a simple DSL filter down one leg to every socket where an analog electronic device will be used can be a good idea.

A few devices, particularly if the hard-wired link is transferred to jacked connectivity, can be effectively processed with a DSL filter or splitter.

Low-speed audio signals are separated from high-speed audio signals by DSL splitters. They can help to reduce background noise and increase frequency stability.


  • Reliable connection
  • Low price
  • Excellent-quality product
  • Works flawlessly
  • Well-made
  • Nice and tight connections and a small profile
  • Worth the money


  • This model is a four-pin coupler, not six pins as advertised.

Power Gear Phone Line DSL Filter

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In case you want a DSL filter that links directly to the most typical phone sockets, this could be the one for you!

With this phone line filter, you can get clear sound quality from your phone link. By disrupting the signal, this filter removes telephone interruption from the DSL unit.

Each telephone system (fax machine, telephone, or answering machine) connecting a DSL line requires its filter. It’s simple to set up, and there’s no need for wire.

Simply attach the DSL filter’s phone socket end to the wall socket and the line cord from the unit to the other DSL filter’s ends.

On the package’s back, there is a clear illustration. Do not use this DSL filter on the phone line that connects your DSL modem to the wall channel.


  • Affordable
  • It works perfectly to quiet all the noise
  • Easy to install
  • Exactly as pictured
  • Easy to order
  • Timely delivery


  • Some customers complain it doesn’t reduce the noise on the DSL line. 

InstallerParts DSL Modem Phone Filter

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If you want to find a DSL filter that complies with industry-standard regulations, this could be a perfect option for you!

This model eliminates DSL disruption and prevents voice miss-outs by filtering the telephone signal. You will not have to experience the hissing, distortion, and other unwanted ambient noise and say hello to enhanced sound quality and interaction.

It only requires convenient and straightforward installation; it operates with all manufacturers that provide connectivity to typical phone sockets.

The DSL filter can be used on landline telephones, answering and fax machines, wireless phones to decrease disruption noise.

Setup is simple because of its compact and lightweight design. All you have to do is connect the Rj11 female end to your computer and the Rj11 male end to your phone socket. 


  • Competitive price
  • It fixes the phone interference caused to the DSL internet service and eliminates the audible noise on the phone line.
  • Easy installation
  • Overall amazing product
  • Simple to use
  • Great value for the money


  • Some customers complain they can still hear the static noise. 

2 Wire, 1 Line DSL Filter

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In case you want to find a user-friendly DSL filter, this could be the one for you!

As we have mentioned before, It is a user-friendly product. You just have to use it by simply plugging it in.

Moreover, it is compatible with any DSL-enabled communications device.

With this product, the manufacturers will offer you two-wire packs in the package, a single line only, and a DSL filter in ivory.

Furthermore, with this product, you don’t have to worry about the noise. With the DSL noise reduction engineering, the DSL background noise and unwelcome interruption are limited to the maximum level.

Finally, it can be compatible with satellite dishes, DVR, telephone, fax and answering machines, printers, modems, electronics, and other devices.


  • Easy to use
  • Worth for the money
  • It eliminates the static from the phone line.
  • Competitive price
  • Fast delivery
  • Works efficiently
  • Great noise reduction


  • Some customers complain they still hear the static noise when they are speaking.

iMBAPrice In-line DSL Splitter With Noise Filter for Phone Line

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Another DSL filter we want to introduce to you is here!

The filter generates an excellent-quality signal by filtering out interruption from the DSL phone line. Its basic design enables the user to mount it in a DSL line without the assistance of a technician.

Moreover, this model enables you to use the internet on your computer via a landline phone linked to the new, of course. It separates high-speed ADSL transmission from telephone signals, resulting in direct voice connections and preventing interruption.

Finally, it’s ROHS-compliant and complies with ADSL and ADSL2 specifications. Moreover, it’s simple to set up, so you don’t have to worry at all.


  • Clear installation instructions
  • Simple to setup
  • Great value for the money
  • It allows a more secure connection.
  • Works perfectly
  • Fast shipping
  • Good-quality product


  • Some customers complain that only the DSL side works when they plug in the device. 

