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The Remington Design 700 is a line of bolt-action weapons that have been legendary in the field of shooting, and it has become 1 of the greatest Remington weapons on the marketplace with more than fifty years of pleasing buyers. In particular, the Remington Design 700 is likely the most common bolt-action weapon in the United States.

However, everything has two sides and so does the Remington. That’s a pity that Remington has not provided a cheek riser or cheek rest yet, which made users uncomfortable when using the product. The more important point is that the lack of cheek pad for Remington 700 leads to the lack of accuracy of your shoots, and there are also more issues with this shortage. 

As a result, having a cheek rest for remington 700 is considered essential for guns’ users. A good cheek riser will offer you better experience with better improvement. A smooth “cheek attachment” to the inventory is made possible by the cheek pad. Incredibly, a cheek welding is the touch of the face with the shares. A clear cheek weld ensures that the targets are aligned with the targets, allowing for consistent targeting. 

This is a review of Remington 700 cheek pad to help users better understand and then have better choices

Cheek Pad for Remington 700 Review

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According to what I have said early, the benefits of cheek pads are worth concerning. Those tools can be your helpful assistance whenever it comes to your battle, reducing weapon sway and increasing the accuracy of your shoots. That’s why you need to take it into consideration in order to meet your requirement better. 

The product can be a butt stock ammunition carrier with a reinforced cheek rest that can be used to store additional ammo, accessories, stickers, and other small items. It lifts the cheeks weld marginally and maintains your gear clean and dry while keeping you warm for periods behind its range in any heat. Packs are designed to suit any firearm stock, including hunting, military, accuracy, and automatic weapons.

Older shotgun slugs were simply marginally tweaked regular weapons, such as those that proved to be particularly effective when checked at the manufacturer, rather than the handcrafted expert versions of interchangeable stocks which we use today. It has to be accomplished to lift the comb higher enough to easily and cheaply bring the shooter’s initial position with the lens. The armorers simply strapped a bit of leather covered timber of the right size to an inventory instead of having a designated stock. 

Consequently, you have a goal in stock, even as British would claim. Your sniper will raise his weapon then go on sight in the usual way.That really is one explanation, but getting your cheek well above the brush of a high rebound weapon of the endpoint in you is making a great bruise as well as the faeces slapped from your face, so it’s not conducive to precision at all. It’s something I found when firing shotguns, and that also applies here.

  • Pros:
    • Awesome price
    • Useful product
    • Worth purchasing
    • Fitting right with high scope mounts
    • Be able to fit many items
  • Cons:
    • The straps are long.
    • Need more retrofitting
    • Require modification
    • Quite big for rifle stocks
    • Not compatible

What is special about the cheek pad for Remington 700?

Well, one thing extremely special about this product is that it can be used by both left- and right-handed people. There are billions of people around the world, which leads to the variety of human characteristics. So it is quite challenging for the manufacturers to produce thousands of products that can fit all those criteria. This is the case here. There are a few people who are left-handed. They can perform things well with their left hands, but then they have purchased a cheek pad which is totally used for right-handed guys. That’s so inconvenient. Luckily, the Remington 700 cheek riser here can meet their expectations right away. 

For the 300 308 Win Mag, there are seven interchangeable ammunition carriers in total, causing users better experience and enjoyable moments. Furthermore, the goods are rather simple to clean because they do not retain moisture. There are some situations in which you may have to be very cautious when getting your cheek risers cleaned. Everything seems easier now. All things you need to do is scrub it dry and then start cleaning it. 

There seems to be three buckle belts which can be adjusted very quickly and comfortably in case you are required for a quick loading and unloading. If you want to aid your point of viewing normally, you can remove the cheek rest at the top of your gun. The weight of these items is about 7.2 ounces, which is quite light for male users. As a result, what I want to claim is you will definitely need this item for your gun due to its positive effects.

Things to consider before buying cheek pad for Remington 700

When you want to go out, there’s a few things to think about and keep in mind. If you’ve chosen to purchase a high-quality good adjustable cheek pad, knowing the purchasing guide will assist you in making an informed choice. More specifically, it will satisfy all of your specifications.

So, before wasting any time, let’s get started on the purchasing factors and keep your purchase efficient and reliable.

Scope level

Most of the shooters have problems with scope vision and inappropriate eye-level modification. When you’re just getting started or have been rummaging for a while, this is among the most important things to remember.

To achieve a flawless scope rating, you can invest in a high-quality cheek weld which will assist you anytime you go shooting. Furthermore, whether at shorter or longer range, this will lead to a well-positioned face and improved accuracy.

Additional Convenience

You need a premium cheek fit to appeal to your desires if you really want full and ultimate comfort in daily life. For enhanced comfort, you’d like a cheek pad that allows you to place your head pressure on the inventory riser. You don’t want to wind up with a sore neck once you’re struggling with a critical situation. A successful cheek weld will allow as much relaxation as possible when performing operations.