Uvital In-line DSL Filter

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Here’s another DSL filter choice that we don’t want you to miss!

This filter is a piece of equipment that separates the ADSL and audio bands. While using Broadband over a typical phone line to link a device to the internet, this filter is necessary.

These filters separate the high-frequency computer modem tones from the lower-frequency human tones on the telephone line, resulting in a smoother voice.

The filter is ideal for use in a local network. Low-pitched audio signals are separated from high-pitched audio signals by this filter. They can help to reduce background noise and increase frequency stability.

Simply plug this small filter into your wall socket, attach your telephone, and you’re finished!


  • Great price
  • It helps to improve the DSL internet connection.
  • Maintains the voice quality
  • Works well
  • Well-made 
  • It reduces dropped service issues.


  • Some customers complain there are missing internal components.

SinLoon In-line DSL Filter

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Another DSL filter we want to show you today is finally here!

This double-purpose DSL filter for phones prevents high-pitched DSL signals, removing unnecessary DSL disruption while maintaining a clear telephone communication channel without ambient noise or service disruption.

In a typical setup for the current home, ADSL filters are installed on any phone, fax and answering machine, voiceband modem, and other voiceband units, allowing only the ADSL modem unfiltered. 

The wall-mounted phones’ filter is a plate that attaches from the standard wall mount, from which the phone stays in place.

This filter is compatible with telephone, landline, router, fax, and answering machine.


  • Quick to setup
  • It makes the voice connections crystal-clear and does not negatively affect the Internet connection.
  • Good-quality filter
  • Easy to use
  • Great value for the money


  • None. The customer satisfaction is quite reasonable.

GLE2016 In-line DSL Filter

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Finally, this is our final product!

The in-line filter attaches between the wall socket and the voice system, for example, the phone, fax and answering machine, Caller ID, supplying both an unfiltered DSL socket and a filtered socket for one line of voice communication devices.

All unpredictable interference in telecommunications devices that interferes with DSL interactions is eliminated.

It is FCC-approved, part 68 compliant. Moreover, materials are fire-resistant thermoplastics that meet UL 94V-0 standards, with a minimum of 50 gold and nickel micro inches. The design is compact and lightweight.


  • User-friendly
  • Functions well
  • Affordable
  • Easy to setup
  • Worth the money


  • Some customers complain it filters out the DSL static but also filters out the Caller ID signal. 

Buying Guide: How To Pick The Best DSL Filter In 2021

After reading our reviews, you may feel confused and overwhelmed because of the many market options. You may feel all the options we have given you above are similar; sometimes, they look almost identical.

We were like you in the past, not knowing anything about DSL filters and how to choose a suitable one for ourselves. However, we can finally broaden our knowledge about DSL filters through hours of learning and reading and want to share them with you today in this section. 

Please note that this is a crucial section; therefore, you should write down or play a guessing game to remember the knowledge beneficial to your future. 

Firstly, we want you to know what is a DSL filter. We are sure many of you read our introduction but still do not get the concept of a DSL filter. 

  1. What Is A DSL Filter?

We are sure that many of you here use the Internet and the telephone service provided on the same line; therefore, you will need a filter.

For your information, the DSL filter will divide the signal coming from different appliances, allowing you to be online on your phone, use the DVR and other devices. Convenient, right?

Now, we see that you may understand a DSL filter a little bit; we want to talk to you about how it works. 

  1. How Can A DSL Filter Work?

As we have mentioned in the definition of the DSL filter, this filter can divide the incoming signal from a new device so that it will not block other calls. Therefore, when using the filter, you can use the Internet on different devices, such as your phone, your fax machine, and many other devices, at the same time without worrying that this could negatively affect the Internet rates. 

The filter will separate your phone line for your information in two ways: One frequency lane is for phone calls and some modest-speed information, and another one is for the Internet connection and the great-speed info. 

You may ask yourself, “Is the DSL filter necessary for your home?”. To answer your question objectively, we will provide you will the benefits and the drawbacks of the DSL filter. We hope you will have an answer to move to the most crucial part of this section.

  1. Advantages And Disadvantages Of A DSL Filter

3.1. Advantages

The most noticeable benefit you can see is that the DSL Internet will be faster by blocking the incoming signals of different devices. Moreover, you don’t have to worry that using other devices at the same line and at the same time will slow your Internet rates. The DSL filter will solve that problem for you. 

3.2. Disadvantages

However, like any equipment or device, the filter still has some drawbacks. 

3.2.1. Installation Fees

Firstly, when installing the DSL Internet, some providers will offer the DSL filter set up in the package. The number of your devices connected to the same phone line will increase, and you will want to install additional filters for them over time. However, specific devices will require professional installation; you can’t simply do it by yourself. This situation will cost you large sums of money, and you don’t like it at all. 

3.2.2. Short Lifespan

Since the DSL filter is relatively a simple device, it can be faulty within a short time. And if you have installed many filters in your house, you will have difficulties determining which filter you need to change when one filter is broken. 

We think it is the right time to move to the most critical part of this section: criteria to focus on when buying a DSL filter.

  1. Demand

When it comes to the DSL filter, demand is a point you need to look at it. In our opinion, it is an implication to prove that a specific filter has enough capacity to achieve its objectives for its structure and design. 

There are not a lot of DSL filter manufacturers in the market; you can see that in our reviews, there will only be some outstanding ones. Therefore, if you research and find out that a particular filter has been in the market for some time and still has many demands, it is undoubtedly a great product, and you should read more to see if it fits you. 

  1. Material

This factor is undoubtedly a necessary factor you should take a look at it. The main reason is that you will want to be as durable as possible when you buy a DSL filter. And the material also contributes to durability. 

Different manufacturers will use other materials. You need to identify where or how you will use the filter to compare which material will work best for you. For example, most filters will use thermoplastic because of its strength, lightweight characteristics, ease of manufacture, and even environmental-friendly. 

  1. Size

You also need to determine the size of your filter. You want it big or small? To answer that question, we advise you to select the place you will use your filter. Only in this way will you decide the most suitable filter size for your business.

In case you can’t determine which filter is appropriate for you even when you have already known the place, you may consult the professionals or seek help from customers’ reviews. The customers’ reviews may not be the formal source of information for you, but it still offers you helpful information. 

Some customers may be in the same situation as you, and they will provide their experience, such as the actual size of their purchased unit, so you will not be confused. 

  1. Color

Some DSL filters may be available in many colors. Therefore, you also need to ask yourself which color you are keen on it? During some times, you will simply choose this color because of your preferences. However, we want to tell you that some manufacturers use color to show the performance efficiency of the filter. Therefore, you need to read the product descriptions and the customers’ reviews to see if it is the case. 

  1. Storage

With this factor, not all of you will have to focus on it. However, if you intend to store your DSL filter for backup, you need to measure its dimensions and weight to see if it fits with your storage purposes. 

Moreover, this is simply careful; you also consider the place’s atmosphere you will use to store the filter. Ensure it is compatible with the filter, not to break the filter before you even can use it. 

  1. Warranty

Like any device or equipment, you will need to find the manufacturers’ warranty in the product descriptions. The guarantee means that the brands are confident with their manufacturing and selling, and they will be responsible for any damage if it happens. 

You will need that assurance because you simply don’t want to rebuy the filter. If the filter you intend to buy doesn’t include the warranty, you should leave it and find another one. 

  1. Customers’ Reviews

As we say above, you should use the customers’ reviews to consult the suitable filter size for your purpose. Well, you shouldn’t limit your research to the factor size only. With the customers’ reviews, you have the opportunity to know and understand how a specific DSL filter will work, some setup tips, and some minor errors you may encounter, but you can fix them by yourself. 