Most popular stocks have no way of changing or customizing it. There is only one form, scale, and choice. Metal chassis or highly accurate stocks have much more flexibility, allowing shooters to customize the frame with their own specific design or size, making them far more relaxed or, as a result, more precise. A sturdy cheek riser serves a variety of uses, and there are numerous advantages to be had, ranging from better accuracy to increased comfort when shooting. If you’ve ever contemplated using just a cheek splitter, remember all of additional benefits, such as:

Swift Alignment

As we speak of faster synchronization and positioning shots, the precision aspect comes into play naturally. In a certain sport, an exact cheek weld will just back your face to help you fire faster shots. Faster synchronization is advantageous in a variety of circumstances, including hunting, shooting, participating in tactical competitions, and shooting.

Cheek pad or not

If you like to call it, this is a cheek section or a cheek pause… It’s a method of allowing you to lean your head upon on rifle’s stocks in order to obtain a clear view of your goal. We’ve discovered that several people are unsure if they can choose one or just not, and we’ve compiled some reasons for both. Take a look at them and create your own decision.

Cheek pad

Since you can lean your face on the stocks of your weapon with the upper lip piece change, you won’t have to use your arm muscles to lift your head upright to balance your eyes.

The most important thing to consider is when you’re stretching your body to have a good look. When long-range firing, when you’re not completely calm, your shape will be all over the place. You must be comfortable on your back and be at ease in your current situation. You won’t be able to maintain this spot too far if you’re stretching your head and neck to have a clear look. Consider staying in the same spot for a long time. Your muscles will feel tense and the muscles can also begin to twitch if you aren’t ready. There’s no place for it in long-range combat. Even the tiniest movement (such as a minor muscle shake) will cause you to miss your mark.

You want the head positioning to be consistent. A cheek part will help you visualize where you should rest your face and ears, making it easier to do that in position all the time. If they learn to fire in a relaxed spot one day and then can’t find the same position the very next, you avoid being erratic, which is crucial in long-range combat. A lip piece serves as a frame of reference to ensure that the body is in the correct place every time.

No cheek pad

Although there are several advantages of wearing a cheek rest, most wouldn’t require one. You could get able to snag a rifle which exactly matches the shape or length of the face and head. Perhaps, cheek bits are too big or have too much padding. If this is the situation, you should be inventive and fill it with another. 

You’ll like a cheek pad that’s comfortable, flexible, ambidextrous (or specially designed for you depending on your strong hand) and safe. It also doesn’t harm to have any spare storage containers for your guns.

Some important features and benefits


The cheek pad is a technological item that should be purchased with caution because it could be damaged by the entire shooting process. Many cheek rests also aid in the removal of recoil and trembling, which improves the shooting performance.

Until going out to the store in search of the ideal customizable cheek rest, read through the buying guide below.

Which cheek rest do you get for your stock?

Attachable cheek lifts are available in a variety of styles. Manufacturers ensure that they achieve all and at least the majority of sizes. Nevertheless, there isn’t a single cheek riser that can suit both guns perfectly.

This is only prudent to verify the performance of cheek pads according to those manufacturer’s instructions. The arrangement of the Remington cheek pads, which may or may not have braces and loops, may vary depending on your inventory.

Is it cheaper to drill than to mount straps?

Many cheek pads need drilling throughout the inventory to configure; for instance, Mathews’ Kydex product on the list needs digging in the shop. Dredging is a safer choice if you’d like a lasting alternative for your face position since a drilled tooth rest would not budge and decimate from its fixed position while shooting. With each shot and rebound, you probably won’t bother adjusting it back to the original settings.

The cheek pad that does not need straps, from the other side, may be closely secured as well, there is always a risk of it being displaced during sharp cowers. In the final, the customer must decide whether or not users want the rifle to be extracted. Bear in mind that fracking is irreversible!

Is it really necessary to have a cheek riser on your firearm?

A cheek resting riser should be a crucial accessory. It has some advantages and is utilized for a variety of purposes, including optimum ease, high-end precision firing, and increased accuracy.

Are the cheeks resting absolutely necessary?

Many rifles, particularly those with wooden barrels, don’t have a lot of modification options. In comparison to these, high-end metal stocks give the shooter more adaptability and warmth. Having a cheek break, on the other hand, is the most cost-effective way to boost your goal and shots.

What effect would the cheek riser have on the shooting?

A healthy and customizable cheek rest comes with a number of benefits. All of the rifles have different scope levels. Many people will need to change the scope’s location, which could be accomplished easily with a flexible cheek rest. By using cheek brace, you can take quicker shots.