This source is a valuable chance for you to know the filter before bringing it home and deciding if you should give it a try. Therefore, don’t waste it!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About DSL Filter

  1. Which Devices I Will Want A DSL Filter?

We think this is a question that many of you may wonder about a lot. Which apparatus will require a DSL filter? Every device connected to the phone line will need a DSL filter until it connects to the Internet for your information. However, we still provide you with a list of devices that require a DSL filter.  Here’s a list for you:

Firstly, telephones, fax machines, and answering machines

Secondly, TV receivers, cable boxes, and DVRs

Thirdly, the safety systems and the automatic water meters. 

  1. How Can I Install The DSL Filter?

The DSL filter setup is simple and straightforward so that you can do it at home without any professional bits of help. However, different filter types will result in a different setup, so we will show you ways to install three standard filters in the market. 

2.1. Single-Port Filters

With the single-port filter, all you have to do is follow three steps as below:

  • Disconnect your old phone line from the wall socket.
  • Connect the wall socket to a single-port filter.
  • Connect the filter’s dock to your existing phone line.

2.2. Dual-Port Filters

With the dual-port filter, the setup can be a little more difficult for some of you here; however, don’t worry too much because the instructions we give you is easy to understand and follow:

  • Disconnect your old phone line from the wall socket.
  • In the wall socket, attach a double-port filter.
  • Attach your current phone line to the Phone filter dock, linked to your mobile device or other units.
  • Connect the data line from your router or modem to the DSL/HPNA filter dock.

2.3. Wall-Mounted Filters

This filter is for people who have their phones mounted on the wall. Ways to install the filter is quite simple:

  • By moving the phone off the wall poles, you can detach it from the wall socket.
  • Remove the current phone line from the socket on the wall.
  • Connect the wall-mounted filter’s phone wire to the wall socket.
  • Install the filter on the poles on the window frame.
  • Connect your phone’s current phone line to the wall-mounted filter.
  • Attach the handset towards the front of the filter’s mounting poles.
  1. The Signs When The Filter Is Faulty

There will be a time when your telephone or other devices linked to the phone line using the DSL filter will experience some problems, such as the high-pitched noise from the phone, or you can’t hear the static on the line, there are chances that your filter is broken. 

However, don’t jump to conclusions that fast; you will need to run few checks to see if the problem truly comes from the filter. 

There are steps that you can follow to save your time:

  • Switch your DSL modem off or disconnect it.
  • Unplug the filter and try to brush off the dust to make sure the text is visible.
  • Plug the gadget directly into the phone socket in the wall jack.
  • Attempt to use the device.
  • If there is no issue when the device is not connected to the DSL filter, you should replace the filter.
  • If the problem occurs again, the issue might be with the system rather than the filter.

In some cases, when your Internet connection is getting slow, you should disconnect and try to clean every filter to see if it works. If the problem is continuing to arise, you should try to change the filter.

  1. Does DSL Filter Slow The Internet Connection?

The answer is no. As we have mentioned before, the DSL filter will divide the signals from among devices to not allow different signals to interrupt each other. Therefore, you should be satisfied to see that the Internet connection is stable and enhanced when having the filter. 

  1. When Happens When I Don’t Use DSL Filter?

As we have discussed a lot above, if you don’t utilize the DSL filter, this will lead to signal loss while online and slow Internet rates. And we are sure that nobody wants this situation to happen. 

If you are a first-time buyer, this video could be a great help to you:

Conclusions: Top 5 Best DSL Filter In 2021

After reading our reviews and a buying guide, have you found your ideal filter? Have you gained any new knowledge about the filter? If the answer is yes, congratulations! We are happy that we contribute a part to your buying decisions. Keep visiting our website for more reviews on different tools or pieces of equipment. 

If the answer is no, that’s okay. You may need more time to process all this knowledge, and you will return to the article and find out for yourself the most suitable DSL filter. 

However, some of you may be urgent to buy a DSL filter and still don’t know where to start; therefore, we have concluded the top 5 best DSL filter to assist you more in choosing the filter. 

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This is the end of our article! Thank you for staying with us through the end of the article!

Goodbye and see you again in our following reviews!

Good luck with your research!

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