Furthermore, another of the major advantages of the facial pad is rebound relief. When you fire in a relaxed position, the exactness can only improve.

What is the best design for a Remington 700 cheek pad?

The aim of a cheek pad is to have a relaxed place for your face to rest. They wouldn’t want to stretch your hamstrings due to an unusual neck angle as it can affect your aim, sight, and accuracy dramatically.

A decent headrest posture is needed by a hunter because he would be in the same spot for an extended time in order to deliver the good angle. This is entirely dependent on that cheek rest’s style. You should still check the layout and measurements of the pads before purchasing.

What is the significance of the material?

The material of the cheek pads will feel good against your buttocks and have good head support. In the way that your head is in touch with the sheet, it plays an important part.

You wouldn’t be able to make a decent aim if the surface is too slick. Bear in mind the humidity does not cause the product to become slick. When the temperature rises, it becomes an issue.

The benefits of a cheek pad in real life

The aim of the cheek pad, also known as cheek rest or comb riser, would be to hold the gunman’s cheek securely fixed on a hard object of the weapon for optimum stabilization.

Suddenly, you’re supposed to get a higher field of vision on your weapon in order for many of the sights to line up correctly for your face. The stock, however, remained unchanged since snipers needed to successfully use the live ammo. As a result, the “right” scope strategy was to literally lift your head from off stock. Moreover here is Carlos Hathcock, the pioneer of policy effectiveness shooting and among the most successful snipers in United States war history, illustrating a sitting strategy with a Remington Model 70 as well as an Unertl-style lens that was already considered game during the Vietnam War.

When you remove your head from the stock, though, you gain certain “flexibility” in the precise alignment of an optical with your face. This causes a dilemma called “parallax.” Simply said, your sensor’s reticle wasn’t at the same range as your goal. It’s just a few centimeters from your eyes, and the distance between your eye as well as the optical microscope, where light reaches the lens, is large enough that turning the eye will trigger the reticle to fall out of sync with the goal without the weapon shifting at all. And whether you’d be deceased if you fired the gun right now, those cross hairs seem to be no doubt on the mark, and getting your directional arrow right on the intended point of aim is no longer possible.

Some scopes modify this such that the reticle seems to be around the same target length as that of the objective, however “parallax focus” would be a comparatively recent development in rifle lenses, and it needs you to estimate at the distance of your goal (unless it’s quite far away that the incident light is essentially at infinite concentrate) as well as spend quality time twiddling buttons and focus circles. An easier idea is to maintain the eyes in the same location from scene to scene. To help with this, we’ll need to re-establish a decent cheek weld, and your head is focused on the weapon.

This could be achieved in a really low-tech manner for firearms with a conventional straight-comb frame by simply attaching or recording a raised patch to the weapon.

It has the benefit of being inexpensive and removable, but that’s not the favorite style for a weapon hanging across your fireplace, and the lining will change. Set comb risers are common on stocks built specifically for scoped weapons, and are intended to accommodate a particular weapon model and scope loading height.

Our suggestions for other Remington 700’s cheek pads

Besides the above product, there are still more types of cheek pads for you to consider in the marketplace. Here we come with more suggestions which can meet your own requirements of a good quality cheek rest. 

Kydex Cheek Rest Riser Adjustable

No products found.

These custom fabricated cheek rests become robust and chemical sensitive and are highly compact. Kydex, 080″ The accepted practice for holsters as well as blades is Kydex, which is manufactured in the United States and has a cell/smooth design. Our ‘Operator’ series of face rests are black with something like a smooth (matte) finish, providing a suitable cheek welding for higher installed optics on the precision rifle and slug weapon. The suit is perfect for everybody. They aren’t model or render specific.

That would be the right approach I’ve found for a zoomed hunting type rifle stock. I’ve used the foam stumble style as well as the rubber or nylon band styles. I put it off if I didn’t want to test my silicone ass stock. The directions, on the other hand, are straightforward, and there are plenty of excellent videos available on the internet. But I wanted to give it a shot, figuring that if it won’t happen, I’d ought to cover the entire stock via an update. I’m not a carpenter and perhaps a gunsmith, however this event went off without a hitch. I started by taking out the hex and clearing the chamber.

The small belly button out at the bottom of the bulkhead was really comfortable for me, and it would not shape suit it, so it will be a choice. Simply a fantastic, high-quality, as well as well-thought-out product. Hawkeye’s pack also includes some very cool hardware. That’s the one. It’s made of 80 millimeters wide plastic, which makes it a little more durable than the smaller edition. I can’t feel much motion when you rest your cheek to get a decent weld, but it’s smooth and steady until it’s squeezed down.

Fixing the groove molded through Kydex was the most difficult aspect of the installation. It’s designed for a much broader range of stocks from mine. Consequently, the cheek article did not level out over the company’s stock comb, but when the bolts were tightened, this ballooned outward a little at the tip. It was also difficult to slip up or down because it tapered through the bolts, causing a lot of resistance. I’d previously dealt with Kydex, but I stretched the raceway splits in the inventory for the crossed bolts against the comb, roasted the Kydex, then remolded everything over my inventory to achieve the right fit.

  • Pros:
    • Best solution for hunting-styled rifle
    • Affordable price
    • Great for upgrading existing stocks
    • Perfect for adjusting comb
    • Great cheek pad
  • Cons:
    • Small thumb screws
    • Difficult to turn off
    • Quite hard to install correctly

M1SURPLUS Tan Cheek Rest

No products found.

This tactical dexterous universal fit halterneck cheek rest including Exclusive Special Measures Flag Confidence Patch is brought to you by M1SURPLUS. Note that such an item wasn’t tailor designed for any particular model, and is instead a universal fitting design that could fit all standard style Wood/Synthetic Inventory. 

It cannot fit products of Non-Traditional Military Stocks. A tiny detachable accessory pocket is included, which is perfect for carrying small items or digital equipment such as a Gps system.

This cheek base has a standardized configuration that will suit most rifles with a standard rifle stock. Allows for only a 7/8-inch increase on the highest point of your inventory for improved scope-to-eye positioning as well as a more intuitive firing cheek stance. For good precision, you must maintain consistency in the cheek position. 

Each item is simple to install; this simply slides over the inventory and is secured with a massive nylon cable. A plastic holder is attached to the nylon string to protect it from unraveling.

A removable accessory pocket is included that can be attached to the posterior side of a cheek surface. Velcro secures the accessory pouch. The smooth side of the straps on the underside of the eye rest would not infuriate your face. 

It is an excellent spot for confidence patches. Mostly on side of such a cheek rest, gladly display the included Special Measures FLAG Morale Sticker. You could also remove the patches and use it on other products. Any surface with military style hooks and loop fitting material can be used to attach the Morale Patch. Abnormalities are covered by the manufacturer’s warranties. 

  • Pros:
    • Good-looking design
    • Great fit and solid
    • Quite snug
    • Cheap cost
    • High quality
  • Cons:
    • Not comfortable
    • Narrow cheek pad
    • Can’t get good cheek welds

M1SURPLUS Black Color Rifle Cheek Rest

No products found.

This tactical dexterous universal fit halterneck cheek rest including Exclusive USA Symbol Morale Cap is brought to you by M1SURPLUS. This weapon is a standard fit specification that will function on many standard type rifle stocks and is not tailor designed for any particular rifle. Small items, such as a GPS device or a tiny camera, can be stored according to the adapter pouch.

Specifications: Black in tone, This universal build cheek brace is made of high duty protective nylon and will suit almost every other rifle with a standard rifle type stock. Allows for improved range to eye positioning or a more intuitive shooting cheek stance by providing cheek parts on top of a 7/8 inch length increase. 

For good precision, you must maintain consistency in your cheeks position. The whole item is simple to set up; it simply slips over the but stock but is secured with a massive nylon rope. A silicone keeper is attached to the nylon string to protect it from unraveling. 

A removable accessory pocket is included, which can be attached to the top or side including its cheek rest. Velcro secures the accessory loop in place. That smooth side of a strap on the underside of the eye rest would not infuriate your face. It is an excellent spot for confidence patches. 

Here on side with this cheek riser, gladly display the included United states FLAG Morale Sticker. You could also remove the patches and use it on other products. Any surface with military style hooked and loop fitting material can be used to attach the Morale Cover. Defects are covered by the manufacturer’s warranties.

  • Pros:
    • Nice design
    • Fit the weapons well
    • Compatible materials
    • Military-styled hook
    • Compact diameter shock cord
  • Cons:
    • Quite high price
    • Some unneeded accessories
    • Need a rest


Both in shooting or hunting, a cheek pad is almost always needed. Since it’s hardwood or plastic material, you could not rest your head in a relaxed spot without the need for cheek patches, despite how convenient your rifle inventory is. You’ll see a big change in your goals and game until you’ve found the perfect cheek rest.

Our recommendation above would be what we consider being the right cheek pad for the Remington 700 to buy for the majority of the population. If you want to decide, check out this post on the best cheek riser for your Remington. Be sure you don’t go into too much detail. Although nothing is perfect, most are convenient enough to please almost all, and the differences are hardly noticeable unless you search for them.

It’s a great decision to have a cheek break, but it’s an even better decision to read our comprehensive summary before going to the store. Invest your money wisely as well as on the proper products. Find your cheek pad, which has everything you need, moreover is still long-lasting. Beside a useful cheek rest, you may also need another kind of accessory for your gun to have a better experience. In case you want to purchase one, watch here and you will get what you want.

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